Episode 52 | February 21, 2017

How to Heal and Open Your Heart to Love with Evette Rose

A Personal Note from Orion

We’re all trying to be the best version of ourselves we can be, to live our life from a place of happiness, being true to our identity. However, for many of us, we run into blocks – emotional, mental, spiritual, even physical blocks that stop us from living as the truest version of ourselves. The best thing we can do is heal, heal, and heal – and there is no other healer like Evette Rose, my guest on today’s podcast.

Evette has been through her own inspiring journey of hitting rock bottom and healing her way to happiness. We discuss how to let go of all the baggage, allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable (in a strong way), and how to sit still and listen to what your body is telling you, what it really needs in order for you to thrive.

In this Episode

  • [02:13] – Evette starts us off with an introduction to who she is and mentions her book, Metaphysical Anatomy. She and Orion then talk about sending energy and emotions.
  • [04:31] – Orion spent time at Oneness University in India, where she learned to give a type of blessing that she describes here.
  • [05:37] – We hear about how extensively Evette has traveled.
  • [06:42] – Evette shares her tips on keeping energy high and taking care of yourself through jet lag.
  • [09:29] – What are the roots of our blocks? After some discussion, Orion narrows the question to this: what are the blocks in our healing?
  • [14:47] – In response to what Evette has been saying, Orion offers a metaphor of her own: walking along a beautiful beach wearing heavy war armor. Evette expands on that, and explains the reasons we choose to do this.
  • [17:03] – Orion takes a moment to apologize for her cat being in the room and meowing, and she and Evette then take a moment to talk about cats.
  • [17:57] – What tools can Evette give us to heal trauma? In her answer, she addresses your inner wisdom as it relates to epigenetics.
  • [19:57] – Evette returns to answering Orion’s question. She talks about the brain and body, exploring how they store past trauma.
  • {[23:58] – The body’s functions are similar to an ant’s nest, Evette explains.
  • [25:57] – Evette talks about some ways to heal trauma. She also explains that illness comes from your body doing everything it possibly can to help you survive, and then reaching your limits.
  • [28:53] – Evette offers advice for what to do if you find you can’t sit still.
  • [31:59] – What does Evette think self-love is? She answers by asking a question of her own: what is your definition of love?
  • [33:14] – Orion asks Evette to go deeper into what she said in her definition of love. She explains the difference between being traumatized and being vulnerable.
  • [34:39] – Evette gives an example of being vulnerable according to her definition.
  • [36:40] – In response to what Orion has been saying, Evette steps in to talk about what surrendering means in this context.
  • [38:14] – Orion asks Evette whether she believes in the idea of exchanging versions of yourself. She then clarifies what this means. Evette agrees with the concept, but had just been using different terms.
  • [40:16] – Evette talks about her soon-to-be-released video on healing versus religion.
  • [41:30] – What can we do to connect with a feeling of abundance? Evette talks about the different kinds of abundance.
  • [43:51] – To be in a state of gratitude is incredibly difficult when you’re in a place of pain, Evette says, and discusses what to do about this.
  • [46:14] – Evette returns to her earlier point about the importance of finding someone to work with rather than trying to do it by yourself.
  • [47:20] – We hear about Evette’s past, and the fact that for many years her motivation was rooted in anger rather than love.
  • [51:47] – When was Evette’s shift from anger to love? She talks about the moment that she felt her two choices were suicide or change.
  • [54:26] – Evette and Orion spend some time talking about Evette’s previous suicidal thoughts, and the topic of suicide in general. Evette then talks about her journey back to herself.
  • [58:08] – Where can people find Evette?

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m Orion and my guest today is an author, a life coach, trauma release practitioner and personal development teacher. She’s the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy. She helps people resolve old traumas and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette taught personal development seminars in more than 40 countries and helps thousands of people worldwide. In this episode, you will learn how to release what doesn’t serve you anymore and how to open you hearts to attract true love. She’s beautiful from the inside out. Please welcome Evette Rose. I’m excited to have you on, Evette. So thrilled and happy and honored and I only learned about you a few months ago. I saw a YouTube video and I said to myself, A, I have to talk to this woman because she’s incredible, and B, so many people can benefit from what you have to teach. You are teaching true healing and you are creating true transformation. Even just listening to you talk is soothing. I can listen to you talk forever and ever.

‏‏Wow, okay. I’m happy to hear that. That’s awesome.

‏‏Let’s start. For the people that don’t know your greatness, who are you? What do you do? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

‏‏Hi everyone and thank you so much for having me. I’m super excited. As you can see, I’m a busy buddy. I’ve got a green screen here. Bear with me, I’m in the middle of filming a lot of fun stuffs that’s coming. I’m super excited to share it with you and I’m Evette Rose. I’m the author of this book, 720 pages, very big, 1.5 kilograms. No idea how much it is in pounds, I’m sorry.

‏‏It’s roughly three pounds.

‏‏Three pounds? Right. That’s three pounds.

‏‏Or more. It’s 2.2lbs for one kilo, so it’s more.

‏‏Okay, this is more than 3 pounds. The book is about 679 medical conditions where I write about the psychosomatic patterns of every medical condition that there is that I could possibly find and then I also write short paragraphs there at the bottom for practitioners and healing practitioners, how to help themselves and their clients with these medical conditions. That’s me. I’m a life coach also. I’m a trauma release practitioner. I love what I do. I’m still authoring. I’m writing more books and as you can see with the green screen, we’re filming. It’s a lot of fun stuff happening.

‏‏I love the idea of your book. I haven’t done that yet but I will. I’ve been following Louise Hay for a long time. Actually last Saturday, I was in San Diego at her 90th birthday tribute. I actually saw her on stage. She’s 90, she went on stage and she didn’t say anything. People sing happy birthday and she stood there and there was music playing in the background and she just sent us love. I just started tearing up. Apparently, this is the new level of coaching where you don’t have to say anything, you just stand there and you send love. People get the transformation. I hope that I will be able to do it when I grow up.

‏‏I teach people how to do that, that’s easy. That’s a big part of my seminars where I actually use a fun exercise.


‏‏Yes. When you put intention between your hands and kind of have to send it to the person and you’re not allowed to tell them what it is and they have to guess what it is. Every time they get it right, it’s so much fun. You can do whatever you want with energy. It’s there for us to use it, it’s everywhere. It’s there for our disposal, it’s like a resource. We just don’t use it.

You can do whatever you want with energy. It’s there for us to use it, it’s everywhere. It’s there for our disposal, it’s like a resource. We just don’t use it. Click To Tweet

‏‏I spent time at Oneness University in India. We learned how to give deeksha.

‏‏I’ve never heard of that, okay.

‏‏It’s a type of blessing. There is this beautiful white temple that’s based on a 800 year old Mandala. They say that the temple is alive. We were there and the monks who are avatars got into trance. They came and gave us deeksha which is a divine blessing.

‏‏I can feel the energy of it coming to me, that’s awesome.

‏‏Oh my God. I had out of body experiences and they taught us how to do it. It’s basically, you don’t give the deeksha, it’s not what you’re doing. You just open in a channel for the divine. Apparently, you can do it remotely.

‏‏Of course, yes. Anything can be done remotely. That’s the fun part about energy, but that’s awesome.

‏‏Yes, it’s incredible.

‏‏I think I need to make some plans?

‏‏You’re a world traveler and you travelled over 36 countries?

‏‏40 now. I stopped counting cities. I think, three years ago, I stopped counting at 120 cities. It was so funny because with my partner, sometimes I’m like, “We should go there.” He was like, “We’ve been there.” I’m like, “No we haven’t.” “Yes, remember we did this and this.” I’m like, “Oh yes, I was there.”


‏‏I’ve just lost count. It’s been fun, a lot of it was work related. You work really hard and your focus is so much on the students and so much in your work that when you’re done, it’s kind of like, “Okay, I’ve seen everything. And now, I’m off to the next place.” It’s being in two different time zones per week, so you’re chronically tired. Your digestive system’s always a little bit upside down. It’s kind of hard to just take everything in. Sometimes, I have vague flashes of being at places but not always because just with the focus and the dedication that I put into my students in seminars. Yeah, I’ve been to a lot of places but please don’t ask me all of them.

‏‏No, yes. How do you keep your vibration high after a jetlag and how do you take care of yourself?

‏‏The thing that I found was the more you do what you love, the more energy there is available to you because there is no resistance. The energy just flows, it just comes. This is the self-love aspect, you have to recognize where your limits are. The problem is a lot of people don’t even know what their limits are. How are you going to recognize it? That’s why they push and push and push until they collapse, chronic fatigue, depression. You have hormones that’s all over the place. Everything is out of balance and that’s also because they have that lack of self-respect, that lack of self-love, that lack of relationship with yourself, recognizing it. I have come to learn because I never used in the past, but because of the exhaustion that I’ve been through in everything, it was just like my body was like a chicken nugget. Please, I can’t take it anymore. I ended up in a hospital for two days from exhaustion and that’s when I realized I’m like, “It’s good to help people. It’s nice to travel, it’s fun to be there for people but if I’m not in a good place, then how am I going to help other people?” I realized that I have to bring the focus back to me in a non-selfish way, I still have the balance. But bring that focus to me, bottleneck it into me so that I can make myself available to people again. It was about finding that balance. It was a tough but good lesson for me and I learned a lot from that and I learned how to recognize what my limits and boundaries are and how to respect that because if I don’t respect that, how can I expect someone else to respect it? If I don’t recognize it, how is someone else going to recognize it?

‏‏Right. We teach by who we are and how we are being in the world. More than what we say, more than what we do, it’s our being.

‏‏How you show up, that’s you.

‏‏It reminds me of the metaphor of putting your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.

‏‏Exactly, it’s a fantastic example. I remember, “I know this whole thing is going to go…” It’s fun because sometimes you copy what the flight attendant’s doing and they see me sometimes doing it and they start laughing. They’re like, “You travel a lot.”

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‏‏When you say roots of our blocks, let’s start maybe with an example like a physical block, emotional block because I do find these kind of different entry points for them.

‏‏Let’s talk about all of them.

‏‏All of them. Awesome. Great, I like it. Let’s go big. The root causes of these blocks, I would say for example, you’re probably asking me the reason why some people don’t heal? Or why is it we’re just not a happy nation?

‏‏I guess it was a big question? Let’s start with what are the blocks in our healing? Because you have in your book, for the best of my understanding, the idea that every disease we have in our body is related to a certain belief.

‏‏Okay. Now I am with you. Fantastic. That’s a good starting point, perfect. Yes. When you say belief, it is a symptom of the block. If you’re going to sit there and heal a belief that, “I am not good enough.” It’s not going to heal the reason maybe perhaps that you were physically abused and emotionally abused to oblivion. It’s not going to take the shock and the trauma and the abandonment of the rejection away. “I’m unworthy” that of course, that is a belief. But, that’s one aspect. One symptom to a much deeper, much more painful root cause. You can have a hundred thousand beliefs connected to one trauma and I think it’s easier to just heal the trauma than try to deal with all the belief systems, try to list them all. Here’s a really fun example, I was working with the client who was abused by a mom, like it was a physical relationship. In one hour, we worked on it. We healed it. She actually had a massive fear of the darkness. It’s so bad that she would have a panic attack. Three days after the session, they had an outage during a tropical storm. She got up and just found the candles and everything was fine. And then she realized the moment she lit the candle, it hit her just like, “It’s dark and I’m not scared.”

‏‏Oh wow.

‏‏We didn’t even touch it. I didn’t even know it. It just shows you why healing one trauma point, the ripple effect of that and how huge it can go. One trauma can define your self-esteem, it can break down your confidence, it can breakdown especially your trust in yourself because when you don’t have that inner voice, when you don’t have that trust in yourself, that’s what shakes people’s foundation because you are your own little inner GPSs and your own inner voice that you also have to listen to, not just other people because other people’s voices and opinions, that comes from their experience. That comes from their traumatize perspective of seeing the world. They filter out certain things which you might see when you have your own little filter. Sometimes, we try to box ourselves into what other people want to expect from us. But putting that aside and coming back to what I was saying in terms of the blocks, it really does come down to your coping mechanisms. What helped you to cope in terms of a traumatic experience that you had, that helped you to survive as a child? Because now, here’s the important point, that coping mechanisms that you learned as a child, you graduate from that as you mature. You graduate. You get smarter, you get stronger, you move into your adult life. But sometimes, we still hold onto these instincts and these coping mechanisms because it served us. It helped us. Why would we want to let go of something that helped keep us alive? But these coping mechanisms are outdated. It’s so far outdated, it doesn’t serve you in the here and the now. Here’s this huge conflict of trying to use all coping mechanisms in a new lifestyle, in a new belief system, a new value system that you built for yourself. Sometimes also, what another block is that people don’t move away from the family values and beliefs. I don’t say you should move away, I’m asking and saying contribute and add your own to it. These family beliefs and values are sometimes so strongly programmed into people that it’s like, “I can’t walk away from it. I have to follow family tradition. I have to follow my religion. I have to follow the beliefs and values that my Mom and Dad had because I don’t know who I am without it.” Strip it away. Take everything away that you’ve been taught. What’s left? People go into meltdown when I ask them that because they have that insecurity of not wanting to explore who or what I can be with my new values or belief systems that you learned during your life. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. You’re going to learn your stuff, and you’re going to have your own unique experiences completely unrelated to what Mom and Dad went through. Yes, their values, their advice, their belief systems serves us, but it’s a guideline and we graduate from that guideline at some point. Carry it with you but bring your own belief and value systems into that and it can co-exist. It can. It’s just not that it means that you’re boxing yourself into something that’s not working for you. You’re trying to prove mom right.

One trauma can define your self-esteem, it can break down your confidence, it can breakdown especially your trust in yourself.

‏‏The metaphor that came to mind was walking with a big war armor on a beautiful beach.

‏‏Exactly is. You don’t need it anymore. That’s a beautiful way of putting it, I love that. That’s exactly what it is, because you’re in this beautiful place and you’re still carrying this coping mechanisms but it’s like you’re on the beach, you can put it down now, it’s okay, relax, have fun, enjoy the sun, enjoy the water, get a bit of sun, take in vitamin D. But instead, you’re holding the shield and you’re so focused on what if something bad’s going to happen. Well, it’s not. It’s in the past. The mind recognizes, everything’s fantastic, it’s great! I’m in the here and now, let’s just listen to this. But the body has a retarded response sometimes. The body is like, “Oh come here, wait for me.” But it’s still just trying to protect you. Your body’s only job and role is to keep you alive and to protect you. It hasn’t quite caught up with the fact that the traumas in the past and the reasons why that happens is sometimes something is so traumatic that it anchors in. The trauma’s so strong that the body feels like there’s a potential of it happening, or that it’s still happening, hence post-traumatic stress disorder. Hence, why we have even multiple personality disorder. There’s so many things that can contribute to these trauma points being anchored in so strongly. The body not realizing that, it’s okay, it’s in the past. The mind gets it, that’s why we want to go. We want to have fun. We want to do this, this, that, but then we get into this place of panic attacks and anxiety because we want to just go and do what we want to do because we get that, intellectually we get that but the body’s like, “Oh, no. No, no.” Remember when we did this, that bad thing happened? I think we should reevaluate this. There is this constant inner conflict, inner dialogue that some people are aware of. Sometimes, we’re not aware of it. And sometimes, we try to move so fast and the body can’t keep up. Hence, why these panic attacks happen because it’s your body telling you, “Slow down, I can’t keep up.” There’s too much baggage that I am dragging with, that I’m trying to evaluate is it going to keep you safe, is what you’re going to do be okay for us. It’s not. It’s trying to actually get you to stop and listen.

‏‏Before we go on, I want to apologize. My cat is here and she’s, “meowing” in the background. I don’t know if you heard him.

‏‏Leave the cat there because here’s the thing…

‏‏I think she need to be here.

‏‏Please, leave the cat there. They are super psychic. They can feel energy if the moment of vibration lifts, they can feel that and they just want to absorb that. Cats are natural healers. Cats can actually have the ability to absorb negative energy and the spell of it, where dogs don’t. Leave her.

‏‏I will leave her and I do feel that she’s a natural healer. She’s right there. Okay, let’s go back to trauma. What is your method of healing the trauma? What do you do or what kind of tools can you give us to heal trauma?

‏‏Here’s the thing with trauma. What I notice with the technique that I developed, I learned that sometimes you have an issue. You work on it, you feel great, and then it comes back in your life, you have got to be kidding me. I have dealt with this and worked on this and it keeps on coming back. We’ve all been there. We can all relate to that. What I found with the work that I did and how I started developing my work was why does it keep coming back? I realized that there’s at least more than seven points in the body that needs to be explored and looked at when you actually do a healing because the body doesn’t just store trauma in your aura. The trauma is stored in the nucleus cell, in the DNA stored in the nucleus sheet where you have the resins that people call it epigenetics, like we have that predisposed trauma from you ancestor because remember, you are an expression of your ancestor. You look the way that you do because of your ancestry, you feel the feelings that you do because your ancestors felt that those resources are there. We all have a predisposed feeling of abundance. We all know what it feels like to be rich. We all know what it feels like to love deeply but there’s blocks and trauma points that’s stopping us from feeling these inner resources that just genetically already there. You have everything that you need. Stop looking outside of yourself. You are this box of beautiful wisdom, everything is there. Everyone is trying to find it here and looking there. Stop it and face that time, go within because it’s in your DNA. It’s there. Your soul is an intimate source of wisdom. “I’m going to go up and connect to the records on…” No. It’s here. It’s here in your energy field. It’s all here. You don’t have to go anywhere to find something, you don’t need to bring anything inside of you because it’s missing. It’s not missing, it’s just suppressed. It’s there. Coming back to whatever we’re talking about, my technique. I love these tangents, I’m sorry.

‏‏And I love it too. I enjoy you.

‏‏Here’s the thing, what’s happening is you were born. There is already a consciousness at your conception. Women who go from miscarriages, this is scientifically recorded. They actually put a video recorder in which they were trying to abort a fetus and what happened was as the hoop was coming towards the fetus, it moved away. It knew that it was going to die, it knew. It’s not in an intellectual consciousness like you and I are having a conversation right now, but there’s a level of awareness. At that embryonic stage, that says a lot. They are already at your conception what Mom and Dad’s feeling. The energy between them. That has a really big effect on your ability to connect to the world, feeling connected to oneness. It depends on the level of awareness how that affects your consciousness and your awareness. It plays a really big role. And then you go to the woman feels stages. It’s been proven now that during the 72 days, you already stop of being in the womb. You can already start feeling and record your mother’s stress. What happens in the placenta lining, the protein cells starts absorbing. It’s not a barrier between you and your mom, forget it. That’s not real anymore. It doesn’t exist. I’ve been working or this for years and I found this article and I’m just like feeling so happy, dancing like, “It’s true.” Because I could see it. I could feel it but sometimes people want to see proof and I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on research but finally a scientist found it. Then you have this whole cycle happening, you’re doing the nine months thing, you were born, you go through all these experiences and what happens then is, putting that aside, but just because of the time that we had, I’m just trying to compress as much as I can. We have these point where we still get trauma, we have an energy field. Then we have the reptilian brain which is our instinctive response, which is a little bit childish, it’s got like the mentality of a 13 year old but that’s what keeps us alive. Fighting instinct, hiding instinct, running away instinct, freeze instinct, we’re also familiar with that. Numbness, that used to be my big one for me. Then you also have the medulla. You have the midbrain. You have all these aspect of the actual physical brain that stores trauma and memories. Then, you have the computation that’s always consciously aware of what’s going on feeding messages back on the unconscious mind. Checking things, how’s this? How’s that? That’s how you recognize things because of what’s stored in the unconscious mind. That’s called associations. Then, you have that aspect. Then you have the aspect of going down into the nervous system, into the spine and also where it’s stored in the body. Here’s the important thing, any person who is a practitioner listening will love this. Because what’s happening is sometimes, people ask you, “What’s your gut feeling about X, Y, Z? Where do you feel it in the heart?” Here comes the confusion, people have a very big confusion between the heart and the gut instinctive response because when you have an instinctive response, the first place where it takes place in the reptilian brain and it shoots down to the heart. Only then does it go down to the gut. Sometimes, you have this emotion that you’re feeling but is it really an emotion that’s coming from the limbic system or is it really a gut instinctive response? What is it that you’re actually addressing? That makes a huge difference. How you shift the trauma? How it heals? And whether you’re going to have a healing crisis or not. Because if you don’t heal the trauma points in the body in the right order and sequence, you’re asking for a healing crisis. Some people might say, “Oh my God, but I don’t remember it,” but they go into meltdown. Hello, yes. You’re going to stop remembering, in two, three weeks it’s going to come back but you’re having a meltdown because the body’s like, “You just yank things out all over the place. I don’t know how to get back into alignment, so now what?” The body is like an ant’s nest. You look at it and the only thing that you see from the surface is chaos. When you take a deeper look, there’s a tunnel and this ant has a job and the tunnel has a purpose. Everything knows exactly where it needs to go, everything needs to know exactly what it’s doing. Within that chaos, there’s order, absolute divine order. Take away one ant trail or destroy a little bunk thing that they store their food or babies or whatever it is in, and you’ll see the whole ants nest will go into chaos because it’s like, “What? No way!” Then it’s about having to restructure and finding order again. It’s pretty much the same with the body as well. You just have to bring a fun metaphor into that. And then there’s these different points in the body. Then you have the fascia, that holds trauma points especially when you have a physical injury. You have the muscles also that’s holding cells in the memories. You have the skin that’s holding cells in the memory like for example, someone that was abused a lot and grabbed by the arm, they might have an oversensitivity of just someone touching by the arm or grabbing them and they might jerk and have an anger response or they might feel like they might want to hide. It’s bringing up all these memories of all the times when they were grabbed by the arm. There’s a cell in the memory that needs to take place and be healed as well. And then you have the master cell which is also called the primary cell. It’s not just one cell. There’s this huge confusion that people say, “It’s just this one primary cell in your brain.” Well, no it’s not. It’s not there. It’s millions and billions of cells that these nucleus cells are that has your programming in that. When you work on one cell, it has a holographic ripple effect of changes everywhere. It changes all the the other cells.

Sometimes, you have this emotion that you’re feeling but is it really an emotion that’s coming from the limbic system. Click To Tweet

‏‏How do you suggest working on the cells, maybe getting an energetic massage? How do we go inside to heal that trauma because you said everything is inside us? Do we do that by mediation?

‏‏Here’s the thing, how good are you, and even to the audience and people listening, at being absolutely quiet and still with yourself? Because that is the biggest block that people have because it’s not fun to go quiet. Because the moment that we go quiet, that’s when everything comes off. We don’t want to deal with it, we don’t want to look at it like, “Okay, the dishes look so fabulous right now, I think I’m going to go wash them.” It’s like people come up with all the sabotage and excuses and that’s why I always encourage people to work with someone else because when you start working on yourself, that is the absolute best excuse of sabotaging a session. “Oh no, I’ll do it later.” “Oh I feel that this is a little bit too intense. I’m going to have a glass of wine.” “Where’s that cigarette?” I’m going to go exercise and get rid of the adrenaline, the cortisol that’s trying to complete itself.” But that’s putting a plaster on a chronic bandage, that’s why I was a workaholic as well before I started with my healing work because I was trying to avoid how I was feeling. All this trauma, all this tension, all this anxiety and stress, I took it out in my work and also Jimmy. I didn’t have friends. I didn’t have a life because it was work and gym. Work and gym. I didn’t want to sit still. Someone telling me learn to be quiet and be still and then see what your body is telling you, that’s like no. That ain’t going to fly with me. That’s just not going to happen because I had such a fear of dealing with it. Number one, it’s about learning how to reconnect yourself. It’s about building that relationship with yourself because you have to be able to learn to listen to the body. The only way that you can do that is if you have that relationship with yourself. But if you don’t, good luck on hearing what your body is trying to tell you. That’s why it hit you with a flu, it hit you with a panic attack, it hit you with a medical condition because it’s just like, “Hey, are you listening?

‏‏Wake up.

‏‏Yes, I’m trying to help you here but I don’t know how to cope anymore because the reason why medical conditions come is not that your body’s failing you. Don’t punish your body for having a medical condition, it’s taking a trauma point that it doesn’t know how to process anymore and it’s doing what it has. If your diet is bad, well yes, your body is going to call everything that it can from the diet that it has in order to cope. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be able to successfully deal with the medical condition. If your environment is not healthy, your body’s looking for everything that it could possibly grab onto to survive and it’s not that it’s punishing you. Your body just had its limits. It can only cope with so much and then it’s like, “Time out. I can’t do this anymore. I need you to listen to me.”

‏‏Beautiful. We need to sit still. Listen to our bodies or at least practice how to listen to our bodies.

‏‏Look at the reason why you can sit still. That is the most important part. You can’t force yourself to do something because if you don’t want to do it, you’re not going to do it. You’re going to find something to sabotage it with. Whether you curate it, manifest it, or deliberately think of, “I’m going to do something else,” you’re going to bring something to sabotage that. Guaranteed. My advice to that would be to look at the reason why you’re not sitting still. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you’re just going to be still? Because you get into a pattern of always getting busy. Avoiding, avoiding, avoiding. Avoidance becomes a lifestyle. It’s like depression. It becomes a lifestyle. It’s supposed to be a condition but it becomes a lifestyle.

‏‏Right. That’s not good. It’s like we bury our emotions and then one day, everything just shows up in the form of disease or limiting beliefs.


‏‏Things that we didn’t deal with in the past will show up even 10 or 20 years later.

‏‏Here’s the thing, when I was in Melbourne and I had a client, she came to me and she said, “Evette, listen. I just need to talk because my Mom just got cancer. She’s the happiest person that I know. She’s the perfect mom. She was always happy. She was always making everyone smile. Why do these bad things happen to good people?” I’m like, “You don’t know how she feels inside. You don’t know. Maybe she was being a nurturer, a lover and a peacekeeper because she was searching so desperately perhaps for love, happiness, peace that she didn’t have in her childhood. She overcompensated with trying to create that in her life just to have the peace and the love that she couldn’t have. But at the same time, suppressing the pain that she had in the past. The moment I say that she’s like, “Oh my God. You need to talk to my Mom because that’s not exactly what’s happening.” And I’m like, “Yes.” That’s why people think, “Why do happy people have to get punished?” They don’t get punished. Their body’s just saying listen. What you’re doing is working for me to a certain extent but we also need to let go of the trauma that you’re holding inside because I’m exhausted, chronic fatigue. I’m exhausted. I can’t do this anymore. Bipolar. These intense border line personalities is like, I’m done. I can’t deal with all these emotions anymore. The body is going to create and manifest all these medical and psychological conditions because it’s just like, “I can’t deal with it.” And then you have someone saying, “My childhood was fine.” Then I have two answers for you, one is how much do you remember? And number two, if you did have a good childhood, then something happened that triggered these predisposed trauma points that’s being held from mom, from dad, or from your ancestries. Something is then being activated.

‏‏Completely. What is self-love? What do you think self-love is?

‏‏This is such a good question. Here’s the thing. My first question to you and to everyone else that’s listening is, I would first ask you what is your definition of love? Because number one, every time when you needed love as a child, how was your need for love responded to? Love sometimes, we try to define as what we see in movies, what we see in novels. That’s why a lot of relationships aren’t working out because that’s we have this artificial, fake idea of what we think love should be. But is that really your definition or is that definition coming from something that you read, saw, or thought it should be? Because love should be compassionate. Love should make me feel safe. Love should make me feel all these great things. If you say that this is what love should make you feel like, can you actually feel that yourself? Most of the people will say no because they don’t know what it feels like. Because love is a beautiful place where you can allow yourself to feel safe. You can be vulnerable. But when I say vulnerable, I don’t mean have your heart and everything wide open. Vulnerability means being loved and loving with discernment.

A lot of relationships aren’t working out because that’s we have this artificial, fake idea of what we think love should be. Click To Tweet

‏‏Can you say a little more about that because that was a big statement?

‏‏Sure, that’s okay. Being vulnerable means that, for me personally, that’s my belief and that’s what works for me. We all have to find what works for ourselves. But I do hope that what I have to say can be a starting point for people. Like that entry point to it, because vulnerability doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to be completely open and allow people to get away with things like overstepping your boundaries or disrespecting you. Vulnerability should never ever make you feel scared. We should never feel weak or powerless. Vulnerability means that you are open to receiving love and giving love with discernment in a way that makes you feel safe, in a way that makes you feel in control and balanced and also in a way that makes you feel that you can give back. That to me is vulnerability. It’s a beautiful place to be in, people associate vulnerability with that after shock of others being abused or yelled at. That’s a vulnerable state for people but that is actually a traumatized state. That’s not vulnerability. That to me in my definition, that’s not vulnerability. From the thousands of people that I’ve worked with, the things that I’ve seen, experienced, and lived through myself, I have a different perspective on that.

‏‏Can you give me an example of vulnerability? What will be a time where you were vulnerable according to your definition?

‏‏When I fall in love. Like the last time when I fell in love. I’m like, “Woo!” I feel a little bit vulnerable because I had horrible experiences with men, my father and everything. My association with men was not that healthy, but I have dealt with a lot of stuff, not everything, life’s a journey. I’m human, I’m not God. I was like, “Oh.” It’s this feeling, I felt vulnerable but I also felt in full control of my boundaries. I felt in control of how much I’m going to allow this person to have love me and how much I’m going to give.


‏‏Even though I had that place of vulnerability of feeling like, “Oh, I’m not so sure of that place of uncertainty which can sometimes be fun. Sometimes it can be an actually horrific moment for some people, depending on what your association with that is or can be” I was single for a while. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this. I found that sense of not powerlessness. I didn’t lose my confidence but I was in a place where I was going to give myself a chance to allow myself to be present with this person, without having to put my walls up but I still had discernment of where my limits are. I had fun and I enjoyed that place of just kind of not knowing what’s going to happen and being okay with that because I was in control of my side of the relationship. That already gave me such a strong foundation because I knew and I’ve discovered what my boundaries are. I knew where my limits are. Based on that foundation that I stood upon, that allowed me to be vulnerable in a safe way. Does that makes sense?

‏‏Yes, it makes sense. I was at that place where I was wearing that shield and I couldn’t really date. It took a moment of prayer and surrender for me to attract the man of my dream.

‏‏I just want to say something because what you just said can be misinterpreted, when you say surrender I just want to contribute to that.

‏‏Surrender to my divine.

‏‏Surrender doesn’t mean that you let go or that you’ve given up. Surrender means that you have to learn that what’s working for you is not working for you and you’re opening yourself up to new possibilities.

‏‏Thank you for that.

‏‏Audience, that’s what surrender means. That’s what she’s saying okay? I can feel what you’re saying but I can also feel how people might go like, “Surrender? I don’t know about that.” But, no. That’s what surrendering means. Please continue, I just wanted to clarify.

‏‏Right. Yes, because I studied with Patricia Moreno, she does Intensati which is movement with affirmations.

‏‏I live under a rock because I don’t know half of it.

‏‏She’s amazing.

‏‏I have to Google this.

‏‏She’s such a life worker and she was always talking about the concept of surrender. I remember the word surrender. I hated that word. It’s like, “Surrender? I’ll never surrender!” Like, “Everything that you do Patricia is great but the word surrender? I’m too strong, too tough.” Like surrendering means being weak. Vulnerability means to be weak. Until I learned that, and you said it so beautifully, that type of surrender. Just surrender the things that are not necessary. Surrender the things that do not serve you anymore so you can move on with your life without that horrible shield and being open. Do you believe in the idea of exchanging versions of yourself?

‏‏What do you mean?

‏‏There is this energetic concept that when you break through, you actually exchange to a higher version of yourself. We live in a world, there is the theory of parallel universes and there are many you’s in all those different universes. When you get into that internal breakthrough, it’s almost like when a snake sheds its skin, you become like a different, more enlightened, bigger version of yourself.

‏‏We’re just using different words of it. I totally agree with you. Yes, you transform into that. You transcend and your vibration changes frequency, yes. I totally get that. Also, taking about existing on different parallels? I think you might love this. It’s something that I love to play with my clients, I guess the audience will love it too. Have you ever thought of thinking of even though there is something lacking in your life that you feel right now, yes there is a trauma point there that’s suppressing it and everything but I love to have fun with it because I connect and where I’m connecting and existing on different parallels I’m like, “Where do I exist where I have that quality?” I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to tap into that. I’m going to bring it into this life.” It is so much fun. It’s awesome.

‏‏That sounds amazing. How can you do it?

‏‏Anyone can do that. Just meditating and just connecting to that part, that feeling, that vibration and just inviting it into your life but also always in the highest and best way for you in this life in the here and now. Because you might be a rock star in the other life and that confidence if you’re a librarian, that confidence is not going to quite sit with you in that type of life. It’s always bringing it into the highest of the vibration for you in this life, in the here and now to serve your purpose in this lifetime in the best possible way. I have had some awesome fun with that, there is so much that you can do with energy. We’ve just been so boxed and in control of what we can do and I just made a video now that I’ll be releasing soon about healing versus religion. It’s an intense video. It’s 10 minutes but…

‏‏That’s going to polarize some people?

‏‏I’ll take 10 seconds just to explain to you because it comes exactly down to what we were just talking about, how humans have been controlled and suppressed of what they can use and the energy and the healing ability. We are all healers. Hello? Why would a religion tell you only God can heal, only God can be psychic. If you’re psychic, you’re devil’s child, no. I don’t want to hear that. That’s nonsense. That’s people suppressing other people whose healing abilities are there. You were born with it for a reason. You have it for a reason, to empower you. Why would you want to suppress that? It’s a fun video, I’m going to be releasing it in the next two weeks.

You were born with it for a reason. You have it for a reason, to empower you.

‏‏Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.

‏‏I’m the kind of person that I’m not scared to touch the big subjects because no one really talks about it.

‏‏Yes, brave woman.

‏‏Just trying to extend my limits.

‏‏What can we do to connect with the mentality of abundance?

‏‏I feel abundance when I see a nice amount of money in my bank account or when I hold a big amount of money in my hand for example. That feeling, that joy, that feeling that you get. What’s really important with that, and the reason why a lot of people have trouble accessing that feeling of abundance, is because some people need money in their life because they’re lacking something within themselves. It’s either because they want to drive a nice car, because it makes them look cool, you feel great when you drive on Beverly Hills or in some funky area or money makes you feel safe and secure. Well, let’s look at why you need money in order to feel safe and secure. I get that it’s a bible concept, yes I get that. But there’s still trigger points. There’s something lacking in here that people that are trying to use a physical material thing to fulfill. People wear beautiful, fancy jewelry and all this Chanel and great clothing like, this cost $5. I just don’t care. I just don’t need that. I used to have it but that part of me that’s lacking that. I looked at that and I healed it and I’m like it really shifted and change how I see abundance. I didn’t see abundance as Donald Duck that dives into the coins of the kids, anyone who grew up in the 80s will know what I’m talking about like Donald Duck diving into that money. I don’t see it that way but nobody that’s an average person would see that as abundance.

‏‏You know what I heard? I heard Donald Trump for a second and then…

‏‏Donald Duck.

‏‏Let’s not talk about it.

‏‏He’s a really good example of how to use entertainment to manipulate people. But anyway, it’s not that feeling of diving into money. It’s all about having that feeling of abundance within yourself. You can be abundant with love. You can be abundant with support. You can be abundant with money. What kind of abundance are we referring to?

‏‏Right. I think it will be really good to just start exercising, appreciating and having gratitude for the little things.

‏‏Here’s the thing, to be in the state of gratitude is the hardest state to be when you’re in a place of pain. When you are in pain, you see the world differently. Just like when you’re happy, you see the world literally in a different perspective. When you’re in a place of pain, it’s like, “I don’t care if the sun is out. I don’t care if I can breathe.” People are so stuck in their energy, that place of pain, that when you say that gratitude, “I get that. I agree with you.” But when you’re in pain, people are probably going to say, “Oh get out of my face. I don’t want to hear that. I’m angry. I’m upset.” In that place of anger, in that place of pain, I really guess it’s about recognizing how is that pain not even serving you, but what’s the benefit of holding on to that pain? Where is that holding you and stopping you from moving to where you really want to go but you can’t? How’s that pain blocking you from doing what it is you really want to do that you’re so scared of? And then you have to look at why you’re scared of it. Rejection, failure, fear of people thinking you can’t do it, fear of proving them right. But then again, go beyond that. What is missing in you that gives you a power way to all these things, to people’s judgements? There’s always step further than that, always. It’s about finding that, what is that part in you that’s missing, that’s lacking, that’s deeply suppressed that you can’t see past it.

‏‏Right. I found that when I work with people, even when they’re in their deepest pain, shifting them into a place of gratitude like if you asked them enough time and you keep moving their focus out, they will find a way to be grateful.

‏‏ I agree with you 100%, yes.

‏‏ It’s like lighting a little spark. It is not going to be like, “I’m so grateful for my life.”

‏‏Here’s my halo.


‏‏I get it.

‏‏No, it’s just like baby steps. It’s like a muscle that you can train to shift their focus.

‏‏Absolutely, yes you can. But if you don’t shift the pain, the focus will always at some point be triggered and go back to the pain. And here you also just sit when you work with someone or when you help someone. That’s going back to what I was saying earlier. It’s important to work with someone. Someone that can hold the space for you. Someone that can facilitate the process for you, someone that you can feel safe with. Just allow that process to take place because we tend to let go easier when we feel safe.


‏‏So much easier. It’s like when you’re in distress and you’re crying like, “Oh my God. I’m so upset.” Mom hugs you and it’s like, “Everything’s fine. Okay Mom, bye!” That’s exactly what it’s like. It’s like feeling safe and that feeling of feeling traumatized, it just goes because you’re in that place of safety. It’s safe to let go, it’s almost the same concept.

‏‏You know what I love about you?

‏‏What, tell me?

‏‏Is how much love you emanate.


‏‏I feel it through every video. I feel it throughout this conversation, there’s so much love.

‏‏I have an infinite of it. Is this coming?

‏‏Was it always like that? Or how did you find that place inside you?

‏‏Oh my God, here is the thing. When I was 19, I worked so hard because I wanted to prove my dad wrong. He told me I was going to be working behind the bar, wiping up vomit from the floor.


‏‏Whatever, dad. I was 15 when he said that. It triggered this spark of anger in me. It was just like this volcano. I held onto that anger. This anger became my source of confidence and power. I used this anger in our school when I was 16, when I was in grade 10. I worked so hard, I skipped grade 11 because I also couldn’t afford it because I had to financially put myself through school myself.  What happened was I became such an angry person. I used to be this fun, loving kid that just couldn’t sit still. I always had ants in my pants. My mom always said, “Do you have ants in your pants? Sit still.” I was always moving around and I was the only child. But coming back to what I was saying, when I was a teenager, I pumped into the source of anger. I worked so hard and I’m like, “Dad you’ll see, I’m going to earn more money than you when I’m 19. I’m going to buy a brand new BMW before 19.” Because he was an alcoholic, so he’s going through a really rough time. He’s in his own pain, I’m not blaming him. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be who I am today because he gave me the lessons that I needed to become what I wanted to be. I also had to learn how to live without that fire. But I’ll come to that, right? Because that fire is negative, it’s not a good place to try manifest your genes from a place of anger and resentment. I’m going to show you because you can’t sustain that success because it’s coming from a place of pain. That foundation will crumble. And I did, I was 19, I called my Dad. I’m like, “Dad, you know what? I earn three times your salary! And I just bought a brand new BMW and I have two apartments.” My Dad was just like, “So what?” I’m like, “I don’t care what you think but I did it!” And I hung up the phone. And again, same pattern. I was hospitalized for one day because I was working 85 hours a week. I was a project sport coordinator. I was working so much. I earned the money that I wanted. I could walk into a shop, I could buy what I wanted. I didn’t even look at the price tag. My life was great but internally I was so empty, I was so angry, I was a very bitter person because my success was built on a place of, “I’m going to show you, I’m going to prove you wrong.” That’s not real success. That’s such an empty victory. It was an instant gratification because the moment I ended that call with my Dad, that drive that I had? It was just like, “God, that wasn’t actually worth it.” It wasn’t worth it and here I’m sitting now with the lifestyle that I created that requires my constant input of energy in order to sustain it and I didn’t have that anger, that resentment to drive me anymore.

‏‏Right. How much you can hold so much anger and resentment? Eventually, your body will collapse, your soul will cry.

‏‏It did. And then alcoholism, I smoked 30 cigarettes a day, I became my Dad.


‏‏I was 22 and it hit me. I was in Australia that time and it hit me because there was a bar across from the workplace where I worked. I make myself so indispensable that there was no way that they could fire me. I worked so hard, I had one role but I was running three different people’s jobs. I could get away with whatever I wanted because I knew they needed me. But I was good at what I did. It was over cross the street lunch time, double shot of vodka, back in the office working because I couldn’t cope with anxiety and stress and everything that was going on in my life. Coming back to what I was saying in terms of that love and the self-love and recognizing that I didn’t have friends, everyone in the workplace was scared of me, everyone said yes and amen to me. But I didn’t want that. It’s not because they respected me, it’s because they were scared of what I can do if they don’t listen to me because I have 30 people working for me when I was 22. It was a big responsibility. I think frankly I was an asshole. I was not a nice person. I didn’t know how else to get things done other than just being angry.

‏‏And when was the shift?

‏‏The shift was when I woke up one morning. My house deteriorated to the point where I ate a biscuit and the tooth in the back literally crumbled. That’s how malnourished I was.


‏‏Well, my diet, the smoking, the drinking, and I was 22 and I woke up and I was grabbing my cigarettes. I was lying in bed lighting a cigarette. I’m thinking to end this heaviness, just washed over me and I’m just like it’s suicide or it’s change, but I can’t do this anymore. It hit me so hard, it was unexpected. It wasn’t even built up. It just came and I just started crying and I called the office and said, “I’m not coming in. I’m not coming in today. I’m sick, I need to deal with things.” I’m at home, I’m pouring my vodka at [8:00] in the morning. I was sitting on this big block of computer that we had back in the days. This was 12 years ago. I’m throwing that in and I’m sitting there and I’ve got the cigarette in my mouth. I’ve got the ashes falling on the ground because I’m so freaking depressed. I sat there and I looked at the screen and I typed in Google and I’m like, “What is it that you want be big? What do you need to make the shift?” I cried and I just said, “God, I just want to be happy.” I just want to be happy. I just want to find myself again. I want to find that little girl that was so happy, that would just love everyone even though my Dad would smack me on the head. Five minutes later, I would still be back and be nice to him. That’s me. Now I have boundaries though.

‏‏Thank God.

‏‏But that was me. Too forgiving sometimes but I just type into Google how to be happy. That’s what I typed. All this list of persons that are having seminars, and angels, and this and this and that and I’m like, “What? Angels? They’ll reimburse you? What?” I started Googling and I’m like, “You know what Evette? You typed it in. We’re going to go with this.” I started looking all these seminars and I’m just booking in. Bought all these books, start reading. Three months later, I quit my job. I met someone that I started the business with and personal development. I just sort from there. That was it, my desire to go the office was so bad that I sabotage every moment that I possibly could to go to the office. I started working from home as much as I could because I could get away with it. But still, it was so heavy on me because my soul was just like that was it. I literally just woke up and my body’s just like you’re done, that’s it. I’m going to check out or you’re going to change. You have two choices. That feeling of suicide scared me because it was strong. I was on that fine line where it’s going to be this or it’s going to be that.


‏‏I’ve got a video about dealing with suicide.

‏‏Wow, and the screen froze because the screen doesn’t like that.

‏‏It’s a big topic.

‏‏It’s a big topic.

‏‏I’m making that and I’m very passionate about that. Because it’s like…

‏‏Thank you for making that because it’s a big topic, yes.

‏‏Yes. It’s just an emotional state, it’s not that you’re actually giving up or anything, it’s an emotional state that you’re giving your power away to but the video will explain it also. Moving on. Getting back to the person that I used to be as a kid, I started realizing how I was just using this anger to get to where I wanted to be, to prove my Dad wrong. I looked up my issues with my Dad, I looked at the associations that I made with success. I didn’t want to be successful anymore because it came at such a prize. There’s a lot of things that I had to disassociate from and heal and let go of to get back to where I was without the pain, without the anger and the resentment to be a motivator. My motivator now is the love of what I do, the love of what I have to get a person from A to B to C and transition into that. That’s great! Who wouldn’t love that? It’s so much fun when you have someone calling you and saying I have this issue, now it’s gone, or I finally got that job that I wanted because I feel worthy of it, I feel so confident in it and I can go on and on.

It’s so much fun when you have someone calling you and saying I have this issue, now it’s gone. Click To Tweet


‏‏It really was finding that place of letting go of this negative state of mind that I had that helped me. But I graduated from it. You have to get to a point where you have to let it go. Those coping mechanisms is not going to help me in this field. It’s not going to help me to be the person I wanted to become. I’ve started slowly a loophole reconnecting back to me. I could feel myself finding myself again. It’s like that homecoming feeling. It’s like, “Yes, I recognized this. This is it. I’m on the right path.” And the more I felt, the stronger I win into it. I was engaged to a guy who’s like, “Oh my God. You look at crystals, are you a devil worshipper now?” I’m like I did not lose my path. I just found myself. If you can’t support that, then get the hell out.


‏‏Broke up. Packed up. Left. Here I am today, my Dad threw me away, he was like, “I don’t want anything to do with you, you’re a witch. He’s out of the family.

‏‏I’m sorry it’s not funny but it’s just a funny idea.

‏‏I know. There was someone on my Mom’s side who sent me a bible because I lost my way and I’m like, “If only you knew that I actually found myself.” There you go.

‏‏Thank you for helping so many other people finding their joy and their bliss and healing their traumas and live into their true potentials and thank you for following your dreams and speaking out loud regardless of whatever other people say.

‏‏What I lost is so insignificant. Even though it’s my own blood, it’s so insignificant compared to what I’ve gained.


‏‏I can’t even express the magnitude of that. It was worth it and would I do it again? Absolutely. I would love to do an interview with you again.

‏‏I know, I want to speak to you for like three more hours but I want to be respectful of your time and before we leave, where can people find you? How can they follow you, go to your seminars, read your book, love on you?

‏‏Yes, absolutely. Here’s the thing, I’ve got this book Metaphysical Anatomy, Amazon, it’s on my website, get it. It’s a game changer. It really is. This book I wrote seven years, a lot of people are like, “Well, it might be like Louise Hay.” No, it’s not. I did not reinvent the wheel. Everything in this book is what’s missing out there. This is ancestry, genetics, wound, traumas, whatever it is, it’s in there. You’re going to find it. If it’s not there, email me. I’ll make sure it gets in there. Number two, you can find me at www.metaphysicalanatomy.com or evetterose.com. Evette with an “E” I’m from South Africa, I’m not French. But even though I love French people, I’m not French. Also, I’m almost finished designing my online healing training course, Metaphysical Anatomy which is an introduction into how you can work with the book, work on yourself. There will be a live seminar for those who would like to be certified in it and to really go deep because during the live event, that’s ancestral, that’s master cell. We go deep, deep, deep. That’s where you start playing with genetics, that’s fun. But you need to know what to do. That’s why I like to be there during a live event to help people rediscover, open up the intuition which is going to be awesome. I’m designing a lot of online trainings also for helping people with boundaries, self-esteem, going through divorce, people that have been abused. I’m making a lot of fun videos, go to YouTube, metaphysicalanatomy. I have two YouTube channels. Be mindful, one is English, one is Russian. Make sure that you go the English one. If you’re English speaking, do make sure that you find the one that is English and my website also, you’ll see all my social media streams. You can find me on Instagram @evetterose1 because there’s only one Evette Rose, that’s me. We’re all unique in the physical form. Oneness, we’re all one. But in the physical body form, that’s me @evetterose1. Twitter same thing, @evetterose1. That’s me. That’s where you can find me and stay in contact.

‏‏Thank you so much. I appreciate you. I appreciate all the love and care that you give people. Thank you for taking your time to do this interview. Thank you so much listeners and people that are watching this on YouTube, go out there, heal you traumas, love yourself and live a Stellar Life and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ When you’re traveling, remember to take care of yourself. If you aren’t refreshed and rejuvenated, you won’t be able to give to other people.

✓ Strip away your family values. You don’t need to turn your back on them if they serve you, but do some self-examination and ask yourself who you are without them.

✓ Ask yourself whether you’re figuratively wearing battle armor while walking on a beautiful beach, because you’re still trying to protect yourself from a past trauma.

✓ Remind yourself that you’re an expression of your ancestry. You already know what it feels like to be rich and to love deeply; those resources are genetically already there.

✓ How good are you at being quiet and still? Set aside 20 minutes a day for silent stillness and listen to your body. This gives you a chance to heal past traumas.

✓ If you can’t bring yourself to spend this time in quiet stillness, do some self-examination. Look at the reason that you can’t be still and quiet. What are you avoiding?

✓ Find a partner to keep you focused on your journey. This doesn’t need to be a romantic partner, but should be someone who helps you feel safe and will help hold you accountable.

✓ Work toward allowing yourself to become vulnerable. This doesn’t mean being weak, but rather being strong enough to allow yourself to be open.

✓ Practice gratitude by writing down five things each day that you’re grateful for. These can be big, obvious things (a job, a home) or small, unexpected ones.

✓ If you’re having a hard time being grateful, ask yourself these questions: what’s the benefit of experiencing the pain that’s keeping you from gratitude? Why are you holding onto it?

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