Episode 69 | June 20, 2017

Creating Miracles Through Abundance with Maria Kellis

A Personal Note from Orion

As the saying goes, pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever. So whatever pain you are experiencing, I hope you can trust that it’s simply a way that your body is conveying information, one which you can use to heal yourself from your trauma. Because the truth is, you have the ability to create your own reality, one that manifests miracles, despite the pain you are free.

My guest today is certified spiritual healer Maria Kellis. She was working in the fast paced startup world where she was burning the candle at both ends and letting stress envelop her life, when she got a huge wakeup call and ended up in a wheelchair. Learn how Maria turned her biggest challenge into her biggest gift as she made the decision to use her pain to heal and find the miracles of everyday life.

In this Episode

  • [02:02] – Maria shares a little bit about who she is and what she does.
  • [03:13] – How did Maria find herself in a wheelchair, as she mentioned a moment ago? She answers, then shares some of the lesson she learned from the experience.
  • [05:59] – Orion digs deeper into Maria’s pain, which was not only physical; her fiance left her during the experience.
  • [08:16] – In 2012, Maria had her biggest accident, which was also an enormous gift, as she describes here.
  • [10:02] – Orion talks about a recent conversation she had about a near-death experience. Maria then describes what she experienced.
  • [12:55] – After coming back from her incredible near-death experience, what is Maria’s relationship with time now?
  • [15:18] – Maria discusses whether she creates miracles through a time-space continuum. She then offers to share one of the “crazy” experiences that she has had.
  • [16:22] – God is an experience, not a concept, Orion explains. She then clarifies what she means.
  • [16:53] – Maria shares the experience that she offered a moment ago, explaining that she shifted reality while thinking she was in the dream world.
  • [19:00] – How can we create miracles in our lives, and experience our own leaps into a reality of infinite possibility?
  • [22:15] – Orion explores what Maria has been saying, clarifying details about faith and love.
  • [22:39] – Maria gives more detail on the first step of the process, which is clearing space by accepting that everything is perfect. She then shares an out-of-body experience she had.
  • [26:09] – Orion is studying Kabbalah, she reveals, then ties this into what Maria has been saying about her experience.
  • [27:18] – Maria talks more about human suffering and its role in our world. Suffering is balance, and is linked to threads that we sometimes can’t control.
  • [30:50] – We return to the topic of miracles, with Maria explaining what the keys to manifesting a miracle are and how they relate to vibrations.
  • [34:07] – Where can listeners find and connect with Maria?

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hey and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m your host, Orion, and I’m hoping that you are having the best day ever. My guest today is Maria Kellis. She’s a certified spiritual healer. She’s been helping people find out how to strengthen their desires and make their dreams come true. Maria Kellis was born in Greece, grew up in France, and she lives in Thailand right now so she definitely travels the world and travels the world a lot. She teaches workshops and help people heal and excel in their life and more than that, she teaches people how to create miracles in their lives the way she created miracles in hers. Now, without further ado, onto the show. Hello Maria and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. How are you doing today?

‏‏I’m excited to be talking to you. I am doing very well.

‏‏Amazing. I’m very excited to be talking to you. I love your energy. I love your voice. It’s so soothing. I just love how grounded you are and how you teach people to create miracles from that place of abundance. Let’s start by you sharing a little bit about yourself, who you are, and what do you do.

‏‏Sure. I’ll give you the time frame. I was born in Greece. I grew up in France. I went to school in the United States and I went to school at MIT and I got three degrees. In Mechanical Training, in Management, and Product Development. I came from definitely a very mind oriented world. I was in the generation of the .com so I started companies afterwards. Kind of in the middle of all this, the .com happened so then my “first job” was working for the media lab at MIT. As the economy was crashing in 2002, I moved with my then fiancé to California. So 2003, I was in California and then 2004, a few months into it when I was looking for a job and trying to figure out what I was going to do in this life because I couldn’t start companies, who can get funding at that particular time. I found myself in a wheelchair and that was my biggest wake up call. Also, I consider it now my biggest gift because it was a full to everything my life was.

‏‏How did you find yourself in a wheelchair?

‏‏It’s a long story but I think it’s because I was stressed. It’s because I was trying to control too many things, my body fell apart. I don’t do things halfway so it was kind of catastrophic.

‏‏Oh no.

‏‏It was really bad and I was in terrible pain. I was taking maybe a collection of 30 pills per day, I’m not even joking. I had to really realize that I had no control over life. I had spent my life thinking that I was in control of everything and then suddenly, I can’t control the most basic things. We had moved to Brooklyn because my then fiancé was starting a PhD there and he freaked out because the doctors were sort of saying that saying that they had no way to help me and so I was going to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. The pain was going to stay. The conditions were going to stay. I wasn’t really responding to any of the drugs. Pretty much, I remember the day. The insurance had approved a motorized wheelchair for me.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏I remembered looking at it and I told the vendor, “Oh, I’m going to call you back.” Because that day, I made the decision that this was not going to be my life.

‏‏Wow. I got goosebumps.

‏‏It took me about 18 months to figure things out. One thing I had a lot of was pain so I can feel hot. I can feel cold, obviously. I can move my legs. I had from T4 down, pretty much my body wasn’t functioning.

‏‏Wow. T4 is pretty high.

‏‏It’s drastic.


‏‏That involves the organs and that’s pretty serious.

‏‏So pretty much from the chest down.

‏‏Yup. Definitely, I had a lot of pain. I thought of something. I said pain is a signal, which is good. I am going to use pain as my future. I stopped making pain my enemy and started making pain my friend. I said pain is information so what is this information telling me? Then I said, “Oh, this pain is hot. This pain is cold. This pain is movement. This pain, oh, I just hit my leg against something.” I started little by little, pacing out the pain into information. It really helped me to redefine everything because I’ve got pain as [00:04:53]. That’s how I started to recognize the signals that my body was sending me.

‏‏Let me understand. You didn’t only have the physical pain. You also had your fiancé leave, right?

‏‏Yeah. He left me. It was a really difficult time. He [00:06:13]. Oh my God, it was bad. He said even if we were married and we had children, he’ll still leave me because he can’t be with me the way I was.

‏‏Oh my God. But what a gift not to be with somebody like that, not to live with the illusion.

‏‏Well, yes and no. I think it took me maybe two or three years afterwards to accept it because I guess I come from an old country where we stick to the people we love. I said, “Oh well, if he got scared then it had to be pretty bad for me to find me go away.” Now, I do miracles for a living. So then, one day I decided, oh I want to be in relationships again. The first person who showed up was him again. Out of the blue, when I started to call him the one, he appeared and he said, “Oh, I’m back in Thailand.” It was very healing for me, very, very healing.

‏‏You went back together?

‏‏No, no, no, no but I went and met him after 10, 15 years. I realized, I really realized that my life will have been not what it is now and I won’t have liked my life being with him but it was amazing to see where my life is now and where my life was heading. I feel extremely grateful for what I have right now.

‏‏Apparently, you got out of the wheelchair and that’s a miracle, and then seeing him 15 years later and having that closure is another miracle.

‏‏Oh, my life is full of miracles. You would think that being in the wheelchair, it would be the worst thing that can happen to a person but after I got better, I started having a series of accidents and terrible circumstances happening to me. I went through [00:08:11]. I had various burns. It was one thing after another until it was in 2012 when I had the most serious accident and maybe the biggest gift because at the time, I was training as an engineer so I was working in a construction site. I fell in a construction shaft and I literally felt my back so I kind of crossed over.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏I’ve heard the stories and it was different to experience it. In my healing journey, I took a lot of medication and praying so out of body experiences were very common but literally crossing over, literally being on the other side was the biggest gift because of two things. One, I’m not as scared of death. I think death is the biggest gift. I hope it doesn’t sound wrong when I say that I’m actually really looking forward to dying because it’s so beautiful.

Death is the biggest gift. Share on X

‏‏It does. It sounds really wrong but I totally get it. I totally get it.

‏‏That’s just the best thing. Sometimes, I help people who transition as they transition and their families. It gives peace to know that we’re going in such a better place. There’s nothing to be afraid of. This life is our training ground. We get to learn a lot of things here.

‏‏It’s so interesting because I don’t really talk about near death experiences with people but I just had this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. He was sharing about another guy that he met who crossed the other side, had a near death experience on a dentist bed because he, I don’t know, took a few lines of coke and then somehow, with the laughing gas, they didn’t stop pumping it and he just passed. And then what he saw and felt on the other side was such a beautiful feeling of bliss, and happiness, and joy that when he came back, he was almost depressed for two years because he couldn’t shake that incredible feeling of fulfilment and love that he experienced on the other side. What do you experience?

‏‏When people cross over the described, that they see their life pass through their eyes very fast, I had a different experience. I went back hundreds of lives, thousands of years.


‏‏Because time moves differently, I was able to actually live those lives. It’s really weird to explain but time doesn’t move the same way. Time is a construct in this world. I understood what in the East they call karma or this idea that this is all a circle. Suddenly, I understood how time doesn’t move linearly but also it’s not necessarily a constraint. It’s hard to explain in words but I was able to see those lines. I was able to understand them. Part of the work I do now is helping people see through themselves and really understand. It’s almost like we get trapped in these cycles but we’ll do the same thing over and over again. It ends up the same way. We’ll suffer the same way. As if reality was a fabric and the threads are there and if you remove one thread, let’s say it’s a white cloth and there’s a red thread, if you remove that, then the life stops being kind of like, oh good, horrible, good, horrible because those threads now don’t exist. That’s something that was my gift. This understanding of time space. This understanding of bending the time space continuum, for lack of a better word.

‏‏It sounds amazing. Coming back from a place, an incredible alter universe where time is not linear and you experience thousands and thousands of lifetimes in a few seconds, when you come back here, what’s your relationship with time right now? In the physical realm, we are here. Me and you talking.

‏‏I tend to have experiences where time doesn’t—I kind of play with time. I do also a little bit of space although I don’t control that as well. I’m going to sound really wuhu so I’m not going to go down that line too far.

‏‏It’s okay, I’m completely wuhu, wuwu, wuhu, I don’t care. If somebody don’t like it, it’s their problem. I think it’s silly to think that we are what we see, touch, smell.


‏‏It’s such a small way of looking at this infinite universe that we understand nothing about. We’re just right now, in this day and age, spiritual concepts from thousands and thousands of years ago are being backed by science. We’re just in the beginning of our baby awakening.

‏‏If you think about it, if you think of you as being the center, we tend to be outside our center, but if you think of you being the center, and time not being around you in a circular or in a spiral way. I used to use that for a little bit and then I realized I didn’t want to do that because I was taking people’s power away, I worked as a psychic. The way I was doing it is like as space time continued to rotate, it folds around each one of us. It’s like we’re being surrounded by these threads. I will pick through the threads and see the future. People describe that often as a déjà vu experience. A lot of people say, “Oh, I just saw that before.” Why can we see something? It’s because we constantly loop through time.

‏‏Loop through defaults.

‏‏Right, exactly, so you can peek through and then see the future. I realized that the future changes all the time. We control our destiny to the most increment possibilities and so then I said, “Well, can I reach? Can you reach my hand through and grab the different reality, different plane of existence?” I was like, “Oh, I can do that. Can I teach other people to do that?” And then I said, “Oh, that actually can be taught.” That became my life’s work.

‏‏And that’s how you create miracles? Through working with time and space continuum?

‏‏You can say that. Most people think that we’re born and it’s a linear thing and then we die and it’s based on timeline and those are the possibilities, they exist. But there’s just one possibility. There could be another possibility for someone else and some people describe that as the doppelganger or this idea that we can be the same person in another reality, doing something else. What if there’s an infinite possibility? Anything you desire and everything is there. You just have to reach there and hold onto that reality long enough until you bring it to this reality and then emerge it and then I no longer looks like it ever was different. You asked about time and space, I’ll tell you about one of the crazy experiences I had. Again, I appreciate that you listen to it and hopefully people will not think that it’s crazy.

Most people think that we’re born and it’s a linear thing and then we die and it’s based on timeline and those are the possibilities, they exist.

‏‏If people think it’s crazy, they’re crazy.

‏‏I like that. I haven’t experienced it yet. I always say I can talk all day but practice is a more interesting part for me.

‏‏Just like God is not a concept. It’s an experience and until you fully experience that sense of love and connection, then it will only be a concept. You can be a religious person and pray all day or do all the rituals, but unless you had a moment, moments of awakening where you connect to a higher source, you won’t completely understand it. I understand that right now, we’re talking about the concept and my wish for myself and the listeners is that someday, we will be able to experience this for ourselves.

‏‏After my last accident, the one when I fell at the construction site in the construction shaft, I was in bed again for quite a few months because I broke my back. I feel things. It was just not pretty and so I had a lot of time in my hands and so I was practicing what they called lucid dreaming. When we came back from the hospital with my mom, my mom was so exhausted, she got sick and the doctor said it’s going to be a couple of weeks but remember I’m in bed. We got some help, we got a lady to help us but it was not fun and I was like, “Oh my God.” And so I went into what they call lucid dreaming. In the dream world, thinking that I was going to understand what happens. I imagined what if I wake up in my dream world and then my mom’s okay and then I’ll understand how to bring her back. I literally woke up and my mom was out of bed. She was happy. She was pain free. She was smiling and cooking. I’m like, “Hi mom. How are you feeling?” She’s like, “I’m feeling great.” She’s like, “I prepared food for you. Everything’s fine.” I’m like, “Weren’t you sick?” She’s like, “Yeah, I remember being sick. I suddenly felt better.” I said, “Oh great.” All this time, I’m thinking, I’m in the dream world and it turns out that I wasn’t. I had just shifted reality. Seriously, for two days, I was pinching myself. I’m like, I’m going to wake up anytime now and I never went back to the old timeline. I was just in the new one.

‏‏Oh wow.

‏‏The doctor was like, “What just happened?” I was like, “Uh, yeah.”

‏‏Goosebumps. Okay, okay, okay. This is amazing. How can we create miracles in our lives? If I want to do a quantum leap into a different dimension, reality, possibility, infinite possibility, dream world that becomes a reality, how can I do it? How can one of our listeners do it?

‏‏I told you that I went to MIT, I sometimes think like an engineer. I solve this universe that was opened to me. It was opened in 2004 so I had lots of years to practice. I wonder how it works, how can we get repeatable results. It’s almost my life was destined to understand this so that’s why I had so many accidents, that’s why my life kept falling apart, because it’s almost every time it fell apart, I had to reconstruct it. And then I realized, “Oh, every time gets better.” I used to think of myself as this unlucky person and now I feel like I’m the luckiest person alive. I realized that we always do that except that we’re not aware. First is opening the possibilities, opening the idea that, yeah, okay, I’m willing to try. It’s a three step process. The first step is clearing. The second step is love or self love. The third step is manifesting. Let me explain that in a little bit more detail.

‏‏Yes please.

‏‏Remember what I said before that the space time continuum rotates around us and we can reach our hand and grab something? Well, if your hand is full, you can’t really, really reach something. The first step is clearing. What do you do? We remove the things that we don’t need, that no longer serve you, so you can have a different frame, different reality, different existence. Your hand is empty to reach and grab something else. Love is the vehicle. I used to always try to explain it and then I realized just practice and you’ll get it right. Love is like a glue that is everywhere, in between everything. It’s like you fill your hand with love so you can gravitate through and whip through the space time threads. And then, you grab what you want to. Manifesting is really this process of holding onto that reality despite the gunk or despite the setbacks because remember, you went out with a hand full of love that was “lubricated” and grabbed something and then you’re coming back with holding something in your hand. The natural tendency is for your hand to come back alone. If you want to hold onto it, then you keep bringing love so it’s kind of like the lubrication to go through. You continue to hold onto it despite what happens because it’s like if you got caught in the thread, you have to pull a little harder and know that it’s coming back. You keep loving and loving and loving until this reality that you grabbed into just becomes this reality and emerges. I know it’s a complication of the process. It’s always in the details that it becomes more interesting. This is the way you bring something from outside into this world. I will say our systems is our inability to love and believe. If we have faith, then that’s all. That’s all we need. Love and faith.

‏‏Would you say that you can be in a state of maybe not love but just in a state of faith and create a quantum leap?


‏‏The first thing is to have faith and love. Was that the first step?

‏‏No. The first step is clearing so you have space in your head.

‏‏How do I clear?

‏‏There’s many ways to do it. It depends on what you need. It’s sort of like I’m developing all this as a system but usually when I teach people, when I work with people, clearing is kind of letting go, forgiving, accepting, understanding. The quickest way to clear is to accept everything as perfect. Everything is perfect. There are no mistakes. We tend to build ourselves out of our mistakes but what if there are no mistakes? What if everything is exactly perfect? I’ll share with you quickly an out of body experience I had. I was trying to understand something. I can understand how this can be a good world. Like if there’s a God that can be a good God when we experience so much disease, pain, trauma, when we have all these raging, all these horrible things happening, how can this be a beautiful universe? I’ll skip through the details but let’s just say as I was praying, I am Christian so I identify him as Jesus but it could be anyone else. Our guide can be whoever we want our guide to be. He told me lies. I said put him in my body. He said, “No, no, lies.” But the fourth time he said it, I actually figured out how to do it. I saw my body and I remember I was sitting in a funny position so I went back, rearranged my legs and started following him. As spirit, I could follow him to the Nag Hammadi library in Israel.

The quickest way to clear is to accept everything as perfect. Everything is perfect. There are no mistakes. Share on X

‏‏Which library?

‏‏The Nag Hammadi library.

‏‏What’s that?

‏‏It’s the new text that have come up of the… It’s in Jerusalem. I have seen it, actually.

‏‏Oh, it’s the scrolls. Okay.

‏‏Yeah, yeah. The Dead Sea scrolls.

‏‏Okay, got it. Yes.

‏‏He told me to read but as spirit, I understood that these texts were not just the words, they were actually the workings of the universe. I understood everything.

‏‏Never is.

‏‏At that moment, I was in the Godhead and I could see the past and the future. Anything you told me, any date, any person, anything in this world, in any universe, I knew the answer because I knew what was going to happen. It’s like this infinite knowledge. I was there. I was living. And then I saw humans. They were suffering. They were crawling to the ground and pain. I was like, “Why are you suffering so beautiful?” And so I “flew” to them. I was trying to gain their attention but they were too busy crawling and suffering that they can’t hear me. And then I saw my family. I went to them. I started patching them, grabbing them, but they were so heavy, they fell on me [00:25:32] my body. For a few moments there, I remembered everything so I started writing. It’s as if I have this ozone of knowledge available to me and I was trying to fit it in my head, which it didn’t fit anymore. As I was making this knowledge into words, the knowledge kind of left me because it didn’t fit. It doesn’t fit in our head. We’re just only humans. That’s when I understood what it means to be human. I was like, “Wow. We can only keep so little from this infinite knowledge unless we access it.”

‏‏It’s interesting. I have two questions. Actually, I’m going to just start by sharing. I’m studying Kabbalah. Kabbalah is based on the ancient Hebrew scripts where the words are like the stories, biblical stories. It’s not the way we read them. Everything has a deeper meaning. They’re like universal codes. There is a spiritual meaning behind every physical story. There is a much deeper meaning and glimpse into the codes in the universe. They say it in the Kabbalah, the concept of the vessel says that we need to expand our vessel, who we are, capacity to receive the knowledge, in order to elevate and receive the knowledge. What you’re saying is, from my understanding, is that you tapped into this incredible knowledge that in our human form, in our little capacity here on Earth, we can’t even grasp. You understood the idea of human existence but what did you get about human suffering?

‏‏What I understood was this idea of balance. This world is built on balance. There are a couple of rules that were put in place in this universe. We might not like them but that’s how this universe becomes existence because infinite love does not exist, it is. In order to have an existence, we have to have some rules that bend things out of shape. The suffering is balance. Remember what I told you about our karma? About our past? These threads that come in? Time is like a wheel that spins and keeps spinning, always. Every action becomes a thread that has an origination point but it also has consequences throughout time and space. Let’s just say if there was a perfect being in this world, there will be no threads attached from the past. There will just be the new threads. Even the Buddha, when someone, one of his disciples asked him if there’s such a being, he said, “No, not even me.” These threads, they come from an origination point. In our biblical origin story, they say it’s Adam and Eve, the original sin that was the beginning of these threads but I don’t necessarily know the beginning, at least not right now. The point is that these threads come in and so we’re not free as we think. When we become this existence, this body, this life, this continuum, it’s controlled by other things except us. It’s sort of maybe an ancestor of yours 500 years ago killed someone but that created a thread that you carry. The idea of saying why do all the religions always ask us not to sin, ask us not to commit crime because the moment you heard at the soul level, the soul remembers. One thing that I came back knowing and remember I told you during my near death experience, at the time, I was working in high levels of the government so I was advising the Vice President of Greece. I thought I was going to go into politics because I wanted to help the world and I thought that was the way to do it. What was explained to me is that as we are in these threads, as we create and originate these threads, there’s no such thing as origination. It already had started. We just continue it. I understood through all these lives that I live in, this idea on how one thing that we do like we were talking about, a crime like you killed, I killed someone, that the soul remembers. If there’s a duality on this world, it’s love and not love. That’s it.

In order to have an existence, we have to have some rules that bend things out of shape. The suffering is balance.

‏‏Amazing. Let’s go back to manifesting miracles just for sake of time, I can talk with you forever, it’s really interesting and wonderful but I just want to complete before we finish, complete that thought. First, we need to clear and then get into a space of faith and love. What are the keys to manifesting a miracle?

‏‏Everything is vibration. As you said, science is finally catching up to it. We heard a black hole go poof a few months ago. I don’t know if you paid attention to that but from MIT I pay attention to these things. What did that say is that there’s a vibration that goes through what we call void but is not so void in the world and that vibration carries forward. It’s like the origination point. The black hole collapsing and then keeps moving all the way to here, thousands of years later. That’s what I mean but action and consequence. When we clear, it’s like we open up a space for us because we’re very small, we can do that. That’s what we mean by clearing. What I mean by self love is that we raise our vibration, our love. The highest vibration is love, the highest vibration is praying, the highest vibration is gratitude. If we are angry with somebody, it’s like more of our vibration would become a stone all the way in the bottom. If we want to float a bomb, this medley of people suffering and crawling to the ground, we pray, we meditate, we love, we understand this concept of love. It’s kind of like we start floating. People describe that saints float on top of the earth and suppose to walk. As we’re loving, we’re changing the vibration so we can rise and are no longer constraining that medley of happiness. That’s what I mean by step two. And then step three is manifesting. Manifesting is staying that high vibration. We don’t have to rise all the way to the sky, to the Godhead, to understand the secrets of the universe to manifest. We just have to rise a little bit. And that little bit is already enough for us to grasp any possibility. It’s kind of like remember how I said this “lubrication” that we need? That’s what we bring. The manifesting part is the easy part as far as I’m concerned. It’s like this idea that you actually grab that reality and bring in, I remember in one of my classes, there was this lady who want to manifest her boyfriend or something. She drove down after a week and she won’t talk to me until a few months later. I said, “What happened?” She’s like, “Look, I haven’t had anybody for years and then suddenly there’s men everywhere. I can’t handle it.” Then I was like, “Oh, I didn’t prepare her. I didn’t clear. How does she know it was the right man?” That’s why I was manifesting last because unless we’re ready, unless we’re prepared, things come but we refuse them. We’re on their way because it’s just too much, it’s overwhelming. It’s too much outside our comfort zone.

‏‏That’s amazing. I love everything that you shared today. Before we leave, can you please share with our listeners how can they learn more about you? How can they find you and connect with you?

‏‏Absolutely. I have a page on Facebook called Like Maria Kellis or my website mariakellis.com. They can connect to me through that. There are enough points of connection. I’ll be happy to share more. I also teach classes. I have private sessions for those people who just need help immediately. As a medical intuitive, I work with people who have trauma and disease and abuse maybe in their past. But certainly experiencing chronic pain, chronic diseases, chronic conditions, addictions, things that have gone through time and make them suffer through release, this pain, and so they can experience the miracle of perfect health. I also teach classes. My favourite thing is to teach people because as I said, I believe in our own power around destiny. We have absolute control. We create our own future constantly through our actions and intentions. I’d love to teach people how to do that. I also teach classes, retreats, workshops. They can find out when the next one is.

‏‏Beautiful. Thank you so, so much. It was a great conversation. I really appreciate everything you shared. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me on my mission to light people up and change lives around the world. I hope today’s conversation inspires you to step up, go after the life of your dreams and be who you want to be. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to go to stellarlifepodcast.com for show notes, transcript, and other cool stuff. Please subscribe, review, and help spread the word by sharing us on Facebook and Twitter. Have a lovely day. I’ll catch you on the next episode.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Recognize that pain is more than just a physical sensation. It is also a signal that sends deeper information to your body.

✓ Understand that your healing journey will have obstacles and tests. Remember that these too, are gifts.

✓ Be courageous and don’t be afraid of where you are going in this life and in the afterlife.

✓ Understand that you are able to create realities for you to achieve your innermost desires. One way to do so is to practice lucid dreaming.

✓ Realize that whenever you feel like a lot of bad things are happening in your life, the process you take to rebuild afterwards gets easier each time.

✓ Open yourself up to the possibilities of the universe to be ready to recognize and receive its gifts.

✓ Practice clearing or removing the things you don’t need so that you can have a different existence or an empty hand to be able to grab what you truly want.

✓ Use love as the vehicle for change because it is like the glue that is everywhere.So fill your hand with love as you grab the space-time threads of your life.

✓ Hold on to your desired reality despite setbacks that may occur. Continue holding on or manifesting that reality

✓ Create your future through your actions and intentions and learn more by connecting with Maria Kellis on Facebook. 

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About Maria Kellis

I am a miracle catalyst, a highly gifted energy worker, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and teacher with an inspirational story of going through a miraculous life transformation. Even though I come from a world of science and engineering (I hold 3 MIT degrees) now I work full time bringing the world of the mind to the world of the heart and spirit. I live in 5 countries and work online and around the world.

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