Episode 61 | April 25, 2017

Revelations, Relationships & Realizations: Nicholas Upchurch

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Mission #61

On Board: Nicholas Upchurch
Mission: Revelations, Relationships & Realizations

The Co-Pilot:

Today’s guest is the fascinating Nicholas Upchurch, who has dedicated his life to helping people succeed in terms of money and business, as well as in finding and fulfilling their true purpose and spirituality. As you’ll hear in this conversation, he masterfully intertwines the two to create a cohesive whole.

Through his company Love! and his media network Believe, Nicholas features websites, YouTube channel and a podcast that spread the message of empowerment. Through his efforts, he has helped thousands of people around the world. And now he’s here to help you! Listen in as we talk about money, love, success, and much more.

Connect With Nicholas:

Nicholas Upchurch on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [01:53] – Nicholas introduces himself and explains what his company Love! and his network Believe do, and what he tries to accomplish.
  • [03:11] – We hear a bit about Nicholas’ experience with money. He offers context for how rich most of us are. He also talks about his experiences in Peru in 2015, and touches on the use of marijuana, which he and Orion then discuss.
  • [07:01] – Nicholas digs deeper into the use of marijuana as a healing drug.
  • [08:41] – We return to the topic of money. Nicholas gives example of famous figures who have struggled with tough things and explains that his own tough times have led to where he is now.
  • [11:02] – Orion has always believed that there’s a light inside of her, she explains. Nicholas relates that to his own experience.
  • [12:29] – Nicholas has metaphorically beat himself up in the past, but explains that he’s thankful for taking the opportunity to direct his energy in the right direction.
  • [14:26] – Part of Orion’s drive used to come from a place of rage. She explains here how she redirected those feelings.
  • [15:49] – Football was the way Nicholas used to take out his anger over his brother’s death when he was seven years old.
  • [16:57] – What made Nicholas so successful, and what is his mindset around money? In his answer, he suggests listening to his podcast at believeitunes.com or going to believe.love.
  • [18:58] – Nicholas offers advice on how to make money and change our mindsets around money. He emphasizes the importance of paying attention. One of his suggestions is hiring people on Upwork. He then recommends becoming aware of what quality is in your industry.
  • [22:30] – Before you create a product, you need to create a landing page and send people there to see whether anyone would buy it.  
  • [23:15] – Nicholas talks about ways in which we might limit ourselves. He then talks about exploring our own darkness and learning to love things that we thought we should hate.
  • [25:51] – What can we do to free ourselves and embrace the darkness? Nicholas and Orion talk briefly about spirituality.
  • [28:33] – Orion talks about her own shadow work, and her studies of Kabbalah. Everything you don’t like in others is a reflection of things you don’t accept within yourself, she explains. Nicholas agrees, and mentions the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Enoch.
  • [31:01] – Nicholas’ best advice for handling the fear of rejection is believing in yourself. He offers advice on how to encourage people to say yes.
  • [35:29] – Nicholas mentions astrology, then points out that 144 corporations control 80% of the world’s wealth.
  • [36:43] – Orion asks Nicholas whether he’s single (he is) and whether he’s looking for love (he is). Women can contact him at believe@nullbelieve.love!
  • [37:40] – How has Nicholas’ success affected his relationships, and does a man need to be successful to have a good relationship?
  • [40:29] – Nicholas returns to the topic of love. He points out the importance of guys telling the truth, because women’s main complaint is that guys lie.
  • [44:25] – Does Nicholas believe in monogamy? As he answers, he explores the difference between feeling like you understand someone and that person actually feeling understood.
  • [46:29] – How can a woman know whether she’s dating a player?
  • [48:04] – Orion asks what the signs are of a man being a very good player. Nicholas suggests that she point out a hot girl walking down the street. If the man in question agrees that the girl on the street is hot, he’s less likely to be a player.
  • [50:42] – Nicholas talks about what men are looking for in women.
  • [52:45] – Orion points out that a 2013 study found that men and women cheat equally. She then talks about the importance of honest conversations about wants, fantasies, and goals.
  • [55:06] – One’s relation to monogamy is tied to their spiritual evolution, Orion states. In response, Nicholas points out that he has never cheated and has been single for most of his life.
  • [57:51] – We all have different parts in our brains and it’s up to us to control the lizard brain, Orion explains.
  • [59:12] – Nicholas returns to the point of honesty, emphasizing once more how important it is to be honest and to value honesty.
  • [62:22] – What are Nicholas’ three tips to living a stellar life? 1. Listening to Orion. 2. Accepting that understanding is love. 3. Believing in yourself.

Links and Resources:

Nicholas Upchurch on LinkedIn
The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
Dead Sea Scrolls
Book of Enoch
Kundalini yoga
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