Episode 39 | November 22, 2016

Awaken With JP- The Ultra Spiritual Guru :)!!!: JP Sears

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Mission #39

On Board: JP Sears
Mission: Awaken With JP- The Ultra Spiritual Guru

The Co-Pilot:

“The heart and soul of all my work is helping people to help themselves,” JP Sears informs us. Perhaps best-known for his “Ultra Spiritual” series on YouTube, JP is far more than just another internet comedian. He’s a successful and effective emotional healing coach (with infinitely more genuine kindness and empathy than the self-centered and oblivious character he plays on YouTube).

In today’s episode, we learn about who JP really is. It becomes clear that his YouTube videos aren’t in fact mockery of the beliefs his character holds; instead, they’re him practicing a form of non-attachment to his own beliefs. He gently and humorously explores the importance of being exactly who you are, choosing vulnerability, and letting yourself shine.

Connect With JP:

AwakenWIthJP on Facebook
@AwakenWithJP on Twitter
AwakenWithJP on Instagram

The Mission Log:

  • [04:24] – JP starts things off by telling us a bit about himself.
  • [06:02] – The most spiritual experience JP has ever had is living his life unapologetically, he explains.
  • [08:52] – What does JP do to allow himself to be himself? In his answer, he reflects on Orion’s story as well as his own past.
  • [12:07] – When JP was growing up, he didn’t have specific role models. As a child, he looked up to various pro athletes. In hindsight, he liked “watching people express their greatness.” As an adult, his first real role model was Paul Chek of the C.H.E.K Institute.
  • [13:24] – JP explains what drew him to Paul.
  • [14:53] – We hear about JP’s perspective on what an “alpha male” is. He and Orion then discuss the difference between the traditional views of alpha males and the contemporary alpha male.
  • [17:25] – What’s the craziest thing JP has ever done? After some musing over the question, he concludes that saying yes feels like the craziest thing.
  • [19:54] – Orion takes a turn and shares the craziest things that she’s done. She and JP then discuss her experience in moving to Japan, and what profoundness she got from it.
  • [22:04] – JP responds to being asked whether he has any phobias by saying he has a phobia of having phobias. He then goes on to give a more serious answer.
  • [23:26] – Orion asks JP what he would take from his house if it were on fire and he only had time to grab three things. Coincidentally, it turned out he had to evacuate his house the day before. His answers are his dog Zephyr, his computer, and his video camera.
  • [24:53] – JP explores the concept of being attached to non-attachment. He also explains how this is how he balances making the types of videos he does with his own personal beliefs.
  • [26:67] – His ex-girlfriends are JP’s greatest teachers, he says. He then goes on to explore what he learned from his parents — and his dog.
  • [30:31] – After having heard from JP about his lessons from his dog Zephyr, Orion playfully discusses the three lessons that she has learned from her cat.
  • [32:18] – JP talks about sexual energy, describing it as “a river of life that flows through us.”
  • [35:38] – What are JP’s practices for increasing sexual energy? He clarifies that he still has a lot of work to do in overcoming old shame that he projects onto sexual energy.
  • [39:37] – Orion talks about Jaiya and sexual blueprints, which you can hear more about in Stellar Life Episode 3. She and JP then discuss dimming our light to let others shine, and how that relates to sexual energy.
  • [43:21] – What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
  • [44:30] – JP talks about what he gained from his experience with Tony Robbins.
  • [48:32] – We hear about Orion’s experiences with Tony Robbins — and she recommends his events as a place for single people to meet like-minded singles.
  • [50:10] – JP discusses how his friend Karen ended up becoming his assistant. His advice on hiring someone is to look for a feeling of trust.
  • [53:28] – What are JP’s three tips for living a stellar life? 1: Seek to be who you are, not who you want to be. 2: Be creative and express your creativity. 3: Practice vulnerability.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

How would your life look different if you lived it unapologetically? Envision what that life would look like, and then work on growing toward that life.

Eventually the pain of hiding who we are outweighs the pain of stepping into who we are. If you’ve reached this point, it’s time to be brave; release the persona you’ve created and become yourself.

Practice differentiating between anticipated or imagined pain and potential real pain, and make choices based on the latter. Often the reality isn’t nearly as bad as our fear of it.

Links and Resources:

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