Episode 54 | March 7, 2017

Find Your Inner Light with Jaz Presence

A Personal Note from Orion

 I hope your week is filled with positive light and inner peace.

If you need help finding that inner positivity within you, then this week’s episode is a must-listen. Jaz Presence is one of the most amazing beings on earth – so full of light, of love, and so incredible and inspiring and awakening that inner light in others. I have coached with him and I am forever changed by how he’s guided me with his wisdom.

Tune in to learn how to uncover the potential of the universe that lies within you, and how your inner light can immensely improve your relationships.



In this Episode

  • [02:57] – Jaz wakes up at five-thirty in the morning and starts his day with meditation. He explains what he gets from this morning ritual.
  • [04:08] – What would Jaz recommend for someone who doesn’t know how to meditate?
  • [07:03] – We are always connected to a deeper wisdom, but we are distracted by consciously thinking about things.
  • [08:30] – Jaz talks about learning to meditate at five years old. He also mentions the culture of having traveling monks in India, and how this early training in meditation enhanced his ability to learn.
  • [10:54] – Science is validating the things Jaz has been saying about meditation, he tells us. He uses the examples of Newton’s apple and Archimedes’ principle to demonstrate how meditation and concentration can lead to insights.
  • [13:16] – What made Jaz decide to switch from being an engineer to being a coach? In his answer, Jaz talks about overcoming our perceived mental and physical limitations.
  • [18:40] – We hear about when Jaz decided to make the shift to devoting his life to helping people.
  • [20:22] – Jaz talks about creating stories for his clients, and explains why he doesn’t plan his talks in advance.
  • [21:46] – Jaz discusses the various areas he works on with clients. He and Orion then talk about the importance of hugging, and Jaz’s site HugAndConnect.org.
  • [26:17] – We learn Jaz’s thoughts about yoga, which he teaches in Japan. He then moves on to discuss non-verbal communication.
  • [28:59] – To Jaz, all relationships are the same. He explains what he means.
  • [30:59] – Fulfillment comes from happiness and love (which ultimately means it comes from giving). From that state of fulfillment, we can create anything — and we’re empowered to give more.
  • [35:11] – What is Jaz’s advice for Orion’s community of women who took part in her Valentine’s Day challenge?
  • [39:59] – Orion expands on what Jaz has been saying, and then tells the story of meeting her now-husband Stephan. She and Jaz then discuss the power of changing your mindset.
  • [44:23] – Does Jaz ever get angry? He answers, then he and Orion talk about the role of emotions and pain in life before moving on to discuss their contrasting views on duality.
  • [51:58] – Jaz talks about the relationship we’re creating with our own awareness, and explains that letting go of it can allow us to live in a state of bliss.
  • [53:57] – Where can people find Jaz, and what are his tips for living a stellar life?

About Today’s Show

‏‏Have you ever had that person in your life that always shows up in the right time and the right place and tells you the right thing to do, when you’re feeling completely out of sorts? Well, my guest today is one of those angels in my life. I adore him. He is extremely smart, and he’s extremely spiritual. He’s come from a place of love. In this episode, he’s going to share with you what it means to love, how to create better relationships, how to connect to a higher power and getting to stillness, so you can get the right answers. This was a wonderful conversation with him. It sure will enrich your life. He is a speaker, a coach, a meditation trainer with a vision of enhancing human health, happiness, awareness, and performance. He is the founder of EvolvePlanet.com and HugAndConnect.org. Jaz exemplifies eastern spiritual practices and western self-development. He hosts transformational workshops and retreats in Hawaii and Japan. I’m very excited to share with you my friend and a very dear person in my life, Jaz Presence. Hello, my dear friend, and welcome to the show. How are you doing this morning, Jaz?

‏‏Aloha! I’m doing fantastic. It’s early in the morning in Hawaii.

‏‏How early is it?

‏‏It’s [6:30].

‏‏Oh my god! That’s really early. Wow! When did you get up?

‏‏I wake up [5:30].


‏‏Some days I wake up early, and I meditate. I start my day with meditation. When we meditate, we access the stillness within us. In other words, we access that consciousness of the universe. We are in that still space, and we are in a creative space. Then we can get more things done in less time.

When we meditate, we access the stillness within us. In other words, we access that consciousness of the universe. Click To Tweet

‏‏Okay. Wow! When you do your meditation, what do you receive?

‏‏I access the stillness within.

‏‏Do you receive messages?

‏‏After the meditation. After the meditation, our consciousness is clear, then whatever is required will come to us. That’s what we call as “intuition.” We are in tune with the universe. We are in tune with wisdom of the universe. If I want to get some specific message about something, then I meditate on that specific thing.

‏‏For somebody who can’t meditate – don’t know how to meditate, what would you recommend them to do?

‏‏Meditation is continued concentration. That is the literal meaning of “meditation.” I believe everybody can concentrate, otherwise they can’t walk on the street or they can’t drive. We have some attention span. We pay attention to something at least. We need to build upon that. The best thing is sit still. Pay attention to the breath. How long can you do that? That is the question. Then everybody needs to practice that, then they get into this meditative state. What happens is their brain waves comes down from beta state to alpha state to theta state. It’s similar to going to sleep. When you go to bed, if your mind is so active, we cannot sleep. We relax. We lie down and just relax. Or sometimes people listen to music or something, then they get to relax. Then the brain waves go to alpha state. Then we get into this state called theta state, which is prior to sleep, so we are in trance. We are neither awake nor asleep. We are in between. We are in a trance state.

‏‏Twilight zone.

‏‏Yes. That time – we are not consciously thinking about anything. Say for example, if you want to know some truth from someone, you ask them during that time. You ask your husband or wife, “Do you love me?” then you’ll get the truth.

‏‏He always says “yes.” That’s good. You know what I do sometimes? Because I’m very familiar with trance state, sometimes before he goes to sleep, I tell him, “You are strong. You are wonderful.” I embed good affirmations in his brain. It’s my little, sneaky, sweet way to love him more.

‏‏Yeah. That’s the way you can access that unconscious mind.


‏‏Once you become purely still, we access the wisdom of the universe or the wisdom of the whole existence. That is the way all these religions came out or all this spirituality came.

Once you become purely still, we access the wisdom of the universe or the wisdom of the whole existence.

‏‏When you’re in that state, your vessel is open to connect to the higher realms, to that universal Google, and you are in alignment with that force, so you can become a receiver of that information. In that way, you can help yourself and others on a bigger scale.

‏‏Absolutely. In other words, we are always connected to that wisdom. Always. Only thing is we just distract ourselves by our senses or by thinking…

‏‏By our lower mind.

‏‏Yes. By consciously thinking about something. Otherwise, we are always in tune. Every one of us are in tune with that wisdom of the universe.

‏‏Yeah. Jaz, you are an incredible coach. You are my friend, and you’ve been coaching me just a little bit. I think you are brilliant. You’re a genius. You have a humongous heart, and you’re extremely, extremely good at what you do and how you relate to people and how you can really, really help them. How did you even start all that? How did you become a coach, teacher, a spiritual guide?

‏‏Thank you. Thank you very much.

‏‏You’re welcome. Welcome!

‏‏I started meditating at a very young age. I happened to meditate. In other words, one of the traveling monks initiated me into meditation.


‏‏I was young. I was like 5 years old.

‏‏Oh my god! What? So cute little Jaz – the little Jaz was like 5-year-old became an enlightened being?

‏‏In my opinion, everyone is enlightened. Everyone is enlightened. Only thing is we are not aware of that, or we just distract ourselves from that. I do have students. They are 5 years old now. I do have plenty of students. They’re coming to meditation class at the age of 5. It’s very easy to go into the trance state because when we are young, we don’t have so much of conscious mind. We are not thinking about our problems or problems of the world or anything, or we are not perceiving those things. We are in a pure state. This monk initiated me into meditation. I went into a deeper state for a couple of hours, then the next day onwards, I just sit and access that state without much thinking or without much awareness.

‏‏Where were you then? Where did you grow up?

‏‏I was in India.

‏‏In India. Where in India?

‏‏Yeah. In Kerala, south of India.

‏‏Oh, cool.

‏‏We do get these traveling monks all the time. They come. Then we give them food, and we treat them very well. We spend some time with them. He didn’t teach me anything. He just put the hands on my head, and then I went into a trance. Then when I woke up, he was not there. Only thing I knew was just sit like that, then I go into that state. That’s what was happening to me. Then I go to school, and I sit like that. Then I go into that state. Education was very easy. I became an engineer like that without studying much. I just go to the class, and I don’t take notes. I just sit there in that state. Then when I go to the exams, I do the same. Now, science is validating all these things. When we don’t have the conscious thinking, we can easily access that unconscious. When we are in that trance state, everything directly goes to that unconscious, or we become aware of all those.

‏‏What type of science? Do you have an example?

‏‏You check Stanford or Harvard Medical School. They are doing lots of research on mindfulness. Whatever I am talking to you is the same as mindfulness. When we are mindful, we are fully paying attention. We keep paying attention more, we get into this trance state. For example, you look at the example of Isaac Newton. He was under an apple tree dozing off. Then the apple fell down on his head, then he came up with gravity. He was in that trance state. He was in between. Same thing with the Archimedes. He was taking a bath, then he came up with the Archimedes principle. Then all these scientists…

‏‏What is the Archimedes principle? I’d never heard of it.

‏‏Archimedes principle is: how do you calculate the volume of an irregular shape? If it is a square or a cube, we can calculate the volume very easy. Archimedes was in the bathtub, then he’s not like a square or a cube or anything. The water was flowing out of the tub, then he realized that, “Wow! I can measure the quantity of the water flowing out, then I can know the volume of my body. Density of water is 1.” Then he came up with that formula. Then so many other people – you look at any scientist, any researcher. They pay attention to one thing for a longer period of time. That is meditation. Meditation is continued concentration. They concentrate for longer period of time on one thing, then you become one with that.

‏‏I was just thinking. What created the change from becoming an engineer to being a coach?

‏‏Coaching is nothing but removing the limitations created by the conscious mind. I was aware of these things at a very young age. Whenever some people say something to me, “Oh, I can’t do this. I can’t do that,” I pay attention to two things. One, are they identifying themselves with the body? Or are they are identifying themselves with the mind? If they’re identifying with the mind, it’s very easy. Only thing is we just need to reframe what they are saying.

‏‏Give me an example of that.

‏‏Some people say, “Oh, I cannot go for dancing. I’m too old for this.” Then maybe we can bring an example to them like, “Oh, have you seen this person at this age dancing?” Then they become more aware. Wow. Maybe they’re not aware of that. They were not paying attention to that. Say for example, there is this lady called Iron Nun, Sister Madonna. She comes to Hawaii and runs the triathlon. She’s like 80 years old.

‏‏I think I’ve heard of her.

‏‏Yeah. There are a lot of people like that comes to Honolulu Marathon Triathlon. They are eighties and nineties. Someone at the age of 40 or 50 – they say, “Oh, I cannot run. It’s too hard for me.” Then we give them the example.

‏‏You reframe, and you give them a living example of the possibility that are ahead for them.

‏‏Then once they see the example, or once they hear about the example, most of the time, they can get out of that limitations created by the mind. If the limitations are created by the body – say for example, I was working with a client. He said, “I cannot do the pushups at all.” Then we started. I agreed with him. Then he started with one pushup on his knees. Instead of putting the toe down, he put the knees down. Then he did one pushup. The next day, he did on the toe. Then in 90 days, he was able to do 120 pushups.

‏‏Really? Wow!

‏‏Without any break. That is the limitations of the body. We can break through by repeated training.

‏‏What if somebody really has a limitation of the body? How can you work with them to change? Like somebody is on a wheelchair for example.

‏‏Like Nick. You remember the guy – his name is Nick from Australia. He has no legs, no arms.

‏‏Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

‏‏He ran one of the biggest churches. Then he goes around the world and speak. He does surfing, and he’ll do so many things. He comes to Hawaii, and he does surfing here. If he can do that, most of the people can do the things. He doesn’t have legs or arms.


‏‏Only thing is they just need to pay attention to that and relate to that instead of telling themselves or instead of programming themselves by repeating they’re told, “It’s not possible. It’s not possible.”

‏‏I can’t remember how to pronounce his last name.


‏‏It’s V-U-J-I-C-I-C.

‏‏Yeah, coaching is that simple.

‏‏He got married to a beautiful woman, and he had a baby – not a baby anymore. He’s a little child already. That guy is amazing. He has no arms, no legs. He’s the cutest person in the whole world. He goes in the world. He inspires people. With no arms, no legs, he goes, and he swims. He does incredible things.


‏‏He’s freakin’ amazing.

‏‏He can do those things. Is there any physical limitation?

‏‏Absolutely not! You got a point there, Jaz.

‏‏Yeah. Then same thing with the mind. There are a lot of people – they did amazing things. Sometimes from the childhood, some people start telling themselves, or somebody else tell them, “It’s not possible for you.” Then they keep repeating, repeating, repeating those things. Say for example, Alexander the Great – he conquered almost the whole world in his twenties. It was possible for him, then for us also – so many things are possible, but we are not paying attention to that.

So many things are possible, but we are not paying attention to that. Click To Tweet

‏‏When did you know exactly that this is – you started helping people kind of by the way. You were an engineer. When did you actually decided to dedicate your life to helping people? What was the shift that happened there?

‏‏It was always there, then I didn’t really pay much attention. The shift – after my graduation, I went to Abu Dhabi, then I started a training company, as well as a staffing company. My whole objective was – there are a lot of people looking for jobs – I made them skilled as well as create a mindset to get a job. That’s my start. Our company had given us jobs for so many people, so I prep them up for the interview, so the limitations will be removed through regular conversation. I don’t call, “Okay, I’m gonna coach you. I’m gonna change you.” If you do that in a subtle way without them knowing, that is the genius. That’s what I believe. For example, Milton Erickson – he was one of the geniuses in the area of communication to the unconscious.

‏‏Hypnosis, yes.

‏‏If you go to Milton Erickson and you tell him about the problem, he will not talk about the problem. He will never talk about the solution either.

‏‏He will tell you a story.

‏‏Yeah. Mostly our unconscious mind transforms by visuals, by metaphors, by stories – all those. We don’t need to really address the problem. Only thing is we need to be aware of how to create a story.

‏‏How do you create those stories for your clients?

‏‏That comes from the wisdom of the universe, as I said. If I’m in this still space, it’s a direct download. It just a download to us. For example, this conversation, we are not planning anything, but it is coming through.

‏‏I don’t even have one note.

‏‏Yeah. It just comes through always. Then I put myself in front of the crowds so many times in my life without knowing the topics – what I’m going to talk – then I get the topic maybe 30 seconds or one minute before the speech. Then I can do an hour or more when I speak.

‏‏That’s lovely.

‏‏Because I truly believe that the wisdom of the universe is far powerful than our limited thinking. We surrender ego. We let go, and we don’t need to hold on to what we know. We just open ourselves up for that wisdom of the universe. Everything will come through us.

‏‏One thing that just came to mind as we were speaking is I know that you work with people in different areas of their lives. What are they? Then I want to ask you another thing. Of course.

‏‏I see human being as pure potential. I truly believe that every single one of us are infinite potential. That’s my belief. I do truly believe that. Then I make sure that they are aware of that. Then I focus on the flow state. When we are not identified as the mind or the body, we are in spirit. In other words, we are inspired from inside. We are in a flow state. Nothing can stop us. We can do anything. Whatever we pay attention, we can make it happen. Being in a flow state – that is my number one focus. Number two – creating loving relationship. Connection with another human being – that is really important – the physical connection. We have a nonprofit called Hug and Connect. We inspire people to hug people mindfully with permission. I go to strangers every day, then I ask them, “May I hug you?” or “Can I have a hug?”

‏‏I want a hug. Give me a virtual hug right now. I’m gonna give you one, too!

‏‏Thank you. Every time I get a “yes,” then I talk to them about Hug and Connect. I inspire them to connect with people and ask permission and hug them. They feel their heartbeat and the breath. Once we pay full attention, we can feel the heartbeat, and we can feel their breath. Then once we are in sync with each other, heartbeat and breath becomes same. In that state, we are in complete rapport with the other person. We are in sync with the other person. We are in tune with the other person. Then a great relationship is built. You can check more on HugAndConnect.org. There are 20 benefits. They’re all scientific benefits. One – it’s a number one stress release. Two – the loneliness will go away. Three – our body produces oxytocin, which is love hormone.

‏‏Yeah. It’s the bonding hormone.

‏‏Yeah. If we want to experience love, give someone a hug mindfully. Just stay fully present with them.

‏‏There’s the concept of “I wanna get for myself. I wanna get. I want somebody to give me a hug. I want somebody to love me.” The truth is when you love somebody, when you give them a hug, you receive so much love. It’s in giving that you will receive.

‏‏Every human interaction is an energy exchange. When we say, “I want this hug for me,” we are thinking from the individual self – that self-centered thinking. All pain and suffering is because of that. Self-centered thinking. The moment we let go of that self and we recognize the connection with the whole existence, all the pain and suffering will go away. When you hug somebody and connect with somebody, you create this bond unconsciously. It means that when our reptilian brain – our feeling brain create that connection, so that connection will be always there. It will never go away. You look at business. Business is nothing but relationship, right?


‏‏I had several businesses in my life. I didn’t focus on selling something or marketing something; I just focused on building human relationship. All the business came from that. I have a yoga school in Japan now.

‏‏That is so cool. I wanna go.

‏‏Everything came from human relationships. Human connection.

‏‏Nihon ni ikitai.

‏‏I don’t speak Japanese.

‏‏I lived in Japan a little bit, for three-and-a-half years.

‏‏That’s amazing.

‏‏Yeah, I love Japan. Yeah, this is amazing. You teach yoga in Japan.

‏‏Yeah. Yoga is nothing but union. The meaning of yoga is union. Yoga is a tool to let go of the conscious mind. You go beyond the thinking, then you connect. In Sanskrit, we call it as “Yogas citta vritti nirodhah.” It means yoga is stopping the activities in the consciousness.

‏‏How do you say it?

‏‏Yogas citta vritti nirodhah.

‏‏That’s hard.

‏‏We can make it simple. Yeah, you are right. If you say it is hard, it’s hard. If you want to make it easy.

‏‏It’s simple. It’s simple. Say it again.

‏‏You just repeat it.

‏‏I’m repeating.





‏‏Yogas citta vritti.

‏‏Yogas citta vritti.


‏‏Say it again.




‏‏Yeah. I kinda.

‏‏You just repeat it 20 times. I’ll give you 20 hugs. You just repeat it, then you can learn it.


‏‏Second thing is building loving relationships. That helps the people to build a good relationship with the family. As you know, 93% of all communication is non-verbal. With the body and the tone, we communicate.

‏‏And our energy.

‏‏Yeah. Only 7% is verbal communication, then I don’t really focus on verbal communication. We can connect with anybody with that 93%, instead of sweating on the 7%.

‏‏Right. That’s the new level of coaching, where you don’t have to say anything. You just stand there, and with your presence, people get their breakthrough.

‏‏Yeah. Absolutely. Because when we are fully present with another person without thinking – that’s another important part. When we are fully present and there is no thinking going on, they access the same thing. We have mirror neurons. It doesn’t matter where you are. You are across the globe.

When we are fully present and there is no thinking going on, they access the same thing. We have mirror neurons.

‏‏You’ll feel them.

‏‏Yeah. They feel the stillness. Then once we are still, we access that pure potential or infinite potential within us.

‏‏Yes. That’s wonderful. Do you help people in the area of relationships as well?

‏‏Yeah. That’s what I was talking about. Number two…

‏‏I mean, a love relationship?

‏‏Yes. For me, all the relationships are the same. It allows this oxytocin in the body. That’s what you feel when you hug your mother or when a mother hugs a kid. That’s what you experience when you have an orgasm. That’s what you experience when you selflessly serve somebody. Your focus is not on you; you’re just giving and giving and giving. Your body also releases a lot of oxytocin and serotonin. From that, we’ll have the fulfillment. For me, relationship is the same. All the relationships are the same. In one-on-one relationship, in husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, sex is involved. The love is the same. You take the person, and they’ll do the blood test. When you are having an orgasm or when you are hugging your mom, your body will have oxytocin – the same hormone. Love is the same. Our interpretation may be different. Most of the time, our interpretations are coming from the little self, in other words, from our conscious mind. Become aware of the interpretation. We can live without any interpretation. You can be fully present with someone. There is no interpretation.

‏‏That’s beautiful.

‏‏Then once we are in a flow state – once we are in that stillness and we connect with people, from that stillness, our body releases a lot of oxytocin. We release a lot of serotonin also. We are happy, and we are in love. Happiness and love – that’s what is giving us fulfillment. Fulfillment comes from giving. We are in a state of fulfillment. Then from that state, we can create anything. We can create abundance of wealth, so that’s one area I coach people. Wealth is nothing but exchange of energy. When you are in a state of fullness, when you are fulfilled, you can always give. If you give more or if you give something to more number of people, you become rich. It’s a simple formula. You look at companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google. All these companies – they were giving more. You look at successful coaches or personal development people – they are all giving something. More they give; more they receive. It’s like a hug. Same as the hug. Then I coach people in creating abundance of wealth. Then outstanding health. When you are in that still space, we are not creating any toxins in the body. We are in a state of fullness, or we are in a state of fulfillment. We are having a lot of oxytocin and serotonin in the body. We naturally create better quality cells in our body. Then make sure that we are eating something with a lot of energy. For example, I live in Hawaii. I prefer fruits and vegetables, so that has a lot of prana.

‏‏Life force.

‏‏Life force. We call it as “mana” in Hawaii, “ki” in Japan, “chi” in China. So many different words, but it is the same thing – the life force. But make sure that you are feeding yourself with a lot of life force and breathe deep breaths. That brings us a lot of oxygen. These are the areas I coach people or focus. Then I empower people to give more, give more, give. That brings fulfillment. I believe these four areas will cover everything in our lives.

‏‏That’s great. I have a question for you.


‏‏Something really beautiful happened in the week before Valentine’s Day, where I launched a seven-day challenge. It’s called “Awaken Your Inner Goddess.” Something aligned very beautifully, and now we have almost 430 women in a Facebook group. The premise of the challenge was to love yourself so much that you attract your soulmate. It’s for single women to attract their soulmate. Then I created the seven-day challenge, and every day sent them videos, and every day they had a challenge. Some were external; some were internal. Some were very difficult. Some were very fun and easy. How long ago was Valentine’s Day? Maybe three weeks?

‏‏Yeah, 14th. Ten days back.

‏‏Yeah. That beautiful, beautiful community of goddesses was created, and the sisterhood. The idea is to love and support each other, and I add valuable content. I do some Facebook Lives and answer questions. I’m so in awe and in love and inspiration and gratitude for that group of women, and also, I feel like my vibration is also elevated because I served so many at once. It’s so much fun. What will be your advice for our community on how to attract more love and how to find the courage to go out in the world and date and really live to their full potential?

‏‏I believe masculine and feminine is within us. The mind created that distinction – masculine and feminine. I believe everyone has multiple soulmates. If you look at the soul – the definition of soul is nothing but our thinking mind, then our “vasanas.” Vasanas means our habits and the impressions from the past. We call it “samskara” in Sanskrit. When we meet someone who think like us and who has the same beliefs and same habits, we recognize that person as soulmate. That is the thinking version of the soulmate. Once our minds disappear, we can fill that presence with anybody – that connection with anybody. Our relationship become deeper and deeper when we let go of our ego. That’s why relationship with mom and the baby is so deep, where mother is not identifying as like “I am” and the baby separate. That difference is not there. A connection between mom and the baby is like oneness. How can we cultivate that in human relationship – other relationships in terms of soulmate? Make sure that instead of focusing on “I am like this. I am like that. I am like this. I am looking for this kind of person,” then you limit the possibility of connecting with another person. Then pay attention to your own self and let go of those limitations you have created or the identities you have created. Then the possibility of meeting soulmates become more and more and more. For example, if you are not aware, when we see someone, we judge them based on our own impressions in our consciousness. That’s why in Sanskrit, we say “Namaste.” Namaste is like going down to the spirit in you. You are not identifying that person as the mind or the body. You are identifying the other person as the spirit. That’s my yoga school’s name – Namaste Yoga Academy. I implore all my students to see the spirit in the other person, not judging that person based on the physical shape or their thinking or their belief or nationality or behavior or anything.

‏‏You see them from a more elevated, from a higher perspective rather than that lower mind perspective. You are connected to a higher energy source, and then you see them as they are, which is light, which is full potential, which is abundance, which is discovery for yourself.

‏‏Then if you are in that state, you’ll be filled with soulmates around you all the time.

‏‏You believe that there is more than one soulmate? I believe that, too.

‏‏Absolutely. Like I said, for example, if we have more and more identification and more and more limitations in our mind, we cannot find a soulmate because we are looking for this limited being, who can reflect you. For example, if I have so much identification, “I am like this. I am like that. I am like this. I like this. I like that.” It’s all “I, I, I, I.” It’s not easy to find a soulmate.

‏‏You’re looking inward instead of looking outward. You’re just walking with this mirror in front of you and just seeing a reflection of yourself without seeing the other person and how you can relate to them.

‏‏Yeah. Then you are looking for another human being who has that many limitations and that kind of behavior.

‏‏That’s good!

‏‏I coach people in finding their soulmates. I worked with many people. In two to three months’ time, they are able to find their soulmates and get married. Some people got married in three months’ time because they recognize each other as that pure soul.

‏‏Yeah. I think everything in life, because it’s so true in many areas, that when we don’t keep our limitations; when we get out of our judgment and our criticism; and when we look outward into the world, into other people’s hearts instead of just filtering them through our own judgment, we can see them really more as they are. It happened to me when I met my sweetheart, where I was on a different elevated state, and I was a different person. It’s like I exchanged version, and within 48 hours, I met my sweetheart just like that. It’s because I was able to see him rather than to see my judgment, and I can tell you that if I met Stephan a week prior to that, I would never recognize him. Maybe coffee. Maybe a date, but nothing more than that. It was about myself and my internal change. Myself and me stepping into a different version of myself, stepping into a higher level of consciousness and a higher frequency that I could reach and find that person that is on the same higher frequency as I was at that time.

‏‏Always remember that you are not the labels you are holding onto. You are not the behaviors you are holding onto. You are not the likes and dislikes you are holding onto. Those are created by your own ego, which you can let go. The moment you let go, you become pure potential. You become infinite potential. Then the possibilities are in front of you all the time. You look at fights and arguments between people, between boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives. It’s all created by the likes and dislikes, or limitations created by the ego, or limitations created by the mind. When you let go of those limitations, then there is no fight. There is no argument. There’s all celebration of love. Every interaction becomes a celebration of love. Soulmates are everywhere – right in front of you all the time. You may not be able to see that because you are identifying yourself as a limited self. When you identify yourself as a limited self, you are looking for another person who can reflect that limited self. It’s all about opening up yourself. You’re finding out what other limitations you have created in you.

Always remember that you are not the labels you are holding onto. You are not the behaviors you are holding onto. You are not the likes and dislikes you are holding onto. Click To Tweet

‏‏That sentence is a very famous one, be the change you wanna see in the world. It’s also true to be the change that you want to see in your world. If you want your world to change, then you change. When you change, then everybody else looks nicer. The world all of a sudden looks like a more beautiful and colorful place. It’s not that the world changed, it’s that you changed.

‏‏The thing is that the world is in you; you are the perceiver of the universe. For example if you are seeing the world as a painful place or a miserable place…

‏‏That’s what you’re going to attract into your world.

‏‏That is happening because you are in that state. Imagine some people say that this world is a miserable place and they smoke marijuana, smoke pot, or do some drugs, then the world is very open for them. Or, drink alcohol. What they are doing is they are altering the consciousness by substances. Instead of altering the consciousness by substances, you can alter your consciousness by meditation. You become absolutely open, there’s no limitations. Then, you can connect with anybody. Even the likes and dislikes, you know that we can always change that. That is a repeated affirmation to our unconscious mind, the likes and dislikes are created by us.

‏‏Do you ever get angry? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you angry.

‏‏I can act like I am angry. Anger is nothing but a lot of adrenaline in our system. Sometimes, we are in a fight response, we are fighting towards someone. We can always create that inside of us. One example to create anger, what you need to do is you just disagree with people all the time. You just disagree. They reflect that, then you can just keep going back and forth, but then you can get angry. Or, you can just hold on to your point of view and you disagree with everyone, or you just say that this is right. Then, you can get angry so easily, that is coming from lack of awareness. Once you become aware, you can see that everyone is right all the time, that’s what I see in everyone because that is their perceptional reality.

‏‏Women are emotional beings.

‏‏That’s an identification.

‏‏It’s true!

‏‏Yes, I agree with that, it is true. You believe in it. Let go of that belief, you become a balanced human being. There are a lot of enlightened women on this planet. The difference is them not identifying themselves as that emotional being. They are identifying themselves as divine.

‏‏Yes, and I believe that, and this is my truth, my hallucination, that it’s okay to feel our emotions—not to hold onto them, but we’re not robots, we have emotions. It’s actually healthy and it’s a part of the healing process for us to feel our emotions so we can get the contrast and find out what we really, really want and now we can change. We never change when everything is the status quo and we don’t feel anything, the majority of change happens when we feel our feelings and then we see okay, this is too painful and this is how I want to evolve. The change that I experienced in my life and the fact that I can coach women on this level right now would never have happened if I didn’t experience extreme pain and suffering for me to be able to find that diamond and shine it.

‏‏I agree with you on that. That is one possibility. Some people need pain to know the pleasure, but I know a lot of people in my life, they never went through pain. They are living in an ecstatic site or in a blissful state, they don’t need to know the pain. For example, kids. When we are kids, all of us are in a blissful state; we are happy all the time. We can go between the cycle of activity and rest, or rest and play. We can live our life like that all the time. Sometimes, we believe that oh, we need good to know the bad, or we created that duality inside of us. That’s a belief system we have created.

‏‏There is a duality in the world, there is day and night, there is hot and cold, there is masculine and feminine. The whole world is based on duality.

‏‏I agree with you. You need to acknowledge that. You are the one creating your world. Imagine you’re high on love. You don’t experience duality. When you are in a state of enlightenment, you don’t experience duality, you transcend the duality, you go beyond that and you see this whole existence as an expression of divine, I see it that way, everything is an expression of the divine.

‏‏Yeah, everything including everything that goes on in the world, all the pain and suffering, without darkness there is no light, without light there is no darkness. Whatever’s happening in the world today is causing the rise of consciousness for people to create a revolution of love and connect to each other, people like yourself that are spiritual beings, that are coming to the world and sharing that idea of love and connection, yoga and union. Without having the pain and suffering, that will never, ever arise.

‏‏That’s an interesting belief. Maybe I’m not able to see that in that way. I truly believe that that is one way of seeing it.

‏‏Yeah, we all have our own ways. If there’s five people in the room, you’ll have 50 opinions. Maybe the version of myself that believes in that right now will change to one of my other 10,000 versions of myself that will totally not believe in it and be more aligned with yours, I don’t know, but this is my hallucination for the way I see the world right now.

‏‏If you see everything as dual, then you are in a fight response, you’re fighting with that all the time.

‏‏No, it’s not about fight, it’s about actually accepting what’s not good in the world as a gift to all the good that is going to arise.

‏‏If you pay attention, once your heart opens…

‏‏My heart is so open right now, Jaz, I love you so much right now.

‏‏Let me put it this way. When you give birth, your body releases lots of oxytocin and serotonin and you connect with your baby from a deeper level, when you have a normal birth, natural birth. You can experience in that moment that all duality disappears. For example your baby does anything, you don’t see that as good or bad, you go beyond that. We need to get that kind of rush of this hormones in our body, to feel that. When we are in our higher chakras, in other words when we are in a state of bliss, our body releases all these hormones at will. We can regulate those. That’s why the awakening of the sixth chakra and the seventh chakra is all about regulating the flow of the hormones, if you study science or endocrinology, you know that it’s your dreamland that control the hormone in the body. Once you are in that state, you don’t relate yourself to the interpretation of the reality, you are in the state of bliss. For example, in the relationships that we created, this happens, I’m going to feel this way, this happens, I’m going to feel this way. That is a human conditioning. For example when I buy a car and I find my soulmate, I’m going to be happy, that relationship was created by the mind. We are living in that kind of—I cannot say illusion—that kind of reality.

‏‏Our reality is like illusions.

‏‏Yeah, that’s why.

‏‏Everything is an interpretation of what we interpret, according to our current state.

‏‏Yeah, interpretation, then another thing is this relationship we are creating without awareness. We don’t need to create that relationship—okay, when this happens, I’m going to feel this way. That’s relationship. When we let go of that, we can live in the state of bliss all the time. Then, we can acknowledge that everything is energy. For example, you look at the whole existence. We can see the things in the frequency which our eyes can process. But, we cannot see air for example.

‏‏You know that sometimes I can see air? Sometimes I can see the air molecules, it doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes I can.

‏‏That’s amazing. Then, you can see that everything is an extension of us. For me, it’s like an ocean, we are the droplets in the ocean. We are the ocean. We can identify as a wave or as a droplet or anything, good water, bad water, blue water; it’s all interpretation. In essence, we are the energy, we are the whole existence, we are that one existence manifested in bodies.

‏‏We are our consciousness, existence, and bliss.


‏‏Our time is up. I love my conversations with you on air and in private, I think you’re a wonderful, extremely gorgeous teacher. Thank you so, so much.

‏‏That is the reflection of you. Thank you for reflecting that on me and make sure that you’re reflecting this on everyone.

‏‏Thank you. Before we say goodbye, what are your three tips to living a stellar life and where can people find you?

‏‏You can find me on hugandconnect.org. Number one tip, pay attention to everything, and hug everyone, and everything. If you feel connected to a tree, hug. If you pay attention to anything, you feel connected, that’s the fun part. Sometimes, I’m hugging a tree. People ask me, “What happened to you?” Then I tell them I feel so connected to the tree. As you know, I pay full attention. This energy flow happens, we become aware of the energy flow. We are one always, we are not paying attention. Instead of searching for the soul mate, pay attention to the person next to you.

‏‏So powerful.

‏‏Feel that connection.

‏‏Yes, pay attention that person next to you instead of being locked up in your head.

‏‏Those are the things that once you connect, make sure that the world is in you. Like as you said, the reality is our hallucination. See other people’s hallucinations.

‏‏And love them no matter what.

‏‏Yeah, hug them no matter what.

‏‏Hug them and love them no matter what.

‏‏Love is not an intellectual thing, it’s a feeling in our body. We are responsible for that, it’s in our body, it’s a hormone flow in our body. Hug.

‏‏And connect.

‏‏And let the people know. Post a photo, hug and connect. #hugandconnect, on all the social media we have that.

‏‏Maybe I should do that as one of the challenges in my group, #hugandconnect and have the women post photos of hugging and connecting. That’s so beautiful.

‏‏Bring a lot of men into your goddess group.

‏‏No, no, no, I can’t, this is just a sacred goddess group. By the way, single women out there, if you want to join us, Awaken Your Inner Goddess Seven Day Challenge is the current name of the group. Find us on Facebook because the group is phenomenal and the ladies are amazing.

‏‏Can I join?

‏‏Maybe when I do an event, you can come and help teach.

‏‏Yeah. We can do an event. We can make sure that they all find the soulmates in one day or in a couple of days.

‏‏Amen. Thank you Jaz so much.

‏‏Love you, Orion. I love you so much.

‏‏I love you too, thank you so much. Much blessings to you.

‏‏Send my love to your husband and all your friends, and hug.

‏‏I’m going to send them some love from you too. Thank you so much.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ For the next two weeks, wake up 30 minutes to an hour early every day and set aside the extra time for meditation.

✓ If you aren’t familiar with meditating, sit still and pay attention to your breath. See how long you can stay focused, and practice doing it for longer each time.

✓ To obtain clarity on something specific, meditate on that particular topic. You may be surprised by how much clearer the subject becomes after meditation.

✓ Reframe your perspective if you find yourself thinking you “can’t” do something. Your conscious mind creates limitations that aren’t true.

✓ Find examples of people doing things that your mind is telling you that you “can’t” do. If you think you’re too out of shape to run, look for examples of people who started in worse shape than you.

✓ When something seems hard, instead of throwing yourself against it over and over, try this: tell yourself that it’s easy until you believe it.

✓ Create wealth by entering a state of fulfillment through giving and loving. The more you give, the more you receive. 

✓ Instead of focusing on who you think you are or what you’re looking for in a partner, let go of the identities you’ve created. This opens you to the possibility of meeting a soulmate.

✓ If you use substances to alter your consciousness, give them up for two weeks and replace them with meditation, which can also alter your consciousness.

✓ Every day, try to find a way to hug one stranger (with permission, of course). Also commit to hugging your friends and family more than usual.

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