Episode 25 | August 16, 2016

Dating: Making a True Connection with Christina Weber

Online dating isn’t the only option. Christina Weber, co-founder and CEO of Underground Unattached, makes it easy to meet great people in person. Learn how to find a relationship that can last a lifetime.

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Mission # 25

On board: Christina Weber
Mission: Dating: Making a True Connection

The Co-pilot

Christina Weber is the co-founder and CEO of Underground Unattached, a curated dating experience which gives singles an alternative to online dating and the opportunity to connect in person. Christina is a master at arranging ideas and technology to improve the way people live, interact, and experience the world-it’s her gift as a leader and as a visionary.

Mission Log:

  • How to be a strong, independent woman, who also has great relationships and a family life.
  • How Christina decided to leave time-consuming dating styles behind, and created Underground Unattached.
  • The challenges of online dating, and how to overcome them.
  • Why Christina doesn’t share pictures of the daters beforehand.
  • The self-work that needs to be done before you can find and keep a successful relationship.

Your Pre-flight Checklist:

  • Everyone needs work-life balance and time to focus on building relationships. Set aside your work time, your “you” time, and time for relationships.
  • A dating coach can be a great investment of your time and energy if you really want the relationship, but haven’t figured it out. Look for experts in your area.
  • Try Underground Unattached! The people who are attracted to this experience tend to be open-minded and are willing to open up-you may meet someone great!

Links and Resources Mentioned
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Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh
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From all of us here at Stellar life; the Captain, Copilot and the entire crew, I’d like to Thank You for joining us on this trip! We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay and thank you for choosing to live your life to the fullest!

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