Episode 138 | October 16, 2018

Do Less and Make More with Jenny Fenig

A Personal Note from Orion

There are plenty of old wives tales regarding the effect of the moon on your emotions. From a full moon making you a little ‘crazy’ (hence the origin of the word “lunatic”) to the cycles of the moon being aligned with women’s fertility, there is plenty written about the effect the moon has on us.

But what if I told you that the moon can also affect your business? When you are passionate about what you do, then the moon can definitely affect your emotions, your creativity, your energy, and all of those components are super important to your business.

My guest today, Jenny Fenig, believes in the power of spirituality when it comes to our entrepreneurial endeavors. She is a coach to spiritual women on a mission, and helps women launch businesses that are a reflection of their soul, so that they may be successful on all levels – from spiritually to financially.



About Today’s Show

Jenny Fenig, creator of the Get Gutsy movement, is a coach to spiritual women on a mission. Urging you to listen to your body in relation to the cycle of the moon, she talks about how that connection could help your business and overall life. She shares how a business has to be the reflection of your soul while laying down the ways and tips you can find your unique ability and convey it online. Inspiring and empowering women, she also discusses the problems she commonly see among women in terms of having a successful business, their worth, and building a strong brand. Tying all of these with the moon cycle, she guides you to work through priorities and know your calling.

Did you know that as a woman, you are very much connected to the cycle of the moon? It can also affect your productivity. There are specific times in the month where you need to do specific activities that will go along with the moon cycle. That will help you with your business and also with your sanity. That’s a really new and interesting idea from my guest, to listen to your body and notice the moon cycle in relation to where you’re at in your business, in your creativity and in your everyday life and how tuning in to the cycle of the moon can help you in your business. My guest is Jenny Fenig. She is the Creator of the Get Gutsy Movement. She is a coach to spiritual women on a mission. Jenny is an expert in time and energy mastery. She’s all about doing less and making more. Her mission is to help you cash in on your calling through your sacred work. Jenny loves women’s wisdom, writing, tea, yoga, homeschooling and changing the world.

Jenny, welcome to Stellar Life podcast. It’s so good to have you here.

I’m pumped to be with you.

Why don’t you tell our audience a little bit about yourself?

I am a wife. I am a mom of three, which is never a dull moment. We homeschool two of our three kids, which is something I never thought I would do but here we are and it’s been amazing. I’m a business coach to spiritual entrepreneurs and world changers. I love defying the odds. I love empowering my crew of courageous women to cash in on their calling. I love fitness. I love working with the moon. I consider myself as this witchy magical woman who is also very grounded and very into business and empowering women to be financially free.

What’s your story? What made you start working with women and helping them with their business?

I don’t know when the affinity for women started for me. It might have been when I experienced the beauty of being with a group of girls. When I was young, I was a pretty good softball player, and this was back in my elementary school days growing up in Georgia. I was blessed to be on an all-girls team. We played at an all-girls softball park. We weren’t trying to fit in with the guys or play the guy’s game, we were playing our game. It was so fun. Those were some of the best memories of my childhood, being around other girls, being athletic, doing our best, cheering for each other, learning how to win and learning how to lose. Once I got older, I went through with schooling, got into college and discovered my major which was public relations, I then went to New York City to work on big brands and representing them from a public relations standpoint. I was very successful in my career but I wasn’t happy in that work. I wasn’t absolutely fulfilled.

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I changed careers and I went into something I never knew existed, which was conference production. My job was to create events for corporate leaders, mostly those in the Fortune 500 world. Both of those jobs, both those careers, I worked with predominantly women. I was around that female energy a lot. I was always empowering, inspiring and helping people brainstorm. I was coaching before I knew that was a thing, that that was a job. Once I got to that point where I said, “This environment isn’t for me anymore,” at that point, I was into my yoga practice. I had been practicing for about six years. I was not happy in that corporate life, but I didn’t know what else there was. I was like, “This is what my dream was. This is what I thought I was supposed to do and wanted to do.” I was financially successful but it wasn’t enough, and I hated that feeling. I was like, “Why can’t I be happy with this?”

I decided to go through a 200-hour yoga teacher training. This was when I was living in New York City. Every single person was a woman. It wasn’t like they had to be women to be in the training, it’s just that’s how it happened. I was back in this circle of women, like what happened when I was that young girl playing softball and it was magic. It was so special being in this community of women. We were like the rebels. We were the ones who asked the deep questions about what is this all about, where is it going, and how do we want to serve the world? It was during that time that I got the courage up to quit my six-figure job in New York City, without another job, without a plan. I didn’t know that I was going to start a business as a coach and then train people to have their own businesses. I had no clue about any of that.

It was simply about me trusting that small still voice within to take that next step, to take that risk, to make that move, even if it went against popular convention and people saying, “Why would you quit this job? You’re secure and safe.” I followed that. Simply by taking that one foot in front of the next, in front of the next, taking those steps, I started the coaching business. I went through coach training after I finished my yoga teacher training. I wanted to be the best coach possible and I fell in love with that field. I became good at it. I started working with coaches and mentors and signing up for programs, going to training and going to events. From there, people asked me how was I doing what I was doing. I started training people to create their own business that was a reflection of their soul. I’ve been doing this for more than ten years now. It’s been amazing, humbling, hard, beautiful and all of it. I wouldn’t trade any of the moves and it’s been perfect for me also being a mother. I mentioned homeschooling, which my husband and I do together. We bring in additional teachers to support our children and their learning. It’s been so awesome that I can create my schedule around my family’s needs and still make a fantastic impact with the clients and I’m here to serve.

You said that you help women. You give them the keys to good business that is the reflection of their soul. How can one do that? What does it mean to have a business that is the reflection of your soul? It sounds very deep. When people think business, they don’t think of the soul. They think business and soul are two arenas. It’s so far away.

Not to put the masculine and feminine labels on it, but there’s this masculine patriarchal structure that business has been in the past. A lot of men would say, “This is totally a reflection of my soul,” like having a trucking company. I wonder that sometimes, “What will it be like to be able to have businesses that you’re not necessarily passionate about the material or you’re not passionate about the content of what you’re doing, but you’re passionate about business?” Maybe some people are more passionate about making money. They don’t care how that money comes. For women who are breaking into business more and more, we want it to be meaningful. We want it to feel like, “This is what I would do even if I wasn’t getting paid. This is what I love to talk about. These are the people that I love to hang out with. These are who I want my customers to be.”

When you are having a business that’s a reflection of your soul, you would do the work even if you didn’t get paid. That’s my point of view. I want to help my people get paid. There’s a whole another conversation around that. When it’s a reflection of your soul, you can’t help but do this, this is your thing. This is what you came here to do. This is why your soul said yes to this lifetime and your job is to build up that courage to get out there and do it because so many women struggle here. They think they’re not allowed or if it comes so easily to them, then that’s not okay. In fact, it should come easily to you. This is your thing. This is your expertise. You’ve honed it through your work experience, through your experience at home, with what you came in with.

When you are having a business that’s a reflection of your soul, you would do the work even if you didn’t get paid.


We come in with talents and gifts and then we nurture those and nourish those through experiences, through training, through working with coaches and mentors, and through the school of hard knocks. This stuff comes naturally to you. When you work with someone, a coach or being in some kind of an environment to help you stretch and grow, you’re going to get stronger and be able to position yourself in the marketplace like a real player, which is absolutely required right now when there are so many people on the internet, which is wonderful. In social media, there seems there are a gazillion people doing what you do, but there’s no one who does it exactly like you. What I hope people do is position your magic in the market so that you are a category of one.

Let’s talk about positioning and how can you be a category of one. That sounds interesting because there are so many people that do the same thing. How do you find one’s unique ability and how do you convey it online?

That’s a term that my original business coach taught me, that category of one, and her name is Ali Brown. When you claim that distinct position in the market, you are flying your freak flag. That’s my loving term for being you and not trying to be like everybody else. Not saying, “If so-and-so does it like that, I have to do it like that,” even if I don’t want to do it like that or if that’s not my strength zone. When you are in that category of one, you are fully you. You are making decisions from a place of intuition but also as a strategy. I like to mix strategy and spirit so that you’re not hanging out in those upper chakras trying to meditate your way to the finish line.

Getting still and having that awareness about what is meant to come through you is critical, but you have to blend that with strategy. Knowing what kind of programs are you putting out to the market? What kind of offers are you making? What deadlines are attached to those? Do you have certain bonuses? Most of my audience are coaches, consultants and service-based professionals so I play in that space. How are you positioning what you do? How are you attracting in an audience who adores you, adores what you put out there, speaks your language and rolls the way that you roll? You want to be confident enough to stand out as a leader amongst those people. What I like to do is talk to my audience like they are my friends. I’m sharing with them things that I would want to share with my closest friends.

When I’m coaching somebody, I know how to put on that coaching hat. I’m not trying to be BFFs with them and not telling them the truth and holding that line for them so they can evolve and do the thing that they came here to do. When I’m connecting with my people, I don’t think that I’m better than them or different than them or I’m over here and they’re over there. When you step into that leadership position, you’re able to connect with your audience in a way that no one else can connect as you do and that’s how you step into that bold innovative category.

I am hosting a workshop and I’m going to have a decent number of women coming and I’m excited about it. This is timely so I’m going to ask you, what are some tips to connect with your audience that you’re using when you’re speaking?

Video is fantastic. I do a good amount of Facebook lives. I use Instagram Stories quite a bit. It depends on where your audience is hanging out, which social media channels you want to be playing with. The two of most popular right now tend to be Facebook and Instagram depending on your audience. Pinterest is an area I’m starting to get into. That’s more of a search mechanism. I have my team working on it and developing more of a strategy and communicating with audiences who are hanging out on Pinterest. You need to know where your people are hanging out, then you need to speak the language of that platform. You need to understand how those platforms work so that it will make sense what you’re doing while still standing out and being bold.

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Another way that you can stand out is to show your people that you are an expert problem solver. Some of my clients come to me and they’re like, “How can I get my audience to pay attention to my new program that I’m promoting?” I’m like, “Stop talking about your program.” It’s counterintuitive but they’re so eager and hungry to get started. I have a lot of new coaches because I also have a coaching school. I have a lot of women who come in and they know they’re ready to be coaches. I train them in how to do that, not only how to have a business around that but how to coach because some coaches call themselves coaches and they don’t even know what that is. We train them in the skills required around being a great coach but you’re not selling your program.

What you want to be talking about are the problems that your market is having. Where are they getting tripped up? What are their biggest obstacles? What’s keeping them up at night? Then you connect with them empathetically and let them know you understand and you know. Most likely from a service-based environment, my audience especially and probably a lot of yours too, you used to be in their shoes. My audience tends to be me a few steps ago. I absolutely get what they’re going through and I empathize with them. I let them know I totally get it and they don’t have to stay there. They don’t have to stay in this place. I can help them solve this problem. Then you get their buy-in and they’re like, “Yes, I want your help with that.” “Do you want to hear more?” Then you can go in with what that conversation is.

In terms of getting your audience to take that next step with you, there are lots of different ways to do that. I do a lot of livestream training. I do multi-day livestream training or multi-day challenges. I’m a big fan of those. I tend to host these on Facebook, either in a Facebook group or on my Facebook page. I’ll have people sign up, so I know they’re interested and I can stay in touch with them throughout that offering, then whatever the invitation is to take that next step and go deeper together. I like being with people over a series of days because we can start making some progress. I can start getting to know who the players are, who the action takers are because straight up that’s the audience I’m interested in working with. I’m interested in working with action takers.

For everyone, you need to get clear who’s your audience. Do you want action takers or do you want fence sitters who think about it for seventeen years? You’ve got to be clear on who you work best with and then set up your offers and your invitations to resonate with your most juicy audience, the ones whom you can do all this work with and be freaking pumped to do it with. That’s how you make the decisions. That’s why I counsel my people to figure out what dance moves you’re going to make. What’s your dance move? As I call it, running experiments. I have a lot of premium high-level clients who will consult with over several months. I always tell them that you want to look at what I call moon to moon, because I operate based on the moon cycle, not necessarily the month. I look at the moon because as women, you need to be doing that. I always tell them to be running experiments every moon.

From there you’re going to get that flavor what your audience is into. How are you vibing right now? What’s happening seasonally? What’s happening with the energy? What’s happening with the world right now? World affairs absolutely are affecting what we do. You want to be making decisions from that place. I definitely recommend video, multi-day gatherings, multi-day training, workshops. I do pay online workshops. I’ve done a ton of free stuff in my days and I still do a lot of free. Then I’m getting a different kind of woman in my door who’s willing to invest whatever that price point is, to come in and learn and then perhaps take that next step and be in a longer-term program with me.

You need to know where your people are hanging out and then speak the language of that platform.


Everyone, you’ve got to run those experiments. You’ve got to play. You can certainly be inspired by what’s going on around you but don’t try to copy somebody else. Don’t think that because so-and-so did it, you can do the exact same thing and it’s going to work same for you because you don’t know all the years that went into them building what they’ve built. Your path is different than theirs. Get inspired by what’s going on around you but don’t try to copy because you don’t need to. You just need to be you. You need to connect with people. You need to show them that you care and you can solve their problems.

What are the biggest problems and the biggest obstacles that you see women are having when it comes to having a successful business, charging their worth or becoming a strong brand?

The lack of confidence is up there, thinking that they don’t have anything that is special. When you look at the market and you think there are a gazillion coaches or there is a gazillion whatever your thing is. Again, there is no one exactly like you. You must be confident. You have to believe it before you see it. Let’s say you’re creating this program or you’re going to write a book. You’re going to launch this podcast or you’re going to have this workshop or this retreat. You’ve got to believe that it’s going to be the best thing ever before it even exists, which most women aren’t willing to do because women need to see the proof, “I need to have it in my hands. I’m going to create all the content for my three-month program before I even tell a single soul about it.” That’s the biggest mistake you can make.

I tell my women, don’t do that. You need to build the buzz, you need to get people invested in your idea, then you create it. Once you have that and it blows their mind, they’re like, “What do you mean, seriously?” You build that buzz and you get your people in. Especially if it’s your first round leading a program and I have a program, I teach people how to create their own programs called Program Creatrix. I legit walk women through this process and it blows their freaking mind. They can’t fathom that they can sell something that hasn’t been created yet or the full thing hasn’t been created yet.

That’s the best thing to do because then you know exactly what to build. You talk to your people and then you build what they need and not what you think they need because we think a lot of thoughts and that’s not necessarily true to what the other person’s needing.

You’re vibing on the energy of your group. That’s the best way to pace yourself too because the other thing women struggle with is time. They don’t feel like they have the time because they’re focusing on the wrong things. It’s because they felt like they needed to build out their entire three-month program with all the videos and all the worksheets before they even sold a single spot. Then they’re like, “I didn’t sell any spots and I have this thing,” it’s because they’re approaching it incorrectly. That’s an area that I have become a real expert at, time and energy mastery, talking about how to chunk your time and batch your tasks, work with the energy. I bring in the wisdom of the moon and the wisdom of our body and you’re working with that calendar. For a lot of us women, we do have families to care for.

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Back in my corporate days, I could work all the time. I had no family responsibilities. Then I got married but my husband understood that I had this demanding job so he wasn’t angry if I wasn’t home every night at [5:00] to have dinner together, he got it. Now that has changed for me. For a lot of women in my community who I serve, they’re in that boat. They’ll use that “lack of time” as an excuse to not do anything but then they suffer. They actually do need the money. They do want to help people. Women, you’ve got to change the way that you’re looking at things. When you do, the things that you are looking at, change. That’s what gets me fired up. I want this to be a rallying cry for everyone. The way you’ve been doing it, a lot of it if it’s not working for you, you can change it and there are absolute ways to do that.

Let’s talk about some specifics about planning the day because it sounds great. You have to plan your time.

This is such a great thing to talk about because we had just gotten back from vacation. We were away and it was awesome. Then you’re back and you’re trying to get caught up and deal with what needs to be dealt with. We’re going to be starting a new school year very soon. I wanted to go in and I taught a training on this called Time Mastery. I was teaching these concepts and I wanted to go in and update our family schedule because things change season to season so I want to give everyone permission to change things each season. That’s a very intelligent way to do it because you’re going to vibe on the energy of the season. What’s going on with the Earth? What’s going on in your body? What’s going on in your environment?

I used a Google Doc. I love the Google Suite products, so let’s talk tangibly what tool do you use. I use Google Calendar for my personal calendar when I have specific appointments. What I did for this particular schedule, I had it from last year and I just went in and refreshed, created a new document, and I want to share it with my husband. We’re going to go through and make sure we’re on the same page because we run this family together. What I’m looking at is I’ve got to fuel me first. I can’t serve all the people I’m here to serve, including my family, my community, all my clients and all the people I will serve down the line if I’m empty. You must look at the body, mind, spirit, what do you need? This comes first. If you’re anything like me, my business has come first for a long time because I am a recovering perfectionist, a recovering workaholic and a recovering overachiever. I’ve got a lot of accolades for working really freaking hard. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do in the world, that was my role. Although I have been relatively healthy, I got into yoga a long time ago, I’ve been practicing for twenty years, I gave up alcohol a few years back so I’m healthy, but I wasn’t nourishing my body in the most intelligent way.

It hit me. I was like, “I’ve got to make a shift.” You and I were talking about nutrition and fitness program that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with. That has revolutionized things for me. Every day I know because I have this intelligence. I’m following a program with a coach. I know my workouts on Monday and Tuesday are going to be this, on Wednesday and Thursday there’s this, Friday is a rest day for me, Saturday it’s this and Sunday is a rest day. That is when it comes to my body. I also know how that’s going to impact me nutritionally, what kind of meals because we eat in a particular way in this program. Can you imagine how awesome it is when I’m looking at dinner planning, like meal planning? That has to go on this plan, on this schedule or else what happened for me in the past like it’s dinner and I’m like, “WTF. Who’s delivering the goods?” I’m looking around and no one’s doing it because I’m the mom.

My husband is awesome too and we do this together, but I’m the one who’s guiding the operation. I can guide him and tell him what’s up and it will happen or a babysitter can assist us. We do have some babysitting support, which is great. Now I have this intelligence to know, “On these days we’re going to have this meal, on this day we’re going to have that.” That’s critical and that’s why I looked out for my schedule and I suggest everyone dial in on that. If you’re unclear, there’s assistance to get clear around this. Then I’m looking at my kids. If you have kids or if you don’t, maybe you have a dog that needs to be walked. I just had a dog, I’ve got to get that on the schedule. I’ve never had a dog my whole life. This is a new thing. It’s like, “When are we walking the dog? Who’s taking my daughter to school? Who’s picking her up?” My sons are home being homeschooled, but we have things that go on with them. All that stuff gets represented on the calendar and then, who’s doing what?

If it’s not working for you, you can change it.


My husband and I share it. If you have that, you need to be on the same page with your partner and if it’s on you, then it’s on you. There’s always additional support you could be pulling in. By going intentionally through this process, you’ll see where you need help. It should not be all on you whether it’s at home or work. We have to be willing to delegate. Delegate, automate and delete, DAD. There are some things that you have to be done with. They’re done, they’re over. They need to not be in your life any longer. You’re allowed to delete those. Automation is critical. That’s using systems. That’s setting things up. Like with you, with your podcasts, when someone signs up, they’re automatically getting the reminders. You’re not sending them the reminders personally. Leading up, you’ve set up those systems and so they help you run your business and you’re not going crazy as a result.

The other area that’s been so helpful for me is chunk your time and batch your tasks. What this means is that depending on when your work time is, all of you entrepreneurial types, you’re rocking it out. You’re happy there. Whatever your dynamic is, it’s cool. To say, “Here’s one I take on meetings,” as much as you can have control over that, I know for the corporate women it’s not so easy to do that because I was in that world and I had meetings all the time every day. As much as you can have some control over that and get your people to think a bit differently. I know a lot of companies are doing that. They’re like, “We’re going to have a certain afternoon few days a week where we don’t schedule meetings because people need to get work done.”

In my business, at this stage, I’ll have calls Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons and that’s it. Not even every Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon. For my group coaching calls, we’ll do those every other week and I sync those up at the new moon and the full moon because we’re vibing. I walk my talk so I’m energetically vibing on that. My clients love it because they’re all moony women too. If they’re not they’re like, “I’m open to that,” and then they become obsessed because it’s so powerful. I’ll look at if people are booking time with me or if I’m leading calls, typically it’s a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes if there’s a special something going on like a big event, then I’ll make an exception around that but traditionally it’s Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons.

You can look at that, when do you want to connect with others? Maybe that’s when you have a lot of energy. You’ve exercised earlier, you’re showing up, you’ve got you’re A game. Maybe you have Monday mornings, that’s when you’re going to do your admin, you’re going to deal with all the logistics, you’re going to send stuff off to your team for the week ahead. Everybody knows what’s up. Maybe you’re going to deal with paying bills, getting stuff off to your bookkeeper. Whatever needs to be handled, you can chunk that so you’re not having to do it like a little piece now throughout the week. You just go in, you get that stuff handled, then you open up that space in your brain to be able to create because that’s what we do. We are Creatrix and we can’t create if we’re constantly being pulled out by this minor little detail, this thing over here, this thing that so-and-so thinks is a big deal but it’s not. You’ve got to have those boundaries in place so that you’re not being pulled into every little thing that honestly does not warrant your attention.

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Let’s talk about the moon cycle and intuition and how you work with that. What’s your method?

The new moon is when a new cycle begins. As an actual step, I hope that everyone looks up the lunar cycle. You can even purchase a lunar cycle calendar. You can go to Amazon, I’m sure there are other spots for this too, search for a lunar cycle calendar and you can get one for each calendar year.

You can get a Jewish calendar. I’m Jewish and our calendar is around the moon cycle. The first day is the new moon. Every time when it’s the middle of the month, it is the full moon, then every three years they call it a pregnant year where they add another month, so it will work with the moon cycle.

Thank you for telling me that. My husband is Jewish and I didn’t know that. Figure out where you’re going to get your calendar source. A lot of the printed calendars will have a new moon and full moon in there, those yearly physical paper planners, which I got away from for so long because I use digital calendars, I don’t need this paper planner anymore. Now I’ve gotten back into it and it makes a difference to write things down, not see it on a screen. I do feel we still need to write things down because there’s a powerful act that happens when you move your arm and that pen comes out of your hands and not just onto a screen. Figure out your calendar system and look to see when those moons are happening. The new moon is the start of a new cycle. I love that the Jewish calendar does this. That’s when the new energy began. It’s not when March 1st hits, but it’s when the new moon of March happens. That’s when a new cycle begins.

Another thing that you might be interested in is a Kabbalistic calendar because that works with astrology and the cycle of the moon too. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism. It’s not about the religion, it’s about the Sufi from Islam where it’s about the philosophy, the mysticism, the secrets of the universe and all that. They do have a calendar where they have days that are more powerful days and days that are of minus energy. They do work with the moon and the elements and all that.

Thank you for sharing that. I’ve got a book called Sabbats. It’s not like Shabbat or Sabbath. It’s from that same root of the word. Sabbats are basically breaking down the seasons even more. We’re so used to summer, fall, winter, spring but between those transition points, there are other days that are energetically powerful. Sabbats are something that I started honoring and I do stuff with my community around different Sabbats because that’s when you’re working with the Earth and working with the energy, working with the foods that are prevalent at that time. When you do that, everything shifts. You feel so in your power as a woman, which is what I want. That’s my mission. The new moon is when you set your intentions for that next cycle. Where are you putting your energy? Where are you putting your focus? Where do you feel like you’re going to get the biggest bang for your buck? Where do you feel called to go next? When a new moon comes, I recommend you write down those intentions.

That is so interesting because my mom practices every new moon, which is the beginning of the month. She lights a candle and she says blessings and that’s amazing.

It works. I didn’t grow up Jewish, I am married to a Jewish man now, but I wasn’t taught any of these things in school. Part of my mission is I keep teaching women these things like, “Why are we not taught these things?”

How did you discover the whole moon cycle, intention and how that can work with you and help you?

I love to learn. Once I left that corporate job, I started being a part of programs and finding women. I tended to hire women as coaches and teachers to me and then yoga obviously is super deep. There’s a lot there than just being in your body. Some of the yoga traditions, they’ll honor moon days and you don’t practice on those days or what have you. It’s getting exposed to that as I was going through my yoga training and having yoga be part of my life, which it has been for close to two decades now. It was through a lot of books. Then I read a book called Witch that cracked me open by Lisa Lister. I recommend everyone to read it. Once I read that book, I reached out to my friend Sarah Jenks, who’s extraordinary. I have this desire to go visit Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is the place where the Salem witch trials happen hundreds of years ago.

I saw the lunar eclipse in Salem.

I live in Massachusetts, I moved here after I left New York City. I live in Western Mass and I’ve never been to Salem. I read this book and it’s like my body remembered all these things. I do believe in past lives. I think being a witch is a wonderful thing. That’s not an insult. That’s actually a compliment. I read Witch and I was like, “That’s so good.” A witch is a woman in total control of herself. I asked Sarah, “Have you been to Salem?” She said, “Yes, I have. Would you like to go?” I was like, “Yes, I would.” We took a field trip and it was so awesome and that started me on this path. I launched a program that’s called Intuitive Power and I brought women through the process of creating that was all around the moon, the power of the moon. I had been practicing and honoring the moon, knowing where she was in terms of what phase she was in and the cycle. I found that it freaking worked. The more that I would go deeper, read books, be a part of a program like I am in Sarah’s program which is called Whole Woman, which is all rooted in the moon, then sharing with my community and then shifting the way my business operated. We’re gathering my clients on the new moon and the full moon, walking that talk and seeing what happens when we do it like that. That’s the way you learn is by doing it, by practicing and it’s been so fun.

The full moon, that is when you’re in your fullest power. Between new and full, you set those intentions at new then you want to work towards that. You don’t set the intentions and forget it. You’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to plant those seeds. You’ve got to put in those calls. You’ve got to show up at the event. You’ve got to send the email. You’ve got to sign up for the thing. You’ve got to get the research. The stuff, the things that are required to manifest, to make that intention real. That’s your work. A lot can happen in that two-week window between new and full. Then whatever can manifest in that period of time, then you tend to the details in terms of contracts, agreements, getting it finished in that time of the waning moon as the moon gets smaller and goes back to new. There are some things that will take many moons to become real. There are some things that aren’t meant to be yours right now or ever. What I’ve learned too is to not be attached to exactly how it’s all going to go down or exactly what it’s going to look like but simply be committed to doing your best, showing up fully as you and trusting that process.

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Do you ever have a bad day and how do you handle it?

Yes, I’m so human. I do have bad days. The way I handle it is to remember this too shall pass. I also know that there are times when your feelings are amplified. When you have knowledge of what’s going on in the lunar cycle, this helps tremendously. Sometimes during eclipses, Mercury retrograde, that’s a whole another conversation. You know also if you’re still cycling like I still cycle, I still bleed. My body still bleeds. I’m going to feel certain things during my period that I’m not feeling at another time in my cycle. If you’re not tuned into this, that’s on you. There are ways to know your body. We should know our body as women. It’s the greatest thing we can know is this knowledge of her.

For me, the way I stave off some of that when I have a crappy day is to take care of her. As we started, body, mind, spirit, I have to take of her. What does she need? I give her what she needs and now I’m committed to my health, which I wasn’t always as committed as I am now. Even if I have a crappy day like maybe I thought this client was going to sign on and then they didn’t, or something happened in my personal life or my husband and I got into a disagreement or I came home and my kids spilled paint everywhere. My dog peed on the carpet. Those things which a lot of those are out of my control, I just remember this too shall pass. I make sure I’m giving her what she needs, body, mind, spirit.

Another thing that has been so helpful for me, and I’ll say this to my husband too if he starts getting riled up about something like, I’m like, “These are first world problems.” There are a lot of problems in the world and my heart breaks around some of these issues. I do what I can to support the issues that I’m passionate about and make this world better. There will be people who would absolutely be thrilled to have the problems that I have. I don’t allow myself to stay in that, ‘Woe is me’ state. I feel my feelings, absolutely. In the past, I would have had alcohol to rely on, I don’t have that anymore. I chose to step away from that and my sobriety has been so powerful for me. Also I have angels supporting me.

My sister died when I was a teenager. She was twelve and I was sixteen. Every day, I’m like, “I’m lucky to be alive. What do I want to do with this time? I have people supporting me.” I know as Gabby Bernstein said, “The universe has my back and there are people out there who I’m here to help.” Often, I can use that crappy day as an example to my people, to my audience and be like, “I just experienced this crappy situation and here’s how I got through it. I know you might be experiencing something and maybe these steps will help you too, or maybe it’s helpful for you to know that I’m not invincible. I have stuff that happens to me. I don’t allow myself to stay down forever. I’ve got to get back up because I’ve got people to help and I’ve got a family to raise and I’ve got a life to live and that’s that.”

What helps me, especially that time of the month, is to put my head down on my hands and breathe deeply. If I feel like a rage monster is showing up, I need to put my head down and breathe or take myself away from the situation and cool down because when I get emotional, it’s almost like lava is pouring through my veins. Taking the time to connect to my body and breathe is the first step that helps me the most.

Being in nature too. When you’re outside it’s like, “Whatever.” These trees aren’t freaking out right now. This ground seems pretty stable. It’s being in nature, being in those elements. I also am a big fan of either taking a bath or taking a shower. If you have an ocean near you or a lake or a pool, get in there, it will get you back to an equilibrium level.

That’s what my mom always says like, “You have too much fire, go shower.”

You’re probably pitta. Are you familiar with Ayurveda?

I don’t know, but I’m an Aries.

It doesn’t matter what’s your sign. This is a yoga science, Ayurveda. I went to India. I turned 40 and it was the gift I gave to myself. It was great. I feel good. I went deeper into my study of Ayurveda. It’s a good thing for you to check out if you’re curious. There are three different doshas: pitta, vata, kapha. If you have a lot of fire, you’re most likely pitta as your predominant dosha. My husband is pitta so he can be super fiery and I’m air, which is vata, so I’m always just chill.

That’s like my husband and me, where I’m more of the fire and he’s more of the air. It’s nice to complement each other. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Number one is to listen to that small still voice within. It’s your intuition, that spirit, that source, that’s your connection to a higher power. However it feels to you, that voice will never lead you astray. I know it can feel a little scary because there are times when the voice is leading you to do something that feels very bold and not logical. When you can learn to develop that trust and then heed the call and take that action, you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Tip number two is to nourish her. When I say her, that’s you. That’s all of you, that body, mind, spirit, it’s what you’re going to need. You talk to anyone who’s not well, they’re not healthy and what they would give to be healthy again. I don’t care how important your work fills you, how much you have on your plate or how many deadlines you have this week, you’ve got to nourish her. Give her what she needs. When you do, all that stuff’s going to get handled. What I have found is like magic. The more that I take care of her, the more the stuff gets taken care of and not necessarily by me. It’s the stuff I wish I would have been taught because I was in that old school, work harder, but then you burn out and women aren’t designed to work like that. That is not our design at all. Nourish her and trust that things are going to get handled.

Then this third piece is financially free women will change the world. That is you getting clear on how you are called to serve and having the courage to put your offers out there, put your message out there, put those invitations out there, charge for your work. Have a way to receive that abundance. Have your container be strong and expansive so that you don’t upper limit yourself, which some women do. They start earning that money and then they blow it up. They get afraid that it’s too good to be true or they don’t deserve it or they’re going to screw it up. I’ve had many women say, “What if all these people sign up to work with me and then I can’t help them? I don’t know how to help them.” You’re going to know how to help them. That’s what you do. That is what you’re here to do and you are allowed to earn beautifully for your work. What women do over and above, we do this so much better than men, is that we support those causes that make this world better. We do that no matter our income levels, there are data around this. I shared this with a group of clients in a program of mine. No matter what our income levels are, women give at much higher levels than men. We don’t base our giving on like, “I’m going to get visibility for giving to this organization.” We do it because we know it’s the right thing to do.

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We know it’s part of our calling, it’s part of our mission to give to these causes. The more abundance you receive, the more that you can help make this world better. The more that you can support your family, the more that you can go on these gorgeous adventures around the world, the more that you can build your community and give back. It’s this beautiful loop, so never get hung up on that. That is your greatest opportunity. It wasn’t so long ago we weren’t even allowed to earn our own money. It’s wild when you think about that. Now that we can and it can be ours, take advantage of that because financially free women will change the world.

How can people find you, get to work with you, go to your workshops and get your courses?

My main digital headquarters is JennyFenig.com. You can head over there and check out what we have. I also want to give your audience a free gift. That is my Reclaim Your Time Template. We spent a lot of time here talking about some of these methods, some of these approaches. I’m all about doing less and making more. You can go to JennyFenig.com/schedule. You can get this template. I’ll give you some tips on how to use it, how to fill it in and how to work with these different time chunking categories. Once you wrap your head around this, there’s no going back and you’ll be so grateful that you realize that you can be a master of your own time. Go grab that and once you do, I can stay in touch with you about the various things that I’ve got going on. We always have something going on because to me, it’s energy. I love being there for people. I love spreading the word about things.

If your audience is interested in that fitness and nutrition program, you can find more about that at JennyFenig.com/faster. Amanda Tress is the creator of it. She always has a new round starting pretty much every month and I’m in this thing. Many women from my community have joined as a result of my recommendation. Now that I’m in my 40s, I have more energy now. I feel better now than I did ever. I haven’t felt this good since I went through yoga teacher training. That was pre-kids when I was practicing a lot of yoga all the time in the world was mine because I wasn’t sharing that with my children. I always like to spread the word about stuff that I know will change people’s lives. Those are the places that I’d like to offer to your audience.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure.

Thank you and keep doing your beautiful work.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Listen to your still small voice and have the courage to take action. Examine yourself to ensure that you find meaning and fulfillment in what you do.
✓ Be yourself. Aim to show up in the most genuine and authentic version of yourself.
✓ Use videos to connect with your audience. While Jenny uses Facebook Lives and Instagram Stories, it’s critical to determine the platform where your target audience is.
✓ Stop talking about your program and start solving your client’s problems. Only when you’ve identified their pain points that they will be willing to take the next step.
✓ Know who your ideal audience is. Identify the type of clients you best work with before making any decisions.
✓ Don’t be afraid to run experiments. Jenny works based on moon cycles to determine the vibe and energy of her audience.
✓ Practice DAD: delegate, automate and delete. Know where you need help, utilize tools to automate and set things up and move on when it’s over.
✓ Nourish your body, mind and spirit. Ensure that you’re taking steps to take care of yourself.
✓ Accept and embrace your gift to this world and the opportunity to be financially free. The more abundance you have, the more you can reach out and help other people.
✓ Check out Jenny’s program called Intuitive Power and learn more about practicing and honoring the moon.

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