Episode 234 | January 19, 2021

Expand Your Consciousness with Mike Koenigs

A Personal Note From Orion

There’s a multitude of mega-successful people out there who now see the importance of expanding their consciousness. Being financially abundant and prosperous is one thing, but according to my guest, Mike Koenigs, that’s not the most important thing. Your best investment will always be the relationships you’ve built with your peers, family, and yourself. 

In this episode, Mike and I talk deeply about expanded consciousness- what it means and how it can help you achieve the best version of yourself. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-renowned speaker, and a true influencer. With his many accolades in his industry, Mike likes to keep it simple. The secret to success? Show up. Be present. Remain Grounded. 

So if you’re ever out on a venture for your own success, aka the life of your dreams, this episode is full of musings about life, business, love, and family.

In this Episode

  • [01:07] – Orion introduces Mike Koenigs, an entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, author, product creator, and holder of a patent in cross-channel marketing technology.
  • [05:00] – Mike shares his motivation in becoming successful and tells how he got interested in the world of expanded consciousness.
  • [09:43] – Mike talks about battling cancer journey and the life choices he had to make for him to survive.
  • [15:38] – Mike tells stories about his spiritual evolution and how he met Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and other influential people that helped transform his life.
  • [21:39] – What are some practices in making a relationship work and get better?
  • [26:46] – Orion tells how she met her husband, Stephan at a Tony Robbins event, Date With Destiny. 
  • [31:24] – What are Mike’s daily nutrition and focus rituals that keep him healthy, youthful, and energetic?
  • [36:46] – Orion and Mike point out the benefits of bathing in ice-cold water.
  • [41:46] – Mike explains why he does a daily whiteboard intentioning in optimizing his lifestyle.
  • [45:07] – Visit Mike Koenig’s website at MikeKoenigs.com, and check out his two podcasts; Capability Amplifier and The Big Leap, to learn more about him.

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About Today’s Show

Hi Mike, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. I am super excited to have you here with us today. Thank you so much for being here.

It’s my pleasure, Orion. I’m excited about this because of the initial conversation that we had before we started recording. I think we’ve got a lot of fun stuff to cover that I don’t get asked very often. So I’m ready to rock and roll. Thank you.

Yes. Well, that’s so awesome. Me too. Before we begin, can you share a little bit about yourself and your passion?

Sure. A quick background, I grew up in a very small town called Eagle Lake, Minnesota. I’m the oldest of four kids. My dad was a barber. We grew up without a lot of resources, money, or mentorship. And I watched my dad struggled in the family, struggled financially. We were never broke, but we never had a lot of resources or money. My dad traded time for money for the majority of his life. And I became a serial entrepreneur partially because I told myself I never wanted to have my dad’s life. And I never went to college, but I started small businesses, and I started a program early on. Along the way, I’ve always considered myself a very spiritual person, really interested in energy and medicine and being a high performer, and interested in the science of influence and persuasion. That led me to study marketing. That’s what I’ve done for my professional career. For over 30 years, I built and sold five businesses. I’m on my second marriage, I’ve got an 18-year-old son as of right now, and that’s it. My biggest passions are health and longevity, business, the science of persuasion, life extension, spiritual arts. I’m very fascinated right now with plant medicine and the world of expanded consciousness and awareness as well. And as we’d say, taking the red pill in the world of the matrix.

I love that metaphor. So were you always that connected? Were you driven by money? And then you got all the money, all the fame, and you decided, “Wait a minute, there is something else here.”

The Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

The truth is I struggled. I would always say I felt and considered myself very spiritual. I’ve always talked about and had a strong intuition for the energetic world. As I would say, if you pierce the membrane between the reality we perceive and the real reality and the complexity of the universe, I’ve always felt very connected to that and nature. But with regards to fame and money, I’d say the truth is what I was dominated by, for the vast majority of my life, is a fear of running out, not having enough, not being enough. I hated not having financial resources. I felt like an alien where I grew up in Midwest Minnesota and the small town I was in. The Stranger in a Strange Land, if you’ve heard the Robert Heinlein book. I was never in search of fame. It’s sort of found me accidentally. And I studied it, and I figured out how to give it to other people. That’s actually what gave me my fame. And along the way, I got to work with some celebrities like Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, and a bunch of other folks when I had my first agency, my first real business. But the drive was always running out and it still is a core deep DNA level programming that I think is multi-generational scarring or trauma. If I don’t keep it in check with disciplined, mental work, and practice, it does get me to this day. So I’m very much a work in progress. If I give the illusion that I’ve got my act together, it’s an illusion.

It’s a very strong illusion if it is. I guess there was always the next level. But when I look at you, and what you achieved in your life as an entrepreneur and as a person and how you grew spiritually, it’s very impressive. We’re all seekers and I don’t think that quest is ever ending. When you achieve a certain level, it’s never the end goal, there is always the next one. So I think this is why you don’t see yourself the way I see you.

Yeah, no one ever does. I’m not comparing myself to a celebrity, but after working with a lot of them, when you get to know them, they still see themselves as the little boy or the little girl from a town, surrounded with all of the pain and trauma, and what formed them and what shaped them and that’s consistent. The thing that you run away from, the thing that you fear the most is often the driving force until you do the deep work. And you learn to become a non-judgmental observer of your egoic self and make a commitment to do the unveiling and piercing that membrane between this reality or egoic reality and our projection versus what is real. I suppose once we dive into the conversation about meditation and plant medicine and that sort of thing, we can go a little bit deeper. It’s just all matter of where you want to drive this.

Your pain and your body are not you. There is a separation between your body and soul. Your spirit is so much more. It’s a whole lot more than the vessel you were assigned to be in. Click To Tweet

Yeah. So what is real? You had a very difficult reality when you had to battle cancer. And then that was your reality, what helped you survive?

This is going back, as of right now. About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer, which is a bad place to get it, especially if you’re a man. Because there’s a high probability, they’re going to lop out or take out your parts. Or you’ll wake up with a colostomy bag. You can just imagine having this gurgling bag of poop that you drag around with you. Because that’s basically what happens, they cut out your innards, and fortunately, I had amazing surgeons, and they were able to prevent that from happening. But what wound up happening was I had major surgery. And because I had it in the advanced stage, I had to take very aggressive action. And one thing I found in all the research I did, and I got 11-second opinions from a lot of people. A little background here is my wife used to work for Deepak Chopra. So she called in some chips, made a lot of calls, and Deepak spoke with us, he opened up a few doors that would have been hard to get otherwise. And I was able to talk to some of the best surgeons and cancer doctors in the world. All of them recommended that I should take significant action, which again, in my case, I did the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. 

At that time, I had a 10-year-old boy, and I wanted to make sure that I survived until he was 18. So I traded what could be longevity for survival in terms of my course. One of the things that happen when you go through intense treatment like that, is you got a choice: to take a lot of drugs or endure an enormous amount of pain, and I decided to endure the pain for a long time. And you learn to become a non-judgmental observer and realize that your pain is not you and your body is not you. What I experienced was a separation of soul, spirit, and form. My meditation became, especially when I was doing radiation and chemo-I had about an hour a strength a day, and I was laying in a bed for several months. And the whole course of action takes about a year that’s between surgery, chemo, radiation, and a little bit of recovery. So my practice became imagining myself as a camera, observing a body, and separating myself from the pain, and just observing and learning to love the body with non-judgmental love. And realizing that I’m an eternal being not of this world, that was the conversation I had. But physically what’s happening is, my body had to get up 30 times a day, run to the bathroom because if I touched food, it always threw me almost immediately. It’s hard to hold anything down. Every time you do the treatment, especially radiation, it feels like you’ve got a massive internal sunburn. So everything you put inside you in and out burns, it’s like lava and broken glass passing through you. You just don’t have any strength. Just imagine your mouth tastes like metal, you’re nauseous and in pain, 23 out of 24 hours, and you just can barely even get up.

Your time and presence are the most precious gifts you can give your friends and family, and vice versa.

And then the neuropathy is such that you can’t feel your fingers and your toes. Everything just feels like frostbite. So that’s the physical experience. And it gives you an enormous amount of time to either be miserable or to be incredibly grateful. What I would do is capture the moments and the minutes when I would feel almost normal and tell myself, “The other normal is not the way things have been and will be.” Because your brain tells you strange things like, “This is the way it’s always going to be. And this is the way it’s always been.” That’s why people sometimes just choose to die. There were a couple of instances where I could have just chosen to turn off the lights. I think that was a significant moment. But leading up to that I had some other significant experiences in my life that I think prepared for that. Again, I always felt spiritually, deeply connected, not religious but spiritual. I was raised Catholic, and I never identified with any form of organized religion. At one point, I took a trip with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer before I was married. It was an amazing experience. And we got to go to the great pyramids and I had some intense awakening moments. My wife and I were married by a Native American Chief, Lakota chief. It happened because, along the way, I taught myself how to play the didgeridoo. A guy I met was a record producer. So I played on a lot of albums. And because of that, it opened up a lot of opportunities to meet some very awakened, what I call living spirits. So I spent a lot of time with the Lakota tribes. I attended a Native American Sundance and a lot of sweat lodges.

I did some sweat lodges with a Lakota. Lakota into Hino. I was also in Egypt two years ago, and I went to this super far remote temple called Dendera and which’s the goddess of song and dance. And while everybody was underneath, looking at the woods underneath the temple, I was just walking there alone. It was almost like I’ve been there in past lives. It was really powerful. I had another crazy experience in a temple in Japan. But back to you.

Yeah, no problem. That’s great. So we’ve got a lot in common that way. It’s beautiful. So either way, I think all these little experiences teach you lessons about what to pay attention to and realize just how temporary this fleshy existence is, and how beautiful and perfect it is. Those moments of pain, awaken us if we choose to frame this as a learning experience and not as something that’s happening to us.

Yeah. I see it as a gift with the bow on the bottom. When you go through that super difficult time and super dark time, you can see what’s going to bring for you and why you had to experience that. But for me some of my darkest moments, when I look back, were those moments that put me on the right path, that brought in awakening, that brought in spirituality, and showed me more of who I am.

No question about it.

Since then, what was your spiritual evolution like?

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

It’s an ongoing process. So I think where I got lit up, it came from dark times in my life. I’ve done a couple of things that rocked my core. One of them is, when I was 18 years old, I never had done any chemicals at all, and I smoked weed, and I had a massive anxiety response to it. A real dark night of the soul that spun me out of control for years, and I had severe flashbacks, and just like terror attacks from that, so I am completely incompatible with cannabis. Genetically, it appears. As a result of that, I was hospitalized for stress and anxiety for a period of time. And that sent me on a vision quest to find stability and find a base, a core. And then, as I evolved, I got married early, as well. I married my high school sweetheart and, of course, started a business, and after several years, I just wasn’t present. I wasn’t a present guy. I was constantly working. We weren’t fully compatible in the first place. She’s a super sweet human being but we just weren’t a long-term match. Eventually, one day, I came home and the locks were changed on the door and that was the last time I ever really spoke with her. It was that fast and that it was just over. It was dark and that sent me in a tailspin for a year. A short time after, I learned about Tony Robbins. It’s also when I started reading books like all of Deepak stuff, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, Don Miguel Ruiz, Louise Hay, that whole lineup. And that led me to go on that trip with Deepak and Wayne Dyer. They used to do these.

So lucky. 

Unbelievable. I got to be friends with Wayne’s daughter and met his family. It was amazing. 

I wish I had a  chance to meet him before he passed away. He was a big mentor in my life as well, indirectly, of course.

He was extraordinary. If you fast forward a little bit, I started to play the didgeridoo and it opens up a gateway that led me to the Native American world and also Maori. I had a mentor, who is a Maori native and a New Zealander. So anyone familiar with or heard of the hookah, just dancing and getting into that vibe, really feeling that energetic connection with the earth, also supported me. Like I said, when I started playing the didgeridoo, it opened up a massive world. Also meeting my wife, I met my wife in Greece, my current wife, Vivian. So I had a five-year gap in between there, and that just forced an evolution. And my wife worked for Deepak, so she had been exposed to that world, worked in publishing. I ended up meeting another incredible couple of people, who became our family when we moved to San Diego. So along the way here, I ended up working with Tony Robbins and a whole series of highly evolved people because one of the people on the trip is a woman named Arielle Ford, who for over 10 years was Deepak’s publicist. 

Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford

If you fast forward a year after the Egypt trip, I met my wife in Greece, Vivian, who used to work for Deepak, who’s very good friends with Arielle Ford and her sister, Debbie Ford. Debbie Ford wrote Spiritual Divorce, Dark Side of the Light Chasers. She was a regular on Oprah, and just an amazingly awakened soul. Arielle and I ended up starting a business together, we created a product called Everything You Should Know About Book Publishing, Publicity, Promotion, and Building a Platform. That’s how I learned a lot about the publishing world in books. But because she was so connected to this world, and because I was suddenly working with Arielle and Debbie, Debbie and I started a business together. And I helped her get her products online, I taught her how to do product launches, all that kind of stuff. They opened up a world of like, I had access to all these spiritual people and celebrities in that world, who wanted to work with me and who came to me for advice. Along the way, just being in their presence changes your form, your function, and how you perceive the universe. It just rubs off on you. I wounded up marrying Vivian after meeting her in Greece, which was a spiritual travel tour as well as a wild experience. It’s just like one thing stacked on another and there have been these accidental meetings. So I think to summarize, if there’s one grand lesson here that I learned from my friend Brian Tracy years ago, he said, “Our lives are changed by the people we meet and the books we read.”

Everything You Should Know About… by Arielle Ford

Beautiful. And from those people so you were surrounded by, especially Tony Robbins because he taught me a lot about relationships and how to connect to my femininity. What did you learn that you implemented in your relationship? What did you learn that that makes your relationship better these days? Or what do you do?

This is gonna be sound probably really basic. 

The basic is the most profound. People try to sound smart, but you got to get back to the basics.

Okay, so as a man, our illusion is that our power and our energy comes from our sexual energy and our lovemaking skills and all that stuff, which is just total nonsense. Being a man is about being certain and giving your feminine self and your partner. Just so we set this up appropriately. I’m not talking about gender here, I’m talking about the divine feminine and the divine masculine. I happen to be a strong, dominant masculine energy and my wife Vivian is a strong feminine, although she has a very strong masculine side as well. She intimidates a lot of men. She’s strong, she’s smart, she’s very Jewish. Her parents were Holocaust survivors. She grew up very poor in Spanish Harlem, in the Upper West Side of New York, and had to fight to survive because their father was a drug-addicted alcoholic, who came from a very wealthy background and lost everything in the war and never got his legs under him in the States. He’s an artist and an opera singer. It was like one of these very complicated things. That’s just to provide a little framing here and here’s my wife who had never been married before. When we got married, she was almost 40 and she wanted to have a family. She had a ticking time bomb inside her literally and figuratively. 

The answer to the question is this. And if you would ask me this 20 years ago, it would be completely different. But what I’ve learned now and what I think is strengthened, we’re better now than we’ve ever been in 20 years, and we’ve just about broken up three times. And it comes down to showing up, being grounded and present, and distraction-free and giving her 100% of my energy. Another practice that I have to remember, which is, when I’m at my best with her, and for her, it’s when I imagined myself cocooning her in white energy, and holding her like an egg, carrying her, where she feels that presence and that protection so that she can flower and expand and be the goddess she was meant to be. Flower literally as an energetic flower, I think that’s what divine femininity is. It is to spread out and open up, and to be in a state of constant love. And if she feels enabled, and supported to do that, she’s at her finest. And then the simple stuff. Here’s an example. Like the best thing, I can do. And I kind of screwed this up this morning, because well actually, I didn’t know that I think about it, because she was still asleep when I got up, but I make the bed every day.

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Ah, that’s so cool.

It’s so simple. But for her, she has this big white chair in our bedroom, and that’s where she loves to work. And when she can look at our big white bed, that’s got tons of big fluffy white pillows on it, and see clean-no disorder. So a clean environment makes her feel grounded and taken care of and understood and heard. And I think that is an encapsulated benefit. Something I tell people when I work with them as a marketer, but I bring it into our marriage or vice versa, whichever is a transfer of certainty, I need to be certain and strong and carry that. So she feels grounded, taken care of, heard, and supported. And again, in my experience, the Divine Feminine needs to flower and flourish and feel healthy. And then you know providing a level of security and certainty. So again, transfer of certainty is the phrase of the concept. And then beyond that, making discrete defined time. And also, I found that having plans and making decisions, but her feeling as though she was taken into consideration, surprises with consideration, is a huge part of supporting in feeding that divine. You talked about getting a lot of insight from Tony Robbins.

I met my husband at Date with Destiny where I did my relationship vision. I did my relationship vision, had a breakdown and breakthrough. I prayed. 48 hours later, I met my husband. Nine days later, he proposed to me on a hot air balloon in Vegas. And they said no.

Wow, that guy swept you off your feet, didn’t he?

Yeah. And I said no. But nine months later, I said yes.

Yeah, boy, he was working, wasn’t he?

He worked hard.

That’s great.

He had a lot of certainties.

And that’s the kind of guy he is, he does carry that with him. I see that. He’s a warrior in that regard. And you know, he’d go to battle for you, which is again, another important part of feeling and being loved from the feminine. You’ve got to have a sense of a warrior. Both of you have to feel like the other one could be a little bit out of control to keep things interesting too. I mean, human beings are complicated.

I’m out of control a lot. I keep things interesting all the time. So we’re a good balance.

Yeah, I can see for sure. That’s awesome. The last element that I was thinking about when you ask this was one of Tony’s inspirations was David Deida. If you listen to David, you’ll hear a lot of Tony, he borrowed from him or modeled a lot of his teachings, and they used to partner together years ago. Vivian and I went on a David Deida experience, trying to think of the place, a very well known place out east that used to do a lot of events and spiritual teachings and that kind of thing. We worked with David, and he’s not always safe for work, I will say that. He’s got a unique way of teaching, but gosh, he’s spot on. And a lot of people have modeled them or flat out stolen his content but he’s amazing. Worth checking out.

Yeah, we do something that we learned from Harville Hendricks, every day before we go to bed, we say three things to each other that we appreciate about each other, it usually starts with three things and it goes on and on. But even if you don’t have anything specific to be grateful for, it can be little things like, “Oh, thank you so much for doing the dishes,” or “Thank you for looking at me this way.” Or “Thank you for the hug,” “Thank you for the kind word,” little things. And then you focus on the good and your energy goes where you focus on. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, you look at the glass half full. And you remember why you love this person that you’re with so much every day. And what I feel like gratitude is one of the most powerful things that we have in our relationship.

Some activities that can help you stay grounded are meditation, journaling, and regular exercise.

I love that. I love Harville Hendricks’ work. Another program that Vivian and I did at one point was Imago therapy.

Oh, I like that too.

Yeah, powerful. For anyone who isn’t familiar with it, the basic idea is you sit down with your partner, you look at each other in your eyes and you tell your truth. And the other person has to listen to it and then repeat it back verbatim without projecting. It teaches you the art of listening fully and completely and pulling your ego out of it. And initially, usually do it with a therapist because it can get very intense because you’re encouraged to tell your whole truth without filters. It’s hard to hear at first, it’s hard to listen to, it is hard to store all of it. And we all carry our reasons why and our traumas. And we’ve color stuff. And when you first start, it’s amazing how bad at it you are. But I’ve learned, again, how I’ve incorporated this in my working life, is this is a huge part of how I do a sales process is I learned to listen.

And empathize and you make people feel like I got you. I’m getting what you’re saying. I’m listening. Some people don’t need you to come up with it. They don’t need you to agree with them. They just need to feel like you listen to them that you that they’re being heard. People just want to be heard. 

Yep. And honored. 

Mike, you talked about how you need to be so certain and strong for your lady and also for your business and your family. And I know that you do a lot every day and I wish we had more time to talk about it because this is like another like 10 hours of you sharing incredible knowledge. But let’s talk a little bit about your daily rituals and what do you do to be so energetic and so youthful every day? 


And focus.

Okay. I think the core of it comes down to being useful and supporting someone else, doing what I do when I do it for someone else. And in turn, that’s doing it for me, but understanding that energetic relationship. So I’ve got a team, my business team, I have my wife, I have my son. And I’d like to say that what I do I do for them. And I do it for me too, obviously, but I want to feel in service. Remaining on purpose is a big part of this. And I’ll go through my daily ritual, my nutrition ritual, and then also talk a little bit about my focus ritual, which is probably I’m lame at it but always getting better, maybe that’s a better way to reframe it. I have a lot to do, but I know what I don’t know much better. 

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I’ll go through my morning ritual as an example. Most of the time I get up, in general, I get to bed around 10 pm or so, unless I just don’t feel like it. But in general, that’s the daily thing I try to get in bed by nine-thirty or ten o’clock. So earlier now than in the past, get up when I want to, which is usually about seven-thirty. So I haven’t had an alarm, unless I’m traveling, for years. And this morning, for example, I got up early, I got up at quarter to seven. And I thought I had a session with Strategic Coach which it turned out I didn’t, it’s tomorrow. Someone put the wrong day in my calendar but I made the most of that. So I got up. And one of the things that I do, I have been taking stem cell peptides. And yesterday, my morning started with going to a holistic clinic where I got an intravenous NAD drip. And if you’ve never heard of NAD before, it is something that helps with your mitochondria. And I’m going to give you the scientific term for this, which is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a co-enzyme that’s found in every cell of your body. Here’s what it does, you get this thing connected to you. And I do a combination of intravenous vitamins. Something called ALA, alpha-lipoic acid, which in my case helps with, I still have some neuropathy from chemotherapy, but it’s really good for your nervous system. And it also reduces anxiety. But best of all, it feeds your cells, helps them grow better, and you heal better. You wake up and you think better, you have more energy, it’s amazing. It’s so good. And so I’m doing it one or two times a week, which is a lot. But part of it’s because we’ve got a special relationship with a clinic. And truth be told, we found a way for our insurance to pay for this treatment, which normally it’s fairly expensive. So I’m just kind of loading up on it. But otherwise, I do it anyway. And then I take some great supplements. And the company is Quicksilver. I also take supplements from Designs for Health but the Quicksilver, they’re liquid liposomal. They’re a multivitamin that has a lot of Bs in it, glutathione, and also a vitamin C. I just take a teaspoon of that. 

This morning, for example, I jumped on the Peloton bike. I try to do that at least three times a week. I also have a really good workout coach that I go to, who just kicks my butt royally, doing all sorts of balance stuff, really hard workout. I get my butt kicked. And then recently my wife and I got any electric bikes. We live in San Diego where there’s a lot of hills. This weekend, for example, this last weekend, I went 60 miles one day, went about 30 the second day-on Saturday and Sunday. So what’s great about an electric bike you can cover a huge distance, hills are not a challenge. And it makes biking so much fun because you can cover so much area. So those are some rituals. I’m not great at meditating. One thing that I’ve committed myself to do is I’m going to start doing the Wim Hof breathing exercises daily and just getting up earlier. I like doing cold treatments even though I hate it while it happens. I hate the cold but one of my cold therapy treatments is to swim in the ocean.

One thing I did a long time ago, I was at Harbin Hot Springs. And they have an ice-cold pool and a super hot pool. And I just went between the hot and cold seven times. Like it’s ice cold. And it’s so hot. And you just, you have to be a minute in the cold. I don’t know how many minutes, I don’t remember. 

It’s hard for a couple of minutes. It is really hard when you’re in an ice-cold.

Yeah, but I felt like I was reborn after I did that. And I wasn’t cold for a whole year. I didn’t feel cold in the winter for a whole year. So do you do it every day? Do you do ice baths everyday?

Live in abundance and believe in the Law of Attraction. Whatever you set your mind to will become your reality.

I don’t do it every day. In the summertime, I swim almost every day in the ocean, which is incredible. And of course, we’re in San Diego where the Pacific at the hottest that ever gets to 72. Otherwise, it’s usually in the 60s or 50s. So it’s fairly cold water. So it’s not an ice bath, I’ll do an ice bath once in a while. But we don’t have a facility and I’ve done the ultracold stuff before. It’s intense. But it’s I agree with you, it is a sense of being reborn, and doing that treatment got some really strong health benefits. There’s no doubt about it. So I’m going to give you one more big thing that I started doing. That’s awesome. It’s so good. I am doing injectable peptides. 

Where do you get those?

You do need to get it from a doctor, and they’re getting more and more difficult to get right now. The FDA is just…

I don’t love the FDA.

Yeah, don’t even get me started. That’s a show in itself. But peptides are really powerful. There’s a whole bunch of them. And again, it just helps with cellular health. I noticed a significant difference with them right away. And there are all kinds of different peptides that you can take. I’ll tell you what, what the one is that I take in a moment. But I’ve got to look it up. I’m spacing at the moment.

Those are some of the little secrets. If there are, we call them big secrets. At 55, something happened to me that started to suck, about three years ago, I started experiencing sadness, I was just sad. And I’d wake up and feel depressed. And I’m like, this is not who I am. And I started having weird anxiety. And like, what is going on here? By the way, the peptide I found it’s called Thymosin Alpha 1, that’s one of them. And I’m about to go on four other ones very soon, which I don’t know the name of right now. But the net out of this is I found that my testosterone levels are starting to drop, which is normal and natural. And I got on a light dose, I take a daily dose of hormones. And that’s the first thing that like if you start as a man if you start losing your courage, your confidence, you start waking up just feeling kind of sad, or you’re anxious or a little bit fearful. You lose your courage. Your testosterones low. And there are supernatural ways of doing it. And then there are supplemental ways as well.

Supernatural ways, like what?

You can get on supplement doses that can increase them. Intense anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise also increases it. And then there are diet plans as well. So again, that’s a show in itself. 

So many shows. You need to come back.

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Yeah. I work with a doctor, who does hormone replacement therapy. In my case, I put on cream in the morning. That’s a DHEA and then testosterone. It made a massive difference within about a month, it pulled me out of a dark night of the soul. If you see women, for example, who suddenly start losing their hair, their hair gets thinner, it starts receding, it’s their hormones, almost for sure. When you start getting fat and you cannot lose the weight, most likely it’s hormones. So in your 40s and 50s is just a normal thing that happens. And you either got a change your lifestyle, increase your sleep, figure out how to breathe better, or you start losing it. And in my case, I found that a combination of all those things made a huge difference. The only other thing that I’ll give you that makes a big difference is doing an intentional whiteboard daily. I’ve been bad at it lately. But like this morning, I had a little awakener, which I went to bed last night with an intention, I have some big challenges that I’m trying to figure out for a really important valuable client. And it’s been driving me nuts. And I woke up, I saw the clock, it was twelve fifty-five. So I walked out to the kitchen, I saw the clock, pulled out my iPad, which I normally never turn on a screen during sleep cycles. But this one was I got a download. And I wrote a whole bunch of scripts. First of all, I didn’t want to forget any. And I captured all that. So like when I get a dump from God, you like I get a big download, I capture it immediately. So journaling and or whatever you have to do for me, I needed I wanted to type it, so I typed it up. And then I was able to fall back asleep right away. 

But the other thing is, I call it whiteboard and tensioning, which is if I write down the three biggest accomplishments I want to accomplish and my why and how I want to feel on those big post it. I have a stand where I write that stuff down. And that becomes my driver for the day. And I think just articulating that physically and putting your hands in motion makes a difference. However you need to do it, whether it’s a whiteboard or a journal, capturing your intentions, outcomes, and results that you want for the day or the week are incredibly valuable. And then in my case, as soon as I got up today, I made videos for my team that described and I walked through line by line all of these things, and I assigned it. Now it’s off my plate and in someone else. And one of the things that we learn in Strategic Coach. A part of it is finding out who your who’s are, and so I assign my how’s to who’s, and I describe what I want, and it gets everyone on the same page. So I think communicating with video is valuable and important.

Wow, thank you so much for all this beautiful knowledge, everything that you shared today. And I appreciate how open you are, and how genuine you are. You’re not trying to be anything that you’re not and you’re just so generous with your information. And so grounded, it just was a beautiful conversation. I appreciate it. And there are so many more questions I have for you. But that will be for another time, unfortunately, and so many other topics.

Well, I appreciate your kind words, I do. And it’s my honor and you’re just a beautiful soul. I can feel you through your voice and feel just what an amazing divine feminine presence you have and you are that embodies and encapsulates you. It’s very palpable. So I hope you can hear all that but it’s my pleasure and I love to share whenever I can.

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Thank you so so much and before we say goodbye for now. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life and where can people find you?

So three stellar tips I’ll give you for a relationship if you’re a man make the bed every day. Especially if you’ve got a partner, they noticed that and just do it. And do it every day, when it becomes a ritual and a habit, it’s incredibly powerful. It’s such a simple thing. The next thing is, I’m a big believer in establishing your intentions immediately, every day, which is using that whiteboard technique I talked about, which is write down the three biggest outcomes and results you want for the day. And as soon as you write those down, ask yourself, “Can I outsource this or give it to a who, who can complete it and finish it if I just give them instructions?” If you don’t try to find a who, but getting clear on that and also getting clear with how you want to feel, what emotion or feeling do you have. That’s powerful. 

And the third big one, that I can’t recommend enough, especially once you’re in your 40s and above, get your blood work done. Get that check. Because if you don’t know exactly where you are on a health basis, you can live 10 or 20 years longer, you can live 10 or 20 years healthier, your brain is going to be healthier. And you know, when you feel great, you don’t think about your health. And when you feel miserable, it’s the only thing on your mind. And after experiencing cancer, which I think could have been avoidable if I had been doing deeper, more spiritual work, and paying closer attention to the relationship between my soul and my body. I could have avoided that. And it turned out to be my greatest teacher, but it certainly wouldn’t be anything I’d recommend to anyone for sure. So, but getting that done, and then finding a doctor who can supplement you and get your blood being perfect. You know, your blood is your life. And it’s a marker. It’s like your dashboard. And there are amazing people who know how to read your blood work and tell you exactly where you are on before problems happen.

Beautiful. And where can people find you?

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

One of them is, of course, my website, which is mikekoenigs.com, or a shortcut link that’s easy to remember is paidforlife.com. I have two podcasts. One is called Capability Amplifier with the great Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach. And the second one is called The Big Leap with Gay Hendricks, who wrote the book The Big Leap, it’s about getting past your upper limits challenges. He’s a remarkable genius. Both of them are 76 years old, they’ve lived a huge lifetime and they’re a combination of a best friend, brother, father, grandfather, mentor all rolled into one and we dive into and tap some big ideas for your life and your business I think are very complimentary to what you and I talked about before, but it’s a beautiful way to feel expressed and feel connected and also walk away from some big gems too. So you know if you enjoyed the conversation that we had today, we go in other directions and you know talk about deep meaningful things.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Mike. I appreciate you.

It is my absolute pleasure and honor, Orion. Again, I love your energy. I love who you are. And thank you for making a huge difference in the world with your message and the work you’re doing.

Thank you. And thank you, listeners. Thank you for listening. Remember, be kind to your partner. Make the bed in the morning. Be intentional with your goals and your feelings. And check your blood so you can live longer. And pay attention to the relationship between your soul and your body and have a stellar life. This is Orion til next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Stay present and show up for the ones you love. Your time and presence are the most precious gifts you can give your friends and family. 
{✓} Remain grounded even through chaos. Some activities that can help you stay grounded are meditation, journaling, and regular exercise. 
{✓} Seek ways to help expand your consciousness. It can be as simple as reading an excellent book or going on a trip to a different land to find your soul. 
{✓} Eradicate the fear of scarcity. If you live in abundance and believe in the Law of Attraction, whatever you set your mind to will become your reality.
{✓} Keep enriching your soul by staying healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There will be times where you may feel misaligned. Trust that it’s normal, and you will find balance again as long as you work your way through the challenges. 
{✓} Expand your knowledge by reading inspirational books. Mike Koenigs recommends the works of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer.
{✓} Believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone that comes into your life is a potential teacher.
{✓} Listen more. Be more attentive when someone is conversing with you. At the same time, stay in tune with your thoughts and feelings. When you listen, the answers will become more apparent.  
{✓} Set your intentions daily. Deciding the outcome of the day is a powerful activity. List three things you want to accomplish by the end of the day, and keep doing this to stay focused on your goals. 
{✓} Visit Mike Koenigs’s website to learn more about his advocacy, teaching, speaking events, and services.

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