Episode 67 | June 6, 2017

7 Habits of FAILURE that sabotage your success: Nick Cownie

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Mission #67

On Board: Louis DiBianco
Mission: Powerful Presentations & Storytelling

The Co-Pilot:

If you aren’t fully succeeding in living the purpose-filled life of your dreams, you’re failing. And, for many of us, it can be hard to recognize the bad habits and issues from which failure stems. As today’s guest explains, the seven things that most often prevent people from living the lives they want are all contained within the word FAILURE itself, and this is an easy way to remember and recognize them.

Nick Cownie is an Australian mindset change expert, the author of 7 Minute Mindset, and an in-demand speaker, coach, and mentor to thousands of people across the world. He uses NLP techniques to deeply shift their mindsets, anchor themselves in positive states, and achieve the lives they really want. He’s someone who has helped me personally with my mindset, and I’m excited for him to share his wisdom and insight with you today!

Connect With Nick:

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The Mission Log:

  • [02:54] – Nick starts things off by sharing a little about what he does. He also reveals the impact that the events that occurred the day after he turned 21 have had on his life path.
  • [06:38] – We learn more about how Nick dealt with his PTSD, and how this led him to get involved with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).
  • [10:58] – What is the fast phobia cure from NLP? As he answers, Nick explains that this cure is also called visual-kinesthetic dissociation.
  • [13:47] – Nick goes into more depth about what he means by “fluff” in NLP, which he has just mentioned he finds to be a problem.
  • [15:55] – Most of Nick’s clients these days are people looking to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their sales team, he explains. He also reveals that you can trace almost any issue anyone has to one of two things: fear and feelings about (lack of) worthiness.
  • [21:06] – Nick points out that very few people are genuinely in a -10 scenario by the scale he has just been talking about. He then discusses how he helps people who are on the negative side of this scale.
  • [24:32] – Nick explains that there are seven things that people do that stop them from living the kind of life they want, which fit into the acronym FAILURE.
  • [25:01] – The first issue in the FAILURE acronym is fear. As he discusses this topic, Nick explores the difference between fear and anxiety.
  • [28:19] – The letter “A” in this acronym stands for attention displacement, which means that you’re putting your attention in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • [29:53] – “I” stands for indecision. In explaining the role of indecision in not living the life you want, Nick shares a powerful quote: “Every decision should be made within the space of seven breaths.” He then reveals what an incredible difference this concept has made in his life. He and Orion then discuss the importance of exchanging value instead of getting things for free.
  • [37:27] – We’ve now reached the “L” in FAILURE, which is lack of action. The opposite habit of lack of action is not actually just action, but rather consistent action. In explaining this, he talks about making what he calls micro-commitments.
  • [41:50] – “U” stands for unrealistic expectations, which is particularly relevant now in the era of internet marketers. Nick and Orion discuss the Law of Attraction and the importance of taking action.
  • [45:25] – “R” is for repeating patterns. As Nick points out, all six points so far have been internal.
  • [46:08] – “E” stands for external negative influences, and is the first (and only) of the points that is about what happens to you through no doing of your own.
  • [48:28] – What are some quick things listeners can do to break through their own negative habits? The two ways that change happen are inside-out and outside-in, Nick explains. He then offers insight to help listeners immediately start breaking the FAILURE habits.
  • [56:06] – Nick offers his three top tips to living a stellar life. 1. Choose freedom. 2. Defy expectations. 3. Don’t die waiting.
  • [59:06] – Nick lists some ways people can find him online.

Links and Resources:

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@NickCownie on Twitter
Nick Cownie on Facebook
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