Episode 264 | September 28, 2021

Leap into Higher Consciousness with Suzanne Ross

A Personal Note From Orion

With all that is currently happening in the world, a larger number of people are more critical of the way they think. And that is a good thing! I think it’s high time for our civilization to become more curious about what’s happening around us. We can’t walk blindly anymore- it’s time to be awakened. 

In this episode with Suzanne Ross, we go deep down into the rabbit hole, talking about alternative realities, the truth behind our subconscious thoughts, the connection between ancient civilizations and current events, and so on. 

Suzanne is the author of the books, Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection and Rise Up! Awakening Through Revelation. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who can take your knowledge to new heights. Tune in for an out-of-this-world conversation. And so, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [01:28] – Orion introduces Suzanne Ross, an author, podcaster, and Internet TV host. She is the author of the UP! Trilogy; she released Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection in 
  • 2015 and most recently Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation.
  • [04:59] – Orion and Suzanne express how a desert is a mystical place where powerful spiritual experiences happen.
  • [09:59] – Suzanne explains why we can see different images of ourselves in past life readings or timeline regressions.
  • [15:08] – How to tell if you have blockages in one of the energy centers of your body and how can you clear it?
  • [20:36] – Do our thoughts create our reality? Can we travel into a different reality?
  • [26:03] – What are the ways you can stop and regroup yourself to stay on a higher vibration?
  • [31:00] – Suzanne talks about ONE: Operation New Earth, a community focused on co-creating the New Earth.
  • [35:37] – Suzanne discusses why spiritually awakened people have gone through dark nights of the soul or have faced life-changing challenges.
  • [41:47] – What is a Dormant DNA Strand Activation Session
  • [45:54] – Visit Suzanne Ross’ website at suzannerosswellness.com to learn more about her, check out her sessions, books, and valuable resources.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Suzanne, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for having me, Orion. I’m so delighted to be on your show. It’s truly an honor.

Thank you. You do so many interesting things. You write books, you do workshops, and you help people with their path of enlightenment. We’re going to talk all about that. Before we dive in, can you share a little bit about yourself and how you discovered your passion and your mission in life?

Thank you for asking. Over 25 years ago, I was working in the corporate world as a very stressed-out corporate executive, living on the East Coast, feeling very misplaced on the East Coast, and feeling very misaligned with my true calling. On a vacation in the desert of Southern California, I ran to the top of the mountain top and threw my arms up to this guy and said I am miserable in the extreme and see no way out. 

The anxiety and depression melted away and were replaced by excitement and enthusiasm.

At that moment, I felt a total sense of calm wash over me. I heard a voice resonating within me and all around me, and it said, can’t you see you’ve come home? You’ll stay here and heal yourself and many others. At that moment, all of the anxiety and depression melted away and was replaced by excitement and enthusiasm over my new life in the desert as a healer. 

In a matter of about two weeks, I completely transformed my life. I left my life on the East Coast and moved to the desert and started a wellness center. I never looked back and have been serving in many different ways the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of others. Here in the last decade, it’s really taken on a much more spiritual approach.

Now, I’ve become a spiritual counselor. After a missing time experience here in Sedona, my third eye was opened wide and fully activated, and I started to download advanced wisdom, knowledge, and really my psychic abilities came online in a powerful way. I began then also offering psychic readings and energy healing sessions. Here in Sedona, I offer spiritual journeys out on the land, and it’s just all about serving in any way I can for the well-being of others, Orion.

Beautiful. You said the desert is a healer. I always gravitate to the desert. I’m from Israel, and in my early 20s, I lived in the city called Eilat, which is on the border of the Sinai desert. I would cross and spend some days in the desert. There is something about the desert that is so freeing and magical.

Rise Up! 10 Days on the Ascension Path by Suzanne Ross

I feel the desert is truly mystical. There’s been so many ancient texts and scriptures talking about the mysticism of the desert. Thank you for bringing up your origin because that area seems very mystical, doesn’t it? There’s so much history there, so significant with powerful spiritual experiences.

Yeah. You said that you take people to different sites around the world. Do you take them to Egypt as well?

Thanks for asking that. My book, Rise Up! 10 Days on the Ascension Path, is a virtual adventure to sacred sites around the world. On this virtual adventure, I take people to sites like the pyramid complex at Giza and the Mayan temples in Central and South America. I take them to visit the Dogon tribes in North Africa, even Sedona here where I live. 

The purpose of this ascension adventure is to explore these advanced civilizations, these temple-building cultures from the ancient past who were so well-versed in mystery schools, who were priests and priestesses. Mayans were the masters of time and priest astronomers. The Dogon tribes of North Africa were very well-versed in quantum physics and superstring theory

Really, how did you find out about that?

Studying and researching. Researching those who had gone to visit these Dogon tribes, these primitive tribes who live in the Bandiarga plains of Africa. Who tell those who they invite into their tribe through these wisdom keepers that they are originally from the star Sirius B. That their star ancestors come to visit and tell them that the origins of creation all start with this cosmology of the string being the tiniest vibrating particle of the universe and part of creating it, along with many other details about how creation came into being. 

It aligns perfectly with modern scientific discoveries. These ancient cultures throughout the world were very advanced in their knowledge and wisdom about creation.

Wow. You went and you visited holy sites, what did you get there? What happened to you there?

These ancient cultures throughout the world were very advanced in their knowledge and wisdom about creation.

Again, this is a virtual journey, and so I have not physically.

Okay, but according to quantum physics, you can pretty much transport yourself there.

Thank you for that, yes. I’ve had many past life readings, and I also perform past life readings for others. I like to call them timeline regressions because, as we know, in truth, there is one eternal now moment where all of these incarnations are really unfolding all at once simultaneously. That’s why we could tap into them because they’re, in truth, happening. When we learned how to penetrate the inter-dimensional veils between our many different lifetimes in different 3D timelines, in different dimensions, higher dimensions.

I have traveled to Egypt on my own in my own inter-dimensional journeys. Seeing myself in the pyramid complexes. I’ve also had many past life readings from other well-versed psychics who have revealed my past lives in Egypt, in the Mayan temples. As such, have opened to download that advanced knowledge and wisdom from those other lifetimes as well.

I had a past life regression session, and the places I’ve been through and the things that I saw were somewhat painful. There was always the logical mind, the realistic mind that while I was having that experience, I was also doubting myself. Is this something that I’m making up? Am I really seeing what I’m seeing or feeling what I’m feeling right now?

Right. It’s our mind showing us these images, revealing these different incarnations to us. I take people into a hypnotic trance state where they reveal to me where they find themselves at a different time and place. They describe the landscape, who they are, what they’re doing, what it feels like to be them in this lifetime, and why they feel they’re being shown this lifetime because it always has significance for them in this lifetime.

It’s our mind showing us these images, revealing these different incarnations to us.

How do I know if I am imagining what I saw or it really happened?

I would say that your subconscious mind is showing you what is really unfolding as another aspect of you in another time and place. I believe that our mind shows us images and gives us the feeling behind it as a way of validating it. In these past life regressions I do, people will feel very passionate about what they’re seeing and experiencing and sometimes can be very emotional about it. I would say that that feeling aspect of it is really what gives it its validity.


I find that they’re very helpful for people because oftentimes, the lifetime that is revealed to them during these past life regressions has a very special significance for them here in this lifetime. Many times, it helps them to resolve karmic entanglements that they have with that other lifetime. Oftentimes, by merging with this other soul aspect, they can actually awaken the innate gifts and abilities that this other soul aspect has. It can be mutually beneficial for these souls to reunite on many levels.

Does it happen that somebody has a negative reaction to past life reading where they take on something from their past life into the present moment?

If an expert reader is guiding the session with their expertise and guidance, it’s always of course complemented by the energy work. In my work, whether it’s a remote session or whether it’s live, we first do the energy work. We also call upon Archangel Michael and his legion of angels. We use a protective energetic sphere to ensure that only the highest energies are invited into the session, and it’s always only for the highest good of all.

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That’s pretty cool. One of the things that you do is clearing an energy field. Can you share a bit about what energy fields, how you clear them, and can one clear them on their own?

Sure. I guide chakra journeys because if there are shadow energies or blockages, typically, they are seated on one of the 7 to 12 energy centers. So we go through, and we start with the root chakra, and we explore survival consciousness. We see what comes up for my clients when we spin that wheel. We may be able to identify shadows or blockages there. Then of course, we clear, cleanse, and illuminate that wheel to reveal any clearing that needs to take place in the wheel, to then make an intention, to intentionally dissolve that shadow energy, remove any blockages so that the Kundalini energy can then flow freely through it.

We go chakra by chakra. We dissolve any shadow energy. We clear any blockages. We illuminate each of the wheels until the Kundalini energy or the pranic life force energy can flow freely from the root to the crown. In that way, we cleanse and clear their energy field, clearing their aura, their rainbow body of light.

If someone has a blockage in one of the energy centers in the body aura and the energy—you called it prana energy, that it cannot go through—what happens to them? What are the symptoms in their physical body?

If an expert reader guides the session with their expertise and guidance, it’s always complemented by the energy work.

Yes. Blockages in the pranic flow will definitely cause physical, mental, and emotional stress and distress. It is very important to engage in that chakra cleansing journey to identify exactly what is the root cause of the blockages and/or shadow energy. Once we can identify the root cause, then we can cleanse and clear it with energy work. We can clear karmic entanglements. We can explore past trauma.

Sometimes the trauma is not related to this lifetime. It may be related to other lifetimes. The combination of the energy work, the chakra cleansing, and clearing along with the past life regressions can lead to a very comprehensive clearing, cleansing, and healing experience.

What is reuniting your fragmented self? What does that even mean? Are we all fragmented? What do we do to reunite those fragments?

I believe that we have one whole true self at the center of our creation. We might call that our eternal soul, but even now, in quantum physics and cognitive brain science, they’re calling it your conscious agent, this conscious being who is behind all of your incarnations. I like to call it the eternal soul. This eternal soul is mentally projecting these holographic fractals of itself into this mental construct of space-time. 

Sometimes the trauma is not related to this lifetime. However, it may be related to other lifetimes.

I believe that there is an eternal universe. You might call it the central universe where the eternal souls exist in an existential reality and (just like the Creator) expresses their 12 archetypes, the original 12 archetypes similar to the personalities expressed on the zodiac wheel. Theosophy would say that this eternal soul is projecting 12 aspects of itself in each of the 12 dimensions, implicating that we each have 144 soul extensions. I believe that to be true. 

For instance here in the third dimension, you would be expressing all 12 signs of your zodiac wheel, all 12 aspects of your personality in 12 different 3D timelines. These would be considered fragmented soul aspects, but the way that holograms work is that even in a holographic fractal, the whole is still expressed. You have the ability to tune into these other soul aspects of who you are in these different timelines and dimensions simply by tuning into your eternal soul and observing through the eyes of your eternal soul all of these different lifetimes that are unfolding all at once.

You said 144 timelines are happening at once right now. Is there a timeline where COVID does not exist? How does it work?

Yes. Many different parallel realities, and this is really being confirmed now in quantum physics. Quantum physicists will say all time is happening all the time. When you move beyond time and recognize the fact that all of these parallel realities are co-existing even in parallel universes, yes, there are many different realities that are all happening all at once in this one universal consciousness. It’s all interconnected through different matrices, through different matrix realities that are unfolding. Here we are in the 3D matrix.

The purpose of ascension adventure is to explore civilizations from the ancient past who were so well-versed and adept in math, science, engineering, and medicine.

But we can project our consciousness into higher dimensional realms. Through the 4D astral plane, for instance, we can project our minds into higher dimensional planes or higher-dimensional matrices. There are many different matrices within one universal consciousness. Yes, there are many different realities. It just depends on where you’re looking.

Do you believe our thoughts create our reality? If so, can we just jump into a different reality, and everything around us is going to change?

Well, that’s a good question. In a meditative experience, you can certainly visit other timelines and who you are being. Here and now, you are Orion, and I am Suzanne. Here we are expressing ourselves in this third-dimensional reality with where we are at, who we are being, who we are with, the reality that we have created around us for this lifetime. We may expand our consciousness in this lifetime and actually become higher consciousness beings, but we’re still observing, perceiving, and existing within this third-dimensional reality.

As we expand our minds in this lifetime, we may start to see things from a higher perspective. We may gradually begin to shift into a higher dimensional perspective and start to see things even from a fifth-dimensional perspective. With spiritual practices and an intention to send our consciousness, we can do this. 

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We may, even in this lifetime, actually transform ourselves into a higher dimensional version of ourselves and start to create that reality. We may actually even move out of or expand and beyond the third-dimensional reality. We may transcend the 3D matrix in that way. But we will still be experiencing the reality that we are creating as an expansion of this one if that makes sense.

Now, when we transcend, let’s say we transcend into the 50 reality and we have a different perspective, how is that going to affect our bank account, for example? How is that going to affect our dealing with our loved ones or world events?

From our higher dimensional perspective, we can start living in a higher way where we are projecting love and light, where we dedicate ourselves to raising the love-light frequency of ourselves and others, where we are enhancing the unity consciousness, where maybe we are living in conscious community. We are transcending in that way the fear and the separation of a darker agenda that may be unfolding as a new world order in the third dimension, while we are focused on creating a new earth, a new 5D earth. 

By the way that we are living and being, interacting and reacting with our reality, we may want to withdraw all of our money out of the central banking system and instead invest in digital coins for instance as we create a new earth and move out of what may be a new world order. We may make decisions that further transcend the 3D matrix.

That makes sense. I got it now. We’ll just have to step into a place of alignment, higher vibration, and a bigger consciousness so we can take whatever decisions we need to take in this 3D reality. It doesn’t mean that we are going to completely be separated from the 3D reality. It means that we’re going to dance with it in the easiest or most productive way.

We have to be well aware that where our attention goes, energy flows.

Dancing with it is a beautiful way to express that, Orion. We keep our ears and eyes wide open to that which is unfolding around us without going into a rabbit hole. We have to be well aware that where our attention goes, energy flows. We don’t want to dive into the darkness and focus too much of our attention there because then we help to permeate that. We want to focus on the love and the light, but we also do want to have some level of awareness. 

For instance, if the central banking system collapses or we foresee that coming back, then we can take those action steps necessary to protect ourselves, to protect our freedoms, to protect our finances, and to have the liberation of sovereignty and freedom to pursue happiness and prosperity in our own way. Protecting our rights and freedoms to do so.

Sometimes I have arguments with my husband where I’m like, we need to do this, and we need to do that, and we need to prepare like this and like that. He’s like, don’t even talk about it because the moment you talk about it, you co-create it. I don’t know if me talking about it co-creates it, but I know that we need to be ready for whatever comes. It seems like a very thin line between fear and just being in a state of preparation. How am I preparing to not co-create a darker reality?

What I would say is that there is a movement on planet earth to create new ways of housing your money, for instance, and people that I know are part of a liberation movement who are creating new banking opportunities. New communities that are self-sustaining, new digital coins for instance where everything is online. 

An eternal moment where all of these incarnations are unfolding all at once simultaneously is happening right now. So that’s why we could tap into them because they’re happening.

In the sovereign communities that are self-sustaining, creating their own internet, creating their own intranets, growing their own food so that if something were to happen where the food supply was depleted and/or we were required to be vaccinated in order to buy or sell goods, that we have our own unity communities where we have our own goods and services available for one another. We are not reliant on the central banking system and/or general commerce.

Of course. When you hear those news, when you go and become a part of those communities, how do you keep your vibration of love, light, healing, and all that good stuff? Because you seem to be very strongly grounded in the positive. But I’m sure that even for somebody like you, sometimes it can get fearful. What do you do to not get…?

I try to recognize when I move into fear and stop, regroup.

How do you stop and regroup?

By recognizing that everyone has come here during this 3D duality to serve different roles. Everyone’s in a different place on their consciousness journey. Without putting any blame or resentment on those who may be part of constructing a new world order, for instance—

They already declared that in Australia. In Australia, they declared a new world order. At least that’s something that I read.

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Yes, it’s interesting. I had a session with a client from Australia who was telling me that they’re already using QR codes in their phones as a way to scan when they enter different businesses or what have you. It is interesting to see that happening.

They’re openly talking about microchips and all that. Things that were considered conspiracy theories just a few months ago are now headlines, and everybody is like, okay, that’s all right. I feel like there’s a lot of people who are not aware or willing to see those changes.

Again, focusing on alternative ways of living, being outside of that. This gentleman who I had as a client from Australia is packing his bags. There’s no way he’s going to be part of what may be unfolding there if it threatens himself or his way of life. He does not want to be under the authoritarian rule of a dictatorship. He’ll go and find another place for him and his family to reside where they can experience freedom, sovereignty, and still pursue happiness and prosperity.

I just heard that in France. The people were protesting so much that they canceled the vaccination passport that they wanted to have. They wanted to have something to do with vaccination passports and all of them were people like, no, you can’t force us to do anything. They all rise up together in unity. Then they couldn’t pass that law. I know there are humongous demonstrations in London, like a million people—things that are not being broadcast in mainstream media.

When you choose to serve the light selflessly, you’ll be given many tests along the way to see how dedicated you indeed are to serving the light.

What are your thoughts about the awakening of people on the planet? Do you see more and more people being awakened? How do you think it’s going to affect the unity and prosperity of the planet?

Excellent question. Yes, that’s exactly what we need to do. We need to not engage in the agenda of the New World Order. We need to create alternative ways of living and being for ourselves that transcend that. I’m very focused on Operation New Earth, which is something that I came up with, this acronym ONE, Operation New Earth.

That’s a good acronym.

Thank you. It came to me, and it dawned one morning when I always get downloads of different things I’m being called to do and become a leader of. This ONE, Operation New Earth, is on my television network, SciSpi.tv, which is merging science and spirituality. In this channel, Operation New Earth, there are videos produced by myself and many of my colleagues with ideas for creating the new 5D so that we can transcend this 3D matrix in this New World Order.

Yes, I do believe more and more people are awakening on the planet. If that’s their destiny, if that’s where they’re at in their consciousness, we have to recognize that yes, some of us are done learning through separation and suffering. We’re ready to ascend into a higher 5D consciousness, while at the same time there are others who may be new arrivals and haven’t mastered the lessons of the 3D reality. They will go around the wheel again, in 3D, into descension and devolution, back into dark ages to then get on the ascension cycle again, and back into a Golden Age of Enlightenment.

I do believe more and more people are awakening on the planet.

I really believe in the Hindu tradition of the ages of the Yugas where you have this 25,900-year cycle of 12,700-year ascending arc from dark ages into a Golden Age of Enlightenment. Where those who have awakened and ascended have an opportunity to get off the 3D wheel. But for those who aren’t ready, there’s really no judgment about it. It’s just that they have not mastered the lessons of 3D, and they still have an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons in this 3D duality.

At that point, they will then go on this descending devolution arc, this 12,700-year descending evolution arc back into Dark Ages to have the opportunity to get on the ascension cycle again. This is the 3D wheel. It’s a wheel of an ascending arc and a descending arc. We see that from history. We know we were once advanced temple-building civilizations. Then we seem to go on this dissension devolution arc, into the Dark Ages where we could barely build a shack in a house.

This is the cycle of the 3D wheel. Here we have been catapulted on an accelerated evolution plan into the Golden Ages. There is this great shift happening now being facilitated by the supercharged and coded photons coming to us from the Great Central Sun raising the Schumann resonance, and raising the love light frequency of many on the planet if they are open and ready to receive it. If so, they start living their life consciously and intentionally.

Selfless service to others is key service to the light. When you choose to serve the light selflessly, you’ll be given many tests along the way to see how dedicated you truly are to serving the light. If you continue to pass your test, then the gates of ascension will open for you.

I like to say that the night is a great gift.

What kind of tests did you experience? For example, what is a test?

Most people I know who have spiritually awakened have gone through dark nights of the soul. I like to say that the dark night is a great gift. When suddenly you’re faced with life-changing challenges, and people will experience their life around them dissolving in a destructive way. Oftentimes, they experience loss, loss of a job, maybe loss of their way of life. They feel like they’re spiraling into a black hole in this dark night.

But if they can hang in there and have faith in the light, they will find themselves catapulting out of the dark night into a much brighter light on the other side of the tunnel. These dark nights often lead to great awakenings.

Why do we have to have dark nights of the soul and have all these pains in order to get awakened? Why can’t we just be awakened?

Maybe. It’s a way of catapulting you into the light. It’s a way of waking people up. You just may be going along, happy with the way that your life is, and not making a major effort to advance yourself. But you may then experience a dark night, where you’re forced to wake up and awaken into a new higher way of living and being.

I think COVID has been a great catalyst for this awakening where people are going along in their routines and their life is stagnant. They’re not really making any progress on their spiritual path. Then something happens that completely disrupts their life, disrupts their routine, gives them an opportunity to look at their life and the way that they’ve been living it. To see what’s been conducive to their well-being and the well-being of others and what hasn’t been. They’re given the opportunity to redesign their life.

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Sometimes it’s forced upon them by a job loss or financial loss, and they have to recalibrate. In that recalibration, they’re given the opportunity to redesign their lives in a new and better way. If they stay focused on the light and this faith and knowing that everything is divine order, everything is in divine timing. They are divine themselves.

Beautiful. What are your daily rituals to help you keep connected to that higher vibration, to the light?

I wake up, walk outside, and do a sun salutation. I thank the sun for rising on another day. I do an ancient sun mantra honoring the sun. I really feel like the sun is a divine portal through which divine consciousness flows. Through our own sun, we can access the Great Central Sun. In doing so, open to receive downloads of divine blessings of love and light. I just love honoring the sun in that way. 

I take a nature walk with my dogs. While on my walk, I remain very present in this state of awe and wonder about the creation around me. In doing so, oftentimes I receive downloads of information and intelligence, maybe instructions, maybe epiphanies, ideas, things I’m being called to do. Really, just being out there in connection with the natural world, with creation, and just honoring it, knowing I’m an integral part of it.

Nice. I like what you said about being in a state of wonder because that’s how children are. They’re always in a state of wonder. They are not predicting something that is going to happen. They don’t leave in the future or what the future can hold. They stay in the present, in a state of wonder because they’re just open to discover what’s next and what’s next, and how cool is this and how cool is that.

I feel like the sun is a divine portal through which divine consciousness flows.

Especially becoming a mom two years ago, I became more responsible, more like a mom. I am very childlike in nature. Now I feel like I need to be a mom. I put myself a little bit in a box. I was talking to my coach. He was like, stay in a state of wonder, live outside of the box, and find other moms that are not in that box because you cannot be contained in a box. You have to be in a state of wonder and have fun. I received that message a few times recently. It resonates very strongly with me.

Yes, I think Einstein said, never cease to stand like children in awe of the creation. I feel that is such a fundamental truth and a powerful way to stay connected to the creation, to stay in this bliss state of gratitude and appreciation for this precious opportunity called life on this beautiful planet called Mother Earth. If we can live in that state of being and do our best to stay in that state of the empowered consciousness, then we won’t fall victimhood to being in a state of lower consciousness. We stay in that elevated state of gratitude and connection.

Beautiful. There is one more thing that you do that I have never heard of. I don’t know what it means even. You do Dormant DNA Activation. What is that?

When I do a timeline regression with the intention of connecting my client into a higher dimensional aspect of themselves—in 5D, 7D, 9D—I start to reunite them with these higher dimensional expressions of who they’re being as a more advanced being, who has more DNA strands activated. 

With this soul merge, we then can activate our dormant DNA strands here and now, awakening innate gifts and abilities. It’s really through the soul merge with our higher dimensional selves that we can activate dormant DNA. I often wondered why we only use 10% of our brain and why physicists say we actually only use 4% of our DNA, and they like to call the rest junk.

We know that we have no junk DNA, that we are divine beings.

We do, only 4%?

That is what they say, 4%, and then they call the rest junk. We know that we have no junk DNA, that we are divine beings. I was shown in a download that it’s because here in the third dimension, we are only expressing 10% of who we are in wholeness. When we are able to reunite with who we are in the fourth dimension, for instance, we bring on 10 more percent of our brain. We activate more of our dormant DNA.

By the time we get to the 12th dimension, where the eternal realm is, where we are whole, perfect, and complete, we now have 100% of our brain online and all of our DNA activated. This is part of reuniting our fragmented souls is to merge with these higher dimensional aspects. As we do, we truly awaken innate gifts of spiritual technology, advanced gifts and abilities.

Wow. You say that we can affect our DNA.

Absolutely. I, myself, am a testament to that. As I started to merge with these higher dimensional aspects of myself and connect into source, I began to download advanced knowledge and wisdom, and awaken gifts of advanced spiritual technologies. I can only attribute that to this merging with my higher self to start becoming a higher version of myself. In doing so, these gifts and abilities awaken. It’s nothing I’ve ever been taught or read about.

It’s just a natural advancement of my consciousness with intentional practices and connections with my higher dimensional self, also opening to receive that guidance from spiritual guides, ascended masters, opening the crown, and doing some advanced practices by seeding my consciousness within my Merkabah, awakening my higher dimensional chakras. 

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Using all of this spiritual technology, I have been able to advance myself, transcending the 3D version of myself, and expanding into a higher dimensional version. In service—it’s all directed at being at the highest level of service for others.

Nice. What are your three top tips to live in a stellar life?

Go out into the world and radiate your love and light every day in every way. Make a commitment to being the highest version of your best self. You’re witnessing and observing yourself, always saying, today, I’m going to do better than I did yesterday. In this next hour, I’m going to do better than I did in the last hour.

If you find yourself slipping, living and being judgmental of yourself or others, you have the opportunity to stop and redirect. In my first book, Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection, I gave practical guidance for simple practices like the one I call redirect. If you find yourself moving into a lower consciousness and having thoughts that move into fear or judgment of others, then you have the opportunity to redirect that thought into love or into compassion and kindness.

The more that you do that throughout the day, the more it becomes your natural way of being. Dedicate yourself to selfless service. How may I serve? Ask yourself every day as you move throughout your day. How may I serve? How may I serve the awakening and ascension of humanity? When you do your spiritual practices, do them with the intention of being of higher service.

Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection by Suzanne Ross

Amazing, beautiful. Where can people find you? 

I invite you to visit my personal website, suzannerosswellness.com. There, you’ll have access to my books, the sessions that I offer both online and live, as well as the spiritual journeys I lead here in the sacred vortex sites of Sedona. Also, I have many meditations, initiations, and activations you can download.

Beautiful. Thank you so much, Suzanne. It was a fascinating conversation, and I really enjoyed your company here. Thank you for being here.

Thank you, Orion. I appreciate you having me on. I send you love and many blessings. Namaste.

Namaste. Thank you, listeners. Remember to radiate your love and light every day and make a commitment to be the higher version of yourself. Dedicate yourself to selfless service and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Don’t hesitate when you feel you’re ready to step into a place of alignment, higher vibration, and consciousness. Go all in; everything will be worth it.
{✓} Restore balance in your energy by chakra cleansing and clearing blockages in your space. 
{✓} Be open to an alternative way of living. What you know now may not apply to you eventually. Learn to adapt to the world while still maintaining balance in the way you think for yourself.
{✓} Accept things as they are. Of course, it’s essential to be as prepared as possible for whatever comes but don’t forget that it’s ok to let go of things you can’t control.
{✓} Have faith in the light that no matter what happens, you’re assured you will be alright. 
{✓} Always be in a constant state of wonder. Sometimes as adults, it’s so easy to forget our worries and just accept life as it is.
{✓} Radiate love and light every day in every way. Spread joy and positivity to your surroundings.
{✓} Commit to being the highest version of your best self. Learn as you go and accept that you will always be a work in progress.
{✓} Dedicate yourself to selfless service. An excellent way to achieve a higher vibration is when you offer your gifts to others. 
{✓} Visit Suzanne Ross’ website to learn more about her teachings, events, and upcoming retreats.

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About Suzanne Ross

Suzanne is an author, podcaster, and Internet TV host. She is the author of the UP! Trilogy; she released Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection in 2015 and most recently Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation.



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