Episode 122 | June 26, 2018

Find your Tribe and Change the World with Jeffrey Van Dyk

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Mission #122

On Board: Find your Tribe and Change the World
Mission: Jeffrey Van Dyk

When it comes to your work in the world, you can’t spend too much energy worrying about being liked. Instead, you need to lay claim to the message you’re here to bring to the world. Because you’re putting your stake in the ground, you’re likely to be very polarizing, which means that some people will vehemently disagree with you. People will either love you or won’t like you at all. This is why, when you’re operating in the role of a leader, you can’t spend time trying to be liked.

Jeffrey Van Dyk joins me today to share this and many more insights into leadership. Jeffrey is an award-winning international speaker and trainer who has mentored thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s also the founder of the powerful Tribal Marketing Method. In our conversation today, we’ll talk more about leadership, as well as how to upgrade from a wound-driven operating system to a purpose-driven operating system, finding and connecting with your tribe, and how to bring who you truly are into your work and into your life.

Connect With Jeffrey:

Jeffrey Van Dyk on LinkedIn
@jeffreyvandyk on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [02:56] – Jeffrey starts off the conversation by telling us a little bit about himself.
  • [04:20] – Who are the people who have influenced Jeffrey the most as far as what he teaches today?
  • [08:17] – Orion shares her story of wanting to be liked when she came to the United States after spending several years in Japan.
  • [09:56] – Jeffrey ties what Orion has been saying into the concepts of magnetism and marketing.
  • [15:32] — If we stay on the surface level of the drama of struggling against ourselves, we can stay stuck there for years, Jeffrey points out.
  • [19:02] – All of our wounds have both an expiration date and a purpose, Jeffrey explains, and explores how he reacted to his own wounds.
  • [22:12] – Jeffrey points out that there’s a void that occurs when something is painful and it doesn’t make sense.
  • [24:23] – We learn more about how our wound-driven operating system works, and that it’s fueled by reactivity.
  • [28:12] – Jeffrey explains what he meant by saying that what used to be purposeful can become poison.
  • [31:16] – We hear about Jeffrey’s experience with his parents when he was young.
  • [33:45] – How do you clean out your emotional wounds?
  • [37:01] – Jeffrey talks about moving from a wound-driven operating system to a purpose-driven operating system.
  • [40:44] – We hear about a few specific sessions and conversations that Jeffrey has had with clients.
  • [42:56] – Orion talks about the shadow work that she does with her clients.
  • [44:19] – What are Jeffrey’s three top tips for living a stellar life? #1. Grace, and remembering that there is a redemptive love in the world. #2. If you feel alone or like you don’t belong, recognize that you do have a tribe. #3. Realize that it’s not all work.
  • [47:01] – Orion reveals that she just came back from Budapest, and points out that she has achieved a lot just because she took some time to have fun.
  • [47:35] – Where can people find and connect with Jeffrey?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Be a living embodiment of your brand’s promise. Take note of the famous saying, “practice what you preach”.

✓ Breathe. When you’re feeling sad, angry or stressed, take a minute to breathe consciously and deeply. This will help you have more clarity.

✓ Be yourself and stop being too self-conscious. Don’t blend in so much that you forget who you really are.

✓ Be graceful in everything that you do. Tapping into that type of love is a game-changer in work and in life.

✓ Be compassionate and accepting of others’ differences. When you let others feel that they belong, they’re more likely to trust you.

✓ Treat your struggles as a pathway to your true purpose. You wouldn’t be where you are in life without your stories of survival.

✓ Take time to heal but don’t stay too long in a state of suffering. Take what you have left and use your voice to empower yourself and others.

✓ Reset and refocus as much as you need. Achieving goals is about balancing hard work and relaxation.

✓ Remember that you are not alone. You will always have a tribe out there who understands you and shares your passions.

✓ Have fun! Find something you love doing that doesn’t involve work. This will help you know yourself better.


O: Hi and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. This is your host, Orion. Super happy that you’re here to listen to my guest today, Mr. Jeffrey Van Dyk. He is an award-winning international speaker and trainer who has mentored and trained thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. He is the founder of the Tribal Marketing Method—a revolutionary body of work that helps leaders hone in on precisely who they are meant to serve so they can bring their unique message to the people who need it the most. Today we’re going to talk about how to upgrade your operating system, how to move from a wound-driven operating system to a purpose-driven operating system, so you can get out of your way, and make a difference in the world. We’re going to focus on how to show your true colors and how to bring who you are into your work and into your life. Now, without further ado, onto the show. Hey, Jeffrey. Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast!

J: Hey, so glad to be here. Thank you so much.

O: Yeah. I’m excited to be talking to you. I love your teachings. I’ve attended one of your seminars and it was wonderful.

J: Awesome. Thank you.

O: Before we start, why don’t you just tell us a little bit about yourself?

J: I’ll start on the personal side. I live in Los Angeles, I live just underneath the Hollywood sign in Beachwood Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. Four years ago, I was guided to move to LA after 13 years in San Francisco. The thrust of it was my audience. The people I’m here to serve all have a message for the world, have a new way of seeing the world, change they want to see in the world, and are here to influence certain industries, certain groups of people, or what I call tribes. What I love about LA and why I think I was guided to move here is LA is the broadcast capital of the world. Different cities I think, broker different currencies. DC brokers political power, New York financial power but LA broker is the power of story. Story is how we create in the world.

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