Episode 116 | May 15, 2018

Personal Safety & Self-Defence with David Nance

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Mission #116

On Board: David Nance
Mission: Personal Safety & Self-Defence

The best way to keep yourself safe in a world that can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous is to be aware, alert, and prepared. How can you do this? You can avoid using your phone while walking around. You can visualize dangerous scenarios to train yourself how to react. You can keep a safe physical distance between yourself and strangers. You can even carry pepper spray when walking alone at night.

To help you with personal safety topics like this, I invited my good friend David Nance onto the show. David is a personal safety expert who has been featured on many TV channels, and knows all about protecting and defending yourself. He’s been in the personal safety industry for over 20 years. David started off by creating the law enforcement training division for SABRE Security Equipment Corporation, the largest manufacturer of pepper sprays, personal safety equipment, and products for law enforcement.

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Personal Safety Expert

The Mission Log:

  • [02:32] – David starts things off by sharing a bit about himself and his history in the personal safety industry.
  • [04:49] – What do listeners need to know about self-defense? David answers, then Orion discusses her own experiences with safety issues in Israel.
  • [09:12] – David responds to the experiences that Orion has shared, then the two of them discuss the vulnerability of people who often aren’t present (due to being on their phones, for example).
  • [13:19] – Orion shares a more recent experience that illustrates that scary things can happen even in safe areas.
  • [14:39] – We hear David’s thoughts on the Santa Monica episode that Orion has just mentioned.
  • [17:06] – David shares his thoughts on gun policy and discusses the importance of training and responsibility.
  • [20:35] – What should listeners do to prepare themselves for any type of situation?
  • [22:20] – Orion shares the origin story of Krav Maga. She then talks about a powerful exercise she learned in Krav Maga to help prepare your body to react powerfully in dangerous real-life situations.
  • [26:32] – Has David ever encountered a dangerous situation?
  • [28:30] – David talks about learning how to take a punch, and what it feels like the first time you’re hit square in the jaw.
  • [29:52] – Orion talks about whether she has used (or consider using) pepper spray for self-protection.
  • [31:38] – David discusses how using pepper spray would work in relation to the specific hypothetical scenario that Orion has just provided.
  • [33:22] – We hear about the difference between pepper spray and pepper gel.
  • [34:21] – What are some of David’s top tips for women in regard to safety?
  • [37:58] – David shares some tips and techniques for creating physical distance and keeping yourself safe.
  • [40:39] – When using pepper spray, aim to go from ear-to-ear (meaning side-to-side) across the eyes rather than just trying to dot the eyes.
  • [41:21] – What does pepper spray actually do to the person who gets sprayed? And if you get attacked, what body parts should you go for when fighting back?
  • [42:50] – David talks about how to recognize whether someone is dangerous. He then shares his thoughts on home security systems.
  • [45:34] – What should you do when somebody knocks on your door?
  • [46:45] – David shares his three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Have a plan. 2. Do what’s necessary. 3. Live well, be healthy, and be happy.
  • [47:15] – Where can people reach David or find and buy his products?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Educate yourself on personal safety by obtaining knowledge on how to deal with or prevent dangerous situations.

✓ Always have a plan. This is the best self-defense method and it will help you discern what to do in times of crisis.

✓ Always have a back-up plan. Have a first aid kit nearby or bring pepper spray with you to feel safe.

✓ Keep emergency hotlines close at all times. Have them saved on your phone or write them down and keep them in your wallet.

✓ Be aware of your surroundings. If you sense any form of danger, it’s best to steer clear and find a safe place.

✓ Visualize yourself in a high stress situation. This will train your brain to deal with danger.

✓ Be aware of emergency exits and safe rooms in schools, workplaces or any public area you frequent.

✓ If you own a firearm, make sure that you are licensed and properly trained to handle it.

✓ Take some self-defense/martial arts lessons but only use your skills when needed.  Choose peace over violence when possible.

✓ Spend time with the people you love. No one knows what tomorrow will bring so it’s best to let your loved ones know how you feel.


O: Listen, I’m all about the notion that we are living in a friendly universe, that we are safe. I believed my whole life that I have angels that are guiding me and protecting me because when I was young, let me tell you, I had a lot of courage that was borderline stupidity. I got myself into situations that were dangerous, dangerous. Plus, I travelled the world by myself. I went to many countries on my own for years. It’s easy for a woman that travel on her own to get herself into maybe situations that are not safe. I think it is your personal responsibility to take care of your safety. To help you with that, I invited a good friend of mine, his name is David Nance, and he’s a personal safety expert. He was featured on tons and tons of TV channels like Fox News, Spike TV, The History Channel, and CBS, and more, and more, and more, and more. He’s a true expert when it comes to really protecting yourself and when it comes to self-defense. Hello, David, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

D: Hi, Orion. Good to be here, thank you.

O: Thank you for being here. Today, we’re going to talk about safety tips and all the big dangers out there, and how can we protect ourselves, and all that good stuff. Before we start, why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do?

D: I’m a personal safety expert. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. I started out by creating the law enforcement training division for Sabre Security Equipment Corporation, that’s actually the largest manufacturer of pepper sprays, and personal safety equipment, and personal safety products for law enforcement, most notably oleoresin capsicum or OC sprays for their personal safety.

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