Episode 355 | January 30, 2024

From Darkness to Light: How Light Therapy Heals and Transforms Life with Allison Pelissier

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome, stellar souls! I’m thrilled to welcome you to this Stellar Life episode with my amazing guest, intuitive healer, Allison Pelissier. Allison shares her vast knowledge of energy and light technologies and insights that can truly help you to change your life.

Since childhood, Allison has utilized her extrasensory gifts and sensitivity to subtle energies to help empower the growth of others. She offers intuitive readings, energy healing sessions, and works with tools like the Lucia N°03 light. Her passion is to help people embrace their most vibrant, aligned selves.

During our profound conversation, I had the honor of soaking up Allison’s radiance. Tune in to discover her tips to find presence, connect with nature, shift out of stagnant patterns, practice forgiveness, utilize light therapy, and more!

This episode overflows with inspiration to illuminate your journey. Allison’s warmth and wisdom touched my soul — I know her message will inspire you, too. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:38] – Alison Pellissier shares her journey and insights on how to break old patterns and move forward as one’s best self, using techniques such as Lucia light sessions and centering oneself.
  • [08:27] – Alison reveals how she keeps herself open and flexible and describes her goals in 2024.
  • [13:26] – Alison emphasizes presence and non-duality to stay in expansion and align with goals.
  • [20:09] – Alison discusses the benefits of using light and sound technology to help people process deep-seated emotions and memories, citing examples like Lucia lights and sound healing.
  • [27:29] – Orion and Alison talk about self-care, authenticity, and inner child healing.
  • [30:51] – Orion describes her struggles with letting go of control, prompting Alison to emphasize approaching each day with a fresh mindset and an openness to surprise.
  • [35:22] – Alison and Orion elaborate on accepting oneself and others and how unconscious expectations can hold people from change.
  • [43:11] – Alison provides three tips for living a stellar life.

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 Hi, Allison. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Yes, I am so excited. We met at a Maverick1000 trip a few months ago. You are such an incredible human. You’re radiating. Some people are just magnetic, and you’re one of them. I’m so happy you’re here, and we can talk about all kinds of things together.

Thank you. Wonderful. I’m excited.

Before we begin, please share a little about yourself, your journey, and what you did today.

Right now, I’m in Bali. I just got up a couple of hours ago and had my little morning meditation and movement to get the day going. My life has been rather extraordinary, which I’m very excited about.

I started in more of the education and development field because it helped me emerge from challenging situations and come into my power and sovereignty as a child. That evolved into doing healing work, supporting people, living the life of my dreams of traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and raising consciousness.

That’s amazing. So you were a teacher?

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Yeah. I have a Master’s Degree in International Education and Development. I worked for many years in education and psychology, from schools in Harlem teaching reading to working in Thailand as a science teacher at a bilingual school. I ended up writing a science book for the school. I rewrote their science book to be much more fun and engaging, which was a really fun project.

I’ve also worked in Nepal. I taught teachers English and taught the children meditation and yoga, reintroducing that into their culture, which was an interesting role. Originally, I’ve worked in many different capacities in education.

Wow, it’s like a foreigner teaching Japanese to wear a kimono.

Exactly. It’s wild. The moment was strange because I went to Nepal thinking, “Oh, wow, I have so much to learn.” But in the remote hills where I was at this little international school, there was a real disconnect from even basic concepts of yoga and meditation.

We’re so privileged to have the opportunity to be able to tune into spirit and make that a part of our life, whereas many people who are living day to day don’t have that option to get to that place of curiosity to start exploring the spirit in a lot of cultures because of globalization and the way culture has changed a lot of these ancient secrets, magic, and connection have been lost.

Different people have different strengths. A lot of it comes from our childhoods and our coping mechanisms.

How did you discover yoga and meditation?

I was a figure ice skater when I was younger. I was obsessed with that for a while, which really brought me into yoga. One of the complimentary practices for ice skating was yoga. It was a way to ice skate when I wasn’t ice skating.

I was babysitting when I was 12 and saving whatever money I could to contribute because ice skating was quite expensive. My parents were horrified that that was my main interest, so I got to try yoga. Ice skating helped me clear my head, come to my center, and embody elegance and grace. Something about the silence and the cool air of the ice skating rink helped me come to my center.

I used to go every morning before school, but many other skaters at my level went four hours daily. I couldn’t do that, so I got to try yoga. Then, I realized a whole other dimension of spirit in working on the mat and being able to center myself there.

I got an opportunity to experience that around age 13 or 14. While ice skating disappeared from my life, yoga remained. I got to go to India. I originally decided to do my yoga teacher training in India about 14 or 15 years ago because I wanted a more authentic experience.

These days, I don’t teach yoga per se. I have a retreat and do a few yoga sessions there. It’s part of my daily practice. The Asana, as many people know, is that connection to the source. That’s just one way to move the body to our meditation center.

How many countries have you been in?

A lot. I actually haven’t counted. I was thinking about it the other day. I was like, “I could,” but the way I live is less methodical and more in that feminine flow of just being present. Something opens, and I’m like, “Oh yes. The next opportunity arises, and I flow to where I feel called.”

Our vibrations allow us to re-center our bodies, minds, and souls.

How do you keep yourself so open and flexible?

Different people have different strengths. A lot of it, of course, comes from our childhood and our coping mechanisms. Certain people become more rigid as a way to attempt control growing up in an unpredictable environment, and agility became my coping mechanism. That was helpful for me.

While some might find it challenging to live my lifestyle, I enjoy it. In 2024, my challenge is to step into more structure and find places to bring in all the magic, manifest, and create this incredible divine chaos. But when it comes to being super-ordered, like getting systems in my business, that’s where I have my challenges.

You need to find people to do that for you. What’s your dream for 2024? What do you want to achieve?

In 2024, I think it’s more about coming back to the center and creating more systems and, in the systems, actually expanding my reach and sharing from my heart, my gifts, and my learnings over the years. Last year, I was dealing with some health situations, and I’ve resolved that. I feel this new level of gratitude for living in my expression, a new renewal of life’s preciousness, and how quickly things can pass.

The vision I see is more of the ray of the sun and the way, without clouds in the sky, it can just beam so far.

It’s being present, honoring the beauty of the present, and acting and growing from that. The vision I see is more of the ray of the sun and the way, without clouds in the sky, it can just beam so far. I feel like the clouds are just the stresses, worries, and chaos—not the chaos magic, but the chaos that we bring in, the doubt, the overwhelm, and all of that.

When those clouds are not there, it’s just that divine energy. That source light can just reach far and bright. I’m not sure what that looks like exactly. It’s still unfolding, but that’s the vision that I keep getting.

Is your business about healing and touching more people and souls by having more retreats? What is it like? I know you don’t know the vision exactly, but what would it be if you did?

Yeah, I do a few things. I personally do intuitive readings and energy healings, and then I also work with practitioners and light technologies. In terms of touching people, I feel passionate about making the community a really supportive community, as is the education about what we can achieve when we’re centered in divinity and coming from our hearts.

I have a retreat here in a couple of weeks, but then I think it’s more about creating things on a larger scale. I love working with practitioners because they have already touched so many people. I love working with musicians. I love connecting with people. I feel real soul resonance with people with a large reach because I think that many people who are in touch with many people have a lot of energy. Being that support, centering, love, and light can help them in their frequency when they reach people.

I’m not sure. I think more classes. I’m working on some courses right now and sharing about these different light, sound, and vibration technologies that can help us in our path and our frequency. I’m open to seeing how the universe can support me and expand those.

I’m open to seeing how the universe can support me and expand my world.

I want more freedom for myself in 2024, where, like you, I resonate with the idea of expanding and reaching out to more people, touching more lives, helping more people, and most of all, having this freedom and inner peace, no matter what the container looks like. That’s what I want for myself.

I want to be happier and more connected because when you experience enlightenment, sometimes it feels like a moment of enlightenment. Then we go back to duality in our world and the chaos, and then you can touch it again and go back. How can we stay in that expansion and dance better between duality and nonduality?

That’s a great question. 2023 was a lot about that for me. I thought I had reached that more, and then really dealing with some health situations brought me to the next level of that in a big way. That’s one of the things I work with people at.

There are many different strategies, and it depends on the person. But I think presence is the number one. We have so much in our society about action, doing, and going for it. We can certainly be those productive, amazing people, but it has to come from a sense of presence unfolding.

When we act from presence unfolding, what arises and what we’re capable of is so much more than we could ever expect. Whereas when we’re allowing our even goals and projections about how we think things will be, self-judgments, needs to be accomplished, or needs to be seen or met with approval, there’s all of these. Those are the clouds I was speaking of.

These are all the challenges. We don’t know how long anything’s going to last. The more we can be present with each moment as it arises and act from that space of presence, the more things can align for us.

It seems like the people who control the media and decide which country will fight with which country and when, even to the degree of High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) technology and all that, where some natural disasters are going to be, it’s almost like we’re living inside a game.

We’re living inside of a matrix within a matrix, within a matrix. It’s very interesting because, on the one hand, there are the people controlling and programming us through TV, news, social media, and algorithms that decide what we need to see or not see and are really in tune with our emotions. We are fed so much noise. We really need to learn how to put boundaries and come back to presence because it’s really hard to be present when you’re listening to all the noise.

Even YouTube reels, all those quick things, all the quick dopamine hits, it’s addictive. You want to focus on yourself, be in a line and all that, and they’re like, “Wait a minute, but that hair mask looks so interesting right now on my reels. Let me stop it.” Then, 30 minutes later, I was like, “What? It was just 10 PM. How did it become 10.30?”

How do you center yourself, be present, and detach from all the noise? As you said, life is not predictable. We don’t know what God is planning for us. We don’t know what other people are planning for us as far as government and all that. At the end of the day, it’s all God. How do we handle all those, “Oh, my God, I’m so enlightened, I feel so great, but life hits, and there is this and that, and I feel like I took ten steps backward?”

Always put your ego in check.

I feel like a lot of people are going through that. It’s wild because we become more conscious and then more sensitive. It’s this wild journey. For me, what I really recommend and work with my clients is structuring your day so that you’re not centering your day on focusing or allowing all of this noise to come in and having our reminders.

When you have reminders to yourself of, like, “Oh, my gosh, the government, these wars, and all these things that I can’t control,” first of all, the reminder is that humanity has always been at war. Unfortunately, this has been the way of the unfolding. There are always different things happening.

In the past, we just weren’t aware of it. Right now, there’s so much that we’re aware of that it can be overwhelming. The other thing is putting our ego in check. Yes, we can do what we can. If you’re feeling really intense about a cause or a situation that’s happening, then you find some way to express, help, and make your impact—big or small, maybe make a donation to a cause—then let it go because you are not so powerful to be able to control it.

I think this has been one of the big things. It’s such an ego trap that’s hidden on some level. Our ego tries to catch us and all these different things and tries to convince us, like, “Well, if you’re not worried about this all the time, then who are you? You’re a terrible person, this and that.”

“Who am I actually to be the one? I can’t make foreign policy decisions. That’s not my role in this life. I am just one person among billions.” We must humble ourselves back to what we can do: be in our highest frequency, treat the people around us with love, and create a ripple of well-being.

Negative forces can catch us when we lack excitement and enthusiasm.

We can’t create that ripple. We can’t be in our dharma and magic if we’re stressed, worried, and concerned about things we can’t control. As we center in that love in our hearts of knowing that we’re doing our very best, then from that centering space, there’s less interest in getting online, scrolling, and doing all this because we have a divine mission.

We have a purpose, and that purpose is to be present, to hold our frequency, to show up in love, to care, and to create from that space. Instead of getting online and scrolling, we may be interested in spending our time in this creative way. We can tap back into our creative passion and energy of like, “Oh, I want to make a new course,” or “I haven’t written a long letter to a friend for so long, I’m going to do that,” or “Oh, my gosh, there’s a creative project I could spend my time doing.” It can really shift us from this space.

For sure, all these forces are trying to get us to pay attention to this news, “Look at this, or look at that.” It’s just that practice of just being, “Okay, I see you. Actually, I’m way more excited about something else.” They can catch us when we don’t have that excitement and enthusiasm in our lives. That’s when we can fall.

Yes. You said you use sound technologies and light technology. Please share a little bit about that.

We’re made of vibration, which is another great way to come to our center. I’ve been through a lot of different challenges in my life. They made me stronger because they made me realize what’s really important. One of the tools that helped me in a moment when I had some pretty bad PTSD was the Lucia Light, which is a solid and flickering light.

Light, sound, and vibration work in our field in a very different way than just through the mind. Like a lot of psychotherapy and stuff, we can get into the mind. Ultimately, as we spoke about, our frequency is this vibration. The light uses solid light with a wider spectrum of the halogen, so it’s more like the sun. You close your eyes, feel this warmth, and then the flickering starts.

The flickering gently guides the brain into different brainwave states. But instead of just saying, “Oh, it takes you to theta,” what it’s actually doing is helping your brain come back to its natural rhythms because every brain is so unique. We’re so incredibly unique. Instead of trying to control us, I really love coherence technology.  We’re not working on entrainment, but we’re working towards coherence. When we work with tools that help us come back to our coherence, then we have more freedom in our lives. We have more centering.

Like I said before, just come to your center and your inspiration, and then you won’t do that. That can be challenging for people who say, “Oh, yeah, sure. How do you do that?” That’s one thing to say, but I’m not inspired to do an art project right now. It’s like, “Wow, tools like the Lucia light can help us get out of stuck patterning in our brainwaves.”

Again, we’re multidimensional beings, so this can show up in our brainwaves. It doesn’t mean our brainwaves are everything. It’s just one indicator, but light frequencies could help us come back to our center and process things on a deep level.

Every brain is so unique. We’re so incredibly unique.

We can have some kind of stuck experience. The way I see it intuitively is I can see a dark ball in people’s field that’s pulsing, so I can see where that’s like, “Oh, that’s a stuck experience.” When the light moves through, it can start moving them. Sometimes, people have memories or things that arise during the experience, and then it is released. It’s like, “Oh, I don’t have to hold that weight anymore.” It’s things that we didn’t even realize we’re consciously holding can start releasing.

The Lucia light is really great. There are also a lot of vibrational things now that are wonderful. Sound healing is an example of vibrational sound technology—singing bowls and gongs. I often do that with the light sessions as well. There are also beds you can lay on now that vibrate, and I think they’re wonderful.

There’s so much, and different things are always coming through. It’s a really exciting moment where we’re taking a lot of ancient wisdom and bringing it into technology.

Of course, the number one technology in the world is Mother Nature. It is also a great reminder that if we’re feeling stressed or having things arise, just go to nature. Nature is a huge cure for so much. Mama can hold us unconditionally the way that no one else can. She’s there for us. Just immersing yourself in nature, breathing, looking around, getting curious, and letting all this green light come into your perception, seeing new life and growth, or if it’s the winter, seeing snow and that magic, whatever it is. Just tuning in with nature can help our energetic field return to its center.

You’re in Bali right now, right?

Yeah, I’m in Bali right now.

How often do you see nature or go out in nature?

The number one technology in the world is Mother Nature. Nature is a huge cure for so much.

All the time. Even just now, I’m looking out the window. There are these beautiful birds of paradise, flowers, and rice fields. For me, life is essential, where I can see nature from wherever I am. Even if it’s winter, I have to open windows where I can look out because it’s a huge aspect for me. Of course, spending time every day walking around and just going outside. You can even stand outside for ten minutes, and your vibe shifts. It’s incredible. It’s really wonderful.

How did you get involved with the Lucia light? Where did you find out about it? How did you decide to start working with it?

I was doing my master’s degree in England. I was going through a really big challenge. My father had passed away, and we were super close. He was a pillar of safety in my life in a big way.

When he passed, all this childhood trauma started coming up. I had crazy PTSD arise. I wasn’t sleeping. I had all kinds of stuff I was going through, and I was trying to do a master’s degree, and there was no sun. It was a really different climate. I was from Colorado, and to be in England was a big shift.

A friend of mine invited me to an art gallery. I was not into healing things. I was tuned in to meditation, but I did not want to admit there was anything wrong with me. “I was a strong person. I could make it through. I didn’t need help,” and that was my vibe.

I ended up going to this art gallery. They had a Lucia light right there, and we got to try it. I remember doing two minutes, and then they were like, “Do you want to do more?” I was like, “Yes.” Then, three minutes and then 20 minutes. In the 20 minutes, I went so deep. I had an experience of connecting with my father, who had passed away. He told me to be happy.

You actually had a psychedelic experience with the light.

Totally. Every experience for people is different, and a lot of it is what you need at that moment. I’ve had people say, “Oh, well, I didn’t have an experience of seeing,” so I’m like, “Well, you’re lucky. That means you’re not in that place where you needed that. The light gives you what you need.”

Presence is our purpose. When we’re present, we can maintain our frequency, show up to care and love others, and create growth.

Sometimes it’s just to relax. Many people need to relax and start reworking their nervous system as the first layer. But I was so out of whack. My spirit wanted that sense of peace and on that level that only that experience could provide. It helped me reawaken my third eye because I was highly intuitive when I was a child, and then through puberty and trying to fit into society and everything.

A lot of that got majorly toned down. It was still psychic on some level, but it wasn’t. It was more out of fear than out of real love, like more hyper-vigilant psychic than tuned in. Working with the Lucia light helped me realign myself. After that first experience, I started sleeping again through the night. I felt happiness again. It was earth-shifting. I was like, “I have to get involved with this technology.”

You’ve been through a lot. It’s great that you’re who you are and taking all the lessons. You just want to help people with it. It’s really beautiful.

Thank you. For me, it’s always been that. Even as a child, I would lay in bed and be like, “This world is messed up. What is going on here? I need to help out. This is crazy. How is this happening? How are people so disrespectful to the earth and everything?” I have just always been moved by it.

It’s been a humbling journey to learn how to show up in the best way. I’m consistently learning. I’ve really touched my whole life and realized that the best thing we can do is be ourselves, come from our heart, and be real, be our authentic, goofy, magical selves. That’s what the world needs.

The best thing we can do is be ourselves, lead with our hearts, and be real—our authentic, goofy, magical selves. That’s what the world needs.

Yes. I’m actually really goofy. I laugh a lot with my little one like we make up stories. We just made a little Lego robot, then put a hat on it and some paper cape on it. I love it. He comes up with the most interesting creative ideas. It’s almost like I’m experiencing being a little child through him sometimes. It’s really fun. I like that.

I can feel it. In this extremely serious world, I can be in a really serious situation and crack up a joke because I can. It’s almost like I can’t breathe when people are so serious. “Can we just relax for just a tiny bit? Life is serious, but let’s not just be so serious. It’s tiring.” It doesn’t feel good in my body to be serious all the time.

Are you still in a place where you think, “I got it, everything’s fine in my world, I don’t have any problems?” Or did you learn to be more softer and ask for help when needed?

Yeah, I definitely had to learn to ask for help. That was a big phase along the way. It’s really beautiful because I was always afraid to receive help. But actually, we can help each other. The most beautiful thing that, you know, we can experience in this world is reciprocity and how we can care for each other. I think it’s so healing.

Yes. Would you like a hypnosis session? I would like to get a healing session from you. Interesting. We’ll talk about it later.

Yeah, I would love to do it with you. That would be great. That means tuning into our inner child, being goofy, and having fun. Everyone was a child. We all have that magic inside of us and care for each other. These are innate qualities in everyone.

I’ve seen that we get so wounded or conditioned that people get away from those, but that’s it. It’s all pretty simple. We’re looking for these complicated answers to life, but just stay in our hearts and come back to our hearts.

We all have that magic inside of us and the ability to care for each other. These are innate qualities in everyone.

Life happens, and things get crazy. It’s okay. Just keep breathing, come back, and it’s going to pass. The crazy times pass, but I think it’s when we freeze and try to grip on, hold on, control, and stop things from happening. That’s when it gets intense.

I don’t know how many more times I will have to learn that lesson of trying to control my life. Every time I surrendered, magic happened. Every time something happens, I try to control it. It’s like, “When will I learn this lesson?” When Dyer said, “Let go and let God,” it was easy for him to say. He’s Wayne Dyer.

He had to get there, and that’s one of the things. We hold these expectations of ourselves that we’re just going to change. People do that in partnership, too, which I never do again. It’s okay this time, but never do that again.

It takes time for people to change. The more we can laugh and be open about it, the better we’re getting at it. I’m sure you’re much better at letting go than you used to be. We have different practices. Each person has things in this life that, as much work as we do on ourselves, are just these characteristics of us that start getting softer as we do all this work.

These are our original coping skills. That’s exactly how we try to show up, and then we can be like, “Oh, that’s cute.” Look, a little controlling one’s coming out. Then, find some cuteness and softness, and let go faster.

Especially in the last few weeks, I’m doing everything I can to let go. Even in my body, because I was a couch potato for a long time, I’m trying to move. I took a yoga class. My body is stiff as a rock. It’s like, “Okay, we got to work on you.”

Stretching and opening up more is good because there is a mind-body connection. When your body is stiff and tight, it makes you dumber because there is no blood flow to the brain. So it’s really good to stretch and open up. When you open up your chest, your shoulders give in every time you want to protect.

I’ve been like a hunched old woman. I’m like, “No, open up.” It’s okay to be vulnerable. You might get hurt, but you might get incredible experiences and live a life of beauty and joy. Yes, I am working on it.

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Good job. See, there you go. Our body is so connected. Again, things change faster than we expect. On some level, we have this idea that it will be so hard to change. A lot of that, it’s not.

You just have to dedicate yourself to it. You must say, “Okay, let’s get back into this.” As soon as you start doing it, you’re like, “Oh, wow, this is great.” And things start changing immediately. It’s just stepping back in, and that’s beautiful.

Both of my shoulders felt almost frozen. In the last few days, I kept moving them, massaging them, and they went so many clicks. It’s stiff. It’s not nice. I just saw the difference between now and a week ago. It’s incredible. Like you said, we can change so much in such a short while.

I like what you said about expectations from the people around us. I have a lot of expectations from the world and very high standards. Sometimes, I will tell my husband when he says he’s going to do something and he forgets, isn’t able to, or says he’s going to change his ways and doesn’t.

After a decade together, he really surprises me. Things that I thought would never change have shifted the moment I let go, the moment I was like, “It’s okay. I accept you just how you are,” and then boom, those things happen. It’s very surprising.

The more we can laugh and be open about change, the better we’re getting at it.

People are very dynamic. They change a lot. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even if they didn’t do the things you want them to do ten times, it might be the 11th or 12th time they will come and surprise you when you’re not ready for it. It’s beautiful.

Exactly. It’s so beautiful. That’s the whole presence thing again. It’s like a child. When I taught children, I learned that you have to come into the classroom every day like a whole new world because that allows them to be dynamic and amazing. If you come in and say, “Oh, this kid’s the bad kid. This kid’s the smart kid,” when you’re assigning roles to them, even if it’s unconscious, they feel it.

The same goes for partnerships, expectations, and even ourselves. If we show up and treat it like a new moment, there’s all this possibility. That’s really accepting people. Then they have a chance to change, where if we’re subconsciously still holding them in this patterning, then it’s really hard.

That’s why it’s the hardest to see the family you’re raised with; they hold so many expectations of how you used to be. It’s a real challenge to stay in your center, to stay in who you are, and not to let that unconscious expectation on who they think you are.

Eventually, it goes through. With my family—I love them—they get to see it after a while. That’s okay, and then we evolve, have conflict, and then we have a solution, and then we become better, and then they change, and I change. It’s when we accept ourselves that other people start accepting us.

But if we’re comfortable with it and say, “Oh, you’re going to treat me like that because you think I’m going to do this,” and then we just don’t respond, we can change the pattern. But if we are still not accepting of ourselves, they feel that and then the same dynamics happen.

We can’t be in our dharma and magic if we’re stressed, worried, and concerned about things we can’t control.

It triggers a belief inside you. It’s none of their doing. There’s something that lives in you that they are awakening, and that’s why it’s so triggering. If you’re healing that part of you that is triggered and feel safe within who you are, it won’t matter anymore.

If it has nothing to do with you, how they’re acting, if you don’t feel like it’s connected to you in any way or is any part of you, then it won’t bother you. If you find a piece of yourself in it, then it really can trigger you. It’s such a fun practice. We have teachers all over. We look to these great gurus, but our teachers, family, partners, and close friends are amazing.

What you said about expectations and not changing the patterns over and over again can also be directed toward the person you see in the mirror. Sometimes, we’re not successful in some place in our life. We’re like, “Oh, I’m doing this again, dancing this pattern again. It’s always happening to me; therefore, it will always happen to me because this is who I am and my identity.” But you can change your identity and your past. It does not define your future.

If you give yourself another chance and not just another chance, you might surprise yourself, and then instead of looking at yourself from the person that you’ve been in the past, you can have a bright image of who you want to be in the future and live your life from that version of you, you gravitated to that version, then living your life like looking in the rearview mirror and reliving your past in different ways.

We can even look younger if you want.

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Yes, exactly.

I’m not talking about plastic surgery. I’m talking about really reversing our age and our appearance.

Your appearance totally changes depending on your inner energy. That’s what people forget. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re judging, like, “Oh, how aligned is my nose to my lips?” But when you see someone else, you look at how shining they are, not how many wrinkles they have. You look at their energy, and you can feel their energy.

If someone is in a process, having a hard time, or in full anxiety and clutched up, you will perceive them completely differently than if they’re calm, centered, and bright. You’ll be like, “Wow, that’s a really attractive person.” It’s not about their looks. It’s about what energy they’re holding. It’s amazing how much that can change things.

I love what you said about getting anything to help you break the pattern. Sometimes, you cannot think about wellness because you’re still thinking. It’s a thinking war. Sometimes, there are issues; sometimes, a light therapy like the Lucia light can break a pattern. Even a heart opening in yoga can release some locked trauma in the body.

That’s why I had a session a long time ago when I used to practice yoga a lot. The teacher held me, and my chest opened up, and I started laughing the most beautiful, liberating laugh for a few minutes. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so great.

Trying different things is how you’re going to change. You can’t keep doing the same thing if you want to change.

Albert Einstein said that—I don’t remember the exact quote—if you have an object going in one direction, it will keep going in the same direction, keeping the same trajectory until an outside force interferes with it. Even a little interference of just a little thing, a little movement from that trajectory, can take you to a completely different future. So, allow yourself to ask for help. Allow yourself to be helped by light therapy, sound vibration, yoga, intuitives, and healers. Whatever you need, allow yourself to receive that help because you deserve it.

And take care of yourself. Trying different things is how you’re going to change. If you want to change, you can’t keep doing the same thing. That’s the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If it’s not working, what’s happening? It’s okay. Maybe it’s helping to an extent, but maybe try something new.

Shake it up. Especially if you’re like, “Oh my God, I would never do that,” then try it because maybe you will hate it. That’s okay, but maybe the reason you’re really against it is because your ego knows that there’s something there that might shift you, and that’s scary. So go for it.

Amazing. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Again, the repetition here, but be present as much as possible. Do anything in your life to come to presence. Meditate daily, finding silence in your mind, whether running, fishing, or something else. Everyone has different ways to come to silence. But finding that presence and making it a part of your life will change your life to make it more stellar.

Secondly, spending time in nature makes it a priority to connect with this earth, and it will change your life. Even if you’re in a big city and don’t have anything, you can go to a tree or start working with flower essences to connect to nature, herbs, and the feelings you’re tuned into or smell. There are so many ways to connect to the earth.

The third tip is forgiveness. It’s what is arising now: forgiving yourself, others, and the world. Letting go of these challenges you’re holding onto will just change everything for you.

You can’t move forward when you hold on to grievances against yourself and others. There’s no way to move forward, and it’s not safe to move forward. There’s no openness and flexibility. The more you can find forgiveness for what’s happened, the more things open up.

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Incredible. Where can people find you, connect with you, bathe in your light, love on you, and learn from you?

I’ve been offline a lot, but I’m getting back in action now, which is exciting. My Instagram is @travelinglighttemple. My website, lucialightexperience.com, is where you can learn about Lucia.

My intuitive site is currently under construction. I’m reformatting it. But if you’re interested in an intuitive session, I do one-to-ones with energy healing and vortex healing. You can just reach out to me on Instagram, @travelinglighttemple, and I’d be happy to set something up.

Yay, awesome. Thank you so much. I’m so happy we met. You are such a bright light, a beautiful soul, just a cool lady. It’s so inspiring. Thank you so much for this.

Thank you, Orion. You are such an inspiration to so many. Thanks for continuing this podcast and sharing all these voices and magic. I’ve been looking through it and listening to a few, and I’m like, “Wow. What you’re sharing in the world is so beautiful.” It’s great to meet you, and I look forward to connecting more. Don’t forget what your magic is.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember, do what you can to find presence and silence in your mind. Spend time in nature and connect with the earth. Forgive yourself, forgive, forgive others, and forgive the world. Let go of what you hold on to, be free, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Find presence through meditation. Discover inner silence. Set aside five to ten minutes each morning to sit in stillness and tune into your breathing.

{✓} Spend time connecting with nature every day. Take mindful walks and pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

{✓} Practice forgiveness for yourself, others, and the world. Start by forgiving small things that bother you. Remember, we all make mistakes. Embrace mistakes as part of your growth.

{✓} Let go of grievances. Make a list of grievances you’re holding onto and visualize letting them go. Replace grudges with loving, positive thoughts.

{✓} Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to friends, family, and professionals, and consider it an act of courage.

{✓} Try new ways to change your “stuck” patterns. If new behaviors and actions don’t work, be open to trying new things. New activities can refresh your perspective.

{✓} Take care of yourself and your needs. Tune into what your mind and body need. Self-care strengthens your ability to show up for others.

{✓} Use tools like light therapy to shift your state of mind. You can try practices like sound baths and yoga to promote relaxation and inner peace.

{✓} Bring playfulness and laughter into your life. Laughter relieves stress and connects you to joy, so incorporate it into your life.

{✓} Learn about Lucia Light at lucialightexperience.com. You can connect with Allison Pelissier’s gift through one-on-one sessions with vortex healing and intuitive reading, and schedule sessions via direct messages on her Instagram.

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