Episode 99 | January 16, 2018

Tapping into Your Zone of Brilliance with Kate Beeders

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Mission #99

On Board: Kate Beeders
Mission: Tapping into Your Zone of Brilliance

As you’ll learn in this episode, each and every one of us has a money story. We often developed these stories as children, meaning we’ve been living with them for decades. These stories are why some billionaires still feel anxious about money, despite having more than most of us can even imagine. They’re also why lots of lottery winners blow through their winnings and need to go back to working hourly jobs within just a few years (or even months, in some cases).

My guest, Kate Beeders, is an expert in reshaping people’s money stories and guiding them toward positive, successful interactions with money. She combines expertise in money, marketing, and mindset to help her clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and gain the tools to create professional success. I love talking with her because she’s so clear with her message, and so skilled at offering great tools about how to set goals and change your money mindset.


Connect With Kate:

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The Mission Log:

  • [04:58] – Kate starts things off by sharing a bit about herself, and she and Orion discuss the importance of nature to the feminine.
  • [06:38] – Does Kate work more with women or with men?
  • [07:38] – We hear more about Kate’s backstory. She shares the series of events that led to her starting her business.
  • [12:06] – What are some of Kate’s favorite moments in her life so far? One of her proudest moments is when she quit smoking. Another impactful moment in her life was when her father passed away less than a year ago.
  • [14:51] – Orion did a brain scan at Amen Clinics, and learned about their “diamond pattern” in which a thought goes through a loop over and over. She then reveals that she used to be a smoker too.
  • [16:50] – Has the last year been pretty difficult for Kate due to losing her dad?
  • [18:06] – Kate talks about the tools that she uses to improve her mindset. One of these tools is tapping, which she and Orion discuss.
  • [21:00] – How has the law of attraction shown up in Kate’s life?
  • [22:15] – Kate talks more about her first interaction with Sandra Ann Taylor, who she had mentioned a moment previously.
  • [25:09] – We learn about Kate’s techniques or approach to getting to what she calls her “zone of brilliance.” The first step, she explains, is getting outside of your comfort zone.
  • [28:09] – When people do everything Kate has just described, the next piece is taking action (and figuring out exactly what action to take).
  • [31:05] – Kate talks about an area that people worry about once they reach what she and Orion have been calling the “freakout zone.”
  • [31:59] – We hear about Kate’s take on people’s limitations when it comes to money. This is one of her main focuses, she explains.
  • [33:39] – Has Kate ever had money limitations? Everyone does, she answers.
  • [35:10] – When Kate helps her clients write a new money story, she does so in several different forms.
  • [36:14] – Kate shares a case study of a time she turned around a really bad money story. In their work together, Kate helped this woman feel safe around money
  • [42:12] – Kate offers her advice to listeners on how to prepare, plan, and create a vision for money in the next year.
  • [43:40] – Orion gives a suggestion: get everything out of your head! Write down thoughts and ideas without worrying about order, and then organize it and break it down into small tasks. Kate then points out that lots of people are great at starting something, but not so good at finishing it.
  • [44:56] – How does Kate plan her year? Does she have a coach?
  • [45:32] – Does Kate have any daily rituals that she follows? One of her rituals is to send herself power statements throughout the day.
  • [46:39] – Kate eats well because it makes her brain function better. She and Orion joke about their favorite foods being ice cream and chocolate, respectively, then talk about the problems with sugar.
  • [48:15] – What are Kate’s three top tips to living a stellar life? Make sure your actions (and words) honor yourself. That’s it.
  • [48:49] – Where can people find and connect with Kate?


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