Episode 99 | January 16, 2018

Tapping into Your Zone of Brilliance with Kate Beeders

A Personal Note from Orion

When it comes to money matters and financial success, the most important question to ask yourself is: what’s my money story? Like many people, you probably have a negative story about money, one that goes all the way back to your childhood. These stories are outdated, untrue, and are holding you back from creating the financial abundance you are capable of and deserve. As we begin this new year, it’s time to re-write your money story and start building a positive relationship  with money.

On this week’s episode, I talk to success coach and money relationship guru Kate Beeders about the connection between your beliefs about money and your financial success. You’ll learn simple tools and techniques to change your story so you can accomplish your money and career goals and discover and attain what you’re truly worth.

In this Episode

  • [04:58] – Kate starts things off by sharing a bit about herself, and she and Orion discuss the importance of nature to the feminine.
  • [06:38] – Does Kate work more with women or with men?
  • [07:38] – We hear more about Kate’s backstory. She shares the series of events that led to her starting her business.
  • [12:06] – What are some of Kate’s favorite moments in her life so far? One of her proudest moments is when she quit smoking. Another impactful moment in her life was when her father passed away less than a year ago.
  • [14:51] – Orion did a brain scan at Amen Clinics, and learned about their “diamond pattern” in which a thought goes through a loop over and over. She then reveals that she used to be a smoker too.
  • [16:50] – Has the last year been pretty difficult for Kate due to losing her dad?
  • [18:06] – Kate talks about the tools that she uses to improve her mindset. One of these tools is tapping, which she and Orion discuss.
  • [21:00] – How has the law of attraction shown up in Kate’s life?
  • [22:15] – Kate talks more about her first interaction with Sandra Ann Taylor, who she had mentioned a moment previously.
  • [25:09] – We learn about Kate’s techniques or approach to getting to what she calls her “zone of brilliance.” The first step, she explains, is getting outside of your comfort zone.
  • [28:09] – When people do everything Kate has just described, the next piece is taking action (and figuring out exactly what action to take).
  • [31:05] – Kate talks about an area that people worry about once they reach what she and Orion have been calling the “freakout zone.”
  • [31:59] – We hear about Kate’s take on people’s limitations when it comes to money. This is one of her main focuses, she explains.
  • [33:39] – Has Kate ever had money limitations? Everyone does, she answers.
  • [35:10] – When Kate helps her clients write a new money story, she does so in several different forms.
  • [36:14] – Kate shares a case study of a time she turned around a really bad money story. In their work together, Kate helped this woman feel safe around money
  • [42:12] – Kate offers her advice to listeners on how to prepare, plan, and create a vision for money in the next year.
  • [43:40] – Orion gives a suggestion: get everything out of your head! Write down thoughts and ideas without worrying about order, and then organize it and break it down into small tasks. Kate then points out that lots of people are great at starting something, but not so good at finishing it.
  • [44:56] – How does Kate plan her year? Does she have a coach?
  • [45:32] – Does Kate have any daily rituals that she follows? One of her rituals is to send herself power statements throughout the day.
  • [46:39] – Kate eats well because it makes her brain function better. She and Orion joke about their favorite foods being ice cream and chocolate, respectively, then talk about the problems with sugar.
  • [48:15] – What are Kate’s three top tips to living a stellar life? Make sure your actions (and words) honor yourself. That’s it.
  • [48:49] – Where can people find and connect with Kate?

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello. It’s Orion, how are you doing? I’m feeling great now, but last couple of days I wasn’t feeling that hot. There were all kinds of challenges, I wasn’t sleeping very well at night, and I was just feeling low and just so low. I was depressed and now feeling great. I wanted to thank my sister for giving me the most amazing phone call and talking to her was really uplifting because when you’re down, you have to talk to some people that love you and can bring you up. If they’re not available at the moment, just put on something inspiring like this podcast or anything that will inspire you. Put on some crazy, fun music and start shaking your booty because when you change your physiology, you change your mindset and do anything to interrupt the pattern. But also, give yourself the grace to know that okay, it’s this kind of day, today I’m going to allow myself to rest a little bit more, or maybe read a book, or do something else until I feel better. It’s great to push and change your mindset and move forward, but also be kind to yourself. If you need a little break, just give yourself a little break before you move on. Even when you train at the gym, there are breaks between sets, why? Because you can recover and then you can come back stronger. I’m back, I’m determined to live my life to the best of my ability and to serve you to the best of my ability. This is also the reason why I’m launching Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-Day Challenge which is a 7-day challenge for women around Valentines Day. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can go and join our Facebook group, Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day Challenge. That is https://www.facebook.com/groups/goddesschallenge/. Join the group and stay tuned, I would love to have you there. I would love to hear your success story because it’s seven days of just juicy, yummy empowerment. It’s freaking awesome so go on Facebook and join our group. Remember that you have to have a decent profile, meaning you have to have a profile picture because if I can’t see you, I cannot trust you. Then you have to answer three questions because you have to show me that you are willing to do the work because if somebody cannot answer three little questions, then they are not ready, willing, and able. Therefore, I won’t be able to help them, and I wanna be able to help you, serve you, assist you, be with you, love you, take care of you, and all that good stuff. My guest today is amazing, she is a marketing expert, she’s a mindset expert, and she’s a money expert. She’s also an award-winning author and she helps her clients overcome self limiting beliefs and gain the tools to create greater professional success. It’s really pleasant to have a conversation with Kate because she’s got this very sweet voice and she’s very clear with her message. I’m sure this is gonna be very enjoyable, it’s going to give you some great tools about setting goals and your mindset, how to change your mindset and how to change your money mindset. I don’t know if there’s anyone on planet earth that doesn’t want to have a better mindset when it comes to their goals and their money. It doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always the next level. Now, onto the show. Hi Kate and welcome to the show.

‏‏Hi Orion, I’m so happy to be with you.

‏‏Why don’t we start by you just sharing a little bit about yourself?

‏‏Sure. First of all, I’m in Boston. I’ve got the cold weather. You’ve got the nice sunshine. No jealousy here.

‏‏Well, you’ve got four seasons.

‏‏We do have four seasons. I’m actually leading a retreat in about a week and a half off to Cancun. I’ll get my sunshine there.

‏‏Oh, lovely.

‏‏Yeah. I’m very, very excited. This thing about having a breakthrough when you’re in a beautiful location. It gives you guarantee. You know what it’s like when you’re surrounded by beauty, I think it helps facilitate the transformation, the breakthrough as well.

‏‏I think that also for females especially, we need nature. Nature is of the feminine. It’s nurturing. Just getting out of all the electronics, and computers, and emails, and screens, and just be in beautiful surroundings. It opens your vessel to receive all kinds of downloads from the divine source.

‏‏That is so true that you said that. What’s interesting is I also do my retreats in Boston. I do my bigger event in Boston. Orion, it’s such a beautiful location where from the building you can actually see there’s this lake. This beautiful lake. It’s fairly small, I guess you’d say, but it’s beautiful. They actually have black swans and white swans on the lake. It’s so cool for people, on their breaks, they can go out and walk around the lake. In the morning, I love it, they get to walk around some more. Especially when you’re going through, and you got a lot of things you’re kind of sorting through and thinking out, like what you were just saying about nature. I just think it helps kind of cement and make the process even that much more enjoyable when you’re seeing all this beauty around you. Thank you for pointing that out.

‏‏Yeah. Do you work more with women or with men as well? How does it work for you?

‏‏Combination. Probably, mostly are women but I do work a lot with men. The men I work with, they’re so special. Seriously. Because they kind of get it. I remember having a boyfriend in the past who was all about like ‘you can’t ask for help’ and all that kind of stuff. I would not be the right coach for somebody like that. But I’ve worked with a whole variety of men over the years. The men are great to work with too. I just think women tend to be a little bit more open to asking for help. That’s why I have a bigger population of women.

‏‏Yeah, that’s a good point. Some women don’t ask for help anyways as well. Let’s share a little bit about what you help them with and about your story too because I wanna know the background story because you have a bio. It’s our achievement and who we are, there is that backstory that I find the most interesting. When I hear someone’s backstory, it helps me connect to who they are even deeper.

‏‏I have stories. One is more recent. I’ll tell you my original one for starting my business. I had been doing business development in corporates for about, I don’t know, 16, 17 years, Orion. Now, I’m in downtown Boston. When you do business development, it’s much like starting your own business because you’re given a list of zero like any of us who have our own businesses. You have to go out and find clients. You need them because otherwise you’re not gonna have money to eat and pay your bills. I had to learn how to get clients. I had to learn how to figure out my marketing message, work with matching price points. Also, how to have sales conversations, overcome objections, and then to keep them coming back. Some of them I worked with for 15, 16 years and got referrals from them. There’s that part of me which is very much about the strategic part in about strategies, how do you reach goals, how do you break it down, and all that kind of stuff. That’s one side of my brain. The other side which makes me I think a pretty unique combination or unique individual, is that I also have a very solid mindset background that started when I was really early. Did you ever see the TV show Bewitched?

You have to go out and find clients. You need them because otherwise you’re not gonna have money to eat and pay your bills. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yes, I have.

‏‏Do you remember Samantha and she’d always walk around and wiggle her nose?


‏‏When I was a little girl, I used to watch the reruns in TV and loved Samantha. I loved how she would just wiggle her nose and bam, the house get cleaned or the car would show up or the beautiful cake would show up in the kitchen table. I thought if I wiggled my nose I can have the same stuff happen. I tried it. It didn’t really work but I really loved the belief. I thought when I grow up I would get to be Samantha. Part of the reason I thought that is my uncle actually created the TV show.

‏‏That’s amazing. Wow.

‏‏I figured it was in my blood to genetically be inclined and it wasn’t. But it did see me to really understand the power of abundance, and belief, and all that. You fast forward all these years later, I’ve been doing business development, and economy changed about eight, nine years ago. My company first was sold, first merged rather, then it was sold. I ended up being without a job. This was a job I thought I would keep for the rest of my life. I liked it. I was making a pile of money. Going on sometimes six, eight vacations a year and nice vacations. It really allowed me this opportunity to really think about what I want to do. I got other offers. To go work for this company or that company that are doing something similar. Do you ever have that nagging feeling kind of in your gut, Orion, that, “I just don’t wanna do this.” You don’t know why but it just doesn’t feel right. That’s how I kind of stopped. I made the decision that I was not gonna do that and I ended up kind of, I’m what they call an accidental entrepreneur as opposed to the type who kind of plans every step out. They’re working a job and they start getting side clients on the side. When they figured they’ve got enough they quit. I just kind of jumped in. When I pulled the two together, that’s really what helped me build my business. Obviously, lots of parts and pieces that go into it but because of that, I had to pull all my marketing stuff that I learned, all my mindset things, and with the help of mentorship, that helped take my business from the first year making not a whole lot of money to be honest to the beginning of second year hitting six figures. My business is only seven years old. I’ve had this amazing successes. I’ve been on big online telesummits with half a million people listening to me. You saw me, I was the sole main stage presenter at an event with 350, 400 people. I speak in stages all across North America. It’s really because of kind of what I learned, kind of pulling in the manifestation piece, the abundance piece along with the strategies. That’s helped me move, I think, faster than others. But in a way that feels really good. Not just about doing stuff but in a way that makes sense and feels good to my heart as well.

‏‏What are some of the favorite moments of your life?

‏‏God, that’s a great question. Favorite moments, I would say pride moments that I’m probably most proud. One is when I quit smoking because anybody who’s ever smoked knows it’s so hard to do. I would say I had something happen and this was kind of the part two to the question, I don’t wanna call it a favorite moment but it was definitely a very impactful moment for me. My father passed away about eight months ago now.

‏‏I’m so sorry.

‏‏I don’t know if you’ve ever experience losing a parent. I’m not a big swearer but I’m just gonna say it straight out. It just really sucks especially I had a really great dad. The last year of his life he just started having lots of strokes and it just finally got so bad. I was there at the very end. I travelled out there. I held one of his hands when he took his last breath. Sometimes I can’t say this without crying and sometimes I can say it with crying. But when you go through something like that, it’s a total life-altering experience. It breaks your heart. There’s no other way to say that but that it breaks your heart. But what also hit me is that this has to mean something. His life had to mean something. My life has to mean something. That experience to be with him for his end in this present spirit has to mean something too. That makes sense to you?

‏‏Was it like a moment of awakening? You felt there’s something different.

‏‏Exactly and really just making that, as heartbroken as I am about losing my dad, I’ve also taken it like, “Wait a minute. There’s something bigger and better that I need to keep doing in his memory, in honor of me.” That’s really helped propel me forward. I don’t know if I call that a favorite moment but it was definitely…

‏‏A powerful one.

‏‏Probably the most powerful one of my whole entire life.

‏‏Wow. I got chills.

‏‏I know this isn’t the conversation but it is interesting.

‏‏But it is.

‏‏It is. You’re absolutely right. When you experience anything, whether it’s a death or any kind of challenge, it’s really how you deal with it. There’s an expression, find the opportunity in the challenge, sometimes it’s really hard to do when something doesn’t happen or the client doesn’t sign-up or you don’t get paid or the computer’s not working or you fight with somebody or somebody dies. I’m not saying it happens that second but I’ve seen people, and I’m sure that you have too, that have had a bad experience whatever that might be. I’m not saying the experience wasn’t bad but being a mindset expert I can tell you that they’re still living in that experience as if it happened today which has happened, 5, 10, 20 years ago.

‏‏They are stuck in a pattern. I did a brain scan with the Amen Clinics and they have something that they call a diamond pattern where there is this one thought and it goes in this pattern almost like in a loop over, and over, and over again. Unless you do something to interfere it, it will just keep going on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Some people don’t have the tools or even the awareness that they are able to change it with all kinds of tools.

‏‏Exactly. They’re just living in that, and I know I’ve done it in times of my life too, I’m not saying unfreeze it, but when you don’t know about it and you’re just reliving the same experience, and then everything in your life is based around as if you’re still living that experience, truthfully that’s a damn shame to live your life that way.

‏‏Yeah. By the way, I was a smoker too up until the age of I think 25. But just a social smoker. Just a few cigarettes because it was really cool in the ‘90s to smoke. It was just cool. But then I got violently sick. I got a long thing happening because I don’t know, a cold with the smoking, and then I never touched a cigarette after that. There was a client that came to me, I do love coaching, and she came to me to find love but then she told me that she smokes like a pack of cigarette for the last 15 years. I was like, “Okay, we definitely need to address it.” We weren’t planning on me helping her stop smoking but after three sessions, she did, which was pretty amazing.

‏‏That’s amazing, yeah.

‏‏I surprised myself. I was like, “Wooh.”

‏‏Exactly That’s a great success. Because quitting smoking is very, very difficult.

‏‏The last year, was it pretty difficult because of losing your dad?

‏‏That happened the end of March. Basically almost, what is it, 9, 10 months ago. It’s been tough but in some ways, when I’ve pulled down to that or grabbed at how I wanna look at this, that’s really helped me. Being able to reach out and ask for help, that has been huge. Being able to share how I feel on Facebook or other social media it’s been huge because when you’re able to do that you realize you’re not alone. Being able to ask for what I need again – that’s for all of us. A lot of us, either we’re afraid to or we don’t know what we need. That helps kind of keep you in that box. You wanna get out of the box. Again, I’m not talking about the next day. I’m not saying that somebody had a tragedy and the next day you’re jumping up and down. My philosophy is to have that experience to make you stronger and make your life even better because of that. To learn from that experience, whatever it might be.

A lot of us, either we’re afraid to or we don’t know what we need. That helps kind of keep you in that box. You wanna get out of the box.

‏‏Yeah. Because you can see siblings and they grew in the same maybe traumatic environment and one became an addict and the other one became a motivational speaker.

‏‏Yup, exactly.

‏‏You are a mindset expert, what type of tools do you use to improve your mindset?

‏‏I use a combination of things. Because I’m very result-oriented so I like to use what I know works. One of my favorite tools is I am an expert in a technique called tapping. I’ve been on as a guest presenter, a feature presenter rather for the Tapping World Summit for a couple of years.

‏‏Oh wow.

‏‏Yeah. Tapping I love because just the power. I think it’s a graceful technique. I think it’s a beautiful technique and so powerful. I love to use tapping. I also use laws of attraction. I also use some mindfulness and neuroscience. For me, and this is probably a bit of my Type A personality, I’m a bit of a reformed Type A but I’m still a little bit of a Type A. For me, it’s all about getting the results. In other words, I don’t care whether it’s an affirmation or power statement or a tapping sequence that’s gonna help you shift that or something. All I wanna do is help you shift out of it. I really trust my intuition and say, “Okay, what’s gonna help this person in the best way?” The same with me. As soon as my gut is saying I need to tap and sometimes my gut is saying, “You know what I need to watch or listen to a meditation.” It’s being able to learn and have that kind of full tool kit and use whatever’s gonna help you.

‏‏That is so true. I had Fred Gallo who’s a tapping expert here on the show. He really helped my husband with dealing with all kinds of fears when he was in Africa on the trip. He helped him with shark diving and micro lights.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏Within 40 minutes he was ready and able to do it. Because he had fear of heights and fear of water. Tapping works.

‏‏I helped someone with fear of flying. She’s been actually seeing a therapist for two years. She had to actually get in a plane in three days from Boston to Paris and could not get on the plane. Same thing, within 50 minutes, boom. She didn’t even think twice after that. I do wanna question everybody, and this thing I’m kind of really strict about is always make sure with tapping. Tapping looks really easy, and when you see some professional, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. If you are gonna try tapping, please make sure you’re working with an expert whether it’s someone like me or Fred or whomever. Because a lot of people have learned tapping on videos, YouTube, and stuff like that, and again nothing against YouTube. When you’re dealing with someone’s mindset, and their fears, and their emotions, and their doubts, and their beliefs, you want someone who’s been trained by the best of the best.

‏‏Yeah. Amen to that. For sure. I like tapping and I do it every once in a while. Like yourself, I have a big tool kit and I just gravitate to whatever I feel will serve me at the moment. One of the things that I’ve really loved is the law of attraction. How did the law of attraction show up in your life?

‏‏For me, I was actually on a conference or a weekend getaway training. It’s like my first training experience of it, I happened to take this course, I don’t know what about it attracted me. It was actually as I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do next with my life and I took this course with this woman, her name is Sandra Ann Taylor, she’s actually a bestselling Hay House author and New York Times bestselling author. She’s since become a friend of mine which I’m so pleased to say. She actually even acknowledged me in one of her books.


‏‏Yeah. She’s the one I first learned about it and just the power of your thoughts and beliefs. She was really my initial experience. I do have some other mentors now going forward but I still always listen to Sandy’s stuff and love it. For me, it’s not so much about manifesting the TV or the cars and stuff like that. It’s really more how you’re showing up in your life. One of the things I just really got from my first experience, she was able to explain it in such a way that made so much sense to me. Because for somebody who never experienced it, coming from Boston, we’re pretty provincial here, and the fact that I just so easily got it, and I was just like I need to know more, this is a credit to her in just being such a great teacher.

‏‏What did you get? What did you get out of it? Your first interaction with her, what happened there?

‏‏Well, I’ll tell you as a result. This was a three-day course. It was a Friday night, Saturday, and ended Sunday late afternoon. Sandy, with Hay House, she had some books published, some products and stuff like that. For whatever reason, she just decided to give away, there were 30 or 40 of us in the class, she was gonna give away some of them. I just sent this intentionally. I wanna win. It was a certain audio. I just wanted to win it, don’t ask me why but I wanted to win it and I did what she taught me. The next day when she did the drawing, I won it. It’s like a $15 CD but still it just proved to me that, “Wow, if I can manifest this, I can manifest anything I want.” The other thing that I wanna share too that I learned which is so cool is I drove there. It was this beautiful drive to the Berkshire, it was a Friday in the summer. A lot of people must have been heading out for vacation and traffic was horrendous. Literally like stop and go. Then it started raining. It’s just a horrible, horrible ride. I’m looking at my watch in the car, I’m going, “Shoot, I’m just not gonna make this first session.” I’m that type, I don’t like being late. I like getting to things early and all that. I don’t like that rush feeling. I was like, “What did I learn from something she taught?” Because I started reading her book and I just started saying, “I’m sending love to all the cars on the road with me. I’m sending love to the clouds. I’m sending love to the sky. I’m sending love to everywhere.” Everywhere I could think of, I sent love. Believe it or not, the traffic lightened up, I started being able to go the normal speed limit instead of going like five miles an hour. I was actually going at 60. It stopped raining. I got there a half hour early. What I wanna share, this is stuff I now teach my clients. Otherwise, I would have been, hopefully everyone listening, I would’ve been stressed out or annoyed or angry or whatever. You know how you feel like that when you’re in this horrible commute and then you get to that place and your energy is low and all that kind of stuff, and aggravated. Instead, I was like on top of the world when I walked in. I was just already so excited. It’s amazing how just changing your thoughts can, that’s how the laws of attraction is. What you believe, you attract. When you change your thoughts, you attract different things.

What you believe, you attract. When you change your thoughts, you attract different things. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yeah. I’ve seen Esther Hicks in Los Angeles I think twice last year. I just love her message and it’s soothing and it’s nice to know that we are kind of like a genie, we can manifest things, manifest things into reality. When you wanna get into that, I know you call it your Zone of Brilliance, I guess this is the zone where you are aligned and you are in vibration with the thing you want to attract into your life. What are your techniques or approach to getting to your brilliant zone?

‏‏Thank you for asking. This is actually a part of my system, Money Acceleration System. What I discovered is it’s a process. Like you said, the zone of brilliance, you are aligned with everything. I also look at it that, sometimes if you’ve ever said anything, you kind of turn around and go like, “Who just said that?” Someone record it or write it down because it was perfect. It was just amazing. You can’t even believe it came out of your mouth. It’s also when things are just going really great. The people in your life are just wonderful. Your romantic relationships. Your family. Friends. Everything just feels like it’s just going as it should. It just makes you feel better, and healthier, and more alive, and all that. The way you actually get there, there’s five steps. First is getting out of the comfort zone. The comfort zone is where we all are to begin with. There’s good and bad about that. The good is it’s familiar, it’s comfortable, you know what to expect. The bad part is that it’s not all that great. It’s like very often people will stay in a certain job and they stay longer than they would but just because they know the commute, they know their co-workers, they know how to get their vacation time, they know where to go for lunch, they know what’s required of them. But meanwhile they might be frustrated because they’re not getting the pay they want or they’re frustrated because their boss has them work too many hours, whatever it might be. But you stay because you know it. People do it all the time in relationships. Because they’re afraid to leave a relationship because they’re like, “Uh-oh. What if I never find anybody again?” They stay because they figure kind of what they know is better than what they don’t know. You have to understand that, first of all, if you do wanna grow, you gotta be willing to get out of the comfort zone. A lot of people don’t wanna do it. A lot of people just talk big, “Yeah, I wanna make more money. Yeah, I wanna have a bigger house. Yeah, I wanna be in a romantic relationship.” They talk big but they aren’t willing to do what’s required. For those who are, that’s already a step ahead. I take you into the money zone and money zone I call it that because people like to talk about money. But money is kind of used literally or not literally. Because it’s really about helping you get the clarity of what is it that you wanna create in your life. Because if someone just sits and says, “Oh, I wanna be richer. I want more of this or more of that.” That’s not really gonna help them but when they have a really good, clear vision of what it is that they wanna create, that just makes the process go along smoother. Besides having the clarity, you also need to have this burning desire that it has to happen. That’s because on days where either you’re tired, you don’t wanna go out in the cold, maybe you wanna lose weight but it’s a cold grey day, you don’t wanna go to the gym or you don’t wanna go to a party or whatever the heck it might be. You’ve gotta have this burning desire that your goal is more important than that bit of discomfort. Lastly, you gotta have the belief. The belief that you can do it. For most people, quite honestly, that’s a sticking point because they’ve been told that they aren’t good enough or told that they won’t succeed or whatever the heck they’ve been told most of their life. It’s very hard for them very often. They’ve seen their failures to really believe that they can do it. When people do all that, they’re able to kind of get answers to those questions, the next piece is really taking action. When you take action that’s all about figuring exactly what action do you take because we all can keep busy but none of us have enough hours in a day to do all that needs to be done. It’s understanding what do you do and what are the most important things to do to not get caught up with bright shiny objects or afraid of missing out or any of that other kind of stuff. I’m assuming what are the things that are really, really important to do. For example, I’m writing a book right now. It’s my second book. My last one is a bestseller. I was thinking about doing it before but it honestly it wasn’t the right time. I had other priorities. It’s understanding when is the right time to do whatever it is that you wanna do. Not that these things are always bad things to do, but maybe you need to wait six months. Maybe you need to do something else first. What pops up around then is what I call the freak out zone. The freak out zone is when you sit there and obviously, you’re going like, “Shoot, I never should’ve done this.” Maybe you try a new workout and you’re in pain, or you decide to charge more money and somebody says that you’re too expensive or your computer doesn’t start or whatever the heck it is. At that point, you just wanna go screwing back to the comfort zone. Honestly, that’s where most people fail because they don’t know how to deal with it. They get uncomfortable, they think it’s not meant to be, and they go flying right back to where they were. That time, most people don’t reach their goals but yet, they rationalize. They sit there and say, “Well, it was just too much. It was impossible. People wouldn’t have liked it.” They rationalize and then they just go back to where they are. The truth is that all your growth happens when you’re able to get guided to the freak out zone and kind of learn from it and grow and get to the next level. That’s where a lot of the really important critical coaching work I do is getting people through that. Ultimately, it’s getting them in their zone of brilliance. But you gotta be willing to do that process because otherwise you’re not gonna know what’s gonna get you to the zone of brilliance. You’re not even gonna be clear on what the zone of brilliance is. You really need to go through that whole thing to ultimately get there.

‏‏That reminded of the scene from the Rocky movies where he says it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how you get up. You get up.

‏‏Oooh, I like that. Yup. There you go. Yeah.

‏‏That’s exactly where people go back. Where there is stepbacks. This is where the universe, talking about the law of attraction, this is exactly the time where the universe is testing you. Are you serious? Do you really have the desire? So many people are going and looking for somebody to inspire them. Somebody that will give them some magic pill so that they will have the desire. But the truth is the desire is something that you are responsible for. Nobody else can have a desire for you. Nobody else will care about the things that you care about more than you.

‏‏That’s very true. In other area too, when people go to the freak out zone, it’s often they don’t know the answer. The way of the laws of attraction works is that if there is a question, there must be an answer. Because first of all, you’re trying something new, that’s the whole reason you’re growing. If you’re doing the same stuff, you’re not growing. You’re doing the same stuff. It makes sense that you may not know how to handle certain things or how to do certain things. You might get lost or distracted or whatever. If that makes sense, but that’s when again, mentorship is so critical. Because you need someone to guide you through and say, “Okay, this is how you handle it” or “This is what you do.” Because you can’t expect it to know how. You don’t know how until you’ve done it.

‏‏You know the psychology of making money is something that is fascinating to me. I would like to know what’s your take on people’s limitations when it comes to money.

‏‏Well, that’s one of my main focuses that I teach about. My retreats are, like the one in Cancun that I was mentioning, it’s called the Money Acceleration Retreat. So much of it really has to do with what your money story is, how you believe money is. A money story isn’t necessarily what your income is, or what your debt is, or what you have in the bank. It’s really how you view money, how you use money, how you think about money, all those kinds of things.

‏‏Because there are billionaires that still feel like they’re so stressed about money, when it’s gonna come from, and they’re miserable. They have the same exact almost limiting thought or fear or something that’s holding them back as somebody who is not a billionaire.

‏‏Exactly. There’s also the other piece too is self-image, being able to understand this. For example, when you talk about lottery ticket winners, lots of them are hourly workers. They buy lottery tickets every week. Occasionally, someone hits it big, but within a couple of years all their money is gone. One of the reasons is that they don’t see themselves as a millionaire, they still see themselves as an hourly worker. When you don’t have that mindset of who you are at that next level, then you’re gonna get stuck. Again, that’ll cause you to go backwards. I’ve seen people do this where they get all excited. Entrepreneurs for example, where they get all excited. A big deal happens and when they get a big opportunity, and then all of the sudden they get sick and they can’t do it or they get a big client and the client changes their mind. It’s this energy that they don’t really believe that they really deserve it. That’s really what’s gonna stop things up. Otherwise, if you are able to accept it, then it just stays with you.

‏‏Have you ever had money limitations?

‏‏Everybody does. Yeah. I would say for me, probably one of the biggest things is when I first started my business. This is something that kind of got uncovered through one of my coaches. It was during a really, really a lousy economy. It’s still pretty bad, it was not in the upswing yet, and here I am starting my business. Every time I start to make money, I would go backwards. Like I would make money in one month and not the next. I was kind of playing this good month – bad month game for a while. I couldn’t figure out why. I was blaming it on outside circumstances, limiting beliefs, and all that. Through the coach I was working with, I came to understand that I still had friends who were losing jobs because economy was still really bad. They were losing jobs. They were frightened and all that. Part of me had this belief like, “Who am I to start making a lot of money when my friends are losing jobs?” Until I was able to release it and say like, “They’re responsible for themselves. I don’t have to pay the price. I’ve already lost my job. I don’t need to go through and lose their job too.” When you’re able to kind of understand that, but we all have money, we all have lots and lots of money stories. What I’ve tried to help my clients do is, my whole philosophy that I say it all the time is, “retire your old story to the library and write a new one.” I help them really decide what they really want their money story to look like. Because everyday you have that opportunity to start fresh, to start brand new, and what do you want to look like?

‏‏Do you do it in a form of a vision board or affirmations or tapping?

‏‏Everything. It’s everything.

‏‏Everything. The beauty of it is lots of parts and pieces because most of our money stories are pretty old. A lot of our money stories are from back when we were three, four, five, six years old. Even if you are on your 20s, it’s 20 years old. You’re not gonna lose that story in five minutes. But the beauty of how I work is that every time I’m working with a client, they keep seeing shifts and they just keep seeing changes. Because it’s kind of complicated, it’s a core belief, how you see yourself in relationship to money. Money is just energy. Money is just an outcome yet we give it all this power. People, if they have a lot of money in the bank, sometimes they’ll feel good. Then if they lose that money they feel bad. If clients say yes to them and they get paid they feel good. If they don’t get a client then they feel bad. All that power’s given away. If someone’s making more money than them they think that person’s better. All sorts of stuff like that they’ve been taught to believe is true and it really isn’t true.

‏‏What is some interesting case that you dealt with where it was really bad money story and you turned it around?

‏‏I’ve got a couple. One I’ll share with you is kind of top of mind. One of my clients, she came to me because she was, her business, I’m trying to think was probably at that point maybe six, seven years old, something like that. She couldn’t figure out why she can’t crossover six figures. She knew she did a good job. She couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. When I kind of delved into what was going on is that she was actually a little girl. She grew up in a very small town. She was raised by a single mom. Her mom did not have a lot of money. In fact it was so bad sometimes that she got a lot of her clothes at Goodwill, a place like that, second-hand store. Often, if she was sick, her mom didn’t even have money to take her to the doctor. She’s pretty poor. As a little girl she kind of grew up with this fantasy, you know how all little kids they have these fantasies of whatever. Whether they wanna be an astronaut or whatever the heck it is that they wanna be, doctor, scientist. Her fantasy was she wanted to meet Prince Charming, marry Prince Charming, and kind of live this life of opulence. There is this family that was kind of like The Family in town. They have all the money, and the power, and all that, and everyone kind of looked at. She just kind of as a little girl was like, “I wanna be married to that family.” She thought they were so wealthy and rich. In her mind that’s no problem. Fast forward all these years later, she ended up going to college, getting a job, and she was quite successful in corporate, and she made a lot of money, and she ended up marrying the son of the patriarch of this town.


‏‏Yeah, this is true. She married the patriarch, I mean the son, the son rather of the patriarch. Well, it turns out that the father, this patriarch, did not have as much money as everybody in the town thought. In fact, he had a big gambling problem. He owed money and what did he do, he went to, she wasn’t my client then but went to my client and “borrowed money” to help pay off his debt. Of course, it’s her father-in-law, why was she gonna say no. She can’t. She gets him the money and he never paid her back and he kept on borrowing more and more money. In fact, even the other relatives, when they saw how high her income was, they kept borrowing from her and meanwhile, nobody was paying her back. She ended up, at some point, she quit her job and then years later started her own business. What was going on is that whenever she would meet with prospective clients, she was still calling on corporations, and they say, “Well, how much do you charge?” She would say, “Well, what did you pay the past person?” Because she never wanted to say this is how much I’m worth. What I uncovered is that she, and this is gonna get deep into mindset for people so I’ll try to explain it as we go along, is that she had made a vow to the little girl that someone was gonna take care of her. She felt very unsafe because her mom, her mom was giving her the best she can but her mom just did not have money. Can you imagine being sick and no money for the doctor? How horrible that must have been and going to school wearing second-hand clothes and the kids making fun of her, I mean that was horrible.

‏‏I can imagine. I grew up that way. I can totally imagine.

‏‏You did?


‏‏Yeah. You can see, here’s this vow that this little girl made, marry Prince Charming and never ever have to worry about this stuff again. All of a sudden her father-in-law and his other relatives are taking away her money and not returning it. That made her feel very unsafe. She created a second vow that when she started her own business, that she would always be under the radar in terms of her financial earnings. Because if she did not make much money, then she felt safe because her father-in-law wouldn’t ask to borrow money, or her other relatives wouldn’t ask to borrow money, everyone would leave her alone.

‏‏People won’t be jealous.


‏‏It’s interesting because people can put you down for not having money. But people can also put you down for having money or for going on a luxurious vacation and like those little stingy remarks.

‏‏Exactly. You know, I don’t know if anyone listening or if you know about inner child work, that’s some of the work I do, it made her inner child feel very, very scared because this money that she worked so hard for was gone. They were just kind of taking it. They weren’t paying it back. What I helped her do is learn to set boundaries. To make her feel safe, both her little girl and her grown-up self, I hope this isn’t getting too complicated for people, but make her whole entire self, feel very, very safe. No matter how much money she earned, she could choose, so if someone came up to her, relatives and said, “Can I borrow money?” That she could choose yes or no. She didn’t have to loan them the money and if she did choose to do it, she could also set terms that they had to follow. But not to feel that she naturally was obligated to give away money that was hers. Once she was able to do this, honest to goodness, within a week, she got her first job for quarter of a million dollars.


‏‏Yeah. Then right after that, about a month later, she got a job for I think it was almost $750,000.

‏‏Oh my God. Wow.

‏‏Yeah. Yeah.

‏‏Good job, Kate.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏It’s amazing.

‏‏Yeah, it is. That stuff holds you back. You don’t know it and you sit there and you think like, “What am I doing wrong? Am I not working hard enough or maybe I need to change my logo,” or maybe whatever, whatever.

‏‏It’s my logo. The website is not good enough.

‏‏Exactly. You get caught up in that whole thing trying to find the perfect color or shape. When really it’s your story. You’ve got to rewrite it, get rid of the old one, change it, write a new one.

‏‏Yeah like they say, it’s 80% psychology and 20% action, that is what success is. Psychology, so deep and complicated. Now that we’re doing this interview, it’s the eve of the New Year, and I would like your advice for listeners on how to prepare and plan and create the vision especially in money arena and success for the next year.

‏‏It’s so interesting you say that, literally before I got on the phone for this interview with you, I was actually doing a strategy planning session. I do that for people who are interested. We spent our time together and the biggest ‘aha’ she got was she didn’t realize how much she had dropped the ball. Not in the blaming way, I just wanna share this. She wasn’t blaming herself like, “Geez, have I been smarter or whatever?” She realized that a lot of the stuff she kind of already knew, but she just had not been implementing. I think that there’s an expression that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I think it’s really critical to really spend the time with somebody. I think it can be very difficult to do it yourself but really set the time whether it’s with me or another mentor and kind of just plan out your year. You don’t have to do it super complicated, if you want you can, but just see if you have an idea where you’re going. Because the biggest thing I see so often is that people, it’ll be like, December, people go like, “Geez, I didn’t do what I do. I didn’t make the money. My event didn’t go as well,” or whatever they’re saying. If they had done some planning and got some support, they would have seen a totally different result. I really wanna suggest to people is take the time now. It’s kind of a good time of the year for a lot of businesses. It’s a little quieter and really take the time and like I said, whether you decide to do it yourself or get a mentor, and really plan out what it is that you wanna accomplish this year, and then break it down how are you gonna make it happen.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or get a mentor, and really plan out what it is that you wanna accomplish this year, and then break it down how are you gonna make it happen.

‏‏One way to do it is just to get everything out of your head. It doesn’t have to be in order. Any idea, any thought that comes to mind, just write it down, write it down. Then organize it, put a date on it, and break it into little tasks. But get everything from your head onto your computer or into paper. It’s almost like relieving pressure. Because I know that the way I work, I’m very creative. I have like 10 million ideas that run in my head at one time. If I don’t get things out of my head, it can get messy.

‏‏Exactly. Exactly, and then you wanna take a step further. One thing I find is that most people are great at starting, and they kind of stink at finishing. Think about it like, “This year, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that.” They forget the tailend. It’s really, really important to have that action plan of what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna wrap it up, get the support you need to make it happen, delegate what you can, all that kind of stuff because it’s worth it to spend the time upfront to get the results you want at the end.

‏‏How do you plan your year? Do you have a coach or do you do it yourself?

‏‏Many coaches. Truthfully, you know when I do the mindset and the marketing, I don’t know anybody who is equally as knowledgeable in both areas. I work with a great mindset coach and a great marketing coach. But the mindset coach is not so great with the marketing and the marketing isn’t so great with the mindset. That’s what I personally do. I’ve been doing this long enough that I kind of start my outline on my own and then I go to the details and have my coaches help me plan. I also look at where I might get stuck, all that kind of stuff.

‏‏Right. Do you have any daily rituals that you follow?

‏‏Yup, I like routine. I’m very much about that. I always like to listen to or read something positive. I feel that’s a really great way to start my day. I also do, I don’t know if you heard the little chime going off on my phone a little while ago, I also send myself power statements throughout the day.

‏‏Oh my God. That was a power statement?



‏‏Yeah. It kind of pops up on my phone and that’s a great thing to do. You get these alerts and it reminds you certain things. I might tap during the day, whatever it might be, sometimes it’s just even stretching throughout the day. But I make sure I take really good care of me not in a spoiled way. As you can tell the work I do with my clients is, not always, just so people know it’s not always like sometimes it is deep, sometimes it’s not deep. But really depends on the topic.

‏‏But when it comes to money, it’s intense, for sure. Any coaching can get super intense.

‏‏You never know when it’s gonna happen. I know for me, personally, that the better care I take of myself, the better I’m gonna be at coaching somebody through whatever it is that they’re going through. That’s critical. It makes what I do mandatory. Even just how I eat. I eat healthy because it’ll make my brain be better for when I do coaching with whoever I do coaching.

‏‏What’s your favorite food?

‏‏I’ll tell you it’s ice cream, but then.

‏‏Mine is chocolate. But yes.

‏‏I know. I’m just saying. I’m not eating it these days but it’s definitely – but I wanna tell you. You know what I am actually am doing, sugar is not my friend. I get the devil, sugar high or sugar low so I’ve done a lot of tapping to eliminate sugar.

‏‏Sugar is the biggest drug out there. It’s the biggest addiction out there.

‏‏No kidding. It’s crazy. All the studies they’ve done, but what I do now is I found a tea that tastes like chocolate, an herbal tea. Right now what I’m sipping as I talk to you, instead of having, you know it’s a really cold winter day here, it’s snowy, it’s grey. I’m sitting here drinking my chocolate drink which is technically a tea that is herbal, there’s no sugar in it, and it’s delicious. I’m getting my little chocolate fix.

‏‏That’s great. I got this, it’s a mix of all kinds of really good mushrooms, and mixed with cocoa, it’s a cocoa blend. I don’t remember the name of it. But yeah, that sounds very delicious, and cozy and nice.

‏‏I’ll just share this because, I don’t get anything from it, it’s by the Republic of Tea, if anyone’s interested. They can get it online or at WholeFoods, places like that sell it.

‏‏I’m gonna get it after this show. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏First one is make sure your actions honor yourself. Always ask yourself, ‘is this honoring me?’

Make sure your actions honor yourself. Always ask yourself, ‘is this honoring me?’ Click To Tweet

‏‏That’s beautiful. Wow, that’s an alert on my phone.

‏‏Second thing is, make sure your actions honor you. Yup, that’s it. There’s only one. It’s all about honoring yourself.

‏‏Honoring yourself, so that’s your biggest tip?

‏‏That’s it. Everything, make sure your actions, your words, everything. All about honoring you. Things you say yes to honors you. Things you say no to honors you. All about honoring yourself.

‏‏Beautiful. Where can people reach you, and find you, and connect with you?

‏‏Sure. You can email my team info@nullkatebeeders.com. You can go to my website katebeeders.com and connect with me on social media. Let both of us know that you heard this interview and maybe let us know what you’re implementing today, what you’ve got in your routine.

‏‏That’s beautiful. Kate, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It was so lovely talking to you.

‏‏Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you.

‏‏Happy New Year!

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Push yourself and test your limits but don’t be too hard on yourself that you forget how to be kind, patient and nurturing.

✓ Immerse yourself in nature when you attend a retreat or seminar. The beauty of the environment can help facilitate your breakthrough. 

✓ Spend time with nature to connect better with your femininity. Nature is nurturing which is very similar to a woman’s purest essence.

✓ Find the opportunity in the challenges you experience. The setbacks you are dealing with can help you grow into a stronger, better person. 

✓ Consider Tapping as a form of therapy if you want to overcome some sort of fear or trauma you have been dealing with. 

✓ Make sure to find a tapping expert you’re comfortable with and who knows what they’re doing. There are some who consider themselves “tappers” without undergoing proper training. 

✓ Don’t get stuck in the same story that keeps you from reaching the next level. There is always help available to help you get to the next step. 

✓ Strive for positivity by remaining humble and being appreciative of what you have in life. 

✓ Don’t stay too long in your comfort zone. Think outside the box and continuously challenge yourself to become better by trying new things. 

✓ Make sure that everything that you do honors you as a person. Always ask yourself, “is this honoring me?”

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