Episode 289 | June 7, 2022

The Beauty Of Energy Healing with Karen Wilson

A Personal Note From Orion

According to my guest, energy healing frees you to connect with your spirit – the beauty of who you really are! It also heals you holistically – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Karen Wilson is an energy healer/activator, Light Language channel, teacher and Akashic Records Reader. She connects with your own spiritual team to access healing and awakening energies for your highest good. She has been an energy healer for over 13 years.

Karen regularly offers Reiki and Metaphysical classes, Guided meditations, Beach Circles, Ceremonies, Retreats and Events. She also provides Distance Energy Healing, Animal Reiki, Healing Circles, Spiritual Life Coaching, and speaks on metaphysical topics.

In this episode, Karen shares how she discovered her passion for healing and helping others. She also talks about Reiki, spirit guides, Akashic Records reading, Light Language, and much more.

And now, without further ado, on to the show.



In this Episode

  • [01:17] – Orion introduces her next guest, Karen Wilson, energy healing/activator, Light Language channel, teacher and Akashic Records Reader. 
  • [03:13] – Karen shares the beginnings of discovering her passion for healing and helping others.
  • [04:45] – Karen defines Reiki and the ways to channel the energy when doing Reiki.
  • [08:32] – Orion asks for any remarkable healing with Karen’s students, even though they are beginners.
  • [09:40] – Karen explains attunement and the ways she does to initiate and make her students become Reiki masters.
  • [11:15] – Karen tells of the methods she does healing remotely and doing sessions at a distance.
  • [12:15] – Orion asks how Karen develops her clairvoyance.
  • [14:19] – Karen shares that as an intuitive healer, she doesn’t see visions all the time nor control it but sees a vision for every session she has.
  • [15:43] – Orion thinks that the initiation part is super important and needs somebody to reinforce what we already have.
  • [18:17] – Karen communicates that our intention is such powerful beings that we can decide what’s around us and what we will allow around us.
  • [20:12] – Karen narrates that it’s not her preference to work in lower astral or darker energy, but she is grateful for the people who work in that realm.
  • [23:23] – Orion asks Karen to share about the Akashic Records and how her work evolved after learning it.
  • [25:32] – Karen shares the strategies to determine that the information is from a higher source rather than one’s ego.
  • [27:07] – Orion asks if Karen had an experience that shocked her, whether it’s information for herself or her clients.
  • [29:45] – Karen on how it took a while to trust herself when she got visions and believes it is not just her thoughts.
  • [32:17] – Karen and Orion discuss and share their experiences with Light language and angelic toning.
  • [45:03] – Karen shares her three top tips for living a stellar life.
  • [47:56] – Visit Karen Wilson’s website to know more about her distance sessions, Akashic Records, intuitive development and Zoom meditations.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Karen. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Hi, Orion. Thank you for having me visit with you today. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

How did you discover your passion for healing and helping others?

For me, it was a long story. It started with something that wasn’t very pleasant. My first husband actually became ill with cancer when I was in my early 30s. That just started me on a path of asking questions about life and the universe. I guess in my grief, and I think that’s what happens sometimes, is the spiritual path sometimes opens up for people who have some sort of a shock in their life. That’s what happened to me.

I started doing just a lot of questioning and reading. Then along my path, I came across Reiki as a healing modality.

I had a regular life. I went to college, got married, had a baby, and had a professional job. I continued with that for a number of years after he passed. I guess that was the starting point for me.

I started doing just a lot of questioning and reading. Then along my path, I came across Reiki as a healing modality. It interested me, and I began to work with it. I enjoyed it. I felt that I could feel the energy coming through my hands and working with people. Then along the way, my professional job after 26 years just faded away.

I started to do this work full-time. I’ve been doing it now for ten (10) years. I’m a teacher as well. I teach Reiki. What I always tell my students is that energy is the work that guides you. I just started with Reiki sessions with clients, and I just have enjoyed it for the past almost ten (10) years.

Does anyone have Reiki? Do we all have Reiki? What is it? How do you channel it?

The definition of Reiki is universal life force energy. As we look out the window, that’s what makes the trees grow and the wind blow. It’s life force energy and it is around all of us. What happens with the Reiki energy is that you’re usually attuned by a Reiki Master. After that attunement, then you’re able to channel the Reiki energy through your hands.

Anyone can do it. In fact, I think everyone should take a Reiki class and get a Reiki I attunement because it’s such a beautiful thing to have. There are many people who have natural healing abilities. Many of the students who come to me, they’re already channeling energy. They just are born with healing energy in their hands.

Reiki is a specific modality. Some people confuse Reiki as a universal word for energy healing, and it is not. It is a particular frequency that comes through your hands after the Reiki attunement. There’s no prerequisite, just an interest in pursuing some study around it.

There are many people who have natural healing abilities.

When you do Reiki, do you channel the energy through your hand, and then you take on the person’s symptoms through you? How do you do it?

You do channel through your hands. Reiki comes through your eyes. Mainly your hands, but it also comes through your eyes, your heart, and the bottom of your feet. You allow the energy to come in through your crown chakra and then move into your body and come out your hands, eyes, or heart. Mainly your hands, although I always say that really good healers channel a lot of energy through their hearts.

That energy is just placed on the person. You can put your hands on the person directly or you can hover your hands over the person. We work with energy centers in the body called chakras. The wonderful thing about Reiki is it’s a universal energy. It works for the body, mind, and spirit. It’ll work for physical ailments or emotional ailments and spiritual ailments.

It’s intelligent energy. We don’t diagnose. We don’t say where it’s going. We just place our hands on the body, and the energy takes off from there. A good healer will not take on the ailments of the client, and there are ways that we teach to help prevent that.

How, for example?

For one thing, it’s really important that you’re grounded so that your own energy is grounded. It’s like a house or a house is grounded so that when lightning strikes it, it doesn’t blow up and catch on fire. It’s the same. We want to ground our energy before we work. We can do that through the intention of grounding down through the feet using the breath.

It’s really important that you’re grounded so that your own energy is grounded.

Some people make sure they have some sort of a grounding stone on them, like a black tourmaline or something like that, hematite, on their bodies to help them ground. Then afterward, there are processes that we do with our intention to make sure that we’re disconnecting our energy from that of our client.

We want to make sure that we ask the universal energy or ask the energy that’s linked between us to be dropped and any energy that we’ve taken off from the client because sometimes that’s possible because people often will dump a lot of energy in the healing session. If they have a lot of emotion or if they have a lot of hurt or pain, physical pain or emotional pain, they leave it behind.

We do some practices of brushing off, washing our hands, grounding our energy, asking that our energy be placed down into the earth, touching a tree, that sort of thing. It’s very important to be intentional in what we’re doing with the energy after the session.

With your students, did you see any remarkable healing happen in the room even when they were just beginners?

Absolutely. I always make this quite clear. Any students who are listening to me will probably roll their eyes because I try to make it quite clear that the class does not attune to what we call the Reiki ray. They need to come back for another appointment for the attunement, which attunes them to Reiki ray. But even in the class, a lot of people who come to me as students are gifted healers, to begin with, whether they know it or not. They’ve probably been healers in past lives, or they have this energy in their hands, which comes from love and the desire to heal.

I’ve just noticed in the classes where people are like, whoa, your hands are hot or wow, my back was hurting and now it’s not, that sort of thing. Universal life force energy is really love. If you’re carrying a lot of love, the desire to help people, and you have an affinity for healing, then that will come through before the attunement. The attunement just makes it a little bit stronger.

Really good healers channel a lot of energy through their hearts.

What is attunement? What do you do there to initiate them into becoming a Reiki Master?

The attunement is taking students’ hands three times. There are Reiki symbols that we learn. When you become a Reiki Master, you’ll learn how to pass the attunement. It’s a fairly simple process that we do with the person’s hands. We just do that three times.

The way that I do it is I have my students come back, and they get the attunement baked into an energy healing session so that they have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the session. I also work with crystal bowls and vibrational instruments. I’m also a crystal healer, so you get the experience of an energy session, but I just do the attunement within the session.

I have them place their hands on me so that they can see. I can tell them because I’ve been working with energy for so many years that I can feel energy very acutely. I have them place their hands on me, and then I tell them where the energy is moving in my body, how I feel it moving, the nature of it, and that sort of thing.

I started doing that because when I first started teaching, I would see my students later on somewhere and I’d say, ‘how’s the Reiki going?’ And they would say, ‘oh, I don’t know, I don’t think it works for me.’ I’d be like, ‘oh, it works for everybody.’

The spiritual path sometimes opens up for people who have some sort of a shock in their life. Click To Tweet

I started doing that right after the attunement so that they could really see that it is working, that something is happening. Sometimes it’s hard for healers when they first start. If they haven’t become attuned to feeling energy, they just don’t feel it coming. Some do, and some don’t. I just want to make sure they know it’s working.

Do you do it also remotely via Zoom?

I do. We do healing remotely. I don’t do it via Zoom. What I will do for a distance session is I go into my healing room. I set it up exactly the same way. I check people’s chakras. I do that with a pendulum. I place crystals on the table the same way as if there was a person there.

We do the session at a distance. I usually record the session so that they get the benefit of—for me, I always tell my students that Reiki is just a very simple practice of hands-on healing. But because I’ve just worked with energy for so long, I’ve adopted other modalities that go in. I use crystal healing and Light Language channeling.

I’m a clairvoyant, so I’ll see some visions as I work with them.

I’m a clairvoyant, so I’ll see some visions as I work with them. I just include that in the recording, and then I set it up so that they can use it later as a meditation to help them, and then the energy will come through again. Distance healing is definitely a thing that happens.

Yes. How did you develop the clairvoyant side of you?

That’s a really interesting question. I was not a clairvoyant at all prior to this. I feel that I was an empath. An empath is someone who feels other people’s feelings, although I didn’t really know that. I just thought everyone felt other people’s feelings.

The clairvoyance came to me more specifically after the Reiki II attunement. In Reiki, there are three levels. There’s Reiki I, where you can use the energy for your friends and your family. There’s Reiki III, which allows you to become a practitioner, and then the Reiki master teacher level.

There’s an attunement at each level. After the Reiki II attunement, teachers often hold something—at their home or wherever they’re working—called Reiki circle where they invite their students to come back and practice. I have those at my home here.

I was at my Reiki Master’s place, and we were doing some practicing with others on the table. I just noticed that there was this movie playing in my head of the woman who was on the table. I saw her in this bed. She was just completely flaked out. I can still see that bed in my mind because it made such an impression on me. It wasn’t necessarily her bed, but it was just sort of a metaphor for her being in bed and just being completely exhausted.

I didn’t know. I just said to her, ‘do you feel tired?’ She said, ‘oh, I’m so exhausted.’ Then the next person got on the table. I remember this one as well where there was a big clock on the wall behind her. She was sitting in a chair, and she couldn’t seem to settle down. It seemed like the clock and time were really important to her.

I said something about that. Her cousin happened to be there as well. He laughed and said, ‘oh, she’s so obsessed with time.’ I just thought, ‘oh, wow, that’s interesting.’ Then it just started from there. As I started to do sessions, I just started to see more and more things inside my head as I was working.

Every time we do a session, do you see a vision? Do you control those visions, or do they come to you whether you like it or not?

My aim is to keep my mind clear and just stay a little bit out of my thinking mind.

No, I don’t control the vision at all. It just comes. My aim is to keep my mind clear and just stay a little bit out of my thinking mind. I’m an intuitive healer. I’ve just developed over the years, I just listen for the next thing to do. I don’t see visions all the time, but I do for every session. I spend about half an hour with people after. We just chatted about what I saw and what it meant. Usually, it’s a metaphor.

For instance, I might see around someone’s throat. If their throat chakra is very tight, when I’m working on their throat, I might see this vision of them behind a cement wall. I remember one person I saw. They were behind a cement wall, but there were these little gun portals in the wall. They were taking a gun, and they were going through the wall. I said to them, do you feel, as far as your throat goes, that you’re pretty closed? But then, sometimes, you just have to let people have it. And they said yes. I usually see metaphors to explain the energy around a chakra or random emotion.

I think the initiation part is super important. It’s almost like taking a match to some wood to turn the flame on.


I think it doesn’t come to us naturally. We need somebody to reinforce what we already have.

Yes. I’m the facilitator. We say the attunement is actually an agreement with what we call the Reiki guides. It’s an agreement that you make with the Reiki guides. They’re really the ones that do the attunement. I go through the motions, but it’s really this agreement that you make with the Reiki guides to channel this energy

The class is important because it talks about being respectful of people. We teach a lot. The class is a full day. A lot of it is being respectful of people’s energy, learning to do the work in a very loving and graceful way. You’re making that agreement when you agree to have the attunement. You’re sort of working with higher realms, in a way, to help channel this energy in a more of a focused way than energy is normally focused.

Do you see your guides? Do they show up in a certain shape for you?

When I work, I mainly see what’s happening to other people. We always call in. When we start, we want to make sure that the room is—and that’s why I really only like working in my room. I don’t really like going out of my room to do work because I like to keep the energy in a container.

You want to keep the energy very protected and sacred. You want to make statements around what energy will allow in the room and what energy you don’t allow in the room. What I always say is, we allow in only the light, so only working with the light energy.

Reiki is just a very simple practice of hands-on healing.

We work from the higher self. That’s the way my work has evolved. This is not necessarily a Reiki practice. But the way that I have evolved my work is that we always call in the person’s higher self, and then I call him my higher self. We’re just working at that level, in the highest and best interest of the client.

We would never say something like, ‘oh, we’re going to start this session.’ ‘Today, we’re going to work on healing your knee or whatever, making your backfield better,’ or ‘healing your relationship with your mom because we don’t really know if that’s for the highest good of the person.’ The person may think it is, but it may not be. We just allow the energy to come in for the highest good of the person.

How much control do we have by declaring I just want good energy or divine and sacred being of the highest order? How much control do we have in only that coming in versus something else that may be in there? Is there something else?

We live in a sort of a dualistic universe. I believe there are energies that are coming maybe from what’s called the lower astral. I don’t work there. There are many. There are some healers or some psychics that do work with lower astral, with ghosts, dark energy, and that sort of thing or negative energy. My choice is not to work there. I’m grateful that there are people who like to work there.

When we make clear statements, we really feel it, and we really mean it.

My belief and my experience is that our intention is so powerful. We are powerful beings. We’re not at the mercy of energy. We can decide what’s around us and what we will allow around us. When we make clear statements, we really feel it, and we really mean it, it’s like in your home, you have clear rules about what goes on in your home. You don’t allow people to come in with muddy shoes, smoke, or whatever your rules are and you’re very clear.

In my home, they leave their shoes at the entrance, unless they’re very attached to their shoes.

It’s that same thing. You are in control of your space and your intention is very powerful. That includes more of the spiritual world as well, as long as you’re doing it from where you’re not feeling fearful. Actually, it’s better to feel joyful than fearful. Just if you just stand in your presence and call in your spiritual helpers, calling your own essence, calling your higher self. For me, it’s a strong message. It’s strong and it works.

You said you’re grateful for the people who work with the lower astral or darker energy. Why is that and what is that?

There are some people who have entities that come into their home, ghosts, or that sort of thing. It’s just never been my preference to work in that realm. I’m glad people do because sometimes people are plagued by unexplained phenomena. It’s just never really been an interest of mine to work in that area. But it’s good that there are some people who do. If they experienced that, they have someone that they can go to for space clearing or that sort of thing.

People can go crazy when they’re playing in those realms because it’s quite difficult, isn’t it?

You are in control of your space and your intention is very powerful.

It can be difficult, especially because it creates fear. Fear puts you in a place of weakness. That’s why it’s really important to not be in fear. It’s because the darker side of the spirit world can get you.

Look at all the ghost movies and the horror films.

Yes, all of that. It’s portrayed that way that we’re weak, that we’re sort of prey, and that sort of thing. I don’t believe that that’s true. Although, to be honest, I’ve never really been in too much of a situation like that. I just don’t see ghosts.

I’m not really in that world or that world has not come to me, so I’m not really an expert at it. I guess that’s why I’m glad that there are other people who are. I’m not sure I want to delve into that. I just haven’t had the experience with it.

Yeah. I know you do Akashic Records. Can you share a little bit about Akashic Records? How did your work evolve since you learned how to do that?

The Akashic Records is like a library of information. Within the records, there are guides that are there. We all have guides, our own guides in the Akashic Records, and they’re called masters, teachers, and loved ones. Those are the beings or entities that step forward in an Akashic Record reading.

When we learn Akashic Record reading, we really try to separate ourselves, our own ego, from those masters, teachers, and loved ones that stepped forward in the reading. I learned the Akashic Records as a separate skill, separate from the energy healing. I had a reading with Anne Marie Pizzaro, who’s an amazing Akashic Record reader.

She’s one of the guests on this show.

Yes. I had many, many readings with her before I decided to try Akashic Record reading. To be honest, I was a little nervous at first because what I see in a healing session is I see what I see. It’s not based on questions. I see what I see and I relay what I see but it’s not like someone’s asking me a question and I have to give them an answer. I was a little bit nervous about that.

By taking a class with Anne and I also took another class with another lady using the Linda Howe method of accessing the Akashic Records, it just took some practice. For me, what helped me was my ability that I was already a clairvoyant, so I could already see images as they came in my mind. I use that a lot in the Akashic Record readings I do. A lot of it comes through visions as if someone asks a question and then I will receive a vision. That’s just the way that happens to work for me. 

It did take some practice just for me to get confident. The reason for that is because I really would not want to give anyone any information that was not coming from a higher source, that was coming from me or my ego, or something like that.

How do you know what’s coming from a higher source or what’s coming from your own ego?

We set the prayer process. It helps us get into that state. We go through the prayer process. I also use a pendulum to help swing my energy into the Akashic records and out of my ego. There’s a feeling that you feel when you’re in the record. For me, it’s almost like a little bit of a buzz in my forehead.

You have to practice so you know if you’re in or not. When you’re in the records, there are things that come through that you wouldn’t normally think of. For me, I start talking a little bit faster, a little bit louder. There are also times when I stop and make sure that I’m in the records. It’s more of a feeling sort of a place. It’s hard to explain. But for me, there’s a feeling of it. I feel a little bit of a buzz in my head. 

Also, you get confirmation from your clients because the questions are a little different. It’s not questions like, should I leave my husband or quit my job? It’s more about situations. Whenever I would explain the energy around a situation, I would have no way of knowing what that energy was. They say that that’s true, especially at the beginning, it’s a good way to know that it’s not you talking because you’d have no way of knowing that.

Did you get any experience that shocked you, either information that was given for yourself, your life, or your client?

I wouldn’t say that it shocked me. To be honest, I don’t remember much about the readings that I do. They seem to leave. The same with my healing. Actually, the whole session that I do, I write a little email to my clients at the end of the week and I keep these little pink notepads.

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At the end of the week, I have a little stack of notepads or notes to send to clients. I look at the notepad and it’ll say, ‘Suzie Green’ or something. And I’ll go I don’t even remember. I don’t remember her at all. I spent a few hours with her. That’s interesting to me that I just don’t remember very much about what. If I can recollect it or they come back and say, oh, remember, you told me this? And I’m like, oh, yeah, I remember that.

There have been many things that have come up that have been very, very interesting in sessions. Sometimes, I remember one session I had with him. This was a healing session. I was with him and just standing on his side, just running energy, holding his left hand. The left-hand side of the body is usually about the past.

I was just standing there. Then all of a sudden, in my third eye vision, a long shotgun came up, a black shotgun just sort of floated up into my vision. I just really didn’t know what that meant. I don’t own guns. I don’t know anything about guns. I don’t really know why that came up.

I relayed it to him later, which is sometimes a good thing to do, rather than trying to figure it out. I just relayed it to him later. What he said was that his brother had been shot by one of those big shotguns and that he felt very guilty that he hadn’t been there. I don’t think he died from it, but he was hurt.

My client felt like if he’d been there that day, that wouldn’t have happened, that he would have been able to intervene somehow. That was almost like guilt that was hanging around in his energy field. It took the form of this shotgun. I guess his guides wanted that cleared or it came up for me to see.

We were able to talk about it a little bit. Hopefully, it helped him relieve some of that guilt that he carried. Often, things will come up that are unexplainable. Then when they get brought into the light of day, it’s interesting what the meaning of it is.

I really would not want to give anyone any information that was not coming from a higher source, that was coming from me or my ego. Click To Tweet

How long did it take you to trust yourself when you get those visions and not just say, oh my God, those are my thoughts and I’m not going to believe my thoughts?

It took a while. There were a lot of things I didn’t say because I thought they were too out there and I just didn’t say them. Sometimes it was better in the early days, you’re normally working with your friends or acquaintances. There were some times that I would say things that I felt were out there and then they will get verified.

I remember one time I was working on one friend. She was quite out there psychically. I saw this sort of light guide around her that looked like a half-human, half-wolf. I said to her what I saw and she goes, oh, yeah, that’s one of my guides, that sort of thing. The validation would come.

There was another lady that I worked on and all I saw around her were all these unicorns, just tons and tons of unicorns. At that time, I didn’t want to tell her. It was early on in my practice. I didn’t want to say to her, oh, I’m seeing all these unicorns around you. So I didn’t. Then I noticed on her Facebook page that she had tons of unicorns.

That was like a totem for her, like energy that was around her. I’m like, oh, darn, I should have told her that, but I didn’t because I was afraid to. Of course, I went through some times where there were things I didn’t say that I saw. Now if I see it, I say it.

That’s really what I teach as well because it’s been rare that I have seen something that when I say to the person, oh, I saw this around you, does that make sense to you, that they say no, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s very rare. If you’re standing there, you’ve created a sacred space, and something comes into your awareness, it is coming in for a reason, especially if you’re not thinking of it, if you’re not thinking of anything.

I try not to learn too much about my clients before I work on them because I want my process to be clear.

I try not to learn too much about my clients before I work on them because I want my process to be clear. In fact, if I know too much, then sometimes it’s not clear because it is my own mind. I want to work with a really clear, clean slate.

The work I do is not really about people’s future. It’s about what’s in their energy field now and what that metaphor coming up might mean for them in terms of them looking at their own life, their own spiritual progress, and deciding what can be done to work with that, to clear that. Before they leave, I try to give them some tips and tricks for doing some clearing work, learning more, and that sort of thing.

It’s cool. You also do Light Language. What is that? What is Light Language?

If people look and google Light Language, you’ll see there are tons of it out there. I was even thinking of doing a Light Language YouTube channel, but there are so many people doing it that I felt I would never be found in a search because I would come too far down on the algorithm if I hadn’t really gotten into it earlier.

Light Language, people are calling it the language of creation. Some people say it’s galactic. Some people will write it as well. Written Light Language looks a little bit like Chinese, a little bit squiggles but a little more. There are little more curves, spirals, and that sort of thing in it. I don’t write it.

It works a little differently for every channeler, but the way it works for me is it comes through specifically for the person. It will come through as a song. I can sing it. I’m not really a singer. It’s really interesting because I had a client who was a music major and her ear could hear a perfect pitch. I am not a singer. I don’t have perfect pitch, but she said when I did it in her session that it sounded like a perfect pitch to her. That, to me, is an indication that it’s channeling and it’s not me.

It can sound like a lullaby. Sometimes it sounds like people are getting a little bit of a lecture. They’re really sort of getting told like, okay, come on, you’ve got to smarten up. You said you’re going to start that business and you haven’t done anything about it yet. It sounds a little bit like that.

Sometimes it sounds a little bit like when you come home from college and your mom’s filling you in on all the family gossip, just a conversation about what’s going on. It comes in different sounds. It can sound very galactic. Sometimes it can be very low pitch, very Native American.

Sometimes it comes in to help ground a person, heal, or clear a person. Other times, it comes in more to almost giving them that message from their ancestors, or if they have a galactic family, or they have Native American roots or any type of root. Not necessarily Native American, but their ancestral roots. It will come in for them specifically to give them some comfort, give them a message.

I feel like it comes in, and they feel it later. It’s almost like maybe they experienced the Light Language, which may be coming in to tell them to be strong, and take action. Then later, a couple of weeks later, they’re thinking about applying for a job or something. And all of a sudden, they feel like, I think I can do that. I feel like I need to do that. It’ll come later.

It comes in to help ground a person, heal, or clear a person.

It’s not really so much at the moment. Although, it can’t be, of course. For me, I started just feeling this tugging at my throat. Just this tugging and just felt like I was going to start channeling something, but I really didn’t know what it was going to be. This was very personal for me, it was just something I did on my own, like when I was walking around the house.

I just started doing it around the house. I just opened my mouth and these sounds would come out. And I was like, well, that’s weird. I don’t really even know about Light Language, then I don’t think. Then I started doing it when I play crystal balls in my sessions. I started doing crystal ball work. It just came out gradually.

I would just do it for people who wouldn’t think I was crazy. Now I do it in all my sessions. Usually, if it comes in, I don’t make it come in. I can’t really make it happen. I can’t really give an example unless I open up for something to come through. It’s interesting, but I’m not the only one doing it.

In fact, I had this lady on the table one time. She was a realtor. She really wasn’t too far down the path of spiritual exploration. She just started doing it herself. She was shocked, of course. A lot of people are doing it. It’s not just me. It seems like something that’s coming through. I don’t really know. I’ve been told it’s the language of creation coming in for people. I’m not sure, but it’s interesting for me.

Are you open to trying something with me? Maybe there is a message for me.

Sure, I’ll try for you, for Orion. Okay. I’m always a little bit nervous about doing this because I don’t know how it’s going to sound. It could sound really like a really high pitch. It can sound where it can go really fast.

Do I need to close my eyes or anything?

Yes, you can close your eyes and I probably get you to breathe at the end, just so that you can listen. I want you to just drop into your heart. Listen with your heart. This is a message really for your heart. It’s a message at the soul level.

It’s not really a message for your mind. If you’re sitting there trying to figure it out, you’ll miss it. It’s just about experiencing it. Okay, so just see what’s going to come through for Orion today. 

Okay, just take a deep breath. Just take a deep breath.

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It’s so cool.

Okay, so did you feel anything from that?

I felt my heart expanding.

I felt like it was sort of in a way. It was a message from a particular guide, almost like an aunt. If you have an aunt, that energy where she’ll command. If your mom told you something, you might not listen to your mom, but you listen to your aunt and she says a message like, do you know this? Do you remember this? I want you to listen, do this, do that, and pay attention. It was a message like that.

It’s so cool.

Maybe something about your gifts, something about your next steps. It was like encouraging. There was an encouraging aspect to it, but there was also this aspect of, come on now, time to start. It really wasn’t the lecture so much. It was a nice version of the lecture.

Thank you so much. That was so freaking cool. I had an experience. I don’t know if it’s Light Language or what it was. But I had an experience when I went to a Donny Epstein seminar. I don’t know if you know him. He does the Network Spinal Analysis. I think that’s what he calls it. He’s a master wizard. If you put somebody on the table and just touch the air behind them, then you actually physically see a wave on their spine.

Oh, wow. That’s amazing

People start talking in tongues and getting into the super higher states. I know I did when I was there. Then he’s also got SRI, which is kind of you do it in a group and you do all kinds of movements. After we did the movement, he said, okay, let your angelic voice come out or something from the inside.

I did like, ah, and then all of a sudden, I moved into a pitch. I do like to sing, but this is something that I can never ever do if I intend to unless I take incredible training, but super high pitched and super operatic type of sound. It was just, I don’t know.

I don’t know who did this high D. I don’t know, but it’s called in the scales. It was just like high C, I don’t know. It was just a super high pitch and super long. It felt very, very good. It was almost like channeling through me. I don’t know how my vocal cords did that. It was incredible.

Yes, it is. You were doing, I guess, a form of Light Language or toning, angelic. There’s also something called angelic toning. When the angelics come through when I do it, it’s very high pitched as well. Sometimes I just try to keep my ego to the side, but sometimes my ego pops in and goes, oh no, we’re going to go high here. My voice can do, like you said, what it normally can’t do.

I was like, I really hope everybody could hear that. I’m sure everybody could hear it. That was so cool.

Yeah. You may be one of the many people who are going to start channeling. I understand that it’s different from speaking in tongues. I did speak to a lady who was familiar with speaking in tongues.

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I don’t know if it’s a real language when you did that. It sounded like a real ancient language or native language. It did sound like a real language.

Yes, it does sound like a language. Speaking in tongues, what I understand is that’s more for a congregation where there’s someone who speaks in tongues. It’s a message for the congregation and then in a church like a Pentecostal church. Then there’s usually a person there who can interpret that message and then there’s an interpreter.

It’s the same idea, but I think it’s just a little different. Maybe the source of it is a little different. I’m not sure, but it’s that. If you get this feeling that you want to just open your throat and just let some sounds out, that’s how it just started with me and I just started doing around the house. You have to start with something and you’ve already had an initiation into it.

Yeah. On my last visit to Israel, we were there through major lockdowns. It was horrible. People were gathering in the parks. There was this workshop and this lady. I didn’t know it was Light Language, but she was singing in tongues. We were jamming. I started singing too and stuff came out too. I don’t know what came out, but it felt really fun to do that.

Yes, it’s fun. One of my clients could do it. We did it together. It was so interesting. We didn’t know what we were saying, but I could feel the emotion. It was like we were sisters talking together.

As sisters, sometimes you’ll say, oh, I want to tell you about this story. Then the other one goes, oh, no, no, I don’t want to talk about that. It was this sort of, then there was laughter, and then there was like, oh. It was like we were talking about family news. We just went back and forth. It was just really fascinating, but we don’t know exactly what we were saying. 

It was like, you knew when something was funny, or you knew when you felt a little irritated with her like, oh, don’t say that sort of thing. It was just fun. It was fun to play with it. Yeah, I encourage you to do that.

Yeah. I’m super grateful for this experience. I feel lighter right now. I feel different.

Good. That’s very good.

Before we say goodbye for now, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life and where can people find you?

I always tell my clients this. The most important thing that you can do if you’re on any sort of a journey, but especially on the spiritual journey, is to know yourself. That means watch yourself, notice yourself, and notice your triggers. Just be curious about why you get mad when you get mad, why you get depressed when you get depressed, and what triggers you. Just notice yourself.

The other one is, of course, to love yourself. Self-love is so important and dropping into that heart space for yourself. If you notice that maybe you always get mad when somebody talks about this or that, just notice it and go, oh, it’s okay, it’s okay.

Anytime you notice yourself being mean to yourself, that you just stop it, and if you used to being at a party and going in the restroom and looking at yourself in the mirror and going, oh, you look terrible today, you just stop doing that. You say to yourself, you look okay. I like your hair like that. Just be easy with yourself and notice yourself. Those are important.

Also, there’s something that I think people can do. I always start off my sessions with this with my clients, and that is to call in your higher self because our higher self is us. It’s just us when we’re awesome. It’s us when we’re wise, funny, when we’re kind, and when we’re just on point.

We want to call her or him into us more and more consciously. The higher self is the one that can look down the road and see around the corner. The higher self is the one that says to us, I don’t think you should go to that party tonight or maybe this guy isn’t for you.

Call in your higher self because your higher self is you. It’s just you when you’re awesome, wise, funny, kind, and on point.

To call on your higher self, it’s this statement. The statement is this. You just have to say it out loud, because you have to call the vibration. You have to use your throat chakra and call that vibration in. It is, I am my I am presence. I am my I am presence. I am my I am presence.

Take a moment and allow that higher energy of you to come into you, sift into you. You’ll just notice that when you look out through your eyes after you do that, you have to say it out loud. Sometimes you might be in a situation where you won’t want to say it out loud, so just say it under your breath.

You’ll just notice when you look out through your eyes, your eyes are just a little bit wiser. Your back is a little bit straighter. When I call in my higher self, she’s always saying to me, stand up straight, stand up straight. Just try that. Try bringing in that higher self.

People can find me on my website at karenwilsonhealing.com. If you’re ever visiting the Gulf Coast, I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas right down on the Gulf of Mexico. I’m actually on North Padre Island, just here a half a mile from the gulf. If you’re here in town, it would be great for us to have an in-person session. But if you are not able to come here, then I do the distance sessions and the Akashic Records as well.

I always include the Light Language in the distance sessions, so you get a dose of that in your recording. I also teach some classes. I teach a class on intuitive development. I’ll probably be doing some other classes. I also host retreats here as well.

I do some Zoom meditations and all of that. All that will be posted on my website. You can always just join in. It’d be wonderful to connect.

Thank you so much, Karen. This was such a fun experience. Thank you for everything. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and sharing your light with all of us.

Thank you so much, Orion. I’m really very grateful to have been with you today. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to know yourself, love yourself, call in your higher self, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Take a Reiki class. Get a Reiki attunement because it’s such a beautiful thing to have.

{✓}Ground your energy before you work on energy healing. You can do that by grounding your feet on the earth, touching a tree, or using your breath.

{✓}Make sure you ask the universal energy that linked you and your clients to be dropped after a session. This is because there are energies they will dump on you during a healing session.

{✓}Keep the energy very protected and sacred. You want to make statements around what energy you will allow in the room and what energy you don’t allow in the room. Always let the energy come in for the highest good of the person.

{✓}Be in control of your space and be intentional. Stand in your presence and call in your spiritual helpers, your own essence, and your higher self.

{✓}Always separate yourself and your ego when you learn Akashic Record reading. This will allow you to get the message from your guides.

{✓}Know yourself. Watch yourself and notice your triggers. Be curious about why you get mad when you get mad, why you get depressed when you get depressed, and what triggers you.

{✓}Love yourself. Self-love is important. Drop into that heart space for yourself. 

{✓}Call in your higher self because your higher self is you. It’s just you when you’re awesome, wise, funny, kind, and on point.

{✓}Visit Karen Wilson’s website to learn more about her and her services.

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