Episode 133 | September 11, 2018

Inviting Money And Miracles Into Your Life with Christian Mickelsen

A Personal Note from Orion

As a little girl, I was very aware of the fact that my family was poor. Not only because of the way we lived: when it rained, there were 6 or 7 buckets throughout the house because couldn’t afford to fix the roof; my clothes were all secondhand and didn’t quite fit well or were clearly out of style.

I was aware of my poverty because I saw how different everyone else lived: the other houses on my street were nicer and well-kept, my classmates had clothes that fit them well and were new. It seemed to me that rich people were happier, smarter, more successful. I didn’t know then what I know now: If they were smarter, happier, or more successful than me, it really had little to do with money. Because now I know that my worth is not determined by how much money I have. I am inherently worthy – you are too. You are worthy of love, of happiness, of living a life of purpose, all the things that really matter in life.

My guest, Christian Mickelsen, had a very similar rags-to-riches story. He grew up on welfare, and is now a multimillionaire – all by helping other people realize their internal self-with through his coaching and books. Tune in to learn more, because you are worthy of love and abundance and everything that you want in your life.

About Today’s Show

Once upon a time in a land far, far away where people spoke a different language, there was a little girl who lived in a beautiful neighborhood. The neighborhood was so pretty, the houses were pretty, the gardens were pretty, but her house was not pretty. It was smacked down in the middle of the neighborhood. The moldy walls were peeling. It had no fence. She was quite embarrassed because she got bullied for being poor. In the summers, it was so hot. She used to sleep leaning close to the walls to get some coolness and comfort. In the winters, it was so cold. They didn’t have money to fix their roof. They had about six or seven buckets to contain the rain on a rainy day. She didn’t have hot water too. It was quite embarrassing. They will heat up water on the stove and use those water to shower in.

That little girl was me. Being my story, the poorest house in the fancy neighborhood and the limiting beliefs that happen around that still haunts me until now. I’ve done a long way, but it’s still like, “Am I good enough?” I used to look at rich people and be like, “Rich people, they’re richer, therefore, they’re smarter or better.” If somebody had something like a quality or business that I wanted, I used to compare myself and make myself feel small. If you’re doing it, and we all have done it every now and then, just don’t because you are a wonderful, magnificent and amazing human being. When you take people and strip down their clothes, their titles, their achievements and their bank accounts, we are all the same. We’re all just people who want to love and be loved, be taken care of, be healthy, happy, peaceful and find purpose in our lives.

Everyone, we’re all human, we all want the same thing. Your worth is not in direct correlation to how much money you make. This is a mistake. Your worth is not about your financial success or professional success. Your worth is the person that you are, the gift that you are to the world, your love and your kindness. This is not a cliché, this is the truth. You are worthy just because of who you are. You deserve abundance and you deserve to have everything in life. Definitely, you’ve got to work on it and try to be the best person that you can, but you are already worthy of everything. You are worthy of love and abundance and everything that you want in your life.

My guest is Christian Mickelsen. We have a common denominator when it comes to rags to riches story. He is a leading authority on personal development and personal coaching and is the author of four best-selling books, including Abundance Unleashed and Get Clients Today. For over eighteen years, he has helped hundreds of thousands around the world experience the life-changing power of coaching. He is on a mission to get the whole world coached because if we all get coaching, we will become better people and the world becomes a better place. All the coaching that I’ve done in the past helped me become the person that I am now. She’s a person I love and I’m proud of. That’s great because when I was younger, I did not know how kind and beautiful I was. I had so many insecurities comparing myself to others. Now, my older self is looking at this younger self with love and embrace. I just want to tell her, “It doesn’t matter, you are worthy of everything just because you are.”

Christian, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

It’s great to be here.

It’s so great to be talking to you. I’m so honored to have you on the show. Why don’t you just share a little bit about yourself, who you are, and what you do to the people who don’t know you yet?

I grew up on welfare and then I’ve turned myself into a multimillionaire. When I was a kid, I got teased a lot for my old clothes that were hand-me-downs from my brothers who were nearly ten years older than I am. They were a decade out of style. I wore glasses and they weren’t cool glasses, not that too many glasses are cool when you’re a kid, but we got one of the least expensive pairs of glasses that we could get. Eventually, they broke and I had to fix them with a tape. I was the kid with the glasses with tape on them at school. I just linked up in my mind that I got teased for wearing clothes that were out of style.

One day, everybody was about to go out to recess. We were all standing over by the door and one of the coolest kids in school, Everett, came up to me. I thought, “He’s going to come up and talk to me. Maybe he’s going to want to be my friend. If he likes me, then everybody else will like me because he’s popular.” I was wearing bell-bottoms in the ’80s. The parachute pants were cool in the ’80s while the bell-bottom jeans were cool in the ’60s and the ’70s, and definitely not in the ’80s. He came over and pushed his foot at the bottom of my jeans. He was like, “Ding-dong.” He rang the bell on my bell-bottom jeans and then everybody laughed. I just felt like I wanted to totally disappear. Then the bell rang, and everybody ran out to recess to play. Everybody was playing and that was just all in my head. I was just feeling like, “I can’t believe that happened. People don’t like me and my clothes.”

The next week after that, there was a kid in class whose name was Ron. He got these brand-new fruity smelling markers, which back then fruity smelling markers didn’t exist. This is the first anybody in our class had seen fruity smelling markers or smelled those fruity smelling markers. Everybody wanted to borrow his markers or at least borrow one. They were like, “Can I borrow your markers? Can I use your markers? I’ll be your best friend.” I was like, “If you have a toy or something that’s cool that people like, people then will want to be your best friend. If I just had those things.” For me, I was teased for being poor and I was watching people be liked by people who want to be their best friend for being rich. I thought Ron wasn’t necessarily rich, but he seemed rich compared to me. My parents probably could’ve afforded $5 for some fruity smelling markers. We were on welfare, special lunch programs and food stamps, but maybe if I could have mustered up, but they didn’t know. I didn’t want to ask, and I felt bad asking you anything too. I was like, “I could never ask my parents. We don’t have money, so I can’t ask for things for me.” They’re struggling to pay their bills.

That’s how I grew up and I linked up that being poor was bad, being rich was good, not just for the money’s sake but because then people would like me more. Then I’d have more friends. I had all this shame around being poor. I grew up and eventually I got a job. I was constantly worrying about money and I didn’t know why I was worrying about money. I just thought, “Maybe one day when I’m making enough money, I’ll stop worrying. Maybe one day I’ll stop worrying when I save up enough money and I have enough money in the bank.” When I finally made and saved up that much money, I was still worrying about money and I didn’t know why.

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Finally, one day, I was thinking about this because I had started a business and now my income was up and down. In some months I was falling behind on my mortgage and I was so worried about losing my house. I was a single guy, pretty young, I was 23, 24 years old when I bought a house. I’m like, “What am I so worried about? Am I worried that I’ll be homeless? If I lose my house, will I not have anywhere to live?” I’m like, “No, because I could stay on somebody’s couch with a friend or a family. I wouldn’t be homeless.” Even when I thought about being homeless, I didn’t feel scared of being homeless. I’m like, “What am I so afraid of? Why am I so afraid to lose my house?” Then I realized that it wasn’t losing the house I was afraid of. It was how I thought people would see me if I lost my house. People would think I wasn’t successful, that I wasn’t rich. People would think I was poor or that I was somehow a loser and I’d be ashamed to lose the house. It wasn’t the house itself. It was the shame. Also by buying a house so young, it made me feel like, “Look how successful I am. I’m not poor like I was when I was a kid.” Not only would I lose that identity, that perception. I don’t want to say smoke and mirrors because it was true, I did have a house and that meant some level of success. I would lose that perception that people have of me of being rich. Not necessarily that people thought I was rich. I would lose that and also then face the shame of being poor.

All of this was happening inside of me. It wasn’t what was going on with other people. It wasn’t the things people were saying. I didn’t know that people would have been ashamed of me if I lost my house. I don’t know those, I don’t know what people would have thought. This was back a long time ago before the predatory lending and the housing bubble crash where people will walk away from the house. It was a strategic foreclosure because it made financial sense to just walk away from the house. There wasn’t as much shame in losing your house during that time. This was way before then when there seemed to be much more shame around it. At least I felt a lot of shame around it.

The reason I share these stories with you is that one of the things I’ve realized that I’ve learned over the years is that if you want to be rich, the best way to get rich is to enrich the lives of other people. Most people do that by getting a job where they can help enrich the company. Then the company can help to enrich the lives of lots of people, whether it’s a business-to-business or business to consumer company. I grew up where my parents seemed to always be fighting about money. I just thought, “Getting rich is the solution to all of life’s problems.” I’ve realized now that I’ve gotten older and made a lot of money, you can still have lots of problems even with money, while money certainly is amazing and I’m very happy to have lots of it.

Did you mean that money doesn’t save everything?

It doesn’t solve all our problems. You can still have problems and be rich. You can still have health problems. You can still have relationship problems, people problems. If you have a business, you get business problems, employee problems, team problems, customer problems.

It’s not that you have less problem, it’s the quality of your problems that change. You just have bigger problems.

Certainly, the problems can be bigger, it can be the quality of the problem. Certainly, it’s a much better problem to figure out what to do with all your money than figuring out how to get some. It’s definitely better. Looking back at my parents and the challenges they had in their relationship, I don’t know that money would have solved all those problems. I’m sure that it wouldn’t have. Fighting about money is not necessarily about money. You have a situation where you have two people married and being in a relationship is challenging. Then you toss out some money problems on top of it and creates a little more stress. Before my parents got divorced it wasn’t like we were struggling to keep a roof over our head. Even rich people fight about money. Even rich married people fight about money because it’s relationship problems more than money problems.

It’s a much better problem to figure out what to do with all your money than figuring out how to get some.


It’s what the money symbolizes or who is right and who is wrong and stuff like pride and control comes into play.

It’s the competing beliefs about money. One person thinks, “We should be saving it,” and another person thinks, “We should be spending it.” One person thinks, “We shouldn’t spend it on these kinds of things or spending it on those kinds of things. That’s wasteful. We should spend it on these kinds of things.” The other person thinks, “No, that’s wasteful.” There’s a whole lot of stuff there when it comes to relationships and money. The most important relationship with money is your own relationship with money and your own relationship to abundance and what’s possible. It’s realizing that money doesn’t solve all our problems.

If you want to be happy, you want abundance in every area of life. A lot of money fights are about love. Deep down it’s like, “If you love me, you would get me this or if you love me, then you wouldn’t get mad at me about this.” Ultimately, all the love we want is inside of ourselves, but we keep it from ourselves. We set up all these rules that say, “In order to be loved, I’ve got to look like this. I’ve got to act like this. I’ve got to make this much money. I’ve got to get all this stuff in order to get loved, in order to be lovable.” We set up all these rules and it makes it difficult for us to experience the love that we want. Then we’re always trying to get it from other people like, “I want these people to respect me. I want these people to like me. I want these people to love me.” You’re waiting to get all the love from the outside. It feels great to get love from the outside. The amount of love that we get from the outside is proportional to the amount of love we have on the inside for ourselves. We see famous people who are totally loved from the outside, they don’t feel the love. Love may be out there, but it’s rolling off them like water off a duck because they don’t let it in. The reason they don’t let it in is that they don’t feel they deserve it, they don’t feel worthy.

It’s that impostor syndrome.

Ultimately, I want for myself and for everybody to have as much abundance in all areas of life, an abundance of money, time, love, health. I’m all for extreme abundance in every area of life. That’s why I wrote the book, Abundance Unleashed: Open Yourself to More Money, Love, Health, and Happiness Now. Why not have it now?

You were poor. I know what it’s like to be poor. I grew up very poor. I used to wear secondhand clothes. I used to have thick, disgusting glasses and I looked like a nerd. My mom used to sew some of my clothes. Even though back then I thought, “This is a nice dress.” Now, I look back at the photos, I’m like, “Ugly duckling.”

It’s much better if you felt pretty at that time.

I was poor and I felt poor. I was teased for being poor. It was me and the rich people, and we’re not the same. I love that at 23, you had a house and you achieved what you wanted. What was the shift for you where you discovered that whole idea of abundance and getting rid of your limited beliefs? How did you become that guru that you are now? You had a Facebook video that got millions of likes. What was the journey there? What did you discover?

I’ve got five million views on my Facebook video. It wasn’t a moment. There could have been a moment, but I’ll tell you a couple of things. One was in junior high, we had to read The Great GatsbyI don’t remember that much about The Great Gatsby except for a few things. I don’t know if it was ever revealed how he made his money in the book, I don’t remember. I should probably reread it. I haven’t read it since junior high. I remember he went from being poor to being rich. That was one thing I remember. The other thing I remember was that he died. After he passed away, they looked and he had written some notes in the back of a book or a journal. He made a list of ten ways to improve himself. I remember thinking, “You can actually do things to make yourself better.” That was a huge shift for me and I made my own list of things that I could do to be better.

The amount of love that we get from the outside is proportional to the amount of love we have on the inside for ourselves. Click To Tweet

What were some of the items from that list?

I wish I remembered. It would be cool to have that list. I was probably eleven or twelve. The only thing I remember from his list and the only thing that I also put on my list was to be better to my parents or something like that. I was like, “That’s good,” and I put that one on my list too. I was like, “I’m going to be a good kid for my parents.” I had two older brothers and one older sister. They had some parent-kid drama. I felt I wanted to do whatever I can to keep them from having the drama with me. Although now with my book and my video, it’s pushing some of their buttons. While we didn’t have a lot of drama when I was growing up, there seems to be a little bit right now. That was the first moment where I was like, “By making myself better, I could make my life better.” That was a huge shift for me.

My parents got divorced when I was nine or ten. Then my older brothers moved out of state shortly after that. One moved to Arizona, the other one moved to Texas for a while and then ended up moving back. While both of my brothers had moved out, one of my older brother’s friends who lived a couple of blocks away saw me walking down the street and I was going to a store or something. He saw me and was like, “Come on over.” He started talking to me a little bit and for whatever reason, he ended up like, “Why don’t you read this book?” He started handing me all these books and I just kept reading them. I was not a fast reader, but they were all personal growth, spiritual growth type of books. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It’s a fantastic book and it changed my life. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which is you’ve got all the seagulls and everybody does everything the same. Then Jonathan Livingston Seagull flies differently, and he wants to be free. He doesn’t want to just fly in formation. He wants to be unique and different. That was by Richard Bach. Another great book by him was called Illusions. Reading that one was powerful. I just read and read all these books, personal growth, spiritual growth type of books. That started when I was twelve years old and I was in junior high. They say, “Every overnight success was at least ten years in the making.” My whole life has led me up to becoming who I am now and continues to shape me into who I’m becoming.

Who are you now?

I’m a guy who gets to work as much or as little as he wants. I have total freedom when it comes to my time and my schedule. 95% of the work that I do is work that I absolutely love. Very rarely do I have to do work that I don’t enjoy. I have total time freedom. People always say, “If you do work that you love, you never work a day in your life.” My life is filled with joy and my work is joy. I mostly work part-time. I can work as much or as little as I want. I do love what I do, I love my freedom and free time. I have three amazing young daughters. I spend time with them. I spend time with my wife, my friends and family.

If you do work that you love, you never work a day in your life.


Part-time is great for me. Some people want to work full-time. What I want for everyone is to do the work they love. There are four freedoms. Doing the work that you love is number one, finding the work you love. Even if you worked for someone else for your whole life, just being able to do work that you love, that’s going to set your life up in a great way. Number two, if you can do the work that you love and do it for yourself, that creates even more freedom. There are people who do the work they love and work for themselves. Then they work 80 or 120 hours a week and don’t have time for friends and family or to take care of themselves. The third thing is to be able to work for yourself and work as much or as little as you want. You want to be able to have all those three things and also be able to make crazy amounts of money. When you do all four of those things, that is the setup for an extraordinary quality of life.

Now you have this beautiful life, you have a family and the work that you love. Have you ever had limiting beliefs that you had to get over or fear of success? What were the lessons there for you?

I’ve had a million. Jim Rohn, who was Tony Robbins’ early mentor, said, “Work harder on yourself than you do at your job.” I work on myself not at an extreme level but I’m working on myself a ton. Some of it is letting go of limiting beliefs, limiting thinking. Mostly, I’m working through my fears and doubts at an emotional level. Maybe we’ll talk a little bit about some of the techniques that I used to help free myself and heal myself from all of this stuff. Success is an inside game. Over 90% of success is the inner work and less than 10% is doing the work in the world. You’ve got to do the work in the world. If you only do inner work and you don’t take any action, then who knows? People could become successful that way. That’s not my philosophy. I definitely do work.

If somebody did a lot of inner work and is not taking action, that means they didn’t do enough inner work.

That’s almost always true because if they’re not taking action, there are usually some fears, some doubts and many beliefs that are holding them back. Even now I’ve noticed limitations and limiting beliefs and things that I’ve worked through. I’m always working through stuff. In San Diego, there’s a Dream Homes Magazine. They have a San Diego version and a couple of versions for Southern California. I think there’s an LA, one in San Diego, one may be in Orange County. Then there’s Dream Homes International, which has homes all over the world. Some of these homes are $10 million, $20 million, $30 million homes. I was looking through the magazine, which I love to do. I love to be inspired by great things and I love to be inspired. Years ago, one of the other turning points for me was creating my first vision board. This had specific pictures of these specific things I wanted to achieve. A lot of people create these vision boards that are very conceptual, that have a lot of words and imagery.

I have attracted my husband that way. It was part of my journey.

Having a vision board is great especially if you get very specific and not very conceptual. If you want a nice house, great. Put a picture of that house. If you want to be in a relationship with somebody, put a picture of somebody who would be the kind of person you want to be with. You could also make lists and be clear on the kind of person that you wanted, what kind of attributes you’d want them to have. Specific is better than general. I created a vision board for myself and that helped.

One of the reasons why I looked through Dream Homes Magazine is because my brain is always thinking in those terms. I went from that just being a dream, to now I have two multimillion-dollar homes on the same street. One is the house that I live in with my family. The other house is the house that I work in. They’re both about 4,500 square feet. They’re both brand-new construction, super nice. As I looked through Dream Homes Magazine, I can afford more than half of the houses in those magazines if I wanted to buy them. A part of me wants to, but I’m not necessarily in the place where I’m going to buy them right now for various reasons. I’m probably moving out of San Diego, so that’s one of the big reasons.

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I looked through the homes at Dream Homes International and I had this dream in my mind that popped into my head. It was like, “How awesome would it be to own a bunch of $20 million homes in all these exotic locations all over the world?” I had the dream and then instantly, I felt guilty. It was like, “That would be so selfish for me to spend all that money on all these homes for myself.” I had some judgment about that. I still have a little bit, so I still have to work through that. Some people might think, “That is selfish, so why would you need to work through that?” Even if it is selfish, judging myself for it and kiboshing that dream isn’t good for me. If the way to get rich is to enrich the lives of other people, then how much life enriching must I need to do to be able to buy $5 million, $20 million homes? I would need to enrich a lot of lives.

The great thing about having a big dream is that it gets us to have to become more, to grow more and to contribute more in order to achieve them. That was on a big level that I was thinking, “$20 million homes.” Some people might be like, “$20 million, I haven’t even dreamt that big yet.” When I got started in my business, my dream wasn’t to become a multimillionaire. My dream was if I could do something I love for a living, work for myself and do something that matters and makes a difference for people, sign me up. That’s how I got started in coaching.

A great way to start growing your wealth and work for yourself is doing something you love for a living.


My dream wasn’t to become a multimillion-dollar coach or to grow a business that has made the Inc. 5,000 list of being one of the fastest growing companies in America. I didn’t have those big dreams back then. Now as I started achieving more, I started dreaming bigger and bigger. I was able to buy my dream car. It was a Lexus Convertible SC 430. I went to the dealership and got one of their brochures. I cut out one of the pictures and put it up on my vision board. This was like a $68,000 car that just came out. There weren’t even used cars versions of it because a hardtop convertible is awesome. It was on my vision board for three years. My income was increasing steadily. The car had been out for a couple of years, so I was able to buy a used car instead of a brand-new one. My income went up and the price of the car went down. I then went and bought my dream car.

I remember feeling so uncomfortable driving my car. People are looking at me, people are judging me. They’re thinking, “That rich asshole.” I had all this stuff. People think that people who are rich are greedy, selfish, manipulative and probably took advantage of people in order to get rich. There are certainly people who steal, who manipulate and who make money in unethical ways. There are people who poison the environment for their own economic gain. That does exist, but the vast majority of people who make a lot of money make it by contributing to the world in a vastly dramatically positive way, not by hurting people. It takes a lot of courage to go for being rich.

What did you do to get over that fear of success? I know that you are very connected to your spirit guides. You have something that is called the instant miracle and you have a peace process to get over fears. How did you find it within you listening to that voice inside of you that guide you in attracting miracles into your life?

I’ve been reading and studying personal growth since I was eleven or twelve, somewhere right around there. It was just something I’ve been doing. I went to the pyramids with Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love.

I was at the pyramids.

Was that the pyramids in Egypt or in Mexico?

I went to the ones in Egypt.

I was at the ones in Tenochtitlan, Mexico. That’s where the Toltec is, which the whole four agreements is based on. I went with Don Miguel Ruiz and that was great. I studied NLP, hypnotherapy and became a Master Certified Practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapy. Those tools were helpful to me to overcome some of these limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. I studied with Dan Millman. I had him speak at one of my events. I traveled the world with Tony Robbins in his Platinum Program, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. I got to do work with Byron Katie up on stage at one of her workshops. I was able to ask questions of Abraham-Hicks in her workshops.

I had done a lot of this work and it all helped. The biggest shift happened when I discovered and developed the Peace Process and the Instant Miracle Technique. That’s when things started taking off like crazy. I was able to heal much deeper and much faster than with any of the other techniques I’ve learned or studied over the years, and not taking away from any of that stuff. I had all the ideas, all the good positive mindsets from all the stuff I learned over the years, but I had all these fears and shame. I had all this gunk I carried around with me that kept me from being as successful as I could be. The Peace Process and the Instant Miracle definitely are the two techniques that I use more than anything else. I use them pretty much every day as I encounter new inner limitations of some sort or angst or I find anything that pushes my buttons. I’m working on letting them go.

First, I’ll teach the Peace Process and then I’ll explain the Instant Miracle Technique. If people would like to get a free copy of my book where they can learn ever more about this stuff, I’m happy to give all of your readers a free copy of the book. We are biologically hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. That is how we survive as individuals. That’s how we’ve survived as species. Getting food and eating food is pleasurable. The saber tooth tiger is dangerous and painful. There’s fire, be careful. Even the desire for sex, not only is it physiologically good for human beings to have sex, but it’s also what keeps the species alive. When it comes to our emotions, we often still do the same thing. We seek pleasure and we avoid pain. Unfortunately, when we try to avoid pain, it can create more pain and more dysfunction.

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For me, I felt the shame of being teased for being poor, and I didn’t want to feel that shame. I stuffed it down and we do this unconsciously. We stuff these feelings down. If anybody has any chronic worries, it’s usually because there’s something that’s been stuffed down deep inside that hasn’t fully come out, chronic worries, chronic fears. The peace process works the opposite way that we’re biologically hardwired. Instead of trying to push down those feelings, we want to take the lid off, let all the feelings come out, and be fully present to those emotions.

If a baby is crying, you could take the baby downstairs in the basement, open the closet door, and put the baby in there, close the closet door, go back upstairs and turn on the TV. Then distract yourself with the TV, with alcohol, drugs, porn, the internet, sugar and food. You’re not really hearing it much, maybe not at all, but the baby’s still crying. That’s what these feelings are. That’s a part of us that needs to be heard and that needs to be felt. By stuffing it down, we’re not solving the problem. What I invite everybody to do is to push down that fork, put down the beer, put down the remote, go back downstairs, open the closet door, pick up the baby and just be with the baby.

You could certainly try to give the baby what it needs. Does it need a bottle? Does it need a diaper change? Sometimes the baby just needs to be held, to be rocked and to be soothed. What we want to do is give the baby love. The baby is your feelings. It might be fear. All of our fears are fears of feelings. Everything we’re afraid of, we’re afraid of feeling. We’re either afraid of emotional feelings, or we’re afraid of physical feelings. We could be afraid of falling from somewhere high. Most of our fears are fears of our emotional feelings. We don’t want to feel the shame. We don’t want to feel embarrassed, humiliated, rejected. We don’t want to feel all those feelings. That’s natural that I don’t want to feel those feelings. I’m not saying go get yourself into situations where you’re going to feel bad every day of your life. All it takes is one time to feel the shame and you bury it down and suppress it. Then you’re going to have this lifetime of worrying that something’s going to happen that’s going to make you feel ashamed.

If you are willing to feel the feeling this one time fully and completely, usually, it’s just this one time. Sometimes it will take several sessions of feeling your feelings but usually, in one go you can resolve a lifetime of misery. Several tons of people whom I’ve worked with had fear of public speaking. I’ll work with them up on stage at one of my events. I’ll help them feel the fear of public speaking. People say the number one fear people have even greater than the fear of death is fear of public speaking. It’s like there’s oil in an oil candle and your presence is the flame. When you’ll be present to the feeling without trying to make it go away, without trying to analyze it, without judging it, then your presence will burn out all the oil. The only mystery is we don’t know how much oil is in the candle. You never know how long it’s going to take. Sometimes something can be a really intense feeling like, “I don’t want to feel this. I feel like I’m going to die,” and it can go away really fast.

Sometimes something is like a subtle feeling. You almost don’t even notice that it’s there, but it’s there. It might be the thing that’s keeping you from going up and talking to somebody you want to go on a date with or going up and talking to, asking for a raise at work. It can be a little something or it can be intense, but sometimes it can be subtle where it can take a long time to resolve. Sometimes it could be intense and go by fast or vice versa, you just never know.

The process itself is just to be mindful. What does it look like? You’re working with somebody and you put them in some hypnotic trance state or meditative state?

No. You could, probably that might help but all I do is have somebody think of something, maybe a fear that they have. Let’s say it’s fear of public speaking or fear of going up and talking to somebody you want to ask on a date. Let’s say it’s fear of asking for a raise or fear of whatever. You think about the situation that you have some angst about and then you notice, you look in. Step one, you think about the situation or think about a situation from the past that pushed your buttons. Maybe it’s something that made you angry. Think about the situation and then feel the feeling. Then notice where the feeling is in your body. That’s step two. Step one, think of the thing that pushes the buttons. Step two, find where that spot is.

Step three, make it okay for you to feel that feeling. Be with the feeling without trying to change it or analyze it without trying to make it go away. Just be fully present to the feeling. Step four is to fine tune and pinpoint the most intense part of the feeling. Let’s say it’s in your chest. There might be a spot little over to the right bottom towards the front of your chest or wherever it might be, where you feel that feeling the most intense. You put your attention on that most intense part of the feeling and be present to it without trying to change it, analyze it or make it go away. You let it run its course.

You never know how long it’s going to be. It could be two minutes. It could be twenty minutes. Twenty minutes can feel like a long time to feel something uncomfortable and it’s like, “I’m suffering.” If it only takes twenty minutes to free you up from a lifetime of being afraid of to ask somebody out or a lifetime of fear of public speaking or a lifetime of fear of shame or whatever the fear is to get through it. You’re going to probably feel it for a lot more than twenty minutes over the course of your life if you don’t resolve it. Maybe it will be not as intense. It will be in the background. They say, “First, God comes with a whisper. Then a gentle knock on the door. Then a loud knock and then He knocks the door down. Then he’ll knock the house down if you’re not getting the message.” All these unresolved emotions, you’re going to attract situations in your life is going to push your buttons for you. First, it’s going to be a little push and then it’s going to be a bigger push. Then it’s going to get to a bigger and bigger push until it might totally destroy your life, until you’re willing to feel those feelings that you’re so afraid to feel.

The number one fear people have even greater than the fear of death is fear of public speaking.


This is one of the most healing things that you can do. Research shows that a lot of our repressed emotions lead to health conditions. If you have health problems, these could resolve it. I remember one time I was working with somebody on stage about time abundance because he was so stressed out about not having enough time. I was working with him for his time abundance. We got up on stage and we were sitting up on these high bar stools. At first, he was uncomfortable in the chair. Later, he was moving around in the chair. I was like, “I know these aren’t the most comfortable chairs.” He’s like, “My back’s starting to feel pretty good.” I’m like, “Tell me, what do you mean? What’s going on with your back?” He’s like, “I’ve had chronic back pain for the last twenty years. I don’t know what’s happening, but my back starts to feel better.”

As we resolved his feeling so stressed about time and his time abundance score went through the roof. He stood up at the end. He was like, “My back feels so good. This is the best I’ve felt in twenty years.” All of our fears are fears of feelings. It takes courage to feel those feelings, but if we’re willing to feel them, then you can heal them. As you heal them and you heal more of these things, you become more and more limitless. You become more and more powerful. You could become a clearer channel to manifest whatever you want to manifest in your lifetime.

Too many people are buying into that illusion that everything must be perfect. They watch people on social media or watch people that have exactly what they want to have or at least they think they have exactly what they want to have. It’s an illusion. It’s not real. People are getting sucked into, “Life must be perfect, therefore I am not going to feel my emotions. It’s all about positive psychology. We all need to be happy and spiritual. We should never feel our emotions.” I totally agree with what you’re saying. When I work with my clients, that’s exactly what I do. I do a lot of shadow work where we come, and we see that shadow persona of ourselves. We accept the shadow persona because when you accept that shadow part of yourself and the emotion that you try to avoid, it becomes an advantage rather than a disadvantage. It helps you soar instead of bringing you down. I want to talk about Instant Miracle. People have to know about it.

Before we do, let me tell everybody how they can get a free copy of Abundance Unleashed. If you want a free copy of Abundance Unleashed, just go to MyAbundanceBook.com. They’ll help out with the shipping. I’ve purchased a limited number of books and I’ll send them out to anybody who wants one. Instant Miracle is an incredibly powerful technique for healing these fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and also for healing physical issues that people have. Sometimes we can resolve things instantly with just Instant Miracle. I had somebody who had a fear of heights and I’ve had people who had fear of public speaking and just by using Instant Miracle, it’s instantly resolved. You don’t even necessarily need to feel all the feelings and Peace Process it.

Some percentage of things will instantly resolve with Instant Miracle. Some will instantly get better with Instant Miracle, but you still end up needing to Peace Process it. These two techniques work well together. There are people who have had physical problems like fibromyalgia and arthritis. There are people who needed hearing aids not needing hearing aids anymore, people who needed glasses not needing glasses anymore, people who had fibromyalgia symptoms being symptom-free for now years, people with lifelong migraines.

Can you make me taller?

I can make you taller. You wear high heels. Aside from that, I don’t know if anybody’s gotten taller from Instant Miracle. If you have a hunch and bad posture and some emotional stuff that’s keeping you from standing tall and strong, then that could potentially give you a little bit more height. What I would say we could work on is the part of you that thinks that your height isn’t good enough for some reason.

It was just a joke. I’m okay with my height. Do you know what I do have? I do have some limiting beliefs about success.

All those things can be resolved. With Instant Miracle and Peace Process, everything is 100% resolvable. Not every health condition that somebody has is 100% resolvable necessarily because if you break an arm, go to the doctor, get your arm set, put it in a cast, go do those kinds of things. I’m not saying that Instant Miracle is going to instantly heal somebody’s broken arm or a severed spine. Anything emotional can be resolved 100% with Instant Miracle and Peace Process, given enough time if people are willing to feel all their stuff. It’s been my experience working on my own stuff, working with clients and working with tens of thousands of seminar participants from all over the world.

Instant Miracle is an energy healing technique. I wish I could explain more of how it works or why it works, but I honestly don’t know. This one might seem a little weird for some people, but it’s a healing gift. It’s a gift that I got from my spirit guides. They helped me heal something of my own, some emotional thing. I don’t remember what it was. I was working on healing all kinds of stuff back then. I was like, “Maybe my spirit guides can help me heal this.” I tell the story of how I met my spirit guides in my book, Abundance Unleashed. It has to do with some criminal activities I was involved in junior high. You could read about it there. My spirit guides did some healing for me. It was so effective that I was like, “Let’s try healing this. Let’s try healing that.” I’m addicted to feeling good. I want to feel good as much as possible.

The more willing you are to feel bad, the more you'll actually feel good. Click To Tweet

One of the things I realized is the more willing you are to feel bad, the more you’ll actually feel good. The less willing you are to feel bad, the more you will feel bad and the less you’ll feel good. If you’re willing to feel those uncomfortable feelings, then you’ll much more be likely to heal them, move on, and be happy more often. I was going to them for all these healing and then all of a sudden after a couple of weeks of bothering them, when the healings would happen, all of a sudden, I would take these huge breaths. Then I started to have this intuition, “I don’t think I need to go to them to heal this anymore. I think I can just do it myself.” I tried doing it for myself and without reaching out to my spirit guides and it worked.

I started doing it more and more and it kept working. Then I started doing it with my clients that we work with over the phone. Sometimes in person, I would do it with them and it will work for them. Then I started doing it at my live events. Maybe four or five years ago, I started doing live events exclusively so people could come and get healing to heal through all their blocks to health abundance, love abundance, money abundance, happiness abundance, success abundance and all that stuff. I started doing events exclusively focused on the healing work Instant Miracle experience and also a live event called Abundance Unleashed Live. I have another event where I actually teach people how to do the Instant Miracle technique called Instant Miracle Mastery. We spent four days doing the training so that people can be one of the most powerful forces for change on planet Earth using these techniques.

I’ve participated. You invited me to one of your workshops and it was so cool. It was amazing. I highly recommend everybody to go, take some of your workshops, read your book, contact you, get the book and go to workshops. Where else can they find you? What’s your website?

The best place is going to MyAbundanceBook.com and get the book. You could also find me at ChristianMickelsen.com. You can find out more about me there. Thanks for having me.

Thank you for being here. What are your three top tips for living a Stellar Life?

Get this book. Go to my workshops. Honestly, do the stuff that I talked about here. Do the Peace Process. That’s the most important thing. Get clear and create a vision board. I think most people don’t even realize that it’s possible to live your best life, be your best self, to be super rich, to have total freedom, to have lots of love and great health. That ultimate vision you might have for your life that’s possible and it’s even better than you might dream.

Some of my dreams that came true, it’s like this isn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be like when I first made a million dollars or whatever. Peace, true fulfillment, happiness and freedom, it’s better than I think most people realize to just be able to live your life on your terms, do what you love for a living, and help people make a lot of money. It’s one of the reasons why I love coaching. It’s a great career. It’s a great way to start growing your wealth and work for yourself, do something you love for a living. One of the best things I teach people to do is get started in coaching and get clients. Do the things I said.

Thank you, Christian. That was a great interview. I really appreciate you being here. Thank you so much.

It’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me. Take care.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Stop comparing yourself to others and start embracing your uniqueness. You are here for a purpose so start living it.
✓ Find true happiness by enhancing the lives of others. Remember that the happiest people in life are the givers.
✓ Develop a healthy money mindset. Ask yourself, “What’s my relationship with money? Is it coming from abundance or scarcity mentality?”
✓ Let go of your limiting beliefs and overcome them by setting specific financial goals.
✓ Recognize that there are four freedoms: doing and finding the work that you love, doing the work that you love for yourself, being able to work for yourself and doing it in as much and as little as you need.
✓ Create a vision board and commit to the goals you set. Review your progress regularly and don’t forget to celebrate small achievements.
✓ Challenge your mind’s negative thoughts. Don’t let it control you.
✓ Invest in yourself. Do things that you love and never forget that you are worth it.
✓ Do the work and utilize Christian’s Peace Process and the Instant Miracle Technique that aims to conquer fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.
✓ Grab a copy of Christian’s books Abundance Unleashed and Get Clients Today.

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