Episode 127 | July 31, 2018

Cosmic Philosophy with Adam Roa


A Personal Note from Orion

There are times when it feels like life is getting in the way of following your dreams. Or, that there is not enough time, you’re too old, or have too many responsibilities to pursue your passions.
But that dream you had as a child, to be an astronaut, a teacher, to be president, that dream came to you for a reason. It is connected to the potential that you have in the universe – that potential exists forever, whether you end up following your dreams or not. 

What does that mean? That it’s never too late to do the things you dreamed of. When you realize that the potential energy for you to fulfill your dreams is simply waiting for you to act, you can start using the power of manifestations to start living the life you want. 

My guest today is the amazing Adam Roa, a conscious creative who shares how to tap into your fullest potential and be guided by the energy that the universe has in store for you.

About Today’s Show

My guest, Adam Roa, is a conscious creative who helps encourage thoughts and emotional expansion through film, performance, workshop and his podcast, The Deep Dive. Adam and I talked about creativity, how to get these juices going, consciousness, the universe, our trips to Egypt and we explored plant medicine. He’s a fascinating person and I love his ideas. What I like about that Adam said, that I want you take with you anywhere is that, all the choices that you didn’t experience yet, exist as potential energy. It means that whatever you think you didn’t achieve or can’t achieve, it is still there as potential energy. There’s some version of you on the universal timeline, or in a parallel universe that is already there and accomplished on this dream.

Remember, that you are great Manifestors and you can go after your dreams and you can attract your dreams to you. There is a reason why this dream came to your mind. We all have different dreams. Some wants to be a firefighter and the other one to be a singer. There is the reason why they get those ideas because they know in their subconscious that it connected to the higher consciousness of whatever this universe is. That there is a version of them out there that already accomplished that dream. If you have a dream that popped into your mind, it’s because you are destined to have this dream, you have the potential and the capacity to achieve this dream.

Adam, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

Thank you, Orion. I’m happy to be here.

I am excited to be talking to you. It sounds like you’re into many topics that I love to think and talk about.

I love a variety of different topics. I’d like to dive into so many different aspects of life, esoterics and creativity and so many things. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself?

My name is Adam Roa and I am a catalyst for creativity. I believe that creativity is the purest expression of our divinity, of source energy as people learn to express themselves authentically. We’re all creative. We’re all able to unlock our inner artists and express ourselves. As we are doing that, we are expressing the highest frequency that we’re able to tap into. What we’re facing on the planet right now and a lot of the issues that we’re seeing are asking for new ways of being and new systems to be designed that will work for everyone. In order to do that, we get to create from higher levels. I believe that creative energy is important and why I use it and I help activate it in others.

You told me that you have a morning routine. What do you do in the mornings to condition your mind so you’re plugged to that universal energy and productive creative energy?

Every morning I want to do something that taps into my mind, my body, and my spirit. Meditation is a regular part of my morning routine. Outside of that, it could look very different. It could look like yoga, stretching. It could look like dry brushing my body, an enema for my body, taking a bath. For my spirit, meditation. It can look like singing or playing music and for my mind, I like to read or journal or listen to a podcast.

What type of meditation do you do?

It depends on what I’m in the mood for. I’ve done a lot of different types of meditation done like Vipassana. For people who aren’t familiar, that’s a silent meditation retreat. There’s no talking or reading or writing or anything and you meditate for ten hours a day. That’s a very particular style. Sometimes it’ll be active for me, meaning visualizations, manifestation. Sometimes it will be just allowing myself to free flow. Sometimes it’ll be focused and trying to quiet my mind and focus on my breath.

What’s your craziest experience while meditating?

I’m a big proponent of plant allies, plant medicines. That’s a form of meditation in my experience as well. As soon as you throw those into the mix, it becomes a whole different ballgame. I had this extended experience where I went to Egypt and had the opportunity under the Super Moon, I meditated inside each of the three great pyramids for two hours each. The next day, I met a mysterious medicine man who did this session on me for two hours and activated and opened this channel. For the next month, I would go into meditation and I would just start auto-writing, my hand would start writing faster than my mind could keep up. Those journal entries were so deep, I put all the journal entries into a book. It’s not the first book I thought I would write, but it’s the first book I put out. It’s a series of channel journal entries following my trip to Egypt.

Did you have plant medicine involved or where were you just meditating?

SL 127 | Cosmic Philosophy

Cosmic Philosophy: A Month in the Light

This was every morning. I would wake up, start my meditation, tap into these frequencies of how to open my channel and start auto-writing. The messages would come through. I turned it into a book called Cosmic Philosophy.

I came back from Egypt. I liked it but then there was this other aspect of it that I didn’t like, being a woman. I liked the ancient temples and we went through the great pyramid but it was hot. I didn’t sit and meditate there in the full moon. That’s sounds incredible. I didn’t meet a mysterious medicine man that did a session on me. I wish I did that.

I think I have a pretty crazy life. I have a lot of beautiful synchronistic events line up. The universe is always working for us. Whatever it is that we’re calling into our experience and whatever it is that we’re committed to, the universe will provide the avenues for us to get closer to that goal and move towards that mountaintop. Our role in that is simply just to keep answering the call, keep taking the next step when it’s shown to us.

My favorite experience in Egypt was when we stayed in Luxor. We took a day trip to a temple called Dendera, that’s the temple of the Goddess Hathor. Goddess Hathor is the goddess of song, dance, femininity and drinking. It’s one of the most preserved temples in Egypt. I’m very intuitive, very sensitive to energies. I had past lives in Egypt and I had three different occasions where I came into it, I had the vision of that. In the temple of Goddess Hathor, I felt an unexplained sense of happiness and joy.

There was also another mystical experience that in the tomb of Nefertiti. It was just the four of us. They opened this big door and this round handle. It’s in the mountains and Valleys of the Kings. We entered that space, and we saw the tomb. The beautiful wall paintings and hieroglyphics, it was amazing. I felt this vibration in my body, crazy energy. I told my husband that and he said, “You might not want to be that open because you don’t know if this is a light energy or dark energy because there are a lot of spells on the walls.” I blocked myself because I was afraid.

There are different energies swirling through Egypt. As a civilization, they lasted for so long and they were masters of so much. To this day to construct the pyramid similar to what they constructed, we have examples of pyramids that are much smaller that are far less accurate and are off. I know they built one in France. There’s a lot of energy swirling there, that’s why so many people feel a call to it. Dark energy or entities can only attach to what they are matched to. When we walk through the world emanating love at the highest of vibration and highest of frequency, there’s little room for shadow to attach. The fear of what might be there is the opening that allows them in. Walking through the world full of love and as little fear as possible, will be kind of your own spell. Your own magic force field of love that prevents things like that from negatively impacting you.

Once I went to this festival, this woman looked at me and she said, “I see a dark entity on top of you.” She did those movements with her hands and she said, “I released it,” and I said, “That’s great.” What are those dark entities? How do you know if they are attached to us?

I don’t know that anyone has this great answer. I like to walk the line because I’ve done deep dives in this realm. I’m an incredibly analytical and logically-minded person. We’ve all had the experience of meeting people who immediately, through frequency, have us feeling incredible or have us feeling terrible. You can walk into a room and talk to someone and be, “I didn’t like that person’s energy.” Something that’s valuable for people to recognize is that is just a frequency, like that person is omitting a frequency. The frequency that you, Orion, are omitting right now is different than the frequency I’m omitting right now. If we had a third person here, it would be different than theirs.

We live in this world of frequency and there’s only a limited range that as human beings we’re perceiving the average human. They just can’t see, it’s around us all the time. The same is true for just frequencies of consciousness. When we’re walking through Egypt, there may be frequencies of consciousness that exists there that we can’t see. They don’t have human form, but there’s still a frequency existing. We can take that energy on the same way that we can take on the energy of someone who makes us feel good and like, “Your energy is so contagious.” It’s the same thing, we just may not see it.

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I am super sensitive to energies. I can view people better than I want to. It’s almost a blessing and a curse where I can sense them, I can see through the words, sometimes it bothers me. I’m better now but in the past, I used to take on somebody else’s suffering. How do you create energetic boundaries for something like that?

Energetic boundaries themselves come from intention. We can talk about spells, magic, and all of these things, but the simplest form of this is just simply intention. Your conscious mind is only perceiving what your unconscious mind is allowing to filter in. Our unconscious mind is filtering in what our conscious mind has told it is important. When you set an intention and you say, “I don’t want to take on any energies, I want to stay in this space of love.” You just set that as an intention. Both your conscious and unconscious mind now align to make that your reality.

You don’t need to do much around it, a lot of people will use visualization exercises and imagine being surrounded by white lights. All of the visualization is simply strengthening your intention. I always encourage people, that’s part of my mission here at with everything I’m doing, whether it’s my podcast or my videos or my show that I tour. All of those things are designed to remind people how powerful they truly are. That starts with empowering them in their intentions like what they can do by just setting an intention.

Let’s talk about plant medicine. What did you try? What did you like? What was the experience? What is it like?

There are many and they’re all so different. I’ve tried so many different ones. All of the big ones that people are familiar with like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Iboga and Psilocybin, all of those I’ve done. Some that are far less-known Salvia or any of these. I am a believer in plant medicines. The danger with it right now is so many people are buying into it as a trend and are doing it in unhealthy ways without having the support to do it in a safe container or the proper support on the other side of it for integration. The integration piece is just as important, if not more important than the ceremony itself. I’m happy to talk about any of them, but I definitely have a wide array that I’ve experienced.

It is trendy and I hear my friends talk about it, they went to Shaman this, Shaman that and did that. If you do want to go on a journey like that, how do you find the right person to guide you? This is very delicate, we’re talking about your brain, we’re talking about having the right spiritual container, somebody who’s of pure intention. I know there are some shamans out there that are charlatans. They call themselves shamans and they do it for the money. How did you find your guide?

The starting point is always with people that you trust. I don’t recommend any medicine people who I haven’t experienced, I haven’t personally sat with. There’s only one time that I could think of something different and that’s because I know five, six, seven people who have all sat with this person. Going with someone you trust to guide you in that direction and also recognizing that it’s not a game, it’s very serious. How would you find a therapist that you were going to go and spend years in therapy with? How would you find that person? Would you just yelp them? Would you Google it randomly? Would you just go with the first one you heard of? What is the yelp for medicine workers? It’s people who have gone to this person who you can speak to.

SL 127 | Cosmic Philosophy

The starting point with doing plant medicines is always with people that you trust.

I’m a big believer in being able to speak to some of the people in that organization and the Shaman himself or herself, before you ever sit down, before you ever go into that container. We spoke about the energies and frequencies that are out there that we may not be able to see. All of that is heightened in a medicine ceremony. In that medicine ceremony, you’re opening yourself up to a wider range of frequencies. There’s both the light and the dark that can enter. The Shaman’s role, the medicine worker’s role in that is to keep people safe, is to allow the light in and allow the shadow to move out.

In this Western world where people are so disconnected in many ways from spirituality and these esoteric realms, they’re not aware of the damage that can be done if you go into an unsafe container and you open yourself up to things you may not want to open yourself up to. You can do more harm than good, it’s not like this magic pill. In the Western world, we love the idea of this like one stop shop, take a pill, and it’s all good but that’s not what this is.

I spent some time at a facility in Seattle called 40 Years of Zen, where my brain was connected to a neurofeedback and I was doing all kinds of spiritual processes. I was lucky because they did use some brain enhancing drugs, legal ones. There was so much work that was done in that week. The promise is in a week, you will go into a level of a monk that did 40 years of Zen, you train your Alpha brainwaves. Without it being correctly facilitated, going through that deep trauma, I wouldn’t know how I would’ve done it.

I dealt with major pain from the past and memories that came up that I didn’t even know existed. People don’t understand that if you are going under those situations when you’re raw and open and vulnerable, you have to have somebody guide you because your subconscious mind is open that the wrong treatment, the wrong looks, whatever it is can affect your neurology and affect you as a person. Some people take medicine and they’re not as cool as you because they maybe got damaged because of that.

Anyone who’s feeling the call, don’t do it because it’s trendy, don’t do it because you just want to try things like that. Do it because you feel called to it. Maybe you don’t know why, but know that this is something that’s been calling you. If you have that call, then do your research. It’s happening all over the world, all the time. There are going to be people who are looking to capitalize on the flow of finances as moving into the space. I’ve been in the personal development coaching transformational coaching world for several years now.

It’s a similar thing, there’s a lot of money in this personal development industry and a lot of people are starting to step into that. Finding someone who can support you and finding someone who’s just capitalizing on the fact that it’s trendy can be difficult. Learning to trust your intuition is the single biggest thing that you can do. That’s like the starting place for all of it is, “How does it feel?” Worry less about the logical mind and what does it feel like in your body when you think about going to this particular person or hiring this person or traveling here.

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That’s true when you deal with doctors as well, experts, professors, whatever title they have, just because they have the title doctor or they wear a white robe doesn’t mean that they know what they’re doing. They’re just human beings. If your intuition says something’s wrong here, I’m not supposed to feel this pain, I’m not supposed to be treated like this. Even if they have a fancy office, a beautiful receptionist and everything looks glamorous, always trust your intuition. Don’t rely on external themes to distract you from your own inner voice, because your inner voice, your body, this is where the truth is.

For a simple experiment, think about your job and what you do for a living, even if you’re an entrepreneur, think about the industry that you’re in. How many people do you work with that you think are excellent at what they do? It doesn’t matter what the job is, whether you’re a teacher or you’re an accountant or you’re a life coach, most people in any given industry are going to be average at best. That means that there’s a lot of people who are going to be below average at what they do.

That’s no different when you step into plant medicine space, that’s no different when you step into I’m hiring a life coach. Most people are not excellent at what they do and that’s okay. As consumers, as the person who’s going into the experience, as the person looking for the doctor, or the professor, or the therapist, or the Shaman, we get to recognize that and just have a level of discernment around who we choose to allow to influence us at a very deep, profound level.

I want to talk more about your plant medicine experience experiment. How did it change you and what did you see? I know you wrote a whole book about it but give us a taste on what it’s like and what were some of the a-ha moments you had?

It’s very difficult for me to classify it into one thing. Ayahuasca was out of sheer desperation. I had been going through the most difficult year of my life and that was five years ago. Everything that I had attached myself to was falling apart. All my identity, my ego was just crumbling. It looked my financial situation hitting rock bottom. It looked like my career becoming a real pain point. It looked like my health, getting in a car accident, having migraines, and needing surgery on my hip. So much was falling apart, all the different aspects of myself that I had built as the pillars of my identity. Out of pure desperation and this breaking point of rock bottom where I said, “Maybe I don’t know how life works.”

It’s that humble moment where I said, “I thought up until now that I had this whole life thing figured out, I thought I knew what I was doing. It’s not working, maybe there’s another way.” I wound up in an Ayahuasca circle. From literally one week into the next, I went from being someone who was borderline atheist, didn’t believe in any kind of spirituality or connections, didn’t believe in any of this crystal wearing hippie mentality, had my whole world blown open. I had enough experiences in that weekend, both in ceremony, but also the synchronicities that were happening outside of ceremony that gave me enough. I’m a logically-minded person and there was enough that happened where it would have been more illogical for it to be a coincidence. If I say, “That’s just a bunch of coincidences,” that made less sense to me. That seemed like a bigger stretch.

SL 127 | Cosmic Philosophy

I’m a logically-minded person and there was enough that happened where it would have been more illogical for it to be a coincidence.

It tipped the scale in the other direction. I became a full-fledged believer in everything that I’ve been talking about up until this point. The way that I’ve been living my life ever since then. I’m the kind of person where if I believe it, I’m 100%, I’m all in on it. I’ve applied the principles to my life and I’ve started to live my life through my intuition and higher guidance. Life has just been flourishing ever since. I can attribute so much of what has shifted in my life to that plant medicine experience and have continued to use plant medicines when I felt called to address different issues or go back when it felt like it was time to go back.

I see how it can become a crutch where it’s like, “I don’t want to face with these things in my day-to-day.” What I want to get across to people is it’s not a magic pill. You may get awareness, you may be in a ceremony, you might have some awareness of these things that come up and you work through these things. You get to integrate that into your life, what do you do on a day to day basis? How do you respond? How do you show up every single day and apply the lessons that you’ve been learning, whether it’s implant medicine or elsewhere, how do you apply it to your life to achieve and move in the direction that you want to be moving?

What are some of the things that you saw while on one of those journeys?

I’ve seen past lives, a variety of them. I’ve had communication with what I feel like are beings of different frequencies and different dimensions. I’ve had memories that I had completely forgotten about, locked away that came up and I remembered everything. A whole infinite other reality that I have seen. I’ve tapped into the consciousness of plants and animals and other humans. It’s been one of the greatest teachers in my life.

Were you a good Manifestor before or after or during?

We are all great Manifestors. I think that we’re all manifesting exactly what we’re calling in, whatever your reality is. If you have a financial debt and you have a relationship you’re not happy, a job you’re not happy whatever it is in your life that you want to see shift, recognize that you’re manifesting your current reality. When we use that word “manifesting” to think that like it’s something that we do only to call in the things we want, you’re manifesting your current reality. The only difference is that I’ve learned how to take a more conscious approach to it and say, “If I take ownership of the fact that I’m creating everything around me, including the things that I don’t necessarily want, that’s going to allow me to start to shift it because we can’t change what we can’t see.” Only through the awareness of what’s showing up in our reality that we don’t want and say, “I want to shift this,” we can start to consciously call in more of what we do want.

Do you do it through visualizations?

Visualizations is one aspect. Primarily, releasing all of the fears, doubts, beliefs, limitations that are in the way of what we want. Human beings are like corks floating in water, we don’t have to do anything to rise to the surface. We just have to release the things that are weighing us down. Whatever it is that you want, when you say, “I want to manifest a million dollars.” One of two things is going to happen, you’re either going to immediately manifest a million dollars or all of the things that are preventing you from being a match to that million dollars are going to rise to the surface. That’s the universe’s way of saying, “You need to get rid of this or you need to move through this or you need to heal this aspect of yourself because that’s what’s not allowing the million dollars in.” It’s more of a process of recognizing “I don’t need to try to manifest. I actually just need to remove what’s in the way.”

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I went to the gym and it was under construction. The dance studios were open and because it was under construction, I was alone in the dance studio. I did super slow relaxing stretches. While I was doing that, I was experiencing a lot of stress lately. I was moving my hip and thinking, “What is locked here, what do I need to release?” A thought of an event that happened and I was like, “I’m releasing that.” They were super slow, super gentle and I was breathing into that and it was a very pleasurable way to release emotions. Our emotions get locked in our bodies as well in our hips, our shoulders, our backs. Through breathing, we can integrate the consciousness with the physical part of us. Imagine how it is being released, it was very effective for me. What are your techniques to release tension, stress, and fear and whatever you think that we need to release?

Everything that we’re experiencing emotionally, energetically is going to be represented in our physical body. A lot of the traumas and wounding that we haven’t fully processed emotionally, it’s stored somewhere in our body. You can come from both ends. We can start with the physical and get into our body. When you think about, “Are you able to touch your toes?” If you’re not able to touch your toes, that literally is an example of a physical limitation. A physical block in your system that is going to have a representative, there’s going to be some mirroring that’s happening in your emotional, energetic, spiritual bodies. To release trauma and emotions, one big way is stretching, moving the body, connecting to your body and recognizing that as you move, things will come up.

There are specific methods to releasing stored energies and traumas in the system such as a Trimmer Release Therapy, Resistance Stretching, and certain types of bodywork. All of these are designed to get into the fascia where much of our stored emotions reside. I’m a big believer in moving the body, going to the gym, yoga and stretching. That is a great starting place. Your awareness was fully present. If I’m going to the gym, I often am listening to music or to a podcast because I’m not necessarily going to intentionally release something that’s stored in my body.

If I go to yoga, I have this mindset of releasing whatever stored in my system that’s ready to be released and that is a very different experience. People starting to bring their full presence and their full awareness to what they’re doing in their body is the starting place. Start stretching every morning or every evening and notice what comes up. Are there emotions or are there memories? What happens for your whole holistic system when you start to do that?

I remember a yoga class long time ago where I did a back bend. I’m not that good at doing the wheel. I was able to, when the teacher held me, in that moment, I opened my back, my chest, I couldn’t stop laughing for ten minutes.

Whenever I do pigeon stretch, when I first started doing that my whole body would go into shakes and conversions just from stretching out the hip. There was so much stored in there. It’s fascinating that the body is a map and exploring that is cool.

I want to talk about creativity. You are so creative, you have beautiful poetry. Can you share some of your poetry? It’s called, You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For.

The full video, for anyone who’s going to want to see it is available on YouTube or my Facebook. I’ll just give you a snippet of it. “You are who you’ve been looking for, so stop looking for more unless you’re looking in a mirror because it’s about time for you to see clearly that you are who you’ve been looking for. That empty feeling you’ve got, that hole in your chest, you only get that feeling because you think you’re not blessed with everything you need. You see, we live in a consumerist society, which means they need you to buy stuff and the easiest way to sell it is to tell you you’re not enough, “Buy this car, you’ll get girls, buy this bra, you’ll get guys.”

We’re seeing it so much that we start believing these lies. The truth is the makeup they’re selling to make you feel prettier is the same makeup you buy to stop feeling shittier about this lie. They keep telling you that you are not enough.” That’s just a snippet. That’s a piece that I wrote and is part of my show that I just toured through Canada and Australia. I love the renaissance of spoken word poetry that’s currently underway.

SL 127 | Cosmic Philosophy

You are who you’ve been looking for, so stop looking for more unless you’re looking in a mirror.

I used to write poetry when I was a teenager and then I just stopped. I saw a Facebook video talking about how kids are so creative and open and then life hits. You get 15,000 noes and 5,000 yeses, the psyche the kid grows in, they get more blocked and they want to fit the boxes. Don’t color outside of the box, be a good kid, be a good soldier, be a good citizen and creativities get shut down. How can I go back to poetry?

It’s easy, just do it. I agree with you that so much of the world today is designed to convince people that they can’t be paid for their creativity, that you can’t earn a living through your creativity. You need to fit in to something that someone else created. I just don’t believe that. I believe that creativity is our most pure expression of ourselves. There’s a reason why you are on this planet. Only through your expression of yourself, do we actually get to see, “That’s why she’s here.” While there may be so many systems in place that are saying, “Don’t do this or yes, it’s a no, no, no and maybe every once in a while there’s a yes.”

No one can tell us that we can’t express ourselves. If you want to write poetry, is that expression great, do it. If you want to play some music, great, do it. If you want to create a business, great, do it. I’m blessed to live in a country where I’m able to do that. I recognize that there are countries where it’s much more difficult. I don’t know anywhere on the planet where you can’t sing, you can’t go out into somewhere by yourself and sing, you can’t write that poetry. You may have people that tell you, “That’s stupid,” or “You don’t have a good singing voice.” It’s up to you to tune that noise out. When you ask me how do you get back to writing poetry, it’s up to you to start, do it. It’s not always easy, but it’s much simpler than we than we think.

When I was young, the words would just come and all these emotions would just pour on the page. Now, I have to sit and think about it, all the adult version blocks that I accumulated to open up to that pure channel.

You’ve taken on a lot of limitations, so have most adults, about what we can do or what makes sense to do. The one way to move through those blocks is simply start doing it because as you start to do it and you realize, “I can do this.” When you write your next poem, you’re going to be like, “I can write a poem, great.” You do it, you do it some more and pretty soon that block that you have is gone because you have a mountain of evidence that tells you that you can. For all the people who told you can’t, for all the limiting beliefs that you have taken on, you get to create new ones.

That’s where we get to take ownership of the creatorship we have. We are the creators of our reality and that looks like every little moment along the way. I used to write poetry as a child and then stopped. It was only two and a half years ago, maybe three years ago, where I saw someone do spoken word poetry. I’d never seen slam poetry before, I’d never seen performance poetry like that, but I stood up and said, “I know I can do that.” Here I am just completing the second international tour of a spoken word poetry show. That’s within a couple of years of knowing I could do it saying, “I’m going to and starting.”

What do you say to the naysayers or to that small voice in your head that says you think you can but you can’t?

I usually take the approach of asking the question “Why?” If there’s a part of my brain that’s saying you can’t do it, I just go, “Why can’t I do it?” Starting to hone in on what I believe. Why do I think that? Do I think that I’m not smart enough? Do I think that I’m not good looking enough? Do I think that I’m not creative enough? What is it that I believe deep down? Once I find what that belief is, I decide if I consciously want to continue believing in that. I’ve always had an issue with authority and been the person who just didn’t like being told what to do. Here I am recognizing that if I don’t consciously choose something different, I’m allowing my ego to dictate my experience and it doesn’t work for me. I don’t want that to be my reality, I’m going to choose something different.

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I heard something cool that you said in the video, you said all the choices that you did not experience exist as potential energy. How can we tap into that potential energy?

It’s all frequency. That video you’re referencing goes into detail. It’s all frequency, you’re sitting on or if you look at your hand, we define it as solid. Yet it’s 99.999% empty space. That empty space is potential energy and only through our observation of it do we bring it into form. You are operating at a particular frequency that forms your body and you say, “This is me, this is Orion.” There are 99.999% other potentials of who Orion is and what Orion is living and the timeline that she’s on. Through our emotional guidance system, we’re able to tap into these other frequencies. As we do that, the world around us shifts. That’s what manifestation is saying, “I’m going to believe in this reality and because I believe in that so strongly, everything around me will shift to make that true.”

What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Dive into the discomfort, follow your highest excitement and to get up when you fall down.

I suggest to write it down, put it on their wall, and reflect on each sentence. Where can people find you, connect with you, get your book, listen to your poetry and watch you perform?

I have a lot of online real estate, the hub is AdamRoa.com. You’ll be able to find me on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, @Adam.Roa or my podcast, The Deep Dive with Adam Roa. If you’ve resonated with my message, I recommend finding me. I’m putting out content all the time, nonstop. There’s plenty to go and I love sharing the journey along the way because we’re all in this together.

Thank you so much, Adam.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Stay in tune with your spirituality. Nourish and take care of your spirit the same way you’re taking care of your mind and body.

✓ Regularly practice meditation. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day, find time to pause and be in tune with your deepest thoughts.

✓ Write your thoughts in a journal. There’s something powerful about writing ideas down and seeing them form into reality in front of you.

✓ Believe that the universe is always working for you. It provides avenues for success as long as you stay committed to your goals.

✓ Research plant medicine and see how these natural forms of medication can be beneficial to your health.

✓ Find a spiritual adviser that you trust before you decide to work with them. You have to make sure you’re with the right person if you want spiritual enrichment.

✓ Dive into discomfort. Your struggles are part of your growth.

✓ Follow your excitement and your passion in life. There’s always going to be a community that will support you. All you have to do is reach out.

✓ Get back up every time you fall down. As the Japanese proverb goes, “fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

✓ Grab a copy of Adam Roa’s book, Cosmic Philosophy: A Month In The Light.

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About Adam Roa

SL 127 | Cosmic Philosophy

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a marketing degree and worked in an advertising agency, so I have an understanding of business. And yes, my clients often improve their health. With nearly 7 years as a personal trainer researching exercise and nutrition and going through my own journey with health and wellness I don’t ignore the importance of the physical body. And yes, my clients often develop deeper confidence and a stronger ability to build their audiences because with years of training in the film and acting industries, I understand how to bring out the most magnetic aspects of an individual and translate that to the world. And yet, all of these things are by-products of supporting people in finding out who they truly are.

What is actually underneath all of those fears and resistance?

I’m here to remind you that you are seen, heard, and loved. And when you remember that and you continue to willingly leap into the unknown, Magick happens. Things that people would say are impossible suddenly become normal. Your life becomes a constant reminder of the magical ability we have as human beings to create our every desire. You suddenly remember your full potential.

My name is Adam Roa and I’ve come here to help you remember Magick.

I’ve come here to help you remember yourself.

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