Episode 126 | July 24, 2018

How to Get Sh*t Done with Erin Falconer

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Mission #126

On Board: How to Get Sh*t Done
Mission: Erin Falconer

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed with things to do, but can’t get caught up because you blink and the day is over? If so, this is the episode for you! You’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your productivity and get more done in less time. For example, start off with the things you don’t want to do each day to avoid procrastinating and dreading less fun tasks. Over time, you can minimize the things you don’t like to do and maximize the things you do like.

Here to dig into amazing and potentially life-changing tips like this is the incredible Erin Falconer. Erin, a Canadian living near me in Los Angeles, is the author of How to Get Sh*t Done: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything so They Can Achieve Anything. She’s also a partner and editor-in-chief of Pick the Brain, and cofounder of leaf.tv. I’m excited to share this stimulating conversation with a wonderful human being who will help you refocus and reorganize your mind so you can breathe, enjoy life, do less, and achieve more.

Connect With Erin:

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@erinfalconer on Twitter
Erin Falconer on Instagram
Erin Falconer on LinkedIn

The Mission Log:

  • [02:01] – Erin starts things off by sharing a bit about herself, and how she has accomplished so much in a relatively short time.
  • [05:50] – Has Erin always been an extremely productive person?
  • [07:02] – We hear about what Erin does to avoid slipping into negative old habits.
  • [09:38] – Is there a way to change things so you start enjoying doing the things that you generally don’t like?
  • [12:12] – Orion talks about Dr. John Demartini and his Value Determination.
  • [14:40] – Does Erin think that procrastination and empowerment are related when it comes to women?
  • [18:33] – Erin shares her thoughts on gender imbalances and personal safety factors in various parts of the world.
  • [19:34] – In her blog, does Erin talk about these kinds of issues?
  • [21:05] – Erin particularly likes writing about women and her experience as a woman across various careers.
  • [23:32] – What is the biggest professional struggle that Erin has overcome in her life so far?
  • [27:12] – People think that success is a straight line, Orion points out, but it usually involves some detours.
  • [30:52] – What does Erin do every day to motivate herself or center herself?
  • [33:05] – Erin emphasizes how important it is to find humor in things and to smile.
  • [37:03] – Orion used to take improv classes, and talks about fun how the experience was for her.
  • [40:16] – The brain starts to take you away from who you really are, Erin points out, so you need to find moments of true instinct to reconnect with who you really are.
  • [41:05] – What are some of Erin’s top productivity tips?
  • [43:55] – Erin shares her advice for someone who has a hard time saying “no” to other people, or focusing on their own goals.
  • [48:00] – Orion shares that she uses the metaphor of putting your own oxygen mask on first before helping others a lot in her practice.
  • [50:46] – What are some technical tools or apps that Erin uses for productivity?
  • [55:47] – Where can listeners find Erin to learn more or work with her?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

✓ Try Erin’s seven-day challenge. Document your daily routine and evaluate how much time you spend on certain activities.

✓ Utilize productivity apps such as Asana, Things, Sleep Cycle, and WaterMinder.

✓ Don’t dwell on the idea of overnight success. Success is earned from years of hard work and dedication.

✓ Determine which tasks you like and don’t like.  Finish less interesting daily tasks first so you have something to look forward to during the day.

✓ View time as a vital part of yourself. Make sure you leave some time for yourself and don’t give too much to others.

✓ Find your “why”. Let your purpose motivate you to keep going until you reach your destination.

✓ Make your own decisions and forget about what others might think. Empower yourself by listening to your own voice.

✓ Step outside your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. it only takes one defining moment, backed by an iron-clad efficient routine, to change your life.

✓ Have a good sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine and when you’re just starting to build an empire

✓ Grab a copy of Erin Falconer’s book, How to Get Sh*t Done.


O: Hello. This is Orion. How are you doing? Do you feel overwhelmed like there is so much to do and so little time? You blink and the day goes by? Don’t worry, today’s episode is going to help you. I invited Erin Falconer, the author of How to Get Shit Done: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything to help us. She is the partner and Editor in Chief of pickthebrain.com, and the co-founder of leaf.tv, and she’s a Canadian living in L.A. She is a wonderful human being that is going to really help you refocus and reorganize your mind so you can breathe and enjoy life, and achieve more and do less. Now, without further ado, onto the show. Hi Erin, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

E: Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to chat with you today.

O: Why don’t we start by you sharing a little bit about yourself.

E: Sure. My name is Erin Falconer, I am a Canadian who lives in Los Angeles, Venice, California.

O: Across the street from me.

E: Right? I know. Which we just discovered. We’re literally neighbors and I run and the co-owner of a pretty big self improvement blog called Pick The Brain which is pickthebrain.com and I co-founded a company called LEAFtv which is kind of a millennial ecommerce how-to shopping site. I have just released my first book which is called How to Get Shit Done, Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything. I kind of live in a world of self improvement, and female empowerment, and spend a lot of my time online.

O: It seems like you accomplished a lot in a very short time. How did that happen?

E: Well, it felt like every overnight success it took about 15 years. When I was growing up, I was on this fast track to be a professional, I was considering law, I was very studious, I was very happy in the world of academia and when I was about 17 years old, I got this kind of random bug bite to start performing. I started at a very young age performing stand up comedy. while I was going to university, I performed the whole time and when I was about to go to law school something inside me said, you’ve got to give this creative side of you a chance. Long story short, much to the horror of my parents who thought I was on the fast track to law school, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue this dream of writing and performing, the kind of classic thing. I found myself seven or eight years later, totally down and out, no money, no car, house being foreclosed upon, you name it, Visa maxed me up, and I kind of had a major crisis on my hands where I thought I was going to have to go back to Canada like a complete you know in my mind, a complete failure.

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