Episode 77 | August 15, 2017

You are a Masterpiece: Liana Chaouli

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Mission #77

On Board: Liana Chaouli
Mission: You are a Masterpiece

The Co-Pilot:

The idea that black is an elegant, sophisticated color in clothing is a familiar concept. Think of black and white tuxedos, for example, or the renowned perfect little black dress. Now, imagine putting that idea aside and banishing black from your wardrobe. (If you’re not ready to do this forever, try it for just a month.) This can profoundly influence your style and bring a more vibrant, colorful you to life.

Here with this advice and much, much more is Liana Chaouli, who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Liana has spent two decades developing image therapy, a practice now taught worldwide, but she has been a stylist her whole life (as she’ll explain in this conversation). As Liana talks about style, she goes much deeper than simple clothing choices, emphasizing the importance of accepting your inner beauty, finding empowerment and confidence, and seeing yourself as the beautiful miracle you are.

Connect With Liana:

Image Therapy
About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [03:33] – Liana starts off by telling us a bit about who she is and what she does. We learn that she’s an image therapist from the inside out.
  • [06:52] – We hear a bit about the amazing adventure that is Liana’s life. She also points out that in the moment, we tend not to realize how precious each moment is.
  • [09:12] – What triggered Liana’s passion for wanting to help people look better and feel better? She talks us through her early life, and shares the story of a client to illustrate how easy it is to crush self-esteem.
  • [14:14] – Liana explains why she thinks it’s so difficult for women (in particular) to see themselves as masterpieces.
  • [16:59] – What can listeners do to see themselves in a more empowered way, or to see themselves in the image of God?
  • [20:00] – Liana has ten different business cards, each with a different saying. One of these says “Be proud of your assets, not ashamed of your flaws.”
  • [22:00] – People think that they’re always at the behest of what’s going on in the world, Liana points out.
  • [23:39] – Orion talks about a previous Stellar Life episode with Sally Anderson.
  • [26:24] – Liana shares an extraordinary success story, and spends some time talking about her parents.
  • [33:17] – Noticing is a huge part of becoming aware and mindful, Liana points out.
  • [34:42] – How do you find your style, and how do you boldly go for it regardless of what other people think?
  • [38:25] – Liana offers listeners a gift, which you can get by going to lianasgifts.com!
  • [40:40] – If Orion tries on a piece of clothing and it makes her dance, she’ll buy it. That’s because her intuition is speaking to her, Liana explains.
  • [42:17] – Orion brings up the fact that cleansing your closet and getting rid of clothes can be a painful experience.
  • [44:10] – Do people do something ceremonial to say goodbye to meaningful clothing pieces during her closet cleanses?
  • [46:27] – We hear about how much Orion loves various colors, and her relationship with the color red.
  • [47:49] – Liana invites Orion (and any listeners who are interested) to her group You Are a Masterpiece on Facebook. She also offers listeners an exercise: don’t wear black for a month.
  • [50:20] – Liana puts Orion, who has been objecting to the idea of not wearing any of her black clothing, in the hot seat (or the throne, as she calls it).
  • [53:20] – The starting point of transformation with Liana is trust, she explains.
  • [56:40] – What are Liana’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1. Always know that you’re a masterpiece. 2. Take Liana up on her suggestion not to wear black for a month. 3. Every day, acknowledge someone else for the amazing person that they are.
  • [59:54] – Liana shares a story of an encounter with two homeless musicians.

Links and Resources:

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About Liana Chaouli
@ImageTherapists on Twitter
@ImageTherapy on Facebook
Liana Chaouli on Facebook
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