Episode 228 | December 1, 2020

Mindset Hacks for Thriving During Times of Chaos with Orion

A Personal Note From Orion

Today’s episode makes me super excited. The Stellar Life Podcast back with incredible new episodes! During these uncertain times and rapid shifts in the economy, we need to guard our thoughts better. We need to have the right mindset to handle all the constant changes. The world is going through a massive change- technologically, spiritually, financially- a lot is going on. 

Even my private life has changed a lot in the last several months. It seems like just yesterday that I got married. But my husband and I are already celebrating our fourth anniversary in a week. My baby just turned 15 months old. We got him new shoes today, and he was running around excited. It’s his first time wearing shoes, and it was hard chasing him down the street. But, it was the most beautiful, adorable thing ever.

Another change is I am not in the USA right now. I am in Israel so I can be near my family. There is so much that is happening. I’m excited to be back with new episodes, and I am excited to bring you this episode because it is so relevant. 

No matter where you’re from, how old you are, and how wealthy you are, the entire world is affected by COVID-19. If there’s anything we need to realize, it’s that we’re all connected in one way or another. So if you want to cope, you need to have a healthy and robust mindset to handle change. Most importantly, to not just survive, but thrive. 

I’m very proud to present a talk I did for the Genius Network, which is a high-end mastermind I am a part of. It’s a mastermind run by Joe Polish. He attracts the most incredible people who are heart-centered leaders in their industries. I’m so proud of this experience.  

In this episode, I share some great pointers on how to take care of your mind when things get stressful and challenging. You’ll get tools that will help you handle what’s going on in the world today. So without further ado, on to the show.

In the Episode

  • [1:05] – Orion presents her talk for the Genius Network Mastermind, a program run by Joe Polish.
  • [06:56] – Orion shares her mind manual to realize the strength and power your mind has.
  • [11:36] – Orion talks about an example of a mind and body connection she did to herself for a chance of conceiving a baby.
  • [18:21] – Joe discusses the concept of learned helplessness in becoming more resourceful and resilient.
  • [26:55] – Orion shares how she dealt with her worst stress in life and shares inspiring words to become a stronger, more powerful person to attract your goals.

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About Today’s Show

Feeling bombarded with negative and stressful information. Learn how to regain control of your mind’s insanity in today’s episode of the Genius Network podcast. In this episode, Orion Talmay reveals the secrets for operating from a place of peace, clarity, and groundedness amidst worldwide chaos. She’ll share the actions you can take to immediately improve your mindset so you can enhance your performance and increase your business. Orion and Joe will also share the valuable tools you’ll need to regain control of your thoughts and feelings so you can stay healthy, make wise decisions, and stand firm for yourself and your business. If you’d like to join world-renowned entrepreneurs at the next Genius Network annual event, then apply today for your invitation to attend. If you’d like to learn more about the Genius Network annual event or apply, go to geniusnetwork.com.

Joe: Orion Talmay, we are living in an unprecedented time during which we are constantly bombarded with overwhelming, stressful, negative information from the media-most mainstream media and social media. These magnify the extreme reality of a world trying to survive a pandemic. Having grown up in Israel, Orion Talmay was used to live in uncertainty, terror, and conflict and she had to adapt to thrive under such conditions. She even wore a gas mask while hiding in a safe room as a child during the Gulf War. Orion is here to share some of her most powerful tools and hacks to overcome obstacles both external and internal. Orion is the founder of Orion’s Method and hosts the highly-rated Stellar Life Podcast. She helps her clients to truly love themselves, elevate confidence, ignite their passion, and create a sense of freedom, ease, and flow. Her title is mindset hacks for thriving during times of chaos. Please welcome Orion to the screen.

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Orion: So I invite you all to look at these words; Coronavirus, fear, pandemic, unemployment, and take a minute to just feel into your body. What do you feel about these words? Does it bring any emotions? What are the stories that you have in your mind around these words? We live in a very crazy time, it’s a time of uncertainty. We’ve never experienced anything like this before. And we experienced an overwhelming amount of emotions. We are also grieving the loss of a world that we know and adjusting to this new world that is very unfamiliar, and that creates a rollercoaster. One day, you’re elated. One day, you’re just watching the news and you’re stressed out. And sometimes you have this emotional rollercoaster a few times during the day. And you might feel fear, anger, and stress about toilet paper. All these emotions are valid. And they serve a purpose and they have a place and you cannot control the outside world. The only thing that you can control is you. You cannot control what’s going to happen in your future. The only thing that you can control is your mindset. 

My promise to you is that by the end of this presentation, you will get powerful mindset hacks to not only surviving but thriving through these chaotic times. Your mind is like a Ferrari. It’s strong. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. Not everyone knows how to drive a Ferrari and how to make the most out of it. So I have a mind manual for you, some little things about the mind. Your mind reacts to pictures, symbols, and metaphors. Pictures-a politician or puppy. Symbols-a key or a cage. Metaphors-ugly duckling or rising phoenix. When I work with my clients, I speak to their subconscious mind and I speak the language of the subconscious mind so that I can break out old patterns and heal old traumas. Your mind reacts to powerful emotional repetitive words. The words that you say to yourself about yourself and the words that you tell others about who you are. And these words become your identity, become the blueprint, and become what your mind believes that you are. Like Henry Ford used to say, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right.” Your mind will faithfully follow what you tell it to do. Whatever words you told your mind about yourself, others, the situation, your success, your mind will faithfully follow what you tell it to do. Your mind is also an extraordinary pharmacy, and it can create perfect healing in your body, it can create antibodies, and it can create hormones. And whatever you need to be in a healthy body. Your mind is like an extraordinary pharmacy. 

Everything starts with awareness. Getting to know yourself better will help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Now play with me for a moment, I would invite you to close your eyes for just one second. And take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale. And imagine that you are holding in your hand half a lemon, and this is the juiciest lemon you’ve ever seen in your life. And you bring this lemon close to your face, and you smell it, and the lemony smell fills your nostrils, and it tingles a little bit. And then you’re about to take a big bite out of this juicy lemon, and you take this big bite, and oh my god, you can hear the swishy swishy sounds of the juiciness, and you can taste the sourness of the lemon, and it tastes amazing. You can open your eyes now. So just by doing that, I bet all of you just salivate it. Just by having this picture of a lemon in your mind, you created every action in your body. So if just by thinking about a lemon, you can make yourself salivate, thinking about perfect health, thinking about other things that you want to do. Your mind is a powerful tool. You can imagine a perfect health and you can imagine yourself successful and healthy. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

The books that changed my life when I was a teenager, my mom gave me two books. One was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and the other one was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. And I lived my life according to these books, and I knew that my mind is powerful. So I told you that your mind is like a Ferrari, it is strong. And your mind is like a pharmacy you can create perfect health. And in these two books, both Joseph Murphy and Louise Hay speak about your mind as a beautiful garden. Your mind is a beautiful garden. And this is the time, this is springtime, it’s time to plant the seeds-the seeds are good thoughts. And take out the weeds-the weeds are bad thoughts. The more you focus on the positive, the more you create this open path of positivity, this open path of resilience, this open path of resourcefulness, the more you think good thoughts, the more you plant good things, this path will be your default. And you can still feel all those painful emotions that we talked about. We are humans, we feel emotions and emotions are valid. And we need all of our emotions. 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

But your default will be this beautiful path of happiness. Because you want your mind to be more like a garden like this garden, rather than a garden that is neglected, brown, dry, and full of weeds. Because I knew that, I’m in my 40s and I wanted to have a baby, I had the desire to have a baby. Now, I was born with hormonal problems and some other problems that would make it difficult for me to conceive. And every doctor I went to gave me only less than 5% chance to conceive on my first try. Now, Dr. Wayne Dyer said that we are spiritual being having a human experience. Because we’re human, because we are in this physical realm, I had to take the actions, I had to go through surgery, I had to go through IVF, and I also worked on my mind. There is a strong bond between your mind and body. It’s unbreakable. The mind-body connection is powerful. And so I imagined myself pregnant. And I told a different story. I didn’t tell myself the story of the 5% that those smart doctors told me, I told myself I’m going to have 95% chance to conceive, and I flipped it. And this is the result; my husband, Stephan Spencer, and I. He is here at the conference. And we have this beautiful baby. His name is David. He’s our pride and joy.

Mind hacks. This is a photo of T cells. T cells are part of your immune system. And they attack viruses, tumors, cancer cells, whatever your body is fighting. Everywhere in the news, we see photos of COVID-19 and this ugly red virus. So I put this photo for you. This is going to be the story that you’re going to tell your body. This is going to be the image that you’re going to put in your mind. Tell a better story because the story you tell to your body about your perfect health; words are powerful. 

Laugh. Make sure you laugh every day. Laughter is so good for you; it releases those good feel hormones, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. So make sure you laugh every day. I’m from Israel, and I experienced all those terror attacks. Even during the Gulf War, we had the best, funniest TV. Even now during the coronavirus, I still watch some things coming from Israel and  the humor is awesome. And even dark humor is good, as long as you’re laughing. Try to laugh every day. 

Focus on what’s good. Energy flows where your focus goes. So focus on what is good, what you can do, what you can achieve. Focus on beautiful moments with your family, with your friends, focus on who you can help in this time of crisis. Focus on what’s good, command your mind, affirm the words, “I am strong, I am resilient, I am powerful, I am capable.” Repeat, “I am enough. I am enough. I am enough to handle whatever situation is coming my way. I now command my subconscious mind to bring me great health to lead me in the path of success.” Command your mind because your mind will follow you like this beautiful puppy. Have the responsibility and have the discipline to be the master of your mind and visualize a better future. 

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I love vision boards. I created two vision boards that were powerful in my life. One was before I attracted my soulmate, and the second one was before I can see the baby. So I have this beautiful vision in my mind because it’s really important to have this vision of where you want to be. So create a vision board of post-COVID-19. And if you don’t know how to create one, I’m going to put a link in the chat. On my website Orion’s Method, I have two articles about vision boards and how to create them. So create yourself a vision board of post COVID-19, the people that you’re going to hug, the places that you’re going to go to, those exotic places, maybe a safari in Africa, the way your business is gonna thrive. And the way your body is going to feel healthy, happy, successful. So remember to tell a better story, focus on what’s good, laugh, command, and affirm to your mind where you want it to go, and visualize a better future. All this will help you turn on your genius. Thank you very, very much.

Joe: And what you said about energy flows where your focus goes. In a lot of ways, that’s why I like thinking tools, the tools that we use. Do you know the difference between laughter versus gratitude? Because, you know, there’s been some research shown that laughing is more valuable to human happiness and stuff than even gratitude.

Orion: I know both are amazing for you. I think gratitude focuses your brain more because we are always conditioned to look for the saber-toothed tiger. Our prehistoric brain did not evolve much in the last millions of years. So I think gratitude just focuses you to look on what’s good and it shifts your focus. And I think laughter, it just creates like this physical ease in your body. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know; this is just my hallucination.

Joe: There’s a study, supposedly that laughter and stuff had a better result with a group of people than then gratitude in terms of their happiness, which I found interesting. But of course, different tools for different things.

Learned helplessness occurs when an individual continuously faces a negative, uncontrollable situation. They stop trying to change their circumstances, even when they can.

Orion: I think we should do both, because why not?

Joe: I agree. 

Speaker 3: Hey, Joe.

Joe: What’s up?

Speaker 3: Actually had to deal with my wife on this. There is a doctor in India that started laughing groups. And his research shows that laughing is better than gratitude in terms of what happens and they have a whole cruise that you go on, where you laugh for an hour a day, you kind of walk around and chat and he says it sounds ridiculous. But when you watch, get around three people laughing and try not to laugh, you feel like an idiot. And so they have these laughing clubs all across the globe. In the United States, there are many of them where people go, and they just laugh and it is amazing what happens after you do it.

Joe: Stephan Spencer, our SEO guru and expert. He always gives amazing talks. He just posted. Which you guys are partners, you’re married. Laughter Yoga and he just posted it below. Abby wrote, “Ever do a laughing yoga. It’s amazing.” Carol wrote, “Yes, it’s awesome.” You know, I guess my dark humor would allow me to sit and just laugh and just think evil thoughts while I’m doing it and hopefully get the whole benefit of it all. So who has a question for Orion? And then Tim, I know I called on you, if you want to say anything, please.

Tim: Let me share a quote that you and I have quoted many times over the years. And it’s a Cameroon proverb, “He who asked if the question cannot avoid the answer.” A better way to put it is, as a father of three girls, she who asked the question cannot avoid the answer. So you think about it, and it’s like, “Okay, so let’s take someone on this list here.” And it’s like, “Okay, TK is here, TK is,” So if I ask the question, what do we love about TK? Immediately the chat fills with things like, “Oh, he’s great. He’s this and that,” because I asked the question, your mind is going to answer that question. If I asked about someone else, what about this person bugs you? You know you’ll be able to answer the question. 

Joe: Right, right. Totally. Yeah, and it’s true. And I’ll tell you, that’s why it’s so important to just ask yourself the right questions. Because a lot of times, if you just walk around all day, what sucks about this situation, the brain is good at serving up everything that sucks about your situation, or what can I do? Learned helplessness is something that is a fascinating concept. And I’ve also noticed in my own life, where I’m dysfunctional as hell, there’s a lot of learned helplessness. And there are ways that we can train ourselves to be very resourceful, and very resilient and other ways where we can be our worst enemies. So okay, Orion, is there anything that you didn’t mention that you’d like to add before we go into some Q&A from anyone in the audience? Stephen can introduce…

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Orion: I’ll let my husband speak.

Stephan: I just want to show off our amazing little baby, our miracle.

Joe: What’s the best thing and the worst thing about having a new baby?

Orion: The worst thing is sleep. The best thing is everything else.

Joe: Yeah. Awesome. You know what, a lot of people don’t have very attractive babies. I have to subside fake it and say, “What a cute baby and everything.” But in reality, this is a really sweet, beautiful, cute baby. And I know that was a very bad thing to say that I just did. Hopefully, some of you found that amusing. It was partially designed to be funny. And the other part, it’s actually true. Okay, who has a question for Orion, or any insights that you got from that presentation?

Speaker 4: Hey. I just wanted to say, great presentation. And I love the quote about your brain is like a puppy. Faith Harper, who wrote, “How to unblank your brain.” My son’s in the room. So fill in the blank, she uses the analogy also that your brain is like a dog. And I think a puppy is even more accurate in that it needs training. And that if you don’t train it, it’s going to crap all over the place and eat all your most expensive shoes. I have been working with both of my kids on understanding how their brains are wired to default to the negative, which is something that Robert Cooper, one of your, I’m not sure if he’s still a member of a former member taught us at a one-day training. That was pivotal for me, understanding that my brain defaults to the negative by design. Like you said, Orion, like evolutionarily like a saber-toothed tiger on the radar. I’m looking for the negative by design, there’s nothing wrong with me. And my brain is designed like a puppy. It’s reckless, it wants to have fun and instant gratification, and I need to train it. And it can be trained, but it’s an actual process that needs to take place. And that analogy has been so helpful for my kids understanding their well being right now in this crisis. So I just wanted to share that along with anybody who’s in a position of leadership, you can use that if you have team members who are struggling with attitude and outlook. It’s a great analogy. And then the second one is if you have kids, and your kids are struggling right now without luck or attitude, your brain is like a puppy is an easy digestible concrete analogy that if you don’t train it, it’s gonna poop all over the place and it’s gonna eat all your fancy shoes.

What we usually say to ourselves becomes our blueprint. Make sure to be extra kind, compassionate, and patient in your inner dialogue.

Joe: Love it. Thank you. Kathy wrote, “Your brain is wired for survival, not performance.” Well since you’re pretty open similar to me talking about your past and everything you’ve gone from being in a heavy metal band more like, I don’t even know what you would call it because you used to pour liquid latex on yourself. And then, I mean, I’ve seen pictures of this nonsense. It almost makes Marilyn Manson look sort of tame. It was wild shit. You’ve been through your life with addiction recovery, you’ve been transformed. You had an 18-month-old daughter that passed away. You played music to people that are dying in a hospice center. You now run grief recovery workshops with your mother voluntarily. And then all of the stuff you do with music therapists. I mean, you’ve had a roller coaster life and you’ve gone from where you were just destructive to yourself mostly, to now helping so many people. I mean, what do you think one of the fundamental things that made the shift that would be applicable today, and based on you know, anything you kind of got from what Orion said?

Speaker 5: Well, thank you for sharing my entire life story with all of your listeners, that was very kind of you. Thank you very much. If you guys don’t know, Joe, and I met in an AA meeting, which is short for Assholes Anonymous. And so if you ever want to walk up and be like, “Yeah, I know about that group.” but thank you. I have to say that there’s a phrase that you use, and I don’t know where you got it, but you often use it with your members, which is, “Come to Genius Network meetings with a beginner’s mind.” And I think that there’s a tremendous amount of humility that is required in order  to come to anything with the beginner’s mind. And what I’ve noticed in my journey is any time I’ve been able to pivot in my life into a healthier environment, behavior, routine, or anything like that, it required me learning something new about myself, which required me to be open to either knowledge, wisdom, or feedback from someone else, which required me to be humble and have humility. And I think that’s a big challenge in this world in leadership-to be confident, and to project strength, positivity, vision forward, and yet also be humble, to be willing to be wrong about what you’re doing. 

At the same time, I think that’s a really hard thing to hold both of those and not seem duplicitous, or inauthentic. So like if I want to project my family, like strength and confidence, but at the same time, I have a sponsor, and I go to my sponsor, and I talk about my weakness, and I talk about my failings and my concerns. That’s not inauthentic. That’s just being a whole person. And I think that’s been something key for me is to continually show up with this beginner’s mind, continually show up with humility. And I gotta tell you, that is probably one of the hardest things in my journey has been humility. As a metallic guy, my ego wants to run, just run and run, like the puppy wants to run amok. And I think that in each case along the way, it required me to eat some humble pie. And that’s never been anything I’ve enjoyed the taste of, but it’s always been good for me. 

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Joe: Yeah, you know, I think a lot about situational behavior versus situational ethics, right? Because there’s situational behavior where I like crude jokes. But there are certain people I would not say things to, even though those are very few because you know, me, I’ll say almost anything. And most people have drank beer, and most people have gone to church, but you don’t drink beer in church. That’s a situational behavior, you behave in a certain way, based on the circumstances in the situation. Then there’s situational ethics, which I think is dangerous, where people try to be one way to someone, and that’s where you get into character, and incongruency, and line and facades and all that. 

At the same time, there are times where I have to show up and be a leader to like an event right here. But I could be talking and crying on the phone with someone about all the stresses in my life because you have to have a safe place where you can process certain things in your life and pick a time and way to do it, which is why it’s so important to have relationships with people that you can fall into if you need to. I don’t think that’s a sign of weakness. I think it’s a sign of strength and the people that are unwilling to do that and go there are actually the ones that in worst cases, will take their own lives and will, in some cases, take other people with them. Orion, so when you are in your worst states, like growing up, do you remember something you could share, something that had happened to you where you didn’t know how to get out of it, and it caused you to unravel for a period of time? Or, how did you deal with the worst stresses?

Orion: You’re describing my whole childhood. I think it was about creating a vision. I know you said that laughter is… Who cares if laughter is better than gratitude or gratitude is better than laughter. They’re both good for you. So do both. I think for me, it was gratitude. Because when I finished the army, the idea of I wanted to travel the world. I have never been outside of Israel. I’ve been outside of Tel Aviv but not outside of Israel. And I went to Japan, I had $700 in my pocket, and in two weeks I gave notice and I had my work and I went to Japan. One thing that I did there, I didn’t know how I’m going to survive with $700, it was good for like, three days in Tokyo over those days. But I went anyway and I had this strong image of who I’m going to meet, and where I’m going to go and, and I remember walking down the streets of Tokyo and there is this area is like the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo, it’s called Omote-sando. It’s full of beautiful designer houses. I used to walk and then looked at the designer clothes and imagining myself having them. And every few blocks, you have a little Shinto temple. So I went to the Shinto temple, and I just did that, threw a little coin, and prayed for my angels to help me. Instead of fearing the future, I was in on gratitude for wherever I was. When I was younger, I was more fierce. I had this unshakable belief and certainty beyond logic that everything is going to work out. And I think that this is what we need right now. Certainty beyond logic to know that everything is going to work out for you. So whatever you believe in, it’s not religion, just believe and trust yourself, your higher self, trust God, the universe, whatever force that is breathing in you. Trust this for us to know that you are being led to the right place. And everything that is going right now, it’s like we are in this melting pot, and we’re getting rid of all the crap, and we want to focus on what’s good and how we’re gonna be stronger, wiser, smarter, more connected to ourselves and others, I believe on the other side. So have certainty beyond logic.

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Speaker 6: There we go. First of all, Orion, I was grateful as hell to sit across from you at the height of your pregnancy. So it’s great to be able to see you and the baby. That’s good. I want to repeat something that Joe read that I commented earlier, about the opportunity for all of us to be in a state of gratitude, to be able to show our stuff. We can show our stuff now, we don’t have to hide ourselves, the cream rises to the top, we as a group are the cream. And we cannot be afraid, as Jim do says, to be decisive in what we’re doing in this period of time. I just got notified by my bank that they missed making my application. So the million dollars I was asking for, we’re not going to get quite yet. I could be in a state of panic right now, which I’m not, because I know that they’re going to go ahead and do more in the future. So eventually, something will happen. But even if it never happened, I have this confidence that we’re going to be just fine. And I think what Orion is talking about is have this confidence that all of us, especially collectively helping each other will be fine. I think that’s what you’re saying, right? Orion?

Orion: Yes, we’re going to be fine. We’re going to be more than fine. When I was talking about words, we’re not going to be fine. Fine is a flat word. It’s flat, it’s fine. Everybody’s saying, “Fine, fine, fine, I’m fine.” We’re going to feel extraordinary, we’re going to be amazing. We’re going to be stronger, bigger, more powerful on the other side. So mind the words that you’re saying because they will create the path for you to recognize the business opportunities, and everything that you need to attract, the money for your business. So use powerful words with yourself, with others, and when you are describing your future in your business. That’s what I think.

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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Become a master of your own thoughts by implementing ways that regain control of your mind. Everything starts with awareness followed by thorough research and, if necessary, consultation with an expert. 
{✓} Be aware of learned helplessness so you can keep it from happening. Learned helplessness is when an individual continuously faces a negative and uncontrollable situation. They stop trying to change their circumstances, even when they totally can. 
{✓} Be careful with the words you use to and about yourself. What we usually say to ourselves becomes our blueprint. Make sure to be extra kind, compassionate, and patient with your inner dialogue. 
{✓} Cultivate resourcefulness, especially during challenging times. When things get tough or scarce, spark your creativity in problem-solving. You have the power to lighten up the burden. 
{✓} Practice the Law of Attraction. You have the power to turn your thoughts into reality. Trust that the Universe already has what you’re looking for, it’s just preparing you for success.
{✓} Be the author of your own life story. You are the master of your destiny. What matters most is you’re happy with the decisions you make. 
{✓} Laugh out loud. Try to add levity and humor to every facet of your life. Laughter indeed is the best medicine.
{✓} Focus on what’s good. Instead of bashing what you hate, focus on what you love, and spread that positivity to the people around you. A small act of kindness goes a long way.
{✓} Remain grateful even in the littlest things. If you look deep, there’s so much to be thankful for within your day. Listing them down helps a lot, too.
{✓} For more uplifting content, tune in to Stellar Life Podcast and let us know your feedback.

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