Episode 103 | February 13, 2018

Attracting Love by Embodying Your Goddess Nature with Jaqueline Marie

A Personal Note from Orion

When’s the last time you connected to your yoni?

Sounds a little naughty, I know 😉 but your yoni (the tantric word for your lady-parts) is the seat of your sacred sexuality and goddess energy. It’s the birthplace of all life and if you’re disconnected there, you’re probably disconnected elsewhere too. It’s actually very common to feel disconnected at times, we all have hurts and traumas we hold onto in our bodies. The way to remove these blocks and shift into a higher vibration begins by reconnecting to your beautiful body.

On this week’s episode my amazing guest, intimacy coach and priestess Jaqueline Marie, shares her high-vibe energy, tantric teachings and self-love tips that will leave you and your yoni feeling divine. Seriously, her energy is electric and contagious; I’m still vibing from our interview! No matter what is blocking you from your own sacred, goddess nature, you’re sure to be inspired and find some practices to get you feeling good in your body and reconnect you to your feminine light.


In this Episode

  • [06:15] – Jaqueline talks a bit about herself and explains how her love-filled childhood (combined with a strictly religious upbringing and a terrible first sexual experience) helped her become the priestess and goddess that she is today.
  • [08:24] – From ages 17 through 23, Jaqueline lived with deep shame about her traumatic sexual experience. She then shares her powerful awakening story.
  • [11:43] – Jaqueline’s life changed very quickly after her awakening. She walked into a bookstore and picked up the book Change Your Aura, Change Your Life by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. (These people are still Jaqueline’s teachers.)
  • [14:21] – Orion shares her experience at Oneness University in India.
  • [17:00] – What was the next step in Jaqueline’s journey after finding and reading the aforementioned book?
  • [18:20] – We hear about Jaqueline’s first encounter with tantra, which occurred when she was 24 years old.
  • [23:22] – Orion takes a moment to rave about the powerful lessons within Jaqueline’s story.
  • [24:42] – What is the connection between a woman awakening her inner feminine power to finding and attracting the right relationship?
  • [28:11] – Jaqueline talks about ways that she helps women connect to their feminine power. She lists the three tools she works with and believes are absolutely essential for this purpose.
  • [30:21] – In the last month or so, Orion has started stretching every morning while saying affirmations to connect more deeply with her body.
  • [32:18] – How does Jaqueline help women create harmony and take care of their bodies when they’re extremely busy?
  • [36:53] – Becoming more in touch with your divine feminine helps you embrace your humanity.
  • [38:01] – Jaqueline talks about bringing femininity into the business world.
  • [40:59] – What time does Jaqueline generally stop working? Typically, she ends work at 6 PM, although it varies depending on what’s going on.
  • [41:41] – Jaqueline discusses how money, love, and relationships all come together. They’re intimately linked, she explains.
  • [42:57] – We hear the story of a successful entrepreneur who Jaqueline helped with love, whose business tripled in just a few months as a result.
  • [45:53] – What are Jaqueline’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Have a spiritual practice and a relationship with God. 2. Fall in love with your body and come alive as a woman. 3. Be fearless with your love.
  • [46:30] – Jaqueline talks about the free summit and online masterclass that she hosts. If you’re interested, check out the website for Calling In Your Soulmate!

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello. Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. Fun fact of today, yesterday I went to Albuquerque and I did a TV segment, Helping Single Ladies Survive Valentine’s Day. The TV segment was cool, but what was even cooler is that I met these two ladies at the front desk. Now, mind you, their state was not that high. They were working. They were answering phone calls. They were just living their life and I just stormed in with this energy of femininity and love. My mindset was all about love. Mind you, I practiced my segment like a thousand times. I came in with that energy and we talked. We talked about love. In the beginning they were kind of cynical and making cynical jokes about love and were funny about it, and then they were complaining about their age. Mind you, they were in their 60s and how I can feel it because I’m younger. But then, we talked more. We both decided that age is just an idea. By the end of that interaction, by the time I freaking left the station, they were standing there. They were smiling and radiating from the inside out. I totally fell in love with them. It was almost like there was such an instant connection there. We probably talked five minutes before I entered the segment and maybe a little bit more than five minutes after I left. But in that time, they were already my family. It’s such a good way to live where when you enter a room, you want to leave that room better than when you got there. You want to leave it being just a little bit better. It can be as simple as when you go to a public bathroom and you see there’s a little paper on the floor, pick it up because you want to leave the room better. When I entered there and I had good energy, I was able to ignite their good energy, ignite their higher state, ignite their beautiful state and see them shine. When I saw them shine, I felt so amazing and we were laughing. It was so cool. It was so great to be able to give this to them because when I gave this to them, they gave me so much back. We did a Facebook Live and they were dancing in the Facebook Live and they were making me laugh. They gave me this huge, big hug. It didn’t even stop there. When I took their Uber, I started talking with the Uber lady. It was just a five-minute ride to the airport but by the end of that ride, we were hugging each other goodbye. It was pretty cool. The energy that you bring into the world will change the circumstances and everything around you. Remember that if you want more love, just give more love. Make people smile. Be in gratitude for the people in your life for everything they did for you. Talking about magic, femininity, and connection, I got an email invite from a very special lady. The email was so well-written and it was written in such a fun way. She invited me to be a speaker on her online summit. I said yes. Since then, we spoke and we had an instant connection. What’s really nice is that every interaction with her was just beautiful and heartfelt. That shows you of a true leader. Even when I messed up and I showed up for an interview a bit late, she was totally cool about it and totally sweet about it. That’s why I love her even more. Jaqueline Marie is a love mentor, priestess, healer, and teacher of sacred feminine embodiment. She is the founder of www.thesouloflove.com, an online global sisterhood where women come to reclaim their sacred feminine power and the life and love relationship of their dreams. Also, by the end of this show, we will give you the link to the online summit. If you’re driving and you can’t write it down, you could always go to www.stellarlifepodcast.com and get the link there. Now, without further adieu, onto the show. Hey Jaqueline and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast.

‏‏Hello, gorgeous woman. Thank you so much for having me.

‏‏Thank you so much for being here. I adore you. I’m so happy that we’re having this interview because I know that it’s going to be something that our listeners are going to just love, love, love especially now that we’re before Valentine’s Day and it’s all about love. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you get to be the priestess and goddess that you are?

‏‏Thank you, Orion. There’s a lot to share so let’s start simply. I was blessed to have a great childhood. I was raised very religious. Because of that, I saw two parents that were really in love, which was an awesome entry point. I felt really grateful for that. I know a lot of people don’t have that experience. I grew up in a household where there was a lot of love. My mom and dad went on dates. It was common for me to see them dancing in the kitchen. They were very affectionate. That was wonderful. I was always fascinated and enamored with love from a young age. With that however, I was raised very, very strict Catholic and so there was a lot of dogma and repression at the same time. I got a lot of mixed messages around love. In my limited state of consciousness at that time, I just decided sex is really bad and love is definitely something only to happen between a man and a wife and so on and so forth. I was on track. My life was “perfect”. At the age of 17, I lost my virginity to sexual violence. It’s sent me on a tailspin because everything I had believed about love, everything, was totally shattered. I entered into a world of a lot of sexual abuse and violence and it set me out on a path of a lot of self-destruction. Like many women who experienced this, I became deeply depressed. I became very promiscuous. I became very addicted. I became very addicted to substances and all of these different things. What does this have to do with love? A ton. I went on this journey of really losing myself. Then, at a certain point, after almost losing my life to feeling unlovable, unworthy, and all these things. Also, I have the dogma that if you have sex before marriage, you’re going to hell.

‏‏What age was that?

‏‏17 through 23. 17 through 23, I lived and I didn’t tell anybody what happened. I was in such shame. I really believed I was going to hell. I believed that deeply. Those were some pretty dark years and then I had an awakening. That can be a story for a different time but I had this awakening and this deep desire of either I’m going to heal my relationship with love, with my body, with my sexuality or I’m going to die.

‏‏I really want to to hear the awakening story.

‏‏Do you?


‏‏Okay. I was living in Europe at the time. I was singing opera.

‏‏You see, all those things, all of a sudden.

‏‏I’m living in Europe and I’m attending the Royal Opera Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium. I’ve already done multiple tours singing. Music is a big part of my life. Outwardly, I have a lot of success. A little girl from a small town in California made it to Europe. She’s singing, performing. I’m also engaged at this time. However, on the inside, I’m carrying all of the trauma, the self-loathing, the hate. I’m drinking every day, every night. Often, there are other drugs involved. Even though I was in love with the person I was with, there was this nagging feeling that things weren’t okay. Things were not alright. I tried to suppress that for a while. These intuitions and feelings just kept getting stronger and stronger until finally, I was living in a beautiful place called Ghent, Belgium, if anybody knows it. I was about to board a train to go to Brussels where I worked and performed. On my way there, I had a complete strike of energy move through my whole body. A very clear vision descended upon me where I saw myself. 20 to 15 years out, I was very successful. I had a lot of money but I was gray. I was sitting in a chair. I was drunk. I was holding a cup. I was divorced. I was completely alone and the life force that made me me was gone. It was such a strong visual. I began to cry. With that, very clearly after that vision – I deeply believed it was a vision – I heard a voice, “Come and find me. It’s time.” When I opened my eyes right at that moment, there was a crow up above. Right at that moment I went, “Ah!” and I cried out and I looked into the crow’s eyes and I had another vision. I had another vision of I’m supposed to find God again but in a completely different way. I’m supposed to find myself again. There’s something magical. There’s something ineffable to the universe. I need to find that again.

‏‏How old were you then?

‏‏This was 23.

‏‏Okay. Got it. So then you had the awakening.

‏‏I had the awakening. That happened. I looked to the crow and said, “Tell God I’m going to figure this out.”

‏‏And the crow flew and talked to God.

‏‏My life changed very quickly after that. I have never heard of meditation. I’ve never heard of things like Chakra before. I had never heard of Tantra or anything to do with that. I just walked into a bookstore with complete trust and I said, “Okay. Universe or whatever is giving me these visions, god…”

‏‏What was the first book?

‏‏I’m going to tell you. I go in and I just say, “Lead me in it.” It led me right into the spiritual section, in the section that I used to call wuwu and used to think was total crap. I sat down on the floor in the middle of everyone. I just sat. I started to pray. I just said, “Please help me. I need your help.” I closed my eyes. On the bottom shelf, I reached out my hand and there was this book that said Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.

‏‏Really? Wow. I’m going to read that.

‏‏Please do. I opened that book. I read the first page and I began to bawl. I flipped through. It was as if someone had given me a manual about things that somewhere deep inside me, even though I didn’t have a language for it yet, even though I didn’t have a relationship with it, it was as if this book was speaking directly to my soul. The authors of that book are Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. These are actually my teachers to this day. I’ve been studying with them for 11 years now. Because I’m a pretty good student, I decided to go right to the stores. I read the book and then I moved back to California and I began to study with them directly. In that book, it is a very clear roadmap to understanding your aura, what the aura is, understanding that we have this very light energy field. It is around us and around all living things. It’s comprised of every thought, word, action, and deed. It’s really our spiritual energy, how we’re using it, what we’re taking in, what we’re putting out. In the book, please everyone, go get it, it clearly, clearly teaches you how to begin to meditate in a way to start dissolving blockages and barriers in your aura, traumas and to begin to enlighten. It really clearly talks about developing a personal relationship with the divine. Understanding that we each have our own access points. We each have our own direct connection and that relationship is the birthplace of all things – better love, better meaning, better magic.

It’s really our spiritual energy, how we’re using it, what we’re taking in, what we’re putting out. Click To Tweet

‏‏That is so beautiful because I can totally relate. When I went to Oneness University in India, we had a God mediation. It was all about relating to God, whatever your God is from a place of love. I just loved it. It was totally a moment of awakening for me even though I never related to God, well maybe when I was a child because like you, I grew up in a very orthodox, religious-based environment. Then, I had to rebel and ran away and did all kinds of things. But yeah, I guess in the beginning, God was this big threat and love because God was loving but also, you have to fear God. Now, God is total love. God is love and always love for me.

‏‏Yes. I completely resonate with that. Absolutely. The beautiful thing about the pathway that I found is even saying the word God was very triggered for me. It was hard to even say that word. My God in Catholicism was a very dominating male presence. Like you, I was very fearful of this presence. I was like, “Oh, I’m really going to get punished if I go one iota off the path.”

‏‏I was such a good girl. You don’t understand.  I was such a good girl. I wanted to be good. I still have this part of me that always wants to be good but then I have this part of me that is totally rebellious, wild. I’m going to do the opposite of what you told me just because you told me no to do that.

‏‏Isn’t that wonderful? We can all relate to that.

‏‏That’s so amazing. The first step was to find that book, learn about the aura and meditation and connecting to your God, your version of God from a place of love and as a source of love. Then, what happened?

‏‏Then, that led me because as I’m bringing light into my body, as I’m beginning to realize and have this experience, relationship with meditating that God is within me as well as all things, like God is a masculine and feminine presence – the masculine being dynamic, the feminine being magnetic, all of a sudden I got a very clear intuition that I needed to go and study the body because I had a lot of trauma in the body. I was very afraid to be in my body. I was a woman that was very much living from her head up. I was very ashamed of my sexuality. I was very ashamed of my past. I was very fearful of it. Being in my body wasn’t a safe place that’s why I used to, like why many people would numb out through drinking, or shopping, or alcohol, or even sex. We try to not feel. This practice invited me, “Okay, it’s time to really get into the body.” I went to a school, became a massage therapist and started studying Chinese medicine. That led me then to also dive into Tantra.

‏‏When was the first time you met Tantra?

‏‏When I met Tantra, I was 24.

‏‏Oh, that was pretty quick.

‏‏Oh, yeah. It happened fast. 24 was with meditations. 24, 25, right on that cusp was Tantra. My first experience with Tantra was when I was in Hawaii. I was taking a body movement based training on Hawaiian Shamanism. I met a woman. She was this beautiful, vibrant, goddess woman. She was like 67 or something and yet she, man, was she sexy. She felt like queen. When I was in here presence, I actually felt this energy of feminine beauty and majesty was embracing me. I was like, “Who are you? What are you? I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman like you. Let alone, an elder.” She initiated me into the path of Tantra. My very first experience and exercise I would share with your ladies or gents, because this works for gentlemen as well. The very first path, my first intro into Tantra was going outside. This woman was leading me to an exercise. We’re on the grass, bare feet, standing feet shoulder-width apart, palms down by our sides, facing forward, began to breathe in from my feet and feel my breath moving up, up over the shins, over the knees, up to the thighs, up to my womb space, up the chest, the lungs, the heart, the throat, the face and out to the top. She just guided me to breathe in this way, to really feel as if I’m breathing in the energy and the presence of Mother Earth up into my body. I have been so disconnected from my body, disconnected from Mother Earth that it was a profound experience. She took me one step further because once I really felt grounded, then she asked me to envision, this is something I do with my clients often, she asked me to envision my genitals. In Tantra, we call the vagina a yoni. That is a Sanskrit word that means “sacred chalice” or “sacred space.” I love to use the Sanskrit words because it helps with our western mind to create a brand new relationship to our vaginas. Most of us have triggers around that word, but yoni is a very neutral word. We visualize in our yoni that we have this rose, the most incredible, vibrant rose you can imagine. You begin to breathe in from the petals of your yoni, the petals of that rose, taking the breath right up in through the genitals into the womb space and then seeing light move throughout the body. On the exhale, you feel this channel of energy moving down back into the earth. This is called yoni breathing. You do this exercise for 5 minutes. Only 5 minutes can completely transform our state. That was my first intro. I did that practice on the Island of Molokai. It absolutely changed my life. Even now, it can bring up tears because up until that moment, I didn’t have a relationship with my womanhood. As a child, it was the no-no place. You don’t talk about it. With my upbringing, it was something you definitely don’t engage with until marriage. Then, rape happened and it was just a source of pain and shame and all these things. For the first time in my life, seeing it as a beautiful blooming rose or something like that and then experiencing it as a place of deep connection and beauty rocked me to my core. It had me looking at my life going, “What do I believe? What have I been believing about myself and about the world? Do I even know myself well? What it means to be a woman?” That set me off on a path of deep transformation.

Only 5 minutes can completely transform our state.

‏‏That’s beautiful. I love your story because there are so many lessons in your story. The lessons of self-exploration and connection to earth, the lessons of praying and having the desire because if you don’t have the desire, you just pray for the desire to show up. You pray for the guidance to show up. When you really align, it does, it shows up in many shapes or forms. My God, Hawaii? How magical is that? Hawaii is such a sexy place. I say sexy from a soulful. It’s a soulful sexy place. It’s like Jaiya soulful sexy. It’s so much power especially on the island. There was so much amazing energy. I remember I went on a Retreat with Sheila Kelley from S Factor in Hawaii. We did pole dancing. We did all kinds of things that connected us to our bodies and our feminine goddess-like self. What is the connection between a woman awakening this inner feminine power to relationships, to finding and attracting the right relationships?

‏‏That is such a beautiful question. First and foremost, Orion, I’d say before we try to manifest romantic love in our life, we must remember our own divinity, our own love, our own origin and identity because it’s from there that someone who really meets us and matches us will come into our life. The starting place, the birthplace of true love, as I know it at this point, I’m always learning and growing, is cultivating this deep relationship with our own holiness, our own sacred nature and reclaiming that really as women, claiming that aliveness that you so spoke about in Hawaii because that aliveness is what then manifests as being confident, embodied, on purpose, magnetic. From that place, our entire reality begins to shift. The quality of partners we begin to attract drastically changes. The quality of business opportunities shifts and changes, even our relationships with our families. It all stems from our own relationship with ourselves. When anyone is ever coming to me for love and saying, “I’m really ready to meet my partner.” It’s such an exciting time. I always say, “Great. That means you’re really ready to meet yourself.”

‏‏That’s profound. That’s profound.

‏‏It’s so true. It’s such an exciting and beautiful time because it means this woman is really ready to meet her brilliance, her beauty, her unique gift and spark, that thing that’s in the sway of her hips, that’s in the budding of her eyelashes, the prayer that’s in the center of her soul. There is only one of each of us. There will never be another Orion. You have something so sacred and amazing as a woman. There’s a song and a prayer being sung and danced through you that when you come in contact with that – I believe you are. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you instantly. It’s like, “Here’s a radiant woman who’s in love.” And it shows.

‏‏Thank you. It’s been a long journey for me. It’s a journey of self-discovery. It’s almost like it’s opening a treasure box that keeps on giving, like the Mary Poppins hat when you go in and you can pull so many things out of it. It’s like this treasure box that has so many gems in it for us to discover. I do think that even that beautiful woman that you met that was 67 opened up, got few of those gems because there was so much. There was so much depth. Let’s help our listeners. You’ll give us this beautiful exercise of getting the energy from Jaiya Mother Earth having it flow through your body, and your yoni and up and really connecting and almost like feeding yourself with that energy. What are some other ways you help women connect to that femininity, that feminine power?

‏‏Beautiful question. There are three tools I work with and I believe are absolutely essential to get out of the head, back into the heart and then come in contact to our feminine power. It’s meditation. That’s first practice, breathing into the yoni. Then also, the aura meditations. The next step is movement. We, as women, the element, we’re washer. We’re supposed to be moving. Just even a simple movement of tilting our hips backwards, lifting the neck up, inhaling and then exhaling, drawing the stomach in, tilting the hips forward and becoming this rhythmic undulation, the practice of movement helps to purify and heal the nervous system. Movement is essential for reprogramming ourselves from a place of pain to a place of pleasure. That’s very important when we’re wanting to embody love. The next tool is Mantra. Mantra can be anything that you repeat with feeling and intention. Feeling is the key here. I see lot of people doing affirmations and repeating things to themselves, but it’s not an embodied feeling when they’re saying it. Mantra, to make it really powerful, to invoke these qualities in ourselves, the practice is to feel what you’re saying in the depth of your heart, the depth of your womb space. Something simple of mantra I’d like to begin with that can be quite confronting at times is, “I am divine love.” To really say that as you’re moving that simple movement practice, “I am divine love,” shifting the hips forward and back and to feel it and believe it, things start to move.

Movement is essential for reprogramming ourselves from a place of pain to a place of pleasure. That’s very important when we’re wanting to embody love. Click To Tweet

‏‏It’s so interesting because this is something that I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing this movement a lot and connecting with my emotions. Something that I started doing in the last month or so is stretching every morning while saying affirmations and really connecting to my body. So interesting. Unfortunately, I just came out of a surgery. I did a stem cell therapy in Park City, Utah with Dr. Edelson a few days ago. I’m still recovering. I think it’s my fifth day of recovery or something. I can’t really move in that sensual way. I miss it so much. My body, she needs to move, but I’m inflamed and I’m still healing. How do you keep that femininity? It’s so funny because we teach similar things. I have my Awaken Your Inner Goddess group. We are so much aligned. I just love your work. I think you are just amazing. I’m launching a challenge on awakening your inner goddess and I’m working so freaking hard and I’m out of surgery. Everything that I teach is not something that I practice because I can’t move. I’m not in harmony with what I eat or how I treat my body. How do you help women when they’re extremely busy to create harmony where they still have the time to take care of their body? What do you do because you’re an entrepreneur and you do a lot yourself? How do you keep that “balance”? I know there’s no such thing as balance, but let’s call it harmony.

‏‏There’s so much in there. There’s so much to share. Thank you for bringing this up. First, I’ll address for you right now, especially, and for anyone listening, if you have an injury or if you’re impaired in some way, you can still connect with your feminine flow of energy. One of the things, Orion, I love to do to help me, and I do this throughout the day because I am an entrepreneur. I am launching. I am launching my summit. I’m in my group program. I have my clients. I do this even before I’m going into a meeting where I just want to be powerful and centered in my reason why for being there. This is something I do before I go into my client sessions. I find a place where I can put one hand on my heart and one hand on my lower abdomen and I close my eyes. I begin to breathe slowly, gently, but with depth into my belly, into my womb space. Then, I imagine that rose, my yoni breathing in as well. I imagine as I’m doing this that I’m being encircled in pink light. In my path, metaphysics and the mystic tradition I’m in, pink is the color of divine love. I imagine every cell of my being reverberating with pink. I drop down, down into my yoni and I feel that connection coming to my heart. I can do this truly in one minute. When I open my eyes, I’m now connected to my center power as a woman. I’ve invited a higher state of consciousness of love to guide me. I do this often.

‏‏That’s wonderful. Now, my little stem cells are growing and they’re going to be surrounded by pink light and they’re just going to flow everywhere in my body that needs healing.

‏‏For the busy woman, how do you connect to your divine feminism when you’re really busy? How do you do that? I love to simply stand hip-width apart. I like to put my hands up palms facing upper up, almost like I’m in a starfish pose for a moment. I actually ask for the energy of the mother and you can translate that. If you really resonate with whatever archetype of a goddess resonates for you, I imagine that energy flowing into my body and becoming like a bridge between heaven and earth. My body is now a bridge. With my feet planted firmly and my arms raised. The energy of the earth comes up. The energy of the cosmos comes down. I am the bridge between heaven and earth and I really feel that. From that place, I start to ask questions. The pathway in is the path of inquiry. For anyone listening, I’d say, if you want to get connected to your divine feminine, ask why. Ask your soul. Ask your heart. Why am I being called at this time to discover the divine feminine? Write down what comes. Then, take it deeper. What can I do today to invite more of this energy into my body? Then trust the first thing that comes to mind. Write them. You start to literally invite a relationship in. As you said, I love to say this, “We’re always growing and learning.” Every day is a practice. It’s the practice that actually keeps us centered in the feeling, in the experience of love. If I don’t do my practices, it’s very hard.

‏‏I totally get it. I can be like this beautiful, divine, feminine, awesome person but then I want to sleep, I work too hard, I want to eat and I want to be like, “Yeah, you don’t want to be near me. Not recommended.”

‏‏Becoming more in touch with our divine feminine, it helps us to actually embrace our humanity.

‏‏Correct. And empathy, kindness, and the way we treat our partners and the way we treat ourselves because the way we teach ourselves is the way we treat the world most of the time.

‏‏Exactly. It’s that ability to love ourselves even when we are angry or sad or deeply depressed. This practice gives us the ability to welcome that in. I love Rumi. I love soupy poetry. He really talks about welcoming these heartaches, these tragedies like guests. Welcome them in like lovers because when we have a relationship with them, they begin to shift. We can then turn that into gold in our lives. The practice gives us ability to really be honest, I find. I don’t have to pretend to be perfect anymore because I’m in touch with the divine feminine.

‏‏Correct. That’s beautiful. How do you bring femininity into the business world?

‏‏That’s so great. That’s a great question, a question I’ve been asked [inaudible [00:34:23]. When we talk about masculine energy, it is very to-do list, it’s very goal-oriented. It’s when you’re getting everything together. There is this outward flow of energy. How do we stay receptive? How do we stay soft? How do we stay malleable and willing to flow? All of that for me, I’m practicing this right now, comes down to having a meditation practice and a movement practice of Tantra, this feminine embodiment movement that gives the capacity to write an email and then I stand up. I move my body and I just swirl my body.

‏‏I love that. Your emails are so sweet. I love getting emails from you. They always make me smile. I thought, “This lady, she probably did some hip circles, for sure.”

‏‏Totally, like before this call. Let me say thank you. I love that. That’s so sweet and yes, I definitely did do my hip circles. Right before this call. I want to show up great. I want to show up prepared. I have bullet points today. I had a glance at myself. That’s the exact thing that I should not be doing. I’m already prepared. What I did then, I thought to myself. I have sage. I turned on a song. I saged myself. I started to sing. I danced while doing this.

‏‏Were you naked while doing that?

‏‏I was. What it gave me was exactly what I needed, to be authentic, to be real and to feel like you’re getting the real me right now. I can trust that that’s going to connect. That’s going to always learn with my clients, with my tribe, with my business. I do that every day throughout my day. Before I see my clients, I make sure to do something feminine. When I’m done, I do something feminine and more and more, because at the same time I’m planning my wedding. My partner, he wants his woman at the end of the day. He doesn’t want to see a business CEO. Two very strong masculine energies in the house, I have a very strong masculine presence, isn’t a space for love to really exist. I have a ritual I do. Literally, when I’m done with work, I put down that business hat. I turn on music. I light some candles. I start to breathe. I’ll start to move. I’ll start to imagine my yoni blooming. I’ll ask my femininity, what do you want tonight? What do I want tonight to really feel and experience and dive into?

‏‏When do you start working?

‏‏Right now, in my summit, I’ve been working till about way late. [7:00]PM, [9:00]PM, [10:00]PM. Typically, when I’m just performing with my clients, I end work at [6:00]PM.

‏‏That’s so cool. Money, love, and relationships, how does that all come together? I have so much to ask you but we don’t have much time. I might have to have you again.

‏‏They’re intimately linked. Here’s what I know to be true. So many people I see in business are struggling with mindset. They don’t have the mindset to actually implement their goals. They’re also struggling with the feeling like fraud, feeling like they’re not actually master of what they’re doing. Then, you see people in complete burnout. All of these are indications that you don’t have a relationship, first and foremost, with yourself. If you love yourself, truly love yourself first. When that relation becomes the priority, you no longer have a question about your value in what you’re offering.

‏‏Wow, that’s powerful.

‏‏It totally takes me that credibility piece. You no longer question your value. Then, when you really love yourself, you’re connected to that energy, the energy of love is pure abundance. It dissolves all poverty consciousness. Your clients, they feel that.

‏‏What can be a story where you helped somebody with self-love and they made more money?

‏‏Oh, my god. I have a great one.

‏‏I know. Of course, you do.

‏‏Someone came to me. She’s a very successful entrepreneur. She came to me to help with love. She was struggling. She was struggling with self-confidence. She didn’t have a relationship to her feminine energy. She didn’t have a relationship to her vagina. She was attracting men that would go on dates with her, but would never actually want to commit. She was so successful, but she was really struggling with love. As we began doing these practices, we got her back in touch with her feminine energy and falling deeply in love with her own self. Recognizing that between her legs were the gateway to heaven. When a woman starts to live that way, wow do things start to shift. Because she started to feel so beautiful, inside of her was something so sacred and special, her business tripled in three months. She was making a lot of money. She was like, “I didn’t come to you for business help, but whoa!” She was like, “What’s happening?” I’m going, “People can feel you.” Men are attracted to us because of how they feel around us. It’s the same with money. It’s the same with clients. It’s the same with promotions. People feel you. It’s a subconscious thing. We’re picking this up on an energetic level. Even though your mouth may be saying the right words, if people can see you on subconscious level that you don’t really value yourself, that’s going to impact business, love, your health, everything, so it shifts. She’s starting to make a lot more money, actually. It’s actually up on my website. It’s one of the testimonials. She’s a wonderful woman. She found love.

Men are attracted to us because of how they feel around us. It’s the same with money. It’s the same with clients. It’s the same with promotions. People feel you.

‏‏Which one of the testimonials was it?

‏‏It’s Julie Sarot.

‏‏I don’t know her. I know Marci. She’s a testimonial, Marci Lock.

‏‏I work with a lot of very successful women who are on their mission and yet there seems to be just be this thing. I’m telling you this thing always comes back down to having that relationship with our own sacred, sensual, feminine presence, that goddess energy.

‏‏Okay. I wish we had more time to speak today. Before we leave, I’m promising that I’m going to chase you. I’m going to do this again. We have to do this again. Before we leave, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏Number one, have a spiritual practice. Have a relationship with god, with Mother-Father God, the goddess. It’s going to change the world. Number two, fall in love with your body. Come alive as a woman. It’s going to change your life. Number three, be fearless with your love. Really be of service.

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‏‏I love it. Okay, let’s talk about the summit that will help you find your true soulmate.

‏‏I am the host of an incredible summit, an online master class. It’s completely free. It’s a gift to give away. Beautiful Orion is one of my speakers. We have over 20 of the world’s top love experts and in a wide range of fields from psychologist, Tantrikas to business coaches, mindset coaches, spiritual shaman, and the whole gamut of perspective on how can you call in your soulmate, how can you call in true love. The website you can go to is callinginyoursoulmatelive.com. You enter your name and email. Right away, you will receive an email from me, Jaqueline, of thesouloflove.com. You’re also going to get a bunch of gifts right out the gate. As soon as you sign up, there’s a meditation and a sound healing for you because that’s a big part of my community. We do a lot in realms of sound, meditation, movement, mantra, goddess feminine embodiment. There’s also an opportunity to have a free call with me, which is something I seriously have never done so that’s awesome. Then you a have chance to work with Orion. There’s a Facebook Group attached to it. It’s called the Sovereign Sisterhood. That’s where we’re going to be giving real feedback in real time. There’s going to be a lot of extra juicy content in there as well. My beloved Linsey, my soulmate, he and I are going to be doing some pretty fun videos in there and some Q&As.

‏‏This is so exciting. It’s going to be one of the best online summits or free courses you’ve ever took. Go there because it’s going to change your life forever. Thank you, Jaqueline. You are so beautiful. I so appreciate you. Thank you so much for this interview.

‏‏Orion, thank you so much for having me on. Thank you. Love you. Love every single person listening.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Spread good vibrations wherever you go. Exude a contagious positive energy to attract light and happiness.

✓ Summon the energy to self-evaluate and find yourself. Think about what you’ve been through and take pride in what you’ve accomplished.   

✓ Love yourself for who you truly are. You may have flaws and imperfections, but you are strong and beautiful. There is a goddess inside of you waiting to be awakened.

✓ It’s okay to discover and explore the naughty and rebellious side of your sexuality. Don’t be ashamed if you want to try something that society deems taboo.    

✓ Try Yoni breathing to develop a deep connection with your vagina and your feminine essence.

✓ Trust the process. Becoming a confident and exuberant woman is not easy and it requires a lot of work. It’s also rewarding and worth the effort.

✓ Regularly meditate. If you’ve never done it before, start small by doing some simple breathing exercises. You can even take a quiet walk to clear your head.

✓ Learn how to keep your body moving. Sway your hips in a sensual manner, stretch your arms and legs, and find movement that makes you feel sexy.

✓ Don’t forget to give yourself daily affirmations. Start your day with kind words to set a positive mood.  

✓ Join Jaqueline’s free online masterclass to awaken your feminine magnetism and attract the right man.

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