Episode 367 | April 23, 2024

Pleasure, Potential and Orgasmic Awakening With Dr. Molly Maloof

A Personal Note From Orion

Hello, Stellar Life listeners! I’m thrilled to let you all know that this episode of the Stellar Life podcast features the incredible Dr. Molly Malloof. This is the second time Dr. Molly has appeared on the show, and her insights are even more powerful and transformative this time around.

If you listened to Dr. Molly’s previous interview (episode 302), you know she’s a trailblazer in the realms of biohacking, sexual health, and the science of love. But in this new episode, she takes us on a profound journey of spiritual awakening, relationship evolution, and unlocking our fullest human potential. She shares her remarkable journey, from navigating a breakup to committing to daily practices that enhanced her energy and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Her blend of science and spirituality, coupled with her emphasis on self-experimentation, adaptability, and the interconnectedness of relationships and health, offers a holistic approach to enhancing overall well-being and cultivating more fulfilling experiences. If you’re feeling drained and disconnected, constantly searching for fulfillment through relationships and work, you are not alone! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:34] – Orion welcomes Dr. Molly Maloof, who shares her recent spiritual evolution and the impact of her breakup on her consciousness.
  • [05:33] – Dr. Molly discusses her company, Adamo Bioscience, and its focus on the science of love and human flourishing.
  • [13:40] – Dr. Molly explains how a bad breakup led her to explore various exercises and practices that helped her tap into her physiology and mitochondria-boosting activities.
  • [17:13] – Dr. Molly delves into the idea of recognizing divinity within oneself and others and how spiritual practices can lead to a greater sense of connection, peace, and joy in everyday interactions.
  • [23:32] – Dr. Molly explores the concept of feminine power as seen in nature, highlighting the fierce and nurturing aspects and emphasizing the importance of aligning with nature’s cycles and patterns.
  • [31:44] – Dr. Molly shares her personal experience of using MDMA to heal sexual trauma and sexual dysfunction. She introduces the Adama method, a sex therapy program aimed at promoting emotional connection and embodied consent in sexual experiences.
  • [37:10] – Dr. Molly and Orion talk about the potential of sex as a healing tool and a psychedelic experience through rhythmic entrainment, leading to altered states of consciousness and a sense of merging with a partner.
  • [39:36] – Dr. Molly highlights her passion for educating the world on the science of human flourishing, rooted in science and nature.
  • [41:13] –  Dr. Molly elaborates on surrendering to inner guidance and stepping into one’s power, facing roadblocks as messages from the universe.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Molly. Welcome back to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for having me, Orion. This is awesome.

Last time, we spoke more about biohacking and lifehacking. Today, I want to focus more on your evolution when it comes to relationships, spirituality and keeping the enlightenment alive. Before we spoke, you told me about people trying new things, and they get to the top of the mountain, but it’s not sustainable. You’re going to teach us how to stay there. Can you give me a little update on what’s going on with you lately?

Adamo Bioscience is about the science of love and human flourishing.

I’m one of those weird people in the world who is always living quite the adventure. In the last four months, a very intense relationship led me to move to Jackson. But then we broke up, and then I moved into a cabin. Now you can see behind me we’re in a blizzard. In previous relationships where they were very deep and very intense, when there was a breakup, I would be grieving for weeks, like, really sad. 

The difference at this time is that I looked at the relationship as almost an initiation, which led to a transformation in my consciousness that was truly profound because even though this person and I didn’t work out and there was quite a lot of pain and some really big challenges near the end of it, he introduced me to the work of Sadhguru. I have been trying to help people optimize their health by teaching them about energy capacity and metabolism for the last decade. Then, in the last three years, since 2021, I started a company called Adamo Bioscience, and it was about the science of love and human flourishing. How does human connection improve health? How does healthy human connection lead to better health? Can we create products and services around human connection? 

Adamo launched its first product, which is a clinical sex therapy platform designed to help couples optimize their intimacy. Now, having spent a lot of time on the biological and the psychosexual, which I really do fundamentally believe at a core level, the reason for existence is largely to survive and reproduce. But there’s something more than just creating energy and reproducing people, companies, art, or whatever we create. Like, what’s beyond survival and reproduction? I got into the work of Maslow, and I really loved Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because it’s about the concept of love, self-actualization, and transcendence. Having actualized a life filled with incredible health since the last decade, I’ve optimized my health, and frankly, I’m aging backward, which is awesome.

I comment on that. I told you that you look ten years younger. You look so beautiful. You looked beautiful before, but I can totally see energetically, polarity, something shifted completely.

If you want to be a happy person, you have to have good relationships.

Thank you. I worked on my biological health, and then I worked on my psychological health. I learned that, fundamentally, if you want to be a happy person, you have to have good relationships. So, I’m surrounded by community everywhere I go in the world, and I build community very quickly. I’ve only been out of this relationship for two weeks, and I already have 20 friends, and that’s pretty fast to grow a friend and a community in no time. 

I became interested in what’s beyond having great health, a great community, and a sense of purpose. I realized that what I hadn’t been weirdly working on was my spirituality. In the process of this relationship, I was introduced to Sadhguru’s work, and I started slowly increasing my meditation and different spiritual practices, such as hatha yoga

I was vegetarian for four months, and I lost some weight; I got a little too skinny, which was not quite ideal, but it may have been helpful in some ways. Detox is good for everybody. I started eating a lot more fruits and vegetables; I was eating a lot to begin with. 

I do credit it to when you let go of a relationship not serving you and find yourself at a turning point in your life. I basically said, “I’m going to commit to doing what’s called a mandala.” I went to a retreat in Tennessee called Shoonya, followed by Bhava Spandana. Before that, I had completed Inner Engineering, an online program by Sadhguru. That led to this thing called Shambhavi Mahamudra, which is an initiation practice. I was doing Shambhavi on and off for the last 40 days prior to those retreats. I also got trained in hatha yoga. I have had a lot of really interesting shifts in the last few months. But when I went to the Shoonya retreat, I was blown away that it took three days of intense yogic practices called Surya Kriya and Shakti Chalana Kriya, a breathwork practice. It took three days of this for them to get you to the point where you can sit down and do a 15-minute, simple, mantra-based meditation. I have to say I was kind of blown away by how unbelievable it feels that I’ve gone through a breakup, and I’ve developed such a deep sense of well-being that everyone’s like, “How are you doing so well?” I’m like, “I know.” My whole life got turned upside down. I moved to a new town for a man. We broke up, and I’ve been doing these practices, Shakti Chalana Kriya, Shambhavi, Shoonya and some hatha yoga almost every day for one to three hours a day.

It involves a lot of meditation and yoga. Most days, it is about an hour, but some days, it’s an hour and a half, and some days it is three hours. I basically committed to this path, regardless of the fact that my ex introduced it to me. I was really committed to, “If I’m going to go and learn these practices, and everyone told me that they would change my consciousness, let’s see what happens.” 

I’m a biohacker, and I thought to myself, “People keep telling me that if I keep doing these practices, I’m going to find a level of well-being and fulfillment that I’ve never experienced before.” I have to say it’s been this weird upward trajectory of well-being and fulfillment that I was not expecting. I was like, “Come on, there’s no way that this stuff is actually going to change my consciousness that rapidly.” But I did this thing called Bhava Spandana, and I asked myself, in 2019, I was at the MDMA (3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine) conference at Esalen Institute. I asked the room, “Is there something beyond psychedelics that maybe we’re missing? I know psychedelics can bring us to the top of the mountain, but, like, get to stay there. I want to be in a state of ecstasy and bliss and compassion and love on a daily basis. I really want to just be there. How do I get there?” And everyone’s like, “Well, we don’t know.” I was like, “I think that’s what’s beyond the psychedelic movement.” 

There’s something going to be on this movement. I already had a prediction in 2019 that there was something beyond psychedelics. Whether you get there through Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, spirituality, Sadhguru, or through nature, there is a desire for transcendence that everybody wants. Once your security needs are met, your relational needs are met, and your esteem needs are met, you keep searching for more. “Okay, now you’re at your self-actualization, which needs to be met? What’s beyond that?” 

People don’t realize that Maslow’s Hierarchy transcendence was beyond that. It’s like, “What’s beyond you?” I went to this retreat called Bhava Spandana, and basically, they described it on the website as a complete overhaul of emotional energy. I was like, “Sure, that sounds nice.” But, while going through the program, I experienced my second Kundalini awakening, which was an absolute transformation of my consciousness that was fairly intense. I will say it out loud: Do not do Bhava Spandana unless you want your whole life turned upside down because that’s what will happen. Mine happened in the middle of the Shoonya and the Bhava Spandana retreats.

My boyfriend and I broke up while I was at these retreats. I’m in this totally unhinged place. I am just like, “What am I going to do? Where am I going to move?” I was freaking out. “Do I go back to Austin?” I’ve got a place in Austin, but I don’t want to go back to Austin because when I return to Austin, I will not do these practices. I said, “I’m going to commit to sitting in Jackson for at least the next 40 days, commit to doing these practices, and see what happens.” 

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In the last couple of weeks, my well-being levels have skyrocketed, and a lot of energy is running through my body right now. If you read about Kundalini awakenings, they can be very destabilizing. But because I have these practices and a lineage that I follow every day, I sit on the mat and do hatha yoga, Shakti Chalana Kriya, Shambhavi, and Shoonya twice in the afternoon.

Can you break it down for me? What is Shoonya? I’ve never heard about those things. What is Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini awakening—there’s this theory in Eastern religions that you have a coiled amount of energy in your body that you’re not tapped into. They believe it’s coiled at the base of your spine. When you have a Kundalini awakening, it’s like a full release of energy that causes shaking, extreme amounts of ecstasy and bliss, and can basically feel like a lightning bolt has hit you. There’s so much energy running through your nervous system that you’re like, “What is going on right now?” The first time this happened to me was by accident. I had literally asked the universe for a taste of enlightenment, and it kicked me in the face with a spiritual awakening. I was doing a lot of yoga. I was doing ashtanga yoga at the time. I was doing HIIT and weight training. I had a bad breakup as well. 

Sometimes, breakups can be particularly good for your development.

Sometimes, breakups can be particularly good for your development.  I’ve been doing a lot of mitochondrial-boosting exercises. I was really focused on getting as much energy out of my system as possible. I was like, “What’s possible for my physiology? I did everything I wrote about in my book in one weekend. I was doing HIIT, weight training, sauna, meditation, and human connection. There was no sexual connection, but I was with a guy I was into, so there was a lot of energy flowing through me. 

The first awakening happened in 2019, and I didn’t have a lineage to follow. It can be very destabilizing if this thing happens to you. It’s very spiritual, but if you’re not prepared, it can lead to your nervous system feeling like you have more energy flowing through you than you know what to do with. If you’re not grounded and stabilized in that energy and know how to harness and ground it, then it can be problematic for your mental health.

In Kabbalah, it is called expanding the vessel. You have to expand your vessel to receive all this light. If you have all this light and the vessel is still restricted, I can see how it can be too much.

I wasn’t ready in 2019, and it led to me leaving the Bay Area and going to three different ten-day meditation retreats in six months because the only place I could feel normal was when I was meditating. Then, the pandemic hit, and things changed after that. The last two years have definitely been a transformation. I built my brand, Dr. Molly, published a book and started a company. But I got to this point where I’m like, I’m in a relationship, out of a relationship, and I’m seeking fulfillment through achievement and relationship, and I’m not finding it. I’m like, “What else is there? If I can’t find it through relationships and work, where do I find fulfillment?” The universe usually gives you what you ask for. If you ask for a path, it will give you one, but you have to be clear about what you want. 

The universe usually gives you what you ask for. If you ask for a path, it will give you one, but you have to be clear about what you want.

This path came to me through this very painful relationship. You can’t look at things badly. I can’t look at it as a negative experience because even though there were parts of it that were negative, the fact that this direction is taking me to this place is profound. So now, what you learn through Sadhguru is that there are five precepts in inner engineering. One of them is: “You are not your body, you are not your mind,” which is a very freeing concept, which helps you realize that there’s something to you that is much greater than your body and your mind, and you don’t have to be stuck in either of them. You are much greater than your mind or your body.

Then, “All the rules are my rules.” I love this one because it keeps you on a straight and narrow path. It helps you realize parts of your life that are out of alignment. 

Then there’s “I am responsible for everything.” I’ve already been living this tenet because I read this book. I mean, first off, if you believe in the law of attraction or extreme ownership by Jocko Willink, many people have the same story. If you take total responsibility for your life, you can’t blame others or be a victim. You can take it a step beyond that and say you’re the creator of your life. So there’s this concept in Sadhguru’s work called You’re the Mother of the World, and you can take this kind of two ways. (1) You can look at everyone as you, and (2) you can also look at everything as part of you. Looking at it that way, you ask yourself, “What would I do if this were me? How would I treat this person if they were me or my child?” 

We’re creating everything as we interact with it. How we treat something changes it. It’s really important to look at yourself and those around you and ask yourself, are you creating this person into a monster? Are you creating this person into a teacher? 

And there’s this concept that there’s only the present moment. There’s only now. Along the same lines as Eckhart Tolle, there’s only the present. Nobody knows what the present, past, or future are, but some people in spiritual realms believe there’s only the present moment. If you ask a physicist, they don’t believe the present exists. They believe the past and the future only exist. Nobody knows. I take this one with a grain of salt. But fundamentally, I see the world in that if you optimize your biology and physical metabolic health, you have more energy. If you optimize your psychology and your relationships with your parents, partner, and yourself, you have greater psychology and connection. You have a connection to you; you have a connection to others. That connection is either good or bad and positive or negative. It’s either giving you life, or it’s taking life away from you. 

Nature is fierce and nurturing.

The third piece of the puzzle that I haven’t understood until now is that there’s something much greater than you, and there’s something much bigger than us. This concept of transcendence and “enlightenment” is literally about how I can shine as much light and free up as much energy in my existence so that all of my interactions are coming from a place of total involvement and total connection and a place of love, peace, and joy and just feeling like I’m here with this person in front of me, and they have divinity within them. That’s what you learn. 

You learn that there’s divinity within every person and everything you put in your mouth. There’s divinity everywhere. And so, the question is, how can you tap into that divinity through your daily existence? That’s where spiritual practices come in. The real question will test our spirituality. How is your health affected by it? How are your relationships affected by it? If your health and relationships are improving, then you can see that your spiritual practices are reaping real rewards. It’s making your life better. The whole point of spiritual practices is that your life improves, and you don’t have to be stuck in this delusion of a separate self. You can be part of something greater than you.

I’m sure Sadhguru’s teachings are incredible. You mentioned all those names, and I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure that between the breathwork and the yoga, you can definitely reach a constantly awakened state where you’re full of energy.

If your health and relationships are improving, then your spiritual practices are reaping real rewards.

The goal is to get there. But remember, the work that you do, what I’m learning from Sadhguru is that there’s all this energy produced. Then there’s all this energy you direct towards your relationships, work, and production of whatever your purpose is. But there’s this chronic energy in you, this ch. The whole point of his practices is that he’s trying to teach you to organize that information and energy in a way that is stable, grounded, and connected to something bigger than you so that it’s not chaos. So, if you have a bunch of Kundalini energy released and you’re all over the place, it’s not organized energy; it’s chaotic energy. That can be bad for your health. 

People have had mental breakdowns because of Kundalini awakenings. There is a belief in some of the woo-woo Eastern world that a psychotic or a mental health breakdown is a spiritual process of breakdown. 

The way I see it is that if you can do practices that can organize this energy within you and keep it structured and help it stay grounded, it’s kind of like if you ground energy into the earth, it’s not going to be like a live wire. There’s a reason we want to ground electrical lines in the earth: if you don’t, you’ll get electrocuted. So, grounding energy and grounding electricity are the keys. That’s kind of what I see his practices doing for me. Yes, of course, you can talk about God, the source, and you can talk about whatever it is that you believe is a higher power, or you can just look at it as this is energy hygiene that is particularly profoundly useful for becoming a happier human.

Right. I like all those practices. My only reservation with Sadhguru is that I saw him at The World Economic Forum and talking about being pro-dilution of the world population. Now, I don’t know if this is a real clip or an AI-made one. You never know. In this world, we never know what’s right from wrong.

Keepers of the Animals by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac

Yeah. I don’t look at him as someone that I’m going to say, “I believe everything Sadhguro says.” My ex-boyfriend was a devotee of this man, and he believed everything he had to say was true. I was like, I hear Sadhguru talk a lot on this app. I don’t believe everything he has to say.” If you listen to him talk, he doesn’t believe that you should believe everything he says. He’s like, “Don’t trust me; go figure it out for yourself.”

Maybe he’s still in the truth.

That’s what I like about him is: he’s actually like, “I’m not going to tell you that everything I have to say is true. I think it’s true, but that doesn’t mean you have to believe in it.” Now, Elon Musk and many of these PayPal mafia guys with whom I’m friends. I wouldn’t say I’m friends with Elon, but I’ve met him, and I’m friends with a bunch of the Paypal mafia guys. The people who are kind of running the show in Silicon Valley, a lot of these power players throughout the world, believe that we are running out of people and that we need to make more people. We’re having a population explosion. We’re not exploding; we’re imploding. There are plenty of people who believe that. Then there’s Sadhguru, and people like, “Oh, we’re overpopulating the earth.”

“There are too many people. Let’s get rid of some of them.”

Nobody knows anything about any of this nonsense. Nobody knows the answer. Nobody has any idea what the truth is about whether humanity is destroying the earth. We need to make a better, greater humanity in there. But what I always return to is, what does nature tell us? Because we are part of nature. We have forgotten that we are part of nature. I think women are particularly—- I’m getting chills when I just say this— entering an age of feminine power. If you want to understand feminine power, you have to look at nature. I get chills when I say this because I am not a “feminist.”

Feminine power is not being a feminist.

It’s not about being a feminist.

Not at all.

Looking at the natural order of existence and asking, “What does femininity look like in nature?” The ocean is deeply feminine. It is still for some days and wild for some days. It cannot be controlled, and it will nourish you or destroy you. 

If you want to understand feminine power, you have to look at nature.

Look at a mama bear in nature. If you get near that child, it will rip you to shreds. Maternal energy is fierce and nurturing. Nature is fierce and nurturing. When I look at nature, I see nature saying, “Okay, humans, you think you have so much control over me. Guess what? At the end of the day, I will survive you. You might all die. I’m going to live on. I will live on beyond you, transform and change, but I will be here beyond your existence.” That is something I know for a fact. We may be gone instantly as a human race, but nature will still be here. Nature and the patterns of creation, maintenance, and destruction are shown in every single cycle of a woman’s egg, every single cycle of a woman’s biology, and every single cycle of the seasons. This is the nature of life. Nature is going to create, maintain, and destroy. We look at it like that. You don’t get to decide for nature what is right or wrong.

Amen to that. I like what you’re doing.

Like most religions, if you look at Buddhism and Hinduism, all religions have the same story. Even in Christianity, revelations are all about the destruction of humanity.

I like what you’re doing with separating the guru from the method because, as someone who has been through an extremely long journey of self-development, taking hundreds of seminars and rubbing shoulders with many of the most famous self-development gurus of this time, I can tell you that you have to be very discerning about everything. 

You’re listening to your body. You’re listening to your own journey. You’re seeing your reflection in the mirror; she looks radiant and like, “Okay, this is for me. Yet I don’t like when you say this and that.” That’s great. Discerning is very mature. A lot of people are not mature enough. Not because they’re bad or good. That’s because they just believe everybody with a higher status, whether a doctor, a famous actor, or a guru.

Your job is to go out and try different philosophies, methods, belief systems, and lifestyle habits and find out what works for you.

My biggest learning from this relationship ending was that many people and I give away our power to someone else that we believe is more powerful than us because we don’t recognize how powerful we are, to begin with. We think that someone else is meant to be the guide, and someone else is meant to be the teacher. Somebody else is meant to be the one to tell us how to live and what to do. But at the end of the day, your job is to go out and try different philosophies, methods, belief systems, and lifestyle habits and find out what works for you. 

I thought I must eat a high-protein diet or paleo diet to thrive. And you know what I learned? I can eat a vegetarian diet and not die. It’s also kind of nice to do a vegetarian diet once in a while. But I learned that through direct experience. Now, if I believed my own prescriptions and never tested them against myself, I would never learn anything new. I don’t like it when people are dogmatic about anything. Your job is to go out, run experiments, test, and figure out what will work for you, your lifestyle, and where you live. Right now, I’m living in a cabin in Jackson, Wyoming. This is not the same lifestyle as when I lived in Austin, Texas. I was going to the gym, had a trainer, and built muscle. Out here, I’m doing a lot of cardio, skiing, and exercise. That doesn’t require me to eat as much protein, but it certainly requires me to eat more carbs because I’m burning them more. I’m adapting to my environment. This is the marker of human health. Can you adapt to a different diet and lifestyle and thrive? This is what I’ve been searching for.

I love weight training and eating protein, and I love that I’m super lean and getting really good at skiing. A lighter body is actually faster on skiing. Lighter and leaner—fun. I made an intention last year, “I would like to lose ten pounds effortlessly.” I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but it happened, and it happened on accident because I just got into a relationship and ended up starting to do skiing and outdoor activities and eating vegetarian for four months. I lost the weight, and I discovered I don’t want to be that skinny. It’s cool, but I don’t want to always be that skinny.

I love looking at nature. If you actually look at an animal and its natural habitat, like, “How is it thriving in nature?” Animals are going to move around to migrate in order to have different diets for different times of the year. There’s an elk refuge behind me, and the elk come here in the winter, eating all the buds off the trees and chilling out. This is where they live. Then they get lean, burn off all their fat, move to the summer, move to different places, and get fat. I don’t know when they get fattened, but they certainly are. I don’t know what they’re doing.

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Let’s call in one. Come on, show up.

Funnily enough, it was a few weeks before my boyfriend and I broke up. The night before I left, I was meditating in the bedroom. There were all these in the distance, and I started meditating, connecting with the elk, and I was like, “Hey, I’d love to see you in the morning in the backyard while we go and get in the hot tub. I’d love to see you. Come meet me in the morning.” 

I woke up in the morning, and all these elk were right outside the hot tub. It was so insane. I said, “Oh, my God. I called them in,” and he said, “You didn’t do that.”

Of course, you did. 

You don’t understand.

You did it a hundred percent. It’s amazing. I do the same with a stray cat that we feed sometimes. For a few days, I’m like, “Hey, Toby, come on. We miss you.” Then, the next day, he just showed up. I have had a lot of animal communication happening lately. I love that skill.

You need to trust and surrender to your inner guidance.

I’ve been doing that, too. I have a book called Keepers of the Animals. It’s about how you connect with nature. On my 40th birthday, I saw four eagles in a tree. When I broke up with this guy, I saw a lone wolf. Well, we broke up mutually, but I was moving out, and there was this lone wolf in the distance wandering the elk refuge.

So, every time you see an animal in nature, just Google its spiritual meaning on your phone.

Yes, I do that.

You often find yourself with something that gives you, like, “Wow, that feels resonant right now with where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Amazing. I have so many questions for you.

Yeah. Where do you want to take this combo?

You’re just a fascinating human being. I want to shift the topic.

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I’m a weirdo, for sure.

No, you’re amazing. If you’re a weirdo, then I’m a weirdo, too. I mean, a really good company. So, let’s talk a little bit about MDMA and how you heal people’s sexual problems through that.

I have a company called Adamo, and one of the reasons we first started the company was this big psychedelic revolution happening, and I was like, “Oh, my God, I want to be a part of this movement.” I was very quiet about an experience that had happened to me in my early 30s, where I was accidentally healed of some sexual trauma. But, in my body biologically, I had a lot of sexual dysfunction, and I had problems with arousal and proper lubrication during sex. I had problems with orgasm, and I had a lot of sexual pain. 

What happened was that I used MDMA with a partner, and it unlocked a healing that I was not anticipating. I was just like, “Whoa, wait. I used to have all these problems sexually, and now I don’t have all these problems. What just happened to me?” I told all my friends about this, and they’re like, “You don’t want to say to people that you are using illegal drugs.” This is my early thirties, even before the movement of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) took off. I ended up working with MAPS at one of their conferences. I was like the doctor who was ensuring people were staying safe at the conference. MAPS, in the last decade, has gotten to phase three clinical trials, and they may be getting MDMA approved in the next few years for PTSD

If you study MAPS research, you’ll find that what they discovered was that you can heal social injury. That gets baked into the nervous system as implicit memory, that the experience is still happening. When you have a memory of, like, “This problem is still here in my nervous system happening right now,” you perceive the threat as present-moment fear, and that’s where PTSD symptoms come in. It is like an experience never got filed properly in the explicit memory; it’s stuck in the implicit memory. Every time you get a trigger, you start to feel like that thing is happening again. 

The number one cause of PTSD and clinical studies for MAPS is sexual trauma. So, I started studying sexual dysfunction as a result of sexual trauma and discovered that about 30% of women with sexual trauma develop PTSD, but 60% to 80% develop sexual dysfunction. More women are creating problems with sexual experiences than are developing flashbacks or PTSD. I didn’t have PTSD, but I had a lot of sexual dysfunction. Every time I encountered a sexual experience, it would get tense and freeze, and I just wouldn’t be able to have a proper sexual connection. It took that memory of sexual trauma and filed it properly in the explicit memory so that when I encountered sex, it was no longer threatening.

About 30% of women with sexual trauma develop PTSD, but 60% to 80% develop sexual dysfunction.

So, sex was anchored in trauma, and then it shifted that anchor.

Yes. Now, we have developed a sex therapy that we want to combine with MDMA once MDMA gets approved eventually. But MDMA is going to take years to get approved. Every year it’s like, “Oh, next year, it’ll get approved.” We developed a cool sex therapy program called the Adamo Method, and it’s basically sex education. 

A lot of people never got proper sex education and never really learned how to have sex in a way that wasn’t worth their seeing in porn. A lot of people’s sexual models is porn based, and it’s very aggressive, very dominant, submission based, and very much based on being penetrated by a more dominant partner.

It’s basically zero connection. It’s nothing but the physical. It’s so damaging, especially for kids as young as eight and nine, who are watching porn, and I’m like, “Oh, no, that sucks.” Because they get very addictive. They don’t know how to handle a partner. They don’t know how to be in bed because there’s only one way. This is the most animalistic, basic level of having sex, where sex can be so much more beautiful, deep, liberating, and healing.

Yes. So fundamentally, we didn’t learn how to connect emotionally and intimately in a partnership. One of the most interesting things about my previous relationship was how disinterested he was in the method I was developing with Aaron and Saida, and he said that I put the pieces together into a platform. However, the platform’s fundamental core concepts are from Aaron Michael and Dr. Saida Désilets. 

Nature and the patterns of creation, maintenance, and destruction are shown in every single cycle of a woman’s biology.

Aaron Michael has a platform that he’s built around what’s called suction sex. Saida has built a platform around this concept of erotic individuation and sexual sovereignty. She’s got the psychosexual piece, and he’s got the somatic piece, and we had them come together, and they kind of created a baby. The very beginning of the program is about really getting into your personal psychosexual development and then learning to have embodied consent for what you want to experience and what you don’t want to experience in the bedroom. You can actually communicate your needs properly. Then you go into actually learning how to have painless, very intimate, emotionally connected penetration. This is not just for heterosexual couples. This is for homosexual couples, gay couples, trans, cis, lesbian, straight—-it’s not about sexual orientation at all.

Sex is about connection. When you don’t have that connection and education, it can be sad and devastating. People don’t understand why they feel so empty and why there is always, like, something’s missing. Sex itself can be a healing tool.

Sex itself can be a psychedelic experience. When you get into rhythmic entrainment, your bodies are rhythmically entrained, your breath is entrained, and your eyes are looking at one another. You are connecting in a way that can generate altered states of consciousness where the boundaries between you and the partner dissolve.

A lot of people’s sexual models is porn based, very much based on being penetrated by a more dominant partner.

You experience a state of merging and becoming something greater than you. What we wanted to teach people was, “Hey, do you want to learn how to have sex in a way that creates connection? Do you want to connect with yourself so that you’re prepared to have connected sex with your partner? Do you want to integrate what you’re learning into your body so that you no longer react to sex as threatening? Do you want to develop stronger bonds with your partner and yourself?” So, we designed the Adamo Method based on the three drives of human love: 

(1) The sex drive, (2) the drive to have emotional intimacy, romantic connection, or romantic love, and (3) the drive to attach. I wanted Aaron and Saida to design this method to address all three facets of love. We’re running our first clinical study and our first cohort. We’re going to run another cohort shortly after. We’re gathering a lot of data; this will be our first product. We’re going to be distributing the world. But then we’re going to be training licensed therapists and physicians to prescribe this as a therapeutic intervention. Then, we’re also going to redesign a course I’ve created for my brand called Your Healthspan Journey, which teaches people how to optimize their metabolic health. One of the biggest things that leads to premature death and disconnection is metabolic dysfunction. A lot of people are not aware that if you have metabolic dysfunction, you can have sexual dysfunction, and if you have relationship problems, you can have metabolic problems. We’re really trying to tackle these two core pillars of health: energy and connection. 

From there, the third pillar that will probably emerge as the next frontier is, “Okay, so what happens if you have amazing amounts of energy and all these human capacities are unlocked?” In the last decade, I literally went out and learned to do new things that I had no idea I could do. I had no idea that I could do half the things I was able to do in the last few years. I believe that when you optimize your relationships, your human health and your energy metabolism, you unlock this human capacity, which leads to a greater sense of self-determination, a greater sense of purpose, and a greater sense of wanting to be of service to something greater than yourself. If you’re doing the work of raising your consciousness, you can literally propel yourself into a future you never knew was possible. So, I’m trying to take all of my passions, put them into one platform, and then educate the world on how to have them. What is the science of human flourishing? What does it take to be a flourishing human? It’s all rooted in science and nature.

One of the biggest things that leads to premature death and disconnection is metabolic dysfunction.

Yeah. Molly, we need to have another discussion. This is not enough time.

I know.

Where can people find you and take the training?

You can find me at www.drmolly.co. My Instagram is @drmolly.co. My LinkedIn or X is @mollymaloofmd. Friend me on all the socials. My company is Adamo Bioscience, livingadamo.com and @livingadamo on Instagram.

Dr. Molly, you’re incredible.

Thank you.

It’s so great to see you the way you are and watch your incredible evolution and expansion of consciousness from the side. What a powerhouse you are, bringing all this into the world. Nobody can stop.

Thank you. You know what, the last relationship tried, and I definitely wouldn’t let it happen.

You needed something to push against so you can—

I needed the message from the universe. Like, “Are you really ready to step into your power? Because I will give you a roadblock, you will have to ask yourself, “Do you want to just be at home? Are you ready to step into your full power?’”

Honestly, you should be very proud of yourself for taking the higher path because it’s really easy to hide at home.

There is divinity within every person; it's everywhere. You have to tap into that divinity through your daily existence. Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, sometimes you just get handed things that your universe is like, “Hey, I got a plan for you,” and you’re just going to have to go for it. And I’m like, “Okay, universe, fine. Tell me what to do. Tell me how to be of service. I trust you.” And so I’m in a deep state of surrender at this point. It’s so wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you so much. And thank you, listeners. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. This was awesome. Remember to optimize your relationships and metabolic health. Do the work on raising your consciousness. Trust and surrender to your guidance, inner guidance. And have a stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Optimize your physical and metabolic health to boost energy levels, including sleep, stress management, and hydration for balanced energy production.

{✓} Nurture your relationships and connections with loved ones, partners, and yourself. Prioritize quality time and deep communication with those closest to you.

{✓} Explore spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, and breathwork to unlock higher consciousness—approach spiritual exploration with an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

{✓} Tap into nature’s wisdom and cycles to guide your health and well-being. Spend time outdoors, connecting to the elements and attuning to seasonal changes.

{✓} Experiment with different diets and lifestyles to find what works best for your unique body. Be willing to try new ways of eating and living without attachment to one approach.

{✓} Approach life with an attitude of curiosity, surrender, and trust in the Universe’s guidance. Let go of the need to control every outcome and trust the unfolding of your journey.

{✓} Integrate the feminine power of creation, nurturing, and intuition into your life. Develop your intuitive faculties and allow your inner wisdom to guide your decisions.

{✓} Pursue holistic healing modalities that address the mind, body, and spirit. Be open to unconventional methods that may fall outside traditional Western medicine. 

{✓} Be humble enough to admit what you don’t know and be passionate about continuous growth. Extract lessons and gifts from even the most difficult or painful experiences.

{✓} Connect with Dr. Molly Maloof across her platforms. Visit her website at www.drmolly.co to explore her services and offerings and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter to engage further. Explore her company, Adamo Bioscience at livingadamo.com.

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