Episode 239 | March 9, 2021

Understand & Attract Money with Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

A Personal Note From Orion

On today’s Stellar Life episode, my guest Claudia Arnold-Sawaf introduces the term “Afflowent.” It’s a nice and witty way to mesh the words flow and affluent. According to Claudia, the state of afflowence means to savor the abundant flow of life with gratitude. 

Over the years, women have gone through a lot of limiting beliefs about money. Even though we are now in an era where more and more people are talking about it, sometimes the battle feels personal. Thoughts like “women can’t make more money than men.” or “I am not good with numbers. How the heck will I be good with money?” or “too much money is the root of evil.” still exist today. So Claudia and I are here to help break the stigma! 

Claudia Arnold-Sawaf is a wealth manager who empowers and educates her clients to elevate their money stories and gain confidence. She “un-complicates” the money game and helps her community eliminate anxiety, make peace with money to create a massive shift In their lives! Don’t miss out on today’s Stellar Life Podcast.

In this Episode

  • [00:55] – Orion introduces Claudia Arnold-Sawaf, a wealth manager who empowers and educates her clients to elevate their money stories and gain confidence. 
  • [03:48] – Claudia shares how she found her purpose and passion when she changed careers.
  • [08:13] – Orion talks about some of the women’s multiple limiting beliefs in achieving a successful career.
  • [12:03] – Claudia talks about her motto in life on finding inspiration to overcome hurdles in her career.
  • [16:20] – Claudia discusses Afflowent, a financial empowerment community for women.
  • [20:27] – How to align purpose and passion with profit daily?
  • [25:26] – Claudia advises on how to control the feeling of being uneasy around the topic of money.
  • [29:53] – What are some budget exercises to consider in avoiding the feeling of scarcity?
  • [34:28] – Claudia shares some words of encouragement for the people who feel like they’re in a financially unstable situation during the pandemic.
  • [38:19] – Join Claudia Arnold-Sawaf’s Facebook group, Afflowent, and visit her website at ClaudiaSawaf.com to join her membership program and get a half-off discount by using the code “stellarlife”.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Claudia, and welcome to the Stellar Life Podcast. Thank you so much for being here, my friend.

Oh, thank you, Orion. It’s amazing to be with you.

Yeah, I’m sure it is. This conversation is going to be amazing. Every time I speak with you, it’s just so beautiful and so uplifting. You’re such a good storyteller on top of that. So I believe that everybody who’s listening is in for a treat now.

Thank you for saying that. You’re so kind.

Before we begin, why don’t you share a little bit about how did you discover your passion?

That is an amazing lead into our topic today, Orion. For me, passion and purpose don’t always have to be this grand thing. Sometimes, by simply doing something that we feel a nudge, where we feel, “This is going to be something where I can have an impact, one person at a time, one situation at a time.” Sometimes it leads to the bigger and better things. And that’s essentially something that happened to me very early on in my first industry and now in my second career.

What happened in the first industry? What happened in the second industry? Was there a moment that was your catalyst for change?

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My first career was managing hotels around the world. Talk about passion; my passion was travel and experiencing different cultures, and living in different countries. When you’re young, those passions, maybe they’re not as deep yet, or the purposes, they’re more of like, “Okay, let me see how I can have fun.” When we get older, we notice that is the basis and foundation for a good life, that whatever we do, approach it with fun and adventure and a sense of curiosity. And that was my first career for many years. I traveled the world, learned to understand the relationship business, and made a difference with simple things in people’s lives. And later on, when we move to the United States, that’s exactly how I changed my career. And I said, “How can I change people’s lives and wealth management?” It essentially fell into my lap, Orion. But I fell in love with it because I knew that I have a chance to be different, make a difference in my client’s lives, and my own life and daughters’ lives. Bit by bit, I just fell in love with the fact that by approaching this the right way, from a purpose and passion perspective, and a values-based perspective, this career is very beautiful.

I think you downplay what you have achieved. Can you share a little bit more about what you did so people will grasp the bigness of it?

Okay, in the early stages of my career, I just always like to stretch the comfort zone, do things that I have never done before, and just have courage. I think courage is sometimes a little easier when we’re younger because fear and overthinking don’t kick in yet. In my hotel management career, I had the choice to stay in Europe or move to the Middle East. I decided to move to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I became one of the youngest female executives managing a five-star hotel and managing a five-star hotel division. It shaped my life going forward; not only looking back now, but I was also in touch with a lot of high net-worth individuals that stayed with our resort, and it helped me understand, believe it or not, my career now because I interacted with high net-worth individuals. I knew very successful and values-driven individuals. I figured what’s important to them, and they’re people like everybody else. That was my journey in hotels. Since I became a wealth manager, this is also a very male-dominated industry, finance worldwide. I just managed to make a mark for myself. In 2014, I started my wealth management practice. And just knowing that, I wanted to leave a footprint in the sand, and I also learned how I wanted to work with my clients. I always wanted to do right by them and not be dictated by large companies’ profit margins, which still has that negative connotation. We’ll talk a little bit, Orion, on how we can make a profit, something beautiful, as well. So I had my own company, and I recently merged with a slightly larger independent wealth management firm and got some awards along the way.

Just a “few” awards along the way. This is the difference between a successful man to a successful woman. Successful men, they don’t have a problem to brag, but we women, we have the problem to brag. And I think it’s okay to brag. I think it’s inspiring. A lot of times women have those limiting beliefs of, “I am a woman in a man’s world”; that’s limiting belief number one. “Women are not good with money,” limiting belief number two.

That’s a very limiting belief. 

It’s not even our beliefs. It’s this older generation; it’s the collective consciousness. Even if you look at the government, like, how many women are there? And I think it’s only because of limiting beliefs.

Modern women can be money conscious and savvy, too!

You are absolutely right.

You didn’t let the limiting belief of age because you were so young, yet so successful. You didn’t allow yourself to have the limiting belief of “I am too young for this. My gender is not right for that.” We always come up with excuses. “I’m too tall. I’m too short. I’m too old. Too this and too that.” You just didn’t have it, which is extraordinary.

Thank you, Orion. If we can relay something to your audience is, limiting beliefs are deeply buried. Sometimes we don’t even know that there is, until a blockage shows up, and you’re like, “Why am I not further along? What’s holding me back?” Many times, you are absolutely right about money and careers. They’re always excuses. Sometimes these excuses date back to something somebody else programmed into us. To all the parents and moms out there, it’s critically important what we say to our young people and our children. Because between zero to seven is about absorbing. We don’t have the willpower. Sometimes what I do with my community is to take them back to, “How were you raised around money?” If we want to bring this back to the money stories, what was said between the ages of zero and seven or zero and ten? How were your parents around money? What types of beliefs were talked about around the dinner table? And it is so true, Orion, that they do pop up later on in life. It’s like, “Well, yeah, I’m a girl. Right? How can I be good with money?” That’s just definitely limiting belief, which we can just take out of our system. Reboot and upgrade the software.

One of my limiting beliefs as a young person was me versus them because I had a very poor upbringing. Our neighbor’s houses were beautiful villas, and we were in this beautiful street, but we have this old house. We were so poor, and I felt so different. It was always me and them. Of course, now I guess I’m them in a way. But I had limiting beliefs about wealth, what rich people are like, and my worthiness of even hanging out near rich people. It took a while to get over that.

And it’s such a breakthrough when you finally do get over it, and not compare and prejudge, and not have opinions about people and situations. When we look at ourselves closely, and when I look at someone that’s further ahead, then all that means to me, Orion, is that they’ve walked the walk and that it’s possible. So then what I can do is say, “If it’s possible for them, somebody has already done it, then I can do this too.” That’s been the model in my life to say you always look to people that inspire you to do right by other people that are this category one, win-win personalities. And you say, “What steps do I need to take to be like that and achieve that?” As a woman, it’s critically important that we don’t look at an industry. There are still a lot of industries where you have more men than women. But that should never be an obstacle. If you have a passion for something, it doesn’t matter which career it is, what type of reputation the profession has, in terms of, “Oh, yeah, you have to be a guy to be in science.” Or “You have to be a guy to be in finance or engineering.” Women have the same brain capability. We can do this. So absolutely, it’s time to just take those limiting beliefs out. 

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You mentioned that you were rubbing shoulders with high net-worth individuals when you were working in that five-star hotel. You said, “I’ve learned what is important to them.” What did you find in the way of their thinking? What did you find in the way of their values?

You said something earlier, which struck a chord when you said, “Me versus them.” It’s very easy when we’re young, and we’re not quite yet there, where we are now. The wealthy individuals that I had the pleasure of meeting weren’t that ass mentality. They weren’t, “Oh, I’m this, and you’re just that.” I’m sure they exist. But maybe that’s not the people I would want to hang out with, but it’s very inclusive, and it’s very abundant. This is why this whole topic of abundance and empowering, especially women, to stretch the comfort zones and live an abundant purpose-driven life is important. Because when I look at those mentors and those individuals I was so blessed to come across, they lived a very abundant life. And they didn’t sacrifice happiness, joy, and abundance for just making profits. For them, money was more than this piece of paper and maybe taking advantage of people to get to their profits. That wasn’t the topic, and maybe those are just the individuals I choose to remember now. I’m sure I came across a fair share of others, too, that made money in different ways and that they’re probably not proud of right now. But these are people that were my role models. I think the lesson we need to learn is that it’s really up to us, it’s always a choice. We have the choice to either live in scarcity or abundance. We have a choice to have fear or love. When given a choice, Orion, I am choosing love over fear. I’m choosing abundance over scarcity. That’s been a journey for me because, just like you, I grew up in very humble upbringings. I had to work very much in upgrading my software, from the scarcity, and there is never enough to know this is an abundant universe. And it’s a choice.

It is. I think what money does is it’s almost like a magnifying glass to one’s inner world. If you are a good-hearted person, and you have good values, and you receive that money, and you work hard for it, and you make it, then you’ll just be a good person with a lot of money. And a good person plus lots of money means lots of health to the world. You can employ people; you can help, do charity, and do so much good in the world. And I think a person who has a bad character and receives a lot of money will magnify him like a magnifying glass. So it will magnify the good, or it will magnify the bad.

Absolutely. You hit such a good point, Orion. That was one of the motivators for me to start Afflowent, a community of women who want to live an abundant, flowing, and joyful life with money. Because I think it’s all too easy to go into opinions and judgments. We look at the people that made money the wrong way. Where money magnified maybe some of the bad traits. And then we associate money or profits with negativity.

It’s not bad.

These are all preconceived notions. These are opinions we formed over a lifespan of looking at people who may have done the wrong thing. Trust me; I’m in an industry where we are tasked to make people profits. Trust me, I’ve done this for 20 years now, and I’m pretty good at that. But the task now for me has become that we live in a different world. We don’t live in a world anymore where it’s just about profit and money. And it doesn’t matter how you get to that, like, what did you have to do to make this profit? No, we live in a world that’s much more evolved now. The beautiful thing is that we can align our passions and purpose with profits. What a beautiful thing would this be when we can change our paradigm and say, “Profit doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore. Money magnifies my character. And if I’m a heartfelt wholehearted person, then I can live in abundance if I have good values. But I can also learn how to manage my money so that profit becomes something I can be proud of, that leads me to joy, to abundance.” As you said, it leads you to make people better and make the world a better place. And that’s my mission with Afflowent and my financial empowerment community now, to change the dialogue and to change this paradigm, from bad to good.

Life is too short not to prioritize your own happiness.

Yes. Amen to that. When we have conflicting beliefs in our brain, we have a belief of, “Oh, rich people are bad.” And then the other belief, “I want to be rich.” It will not happen because you’re going to stop yourself. You can’t have those two conflicting beliefs at one time and expect yourself to move forward. So we need to clean the mindset. If I look inside, and I find out that one of my core beliefs is that rich people are bad, I need to give my brain so much proof to prove that it is the opposite. Or just go and hang out with wealthy people who were kind, loving, do charities, and bring so much beauty to the world. And then I’ll change my core belief. Then I can focus on, “I want to be rich because rich people are good. I want to be a good person.” We all want to be good boys and girls. We’ve been taught to be good boys and girls. If rich people are good, and I want to be a good girl or good woman, and it aligns, then it can move forward.

It does. I love how you said it. It’s so true. It’s all perspective. Whatever I want to find in the world, I can find it. If I’d like to find rich people that made profits by taking advantage of third world countries and having horrible labor situations for women in third world countries, you can find those. But here’s the beautiful thing, Orion, we, as female investors, do not have to support companies any longer that make profits that way anymore. So beyond just me deciding, “Let me have a different story attached to money and profits. Let me look at all these beautiful people that live in abundance and truly make the world a better place; I can become that too by simple decisions I make daily. How I use my resources in a budget that can bring me joy and happiness.” If I have the opportunity to give back, if I’m sitting at a charitable event, then I want to write a check or have a family foundation to give, then I can make that happen. But I can also avoid putting my resources and my money into companies that do bad things. This is where we can align purpose and passions with profit on a very tactical action-based, day by day basis is to say, “The resources that I’d like to invest will not support bad companies; they will only go to companies that will help fight climate change, that will not burn down a rain forest, that will invest in women-owned businesses in third world countries so they can provide for the families.” There are ways to do this. And we live in this core values-driven world now. Again, it’s all about learning how to do this, and this is at a flow, and we made this a mission that, “Yes, you can align your purpose and passion with your profits as well. And that profit is a good thing and not a bad thing.”

Yeah. Like to say, it’s about what you focus on. What you said reminds me of their reticular activating system, which means what we focus on, we will find. If we look for a red Mini Cooper, all of a sudden, we go outside, and we’ll see lots of that car, like so many red Mini Coopers, they just show up. Because we focus on it, we see. We have so much information that goes into our brains every day. And our brains are so selective, so we can survive and be protected and not overwhelmed. But when we give our brain that command of, “Oh, look for that red Mini Cooper.” It will. Or look for a good example. Or look for how I am good with making money. And then energy flows where your focus goes. And then you uplevel your core beliefs, and you uplevel the actions that you take. And then you up level, whatever you get as far as money.

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Exactly. This is also about momentum. It’s truly physics. It’s where your thoughts go; the energy does flow. We live in an evolving world that’s changing for the better, is my personal belief. We also still live in a world where bad things happen. Or you simply turn on the news and listen to CNBC. We are constantly bombarded. So we have to be very selective and say, “Who do I surround myself with? Where can I learn? Which community is going to help me become a better version of myself?” You and I know this because we are part of many beautiful communities that truly help us become better people. In the money world, I still think it’s not easy. It’s a very convoluted industry. There’s a lot of information out there. But my goal with Afflowent and for our community is not more information, its transformation. And the only way around we can transform is when we surround ourselves with people who are like-minded, who make it a mission to become better people, who are very serious about turning this profit game on its head and saying, “I make a conscious decision not to support companies that do not align with my passion and purpose.” But then it’s also about learning how to. Again, my mission with Afflowent is to have this community where women can come and learn and be surrounded by other women. It’s that momentum. If we all start focusing on seeing the red Mini Cooper and not the silver Chevy truck, then that’s what’s going to happen. Bit by bit, we’re all starting to become better people, better investors; we create abundance together. We identify belief systems that no longer serve. And we look to strategies to reboot the system, zero to seven. If there’s something that’s no longer serving me, let’s find a way to reboot and find a better strategy that’s going to help me move forward.

What are some strategies that the listeners can implement today?

It always starts with feelings. Our bodies are the best indicators of something that’s bugging us. So the next time you think about money, or the next time you think about, “I really would love to buy this because it means something to me.” And you start to have a feeling in your stomach, or a feeling in your throat, or something that’s just making you uncomfortable; start journaling. Write down what exactly happened at the moment you started feeling uncomfortable around the topic of money, and take yourself back to your childhood and say, “How was I raised around money? What were the primary conversations around money as far back as I can remember? What happened to me throughout life?” Sometimes, we make mistakes. We are humans. Orion, you and I know that the opportunities are never in the past. The past is there for us to learn; the opportunity is in the present and the future. So the only reason I say go back to the past is not to keep going over mistakes. It’s simply to say journal and see what kind of programming you received.

I don’t believe in digging deep in the past, but I believe in hypnosis, and I believe in inner child work. Sometimes you can just go in and talk to that little hurt child of yours, that is you. There are so many ways to do an inner child meditation. You can go on YouTube and find something that resonates with you, and just talk to that inner child, “You’re okay, we’re okay. We’re going to change this belief now. I’m with you. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I’m safe.”

Even in the middle of a pandemic, there are still activities worth trying, like learning a new skill, finishing a DIY home project, or starting a podcast.

Yeah. I use tapping. Tapping is a really quick and easy way as well, to just tap out certain beliefs. To forgive, sometimes, we grieve over mistakes we made, especially if we lost money on a decision that wasn’t the best. Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.” Now it’s a choice to say, “Okay, I’ll leave this in the past, I’ll forgive myself for anything that may have happened. I just didn’t have the knowledge that I have now. And now, let’s move forward.” There are many different strategies, but I think at the core, there are so many powerful strategies these days to shift belief systems and habits. This is where sometimes going back just a little and journaling about it helps us know and try to identify what some of these limiting beliefs are, and then we can move forward.

If somebody is clueless about wealth management, and they want to take that first step toward that. Of course, they can connect with Afflowent and be in your group and your movement. Before they do that, or if they just choose to do something different, what is the first step they can take to be more educated about wealth management?

The first step is awareness. It comes back to resources. For me to be aware and know, “How much money do I have? What is my balance sheet look like? What do I own? What do I owe? What do I spend money on each and every day and every month? This is where I will give your listeners one tip. I’ve seen my fair share of budget resistance. And quite rightly so because budget seems, “Well, I can only spend this much, and there’s nothing available.” Then, the budget becomes this terrible thing, and nobody wants to do it. But here’s the thing, when we budget the right way. Again, it goes back to values, Orion. Then think about how beautiful it would be if I look at my current expenses for the very first time in a long time because we don’t make time to do that because it’s usually an uncomfortable thing. But now I’m going to spend on a weekend, I’ll set myself two hours of my time, and I’m going to look at every single expense, every streaming channel that I may not even use anymore, every gym membership that stopped, the gym closed down, but the expense still goes. 

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Now I’m finding all these areas of money that were just like an open drain. I’m finding where money was just kind of going by the wayside without meaning anything to me. I’ve now identified this additional amount that can be set aside for things that means something to me, and the next time I’m out there, and I want to give to charity, or I want to buy myself something, or I want to buy my daughters something, and the money is there for that. Now think about how that’s going to make us feel. We no longer feel scarcity, “I don’t have the money for it.” We now actually feel, “Oh my gosh, this is so much joy. This is amazing how I feel now because I have the resource to do something meaningful to me.” This is how we shift through a simple budget exercise. We shift from scarcity to abundance right there. That’s one of the first things I would recommend people do before they start thinking of investing and doing other things. You asked me earlier what some of the wealthiest abundant people do as a habit. Many of them do not have to budget, but they still do. They do that because they want to make sure that their hard-earned profits and money will go to places and people and events that mean something to them. Most of them are extremely philanthropic. They will look at their resources and say, “Why would I spend it on this, this and that, that I’m no longer using when I can donate it to a medical relief organization or a food bank? Or I can send my kids through private school.”

Is there a connection between wealth management to stress management?

Yes, absolutely. Money can be a huge stress factor in people’s lives; we all know that. We’ve all been through it. The more I am organized, the more I have a handle on my finances, the more I feel at ease in flow and abundant, the less stress I have. When we do not pay attention to our money, when we just blindly let other people invest and do something with our money, I don’t quite know what’s happening; it causes discomfort that ultimately causes stress. So my goal around is to empower every one of your listeners to take charge. When stress feeling comes up, and we always feel it in the body first. Find a method of releasing that stress right away. But then also take the action that it takes to uncover what caused that stress. Be aware of where your money is at, what it’s doing for you. Be aware, even how you’re making money. When you have a business, you may have an accountant, you may have a bookkeeper, and you have this whole team assembled. Being part of that team sits on that same side of the table so that you can understand exactly what’s happening to your money because stress happens when there is an unknown. You are not sure where your profits went this month. And unknown, even in investing, “I don’t know what my investments are doing, am I losing money? Am I gaining money?” When we spend a little bit of time getting educated and being part of the dialogue, all that will start alleviating stress.

There’s a lot of stress in the world today with COVID-19. A lot of people lost their jobs, a lot of people are suffering. If somebody’s listening right now, and they’re in a bad place financially, what are some words of love and encouragement that you can share with them? 

Just believe in yourself. This past year and a half have been very difficult on so many levels. Orion, for the first time, we’re not just fearing losing money and jobs, but we also fear health. It’s an unprecedented situation. There have been times in the past where we fear money because there was a recession, or we only fear health, but this is a double whammy. My heart goes out to every person out there because we all have our struggles. Everybody has their stress factors. What I will say is always look at the silver lining. While COVID has been broadcasted as a very negative event, what I’m seeing is with my community, with clients, with my own family is that it’s an opportunity to dig deeper and to have a perspective of “What is important to me right now?” Because one thing I will say money is not the be-all, end-all. Now is an opportunity to see if you lost your job, how much did you love that job. If you are passionate, it was a purpose; you will find another avenue to stay in that specific industry and to continue to be a shining light out there. If you lost the job, and this was a job where you simply just went through the motion because it gave you a paycheck and that paycheck pay the bills. I would say make this now an opportunity to dig a little deeper and say, “What would I like to be?” A friend of mine always says, “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.” And she’s 55. So there’s always an opportunity for us too.

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That’s beautiful. We all need to live like that. To have the child’s curiosity. 

The child’s curiosity. Absolutely.

Beautiful. Thank you. Those were amazing, beautiful words. I think everybody should just listen to that over and over again because it was so inspiring. Before we say goodbye for now, and I know we’re going to have another episode with a beautiful process from you. But before we say goodbye for now. Two questions. One, what are your three quick tips for living a stellar life? And two, where can people find you and join your movement?

The first tip on a stellar life is to know you have choices. Be a lifelong student. We live on a learning planet. When we make choices, we can always reinvent. We can always become better people by every choice we make, by every action we take. And don’t be afraid, just believe in yourselves. As women, we can change the world around us one career at a time, one choice at a time. It’s all perspective. We’re here to empower. 

We run the world, girls.

Exactly. Song of my life.

Amazing. Thank you. Where can people find you and join your extraordinary movement? I know you have a surprise for our listeners as well.

Thank you, Orion. People can find me at www.ClaudiaSawaf.com. That is our website for our community; we also have a group on Facebook that is ever-growing; that’s our growing movement, titled Afflowent. So when you think about Afflowent, all that means is money. We know that that’s not the end-all, be-all, but to be Afflowent says that we can be affluent and be in flow and live in abundance. So when you go to Facebook, just look us up in the group section on Afflowent group. Please join us; we’d love to have you. The surprise that I have is I would like to invite you; we talked a lot about taking action, it’s one thing to have an abundance mindset. But we also know where our thoughts go; the energy flows. And if we can support this with concrete action steps, we create positive momentum. For that very reason, at Afflowent, I created a membership program to make sure that we stay connected, that we keep learning, and that every time something shows up an uncomfortable feeling we have next month gathering with our community, with our group, to make sure we stay connected and we stay accountable. And we keep taking positive actions, and we never stop learning. And I invite your listeners to join Afflowent monthly, Orion. And we have a super good surprise that with the coupon of Stellar Life, we invite your listeners for half-off into our group.

Oh my god, half-off. That’s amazing. Wow.

Anything, Orion. For you and your beautiful listeners, we would love to get the learning process going and make sure that women feel empowered and can be empowered to live an Afflowent life.

Thank you for your generosity. I appreciate it. Half-off, people are like, “Okay, 10% or 15% off.” Half-off, that’s amazing. Thank you for your generosity, and for being here. Thank you for your wise words and sharing your beautiful heart with us.

Thank you, Orion. It’s always a pleasure to be with you. And I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do for every one of us out there to help us live a stellar life because that’s our birthright.

Thank you, Claudia. Thank you, listeners. Remember, you have choices and be a lifelong student and believe in yourself because you rock and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Improve your knowledge about business, finance, and managing wealth. Modern women can be money conscious and savvy, too!  
{✓} Live life passionately. Do the things you love. Remain grateful for what you have. Share your light and blessings with others. Life is too short not to prioritize your own happiness.
{✓} Start more adventures in life. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never have before. Even in the middle of a pandemic, there are still activities worth trying, like learning a new skill, finishing a DIY home project, or starting a podcast.
{✓} Keep things simple and try to maintain a no-frills lifestyle. Spend your money wisely on essential purchases and investments, and don’t overspend on things you don’t need.
{✓} Stay aligned with your vision no matter what. Set your top five priorities and let them be your North Star in every major life decision you make. 
{✓} Journal. Write as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re deeply expressing your feelings or listing bullet points of what you need to do. Writing helps you retain information and reflect on your thoughts more clearly.
{✓} Create a vision of where you see yourself financially in the future. Setting timelines and being specific with your goals can help you focus more on where you’re headed. 
{✓} Celebrate your milestones. Acknowledge wins no matter how big or small. Doing so will help you stay motivated. 
{✓} Don’t be afraid to rewrite your money story. Sometimes old and limiting beliefs can stop us from becoming who we really want to be. It’s time to take full control of your own narrative.
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Claudia Sawaf is a wealth manager who empowers and educates her clients to elevate their money stories, and gain confidence. She “un-complicates” the money game and help her community eliminate anxiety, make peace with money to create a massive shift In their lives!


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