Episode 189 | October 8, 2019

The Science of Conscious Creation with Tamara Dorris

A Personal Note From Orion

You can be the architect of your life. It all starts when you accept responsibility for everything that has happened to you – the good and the bad – and decide that you are going to live empowered by it all, not victimized. When you reach that level of consciousness of how the world, and its infinite amount of energy works, you can tap into a higher realm. 

You are incredibly vulnerable to the energy around you. Surround yourself with positive people, and you will see a change in your disposition. When you are feeling down, a simple joke or something that makes you laugh can wake your spirit up. Allow yourself to align your heart and mind, and commit to living authentically and from the heart, doing what makes you happy and serves others. 

When I coach my relationship clients towards finding the man of their dreams, they understand that it’s more than just willing someone to appear on a white horse and swoop them away. A big part does involve putting out into the universe the type of relationship you want, but it’s also being more open and vulnerable, and letting that special person into your life through trust and an open mind. Tamara Dorris, a university professor and author of 20 books, is an expert on manifestation, and on today’s episode, she shares how you can do this despite all the daily distractions that we allow to occupy our mind.


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I believe that we live in the matrix. That we live in a world that is beyond reality. That we are able to connect to the fabric of creation and manifest things into our reality, and this wisdom was here for thousands and thousands of years, from the monks in Tibet to Hinduism to Kabbalah. In every culture, there is this aspect of being able to create miracles and to manifest. And I truly believe it with all my heart because I’ve done it many, many times in my life. The key here is to trust. Trust and believe. And if it’s harder for you to trust and believe, my guest, Tamara Dorris, is now helping you by linking that ancient wisdom of manifestation into science. 

She’s the author of 20 books, a college professor, life and business coach, and a hypnotherapist. Tamara has spent the past 25 years studying and teaching the Science of Conscious Creation. So let’s start manifesting all your dreams and all your wishes. And now without further ado, on to the show.

Hey, Tamara. Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It’s wonderful having you here.

Thank you. I’m very excited to be here.

Wonderful. Before we dive in, can you please share a little bit about yourself?

Absolutely. Well, let’s start with the fact that I’ve written 20 books so you could say that’s a little bit of an addiction that I have. I love to research particularly in the fields of science and psychology, quantum physics, and neuroscience. I do a lot of research and a lot of writing. I do some coaching, some corporate consulting, and some speaking. I’ve been an adjunct professor at The One University and One college for about 15-16 years now. I just am really focused on helping people see life from a whole different perspective.

Amazing. Why are you so passionate about that?

Well, because if you look at the world outside, what we tend to focus on—and this goes to neuroscience—we tend to focus on what’s going wrong, what’s wrong with the world, and there’s so much right with it, but the dilemma is that when we focus on what’s going wrong, we just contribute to it, and we make more of it.

Do you follow Abraham Hicks?

Imagine That! by Tamara Dorris

Years ago, I did. It’s probably about 15 years ago, I really turned into the science of things. I mean I did. In the beginning, I was all about metaphysics. In fact, my book, Imagine That, is a lot about metaphysics, but I really like the science behind it because it helped me explain it, and I think it lends credibility to it.

I’ve seen wonderful things manifest in my life through focused intention, through vision boards, through meditation and prayer, and affirmations. From the science side, I did some neurofeedback. I took 40 Years of Zen from Dave Asprey. I’m also really fascinated with how the brain works and how we can bring things into reality and how we can heal traumas.

Me too.

I guess the first part of manifestation would be healing, would you say?

I think honestly that you hit it right on the head. I think that what holds most people back who says, “The law of attraction doesn’t work,” or “I can’t manifest anything.” It’s really because their unconscious beliefs are running the show. The fact that they’re unconscious, they’re under our level of awareness. If we have past programming and hurtful events in our life, we have covered them up and they’re unconscious, they’re still very much there and they will absolutely interfere with our best abilities to manifest change because they are so powerful compared to our conscious thoughts.

Did you have to do some of that work for yourself?

Oh my gosh, yes. Absolutely.

What was the most effective thing for you?

Funny you ask because I’m working on a new book and it’s called Radical Response-Ability. It’s the way that we respond to the events that happen in our lives. We can even look at that like in my own situation, I came from a very dysfunctional, alcoholic, abusive home. I was a child, I was innocent, I had nothing to do with it, but as an adult now, I can look back and I can take responsibility for how I respond to it. I think that’s really where healing starts. It’s being able to say, “I’m responsible for everything in my life. Maybe stuff happened to me that shouldn’t have, but now, as an adult, I have the opportunity and the freewill to be responsible for how I respond to it.”

I totally agree. From my experience in my life when I was in an abusive relationship, it wasn’t until I called the guy, and I didn’t only forgive him but I asked for forgiveness because I took responsibility for my part in this whole thing. I took my power back. I’m not a victim anymore. There were always two to tango, there was always repercussions for whatever you’re doing in life, cause and effect. Every choice has an effect and every choice is pretty much ours. The moment we take responsibility, it shifts.

It does. It’s so empowering because when we are scurrying around on autopilot, because the way our brains work, we’re in survival mode. We are surviving and we’re full of stress and fear, but when we stop and take the reins and recognize that we’re not victims, then we’re so empowered, and that’s when true manifestation of change can really come.

So before we spoke, I looked at your Facebook feed. I spied on you. I like what you’re putting out there. It’s all about looking at the glass half full, but what do you do when you’re on Facebook and it’s not only your newsfeed. I feel like when I look at Facebook—and this is why I am shying away from it lately—it’s the 80/20. It’s 20% positive and then there is so much negativity coming at you, and people are all about that negativity, and let me feel the sensationalism of the bad news.

It’s a really interesting thing that you really don’t hear much about, but there’s something in neuroscience that tells us that when we group up with other people who have an opinion of something, there’s this cynicism that’s contagious. It almost makes us feel the bonding hormone of oxytocin because, “Oh yeah! We’re on their side.” Or, “Isn’t it awful?” There’s almost a bonding neurotransmitter that occurs when people are grouping together talking about how bad things are, but they don’t realize that it’s bonding in a negative way.

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People like you and I; we have to just pass those by and really hone in on the positive feed. Honestly, Orion, I’ve found that over time, that I don’t even see the negative ones because if I catch it out of my eye I just scroll right past it and I only focus, and read, and like or comment on the ones that are inspiring to people. Not the ones that make people feel that negative ugh.

I get it. I even get sucked into that sometimes with matters that are triggering me. I can get sucked into the negative thing. I was at a group this other day, and I said an opinion that was different, kinder, but then I got attacked for it for being different than most people in the group with what they were thinking. There was even one lady who said, “Well, in this group everybody thinks this way.” I’m like, “What am I, a sheep? Do I need to think exactly like everybody else in this group?”

Well, it sounds to me that in a situation like that, it might be the wrong group.

Oh, yeah. I left. I was like, “I’m not a part of this anymore.”

I mean you have to look at it like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. They’re definitely people that have a different idea than other people, and you’re right, you don’t want to be a sheep, so it’s good that you stepped away from that.

So how can you stand and not be a sheep in a world that—maybe in a group that thinks differently than you, or if somebody is more influential than you? How do you take your stand and still be positive, and happy, and follow the steps of Martin Luther King?

I honestly feel like it begins with our hearts. If we have a pure, non-constricted, open heart, I feel that vibrates. I know it does for a scientific fact. It radiates out and people pick up on it. The difference here and I feel like the question you’re asking, the answer to that is, when I speak my heart, I’m speaking from my heart, not from my ego. I think that most people react rather than respond to people who speak from their ego and that’s where the triggers come.

I also—through Sacramento State University—I teach conflict resolution to corporations. I’ll tell you that people don’t want to own their own stuff. They don’t want to own it when they get triggered. But when we get triggered, whether it’s from Facebook, or a remark in a networking group, whatever it is. When we get triggered, that’s on us, not on the person who said the thing that triggered us. It’s always on us. So many people don’t want to own that. They don’t want to take responsibility for their own triggers and that’s where healing starts.

I like that. When I saw that a couple of days later, I was like, “Maybe I shouldn’t have written it.” But it takes time to take responsibility and actually see your own flaw. We don’t want to see those. You mentioned that the heart resonates. Can you explain more about that?

Well, sure. There’s an organization, a nonprofit called HeartMath Institute. They’ve been around for I think almost 30 years now. I’ve been following them for about 20 years. They have just done ample amounts of research, experimentation, and they know now through our new supersonic microscopes and everything that we have going on with EKGs and PET scans, that the heart radiates. It radiates out way farther.

We know brains have waves, but hearts have waves too and that’s where you hear the expression, which is gaining more popularity, it’s called brain-heart coherence. What that means is that your brainwaves and your thoughts are in alignment with your heart waves. When that happens, you’re in alignment and your vibrations, your frequency is just radiating higher, and that’s when you attract like-minded people to you, you attract like-minded situations to you. I think most of us, at least in America are living in non-coherence. That’s where all the trouble comes. That’s where all the ego comes into play because we’re all pushing, fighting and disagreeing but it’s really that we’re just out of alignment with our own hearts.

What can we do to get in alignment?


How? What? Why? Where?

I teach something called medicreation and I’ve written about it in at least three or four of my books. Medicreation, you don’t have to buy my books to know it, I’m happy to share it here. But a lot of people I have found over many years of teaching this, that people are like, “How do I meditate? I can’t do it. I can’t make my brain be quiet.” There are different companies, I like the Monroe Institute. You can just do a search, a Google search on binaural beats. You can go to YouTube and you can find binaural beats, or isochronic tones, or meditation music, and put the headphones on and really let your mind relax. It takes that.

You cannot meditate when your brainwaves are going wonky in beta, in stress, you cannot meditate like that. The first order of business is to relax your brainwaves, do deep breathing and just relax your body. When you find after about 5-10, maybe 15-20 minutes depending on how stressed the person is, or how hyperactive. I’m really hyperactive, so it took me many years of training before I can get to it in 10 minutes.

Once you get to that point, you’re talking about vision boards, well you do a mental rehearsal of what is on your vision board. Where do you want to see yourself in six months, or next week, or in a year, and you visualize that. It’s not the kind of meditation where you have to just sit and chant like a monk in a cave. It’s active meditation, but it will help your brainwaves which will increase your life, improve your immunity, help you vibrate at a higher frequency. There’s just no way that you can go wrong by doing a practice like this every day.

The first step to life transformation is healing.

That’s really cool. I find lately, I mean we’re moving into a new place and I have so much on my plate recently. I find it really hard to quiet my mind even when I’m listening to meditation music, even when I am listening to a guided meditation. I find it more difficult than ever, especially at this time in my life. Any tips?

Deep breathing is one of the biggest tips I give. There’s been so much research done on this, most of us are cheating our bodies of deep breaths. Doing deep breath breathing exercises, really bringing oxygen in, because the majority of people actually have organs that are starving for oxygen, and that contributes to the jitters, and to not being able to settle down, because our body is constantly struggling. Obviously, deep breathing, some kind of exercise. I’m a big fan of yoga, but I also do cardio, so some sort of exercise.

And you eat a lot of fruit after your cardio.

Yes. I do. I have to replenish that. You’re in beautiful Santa Monica. My gosh, you’re so close to the beautiful beach and all that. Being in nature and I have to say too that our diets, mentioning fruit, our diets have a lot to do with it. It’s kind of a mind-body approach that I take and that I recommend people follow. There are going to be stressful times in your life. I say, if you have a hard time meditating 20 minutes, meditate 40, you know what I mean? The things that you need, do it more.

Yeah, I like that. You said, we connect to our heart through meditation and through that meditation and breathing, we can manifest things. How does that connect to science? How manifestation and science align, or the law of attraction in science, align?

That is a really good and loaded question. I will answer it to the best of my ability, keeping it simple, and with full disclosure that the science is not 1000% complete, but here’s what we know. Let’s first look at neuroscience. From neuroscience, we know this is a fact, that what we experience in our external world is really not what we’re seeing outside of ourselves as much as we are projecting it from our programming.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons. We have neural networks. Basically, our neural network, our major neural networks are formed by the time we’re about seven years old. Let’s say, for example, something happens to you and it gives you this idea that you can’t trust men. You were talking about men; you can’t trust men. If it was a severe situation and there was a lot of emotion involved, that could create a neural network and then maybe you have another experience where you can’t trust a man. What happens is your brain has to save you, it has to be economical. That’s when 95% of your thinking is unconscious. Your brain now is going to create a program that says, “Men are not trustworthy, so do not come across any trustworthy ones.”

You will live your life, I mean not you particularly, but you would live your life with that belief and you don’t even know you have that belief, but you’re living proof that you have that belief because that’s what you’re experiencing. That goes for anything. You can be wealthy; you can have ill-health, whatever the situation is, 100% is a belief that’s perpetuating it. That’s the neuroscience part of the law of attraction. Really, that is solid science, so that proves itself right there, but I like to explore the quantum side of it. Quantum physics tells us that we’re all subatomic related particles that are vibrating, electrons and protons and that the whole universe, the field, the quantum field, is actually this web of energy. I’m doing a Facebook live on this pretty soon, but there was a CIA paper that talked about the Gateway Project.

No, I don’t know. What is this?

It’s just something that more or less proves that the government has been playing with mind control and remote viewing and even the law of attraction, only they don’t call it that. The point is that we know through quantum physics that when we have thoughts, those thoughts are in fact energy forms and they do radiate out. Now, you’re radiating a thought. You do relationship coaching, yes?

I do life transformation and relationship coaching.

Okay, let’s just use relationships as an example. If a person wanted to create a perfect partner and that person, I’m going to say it’s a female, neuroscientifically, her brain is programmed to say “You can’t trust men.” So, she’s never going to find someone because her brain is telling her that, but quantum physics tells us that you can deeply connect with the quantum field through your energetic frequencies and she could attract a male, and by doing so, at the same time using a process like I was talking about with the visualization, she can also rewire her neural networks.

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The neuroscience part is absolutely a fact. The quantum science part, I believe it’s a fact and so do many quantum physicists but it’s not like 100%, it’s not repeatable evidence. I mean, it’s one off-one on, but that’s the way that they work together. Neuroscience and quantum science are very closely related, and I believe it’s because our brains have a quantum aspect to it. We’ve got the brain, physical science and then we’ve got quantum science and what if our brains are quantum computers that kind of interact with the field.

Do you believe in destiny or do you believe that we can change our destiny?

I believe that we have karma. I don’t mean karma like you did this bad so you’re getting in trouble. I mean I believe that each of us comes here as souls that have particular things that we want to accomplish and so I believe that we pick our parents. I believe that we pick our situations. I believe, for example, I might say, “I want to come to earth and I want to learn about trust,” so something bad might happen to me because now I have to learn how to build trust. I believe that the minute that we’re born into these physical bodies, we get amnesia, so we forget that this is all just a big beautiful illusion. This is a playground. Life here is a playground that just seems very stubbornly real.

What would you say to someone who’s listening right now, but they lost hope? “I can never manifest the love of my life. I can never manifest success. I tried the meditation, I tried, and I learned, and nothing is working for me.”

First of all, I would say the number one key for that person would be what I call “acting as if.” I would say, “Okay so, it doesn’t work for you. How would you feel if it did work for you?” “Well, I would feel great.” “How great?” “I would feel wonderful.” “How wonderful?” “I would just be smiling and dancing and kind to everyone and I would just be happy.” I say, “Okay, do that now, as if, act as if you already have all that. Let’s just play pretend. Let’s just play it for a couple of days and see what happens.”

When that person can really assume that, even if it’s acting, just pretend, there’s going to be some changes both neurologically, there’s going to be some changes physiologically, in the chemicals that the body produces. Those chemicals are going to raise that person’s frequency. There’s going to be changed in the quantum field and that person’s going to start attracting opportunities and experiences that are going to make that person stop to go, “Wow! Maybe this does work” That would be my advice.

Nice. I’m in the process of writing a book right now and it’s all about creating an archetype where an alter ego of the person you want to be and stepping into her. By doing that integration, Carl Jung called it, I forgot what he said exactly but he said something to the effect that you bring those qualities into the matter. Those qualities can manifest in the real world.

Absolutely. I can’t wait to read it. It’s going to be fabulous. I love Carl Jung. My degree is in psychology also. But I will tell you that what you just said is the key because it’s not about getting things. Too many people associate the law of attraction with getting things and it’s not about that. It’s about who we are becoming on the way there. Who are we becoming?

Who do I need to become to have this? Who do I need to become to attract that person? Who do I need to become? We look for external stuff, external gurus that will come and fix us or external coaches or somebody that will hand us some magic pill. It doesn’t work that way. Everything begins and starts with us. I love that book, Responsibility. Tell me more. I mean what are you sharing in that? A little bit of a sneak peek into what you’re going to share in this book.

A sneak peek, well, the first half of its memoir and its memoir that I will have to wait until the book is released because I’ve never shared it in any of my other books. I gotta keep that part of the secret. But the second half is a guide to tell how I changed my own life by practicing radical responsibility. Really, radical responsibility is just about taking responsibility for where you are in your life. When you do that, you step out of survival victim mode and you step into empowerment mode.

If I’m responsible for the messes I made, then I am responsible for changing them. It’s about part of the responsibility. Being responsible for our families, our planet, our environment, all of that of course, but the main focus, Orion, is on being responsible for our thoughts, words and actions and what the energy that we take out into the world is. It’s our responsibility to make the world a better place through us becoming better people.

Change it up a bit. Disrupt daily routines and stop living in autopilot once in a while.

Yes. I go by Orion, by the way.

Oh, okay, sorry about that.

That’s all good, as long as you call me, I’m fine. It doesn’t matter what you call me but I just wanted to share. I remember watching the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. I love that because I always felt it, that quantum field that we can connect to.

I feel it when I coach people, I feel it like some days I’ll wake up and I’m on a higher vibration and the world is in technicolor and the flowers are so beautiful and my senses are so open. But I just feel like that enlightenment, it’s like moments of enlightenment, but it’s not consistent. I want to get better at that.

First of all, it’s about being easy on yourself, right? It’s about celebrating when you have those moments and applauding yourself for it. What I recommend is when you have those moments, take a second out of it and jot it down. Say, “Wow, I’m really feeling in alignment right now. I’m really feeling in the flow of life right now and this just happened and this just happened and I’m looking forward to this happening.” Just grasp that moment because what we tend to do as humans is we tend to focus on the things that aren’t working and then the moments that are so wonderful and in flow tend to be more fleeting because we just say, “I wish I had more of that,” instead of just really celebrating and basking when we do have it.

Great advice. I would like to ask for your advice. What do you do when you are in low vibration and you want to go higher? What’s the process?

Actually—we’ll get just a little science here, a little biology—we have to recognize that our physiology, our biology, and our psychology are all not just kissing cousins, they are intimately connected. If I’m at a low vibration, I automatically will put myself in a high vibration by using my body, my physiology to raise my neurochemicals that will automatically make me feel better. That could be dancing really loud.

I’ll tell you a funny story, Orion. I had a coaching client years ago and she was in a Starbucks and she was in victim mode. She was like really down on herself. “I can’t raise my vibes. It doesn’t matter what I do, life sucks.” I’m like, “Okay, I want you to set the phone down. Is there a lot of people around you?” She was, “Yeah.” I go, “You set the phone down and I want you to throw your arms in the air and I want you to say I’m having hotdogs for dinner.” She’s like, “I’m not doing that,” and I’m like, “Yes, you are.” She said, “I’m not going to do that.” I said, “Yes, you are. You’re paying me to coach you and that’s what I’m coaching you to do.” She put her phone down and I heard her go, “I’m having hotdogs for dinner tonight.” You can hear some guy in the background go, “Well, that sounds good” and everybody started laughing including her. I’m like “There, now your vibes are high. You’re welcome.”

That is so cool. It sounds like a pattern-breaking exercise, neuro-linguistic programming.

Yeah! I guess so. I didn’t think of it that way, but yeah it sure does.

Where you just go, and you break someone’s pattern. You say something silly or you say something so outrageous and out there that their eyes start moving around and they look confused and then they can’t even remember why they were mad or sad or depressed.

Right, but what I would differentiate with NLP and what I’m talking about is that the goal is not just to break the pattern. With the pattern, you’re talking about a complex centric focus. But with raising your vibrations, you’re talking about a continuum, low to high. If you’re at low, I want to give you a boost up, so I’m just trying to get them up. We could do that through physical movement. We can do that by laughing. We can do that through love. We can do that through excitement. But what the most beautiful thing is—and that’s why I wrote my book, Imagine That. The most beautiful thing, Orion, is that people don’t realize they have the capacity to create any kind of life they want in their imagination. That is our God-given gift and why people don’t embrace that.

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It may be hard to meditate but don’t tell me you can’t close your eyes and I don’t care if you fantasize that Brad Pitt‘s picking you up for dinner. You can find something in your mental and emotion and imagination that makes you feel good. When you can get to that level, you have to know that you can create that on some level. I’m not saying that if anyone’s listening to your show that they can go home and manifest Brad Pitt. Believe me, I’ve tried. What I am saying is that you have the ability to manifest whatever you want to because you create it in your mind first. It’s just really sad that I think a lot of people don’t recognize it, or they don’t believe it on some level, or they don’t think they deserve it on some level.

That reminds me of when I attended the Tony Robbins events. He talks about the triangle. He talks about when you want to just shift, you change three things. One is your physiology, you go for a walk, you dance, you do something. The other thing is the words, the story you have in your head or the words you’re telling yourself, and then it’s the focus, what are you focused on. Are you focusing on the good or are you focusing on the bad? Are you focusing on the possibility or are you focused on victimhood?

Well, absolutely. I love Tony Robbins to death, but you don’t even need anyone to tell you that. It’s really simple. If you don’t feel good, you’re focusing on something that sucks. I mean that’s just like not even rocket science. If you’re feeling bad or apathetic or depressed or mad, you’re not focusing on the right thing. That’s just the end of the story.

I think especially physiology, especially for me, I think changing the physiology works for me the most and then the rest follows. Do you think that there is a limit on what we can manifest?

I think that there is no limit to what a human being can manifest. I think the only limit is what our unconscious beliefs will allow us to manifest. Jesus was very much human, and he performed miracles. You look at people like Edward Casey, and I mean just all sorts of people that have done things that are beyond human comprehension, it’s what we believe. Do I believe that a human can manifest anything? Absolutely, but I just believe that our unconscious beliefs are what stand in the way.

I don’t know if it will be in my lifetime or not, but I absolutely believe that we’ll be able to eventually teleport and have mental telepathy. I mean just think about it, we went from dialup phones on the wall to carrying around a little thing. There’s going to be a time where we don’t even have to carry around a smartphone to mentally communicate. I mean it may be a ways away, but it’s all about breaking through the limits.

This is a conspiracy theory that there are amazing new technologies that are already here but are not here for the market to use, and there are a lot of futuristic advancements. What they do, they put those ideas in Hollywood movies and TV series for technologies that will come probably 15 years in the future just to have the mind of the masses be at ease about it because they saw it already.

Sure. I don’t know if you know this or not, but I know from a close personal friend who I have a great deal of respect for that the Matrix movie was downloaded. I mean like literally downloaded it, you’re talking about Abraham Hicks. The person who wrote the script for the Matrix channeled it.

No, but this is not about channeling, and I also heard that the person that wrote the Matrix added some Kabbalah principles into it which makes sense to me because I studied Kabbalah and I can look at the Matrix and say, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.”

But beyond that, I’m talking about governments that are putting those ideas in movies so the masses will be okay with it in a few years to come.

When you’re talking about conspiracy, you don’t want to get me started on what I think about that.

I do want to get you started.

I’ll tell you and that’s really funny because I do have a couple of sections of the new book that I talk about it. Quite honestly, I am 1000% convinced that there are plenty of cures for cancer. I mean cancer being cured, look at all the billions of dollars that people would lose. I believe that the government doesn’t want us to know how powerful we are—that anything about conscious control. Here’s a really good conspiracy theory and I am not a theorist at all. It’s just so rampant sometimes how this comes, you just know it’s true, but I was doing some research on the pineal gland, and you know our pineal gland, our third eye, that’s what gives us insight, intuition, and by the way, it helps us visualize which leads to more manifestation.

Well, the pineal gland, the health of the pineal gland, what happens is it can get calcified. When it gets calcified, imagine a pipe in your house that gets all that lime build up and then pretty soon it’s not working right because nothing can get through. Well, the way that the pineal gland gets calcified, one of the main culprits is fluoride. Do you know, at a certain time in history, the governments in the United States introduced fluoride into our water, telling us it would be good for our teeth, but what fluoride does is it’s bad for us and it calcifies the pineal gland and there’s no other reason? I mean I read all this research, there’s no other reason in the world to put fluoride in the water, but to keep people stupid.

I’ve heard about that. Just a side note, we’re using live water. We get water in glass jars from a local spring…


…that we drink.

Good for you.

Keep your heart pure and open and it will attract the right people and opportunities.

I don’t trust even like the plastic bottles in the water. Don’t get me started.

Really, I’m glad you said that. You know we do the reverse osmosis in our house and then on top of that, we have a whole water filter. In fact, we’re going camping in the mountains this week and there’s a beautiful spring up there and bring back jugs of the mountain water. It’s good for you that you’re doing that with your family because it’s really true. You think, “The government’s not going to poison my water.” But you know what, it’s population control. It’s the sheep.

They poison the water, they poison the air, 5G is going to come soon.

They poison us by making us take a medicine that we don’t need.

I agree.

But with all that said, practicing what I preach, I may write about it to a certain extent, but I don’t leave readers or people hanging, thinking “Oh my god. Doom and gloom. We’re going to die. What’s the use?” That’s the whole point, yes, that probably is going on, but you take radical responsibility. What do you do? You drink clean spring water. You make sure your family’s okay. What do you do? You visualize a future that doesn’t have 5G issues. You visualize a future where your children grow, and your happiness is just right there in front of you and that’s the best way that we deal with it.

In our society, Orion, too many people want to focus on the problem and just keep their energy on the problem, instead of identifying the problem and saying, “Okay, let’s change this.” Not just by legislation and awareness, but let’s change it by looking at what we want to create in its place. We’re just so stuck on what is that we lose sight of what could be and by not having sight of what could be, we stand no chance of having it.

I heard that mass meditation where thousands of people coming together and meditate give a lot of power and energy to the planet, and every time we have negative thoughts, negative vibration, we are contributing to the global subconscious.

Absolutely. I was just going to say two things. One, there was a study, was it in 2004, 4000 people in Washington DC got together and just meditated to reduce crime in Washington DC and the statistics for how much crime and everything that happened in the city in a 24-hour period, it was against all chances of probability that it would be reduced by that much—that’s one thing. But the other what you just mentioned—and in fact, I was just writing about this—is that there are monks and nuns and priests, people from all walks of spiritual life who full-time meditate and pray and it’s their energy that is keeping one person that is in close communication with God or the quantum field can offset 100 people who aren’t.

There are people that are meditating full-time, I mean all over the world, and that’s I think what keeps our planet in balance. In some sort of symbol, it’s a balance because of the people who have high energy. Because if we didn’t have them, I suspect we’d be like you know, whatever, something in Gomorrah from the Bible. We’d be in big trouble.

How do you think TV and social media affect our consciousness or contribute to the conscious control that the governments want to have on us?

I think it’s a double-edged sword. Really quick, we’ll go over the negative side, they do have control over us. They know our shopping habits, they know our eating habits, we’re being overtaken by media and promotion and advertising, and being feared into thinking we have diseases that we don’t, and that we have to do this, or we’ll die, and not to mention, women have to look like this, or you might as well hang it up.

There’s a bunch of negative stuff that social media and technology have really contributed to. The big thing also for me is that it’s made us so addicted to our devices that our minds are constantly busy. When I go camping, I don’t have a phone up there, I have no service. I literally go through a 24-hour withdrawal which is exactly why I try to go once every two months because I need that. Technology sucks so much out of us. But on the bright side of it, it enables communication like never ever before in this world, we have the ability to communicate. As long as we keep our heads straight and our hearts open, we can use the opportunity to communicate the good instead of the bad.

I could never before do a video and reach 1000 people without technology. If we use it for the good, then it can be beautiful. It’s no different than money. Money can be used for good or evil. I believe that social media and television, I mean we are definitely impacted and affected vibrationally by what we view, and what we think, and what we say, and what we do. People who want to watch horrible movies that are crime, and negative video games, and they don’t offset that energy, that could be a problem.

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It can be a problem. I want to ask you scientifically. I had a couple of experiences in my life that I can’t explain in a scientific way. One of them was when I was in Oneness Ashram in India and we meditated for 10 days. Then we had the monks who are avatars guiding a trance state and we all gathered in the big beautiful white temple in a very sacred room.

The monks got into a trance state. We were doing some breathing exercises and then they zapped us with Diksha, which is a divine blessing. As soon as I got that, it was almost like an astral projection. It was like my spirit left my body; I saw a monkey on the top of the temple. I saw the gardens through the eyes of a stray dog. I was dancing in a different realm with the monks, all the while in the physical realm. I’m on the floor laughing out loud. That took about, I don’t know, two hours then they made a sound with a gong and I was, boom, back there. It was an extraordinary experience.

Yes, it sounds like it.

After that, when I came back to the US, I used to be ADHD, not diagnosed, self-diagnosed, but I could never focus on people’s eyes. I will always go everywhere and when I came back, I was able to focus on one person almost like there is a bubble in between us and I became a better coach and a better mentor. How can science explain this?

Well, obviously, I know that the answer is no, but I just want to clarify, there was no psychotropic drugs involved, right?


The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

First of all, 10 days of meditation, like my friend, Dr. Joe Dispenza, he’s doing weeklong retreats now and he’s literally having people bounce out of wheelchairs literally and I know them. I’ve met him in person. I’ve interviewed him for an hour before and I’m telling you, he’s the real deal. It’s because when we are in a meditative state for that long, we actually start creating on the quantum realm. What happened to you and your experience, I’m going to go out on a limb scientifically and say that you probably had reached the gamma brainwaves which are really hard to reach, but when we have prolonged meditation, we can get up that high and you can see things. I mean I don’t know if you’ve ever read Paramahansa Yogananda’s The Autobiography of a Yogi.

I didn’t. But I was at the temple.

I’m so envious. He talks about, in that book, it’s been many years since I read it, but he talks about the things that you just saw, hallucinations. That’s because I believe that spiritually, they would just say because you received your Diksha?


You received your Diksha. Spiritually, that’s what they would say. But scientifically, I believe it’s a combination of your gamma brainwaves and your kundalini hitting your crown. When that happens, it’s like a jolt. I’ve not had that experience so I can’t speak from that perspective, but from my research, I would say you probably had the kundalini raised up to your crown, and at the same time, had your gamma brainwaves activated and that would explain to at least some semblance.

You have to remember, what you see when you saw the monkey and all the things that you saw, dancing and all that, that was just a projection, in your mind. You see a movie at the theater, and you don’t think that’s really happening, but it’s very real on the screen. Your mind just took you there and you just saw things. I would say that that was a very positive thing especially with the results of your self-improvement, your personal development in holding conversations and being a better coach.

I also believe that it was a glimpse into, in Kabbalah they say that we live in the 1% reality, and sometimes we want to look behind the veil into the 99% reality. I think I saw maybe a glimpse into that or maybe other dimensions or a potential of who we can become. You talked about telepathy, maybe I did have a telepathic connection because there were monkeys on the top of the temple and there were stray dogs in the gardens.

Right, why not?

Maybe it was an experience of oneness, of experiencing the monks in their state but having my mind translate it in this visual.

However, your mind felt safe interpreting it.


I mean this is a scientific quantum physics fact that there are at least 12 dimensions. We’ve seen here in our 3D dimension and we think that we’re sitting all alone in our room and we have no idea. We don’t have to go to outer space to see something completely different. It’s right here around us but we’re not on that dimension. I’ve studied a lot about parallel universes and multi-world theory. It’s mind-boggling, but there’s just no way the science is wrong.

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That is so fascinating. I have a question that is a little different than the rest of them. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Three top tips to living a stellar life. Number one is going to be to connect to your higher self or God. You’re going to have to whether you meditate or just hang out in nature, you’ve got to make the connection because if you’re not connected to your higher self, you’re living purely in your ego self. No one will ever find happiness and have a stellar life if they’re living just from their ego, so that’s number one.

Number two would be to shoot for feelings instead of things. Shoot for the feelings you want, not the things. Whatever things you want, you only want them because of the feelings they’re going to give you. Focus on having those feelings and cultivating them now and then things will come.

Number three, I would say take care of your body. We overeat, we overindulge online as we mentioned with social media. We over drink, we do retail therapy. Taking care of your body because while your spiritual being, we’re all spiritual beings, we absolutely are having a physical experience, and our physicality is the vessel, the conduit for us to live out our spiritual lives, and we can’t do that without these bodies. We need to take good care of our bodies.

That’s beautiful. Thank you. Where can people find your books? Where can people reach you, maybe companies or corporations who want to hire you?

Well, my website is tamaradorris.com. I am very active on Facebook; I have several Facebook pages and they can just search my name out on Amazon if they like.

That’s wonderful. Tamara, this was fascinating. I really appreciate you. Thank you for being here.

Well, thank you for having me, Orion. It’s been a pleasure.

Yes. Thank you, listeners. Remember to connect to your higher self. Shoot for the feeling you want to feel, not things. Take care of your body and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} The first step to life transformation is healing. Heal whatever is hurting you physically, emotionally, and subconsciously. When your pain is in the past, you can finally move on. 
{✓} Take responsibility for your choices and be mindful of how you respond to what life throws at you. You cannot always control the situation, but you’re always in charge of how you react to things. 
{✓} Disrupt your subconscious patterns and routines and stop living on autopilot. Mix things up a bit instead of playing it safe. Seize the day! 
{✓} Don’t get sucked into negativity. Constantly reset your thinking whenever there’s bad energy surrounding you. you have to ignore your negativity, but clearing your mind can help you gain perspective.
{✓} Don’t be afraid to share your opinions, especially if you think that they need to be heard.
{✓} Find the right peer group that gives you a feeling of belonging. You need to surround yourself with people who believe in you and are willing to support you to achieve your dreams. 
{✓} Maintain a pure and open heart. It will radiate from you and people will pick up on it in an instant. 
{✓} At the beginning of each year, visualize what you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Then, do everything in your power to make your goals a reality. 
{✓} Always connect to God or your higher power. Nourishing your spiritual health improves your overall health. 
{✓} Check out Tamara’s website to learn more about her work and her books.

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