Episode 281 | March 29, 2022

The Universe Speaks with Kimberly Klein

A Personal Note From Orion

Is there life after death? What happens after we die? Is death the end? These are questions that plague us when someone we love dies. In this episode, Kimberly Klein talks about the experience that gave her a great understanding of life and death. She also shares how she became passionate about helping others heal from the grief of losing a loved one.

Kimberly’s life suddenly changed because of a tragic accident that took the lives of her husband, Michael, and 13-year-old daughter, Talia. Kim’s heart and her entire belief system were shattered. Her work then became the impossible journey of healing from grief after such a devastating loss. From the moment she received that first palpable tap on her wrist from Talia, she learned that life continues beyond death. Thus, her lifelong journey of healing, learning, and spiritual awakening began.

Tune in as Kimberly shares her spiritual awakening and journey that help others overcome and heal from loss.



In this Episode

  • [00:49] – Orion introduces his next guest, Kimberly Klein, who graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in political science emphasizing international relations. Her work became the impossible journey of healing from grief after such a devastating loss.
  • [03:33] – Kimberly shares the incident and the huge instance of a miracle that made him become more intuitive and connected to the spirit.
  • [06:32] – Orion asks about the ways Kimberly copes up with grief, helps herself, and can help others.
  • [09:35] – Kimberly communicates that there are a lot of fakes and frauds in the psychic world. She then gives examples of those who have legitimate mediums.
  • [12:20] – Orion wants to know about the improvement of Kimberly’s psychic abilities since it started.
  • [14:06] – Kimberly communicates that we all have psychic abilities, and it’s a matter of knowing and taking away disbelief.
  • [16:33] – Orion asks the ways a non-physical being leaves a physical sign.
  • [18:11] – Orion narrates her experience of having a psychic vision.
  • [20:56] – Kimberly shares tips on increasing psychic abilities and protecting yourself from negative spirits.
  • [24:55] – Orion wants to know other lessons Kimberly learned from her daughter that were mind-blowing and extraordinary conversations.
  • [30:19] – Kimberly shares doing intuitive coaching with people and shares the process.
  • [39:03] – Orion wants to know if Kimberly asks her daughter about what’s happening in the world today or got any positive message about it.
  • [40:49] – Kimberly enumerates her three top tips for living a stellar life.
  • [42:02] – Visit Kimberly Klein’s website to connect and work with her. Also, check out her books The Universe Speaks Book 1, The Universe Speaks Book 2, and Seeds of Wisdom to get inspiration and spirit lessons.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Kim. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to this.

Thank you. Before we dive into what you’re doing today, can you share a little bit about how did you become more intuitive and more connected to the spirit?

The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue by Kimberly Klein

It’s a little bit of an intense story. I’ll start with my daughter when she was 13. She and her father were on a small private plane in Panama, it crashed into the volcano, and they died. That’s horrific, but we didn’t know what happened. We found out the plane was missing and for three days it was horrible. It was impossible to search, it was crazy.

During that time and before that, I was basically agnostic. It wasn’t until the plane was found and we had confirmation that my daughter and her dad had died that I became spiritual. I didn’t just become spiritual just because, oh, now my daughter has passed away, I’m spiritual. No, it took a huge instance of miracle, and that was after we found out, for sure, I was lying down crying, sort of napping, and all of a sudden, I felt this hand around my wrist.

It was just as if I had put my hand around my wrist and squeezed it. I woke up from my crying nap and went, ‘oh my God, Talia,’ her name is Talia, ‘is that you?’ Oh my gosh, and just then, my phone rang. It was a friend of mine who had been in contact with a medium and she said, “Oh my God, Rebecca,” the medium said, “Talia wanted you to get something off her wrist.” I was just unbelievably shattered with, are you kidding me?

Just then, my phone beeped, I got it. It was Rebecca. She said, “I know what Talia wants you to get off her wrist and it was a bracelet.” She said, “It has a little rope with a gold coin.” I said, “Oh my God, I had given Talia a gold Chinese coin bracelet as basically a thank you for making me a mother present.” She wore it all the time, it was her favorite thing, and it was on her wrist. She wanted to make sure that I got that off her wrist.

It’s impossible for that to not have been a miracle, and that was her. She confirmed it was her. From that moment on, everything changed for me, not just because she was not in my life as a body, but because my entire belief system was shattered. We got communications. It was unbelievable. It’s the most amazing, happy moment really because it confirmed that she was still with me in the middle of this horrible traumatic moment of mine. To this day, it’s still my miracle moment.

Thirteen when she transitioned, right?

Yes, 13.

That’s horrible. How did you cope with that grief? How did you help yourself? I know that the grief never goes away, but how did you get yourself to a place where you’re functioning in the world and are able to even help others?

I didn’t lock myself up and grieve and cry because of her.

You know what is so weird is that I never had that regression into a shell moment. I didn’t lock myself up and grieve and cry for weeks or months. It’s because of her, because of that squeeze on the wrist. After that communication, I was in contact with mediums and was blown away. What she was saying from the afterlife, in Panama, I was talking to her through a medium from that point on and she said how much she loved her life, loved me, everything, how I raised her, made her the person she is, what happened when the plane crashed, how she and her dad were watching over her friend, all sorts of things.

Because that communication was so absolutely unbelievable, real, and true, it’s like I bypassed that part that shut off. It cracked me open to having this different relationship with her. I will never get over it. I still cry. I’m sad. I have moments, but I never go into a dark place where unfortunately a really a lot of people do. That’s where I want to help people get through and to realize that there’s more. There’s so much more than they maybe know currently or believe that will keep them out or get them out of that dark shell.

Right. It started with a squeeze on the wrist and then what other type of messages? Did you ever feel this type of physical reaction like she’s hugging you or she’s with you?

Yes, from that point on through the years, now, it’s been just over 14 years. I just can’t believe it’s been that long. But yes, many times I will feel her mostly hugging me from one side, touching my head, or when we drive. Driving was a big thing for us. We drove places all the time.

We were always going out of town because she was a horse shower. She showed horses all over, so we’d always be out of town driving somewhere. She’d always take my hand when my hand was on the gearshift and she just had her hand on my hand. To this day, if my hand is on a gearshift, I will then, not all the time, but I will then feel her and I’ll know that’s her. It’s energy. It’s not me.

There’s so much more than they believe will get them out of that dark shell.

It’s not constant, but it happens. Sometimes if I’m driving and all of a sudden I just burst out in tears, I know it’s because she just got there, so then I can talk to her. It is such a deep emotional feeling when she is around that I just burst out into tears. It’s unexplainable, really.

You started talking with her through mediums. Do you find that all mediums are equal, they all know their stuff, or some people are just making it up?

No, there are so many fakes out there. That’s the problem. The fakes and the frauds in the psychic world, there are so many that they actually turn people off to the legitimate ones because there are very, very real psychics out there. Whether they’re a medium with hearing, feeling, or seeing. However their mode is, there are real people that are legitimate, but there are so many that are not.

I’ve gotten everybody from the person with the street sign in front of the building. I pull over to mediums that I’ve met through other people, through friends, famous mediums that take a year to get up to the top of their waiting list that cost a fortune. I’ve done them all and not everybody is real.

Do you find that the more expensive ones are the most legit or that’s just—

No way. I haven’t met an expensive medium like $600, $700, $800 an hour up to $1500. The famous ones that have TV shows, I haven’t found that they’re fake. They’re legitimate, the ones that I know that I’ve gone to, but they’re not as detailed. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve learned that they have to just go quick, boom, boom, boom. Even if you have a one-on-one with them, they just see flashes, pictures, and get impressions. Everything I’ve gotten from those have been real, but it’s been very surface level.

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The mediums that I get detailed information or conversations with are mediums that aren’t world-famous but are unbelievable. They have this gift. I’m really blessed to have my best friend be an amazing medium. Her name’s Laura Stinchfield. She’s called the pet psychic, but she also talks to people spirits, animal spirits, or any spirits—any consciousness.

Thank God, she’s my lifesaver because we will have three-way conversations. It’s like you and I and my daughter, and we’re talking in a conversation. She’s not the most expensive and she’s not the most famous, but she’s amazing. Rebecca—the medium that I had initially—is amazing. It’s like a one-on-one with my daughter. I have a high expectation of what is possible with mediums, and I also have a really good radar for when they say something that I know that’s not a legitimate person.

Do you still have to go to mediums to connect with her or do you have direct conversations with her now? How has your psychic ability improved since this whole thing started?

It went from zero that I knew about to amazing. The thing about psychic abilities is everyone has them. It’s just not everybody knows they have them. Whether or not they believe or whether or not they’ve been told it’s a no-no, they’ve been taught out of it, or they have never thought about it, it’s an ability that really the universe has given to us. We have it. It’s just a matter of tapping in, but it’s the tapping in that’s hard.

It went from zero that I knew about to amazing.

Emotions are locks on the door to open it up to communication. I have a lot of emotions around my daughter, obviously. Even though I hear her and I speak to her—speaking to the spirits is easy, you just speak. But hearing them back or getting a feeling of what they’re saying takes some practice, takes going, yes, I think that was them, and then acknowledging it. Oh, Talia, was that you? I think I felt you, I heard you, did you say this, and then something else would come over you that confirms it. But the locks on the heart, they have to go, and it’s very hard to unlock those locks.

After 14 years, I’ve unlocked a lot of locks, but there are still filters. With that, I still go to the professionals like mainly Laura and another couple mediums that I know to get confirmation or when I just don’t feel like trying. Trying is a terrible word because the minute you start to try, that’s another lock. You just need to relax but me being involved in it I get more.


I think everybody can do this.

Do we all have psychic abilities and how can we develop them?

Yes, we all have psychic abilities. It’s a matter of knowing that we have them and taking away the filters or the disbelief that we can do it. A lot of people, when they grow up, they’re told, no, you can’t talk to spirits, that’s evil or bad. Maybe they never even knew about the spirit world, or maybe it was preached out of them or taught out of them.

Yes, we all have psychic abilities.

They made a filter or a lock on their natural abilities. If somebody wants to and is willing to start cracking away those locks and those veils, everybody has that ability. It’s the birthright. There are some things you can do once you believe that you want to do this, to start fostering your abilities to actually pick it up on the communications.

What are some things that we can do?

Start with the little things, which are asking the spirit that you are trying to talk to for signs. It sounds trite, a penny from heaven, coins like this, but it’s really true. Ask for things that are little at first so you can start building up a belief.

In fact, here’s an example. My daughter used to leave me coins and I thought, okay, that’s great, but why don’t you leave me a more obvious sign for me? Maybe a lot larger than a penny. I left the house and when I came back, right in the dirt on top of a plant and a planter in my house was a dime. To me, that was so obvious because one, that dime was not in my planter. Two, it was a dime, which is bigger than the penny. Three, it was right after I asked her, hey, will you please leave me a more obvious sign, and there it was.

With that, I was like, wow. It’s critical that when you get a sign, if you think this is a sign, then it is a sign. You need to acknowledge it, say thank you to the spirit, and please keep doing it. I said, “Talia, oh my gosh, thank you so much for leaving me that dime in the planter.” I’m so happy. Keep doing it. Keep giving me bigger signs. I love this. You start requesting and acknowledging. If you don’t acknowledge, pretty soon, they’re not going to put themselves out to leave signs if you’re not acknowledging them.

Many fakes and frauds in the psychic world turn people off to the legitimate ones. But there are real psychics out there.

How does a non-physical being leave physical signs?

That is the question that the whole universe has. I don’t know how that happens. It just is, it’s just there. Some people say, like with birds or things like that. Some people think that the spirit becomes that. I don’t think that. I think the spirit guides that bird’s spirits or that other animal’s spirits. I don’t think they became animals.

As far as money or moving objects, energy is a fascinating subject because everything is energy, the universe, beings, prayers. Somehow, I think their energy is able to formulate the bonding of some other energy and make something. I just have no idea how it’s done. It’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned.

You can ask your daughter.

It’s crazy.

You can ask her. She is probably going to tell you.

Our thoughts form a reality. What you put out comes back to you.

I’m getting an answer. It has to do with, our thoughts form a reality. If you put out, I am abundantly wealthy, thin, and beautiful, and if your intent is there and you truly believe that’s that. What you put out, it comes back to you. That’s how the energy makes the inanimate object. I’m just was getting that a minute ago.

The energy was so intense of her thoughts or other spirits. My intent is to make this that that formulates. That’s what I picked up. I still can’t explain it, but that’s what I picked up.

That’s pretty cool. We had a stray cat that started coming to visit us in the last couple of months, three months. He was very skittish when we started feeding him. He became our cat, we called him Beeboo. I have a little son who’s almost two and a half. He still pets him. He scratched him once, but I forgive him.

A few days went by and he didn’t show up to eat. We didn’t know what was happening. On a Thursday night, I went to sleep and I asked, what’s going on. I heard in my head, I am dying. Then I got a vision of a place where he’s supposed to hang out and then I had a vision of his body run down by a car.

In my head, I was like, I don’t want those horrible thoughts, what is this, this is not true, cancel, cancel, cancel. But then on Saturday morning, we took my son for a little walk in the neighborhood. My husband wanted to turn left and I said, no, let’s go right because I was curious about that area he showed me. I was like, maybe I’m going to find him there.

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We went there and we saw a big feather on the floor. We picked it up and then we came back. My husband turned his head back and on the road was what I saw in my vision. It was very, very sad for us. I guess what I got is that the role of us in his life was just to share the love or he decided to try and go on, move on. We had a few days of really grieving for him because he was really cute. Even in a few months, you can get really attached to an animal.

Is that the first time that you had a psychic vision or have you been working on it?

I’ve had a few sporadically throughout my life, but nothing like this where I could actually hear him in my head saying, I’m dying. Because my husband is really into psychics right now. They think that because his intention is about increasing his psychic abilities, just by being near him, I’m like, maybe I can do that too. It wasn’t fun. It was a little scary to see that. I was like, okay, I want to develop my psychic abilities, but I don’t want to see images like that. You can control it, I guess.

It’s so sad. I’m just thinking of the little kitty, but you know what? He did. The purpose was to have all sorts of love from you as his last memory.

Yeah. For me, yes, I want to increase my psychic abilities. But seeing something like that, it’s a little bit scary.

Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations by Kimberly Klein

Yeah. If you ask for lessons, you say, Universe or Creator (whatever you call it) please help me learn. I need to experience something like communication or visions, but I don’t want to be sad or I don’t want it to be hurtful. I just want something to show me so I can learn. The universe will help you with that. The creator will help you with that.

In fact, with asking for something, if you want to heal somebody or heal a situation, you ask to be the conduit and you ask what’s in the best interest of the situation. In your situation, you would ask to learn, but please, in my best interest, keep it positive, something like that.

You can also ask for protection. Getting the messages, positive or negative, we don’t need a lot of protection for that, but spiritual protection is important to always have that.

Okay, what’s going on with spirits? Are there bad spirits that can whisper negative things in our ears? Can you talk a little bit about these types of realms and how do we protect ourselves?

Normally, I try not to think of the bad or the evil because what you think of, you attract. But to protect yourself, there’s one easy way. You visualize basically from your heart your radiant light and energy coming out of you all around like a ball so that you’re in the middle of the ball. Your radiant energy comes out of you, it grows, and it keeps expanding. It’s above you, below you, and around you like you’re inside of a bubble. It goes into the ground and up to the heavens.

You’re completely encompassed and you say, please protect me from anything that is not good for me, and then you’re in this bubble of protection. It’s important that you go below and above too. Some people just naturally think of protection as straight out, but you need it all around a sphere. It’s like a sphere. You can visualize that. You can close your eyes or keep an open, it doesn’t matter.

What other lessons did you learn from Talia that was mind-blowing? Maybe you can share some things that she said in a conversation that was really extraordinary for you.

What you think of, you attract.

For me, everything she says is extraordinary because it’s her speaking. Not all of her messages are huge lessons of the universe, but she does have lessons from the universe too. A lot of what she says inside her books, The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue, which are books one and two, are two books that basically she wrote. Yes, those are conversations from Talia from the spirit world, just hundreds and hundreds, thousands of hours of just talking like you and I.

Her lessons of life that spirits are common. Spirits can talk to you just like we’re talking here. All that was an amazing lesson because just talking about whatever, like, let’s just talk, oh, you had a nice day at work, didn’t you? You would not think that a spirit would talk about just mundane things, but that’s the lesson. The lesson is they’re just like us because they are us because we are spirits. The spirits will talk to you on any level. 

That’s a huge lesson that I think a lot of people don’t know, but you don’t have to ask for something grand when you’re talking to the spirits. They’ll talk about anything. Sometimes it’s the everyday things that make you the happiest because you know that they’re with you and they’re paying attention. It’s just like they’re here in their bodies, but they’re not.

Another thing that’s amazing is when you transition to heaven right after you pass, there’s this period of time where you review your life. What she said was you don’t only just see what happened to you with all your things in your life, you look at the results of every decision you made, decision you didn’t make, things you said, things you didn’t say, everybody you interacted with, and how your interaction then geometrically went outwards and affected like a web, and many more.

You don’t have to ask for something grand when talking to the spirits. They’ll talk about anything.

Things you said and didn’t say can have this huge effect, whether it was a nice kind word or something not nice. That was really enlightening. Because of that, I really started thinking hard about what comes out of my mouth, what I say, what I do because I know it reverberates not just to the person that I’m talking to or I’m with, but to how they feel and how they then approach somebody else.

Ever since I learned from Talia that every word you say, every word you don’t say, every action goes out geometrically and affects everyone along that web. It changed me. It changed how I speak to people, how I think, what I do, and what I don’t do. It makes me really stop and think what the reaction is going to be in the universe. It’s important that I’m conscious of that.

If everybody in the world would be conscious of that, the world won’t be that hard these days because I just feel like people, especially on social media, especially on chats, they just say whatever. There are no filters. It’s so easy to be a bully behind the keyboard. I’m thinking that people have this understanding of the ripple effect that what they are doing to people and to the people around them maybe, they will drop more in their heart and act more with kindness toward one another. Even if somebody disagrees with you, you don’t have to slap them for that.

Exactly. I call it the concentric rings of your actions. When you walk into a room and it feels really good, the energy that’s been spinning around that room from conversations or actions is a positive bit of energy. If you walk into somewhere and it feels really bad, then that was bad energy from the conversation, actions, or whatever. Knowing that, you need to be very conscious of it.

I believe a lot of what Kabbalah teaches. For me, just the red bracelet helps me remember in weird circumstances like driving through parking lots. Be nice. Sometimes you’re just so frustrated and there’s a negative thought that I look over, I see that little red bracelet, and I think, okay, I remember concentric rings of my intent and energy, so be nice.

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Yeah, I know. My husband and I used to go to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. We really love that. We love the teachings. You don’t have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah. It’s an ancient self-development. It really brought us together and helped our relationship as well. We’re still coaching with my former Kabbalah teacher. I’m still coaching with him almost every week. We love that. We really enjoy all those lessons.

Yeah, great.

How long have you been into Kabbalah?

I’m going to say maybe about 14 years. Right after Talia then I started kind of looking around for things to read. It’s interesting because you’re right, it has nothing to do with being Jewish. Anybody in all religions can study Kabbalah. In fact, I was mostly introduced to it by someone who was Catholic. I thought, what, you’re learning Kabbalah? He said it has nothing to do with religion. It is about how to live life, how to be with people, be positive, what’s our purpose on earth, and how to get to heaven. I thought that was amazing, so that’s really what got me into studying more.

When did you start coaching people and doing intuitive coaching?

I like helping people through this.

Officially, I added it to my website about three years ago for intuitive coaching. But really, probably eight or nine years ago, it came naturally because as I learned, I would just talk to people and they would seem to come to me with a need for advice on this or that. I would just talk to them and it would help them out. So I thought, I really like helping people through this.

Most of the people were wanting some information and some healing because they lost somebody. If I would meet them at a spiritual book show or something like that, they would ask me, hey, I saw this and this, you think that was a sign for my loved one? I started to evolve my helping at those places, but then people would call me, and then they would say, hey, my friend said that you have some information that will help me get through to my daughter or my son. That’s how it really started. Then a few years ago, I thought I’ll do it professionally.

When you do that, do you channel? What’s the process like for you?

No. I call it my instinct, but my instinct is connected to the universal field of information. As I listen to somebody and as I start talking and having some sort of a conversation, all of a sudden, I will just start saying certain things. It’s not channeling, it’s not the spirit talking to me. It’s me, it’s my feelings and my words, but I’m getting the inspiration, they’re just coming from somewhere.

That’s how I would channel through me the right things to say that would help that person. I would never say that I got that as another spirit. That’s definitely just my instincts connected to the universe. When I help people professionally, if they call and want to have an intuitive counseling session, I help them get in touch with their own spirituality.

My instinct is connected to the universal field of information.

I don’t want to give them answers and say, ‘I think you should do X, Y, Z, and your best interest is to go over here.’ I don’t do that. I ask them enough questions. What did you feel when you thought of that? Why don’t you ask yourself this question and then sit with it, surrender, and tell me what you feel? You will feel what’s right.

In fact, I have a really good example of this. I’ve never had this happen before, it was years ago. I was in line to board a plane and all of a sudden, I just started having heart palpitations. I thought, oh my God, what is this? It was nerve-racking. So I thought, I’m not supposed to go on this flight.

I stopped and I said, “Am I supposed to go on this flight to myself?” It kept pumping, I was having anxiety. Then I stopped and I said, I’m not going on this flight and then it stopped. I was relaxed and I thought, wow. I got out of line and I did not go on that trip. Nothing happened to the plane. The thing is, you might never know why you weren’t supposed to do that thing or why you were supposed to do the other thing, but the why really doesn’t matter. It’s that you listen to what your instincts are telling you because you’re getting information from somewhere.

As soon as my body said that release, no, don’t go, that was it. I left, I got my things, and I just didn’t go. It was a little weekend trip. I didn’t go and everything was fine. I have no idea why I wasn’t supposed to go. That is what I want people to learn—how to pay attention to their own messages.

Spirits are energy. It takes their energy to do things, which is why the signs you get are so delicate.

How do you pay attention? You just listen to your body’s physical reaction? Do you hear voices in your head? What is it like for you?

For me, it’s all feeling, it’s all physical. Even when I hear from Talia, it’s not her voice. It’s a thought. Some people do hear the voices. My friend Laura, she hears the voices. I feel and pick up the thought. Your body is like a fuse box of lights. Certain things will affect you.

If you are doing something and then you start to feel queasy, if you’re doing something and your head starts to hurt, or you’re feeling numbness, it’s not always just something physically wrong with you. It could be your body saying, hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a few minutes, but you’re not listening to the thoughts, so here it is. It’s like a little doorbell. Then if you just quiet yourself, just surrender all thoughts, and say, what do I need to know? Then your gut, you might hear it as a thought, you might hear it as a word, or your body will answer the questions. Like for me, should I do this? Nothing. I feel it as a feeling in the body.

One thing I started doing lately—I don’t remember who taught me that or where I heard it, because I used to use the pendulum a long time ago and then I stopped, and then you basically use your body as a pendulum, is this right for me? Then your body shifts right or left. I started doing that, it was pretty cool.


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When you allow your body to give you the answer and then you have to listen because sometimes the body gives the answer, but we don’t listen. We’re just like, hmm, that wasn’t strong enough. Isn’t intuition something like a whisper? It’s not that loud sometimes.

Exactly. It’s a little whisper or a little blow of the wind. It’s not going to come knocking on the door with bats. You really have to quiet yourself and don’t expect someone will slap you on your face. A lot of people actually have so much stuff going on in their lives that it blocks them from feeling all those little signs.

An example of somebody wanting a slap-in-the-face warning or something. My husband, he says, “You know, if the spirit’s going to talk, why can’t they just talk louder, why can’t they shake me, and why can’t they just appear? And then I’ll know.” I said, “Because that’s just not how it is. First of all, the spirits are energy. It takes their energy to do things, which is another reason why signs that you get are so delicate. It’s a great power, but it’s focused with delicate signs in my book, a little miracle or a huge miracle.

Once you believe in one miracle, you should automatically open up to all miracles. I believe, yes, there’s an afterlife. I believe that the afterlife and the universe can talk to me. Talking can be with words or can be with feelings. For me, it’s a lot of feelings. People need to be aware that it can come as any kind of form. It could come as a word, or it could come as a feeling or a gut instinct effect. Gut instinct is what most people call it, but it’s really a communication from the universe or from their loved ones about something they need to know.

Sometimes I do want to be shaken. Just tell me what’s going on.

It’s a little whisper or a little blow of the wind.

I would love that. I would love a visual right here.

Right, or just send me a text. If they can form a coin, they can send a text. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

It would. What’s interesting is they do mess with technology. My mom used to get phone calls from Talia. What’s interesting is her phone would ring and it would be from my daughter’s phone number, but that would be nothing, nothing there. My mom said that it even happened after she deleted the number from her phone.

Oh my God, I got goosebumps.

I know. I don’t get those things and it makes me mad. I’m like, why can’t I get that? But I get huge things. I should listen to my own advice, a miracle’s a miracle. One time, I had this miracle happen. I was going into this perfume store. I love gardenia. When I came out, I got in my car and this is mind-blowing. There was a gardenia flower in my car and I thought it was on the floorboard. What the hell?

I took a picture of that gardenia. Up to this day, I have the picture and it blows me away. I don’t understand how that is possible, but it is possible. I have a spiritual teacher and he would say, it doesn’t matter how, it doesn’t matter why, it just is.

Nice. It’s the most powerful thing. Did you ever ask your daughter about what’s going on in the world today? Because we’ve been through so much, so many turbulence. Everything is going, everything is different. Life is very different. Especially for our children, life is very different. Have you ever asked her about it or got any positive message about it?

I haven’t asked her specifically about what’s the state of the world and the people in years because basically, I don’t want to focus on the negativity that’s happening. I usually stick to happy things or events, but I do know that there’s a fight in the spirit world. The fight is real and it’s over man’s decisions. This might even be in the book.

A huge lesson that I think many people don’t know is that you don’t have to ask for something grand when you’re talking to the spirits. They’ll talk about anything.

This could possibly be part of the conversations in The Universe Speaks, I don’t remember everything. But there’s a fight in the spirit world over basically light and dark, man’s decisions and desires, the good versus the not good. That’s huge right now. What happens in the spirit world happens in the physical world. We’ll see. That’s all I have about that one.

I also have to tell the spirits to stop fighting and everything’s going to be fine.

True, but the good’s going to win now. It’s just a matter of beating down the bad.

It always happens. The good old always wins. Look at any Hollywood movie or most of them.

No, the good will win. It’s just a matter of getting there.

Yeah, beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you shared today. It was really nice. Thank you for sharing from your heart, sharing your story about Talia, and showing up the way you are in the world helping people with that. Helping them get over grief, helping them connect and be more conscious, and helping them with your intuitive advice. Before we say goodbye, for now, I have two questions. One is, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? The second one is, where can people find you?

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Okay. Tip one, be conscious of your thoughts. That’s everywhere. If you need a reminder, if you’re not into Kabbalah with the red string, then do something else. When you’re about to have a negative thought, if you see it, cut it off. The other tip, take time every day to just pause and basically purge all your thoughts, just pause and relax because that will start cutting away at the boundaries and you’ll start being able to hear your intuition more.

The third tip, believe. Belief is very powerful. If you have a deep belief in anything, anything is possible. Where my books are, you can get them on Amazon or all the bookstores. If they don’t have them in stock, then you ask them to order them. They can be had from any bookstore, New Leaf Distribution or Amazon, so that’s really it.

I have another book, besides those that are out, and it is called Seeds of Wisdom. That is a book of daily quotes. I took all of Talia’s mind-blowing messages from The Universe Speaks one and two. I took just her messages out and I put them into a quote book. In case people don’t want to read everyday conversations, they can get inspiration and spirit lessons from that book.

That’s beautiful. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you, listeners. Remember to connect to your intuition and take the time to just relax your thoughts every day so you can connect. Choose good thoughts because whatever you think of, you manifest and believe. Believe in yourself, believe in a higher power, believe that you are guided, protected, and loved, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Thank you.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Unlock the emotions in your heart. Your emotions are locks on the door; you need to open them up to communicate with the spirits. 
{✓}Start asking for little signs to build up your belief. When you get a sign, you need to acknowledge it and say thank you to the spirit.
{✓}Always be open to learning. Ask the Universe or the Creator for lessons.
{✓}Have a bubble of protection for yourself. Visualize it like a sphere around you. 
{✓}Be wary of what comes out of your mouth. What you speak will become a reality. 
{✓}Listen and trust your gut instinct. Following your intuition can certainly direct you toward the best path for you. 
{✓}Be conscious of your thoughts. When you’re about to have a negative thought, cut it off.
{✓}Pause and relax. This will start cutting away at the boundaries, and you’ll begin to hear your intuition more.
{✓}Always believe. Belief is very powerful. If you have a deep belief in anything, anything is possible.
{✓}Visit Kimberly Klein’s website to connect and work with her. Also, check out her books, The Universe Speaks Book 1, The Universe Speaks Book 2, Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations, and Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain.

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About Kimberly Klein

Kim Klein graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in political science with an emphasis in international relations. She then earned her juris doctor degree and was admitted to the California State Bar. She began working with her then husband, Michael, in real estate investments and their high-tech companies.
After giving birth to her daughter, Talia, Kim became a stay-at-home mom and devoted all of her time to raising her only child. But all that changed for Kim when on December 23, 2007, the small private plane carrying then thirteen-year-old Talia, her father, and her friend, crashed into the side of a volcano in Panama, killing Talia and her dad.
Kim’s heart and her entire belief system were shattered. Her work then became the impossible journey of healing from grief after such a devastating loss. From the moment she received that first palpable tap on her wrist from Talia, she learned that life continues beyond death. Thus her lifelong journey of healing, learning, and spiritual awakening began.


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