Episode 104 | February 20, 2018

Personal Growth & Universal Laws with Lauren Herrera

A Personal Note from Orion

Want to hear the universe’s best-kept secret?

We live in an intelligent, intentional and living universe. There are no accidents—only growth—and the universe has a plan for you that will blow your mind! The secret to manifesting the life you dream of is to live in alignment with the Universal Laws—and I’m not talking about the speed of light, relativity or other physical laws (although they are important too!) I’m talking about the spiritual laws of the universe; the laws that give you the power to manifest your goals, experience endless joy and live in your full, infinite potential.

On this week’s episode you’ll learn exactly how to harness the power of the Universal Laws so you can create the abundant life you are truly meant to live. My guest this week, coach, podcast host and master-manifestor Lauren Herrera, has been studying these laws and putting them in effect in her own life and the lives of her clients with amazing, magical results! Tune in and buckle up as she shares the secrets of the universe with you!



In this Episode

  • [03:04] – Orion and Lauren start things off by talking about an incredibly good acai bowl that they had together.
  • [04:42] – What does Lauren do, and what is her passion in life?
  • [05:48] – When you pinpoint the emotion at the root of a particular eating pattern, you can unlock the pattern.
  • [06:16] – We hear more about Lauren and her history, and what brought her to her current place in life.
  • [09:04] – Lauren talks about the moment that she had the epiphany that she had to learn how to podcast.
  • [09:57] – Orion discusses the amount of attention one of her Facebook posts got. Lauren then shares her thoughts on social media.
  • [13:01] – What did Lauren do after her gym failed? She answers, then Orion discusses her own experience working in a gym.
  • [15:28] – Lauren shares the impressive list of things that she does these days, including coaching, podcasting, and consulting.
  • [16:31] – What’s Lauren’s spiritual belief, and how did that help her to get to where she wants to be?
  • [18:13] – Orion discusses a conversation she had with Donny Epstein.
  • [21:49] – We hear the story of how Lauren stumbled across universal laws, and how her path has progressed.
  • [23:53] – What did Lauren learn from The Master Key System?
  • [26:34] – The book that really changed things for Orion when she was still a teenager was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
  • [27:54] – Orion and Lauren talk about what they did when they were lost in Malibu.
  • [31:42] – Let’s talk about the law of attraction! This is the universal law that gets the most traction, Lauren explains.
  • [36:58] – We hear some of the things that Orion does to guard her mind.
  • [38:34] – Lauren brings up the topic of people who may have experienced trauma or sexual assault, sharing how the law of attraction relates to these events.
  • [41:29] – What are some of Lauren’s favorite universal laws other than the law of attraction?
  • [44:12] – We hear about how Lauren used universal laws to attract her beloved.
  • [47:51] – Orion just made three more universal laws: the law of “I don’t care,” the law of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and the law of “noticing the signs.”
  • [48:37] – What are Lauren’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Be internally motivated, not externally. 2. Look for something that feels good, even in horrible situations. 3. Take care of your body.
  • [49:35] – Where can listeners learn more about Lauren? In her answer, she offers listeners a free gift, which you can find at this link!

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hey, welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! It’s good to have you here and if you are listening for the first time, welcome! If you have been listening to this show, I just want to appreciate my gratitude to you, I thank you for listening, I appreciate you, and I hope that you are enjoying the show because I am bringing you people that I enjoy and I hope you enjoy them too. Today’s guest is somebody I enjoyed a lot especially when I was a guest on her podcast, Love is a Verb. That’s how we met. We had an instant connection, and I invited her here on the show. Lauren Herrera is the founder of Eat Like a Boss, which is a seven step process to help woman master their mindset, increase confidence, and break free from Yo-yo dieting and compulsive eating. Her purpose is to help women become strong and flexible in their mind and body. In this episode, we are not going to talk about Yo-yo dieting, we actually are going to talk about how to grow as a person, and how to stay strong when you confront obstacles, and mostly we’re going to talk about Universal Laws and how they play a big part in your life, and how you can use those Universal Laws to manifest everything that you want in your life into existence. I know it sounds a little woo but both me and Lauren have been experimenting with this type of knowledge, we both believe in those laws and we both proven that it is possible to manifest so much good in your life, and you can do that too. And now, without further ado, on to the show. Hey Lauren, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! So good to have you here.

‏‏Thank you my Malibu walking buddy.

‏‏Thank you! Before we introduce you, or maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself, we have to mention that we had the best Bliss Bowl in the whole world.

‏‏Yes. I was thinking about a ball and dancing through Malibu.

‏‏No, bowl. It’s my accent again.

‏‏I love it, I love it. I don’t know what it’s called but I have to visualize words in my head, and even when I meet people and their name, I have to actually make an image of it in my head before I can say it. So no, we’re both bringing a lot to the table to get the words right.

‏‏That was so good, an açai bowl. Just a couple of days ago, I had an açai bowl in Park City, Utah, really lovely restaurant but it was nothing like that. The ones we had was so yummy and it had all kinds of dry fruits, and almond butter, and peanut butter, and cashews, it was just so divine.

‏‏It had all the right textures, and flavors, and the coconut.

‏‏Oh, coconut.

‏‏I think there was even more stuff in it that we can’t even remember what it was. I felt really full. I felt satisfied but I still felt really energetic and light.

‏‏I’m dreaming about that açai bowl, I’m seriously dreaming about it. Why don’t we share a little bit about you, and what you do, and what’s your passion in life?

‏‏My passion in life is to be happy. That’s actually from a Beyoncé song. That one pretty hurts, where the person who’s hosting a beauty pageant asked her what’s your one aspiration in life, and she says, “To be happy.” Anyway, I channel Beyoncé a lot, especially [inaudible [00:04:59]. When I get really introspective about it and think about what really brings me joy is helping women figure out what their emotional hang ups are that’s making them binge eat, and compulsive eat. I was thinking about all these different patterns of eating. Sometimes you just eat without thinking just because it’s become a routine. You grab a snack and you drive away, or as soon as you get home you get a snack and you’re just aimlessly eating. When I work with women and I talk with women, my friends even. Anytime that I can have a conversation where I can help somebody pinpoint an emotion that’s giving them a negative or a sabotaging outlet, if it’s alcohol or drugs or whatever, that always makes me really happy.

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‏‏What happens when you pin point that emotion?

‏‏You can unlock the pattern. It’s like what [Brene Brown [00:05:50] will talk about with bringing things to light, that you’re able to work on stuff, or shame can’t hide. It’s like once we can, as humans, get into an objective point of view on our behavior, then it’s like it doesn’t hurt us so much. We can actually work on it and not have such an emotional attachment to it.

‏‏Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your history and what brought you to this point.

‏‏Lots of what I call growth cycles. Lots of feelings like hitting rock bottom in all different areas of life. The most recent one that brought me to podcasting which brought you and I together when you’re on my show.

‏‏That was lovely and that’s how we became friends.

‏‏Yeah. We’re like, “Wait, we’re local? We should go hang out!”

‏‏That’s a whole new story.

‏‏Oh my gosh. My husband’s like, “What did you do?” I’m like, “I think we actually just got lost but it was really nice.”

‏‏We got lost in beautiful Malibu and it was freaking awesome.

‏‏Oh my God, yes. In a nutshell, that’s a very hyper thing to podcasting, which my podcast is Love is Verb, is that I think I built a pretty tough, and I’m really working on this right now, there’s a new face of it, of an intellectual toughness of I’m going to be strong, I’m going to be independent, since I was a kid. I had a gym that was strength training for woman and I blended doing a workout that had strength training and Pilates so that you could do strength exercises and then do stretching exercises all in one session, versus having to go to a Pilates studio then your personal trainer. We just covered everything in one workout. That gym, it failed. It was an identity crisis because I was a failure as a business owner, I also then was like I failed at a fitness business, so I must not know what I’m doing as a personal trainer. I just felt like a failure on so many levels and the amount of personal work that I had to do to not stay in a rut and try to figure out what’s the new version of my career going to be. I realized that I didn’t really love myself and I was like, “Oh, before I can do anything really great in the world and make an impact in the world, I have to love myself.” That sparked a conversation in a whole bunch of Facebook groups where I was like, “Hey, let’s do an email building list and grow our audience by emailing everybody about self-love.” So many people responded that I was like, “This is like a universal intelligence conversation that wants to happen.”

‏‏Right, yes. It’s so freaking true. So true. So many women.

‏‏Yeah. It was like those entrepreneurial moments where there wasn’t money and I was listening to a podcast pretty religiously and the host would always talk about you must have a month’s worth of content ready to go with whatever you’re doing. If you’re doing one show a week, have four episodes always ready to go so that you’re always consistent. 140 women replied on one of these posts. I was like, “That’s a third of a year if I do a daily podcast. I need to learn how to podcast.” By the time I got home from this epiphany moment, a credit card showed up in the mail that I didn’t even apply for.


‏‏Yeah. I wasn’t paying bills. My credit is still really bad. I was like I think this is it. I think this is like you already jumped, you already put it out there and here’s the net. This credit card to pay for it. That’s how it happened that I think that just staying open to everything, of God and thinking how much can I get Lauren out of the way and follow the signs and ask for more stuff about love. A whole bunch of other opportunities and conversations and relationships have opened up because of it.

‏‏Yeah. By the time this airs, the challenge is probably coming to an end. We launched a Seven Day Challenge before Valentine’s Day and I just posted in one group and I had 640 likes and about maybe 300 comments but I couldn’t answer anyone because I couldn’t be promotional and Facebook almost kicked me out because I was answering people. I’m like, “There are so many people that can use a helping hand, that can use somebody to tell them, “I love you. You are loved. You are okay just the way you are. You are whole and complete. Your failure is not your identity.” I was listening to Zig Ziglar the other day and what I remember him saying is, “Failure is not who you are, it’s something that you do.” That’s powerful. Failure is not who you are, it’s something that you do. Also when you speak, you want to separate it. Instead of saying, “I am a failure,” you say, “I did something that failed.” You put a space between you and that thing that failed. It wasn’t you, it was an attempt that failed. It was a relationship that maybe failed, but you, your identity, you never fail, you just grow.

‏‏I think that social media sometimes can get such a bad rap but if you follow the right accounts, like on Instagram and follow your friends who are positive and follow accounts that are positive accounts, it can be really helpful. Because when I was reading stuff, and really just in the thick of personal development, reading as much as I could, listening to as many Abraham-Hicks channelings, I was just in it all the time to not feel depressed. Then I saw this, it was a fitness post and it said, “Be careful what you put after I am.” It was like, I’m fat. I’m not in shape, usually along those things that we talk about with fitness and it clicked. I was like, “Oh. Yeah. I’m not a failure, the gym failed.” Little stuff like that. That’s so cool and I think that we have to be open, we have to keep our eyes and ears perked to hear God and universal intelligence talk to us through this stuff to help us along the path to healing.

We have to be open, we have to keep our eyes and ears perked to hear God and universal intelligence talk to us through this stuff to help us along the path to healing.

‏‏So your gym failed and then what did you do?

‏‏Technically, I went to work at a big box gym. I was a boutique gym. We always talk about the big box gym that they only care about numbers.

‏‏Yeah. I used to work in Equinox many, many years ago. I remember when I just got there, they would pay us the minimum wage and we had to wake up at [4:00]AM and they were so particular about the ways would be organized. When I started being a personal trainer, I wasn’t fit and I had to move those 45lbs weights that the annoying, the big guys just left there. I remember hurting my back and having the worst sciatic pain ever. That was horrible. Anyways.

‏‏On the inside, Equinox is notorious for just being so expensive to the consumer and it really feels like you’re servants when you work there.

‏‏You’re a slave.

‏‏Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. I went to work at one of those gyms and that was really hard and I was like, “Okay, I’m going to be here for a year.” It was really discouraging because the gym was all focused about cheap memberships. Everything was about cheap, cheap, cheap. This is a place where you can afford to go. They would be like, “Okay, now you’re personal training, you can charge x amount of money.” I was like, “Why would somebody pay the going rate of a livable wage for personal trainer if all of your marketing says this is cheap?” It was like an upheld battle to do sales because they lead with cheap versus value. It was really difficult. And then all of a sudden, a year rolled around and I was like, “I’m still here! No, no! This is not happening.” Then I quit. I gave a month’s notice and I was like, “I’m out!” But the podcast really took up a lot of time and my husband is incredibly supportive and even though our finances were not ideal, we still kept making sacrifices financially to give me the time to build the daily podcast, because it was so much. I was really meticulous about my editing. I had a very formal format and if somebody got off track, I was like, “Okay, we’re going to pause. And we’re going to redo this.” It took up a lot. But that was the first, I don’t know, somewhere around that time. Now we’re in a much better place. I work at my friend’s Pilates studio in [00:15:31]. Shane and I both learned from a Pilates teacher who learned from Joe and Clara Pilates who made the system. I do that and I do online coaching and produce the podcast. I’m on a Mastermind for a couple of companies as a consultant for podcasting.

‏‏That’s good.

‏‏Yeah. Everything stutters around podcasting and personal growth. I’m like, I’m good. This is awesome.

‏‏You had a very spiritual path that lead you to where you are today and I’m sure that in a year or two, you’re just going to grow and expand and be bigger and better. I’m happy we know each other at this stage, because it’s so cool to grow together.

‏‏Yeah, it is. I’m like moving around way too much because I’m really excited.

‏‏It’s okay. That’s okay, that’s okay, that’s okay! What was your spiritual path? What do you believe in? What is your spiritual belief that lead you to expand and be okay and get to where you want to be?

‏‏At the heart of it, I believe that we are God, having him in experience, that we are all extensions of this energy that we can’t see. Some people can see, I can’t see it. Sometimes I feel like we’re tethered. I don’t know what it means if I’m kinaesthetic or what type of learner I am. I should probably look that up. But sometimes it’s just images. Like I said about words.

‏‏You’re visual.

‏‏Visual? Okay. I feel like we are tethered to this source that not a lot of us can see and we are extensions of God expanding. I think that if we look at our planet, and then we look at our solar system, and then we’re thinking Milky Way as the solar system, and you keep going out and out and out and out, there’s multiple solar systems and multiple galaxies. It goes on to infinity. My belief system is that this love, energy, this God, love, universal intelligence, the supreme unconscious, whatever, is looking for experiences to have. We incarnate in these physical bodies that appear to be separate, but they’re not, we’re all connected. I believe in reincarnation that when this body dies, in my experience, this lifetime’s over, I’m gonna re-submerge into that full unconsciousness and when my piece of God is ready to come back, I’ll come back and experience something else. That’s been really helpful for me to take pressure off, that this is not all there is.

‏‏I was talking to a dear mentor of ours, his name is Donny Epstein and he does energetic healing on a level that you can’t even imagine. He puts you on a table, he put his fingers behind you, and you see a wave going on your spine because he connects you to universal energies, he connects you to your soul. He’s like a real life wizard. He conditions Tony Robbins before he goes on stage and speaks for 16 hours non-stop. It’s just an honor to know him and also have a personal connection. It’s just a cherry on the top. I was feeling overwhelmed, and I was feeling lack, and I was feeling like God, there is so much I want to do and I can’t push forward, and I’m not moving as fast as I want to. I was really there and then he said, he said something cool, it’s like, “Okay, when you feel sorry for yourself, do you look inside, you contract?” I was like, “Yeah.” He was like, “Why don’t you go and imagine yourself going up to the stars and the moon and all the way to the moon and far, far, far away and now look at yourself. Do you feel the pain right now? Is it as severe as it was?” I was like, “Wow. No.” Because when we take ourself out to the equation, maybe to a place like the moon or another solar system and we look back, we don’t wallow in our sorrow, and we can see the picture from the outside in rather than, you know how they say it when you’re in it you can’t really see it.

‏‏Yeah. You can’t see the picture while inside the frame, something like that. Yeah. That’s really beautiful. I went to a Christian school from kindergarten to senior year, then I worked at a Christian school and then went into hair and makeup when I was 21 or 22. The most hilarious thing happened, I’ll never forget it, I started on set with C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and then by the time the movie ended, I was reading a book on Kabbalah. There was a whole world of other religions, like what is this? My dad is Jewish but his mantra, he said it all the time. “God and the government will not take care of you.”

‏‏The government, for sure.  

‏‏I observed, I had boyfriends, they would show up to church and they’d be like this one way with all their church friends and then another way with their non-church friends. I was just like, this is BS.

‏‏Too much hypocrisy.

‏‏Yeah. There are so many people who, what I observed, I don’t mean to judge people but this was my experience that got me away from organized religion of being in places where people made themselves so low and incapable and they’d be like, “Just pray. Just give it to God.” But then they didn’t make personal growth attempts on their own. They would stay in debt and still be spending a bunch of money and then be like, “Just pray. God will deliver.” I’m like, “But wait, don’t go eat $80 of sushi twice a week.” It’s really actually pretty simple. I really was pulled to how do I grow from a place of stronger foundation? I don’t even have words for it then, I don’t have words for it now. But that’s what brought me more to how I believe now versus having an organized way of Mohammed, Abraham, Jesus, Moses. That’s how I think I got to that.

‏‏How did you stumble upon Universal Laws?

‏‏Because my very first book was The Secret Of Success. I remember being on a treadmill in a gym in Hollywood that I was working at. I was like, “There’s people who know these secrets.” I don’t think I had read the secret yet, this was before that. I was like, “There’s something that not everybody knows because if everybody knew something, everybody would be successful.” Somehow I got to that. I think it was because I got a spiritual deck of cards from Eckhart Tolle or I don’t know who it was. I was like, “Oh wait, there is universal truths. There are truths that are out there that transcend religions. What is this stuff? How do I change my mindset? How do I look at the bible and stop seeing that the poor is what you want to aspire to be?” Because there are so many weird things in the Bible where you’re like, why you want to be poor? Why is being rich evil? This doesn’t make sense to me. I think that was the first one, I don’t remember who the author is but The Secrets Of Success. The secret was in 2006 and I devoured The Master Key System, listening to it on audio. I have read it since, now the language makes sense to me. But when I first got wind on The Master Key System, I couldn’t read it. The old language of it was just incomprehensible for me.

“There’s something that not everybody knows because if everybody knew something, everybody would be successful.” Click To Tweet

‏‏I wonder if I can read it.

‏‏You’re really smart.

‏‏What is this word?

‏‏It’s like things are backwards. There to with, and foremost, just stuff that I wasn’t used to. But you’re really smart.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏I was really amateur. I was really amateur, you are not amateur. That’s how it started to go. Just trusted the process. I was like, I’ve got stuff that I got to work out. I’ve eliminated certain things I listen to, and that I watch on TV and people have left my life and I’ve had to work on forgiving and just follow the path.

‏‏What did you learn from The Master Key System?

‏‏That really solidified that thoughts become things.

‏‏I don’t need to read it?

‏‏Charles Haanel was a multimillionaire in the States and he got to a certain point where he’s making a ton money and he’s like, “I need to teach people how to do this.” He made this Master Key System to teach people how to change their lives based on their thoughts. I think that’s really cool about him, that he was definitely like a service first value driven person. He wanted to help people with this course. He designed it as a post mail course, where you signed up for it and it was delivered in the post mail and he was very strict to say the visualizations at the end of each chapter, “Don’t read the next chapter until you can master these visualizations.”

‏‏That’s so smart.

‏‏Yeah. I broke his rules though. I did the visualizations but I also moved week to week. The thing that clicked for me, and that helped me with everything else after that is that he talked about a battleship. He reverse engineers it. He’s like, “Is it a battleship when it’s on the water and in battle?” We’re like, “Yeah, okay.” So I skipped one, “Is it a battleship when it’s in battle?” “Yes.” The battleship, if it’s not in battle but it’s on the water.” “Yes.” “Is it a battleship if it’s full constructed but it’s still on land? Hasn’t been launched yet.” “Yes.” “Is it a battleship when it is not fully built, it’s just like the bare bones of it?” “Yes.” “Is it a battleship when it is a plan on a piece of paper?” “Yes.” “Is it a battleship if it’s an idea in somebody’s mind?” “Yes.” I was like, “What? That’s as simple as that? Thought becomes things? What?”

‏‏I love that. I love that. Yes, I got goosebumps.

‏‏He’s like reprogramming your mind. Some of the stuff is like a little bit repetitive, some of it seems really weird, but then you have these light bulb moments. Especially if you listen to it, if you can’t read it, it will reprogram stuff. You’ll have moments where you’re completely relaxed and you’re walking around lost in Malibu and you’ll have a light bulb where like universal intelligence is like, “This is what we mean.” And you’re like, “Oh my God! Thank you!” You get these payoffs the more you absorb yourself into this stuff versus media and culture.

‏‏For me, the book that did it for me when I was just 19. My mom gave me The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I loved that book. It is pretty much similar where it’s written in more modern language but the idea is your subconscious mind is really powerful and your thoughts become things, and what you dream of will manifest. I remember myself starting visualizing and dreaming stuff, almost making little movies in my mind of things that seemed so far away that years later manifested in my life in a super cool way. It’s pretty extraordinary.

‏‏Of course, yeah. We’re like two podcast hosts walking to a bar. As I have gotten away from being hateful towards religion or judgmental towards it, I’m like you know what, wherever we’re at on our spiritual path, how many lifetimes we’ve had, if that’s true like I believe it to be true, it’s my belief, we just have to hear stuff and whatever’s going to make sense for us. It doesn’t matter who you hear it from, it’s pretty much all saying the same thing. We just have little different vocabulary words that go along with it.

‏‏Let’s share a little bit of what we did when we were lost in Malibu.

‏‏We played with the plant that looked like a penis.

‏‏I didn’t think it looked like a penis. I thought it looked cute but we did look at houses and we were like, “I like this one.” We actually looked at mansions. We were like, “Wow, I really like this one. I like the parking lot.” I really talk a lot about the parking lot and how it has enough space to out at least 20 cars in and we can have a big party. You liked the one that was more aristocratic, I don’t know, what would you call that? Very more like traditional mansion. I like the one that is more like, I don’t know about the architecture style, but it was more modern.

‏‏I like the modern stuff too and I have a journal that has cut out of magazines of my perfect interior and it’s very modern, and very clean, and big, big lines, and big oversized couches and not trinkets laying around and detail wood workers or stuff like that. I did like the houses that you liked, it was just that the house that we’re talking about, I should’ve taken a picture of it.

‏‏Yeah. You really love that one.

‏‏I think it reminded me of fantasy movies. For me, like Alice In Wonderland.

‏‏Pretty much so.

‏‏Yeah. The cartoon version of it and the live action of it. I just really like that. If I looked at it objectively, we have a lot of stress when I was a kid. I’m sure everyone did. That was such my escape. When I looked at that house, I was like, “Oooh.” I think it brought back inner peace or something. I loved it.

‏‏Yeah. We looked at land too. We were like shopping. We were virtually shopping.

‏‏There were big chunks of land.

‏‏I heard Frank Kern, he had an interview with Tony Robbins and another guy, I forgot his name. But Frank, when he was working in a video store in his early 20s, he would get entrepreneur magazine and cars magazines and while he was on breaks, he would look at cars like Lamborghinis and stuff, and his boss was laughing at him. He’s like, “Why are you looking at those cars?” He’s like, “Because one day, I will have it.” His boss was making fun of him. But three years later, however many years later, it wasn’t that many, he came by the store and everybody were still doing their old job and he was in a Lamborghini. What was funny is the first question people ask him was, “Is this your dad’s car?” Something like that.

‏‏I think that people who don’t get visualization, they’re just doing stuff. That guy probably visualized at some point in his life to get to the career status that he was at to be a boss. You got to tune people out and be careful who you share things with because they don’t get it.

You got to tune people out and be careful who you share things with because they don’t get it.

‏‏Or you can make it a rule that the more people ridicule you, the more fire you have to move forward. It’s like I’ll show you how great I am. I‘ll show you how amazing I am. I’m going to show you what I can achieve and how spiritually connected I am. I’m going to show you how my belief system will create abundance and maybe you should follow me.

‏‏Yeah. Evoke the leader.

‏‏Correct. Tell me a little bit about the Law of Attraction.

‏‏Because that’s a sexy one, right?

‏‏That’s a sexy one. That’s someone everybody’s talking about. We’re going to talk about the other Universal Laws, but let’s talk about the Law of Attraction.

‏‏Yeah. I did a whole bunch of live streams about all the laws, all the Universal Laws. And always Law of Attraction is the one that gets the most traction.

‏‏Because that’s what people are used to hearing since the movie The Secret.

‏‏Yeah, yeah. With Law of Attraction, it finally made sense to me when I learned about the calibration of words and the frequency of emotions. Little scenes, I don’t know if you have seen these places where you can’t get a positive life from a negative mind. That’s something that didn’t make sense and I saw that because I had mantras and I meditated and I was doing Law of Attraction, I had a vision board, and I wrote my vision as if it already happened from a place of gratitude. I was like obviously it’s going to work, Law of Attraction’s going to work for me. A lot of us have that similar experience and we’ll have certain things that we desire come into our life and then other things just never happen. You’re like, “This is a faulty system. Law of attraction, I’m not going to believe in it because it doesn’t always work.” You’re like, “No. Actually, it is always working. There’s keys to it.” With the keys of the calibration of words, the frequency of emotions, that’s what actually creates the speed at which things of law of attractions happen. The first thing, especially with Charles Haanel’s work with The Master Key System, is that our thoughts have mass. Our thoughts actually have a vibrational frequency to them. Law of Attraction says that like attract like. That love itself another is attracted to it, that is like itself. If we start there, with the thoughts, if our thoughts are primarily negative, or like for me one of the things that I had to let go of once I realized this was The Walking Dead, because The Walking Dead where I drive to get from my house to LA, I can go on a 101 freeway which takes you to Malibu and more houses and city stuff, or you can go around the back side and you’re in mountains, and you’re on a two lane highway and you pass through farms. I would notice that I would be on this two lane highway, and it’s an hour drive for me to get to LA. I would think about episodes of The Walking Dead where the cars were pulled over to the side, and there were dead people everywhere and junk and then zombies would be running and I’d be like, “Oh my gosh. Zombies came. I would park right here, and then I would go up that mountain, and then I would do this, I would do that.” And when I learned about thoughts having mass, and that things have a vibrational frequency that they’re attracted to, I was like, “Oh wait a minute. If I have a negative low vibration thought, like attracts like, I will attract negative or low vibration events and people into my life in the material world. I was able to see our thoughts and our minds are in the spiritual realm and our body, and the people, and the opportunities, and circumstances that we encounter are in the material world. I was like if my spiritual realm is filled with catastrophe, and death, and murder, and fighting, then of course I’m not going to encounter zombies in the material world but I’m going to encounter things that meet that frequency.

‏‏That’s powerful.



‏‏At the Pilates studio, we talk about movies, there’s a lot of celebrities that come in there, a lot of producers, and writers. We talk about all that stuff. I was like, “You guys, I can’t do The Walking Dead anymore. This is why.” They all thought it was crazy. I was like, “No. I’m projecting it. If we’re all society projecting all this negative stuff, our whole world’s going to get worse and worse because we keep recycling all of this stuff.” It was really entertaining and fun to talk about but that was one little step. With Law of Attraction, and in my space, the people that I interview on the show, or the people that I am able to help, it’s like okay, if you have all these negative thoughts but you want all these really great things to happen in your life, it’s just a frequency level. The people who are easy breezy, things don’t really bother them, and they don’t really do a lot of the things that most of us do, they’re having all this really great stuff happen to them because they’re not projecting it. They’re not thinking of anything that would match something bad. You know what I mean?

‏‏I guard my mind. I cut Netflix, I only see a very limited amount of movie a week, and it’s a movie, not a TV series, so I won’t get hooked. Because when you’re in a trance, you don’t know what type of subliminal messages you’re going to get from those shows, you don’t know what’s going to trigger you, you don’t know what type of product placement they have there, you don’t know what’s going to show up next that will make you feel bad. And then while you’re watching TV, what happens, sometimes when you watch TV, somebody says, “Hey Lauren! Lauren!” And you can’t even hear them, right? Because we are in a trance state. Our subconscious mind is wide open, and then we see everything that is projected into us and then we’re like, “I don’t know why I feel nervous. I don’t know why I feel depressed. I don’t know why I think about freaking zombies. I don’t know why all those low vibrational things is because we are so exposed to it 24/7, bombarded by Facebook and media and I think we have to guard our subconscious mind like it’s out most important treasure. Really guard it and not allow the negative to come and instead if you want to watch a movie, watch something uplifting, watch something that will make you feel better.

‏‏Yeah. Can we speak to someone who has maybe experienced trauma or sexual assault?

‏‏Of course.

‏‏Because I think that part always get sticky and I have some clients who have had sexual trauma and when we talk about Law of Attraction, I’m like, “Okay. Just listen. Just hear me out on this. I’m not blaming you.” If anybody was listening, maybe I felt that. Because there is no time in spiritual realms, maybe I felt somebody feeling uneasy by this conversation that’s why I wanted to ask you, Orion, if we can touch on it. The stuff that I studied about the universal consciousness and the spiritual books along that line and teachers and meditation, through that path, this is where this is coming from everyone, that we can come and incarnate and have a different vibration level. Yes, we’re born of love, and pure, all these amazing things as an infant, we still have a vibrational quality to us because it came up in a conversation about like what about babies? That horrible things happen to them, they don’t have consciousness yet, they can’t choose this, they can’t do this, they can’t do that, and still they’re victims. Yes, I know, and we’re emotional vibration beings. It’s not that we’re consciously choosing something bad to happen to us, it’s that if we have that vibration, Law of Attraction says like attracts like. Whatever our emotional vibration is on our being, we can match that vibration of a perpetuator. It’s like okay, it’s awful. Maybe the body dies, it goes back up to unconsciousness with God or whatever your belief system is, we can move on from that and say, “Okay, as an adult, I was walking around college and I was abducted, and I was raped, and it was awful.” Okay yes, you didn’t ask for it, you weren’t purposely thinking of “I could be raped one day” and then now you attracted it into your life and you’re still a vibration being. You had to energetically, if Law of Attraction is real, it’s a Universal Law that everybody, science even agrees on, if it says like attracts like, all we have to do is match the vibration. But then the really powerful part is that really awful thing happened and you can grow from it. There are people who have had major spiritual awakenings from having a really awful thing happen to them where it caused them to seek a higher power and then it completely transformed their life and in some cases they’re better off after the event. If there’s anyone out there that’s like, “Something happened. I’m always like I want to be respectful to you and give you empowerment of this vibrational stuff.”

The really powerful part is that really awful thing happened and you can grow from it. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yeah, I totally agree. Thank you for sharing that. What’s another Universal Law that we can talk about? Is that the Law of Action? What are some of your favourites? Actually, why don’t you give us some of them then we’ll go into one in depth.

‏‏Oh my gosh. One of them that was really helpful for me was the Law of Mutual Exchange for my career. I showed up at the Pilates studio and I did a ton of work. I went above and beyond. I’m like I’m going to make sure that we always have water in the water container. The towels are always folded and there’s always fresh stock of toilet paper, the toilet paper holder is never low. I had all these things of how can I give 110% value and service in the workplace. I know there are so many hours in a day. I’m not necessarily going to get a payoff of having more clients because there’s only so many hours in a day. I’m not necessarily going to get a raise, there’s a cap on everything in the brick and mortar world. I learned about the Law of Mutual Exchange. When you are giving, whatever it is that you are giving, Law of Attraction says you have to get that back. You don’t have to worry about getting it back from that same source that you gave to.

‏‏I love it.

‏‏Yes! Right? Then it takes the pressure off of relationships, and why isn’t this working? Because you know what? It’s going to have a payoff. This is a Universal Law. It will have a payoff.

‏‏This is karma.

‏‏Karma. Thank you. I love it. I’m looking for my list. Here we go, I’m on my website. I have 31 Days Of You. Another one, obviously, I don’t have these memorized because Law of Attraction is the most important one.

‏‏Don’t discriminate, don’t discriminate. You’re discriminating the laws, really?

‏‏Okay. You said Law of Action, and this one was helpful for me to look at. Again, looking at the spiritual realm and the material realm, that we can have all of these positive thoughts that we’re working on with mantras, and meditations, and getting to a happy headspace. However, if we aren’t actually out here in material world where we get to explore and be in this human body, we’re missing it. If you get into that happy headspace of being in a positive state and being able to channel an energy that’s greater than you, your ego, then the things that you do that you get into action are going to be exponential. This is how people skyrocket in success, or they’re able to do a lot of work in an hour. Some people can get as much of work done in a day as it takes some people a week because they’re focused and they have this energy and this fuel that’s from something greater than us.

‏‏Yeah. How did you use this Universal Laws? One of them or few of them all together to attract your beloved?


‏‏Woah. Surprise. Here you go.

‏‏Wow. It was funny because I was on a [00:44:21]. In my 20s, I realized that I had capped myself in my vision, in my creativity for the guy. I was like, you know, I’m still in the same financial spot. I’m in my 20s and I’m not anywhere closer to where I thought I was going to be at this stage. I’m not going to date anybody, I’m just going to focus on my career. By then three people were like, “This is when you’re going to meet your husband.” I was like, “Don’t say that!” They’re like, “No! Because now you don’t care.” And then one thing that happened was the Country Music Awards. In the fall, I don’t even know when it is, but I was watching the Country Music Awards with my mom. I was like, “You know, I really love a guy who listens to country music.” I still listen to rap but if you listen to rap, it’s like a lot of really nasty things about women. I want to date somebody, I want to be with somebody who listens to country. Because there are so many love songs and adoring women. That was a thing that clicked for me. I wasn’t really into this stuff. I didn’t really fully understand that stuff. It was just very surface level of personal development and Universal Law and stuff. And then my step sister texted me, and she’s like, “Are you dating somebody?” And she’s never asked that before. I was like, “That’s weird.” She’s like, “I got this great guy and I really want you to meet him.” I go, “Number one, if he’s so great why aren’t you with him? Number two, you’re a policewoman and you told me never to date a policeman. So what’s the deal?” She’s like, “I know, I know, I know. But he’s really great.” I’m like, “Okay.” Because I wasn’t actively looking, before then I was always looking for someone to complete me, and because to me it felt random and I didn’t have any attachment to it, and people had said, I took what people were saying as little signs from God. I was like, “Okay, this is interesting. Maybe I am going to meet my husband right now.” Then he was listening to country music. I was like, “Oh my gosh! This is really crazy.” He is a lot of the things that I wanted. I think I was just trying to get centered on myself. I’ve never really thought about my unconscious values system, this was something that during the summer of 2017, in one of my Masterminds, we talked about your unconscious value system that you created at the age of nine or below. And how is that unconscious values system showing up in your life, and what are the conscious values systems that you created as an adult and how is there a conflict? My husband’s a policeman, he is an expert at firearms, he’s a really good teacher of firearms, he’s in the navy, and my mom had a stalker when I was nine who kidnapped my cat, or had my cat kidnapped while he went to jail and tortured my cat. Okay, my unconscious value system was someone who is stable, had certainty, who would protect me, and so maybe that. Looking at it now, to have that question frame for you in that way, it was probably my unconscious values system. Those are the things that I saw as what a man was to me.

‏‏What type of Universal Laws were played into that?

‏‏That’s probably just attraction, but I wasn’t conscious of it.

‏‏I just made three more Universal Laws.

‏‏You did? What are they?

‏‏The Law of I Don’t Care, the Law of Wouldn’t It Be Nice If, and the Law of Noticing the Signs.

‏‏You’re so intuitive and introspective! You’re so hopeful.

‏‏Here you go.

‏‏That’s awesome, yeah.

‏‏Yeah. This was fascinating. We’re probably going to have another conversation in the future because I would love to go more in depth with you on the Universal Laws and all that. Before we finish, what are you three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏Be internally motivated, not externally. Meaning, don’t get stimulated from the outside in. Look inside into God or to a higher power. Number two, Abraham, the non-physical beings that channel through Esther Hicks, Abraham says, “Reach for the high flying disc.” Reach for an emotion that feels good even in really horrible situations, just look for something that feels good. “Oh, the sky’s pretty. The sun is out. The moon is out.” Look for something that feels good. Number three, take care of your body, came to mind. This is what you get to live in while you’re here. Drink water, go on walks, do a few squats, challenge your muscles, stretch your tendons. That’s it. Internally motivated, high flying disc, take care of your body.

‏‏That’s beautiful. Lauren, where can people find more about you and learn more about you?

‏‏I got a ton of free stuff at laurenherrera.com, you do laurenherrera.com/free. For the purpose of this, I made a gift, I have a Law of Attraction guide. Yes. The Stellar Life ladies and gentlemen can make Law of Attraction actually work for them all the time in a way that they want. You can get that at laurenherrera.com/stellarlife.

‏‏Say it again.


‏‏That was stellar. That was great. Thank you, Lauren. Thank you so much.

‏‏Thank you. This is so great. It was an honor.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Steer clear of negative thinking. Your thoughts have the power to influence the outcome of your day.

✓ Channel positivity by starting from the inside out. Nourish your spirit and let it emerge through your actions.

✓ Learn how to control your negative emotions by getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Find ways to improve your reaction to negativity.

✓ Challenge yourself and take things to the next level to find your true strength. Success lies outside of your comfort zone.

✓ Put yourself out there. Share your talents with the world in the hopes of touching lives and helping others.

✓ Don’t let failure bring you down. Your failure doesn’t define you and it should never stop you from doing what you love.

✓ Find the value in whatever you do. Always understand why you’re doing something and how it’s beneficial to others.

✓ Follow the law of attraction. Visualize what you want and the universe will lead you towards your deepest desires.

✓ Feed your soul and be aware of what your subconscious takes in. Be mindful of the things you read, watch and hear that may influence your thoughts and actions.

✓ Take care of your body. Treat it like a temple to enable you to reach your highest potential.

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