Episode 86 | October 17, 2017

The Spirit & Mindset of Transforming your Body with Lazo Freeman

A Personal Note from Orion

If you’re on a weight loss journey, or a ‘get fit’ journey, there is one fundamental principle you must remember for a successful journey: the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. No matter how many crunches you do, or miles you run, you won’t clearly see any results, or appreciate them, if you don’t work on your inner health as much as your physical appearance.

Lazy Freeman is the number one trainer in the UK – he not only trains celebrities, he trains other coaches as well. His training is one that begins in the heart – meaning accepting who you are as a person, and letting that guide you towards your fitness goals. We had an incredible conversation that spanned our cultural heritage, what it means to find inner peace, and how that can actually help you build the body of your dreams.



In this Episode

  • [03:42] – Orion takes a moment to talk to Lazo briefly about her recent trip to India, where she explains that everything is heightened. She and Lazo then discuss and compare their experiences in India.
  • [08:09] – It’s hard to be born a girl in India because the question of the dowry, Orion points out.
  • [08:48] – Lazo explains a bit about who he is and what he does. He also talks about his transformation.
  • [12:25] – We hear about Lazo’s clients, who tend to be very wealthy.
    [14:34] – Orion steps in to celebrate Lazo’s story and his success. In response, Lazo goes into more depth about his early life and digs into the importance of family and love.
  • [19:32] – Like Lazo, Orion has Kurdish heritage, she explains.
  • [22:20] – Lazo talks about how he changed into becoming a super-fit bodybuilder. He also offers advice about booking a photoshoot for the future to help you visualize how you want to look.
  • [25:28] – We learn about a specific client of Lazo’s and the importance of answering specific questions for yourself.
  • [27:49] – Lazo’s one gem is getting out of your head and being in your body. Once you’ve practiced this, your body will give you important feedback, he explains.
  • [29:02] – Lazo talks about the learning difficulties he was diagnosed with as a teenager.
  • [31:30] – Has Lazo heard of the work of Louise Hay? Lazo answers, and takes some time to talk about his brother as well.
  • [34:08] – Orion shares her fitness journey with Lazo, sharing a surprising story about how easily she lost weight during her week and a half in India. Lazo then explains why this occurred for her.
  • [37:49] – How can you create this state of joy that leads to effortless weight loss during your everyday life despite needing to work and deal with everyday matters?
  • [40:33] – Lazo clarifies why throwing away your clothes can be helpful if you get stuck in your fitness or weight-loss journey.
  • [42:50] – Lazo offers advice involving deciding which specific facet of working out you should work on.
  • [45:52] – What is Lazo’s key to success? He answers that lots of people vastly underestimate how much joy your body and your life can give you.
  • [46:38] – We learn about how Lazo helps women fall in love with their bodies.
  • [50:46] – What are Lazo’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love is medicine, so rise in love. 2. Be honest with yourself. 3. Hang out with good people.
  • [51:34] – Lazo talks about where listeners can find him.

About Today’s Show

‏‏Years ago before I became a coach and then a love coach, I used to be a personal trainer. I used to work at Equinox on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and then I had my own private business. I really enjoyed training people, but even more than that, I was fascinated with the psychology of change, with the psychology of transformation, what makes people tick. I remember that I studied neurolinguistic programming and hypnotic technique and I used to use it on my clients to see the changes and the changes were amazing. They lost weight, they kept it off, but also, the changes in their lives were insane. I remember bringing my clients on the stretching table and getting them into trance-like state and using embedded command to reprogram their subconscious mind for success and help them see themselves as the person they want to be. It was very, very successful. What I like about my guest today is that we both hold the same approach, we both understand that the mind, the spirit, the body, it’s all connected. Also, we both understand that in order to influence transformation, you have to come from a place of love and acceptance. You are perfect just the way you are and just the way you are not. Then if you want to transform, you can but from that place of self-acceptance, the transformation will be rapid and long lasting. If you do not accept yourself, then the transformation is going to be hard, difficult, restricted and it won’t come from the right place. First start with self-love and then use the desire for transformation to move you forward. My guest is Lazo Freeman, he is the number one body transformation coach in the UK. He is a champion natural bodybuilder, he is a trainer to the trainers and a trainer to the stars. He trains the billionaires and the super rich of London and many celebrities. Our conversation was very interesting, he’s a very interesting man, he is a heartfelt leader, he’s got a sweet British accent and an insane physique. I’m sure you will enjoy this episode just as much as I do. Now, without further ado, onto the show. Hey Lazo and welcome to Stellar Life podcast.

‏‏Big hello from London. How are you doing?

‏‏I’m doing wonderful and very excited to be talking with you. You’re a very interesting man.

‏‏Thank you. I heard that you just come back from India. How was that?

‏‏Oh my God. India was insane. It’s just a different world and I recommend everybody to go there just to feel the polarity. It was awesome, it was beautiful. India is almost like it’s assaulting your senses, there’s a lot of noise, there’s a lot of pollution, there are a lot of colors and sounds. It’s like everything is heightened.


‏‏Smells, taste, flavors, everything. It’s such a good experience. Have you been?

‏‏I have. I’ve been to India. What I’m fascinated about India is the way they drive. They drive insane. There is no accidents and there’s one big thing, no road rage. Nobody gets angry the way the people drive. They’re quite chilled out with the whole experience, so I wonder how much our energy in terms of how we feel actually creates accidents in the first place.

I wonder how much our energy in terms of how we feel actually creates accidents in the first place. Click To Tweet

‏‏Just to paint a picture for our listeners, people who have never been to India, it’s like a bad video game on the road. There are two lanes, but people make it four lanes and they just go in and out of lanes.

‏‏Everyone’s beeping.

‏‏Everybody is ah-ah all the time and every car have a sign on it.

‏‏There’s towels on the street. Just doing their thing. It’s fascinating.

‏‏We were in Dharma Shala where the Dalai Lama temple was. We saw the Dalai Lama, and we went to his temple, which was insanely awesome. But in Dharma Shala, it’s such a narrow street on the side of the mountain, cars are coming two ways and motorcycles. It’s pretty scary, you just have to eventually just be like, okay, I’m just trusting the universe that I’m not going to die today. It’s great.

‏‏It’s a big exercise in trust and surrender, India. I think I really get that side of the equation of life.

‏‏Where have you been in India?

‏‏I’ve been to Mumbai. I stayed in Ashram, I was studying.

‏‏Which one?

‏‏I forgot the name of it but the essence of Vedanta Academy. Vedanta is really the study of theAdvaita… and the ideas of the Self as opposed to the self that we’re currently living. The universal aspect of us. Which was really, really an amazing experience. I had a really good time.

‏‏When was that?

‏‏I guess it was two years ago now. Two years ago. There are three types of yogas in terms of study towards enlightenment. One of them is Bhakti Yoga which is like devotion, very devotional. They’re usually the singing, the chanting. Then there’s the Karmic Yoga. Then finally there’s Gyan Yoga which is more strengthen the intellect. You’re really just removing desires which is an interest in aspect of removing attachments. It’s tough work. Really heavy lifting, it’s not for the faint hearted in terms of the way they structure their spiritual practice. They’re really against all the rituals and the singing and dancing which is so cool about India too, don’t get me wrong. I just went and explored this side of seeking knowledge.

‏‏I’ve been to an Indian wedding as well.

‏‏They’re like forever. They’re the best weddings. They’ve got five days of weddings.

‏‏I know. I manifested it on the way to Dharma Shala. I sat by this guy who invited me. I was like, “Oh, I really wanted to go to an Indian wedding.” This guy just invited me to the final party which was amazing.

‏‏There are different parts of the wedding, in different phases.

‏‏It was the part where they’re coming together. Like the final part.


‏‏They dressed very beautifully and they’re all kinds of ceremony that the groom arrives on a horse, and there is a band dancing and singing in front of him and everybody is dancing and then the groom’s family are trying to go through the doors while her sister and her girlfriends are protecting the doors. Just like a ritual. They come through the doors to see her. It’s just beautiful.

‏‏It is beautiful. I’ve been to two Indian weddings, they’re really touching. They do it in style.

‏‏They do. It’s a bit hard to be born a girl in India because the father of the family have to pay for the girls.

‏‏Yeah, the dowry he has to fork up, the cost.

‏‏It’s like if a girl is born, they’re like, “Oh no!”

‏‏Got to work really hard now.

‏‏Yeah. Why not start talking about you? I know you’ve been lately on a spiritual quest but you’re coming from a very physical background but also very geeky background. Why don’t you just share a little bit about who you are?

‏‏Okay. For the listeners who don’t know me, I’m from Central London. My ethnicity originally is from Iraq. I studied Biochemical Engineering, I had a fascination with just Chemistry, I love Chemistry. I remember my teacher saying, “Life is Biochemistry.” That one fascinates me. Look at the Krebs cycle, in an aspiration to know his reaction. I was just fascinated by what’s actually the underlying thing that’s making this happen. How can we change the way we think and feel? Because feeling is chemistry, is chemical. Anyway, I became fat and overweight as a student but I was enjoying the student lifestyle. As a kid, I was brought by my mom, she fed me but she never taught me how to cook. Poor Middle Eastern.

‏‏You had really good food, too. You guys have one of the best foods. It’s the best cuisine.

‏‏Yeah. My mom is phenomenal. I was spoiled, 100% spoiled. When I fended for myself, I didn’t know how to cook, I didn’t even know how to clean, I didn’t know any of that stuff.

‏‏Because they did everything for you, that’s what they do.

‏‏That’s what they do. I was eating terribly, out of pure ignorance. This is before the internet, this is the old school information that we have right now, an access to nutritional plans and diets and what works for you. I became fat and overweight. I started to feel incredibly depressed. I wasn’t really sure where I want to go with Biochemical Engineering, but one thing I did know is I wanted to get back into shape, the shape I was when I was in my teens. I decided to do this competition called Body-for-LIFE, it’s an American program. I don’t think they do it anymore, but it was really big during the late ‘90s and early 2000s. I end up winning this competition, whereby Cindy Crawford came down to officially make me the UK or the European winner. I transformed myself in 12 weeks. I really geeked out with the information I had which was not much. I spent 30 weeks before I actually commit into the program. A lot of it is belief work but there’s also the research. As I did this, I was like, “Wow, this was really cool. I’m going to get a part time job as a personal trainer so I can pay for my gym membership.” I’m a broke student at the time I was studying. I just fell in love with the idea of body transformation. I pursued the career in the fitness field. To the demise of my parents from Middle East whereby you’re either an engineer or a doctor or a pharmacist, if it’s anything less than that, then you’re potentially disowned. I had to really go against that.

‏‏How many kids are you in your family?

‏‏Just me and my brother. My brother is a doctor. He carried the flag.

‏‏Yeah, but you’re a doctor in a way.

‏‏Yeah. I’ve just taken it from a different perspective. I just prevent people from getting ill.

‏‏Just so people know, you are extremely successful. You work with billionaires, you work with the top of the top.

‏‏They are the most eccentric people who live a very bubbled life, as it were. A very bubble life. When you have so much money that’s indispensable, you really can live any type of reality that you want to with the confines of the physical body and what money can provide. It’s a very interesting group of people. But I got really good at training these individuals, again, phenomenal results. I’ve been doing these 12 weeks to 16 weeks radical body transformations. All of it has to do with obviously the nutrition and diet, the training. But the one common thing I really do, Orion, what I do is get people to fall in love with their body and fall in love with working out, that’s my goal. The by product is dropping two dress sizes or becoming leaner, that’s just a by product. Once I get somebody to completely fall in love with their body, fall in love with working out, it’s pretty easy. There’s lots of great programs out there that will work if someone actually loves their body, and loves the process of training. I’m going to give these guys some tips for individuals who don’t enjoy working out and they keep falling in and out of that relationship so they have moments for months they actually really enjoy and then they don’t. There’s a difference between exercise and training. Exercise is doing movement, training there’s an intention beforehand. The biggest thing I’ve seen people in the gym is that they don’t enjoy the win after they complete the work out. That’s one of the biggest things. We are chemistry, and endorphin is extremely addictive and our body can actually produce that stuff. But if we’re not in our bodies during the workouts, somewhere in our heads, then we’re not in the now, we’re not in the present moment. Also, to actually celebrate your win, whatever the win is for you, make it a realistic win and truly breathe, if I were you, spend time breathing in and out and all slowly, enjoy yourself, pat yourself in the back, feel good and let those hormones be released. The more you practice this, addiction starts to kick in. Your body, I need to work out right now.

When you have so much money that’s indispensable, you really can live any type of reality that you want to with the confines of the physical body and what money can provide.

‏‏Because before we start going into all the nitty gritty and everything you know and all your knowledge, I just want to celebrate your win, your story. Maybe you can share a little but about your childhood and how you conquered because right now you are this beautiful man from the inside out, you’re very successful, you’re very spiritual, and people see you and they’re like, “Oh, he’s got it all. He always had that.” But your story is of difficulty of rags to riches pretty much.

‏‏Yeah. Everyday, I see the blessing and it’s not an intellectual thing. I was born in 1980, it was the Iraq-Iran war. My father’s Kurdish, my mother’s Arab, Sadam at the time was persecuting the Kurds for reasons and my uncle, he is a parish miracle worship freedom fighter. He was basically… when Sadam hitting us, the whole family has to leave, otherwise everyone would be taken out. We escaped, I was 3 years old, my brother I think was 4 or turning 5. He escaped North of Iraq through mountains on donkeys while the war was happening. My mom remembers being shot at and even bombs flying overhead. The journey to the UK took about six months. I was in prison as a kid, in Romania, detained for seven weeks. There’s a lot of things that happened that if my mom told the story, she’s great at telling the story. It’s like a four hour story, it’s a saga.

‏‏Your mom sounds like an extraordinary woman.

‏‏She really, really is. She had to deal with a lot of things. When I look at my own life and my problems, it’s all perception, how we perceive our problems. I look at what my mom had to overcome, there’s nothing here that’s any of real seriousness, there’s nothing here that’s a real challenge. It’s challenging but it’s not compared to life or death situations, or you’re on the brink of something really fatal happening. I genuinely feel to this day as a kid, I still remember being in mountains over Iraq, just staring at the sun and even then I still connect to it right now. Feeling extremely blessed, like there is almost a guardian angel looking after me, taking care of me. There’s something above this reality, just looking after the journey. I’ve continuously had these experiences throughout my life where I felt this presence. People think I’ve got my s**t together. The only reason I feel like I have my s**t together is because I just trust there is something much bigger out there that’s taking care of me. I just spend time connecting to that.

‏‏I said when Sadam was attacking Israel, I remember I was in the sealed room because there was a threat for a nuclear missile. We heard the missiles and we were sitting in the room with gas masks on our faces. I remember as a kid, sitting in the room with my mom and my sister and hearing the missiles overhead and watching the TV.


‏‏Scary but also there was a lot of humor then. Because humor is the best way to handle war. Lots of SNL type shows and really funny things and people coming together which is another interesting thing that happens through crisis or war or pain.

‏‏The more important things in life really comes out. Like being together, supporting each other, helping one another out. These core principles that sometimes in the Western world we forget.

‏‏What were the core principles you were born with?

‏‏Be honest with yourself. It was a big one my parents said, “Just be true and honest with yourself because you can do that, then you’re more likely to make better decisions in whatever you do.” Have incredible faith. My father was more of a scientist, he is faithful based on science, math, chemistry, that was his thing. My mom was based on Islam and she’s never taught us Islam, me and my brother, but even though she really practiced it for herself within herself. I saw that aspect of my mother, incorporate, not try to indoctrinate, just expressing what it’s supposed to mean in her perception while my father was just really working on logic and reason and understand mass physics and chemistry. That was it, really pushed us, had to learn that stuff. Also, just in the value of looking out for each other as a family. Really looking out for each other, really, really looking out for each other. That’s really held us through the tough times. Family and being honest, you can go very far in life and you can always feel the love no matter what you are, that’s the integral part, the best medicine out there, I don’t care what anybody says, it’s love. If you’re feeling down forever, it’s just because there’s a lack of love from within or from outside. It’s one of the two.

‏‏I have Kurdish heritage too.

‏‏(Kurdish language)

‏‏I was born in Israel, my mom was born in Tunisia. They immigrated when she was one. My father’s ancestors are Kurds, I don’t know from where but I know Kurds.

‏‏Yeah, there are a lot of Jewish Kurds there, especially during the ‘50s and ‘40s and ‘60s.

‏‏I don’t know much about that side of my heritage but I’m very curious.

‏‏The Kurds, they’ve never had their own independence. They’re very different culture to Arabs, they speak a different language, they have different music, they have different ways of eating food, they’re quite very different. I would say, every continent there is a warrior culture, like the Greeks had the Spartans, like in the UK was the Irish, you said the Irish. The Kurds were like that in the Middle East, they were the fighting culture. Saladin against Richard Lionheart, he was Kurdish. It’s really indoctrinated in fighting for freedom. They’re really just like the heavy feeling that you get, this kind of warrior energy.

‏‏Some of them were nomads, right?

‏‏Yeah. They said the Kurdish’s best friend is called the mountain, your best friend. It’s pretty intense, right?

‏‏Very intense.

‏‏My uncle killed a bunch of Sadam generals, he is a freedom fighter so he hid in this mountain called Zozek. It’s a beautiful mountain in Kurdistan. That’s when my brother was born, they called him after the mountain Zozek. I was born a year later and there’s this other mountain called Gorak and they were to call me Gorak and my mom was like, “F**k that, not another mountain.” Thank you, mom, for not calling me Gorak because Gorak sounds like a villain. Big shout out to my Papa. It doesn’t ring as well as Lazo Freeman.

‏‏No, Lazo Freeman sounds like a household name. Thank you for sharing all that, it’s so beautiful. We can spend hours talking about that. I’m sure our listeners will still be very interested but because this is about fitness, let’s go back. You grew up, you were nerdy, and you learned Biochemistry, you were not that fit but all of a sudden one day you had the desire to become this super awesome bodybuilder. How did that happen?

‏‏I ended up winning this competition called Body for Life. There’s just two ways to make change happen, there’s change in state, state changes, but for me what works the best is changing the stage, the stage where you get to work, it’s like people study really well when they know the exams are coming up. I work really well when I know there’s a timeline that I’m going for a result. I set it up so that after the 12 weeks, I was going to go Spain and I didn’t want to look shitty in Spain, it was part of the competition. There was a countdown. When you have something with the stage, it’s a lot easier to say no to certain things, I find. I don’t need much willpower, but when I don’t have the stage, I’m more like going with the flow, I might go eat out and party here, party there and then one thing leads to another and you put on the weight. When I work with my clients, we do professional photoshoots. Those professional photoshoots are really nice photoshoots, really going out of the town.

What works the best is changing the stage, the stage where you get to work, it’s like people study really well when they know the exams are coming up. Click To Tweet

‏‏I’ve seen some of them, they’re insane.

‏‏It’s a great tip. Book a photoshoot four months from now, right, this is going to happen. You’d be surprised magic happens, all of a sudden your body starts to respond when you start to shoot your pace and visualize how you want to look like, visualize that you should actually have a switch on different genes in your body. Your thoughts and you feelings can actually turn on the genes for breaking down fat, increasing growth hormones. You’d be surprised how much that actually makes the big impact in terms of transforming or getting into the best shape of your life. But if you don’t have that and you’re looking at scales, scales are useless, nobody cares about how much weight you really lost, it’s how you look and how you feel, that’s the most important thing. Does that makes sense?

‏‏Yeah, it does.

‏‏I did this. The next step was like, “Okay, I look pretty good. I’m going to do the thing called body building.” And there’s another stage, and then I do this for three years, I won a few shows. Then, it was more like okay, the next stage is business. I saw it as a stage, what stage that I want to go into business. Did that for a while and got successful with these high networks and then started training trainees in the Freeman method. I have 200 trainers that I’ve trained out, and they probably transformed 1,000 people collectively. We won the UK Active which is the governing body award for best innovation in the fitness field, mindset principles, you have to actually shift people’s mindset because decision making is not an intellectual process, it has to be a very visceral experience. When I work with my clients, in the most loving way, Orion, in the most loving, loving way, I get them to cry. The reason why I get them to cry is because it’s actually catharsis in the brain, it’s a brainstorm. You know when you have these inspired feelings, and you’re in tears, you just had the brainstorm. You will usually highjack your autonomic nervous system to actually now get the body to make a decision that this is going to happen.

‏‏Please make me cry. Not now.

‏‏If you do, it takes me 2-3 hours, you’d be surprised. It can be very powerful. I had this one client, he was this wolfy guy, he goes like, “Lazo, I want to transform. I have dinner with the pope in two weeks.” I said, “Okay, great. You have dinner with the pope, but let’s just sit down and go through the process.” We went through the process and I finally have found out the most important thing for him was to be around when his children have grandkids, that he wants to be there and really be able to be healthy, strong and fit. This is a grown man who has a very successful business, he was in tears. Everybody has their thing. There’s that one thing, we all have it. It’s like an onion, really clearing you off the layers there is that one beautiful thing, that one gem, and if you have that gem, that’s all you need, and you just hold onto that gem, that can carry you through those day when you can’t be bothered to go to the gym or you don’t want to stick to your nutritional plan or whatever it is. For the listeners out there, what is that one gem that you just hold onto that one idea? You go work out, you’re like, this is what I’m fighting for, this is what I’m doing this for. I call it the fight. If you think about it, you’re trying to get your body to really move. The body doesn’t really want to move, especially we’ve been conditioned to sit on furniture and chairs and whatever. We’re designed for comfort, unfortunately. Not all of us, but for those people who are not active or would like to be more active, you train your body to be too comfortable. It needs something to fight for, to get it moving. It’s like the starter to get in that. If you can find that for yourself and ask that question, why am I doing this? This is usually for the greater good, there’s nothing wrong with looking good, but sometimes that doesn’t last as long and it’s for a bigger reason.

‏‏Coming from a heritage of warriors, and your story of the fight that you grew up with, I can see why you call it the fight and why you’re so in touch with the concept of the warrior. It’s also very masculine, it’s very beautiful, it’s very sexy. The warrior!

‏‏But then I do all this yoga, and all this spiritual stuff to balance that out because I can go even more. You need the two, everybody does. Everyone has their own masculine and feminine, I think it’s also important to find that and understand what does it look like for yourself and embrace it.

Everyone has their own masculine and feminine, I think it’s also important to find that and understand what does it look like for yourself and embrace it.

‏‏Right. What is your one gem?

‏‏My one gem? For fitness or for whichever?

‏‏Fitness and life?

‏‏Fitness and life. In fitness, get out of your head and be in your body, enjoy just being in your body. You don’t always have to do certain workouts, just moving, dancing, just feeling your body, loving your body. Nietzsche said, “There’s more wisdom in your body than any philosophy.” After a while of practicing this, your body will give you really important feedback about your life. Many diseases you have are actual gifts to tell you what you need to do for your life. Any sensations, they’re all there. It’s a beautiful, beautiful machine if you’re able to just be inside that body. You can use any modality but just get out of your head for a while. You spend way too much in the Western world in our head.

‏‏I want to know your drives, your highest values. I know you studied with Dr. John Demartini, you were a facilitator for Dr. John Demartini. He was on my show, by the way. Listeners, episode 30, listen to Dr. John Demartini, the amazing. You guys have similar parallels where he was told he cannot read, write and communicate, and you were diagnosed as dyslexic at 15.

‏‏Right, yeah, yeah. Difficulties. I overcome them because my dad would teach us, “No, you can read.” It worked. When you have somebody around you in authority that really believes in you, that usually trumps things. It’s good to have people who can really believe in you in your life. Sometimes they can overwrite your own thinking process.

‏‏For Dr. Demartini, when he was 18, I’m not sure, he had a mentor that told him, “Just say I’m a genius.” And then he became a genius, read over 30,000 books. He’s so high level. He’s beyond. What did you learn from him?

‏‏We have Demartini and his philosophy program, there are many laws that govern the universe. You can learn from different people, and there’s different ways on understanding and there are different deaths. But for Demartini, he goes from the mind into the body. He’s using the mind to release the energy that’s trapped these emotions, that are trapped there that are causing certain programs or subconscious programs or certain things you’re lied to about. What I really learned about him is duality, The Law of Duality, and see it manifesting in my life. I know it’s known as we’re the pair of opposites but you can collapse these dualities and turn in into love. But it’s a skill set, the more you go into it, the deeper you can see the pairs of opposites that are running this thing called life or this matrix. Another person I’m a fan of who also teaches his work as a pilot is Dr. Joe Dispenza. Joe goes the other way around compared to Demartini as a process. Demartini’s process, the actual breakthroughs can be quite tough to do, it’s like pulling teeth.

‏‏I know, yeah, I did that. It was very hard for me.

‏‏It’s not a fun experience. You get great results but it’s just not a fun experience. Dr. Joe, his work is a lot more fun. He’s wrote a great book called You Are The Placebo, I highly recommend for people to read it. Not necessarily just because they might be suffering from a disease, but it really tells you how your thoughts and your thinking is actually going to affect your body and your reality. It’s all the same manifestation. I’ve been teaching his stuff now, I’ve been doing his work for over a year now and found great, great benefits. Orion, I would definitely get him on the show if you want a second person who you’ll find fascinating.

‏‏Yeah, I would love that. Have you heard of the work of Louise Hay?

‏‏Yeah, I like Louise Hay. She really goes into psychosomatics of diseases. Moving forward, some people all we need is a humbleness to something that you haven’t worked off, that’s why you’re on your knees. Some of them do correlate, it really does. Data healing is another modality that I’ve studied, it’s a good one, in terms of being able to tap into your psychic abilities and being able to read and see. My brother, he’s a practicing doctor, he does some of the fancy medicine. He can actually see some of the diseases without any scans and he gets it right. You’ve met Crystal, haven’t you?

‏‏Have I? Oh yeah, Crystal, yeah, I know Crystal.

‏‏A bit of Crystal’s juju. Crystal, how do you do this? When we practice going into this stage of data and we all have this, we haven’t practiced it that’s why we don’t know. Some people are a bit more gifted. When you practice it, you can actually start tapping into more information regarding what’s this person going through. You get a reading, you feel it in your own body. You can decide, is that my stuff or is it someone else’s stuff? You can feel there’s a difference. But again, that’s just training which is really good for you know when people say picking up on the vibe, that’s what they’re picking up on. Or you can go into more specifics using some of the general data healing or Crystal’s work which is really good in terms of—for me personally—to feel more whole.

‏‏How would you describe Crystal’s work, so people will know?

‏‏I don’t know, I’m trying to figure out. I speak to Crystal on the phone. He is a psychic as well as a healer. He can get very detailed in terms of certain things about you that you repress for many, many years. He can get very clear why certain ailments and issues are in your body, and also how to potentially heal them. I’m big in healing, in India, the Eastern’s philosophy, they put a lot of effort in healing. In Western, we just focus on the medicine. Medicine really takes into account the effects and not the cause. What’s actually causing the particular disease? There are people who are not sick or ill but just do some healing practices on a daily basis, you become a high performer. It’s not just needed for people who are unwell or depressed or sad, it can be somebody who’s doing pretty good in life, there are some healing practices and what’s your high performance levels and also you mentioned earlier the universe really opens up and it conspires to help you out in a big way.

‏‏Yes, beautiful. Can I share my fitness journey with you?

‏‏Please do, Orion, I would love to.

‏‏We got married in December. Before my wedding, I lost a lot of weight, I worked with a trainer, amazing, really got my body in a very nice shape. After the wedding, I started eating and eating because I had no goal, I just ate a lot. I didn’t train as much, and then I broke my wrist. I was in pain and my shoulder had problems so I didn’t train as well. Just recently, I’m getting back to fitness and exercise. I started taking thyroid medication that did not agree with me and I again gained a lot of weight. Then, I went on this fitness journey where I was really trying to lose weight, trying to lose weight, working hard, eating better, but still nothing moves. I’m going to India for two weeks, I’m eating Rajasthani food which is like the most oily, buttery food. You see the oil on each plate. I’m eating five times as much as I usually eat. I eat bread, carbs, sugar, candy, everything. went all out. I was traveling, I was hungry all the time, I really enjoyed the flavors, I’m into variety. I like the flavors, the textures, trying everything, living life to the fullest. Come back home and I’ve lost five pounds. I just weighed myself this morning, I’m like what? Then, before when I was really trying to lose the weight and restricting my food, I guess I felt so restricted that maybe that was the sticking point, I don’t know. Then, I go to India, I’m having a lot of fun. I’m all in my element, meeting new people, talking to everybody, talking to monks in Dharma Shala, petting elephants, feeding them, having the best time of my life and I eat like crazy. I actually had candy in my bag which is something I eat everyday. I keep eating candy, chocolate, whatever, trying all the desserts. We were in some nice hotels, so the breakfasts were insane. I’ve never had breakfast like that. Yet, I come back to the US after a week and a half in India and I lose five pounds. What?!

‏‏What is going on there?

‏‏What’s going on?

‏‏I’ll tell you what’s going on. When you’re enthusiastic, when you’re optimistic, when you’re living the life, when you’re in the moment, the body knows what you want it to do and it just does it because you’re getting out of your own way. But when you’re getting into restriction mode, guess what you’re telling yourself to restrict, hold on, things are going to get rough. That’s what you’re literally communicating to yourself. Every cell in the body is listening to everything you say. I’m not a big fan of losing weight, I’m a big fan of gaining it. By gaining it, you have to feel good. When you feel good, the weight just drops off. I teach all my clients this process of just really thinking about enjoying, being alive, enjoying pressure, enjoying good moments. You’d be surprised how much you can lost from just that attitude. It makes sense to me, it’s not a surprise.

‏‏Really? How can I create this here in Santa. Monica where I still have to work and do my thing and have my goals and still create this reality where I’m just in bliss all the time?

‏‏Orion, I would really go and learn some of Dr. Joe’s work because Dr. Joe’s work, you can feel bliss for no reason when you practice it. I’m sometimes just in the state of joy for no reason whatsoever because I’ve just practiced it and I don’t have to be traveling or in a beautiful resort, I can just feel it in the present. I can even feel it in the subway of London, that’s a really grim place. I can feel it in that space because it’s just training. That’s a tool. Also, you can use—he’s particular to actually heal your thyroid from using the training of awareness. I always say maybe it’ll take you a month to two months, just practice and you’ll literally naturally heal the thyroid if there’s still any problems there. Again, just really enjoying the moment, enjoying working out, enjoying your body. You love your body so much that you don’t really want to eat junk food. You might have it here and there in the moment but it’s only in a tiny moderation, it’s not in restriction.

‏‏But now I have this conflict inside. I’ve been eating horribly in India, enjoying every moment of every bite, and I’m like why can’t I do it here? I’d still eat whatever I want and lose weight and look amazing.

‏‏The… improves your sensitivity, laughter. When you’re laughing a lot, you actually get leaner. You ever see people who laugh a lot all the time, they don’t age much. Simple thing is laughing, you’re burning calories when you’re just laughing all the time. It’s not going into fat cells.

Simple thing is laughing, you’re burning calories when you’re just laughing all the time. It’s not going into fat cells. Click To Tweet

‏‏Have you heard of laughter yoga?

‏‏My mom has done it, I’ve not tried it. I supposed you go—I’ve heard it of. I laugh all the time. If I don’t laugh everyday, there’s this Charlie Chapman saying that you really lost a day because there’s always something to laugh about. That’s my explanation to how you still lost a lot of weight in India. You’re not in a good mood, but sometimes when we’re back into “reality” our work obligations, running around, as opposed to a space like India where it’s just always new, the novelty factor is always there, the excitement. You’re like a kid going to Disney World, you can eat all the ice cream and you still burn it. The exuberance and high energy just melts whatever you’re consuming. Being in the unknown helps losing weight. Again, that’s a simple thing for people who are having redundant workout or they’ve been in the gym for too long. It’s time to change. Throw away your trainers, throw away your clothes, join a new one. Just go to a different place. There’s old anchors, so we do need change. Change is important.

‏‏Do you just throw away your clothes?

‏‏Yeah, it’s like an outfit. If you’re in this plateau with your workout, throw away your clothes, throw away your trainers, get a new gym, throw away your personal trainer if you’re not getting the results you want, just start new. It’s just a simple thing and you’ll get good results.

‏‏What are some other amazing tips like throwing away your clothes?

‏‏That’s easy tips.

‏‏It sounds so simple but it makes a lot of sense.

‏‏It does. What would your new you do, be that person. The environment triggers our feelings. We go to new places, we can create a new anchor to those environments. It’s just as simple as that. It’s very hard to transcend our environment by using pure willpower, you really have to be a super conscious human being, which takes a lot of effort.

‏‏I’ve done a lot of types of exercises in my life, from dancing, to pole dancing, to MMA, to Aikido. I always try to really try new things. But then I found that I don’t stay in them for too long. For me, a year or two years and then I’m like I want to try something else. With pole dancing, I’m still exploring. It’s still a new territory. I find that especially for a woman, it’s really important to incorporate the masculine and feminine type of athletic arts. I think that it’s very important, like you do Yoga, you do the weight training, the body building. I think it’s really good for a woman to do belly dancing, pole dancing, dancing. And also I still lift weights and I love it. It seems like when I was younger, I had more of that masculine energy, that roar.

‏‏That’s because Sadam Hussein was trying to bomb you.

‏‏Not that young, no. I don’t know, it’s like lately I’ve been easier on myself at the gym because I don’t like the tension in the muscles. If I lift too heavy, I feel too tight and my body gets too tight. I like it when it’s more free and flexible.

‏‏There you go. A very good tip there is if you were to rate your flexibility, your relative strength—relative strength is basically what you can do with your body; press ups, chin ups, squats, anything you can do with your body. Your absolute strength, what kind of lifts you can do. And then your power. Decide which area do you want to work on, as opposed to just one thing and then you become quite redundant in terms of your movement, you become quite plain in the terms of your action, and it’s really interesting. The fact that you’re doing many different things, it really does actually change your brain operation, the way you move will actually activate different parts of your brain, the dormant parts of your brain. Sitting around really is healthy on different levels, not just physically looking in terms of vanity but also helps in the way you think, the way you feel, the way you solve problems. There’s a couple of good people out there that I would recommend for you guys to check out. Ido Portal, he’s Israeli, he does movement. As well as Steve Maxwell. He’s training to look amazing at 90, he’s 65 years old. His outwork are more based on longevity, the joints are okay, you’re feeling your body and you’re very connected to your breath. These kinds of things will help take you to—you’ve already done this but going from one modality, whether it’s dancing, to kickboxing, to pole dancing, whatever these things that we can enjoy in our body. It’s really exciting to be able to enjoy our body in different forms, it’s really a great thing to do. It’s like a pleasure that we have this existence here on this Earth. Our body is our own, we take it everywhere we go. We go to church or a synagogue or a mosque or what do we do, we close our eyes, we’re in that body. We’re always in the body. I’m not talking about body from a vanity stand point, just enjoying the pleasures it can give. As long as we’re training it well, we’re recovering well and we don’t take it too serious, but there is a lot of playfulness. It’s almost like playful serious, that’s the way you want to curve your body, very playful serious. Too serious, you’re gonna get injuries. Too playful, maybe not much is going to happen. Combining those two energies, I guess it’s back to what you just said, it’s the masculine feminine energy. Combining the two, long term, you’re going to enjoy it a lot more.

‏‏I feel so inspired to go to the gym right now.


‏‏I’m actually going after this interview. I have a dance class and I do weights, yay. I woke up this morning with jet lag.

‏‏You can shake it off, it’s just energy, just practice, shake it off.

‏‏I woke up, I’m like I’m so jet lagged, it was such a long flight, I don’t want to go to my dance class.

‏‏The stuff we tell ourselves. As long as you are in your breath and you shake it out and you move, you’d be surprised how jet lag will just disappear all of a sudden and the body knows how to reset itself.

‏‏Right. What is your key to success?

‏‏I think people vastly underestimate how much joy your body and your life can give you if you just give it permission to do so. What I mean by that is give you permission to get out of your way. I do my best work when I’m out of my own way. I know when I’m blocking myself and I know when it’s time to just let it go and just be, being and being this. You just get more done. Again, as a man, I’ve studied engineering. I’ve been super analytical. It was just crazy. I don’t think mine’s great but sometimes you can really get in your way. Overthinking is really under-thinking, to be honest.

‏‏That’s powerful. How do you help women fall in love with their bodies?

‏‏One of the exercises I do is the compassion exercise. I’m sure this is what some of you may have already done, it’s to see where they’re at in terms of how much they love themselves. That’s the first thing. Look in the mirror and say to themselves I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you, which is a Ho’oponopono technique for forgiveness. If the self image of this woman, for whatever reason, is negative, then it’s very hard for the person to make a change. Forgiveness is a really important tool to remove the shame that’s attached to her, the guilt that’s attached to her. I know we’re going to different parts of the female’s body, if you actually get them forgiveness, you want a nice booty, you want a nice arm, but if you don’t love yourself at the beginning, there’s always going to be a sabotage mechanism. Just doing those exercises for a week or two will make a difference in terms of okay, I’m ready to receive the new physique, I’m ready to become that lady. Again, shame and guilt, especially shame, is really low, heavy baggage energy. It’s very hard to motivate yourself. A good way to remove shame is forgiveness work and women can be brutal in terms of how they look because they’re always comparing themselves to everybody else and just not appreciating the way they look themselves. “I’m only going to do this for me and for my best looking body and for the love of that.” It’s realistic. You have an amazing human body, it’s a miracle. Your body is a miracle. It’s made out of miracles, that’s the truth. Get to see the truth then magic can start to happen.

‏‏How do you do this process?

‏‏I do it with my clients in the mirror. What I realized is it’s quite deep for some women, it’s really difficult. It’s just encouragement to do it all the time. It starts right with their future self, start to look at their future self, who they want to be, how they want to be and how they want to feel, and then fall in love with their future self, but also giving thanks to the person they are now. A lot of compassion to the person they are now. That’s called [00:50:08].

‏‏You have them stand in front of the mirror and see the beauty of their bodies?

‏‏Yeah, and simply say to themselves… it’s one of those things. Some people don’t want to stare at themselves in the eyes. I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you. Just get them to say it over and over again. It will bring out a lot of emotions. You’ll see some women, they’ll say it with passion, get really into it. She’s ready, she’s really ready to follow that nutritional plan, to follow the exercise plan. Usually, the easy part. There’s millions of nutritional plans out there. There’s millions of training programs. That’s the mechanistic part, reason why people are not doing the workout is they’re not taking care of the vitalistic part, the energy that’s needed to see it through all the way to the end. By saying these blessings, some people will really get a hard time for their stomach, or their legs, or whatever it is. It’s just to give it blessings. Your cells are listening, they’re living and breathing. If you’re hating yourself, then your cells are not going to be functioning well. We need to start healing. I’ve had a client who just using healing practices, they lost 10kgs.


‏‏You can lose a lot of weight. All emotional. Shame, guilt, tears are creating baggages. The body is very difficult to release it, but then because it’s chemicals. When you can do this healing work, you liberate your energy, the body goes ahhh, now I know what you want to do, we can do this, we can work as a team.

‏‏That’s beautiful.

‏‏I would definitely use some healing practices and obviously being active, how your body responds.

‏‏Right. Oh my god, I want to keep talking to you. I’ll have to have you back.

‏‏For sure, this has been great.

‏‏Before we leave, two questions. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life, and where can people find you?

‏‏The first tip is love is medicine. Just wherever it is, just rise in love. Whatever you are, just keep rising in love. Whatever the situation, just rise up. Your best spiritual teachers are usually people who annoy you the most, just practice rising which will go into other areas of your life. Your businesses, your relationships, you name it. Another tip is be honest with yourself, I’m going to stick with that. Sometimes, you have to be brutally honest but in a loving way, sometimes you have to be compassionate to decide which format are you being honest. Finally, hang out with good people. One of the best ways to improve yourself, or live a stellar life, because we are creatures of osmosis. The people you hang out with is really important. They can find me in London, I’m just hanging out in the subway, singing a song, playing my guitar and throw me 20 cents, I’m all good. You can add me on Facebook, Lazo Freeman, the clients I work with come exclusive but I’m happy to answer any questions. Just add me. If you can’t add me, just message me, because I think I’m kind of capped on the numbers. I’m happy to help out if I can and would direct you to the right place.

‏‏Perfect. Thank you so much, Lazo.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Come from a place of love and acceptance before you decide to undergo a physical transformation.

✓ Do some yoga to help you connect with your center and practice the principles of truthfulness, wisdom and simplicity. 

✓ Know the difference between exercise and training. Exercise is the physical act of making repetitive movement. Training is exercising with intention.

✓ Appreciate the people you love and show them how important they are to you. These people are your support group for your desired transformation. 

✓ Create a detailed timeline that shows how you are going to reach your goal. Have an end goal in mind so you know what you are preparing for in the beginning. 

✓ Visualize how you want to look after your training by creating a vision board. Put up images that will inspire you to reach your goal. 

✓ Brainstorm different health and fitness methods. Find what works best for you by trying them out over a period of time. 

✓ Become familiar with the works of Dr. John Demartini, Louise Hay and Dr. Joe Dispenza and let them guide you through your self development. 

✓ Be in the moment and live life to the fullest. When you have an enthusiastic outlook, your body knows what you want and will cooperate better. 

✓ Be honest to yourself in a way that is reassuring. Tell yourself what you need to hear but don’t do it in a way that lowers your self-esteem.

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