Episode 86 | October 17, 2017

The Spirit & Mindset of Transforming your Body with Lazo Freeman

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Mission #86

On Board: Lazo Freeman
Mission: The Spirit & Mindset of Transforming Your Body

The Co-Pilot:

On my recent trip to India, I ate a bunch, because I was savoring all the incredible flavors (and besides, that’s what you do on vacation, right?). When I came back and stepped on the scale, I expected to have gained weight. In fact, I lost five pounds over the week and a half I was there! This may seem odd, but my guest today explains this fascinating phenomenon and offers advice on how you can create it in your own life right at home, without needing to go on a big trip!

Lazo Freeman is the #1 body transformation coach in the UK, with clients including other trainers, international stars, and the wealthy elite of London. He’s a fascinating person who shares my approach to personal training, which emphasizes the connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit. Just as importantly, he understands that transformation needs to come from a place of love and self-acceptance rather than shame or embarrassment.

Connect With Lazo:

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The Mission Log:

  • [03:42] – Orion takes a moment to talk to Lazo briefly about her recent trip to India, where she explains that everything is heightened. She and Lazo then discuss and compare their experiences in India.
  • [08:09] – It’s hard to be born a girl in India because the question of the dowry, Orion points out.
  • [08:48] – Lazo explains a bit about who he is and what he does. He also talks about his transformation.
  • [12:25] – We hear about Lazo’s clients, who tend to be very wealthy.
    [14:34] – Orion steps in to celebrate Lazo’s story and his success. In response, Lazo goes into more depth about his early life and digs into the importance of family and love.
  • [19:32] – Like Lazo, Orion has Kurdish heritage, she explains.
  • [22:20] – Lazo talks about how he changed into becoming a super-fit bodybuilder. He also offers advice about booking a photoshoot for the future to help you visualize how you want to look.
  • [25:28] – We learn about a specific client of Lazo’s and the importance of answering specific questions for yourself.
  • [27:49] – Lazo’s one gem is getting out of your head and being in your body. Once you’ve practiced this, your body will give you important feedback, he explains.
  • [29:02] – Lazo talks about the learning difficulties he was diagnosed with as a teenager.
  • [31:30] – Has Lazo heard of the work of Louise Hay? Lazo answers, and takes some time to talk about his brother as well.
  • [34:08] – Orion shares her fitness journey with Lazo, sharing a surprising story about how easily she lost weight during her week and a half in India. Lazo then explains why this occurred for her.
  • [37:49] – How can you create this state of joy that leads to effortless weight loss during your everyday life despite needing to work and deal with everyday matters?
  • [40:33] – Lazo clarifies why throwing away your clothes can be helpful if you get stuck in your fitness or weight-loss journey.
  • [42:50] – Lazo offers advice involving deciding which specific facet of working out you should work on.
  • [45:52] – What is Lazo’s key to success? He answers that lots of people vastly underestimate how much joy your body and your life can give you.
  • [46:38] – We learn about how Lazo helps women fall in love with their bodies.
  • [50:46] – What are Lazo’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Love is medicine, so rise in love. 2. Be honest with yourself. 3. Hang out with good people.
  • [51:34] – Lazo talks about where listeners can find him.

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