Episode 328 | July 25, 2023

Heal Your Relationship with Money with Leisa Peterson

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome, Stellar listeners! I am thrilled to bring you another transformative episode of the Stellar Life Podcast.  Today, we delve into financial consciousness and uncover the secrets to cultivating a mindset of abundance. In this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Leisa Peterson, a true trailblazer on a mission to elevate the financial consciousness of one million individuals. 

As a highly respected money coach, business consultant, and author, Leisa not only hosts the Mindful Millionaire podcast but also guides people through virtual workshops and immersive retreats. Her unique approach combines practical financial strategies with mindfulness training, enabling individuals to break free from patterns of lack, scarcity, and money fears. Through her guidance, countless lives have been transformed, allowing individuals to step into their full potential and create lives of abundance and purpose.

Recognized by Forbes as one of the “10 Women Driving Growth in Wealth Management and Investing,” Leisa Peterson’s expertise has garnered attention from prestigious media outlets such as the Gaia Media Network, The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, The Week, and the Huffington Post. Her insights and wisdom have been shared on various podcasts and radio shows, inspiring listeners worldwide to embrace a new level of financial consciousness.

This podcast episode is an absolute must-listen for anyone seeking to redefine their relationship with money and embrace a mindset of abundance. Through Leisa’s guidance, you will gain invaluable insights into how to overcome limiting beliefs, break free from scarcity patterns, and embrace a life of true financial freedom.

Remember, abundance is your birthright. It’s time to claim it and step into the stellar life you deserve. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:23] – Leisa Peterson shares her relationship with money when she was younger compared to her present self.
  • [07:05] – How do you know if you’re making an impact?
  • [15:10] – Leisa talks about her experience on the four-day retreat in Sedona. She also discusses the right types of investments.
  • [18:54] – Leisa explains how she deals with fear and hesitation in real estate and choosing between spiritual or intuitive choices.
  • [23:16] – Leisa shares her practices to connect to more abundance.
  • [28:33] – Leisa and Orion discuss the importance of knowing your core story to success.
  • [38:21] – How does a business become an interesting journey? The importance of separation between making money and spirituality.
  • [46:30] – Leisa’a top tips for a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Leisa. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you, Orion. I’m so happy to be here.

Before we begin, can you share your origin story? What brought you to what you’re doing today?

I was a financial advisor and have worked in the money business for 25 years, over three decades helping people with money.

Unfortunately, a tragic event happened in 2013 that caused me to realize that while I could help people in investing, getting mortgages, and all these things that I was involved in, it wasn’t the impact I was here to make. It was more about helping people look inside their relationship with money.

“What was happening? Why would they make the same decisions repeatedly and get them into trouble? Why were they good with money?”

I became obsessed with the question of how we can have more abundance in our lives. Can we get rid of scarcity patterns? I realized I wanted to start WealthClinic. It’s been an incredible ride.

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What was your relationship with money when you were younger compared to today?

I have always been very good with money-saving, investing, and taking care of it. My problem was I was obsessed with it. I felt like more was better, and I didn’t understand that the way that I was operating with money was coming from a place of fear of not having it.

What has changed and shifted so dramatically, that even led up to what has happened for my husband and me in these past few months, is we realize that we have enough money, that we can make completely different choices about our lives, but reaching this place of not just sufficiency, but plenty. We feel that we have plenty of money and live that way.

That doesn’t mean we’re the people at the bar buying the whole drink. It doesn’t mean we’re irresponsible with how we spend our money. It just means that we have enough to take care of ourselves for the rest of our lives and do the things that are most important to us.

When we shift, it feels like living a completely different life. Inside of abundance, all I see is possibility and opportunity. It’s amazing in contrast to living in lack, and there’s never enough.

What are your client’s biggest blocks when it comes to money?

Change how you think, experience money, and even how you judge success.

It isn’t about the money. It is about how they see themselves in the world, judging themselves and judging success. By the time somebody comes to me, they’ve reached a certain level of financial or business success, but what they’re realizing is that the things that got them to where they’re at are not going to create the kind of happiness, fulfillment, and joy that they want.

They know that their relationship with money has something to do with it. They need to change how they think and experience money and even judge success from being, “How much do you know? Who are the people they know? And who do you hang out with?”

All those things are lower than what happens to us when we realize that we are enough, can come from a place of love, and are the most powerful people in the room when it’s not all about us getting what we need. People come to me when they’re ready to make a big transition to step into being. Funny enough, money has a lot to do with that journey.

What do you mean we are the most powerful people in the room when it’s not about other people?

When it’s not just about our problems or what we want to get, all of us are on a journey. Early in life, we’re trying to learn things. We’re figuring out how to provide more value to others through the efforts in our business. Many times, a lot of proving goes on in these conversations.

What I’ve realized is that when we’re so busy proving that we’re viable, helpful, smart, or capable, we are so focused on ourselves that we do not realize that the true power in life is going to come from curiosity, interest, openness, and a beginner mindset.

All of us are on a journey. We’re figuring out how to provide more value to others through the efforts in our business.

I’ll make it very clear. It’s because of what people have achieved often that they are very successful and powerful. Just because somebody has achieved a whole bunch of stuff or has a lot of money does not mean that they’re going to have any impact on another person’s life. That’s where true power is. Are you making an impact? Are you positively shifting people?

The place that I live in is not about shifting people in hopes that they become more greedy or something like that. This is about shifting people in positive ways, making a lasting impact in someone’s life in a positive way.

Let’s say you come in contact with Elon Musk, you met him, and all he did was talk about himself. You would not leave that conversation thinking, “Wow, I’m so impressed by Elon Musk.” You might think, “Yeah, he’s pretty amazing.” But if Elon Musk came to you, started asking you questions about you, and was curious about who you are and what you’re doing in the world, you would suddenly be a big fan of Elon Musk. It’s that simple when we are no longer trying to prove ourselves on show how smart or successful we are.

We’re just there when meeting another person, whether one person or 10,000 people, but we care about those 10,000 people. After all, we’re on a stage where caring about them or what’s happening for them, we become far more powerful than when we’re just sitting there talking about all that we know or what you could do differently because we figured it all out. That’s a big shift for people to realize.

How about the line between just sitting there and being just interested in someone else to promote yourself a little?

It’s in the questions that we ask. It’s in the understanding of where we’re at. The insightful way that we understand people, that we understand what’s most important to them, the more we spend time because underneath all of this is the more you understand yourself, the better it is that you can understand other people because we are not different.

Your self-perception and view of success can block your financial abundance.

As you take the things that you’ve learned about yourself, you’re able to meet someone or speak from a stage. You are so in touch with what’s going on inside of them because you know yourself so well, the questions that you ask, the things that you say, come from a deeply insightful place of self-understanding and self-realization. That is what changes the context of what comes next.

What if you’re not interested in people?

Everybody’s got their path in life. It’s not my path, so I can’t speak to what happens. My whole life, I’ve always been interested in other people, so the context of my life is through that lens.

We’re often so consumed with ourselves because we have a lot of trauma, problems, and difficulties. It’s taking up so much space in our lives that there’s no space left for anybody else. That is not a powerful person in the world.

I found myself doing that, being interested in other people genuinely. On some occasions, I find myself, the person in front of me, just talking about themselves the whole time and not even remotely interested in what I do. They’re just there to speak their mind, to show how great they are, and I’m just standing there looking at them. It’s interesting, but like you said, it’s not as interesting when you have a genuine conversation. And people do care more about each other.

We’re often self-consumed because of our trauma, problems, and difficulties. Our issues take up so much space in our lives that there’s no space left for anybody else.

It brings up a good point because this isn’t just about us. This is about finding the people that we resonate with. If you’re having a conversation, and you’re interested in another person, and all they care about is themselves, it’s probably not a great match. No matter how hard you try to work with this person or find common ground, you already know this is probably not the best place.

You do not share core values with this person because one of your core values is learning, understanding, and having connective conversations with people. That person only cares about themselves. There’s no match there because their core value is about them. It’s not about learning about you.

Do you find yourself being a magnet for people because of all the work that you do for yourself? Do you feel like people approach you more because of whatever energy you emanate?

Yes, I do. It’s so funny because I’ve spent a lifetime being interested in people, reading all those books, going back to Norman Vincent Peale, how to win friends, influencing people, and all these things for many years. Those things helped. They get your foot in the door. But I was motivated, still by my weakness, trauma, or desire to have friends or feel connected.

What’s funny about it is the more I let go of the expectation of what was going to happen from these conversations, the more I let go of any expectation, the more people show up in true, beautiful communion. What I mean by that is the less I expect of other people, the more they show up, and we just get together.

Now, does business happen? Heck, yeah. But the business is not because I tried to sell somebody something. They’re like, “Oh, my gosh, you’re offering this retreat in Sedona. I just came here and got to spend a day with you. It was so beautiful and loving. I saw a side of myself that I never saw before because we’re friends.”

We’re friends, and they’ve been clients in the past. But then they’re like, “Oh, you’re offering a four-day retreat. Can I come to that?” They know how they will feel in my presence, not because I sold them. They know that the people that I attract are the same way. They’re going to feel so good about the environment.

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

I also want to say that I’m still unpacking and understanding that I live in Sedona. People do like to come and visit Sedona a lot. I’ve never witnessed something where every single week, somebody is coming to visit. My husband’s like, everybody wants to visit. I’m like, “I just want to hang out and love on people. It’s a testament to who I’m being more than it is to what I’m doing in the world now.”

What do you do in your four-day retreats?

All kinds of cool things. I’ve got a couple of retreats at the end of the year that will be more spiritual. They are four days of looking inside at who you have been and who you wish to become, so unpacking that.

Because of my expertise in money and money management, in 2024, I plan to do more things I’ve been doing for myself that have allowed us to semi-retire in our mid-50s. We could have done it ten years ago, but there were things like, I wanted to write my book and do some other stuff.

Financially, what I’ve learned is for a lot of entrepreneurs, they know how to be entrepreneurs. They know how to do that thing, but they may not have enough exposure to become an investor. It’s not just about putting your money in a stock account or something like that. There’s a shift in the mindset of taking money from what you’re earning in your business and channeling it into a whole new endeavor.

I love teaching people about that mindset shift of becoming an investor so that you don’t have to work anymore. You have plenty of money coming from your investments; then, it’s a choice about what you do in your business. It’s a very luxurious position, and I enjoy helping people make those transitions or what kinds of investments we want to look at.

I work with a lot of women. There are certain investments that I, as a woman, have enjoyed more than others, and there are reasons for that—teaching people about which investments resonate with some of us more, why, and how we can learn about these things and become very educated.

I love teaching people about that mindset shift of becoming an investor so that you don’t have to work anymore.

I also like helping people learn about not just tax strategies. Still, how you no longer abdicate responsibility to your CPA but know how to drive the relationship with your accounting team so that you are not just relying on what they tell you, but pushing the envelope, saving tax, and managing those decisions.

What type of investments do you like?

I have done very well with real estate. We have had all different sorts. We’ve done real estate development, land ownership, buying and selling land, commercial building, and residential development. Often, my husband and I will build a house, live in it for a few years, sell it, and take advantage of the tax code that allows us to net half a million dollars without any income tax being paid. We’ve done a lot of different things.

We also have Airbnb in Sedona. But right now, we want more freedom because of how we look at our lives. We are moving a lot into syndicated deals, where there’s no active investing. It’s more of a passive strategy. But when you pick the right passive strategy, you can make more in those than you do inactive real estate management. That’s what I’ve been focused on lately.

That sounds so difficult. Especially with a lot of uncertainty since COVID, their real estate market has been crazy. Who knows if it’s going down or up? How do you deal with the fears and hesitations when you look at the reality of what is?

Real estate is not that different from stock and bond investing, where it’s about diversification. You just don’t want all your money in one project or type of investing commercial. We sold our commercial building last year because I didn’t enjoy it. We didn’t like the management of it, but I was also concerned that commercial real estate would start to go through some ups and downs. That was only one of six different investments.

Real estate is not different from stock and bond investing—it’s about diversification.

We still did well, but we got out before I felt there might be some struggles. Diversification, we don’t just do one. We are dabbling in several. It’s also a long-term game, just like the stock market. For example, you don’t want to put your money into something you must get out in less than ten years.

Where do you think the real estate market will head in the next year or three years? I know it’s a long-term game, but if you look at it five years from now, do you see it going down? Do you see it going up? What’s your intuition tell you?

My intuition tells me we will not have some huge correction like in 2008. They are not collectively in the United States. Not enough homes are being built fast enough to support those who want to buy homes.

Residential real estate is likely going to stay steady. It won’t have the swings we’ve had over the past few years, but it’s fine. It’s hard to say what will happen with interest rates because it’s so controlled and reflective of inflation and everything going on.

The way I look at it is I like real estate. It’s done great for us. If you can buy real estate, whether for your home or an investment, don’t be irresponsible. Don’t try to get a deal, but there are always opportunities in many different ways.

It’s just like stock investing. The best time to invest would have been 20 years ago, and the next best time is right now. It’s not changing anytime soon. I’m not worried about it.

The more you understand yourself, the more you understand others. We all have similarities.

When you look at a good investment, do you do something spiritual, where you check with your intuition? Or do you make some calculated choices? Do you take calculated choices, intuitive choices, or a mix of both? And how do you do that?

It’s a mix of both because many of our projects we’ve lived in or are willing to live in. It’s got to feel good. Where is the location of it? What does it look like? I have had great success knowing that I’m deciding whether I would live in that house. Is it going to be comfortable? Is it safe?

All the things I use to make a decision have served me well because I’m impeccable in my taste and places that I like to live in Tahoe, Sedona. We lead first with our interests, what’s important to us, and that has done very well for us.

Now, there are tons of real estate investors, and all that matters are the numbers. I’m not that person. I look at it like I like to have many different uses. When we bought the commercial building, it was also in Sedona. I’m like, “Okay, if we didn’t get a renter, can I move my business into that business and make it worthwhile?”

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I want to look at all the scenarios, then I’m like, “Great, I got this covered. I’m risk averse.” I like to know that I can cover all the things that could go wrong. I’m a very female investor. We look at things that way.

We like it to be safe. We like to sleep at night. I’m not a huge risk taker, yet it’s still done. We’ve done very well, even without taking huge risks.

I’ve heard that women invest better than men because they don’t have that gambling ego about them. They’re a little more grounded. Plus, anything you do that comes from the heart and intuition should have a great outcome. What do you do every day to go in to connect?

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for almost 24 years now. I started meditating when I was eight because my dad got involved in transcendental meditation. At that time, he used it like if I was in trouble, he’d meditate. I was like, “I don’t want to meditate. You’re mean.”

The refinement of figuring out what works and what helps me to be the most present, loving person I can be all centers around the alignment in my meditation practice.

It’s so funny because when I returned to meditation many years later, I realized it changed everything for the better. I’ve continued it all these years. There’s always time for it, even five minutes or two hours. It’s evolved so much over the years, but the practice, even at the most recent level, is so sublime and subtle that I wouldn’t have understood it 25 years ago.

It’s even hard to explain to people at times, but I guess that refinement over years of figuring out what works and what helps me to be the most present, loving person I could be all centers around the alignment in my meditation practice.

When you get an insight, do you hear it? Do you see it? How does it happen to you?

Because I work with my clients, I know I’m clairaudient, meaning I hear things. I’m also very tactical, so sometimes I’m clairvoyant. I’ll see pictures or images, but it’s clairaudient and clairvoyant. Actually, clairsentient. I have experiences in my body, chill, shakes, different experiences. Those three are the big ones.

When you work with your client, do you hear or see a vision of them being mega successful and getting over their blocks? Do you see them as a fulfilled potential?

I see that with everyone. What my clients come to me for and what I’m known for is I can figure out, “Well, it’s not me,” but what I’m shown is the weakest link in a human. What is the thing that’s keeping them from that state? Mostly unconscious, but it’s easy because I’ve done this for so long to bring that unconscious thing into conscious awareness and then help people move through it. That’s what my specialty is.

How do you go into the subconscious mind and see that thing?

It’s a combination of listening. When I was writing my book, The Mindful Millionaire, I had been doing this with hundreds of people, but it wasn’t like science yet. To write my book, I ultimately realized there was a process. I just needed to unpack that process. I needed to figure out what that process was. In the course of writing the book, it came to me.

There’s a series of questions that I can ask someone about money and their relationship with money. In the course of that, it will show me where they’re struggling with patterns of lack. Again, it’s often not about money, but it’s showing up with money. I just use that as a thread. It’s like the golden thread that uncovers, that ties me into everything else that’s going on in their life. It’s related to that, causing them to not be at their fullest potential.

The first step is to connect to more abundance, look inside and see what’s holding them back and get better.

A first step would be to look at the story that you’re telling yourself about money. Often, it relates to things that happened in our home growing up. The story that I’m telling myself is that this is a super common one for people who don’t have as much money as they’d like, “When I get money, it will be taken away from me. It will slip through my fingers. It will be gone before I know it.”

That is a huge story. I just said it in a couple of seconds, yet that story can dictate the life of someone around money. What’s that core story that you just keep telling yourself consciously or unconsciously again and again?

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Once you know that story, I want everyone to know it is a story. Because you’re believing in it, you’re keeping it alive. You are the only person that can change it, but you got to know what that story is to begin to question its assumptions.

You know the story. Is knowing enough? How do you make the switch?

For some people, it’s enough. The people that I work with, it isn’t enough just to see it. There has to be a form of healing and forgiveness, whether it be for yourself or other people involved. There has to be a series of taking ownership of and ultimately forgiving yourself for bad decisions that got you in trouble or for other people. But if we do not forgive, we will keep acting like we’re in a loop, and we’ll go through it repeatedly.

I’ve developed the ability to go into these very old stories in this life and past lives, which will just throw everybody. Sometimes, most of our stuff is in this life. But several years ago, I started to notice that sometimes, where we just couldn’t get to the pattern, I couldn’t find it, and I ended up getting certified as a past life regression, hypnosis, specialist, what have you.

If you don’t forgive in your past life, it will still keep replicating itself in this life.

It was so fascinating because sometimes, when we did that, we could find out things happening in this life that was related to it or keeping the story alive. But what’s so cool about past lives is that, if you don’t forgive it in that past life, you being that person, it will still keep replicating itself in this life.

I’ve learned how to help someone go through that process of forgiveness in a very short time so that by the time we notice it, it’s gone within twenty to forty minutes and never to be seen again. You can’t remember it because I’ve done so many of them.

What is a cool story about past life regression, something that may surprise you, or people go way deep and way back to places that are not even on this earth?

The hypnosis I do focuses on planet Earth in human form because it’s much easier to take those than something else. It’s a very directory, and I will say that. It’s always easiest to use some of my past lives because I can speak to them clearly.

When I was writing The Mindful Millionaire book, I saw that there was a belief system that I would be killed if I started to reveal some of the things that were coming through me because a lot of the book was channeled. I was getting scared, cutting off what was coming through, and just dried up. I went to the woman who had taught me and said, “I need your help. There’s something here.”

We went back a couple of thousand years to a time, whether in Italy or Greece, who knows, but it was a very rough time. I came into this past life realizing that my father was dying, and I would become the ruler of this area, and I had a younger brother. What ended up happening was I was ruling. When my dad died, I took over. I was ruling from a benevolent place, and everything in this kingdom was falling apart because it was a time of brutality.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I couldn’t manage what was happening. My mom was scared for everyone’s life, my brother was scared, and even my wife was scared about how I ruled. Ultimately, they conspired to kill me so my brother could take over.

It was so powerful because when I came out of that past life and forgave my wife, my brother, my mom, and myself, I saw that it was only back then I was killed for my benevolent sharing of these ideas. But that was 2000 years ago. Right now, I wouldn’t be killed for sharing these things.

I kid you not, all of these beliefs, the blocks, everything, an hour and a half in that hypnosis, and it was all cleared. I was back to finishing my book. Now we’ve sold more than 10,000 copies. It’s a best seller and carried in bookstores all over the country and several other countries. It’s crazy what’s happened with that book, and yet I couldn’t have done it if I had stopped what was happening to me. I was just totally frozen.

I did a past life regression. The first session was amazing. In the second session, I came to a place where a son was lost. It was about two years ago. I remember for three days after that, and I was raging. I was so angry. I yelled at my son, who was a tiny being.

I don’t lean on a conscious parent like don’t do this. It’s not like that. That scared the heck out of me. I said, no more, ever I’m doing past life regression. This was not good. This made me feel bad.

It didn’t resolve anything. It just brought something dark from some other lifetime I’m unaware of. It wasn’t that great for me. What do you think happened there?

You don’t have the same level of control. This is one of the reasons I’m very diligent about who gets to do it and who doesn’t, because you don’t have much control over what stories you’ll see. Hypnosis is all about the seeds that get planted. One of the seeds that get planted multiple times is that you will only see stories and experiences that you can witness, heal from, and ultimately integrate into your life.

You will only see stories and experiences you can witness, heal from, and ultimately integrate into your life.

Nothing else will be seen, but these experiences relevant to what you’re looking for will be understandable that you can heal from and integrate. That doesn’t solve all your problems, but the more adamant I am when I’m taking somebody into hypnosis, the more likely that will happen because everything is about the seeds being planted of what’s happening.

Another thing that’s important that I’ve learned because I’ve done hundreds of these is that sometimes you need time to come out of life and process it before you go back into what you were holding on to reach a state of forgiveness because it can be so shocking, that it’s not going to happen in that session.

There’s not enough time, but there can be an invitation to return to that place, even if it’s only from conscious awareness or very light hypnosis, to invite. What did you learn from this? Why did you need to see this? What needs to be understood? And what are you ready to forgive? If you don’t get to that stage, you will hold on to those things, and that’s not a healthy place to do it.

That was not good. Do you know the book, Many Lives, Many Masters?

Yeah. Authored by Brian Weiss.

Yes. I would imagine. She learned from him or something like that that she would have the best script, but something went off. What do you do when something like that goes off? Every time you deal with the subconscious mind, and I do hypnosis myself, a lot of things can come up. Since I’m not going to that practitioner, can I put myself in hypnosis to heal that part and just go there?

Most definitely, yes. If you feel empowered to use the hypnosis you have learned to take yourself back to what is conscious, you can invite those same questions. I’m happy to share some of those questions that you could ask that are helpful to ask and surrender to. “What are the messages that are helpful about this? Where are the opportunities for forgiveness?”

Your beliefs about money and investing are reflected in how you live.

In all these different directions, sometimes what I’ve learned about forgiveness is it’s not just a blanket situation. Many times, forgiveness is like a chain reaction. It’s who starts first. 

Again, so much of my work is around this forgiveness. I’m looking for who, and this is given to me, but I’m asking who needs to be forgiven before you can forgive this. Once you get into that chain, it becomes easy. But it’s impossible if you try to take it out of order.

There’s so much work to be done. I’ve been doing self-development my whole life. I’ve been going to a bazillion seminars. I worked with the greatest people ever. I still do the work and have coaches, and it seems endless. “How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” It’s amazing.

Without doing all this work, I wouldn’t have the incredible life I have today. I’m very grateful for everything that I have. But sometimes you look at yourself, like, “I’ve done so much work. Now what?”

It’s a good question to pose. I studied Buddhism for many years, and there was a state called no more learning, and it’s always been in my conscious awareness. I’ve entered that place. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been there, but it’s more than a few years of no more learning.

Forgiveness is it’s not just a blanket situation. Many times, forgiveness is like a chain reaction.

Does it mean that you’re not open and receptive? You are. You will still be that, but there’s a very big difference because I think the point isn’t to uncover all of the trauma points and release them. The point is to realize that you are not any of the trauma. You are none of it. You are beyond that. You are peace and love.

Every story is just something that can be honored and respected but never believed. You’re free once you don’t believe any of those things anymore. You don’t need anything. You’re perfect and complete as you are.

I’ve been on this journey for almost 25 years. Getting there isn’t an easy thing, but there is a time. If your teachers are not encouraging at that moment, they might not be the right teachers for you, especially if you’ve been on the journey. I’m not saying this to you but to anyone listening. I don’t listen to anyone anymore other than that voice inside. And the voice inside is God.

It’s God, the divine energy source, whatever, not this person outside this person does not exist. It’s the energy of all that is. Once you tap into that, you do not need to look for more of your trauma points.

I believe in Shakti, this energy that awakens inside us, and the prana, the energy that flows through everything. When you’re ready, it will show you all you need to see to let go of, but it’s not all true. It’s just revealing the untruths so you can surrender to the truth, which has been with us all along.

Yeah, the keyword is surrender. Every time I surrendered in my life, something incredible happened, and I still learned this lesson. It’s so hard to surrender. I want to control the outcomes. I want to control how everybody else feels, even though it comes from good intentions.

Sometimes you just have to, as Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Let go and let God and allow it to flow through you.” But man, it’s hard, especially when you just want to do, do, do, and move forward. Every once in a while, I stop. I look back and say, “Okay, God, you take it because I’ve tried.” Do you feel like God is your business partner?

I don’t think of it that way, but yes. Business has been a very interesting journey for me because I think that, often, there’s grasping inside the business, like the idea of business and the stories I have received about business. Even letting go of the idea of business has been more helpful for me than it just is.

The Mindful Millionaire by Leisa Peterson

When you said the word business, it felt like contracting. I don’t know why. I get what you’re saying when you just see it as flow. In many people’s minds, there is such a big separation between making money and spirituality. Not a lot of people have bridged the two. But when you bridge the two, then all the stories around the word business are not the same. The word business represents something completely different.

When you merge spirituality when making money, the word business has a different meaning, and all the old stories dissolve. What business means to you, let’s use that word.

I’ve come to the place of understanding that the greatest business I could ever run is just being me. I am of greater service in my whole state of Leisa in this life, like the small Leisa and the big Leisa; however you want to describe it. The more I just surrender into trusting that I’m enough, that there is enough, and that the people who are drawn to that energy will find their way to me or not, it’s all good and okay.

I’ve realized that’s the only way I can operate now. If, for some reason, I didn’t have enough money to live, I would be more comfortable getting a traditional job than having my money depend on anything that we’re talking about here because I don’t know if it will produce or not. There is no expectation. If it comes, it’s great. If it doesn’t, still great.

I would do that if I needed a job to pay the bills. It’d be pretty fun to work at Trader Joe’s. They seem happy there, and I love their food. I don’t want what business can no longer mean grasping, but it did for many years.

That is so profound. That’s deep. Wow, that’s amazing. Do you know the story of The Alchemist? He needs to go all the way to Mecca to find this treasure, just to go back and find it in his backyard. 

I listened to it recently on audio, and it’s amazing. That’s your journey, and you’re back home. And you know that home is where you are. That’s beautiful.

The greatest business I could ever run is just being me.

Something that came to me when we started talking about business too is also very practical, the 80/20 rule, the Pareto Principle. I don’t know if you know the story, but my editor was Paul’s editor for many years. He was the one who told me the story if I’m not mistaken, but that book did not take off. It wasn’t like a runaway bestseller. It took ten years before it took off.

He inspired me with my book. I was like, “I like this kind of inspiration.” He said Chelsea Clinton got a copy of The Alchemist. She read it and told her dad he needed to read the book. He read the book and fell in love with the book.

He was the president at the time, and he invited Paulo to the White House. All these powerful, influential people are at this dinner. Bill’s got a big voice. At one point, he’s like, “Is that Paulo Coelho?” He’s shouting in front of all these people. “I wanted to meet that guy. He wrote the best book.” So everybody wanted to know what the book was, like, “Who was this guy?” That tipping point allowed this book to take off.

The reason I love that story is that we have no idea where our work is going to show up. All we can do is put ourselves to task if that book wants to be birthed through you—for me, it was five years and a million words I had to write to get to 90,000 words, and having all these magical people.

My agent showed up and said, “I want to help you write a book.” I  said, “I’m not that great of a writer.” She’s like, “But there’s something here. I want to help you. Will you let me help you?” It turned out she was one of the most successful agents in the world. She was like, “I never do this.” I’m like, “Okay, you can help me.”

Someone with a lot of money or achievements doesn't necessarily impact other people. True power and achievement stems from your positive impact on the lives of others. Share on X

The same thing happened when we sold the book to St. Martin’s Press, and just magic, every step of the way, that I could never have controlled. That’s the kind of life. I don’t know if it will happen, but it won’t be because of my efforting into the magic. It won’t happen that way.

You got to do as much as possible and then just let go. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. Before we say goodbye, what are your top tips for living a stellar life?

Be yourself, trust yourself, and love everything and everyone. I love what it is.

I like that. Where can people find you? Where can they get your book? How can they register for your events and seminars?

You could go to wealthclinic.leadpages.co/starthere, which will get you a meditation, the first chapter of my book, and some other goodies. Hit reply. Let me know what you think of this conversation. I read all my emails and love to connect with folks.

Amazing. Thank you, Leisa. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your wisdom with us today.

Thank you.

Thank you, listeners. Remember to be yourself, trust yourself, love what is, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Shift your perspective on your finances. It’s crucial to reflect on your relationship with money. Ask yourself why you make certain financial decisions.

{✓}Transform the way you think about your finances. Let go of your obsession with money and pursue what truly matters to you.

{✓}Change how you define success. Remember, financial success alone doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment. 

{✓}Develop genuine interest in others. Don’t worry about proving yourself. When you care about and positively impact other people, your true power emerges.

{✓}Embrace your authenticity and attract genuine connections. When you show up as your true self, people are naturally drawn to your positive energy and the impact you create.

{✓}Unleash your investor mindset. Diversify your investments, strive to achieve financial freedom, and make educated financial decisions.

{✓}Strike a balance between calculated choices and intuitive guidance. Follow your intuition but consider the practical impact of your financial decisions.

{✓}Modify your business concept by combining spirituality with money-making. This allows you to experience flow and abundance. 

{✓}Allow your true self to shine. You’ll experience success when you embrace your authentic self.  Trust that you are enough and are surrounded by abundance. 

{✓}Connect with Leisa and explore her transformative teachings at wealthclinic.leadpages.co/starthere. You can study her meditation guide, the first chapter of her book, and more.

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