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Hi. I’m Orion, love coach and wellness expert. Thank you for stopping by.

“I help successful women feel free, fulfilled and whole, to ATTRACT better relationships personally and professionally and to lead a stellar life.”

“If you have an opportunity to work with Orion jump on it. She will help you shift your mindset and love yourself so much more.”

TC Cooper

“Orion is the love coach to go to if you want to go to the next level – from love and relationships, to empowerment and self-worth.”

Katrina Starzhynshaya
Best-Selling Author

“Orion’s love coaching helped me get on the right path for me, and I’m excited about the future. I know I found the light I had lost.”

Lilach Tsairi Carbal
Owner & chef of Testy Creations

“If you want to learn to love yourself, so you can have everything you’ve ever wanted, you need to have her as your coach.”

Robert G Allen
Best-selling Author

“I never really believed this kind of love existed! Orion helped me find myself, heal and be ready to accept love. We are to be married next spring!!!”

Sue Stuhr

After only three sessions with her, I had a BREAKTHROUGH. I quit smoking after 15 years of smoking everyday!

Berta Argo

“She gave me such confidence and self-esteem and put my mindset back in a good spot, at a time when I needed the most support.”

Nancy Kearny
Senior Risk Manager


I allow you to focus on your attraction factor and feminine power, INSTEAD of dating the wrong guys in all the wrong places.


I eliminate your STRESS & OVERWHELM and help you radiate so much light that happiness, love, joy, and energy abundantly flows into your life and the lives of others in everything that you do.

WHO DO I WORK WITH? Women, mostly. Specifically: Entrepreneurs, Small Biz Owners, Professionals, Coaches, and Consultants. (And a very selective group of cool men)

MY DEFINITION of “ATTRACT” =  you emanate the power of attraction. Instead of aggressively hunting for it, you allow it to come to you. You exude interest and become the cause for opportunities to open up to you.

Want an example?

I endured a crippling bout of depression that lasted for years after escaping a toxic relationship. I did everything I could to mend my heart and regain my strength. I got better, but the pain made me hard. Being someone who was emotionally guarded and super independent, I had a tough time with relationships, and I couldn’t date anyone for more than a few months.

Then, I met the man who would become my husband a mere 48 hours after having a major spiritual breakthrough. Truly connecting to my neglected and wounded feminine side took a long time, and owning this power was, and continues to be, liberating and exciting. The process of rising like a phoenix from my own ashes was my impetus for becoming a love coach and helping others the way I was helped.

What makes me an expert?

I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my personal development education, masterminding with the best in the world. But since I don’t want my education to get in the way of my knowledge, I would say that I have a PhD in life. My true expertise comes from my connection to Source and internal guides. I share my knowledge and expertise on TV (ABC affiliates in multiple cities, The CW), on podcasts, on popular blogs like the Huffington Post and, and on stages (such as Ultimate Women’s Expo, the Inner Circle 360 mastermind, and Next Level Experience).

What My One-on-One Love Coaching Offers:

  • Heal past hurts and ignite your feminine core
  • Increase your passion and vitality in all areas of your life
  • Boost your inner joy and sense of freedom
  • Exude your inner confidence and beauty
  • Become an irresistible LOVE magnet

My clients often say to me. “You changed my life!”

I’m not a miracle worker. I just have a God-given talent to shed light on what’s missing, and then everything else naturally falls into place.

I would love to help you gain COMPLETE control of your personal power, freedom and growth from the inside out.


If you don’t have a solid desire and willingness to dig deeper and do the work and follow through, if you are not really willing and able, then


If you want to wake up in the morning smiling to your beloved, to jump out of bed and love what you see in the mirror, to OWN your walk as you step into the world because you earned your breakthrough and awakened your true power, then we should work together.

Interested? Apply now to set up a 10-minute instant love coaching session to see if we are a match made in heaven and if this is the right step for you.



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