Episode 45 | January 3, 2017

Confidence & Having the Best Day Ever! Dr. Sky Blossoms

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Mission #45

On Board: Dr. Sky Blossoms
Mission: Confidence & Having the Best Day Ever!

The Co-Pilot:

The lovely Dr. Sky Blossoms is a medically trained doctor and third-generation healer who grew up behind the Iron Curtain. As she explains in our conversation, this experience is part of what motivated her to achieve the life she has today as an award-winning author, spiritual leader, and celebrity advisor.

Sky puts a lot of emphasis on developing real, unshakable confidence, and has used her sensitive intuition to help hundreds of people to achieve this goal. This confidence has helped her clients transform their relationships, make more money, and even achieve a renewed zest for life. Through being featured on CBS, Fox News, ABC, and now Stellar Life, she has spread her wisdom and insight far beyond her private clients.

Connect With Sky:

Best Thing Ever
Dr. Sky Blossoms on LinkedIn
@BlossomsSky on Twitter
@Attractyourperfectwoman on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [04:49] – Sky starts us off by telling us a bit about who she is.
  • [06:11] – Was Sky born confident? Has she been confident all her life? Her answer gives insight into how confidence changes depending on how far you’ve grown into living boldly.
  • [07:22] – We hear about the problem with the idea of competing over a man, and why any man you would compete for is one you don’t want anyway.
  • [10:06] – Sky explains that abuse is a reflection of prior self-abuse, illustrating how our experiences and environment create profound effects on our later selves. She also discusses the importance of looking to others for examples of how to reach a better life, offering her own experience in the Soviet Union to demonstrate what she means.
  • [16:08] – High achievers and truly successful people get there by having the courage it takes to step up and do what is right for them, Sky explains.
  • [17:58] – Sky offers a reason why people with good intentions may hold you back: because by stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’re reminding them that they’re not.
  • [18:41] – What is confidence? Sky tells us about the two types of confidence: real and outsourced. She also mentions the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and discusses how it relates to confidence.
  • [23:33] – Sky talks about what it means to own yourself, and explains that knowing yourself is the first step.
  • [25:27] – What does it feel like to own yourself and to own the room?
  • [26:53] – Using the example of games, Sky talks about inhabiting various avatars. She suggests noticing how differently you show up depending on who you’re with and the circumstances you’re in.
  • [29:37] – Orion asks whether one should try to be aware of their behavior in the moment, or to do it in retrospect. Sky encourages doing so in retrospect until you’ve had enough experience to do so in the moment.
  • [30:54] – What is Sky’s advice for a woman who feels a lack of confidence in dating or relationships? She emphasizes the need for healing your wounds.
  • [33:24] – Sky talks about how she uses her intuition to help each of her clients. She also touches on the challenge of achieving forgiveness.
  • [34:28] – We hear about where blocks to forgiveness come from, and what sorts of events and incidents can shape harmful or hurtful beliefs within ourselves. She gives the example of lying as a child, and how it can become a negative cycle.
  • [39:42] – People have more trouble forgiving themselves than others, even if they don’t realize it at first, Sky tells us.
  • [40:38] – Sky offers several more tips for confidence. Tip #1: Stop explaining yourself (this goes especially for women). She gives a powerful explanation for this tip.
  • [45:44] – Tip #2 is your body language. Holding a power pose for two minutes dramatically boosts your confidence level, she explains.
  • [47:18] – Tip #3 is focus. “Where your mind goes, energy flows,” Sky tells us. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on the positive side of anything rather than the dark or negative side.
  • [50:29] – Orion mentions Cesar Millan conducting an experiment that involved getting a scared dog to lift its head, and how this changed its personality completely. She goes on to talk about conditioning your mind to find the positive in life and other people.
  • [54:17] – Sky offers several wonderful tips for how a woman can feel stellar.
  • [55:52] – Sky generously offers Stellar Life listeners a gift; more details below!

A FREE Gift for our listeners:

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Most people don’t like being triggered. The truth is, however, as long as you have buttons, there will be people who’ll push them. And the only way to gain unshakable confidence and freedom is to heal your emotional wounds and dissolve your triggers.

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Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Commit to figuratively embracing other women in every environment, and focus on uniting with them rather than being drawn into competition.
  2. Resolve not to fight over a man. Any man you need to fight for probably isn’t one you want anyway; Mr. Right should claim you and be devoted to you.
  3. Look for examples of women whose lives are similar to what you aspire to, and use that as inspiration to rise above your current circumstances.

Links and Resources:

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Dr. Sky Blossoms on LinkedIn
@BlossomsSky on Twitter
@Attractyourperfectwoman on Facebook
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Viktor Frankl
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