Episode 58 | April 4, 2017

The Evolved Masculine: Destin Gerek

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Mission #58

On Board: Destin Gerek
Mission: The Evolved Masculine

The Co-Pilot:

Today’s guest is the remarkable and compelling Destin Gerek, an internationally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, consciousness, and personal development. Destin, who has been described as “tantra meets Tony Robbins,” is dedicated to redefining masculinity for the 21st century. He started his education and training around sexuality 20 years ago, and has now empowered individuals, couples, and groups on six continents with his inspirational message.

In this episode, we talk about the rise of the feminine in today’s world, and the ways in which men respond and relate to this. He discusses the empowerment of the masculine and how men can inhabit their masculinity in constructive (rather than misogynistic) ways. He also talks about polarity in relationships and explores how to awaken more passion and bring your relationship to life.

Connect With Destin:

@DestinGerek on Facebook
@destingerek on Twitter
Destin Gerek on LinkedIn
Destin Gerek on YouTube

The Mission Log:

  • [03:03] – Destin shares a bit about himself, explaining how he got involved in his field. He then goes on to talk about his spiritual awakening.
  • [07:17] – We learn more about Destin’s purpose and mission, which involves healing a false schism between sexuality and spirituality.
  • [09:58] – Destin talks about his creative methods of dealing with negativity from the people around him.
  • [11:33] – What does Destin see happening on the planet when it comes to masculine and feminine energy? He speaks to the two poles of men’s reactions to the way women are becoming increasingly empowered.
  • [15:36] – Destin explores the ideology of men on the misogynistic end of the spectrum. He then discusses some of the challenges facing men today.
  • [18:06] – Orion steps in for a moment to talk about the polarization surrounding the Women’s March.
  • [20:27] – At the root of things, Destin is a big fan of feminism, he explains.
  • [23:12] – Destin talks more about helping men evolve their masculine.
  • [25:55] – We hear what the second and third major areas in the journey on which he leads men. In the process, he explains that men (not only women) can have multiple orgasms.
  • [28:19] – Destin discusses the questions of how to meet and match a partner. He goes on to talk about the importance of confronting old wounds in the masculine and feminine.
  • [33:56] – Using a quote from an Ani DiFranco song, Destin clarifies how he thinks about the masculine and feminine within each of us.
  • [35:35] – We all want the hottest lover we’ve ever had and a best friend all in one person. Destin talks about how we can get that.
  • [37:15] – In long-term relationships, how do we ignite and maintain sexual desire and passion?
  • [38:26] – Orion and Destin talk about Jaiya, who was an early guest on each of their podcasts. Destin then talks about “sexploration.”
  • [42:40] – Where do Destin and his fiancee get their ideas for their sexploration sessions?
  • [44:07] – Destin shares his three tips for living a stellar life: 1. Stop compromising. Be in the practice of following your truth. 2. Integrity. Get clear on what your principles and values are, and live by them. 3. Never stop exploring.
  • [46:14] – Destin gives two gifts to Stellar Life listeners. The first is the Evolved Masculine Blueprint, and the second is at enticingdesire.com, where you can learn the “one thing that separates the man she remembers forever from all the men that she forgets.”

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Reevaluate my perspective on sexuality and spirituality. If I see them as opposed or mutually exclusive, work on accepting that they can go hand-in-hand.
  2. Release the shame and guilt I may still carry regarding my sexuality. Celebrate my sexuality instead of suppressing or repressing it.
  3. Make an email folder specifically for unpleasant or hate mail. Whenever you get a piece, read it, smile, and move it to that folder.

Links and Resources:

Mantak Chia
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Katt Williams’ “HATERS” on YouTube
The Evolved Masculine Path
Neuro-linguistic programming
David Deida
Ani DiFranco
Jaiya on Stellar Life
Evolved Masculine Blueprint


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