Episode 53 | February 28, 2017

How to Find the Right Man: Antia Boyd

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Mission #53

On Board: Antia Boyd
Mission: How to Find the Right Man

The Co-Pilot:

Today I’m joined by the lovely Antia Boyd, who has spent more than a decade helping single women attract long-term, loving, stable relationships. And she knows exactly what she’s talking about; thanks in large part to her upbringing, she struggled for years with trust issues and attracting emotionally unavailable men.

As you’ll hear her explain, she finally decided to make a change. She hired a dating coach, did some homework (which she’ll discuss so you can try it too!), and met her honest, supportive, loving husband Brody.

Connect With Antia:

Antia Boyd on LinkedIn
@HowToFindTheRightMan on Facebook

The Mission Log:

  • [01:20] – Antia shares a bit about herself and her relationship with her husband, Brody. She explains how her background led her to where she is today, and what it took for her to find the man of her dreams.
  • [05:48] – What did Antia learn in her coaching sessions?
  • [09:12] – Antia talks about the “homework” she needed to do while she was going through coaching.
  • [11:57] – Orion talks about a book she’s reading: The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. She and Antia then talk about a lesson from the book.
  • [13:48] – Antia discusses the concept of running toward your fears. She explores this by revealing some of the dynamics she has with her husband.
  • [17:57] – What is Antia’s best dating advice for women? Her answer involves bringing energy back to yourself through awareness and questions.
  • [20:40] – We hear Antia’s advice about dating online or through apps. Her advice involves maintaining the same energy as you would in person.
  • [22:47] – Antia elaborates on why you should meet someone in person quickly when online dating, especially with an anxious attachment style.
  • [24:59] – We learn about the benefits of treating every date as a first date, and what that means in practical terms.
  • [26:16] – In terms of getting intimate, Antia doesn’t have a system. Instead, it’s something to do when you feel in alignment and you desire it, not when you’re asking yourself whether you “should.”
  • [28:30] – What does being vulnerable mean to Antia?
  • [31:15] – Antia talks about what to wear when you go out on dates. Her color advice depends on the kind of man you tend to attract, and to avoid letting your clothes wear you instead of the other way around.
  • [37:27] – Authenticity is “100%” important in a relationship, Antia says, and explains why.
  • [39:11] – What are some red flags when you’re dating someone new? She gives some advice on how to steer clear of manipulative and emotionally abusive men.
  • [42:56] – Antia discusses how to set boundaries, and how to communicate it when you have a problem with something your significant other did.
  • [46:47] – What are Antia’s three tips to leaving a stellar life? #1: Really be yourself. If you want to dance or skip or sing, do it! #2: Be authentic, and speak your truth. #3: When you’re dating or with your man, make sure you have some other way to create that same emotional tonality outside of your relationship.
  • [49:19] – Antia talks about where to find her and what she offers, including free coaching at howtofindtherightman.com.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Run toward your fears as fast as you can. Instinct may tell you to run away from them, but running toward them is the way to grow.
  2. When you’re on a date, focus on truly feeling your body. Observe the sensation of your feet on the ground to help you find your way back into awareness of your body.
  3. In online dating, focus on detachment; look at yourself as a researcher. This will help you avoid putting too much pressure on the situation.

Links and Resources:

Antia Boyd on LinkedIn
@HowToFindTheRightMan on Facebook
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