Episode 83 | September 26, 2017

From Anxiety to Nirvana- Sanjay Sabnani

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Mission #83

On Board: Sanjay Sabnani
Mission: From Anxiety to Nirvana

The Co-Pilot:

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture a woman you deeply care about. Maybe this is your best friend, sister, mother, or daughter. Now, imagine speaking to her the way you speak to yourself, criticizing her appearance and diminishing her worth. There’s no doubt that putting down others feels wrong, so why do we do it to ourselves? And who, exactly, is this “you” observing and talking about yourself?

Sanjay Sabnani, an accomplished executive with experience in building high-growth businesses in emerging markets, is here today to explain the difference between “the listener” and what we identify as “the self.” He’s been through his own recent transformation that left him completely disoriented and inspired him to break through and discover a deeper truth. In our conversation, he’ll also talk about medical cannabis and its powerful ability to help many people. I’ll also share the story of my trance-induced state at Oneness University in India.

Connect With Sanjay:

@crowdgather on Twitter
@crowdgather on Instagram
Sanjay Sabnani on LinkedIn
Sanjay Sabnani on Quora

The Mission Log:

  • [03:41] – Sanjay begins the conversation by telling us about himself, starting off by explaining his current career.
  • [05:07] – We hear about times when Sanjay wasn’t happy and some challenges he overcame. He explains that the last couple years are the first time that he really has been happy.
  • [07:07] – What was Sanjay’s marriage like, and why did it end? He answers, then talks about the moment when he realized that he wanted to exit his marriage.
  • [10:23] – Sanjay walks us through a revelation he experienced about the identity of the self.
  • [12:16] – In 2012, Sanjay was in crisis, he explains. He discusses his health problems and sleep issues, then how he got started using medical marijuana. He then draws the connection between his positive experiences with cannabis to his current work in the industry.
  • [17:41] – In response to Orion’s discussion of cannabis in her home country of Israel, Sanjay explains that Israel is #1 in medical cannabis research.
  • [18:22] – Sanjay talks about why cannabis can have a positive effect on people in crisis.
  • [22:24] – Sanjay discusses the stigma versus reality of marijuana, explaining that he’s not sure about smoking it.
  • [25:00] – Orion brings up the topic of meditation in regards to a recent client of hers. Sanjay talks about his own experiences with meditation and offers his insight.
  • [28:27] – Sanjay uses chanting as a mechanism for people whose minds are running.
  • [30:50] – Orion discusses her experiences with driving and her stress about it. Sanjay then asks her a question: when you’re talking to yourself, who is talking to whom? He then goes into depth about the idea of separating your identity from who you really are.
  • [36:41] – We hear about a video Orion watched about two best friends saying negative things about each other’s bodies to illustrate how unfair and unkind we are to ourselves.
  • [38:55] – Sanjay describes his inner dialogue as a child, when it’s easier to hear what he calls “the listener.” He then memorably says that “you’re here to let the universe dance through you.”
  • [40:35] – What is Sanjay’s favorite mantra? He offers the one he uses most, then Orion shares her favorite as well.
  • [42:24] – All of our problems come from words, Sanjay explains. He and Orion explore this concept in depth, examining how it impacts childhood and society.
  • [46:39] – Sanjay defines the words “nirvana” and “moksha” for listeners who may not be familiar with the concepts.
  • [49:09] – Orion talks about her experiences at Oneness University in India.
  • [53:25] – What is Sanjay’s mission for other people? He explains that what appeals to him now isn’t making money, but rather helping people.
  • [55:51] – Sanjay talks about his morning ritual and explains why being in the tub is incredibly effective for him.
  • [60:19] – What are Sanjay’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Realize you’re not who you think you are. 2. Surrendering and non-attachment. 3. Looking beyond the words.
  • [61:30] – Sanjay suggests people find him on Quora to learn more about him or ask him questions. He’s also on Instagram.

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