Episode 21 | July 19, 2016

Spirituality, Love, and the Power of Naam with Renata Spironello

A Personal Note from Orion

As soon as I step through the doors of the Naam Yoga center,  I get a familiar sense of liberation, like I can drop my everyday stress behind and take a deep breath.  I am welcomed with smiles, scents and beautiful mystical music. 

One of my great teachers there, Renata Spironello, has become a bright light in my life.  Her teachings have brought me incredible inner peace and joy.  As one of the community’s global leaders, she radiates compassion and care. She holds a space of love and acceptance for everyone around her.  

In this enlightening episode, Renata shares her most powerful belief:  The core of everything is love.  Everything that you do, if you do it or say it from a place of love, will have a profound positive impact on your life.  Whether its accomplishing your dreams, helping others, or seeking inner peace, when you work with your core, full of love, that is when you start to see things happening. 



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello, and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast! I am so happy to introduce to you a very, very special person in my life today. Her name is Renata Spironello. She’s a Senior Harmonyum Practitioner, Naam Yogi, and a Universal Kabbalah teacher. For almost two decades, she has been working with psychotherapeutic application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom to help people from all walks of life with their health, relationships, communication, and careers. She’s a Naam Yoga certified teacher trainer, and she also teaches on a regular basis in Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Brazil. She has been blessed to study under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga and father of Harmonyum Healing and often travels with him as his assistant all over the world. Hello, and a welcome to the show!

‏‏Hello! I’m so grateful. So, so grateful. God bless you. Thank you for having me. It’s such a pleasure, and I love you. I’m so happy to be here.

‏‏And I love you so much as well. I’m so honored to have you. You’re such a light. You’re such a special person, and you contribute to my life so much by the wisdom that you teach. Just your brightness and your smile. You’re my teacher at Naam Yoga, and every time I go there, there is always this huge love, unconditional acceptance, and beautiful community. You are one of the leaders there that helped create that incredible space so I’m very interested to know about who you are a little bit-I mean, where did all of that come from? How did you tap into that wisdom? How did you start your spiritual journey?

‏‏Hmm. Thank you so much for the introduction. Thank you for everything. I am so blessed. I’ve been blessed, I think, from the time before I come down to earth when I chose my parents. I have a very spiritual family-a very loving family-because love is the foundation for us to be these great beings that we can be-the beings of light. I think my journey-and as yours and as many of the listeners-has already started many lifetimes ago. This lifetime is so limited to just think that we just have this, we’re like beyond that. In my family, we just experienced different paths of spirituality-my mom, especially. She has always blessed me in many ways. I can’t even describe because it’s a long story if I start from day one, but basically-I’m Brazilian. I was born in Brazil. I was living in different parts of Europe-England, Holland, Italy, and the last place was Spain, where I met my husband, and then we moved to the States-to New York, and that was in 2001, just before the towers. Right then is when, actually, the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Levry, founded the first headquarters of Naam Yoga, which was on 24th street. As soon as I arrived in New York, somehow the universe got Hashem Adonai put me on this path, and I was blessed to meet him right there and then. That’s when, officially, my journey on this path of divine spiritual wisdom and in-depth started. I wouldn’t change anything on my journey-the path and the way. The way the universe calculates things for me is just a blessing, and I’m so happy to be able to use this wisdom that I learn every day because it’s the body of work that is like humongous. It’s so big that I just love sharing with people, and I’m blessed to witness so many lives changing. I think that’s what really keeps me going because although I’m very spiritual-very, very spiritual-and I consider myself a mystic, I am very skeptical, and in these teachings, one of the lessons that I got, there are many, many of them, but one that really stays with me is that faith is the eyes that see God. And I always think of that because since I’m very skeptical-I want to see things, I want to understand, I want to break them down because I’m very logical-that has helped me put into tests-I test and then I see it. It’s like, “Oh, yeah! God, you show up through this situation and this moment” That’s a little bit of the snapshot of so much that I could speak, but I don’t want to talk about me. I want to talk about the wisdom.

This lifetime is so limited to just think that we just have this, we’re like beyond that. Click To Tweet

‏‏Why, I love talking about you too! It’s so interesting. It is so true about God and faith because my fiancé, basically, had a period of time in his life where he did not believe in God or Higher Power, and then he went and spent some time in India at Oneness University and actually experienced the power and the wisdom. God is not a concept, it’s more of an experience. You have to experience it for yourself to believe in it.



‏‏I’m completely in agreement. Actually, I have a fresh, fresh story to share with the listeners. I have a student in Brazil. Actually, she’s a very brand new student. I went to Brazil in May for three days basically. Actually, it was two days because the day I arrived, then I stayed one day, and then I left the next day so I slept there for two nights because we had the mini-superclass. We’ve been doing, for five years, super classes in Mexico City where we gather thousands of people. The last one was November of last year, 2015, where we had over a hundred thousand people united simultaneously to pray for the world and to send healing.


‏‏Yeah. On this trip that I went to Brazil, we were having kind of a mini-first edition of that. The government of the Sao Paulo state helped us so we were in the park-it’s an equivalent of Central Park in Sao Paulo-and I never feel that I can travel without working because my work is my joy, which is sharing light, right? I was like, “Okay, I’m going to go to my hometown, see my family, my nieces, and everyone, and before I go to the airport, I’m going to stop at this yoga studio that they always invite me to teach, and I’ll teach to our class, and then I run to the airport.” I went to teach and there was one student-because you only need to touch the head of one person and then everything starts to kind of like have a domino effect-this woman finished the class, an hour and a half because I didn’t have more time, and then she said, “I want to learn this. I want to do this. I want what you have. I want that,” and I said, “By the way, we have a course, but it started, actually, yesterday, in Los Cabos, when we were there was May, so in a couple of months, you can go there, spend three weeks, and change your life forever,” and she said, “I’m doing that.” My heart is just-I was so, so, so happy. I’m trying to make the story a little fast forward, she had a lot of challenges on the way to be able to get there.


‏‏The day she was supposed to fly-not yesterday, but the day before yesterday-she was at the airport, she realized her passport was expired.

‏‏Oh my God!

‏‏And then she was completely nerve-wracked, right? She was like, “Oh my God, what am I going to do?” because it’s not so easy to take a one-day passport to create a new passport so she went to the Federal Police, who is the one that brings the passports in Brazil. She went to a main location like a central place, and then the guy said, “No.” He was the head of it, there was nobody above him. He said, “This is not going to happen. You have to wait for 10 days.” With 10 days, half of the course is already gone so she doesn’t agree more, right? And I said, “Just do triple mantra all the way. Everywhere you go, use triple mantra.” Because triple mantra, what it does is, it removes blocks.


‏‏So, it removes internal blocks because many times, the mind creates a block, and then you create an external block, and then you have protection in the first part of the mantra. Just keep your phone on all the time playing, playing, playing, playing; go to this main airport, which is the one you going to fly out; take all your luggage-just like if you’re going to fly, you have to have the faith that you’re going to catch the flight tonight. That was yesterday, right? And then she said, “Oh, I’m not sure,” and I said, “If you have doubt, it’s not going to happen. Just bear with me,” and then I was like, through WhatsApp calls, holding her hand, and saying, “We can do this! We’re going to do it together, and you’re going to make it. Do you believe in that?” She said, “I believe in that.” I said, “Do you really believe?” She said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “Just do triple mantra, go to the counter of the police department in the airport, just look at the person’s eyes, and then you talk through your heart. You have to use the power of Naam.


‏‏Because Naam is the power of the word. When we talk about Naam-it’s not the bread, there is a Naam bread, but it’s not the bread-we’re talking about the verbim. That power that the word contains, which holds the word [0:12:01].5] that the universe working because in the beginning, the words so we follow the scriptures: In the beginning was the verbim. In the beginning was the Naam. In the beginning was Naam. If you talk with that power in your word, that is going to cross electromagnetic fields of thousands of people-in this case, you’re just trying to reach one person in front of you-touch their heart, and have them do something that they would not be able to do. Normally, people can’t break the rules, but they would do that for you because you touch their hearts somehow. “Do you follow me?” I said to her. She said, “Yes.” “Can you tell me how you’re going to talk to the person?” She rehearsed with me, and then she talked to the person there. They said, “No problem. You can have your passport in 40 minutes,” or something like that.

‏‏No way!

‏‏Way! It was very fast. I get goosebumps even to explain the story again because it’s so fresh. The next thing, she said, “I’m going!” and I was like, “Oh, great!” but her flight was-I thought it was the 11 P.M flight so I was like, “Let’s talk again later,” and she said, “No, I’m actually boarding right now. We’re going to talk later to talk about how faith is the eye that sees God.” I talked to her boyfriend this morning, and he said, “Renata, she had so much faith that she was going to make it that I know that that’s what got her there.” That’s a little bit to talk about the power of Naam, the power of faith, and the power of this invisible being of what you’re telling me right now that we don’t see and we can’t touch, but it’s this entity that lives within us. That’s what I believe too-that God is seated in our hearts and at the tip of our tongue because the tongue is what helps us generate words, sound, and vibration therefore, when God, who is sitting at the tip of our tongue, is shown through the way we use the power of the word to uplift others and often times, when people are cursing, or gossiping, or criticizing, or being judgmental, I say, “Just go watch your tongue. Which color is your tongue?”And then everybody responds, “Oh, it’s pink!” or some people say, “Oh, it looks kind of yellowish,” and I’ll say, “That’s not a healthy tongue. A healthy tongue is pink. Why do you think it’s pink?” then they say, “Oh, it’s pink because whatever-it’s pink,” and I was like, “No, it’s pink because pink is the color of love.”

God is seated in our hearts and at the tip of our tongue because the tongue is what helps us generate words, sound, and vibration therefore, when God, who is sitting at the tip of our tongue, is shown through the way we use the power of the word to uplift others.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏It’s red, which is passion. Combined with white, which is purity, then you have love. The tongue is the instrument that we write in the diaries in the book of our lives every day so we have to use this tongue as an instrument of love. It’s just beautiful. People try to intellectualize God or to rationalize it, but you can’t because, maybe, the way depends on the religion that people were born. They have an understanding about it-that it’s something external, but God is breathing through us. You are singing in the name of God in every inhale and exhale. I’m so happy to talk to you!

‏‏Yeah, I know. Me too! I just wanted to-because I’m sure some of the listeners don’t believe in God, some of the listeners don’t like the name “God,” but what is your definition of God?

‏‏For me, God is love, wisdom, and truth. Through love, God gives life because if you think of a mother, it’s the love of the mother that that is able to bear children and bring this other being. Through wisdom, God gave us light so we can see our path. And then through truth, it’s what gives us freedom. Normally, people say, “Tell me the truth, tell me the truth! I want to know the truth!” The truth only comes at the end of life because the truth depends from which angle you’re looking, there is a truth, right? So people say, “No, but there is an absolute truth.” Well, what we think is an absolute truth is not the final truth. That’s why people who are older, they can say they have more experience because they’ve seen truth change throughout time. Let’s say, when you’re a teenager, you think like, “Oh, it’s cool! I’m going to go out with this guy. I’m going to kiss him, and I’m going to do this,” and then you start to grow old, and then you’re like, “Wow,” or if you start doing the divine spiritual wisdom in Naam, you start realizing like, “Oh, well! Maybe it’s not so good that I’m exchanging sexual fluids with all these people because they staying printed in my body and my magnetic field,” so then your truth changes because when you’re 14, 15, or 16-like, the teen times-you think it’s cool to be kissing guys and doing whatever like sleeping around or whatever that can happen. When you are 20 or 30, and you start getting spiritual by the grace of God, the truth changes. If God is love, wisdom, and truth, love will give you life; wisdom will give you light; and truth will give you freedom. So, when you’re free, you’re able to see things without this veil that conditions everything. Things that we’re all separated, that we’re different people, and that we’re not together. When that veil is lifted, we’re able to see the truth and then we’re free. We have freedom. That’s what God is for me.

‏‏That’s beautiful! Your mentor is Dr. Joseph Levry. Who is he for you? Who is that mystical, mysterious man?

‏‏For me, he has been the person that helps me see my own truth and then to light my path in giving me the space to be who I am because what I see a lot in spirituality is, people brainwashing each other or making people believe in something without allowing them to have their own freewill to realize. I am a, quote-unquote, rebel in my own ways like I don’t accept to post truth without me going through it, and then chewing it, and then coming up to my own conclusions, right? Or, through experience. Dr. Levry has always, and that’s with all his students because all his students-they are like doctors, engineers, dentists, lawyers, people who are more active intellectually, which makes people question more. I think what we really appreciate from him is this freedom and then just kind of like give you the wisdom so then you, through the wisdom-let’s say, when teaching a little kid, “If you touched the candle, you’re going to get burned,” we don’t think the kid has enough judgment to decide that, but then the kid tries it, and then it burns his fingers, and then just, maybe, don’t do it again or do three more times, and he would learn. I think he’s a very important piece in my life. I don’t think nothing is done by chance. I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed with his presence in my life. He has definitely improved my life and my entire family because my entire family got into Naam one way or the other so we are all very blessed with his presence. He is a great gift for humanity. I’m blessed to see his work in action-how people change their lives. It’s a real gift. If you know a little bit about Kabbalah, he’s a true “tzaddik.”


‏‏And he’s very humble. For the amount of wisdom and spiritual power that this man has, I dare to say like I’ve seen a lot, I don’t think it’s easy to be humble with that amount of power. He’s so powerful. He’s a true spiritual master. He doesn’t ask people to do anything that they don’t want. He doesn’t’ say, “Cut your hair,” or “Let your hair grow,” or “If you wear this color, it’s going to be this,” or “Do that.” He says, “Here’s what you got, and this is what my advice is, and do Naam.” He’s always going to tell you to do Naam. Because it’s to work through the power of the word…


‏‏…which is this great thing.

‏‏And for the listeners who don’t know what “tzaddik” means: Tzaddik, in Hebrew, means a righteous man. A very elevated, spiritual person. Also, the concept of “tzaddik,” is he’s very elevated, very connected, but also very humble, gentle, and kind.


‏‏What exactly is Naam Yoga? How is it different from other forms of yoga?

‏‏Okay, that’s a great question. I like to answer that by saying-if you get a prism, which, actually, the sun is shining in my living room right now, and I have a prism on the window, so when you look at the sun, you just see this one light, this one color, which is white or bright or whatever-it defines the color of the sun. When you put a prism, you have seven colors like this one color which is white or bright whatever it defined the color of the sun that filters through it. Those seven colors is how we perceive light through the prism, right? There is red, there is orange, there is yellow, the green, the purple, and the violet. Naam Yoga is like, if you’re going back from the seven rays through the prism back to the sun, when we’re here in the physical world-because the divine wisdom is so vast, we’re not able to perceive all of it so what happens is, some people receive part of the wisdom-they receive the “red” wisdom while some people received the “green wisdom,” and some people received the “blue” wisdom-and they call them different names. It can be different religions, different creeds, different organizations, spirituality groups, and all of these. What Naam Yoga does is to bring you back and give you a taste of this original light because it combines different things from one source so everything is God, but it depends from which lenses you are seeing it. You see one aspect of it. In true Naam Yoga-because I didn’t get to do a lot of spiritual shopping, I was kind of very blessed to get very early into this path so Naam Yoga combines sound-Naam is sound so it’s the power of the word as we talked before-and then the yoga part is the actual very healing part of yoga, which is not so known in the West, it comes from what is called “Sukshma Vyayama,” which works in the subtle body. There’s a whole Kabbalistic aspect behind. It’s kind of like New York City-it’s a potluck of a lot of cultures, languages, and different things in one location, but it’s all very well-organized. It is now being scientifically proven. Many aspects of Naam Yoga and Harmonyum, which is helping people break that thing like judgment of “Why are you putting all these things together?” and saying, “These things have been always together.”

What Naam Yoga does is to bring you back and give you a taste of this original light because it combines different things from one source so everything is God. Click To Tweet


‏‏The thing is that, we segregate them so we can understand so one person becomes the “red,” the other group becomes the “green,” the other one the “yellow,” the other the “orange,” the other the “purple,” the “violet,” and etcetera. Naam Yoga combines all of these, but basically, it depends on where-if you go to a Naam Yoga class, for example, let’s say you come tomorrow to my class, you’re going to experience sound, you’re going to experience different exercises that help to work in the, what we call, the base of life, which is like the blood, the nervous system, and the glandular system through different exercises that anyone can do. When we did the massive classes in Mexico-when we put thousands and thousands of people together-they’re not yogis. They’re people from the street. They’re not a group of yogis that come together. They’re just the people, but they are attracted by the light that is generated by the creation of sound combined with exercise and breath. It’s very, very special and very well put-together. It’s like a very perfect recipe or formula for change.

‏‏I, personally, did some spiritual shopping.

‏‏I don’t blame you.

‏‏All away from Jewish philosophy, the study of the Bhagavad Gita, and other forms of spirituality. I’ve even spent some time in India, in Ashram, at Oneness University. The way Oneness described their wisdom is, it’s non-dogmatic, it doesn’t have anything to do with religion, it’s kind of like the little add of sugar you add to your coffee to make it sweeter so it’s to make lives sweeter, and I feel like Naam Yoga-even though it’s a very different practice-and both are incredible practices, and I love both. Also, the idea of “God is love” is very strong there. I definitely think Naam is very beautiful, and the way I see it from trying other forms of yoga, it’s just a little less physical in a way. It’s more of working on your brain and also conditioning your brain through mantras. Vinyasa, for example, is a very vigorous exercise. Even though in Naam Yoga, sometimes, there is this spike of a more vigorous exercise. But overall, it’s very gentle, and it’s just so good. And it’s good for all levels. Sometimes, we have kids in the class.


‏‏Running around…


‏‏And there are older people and younger people.

‏‏Mm-hmm. It’s true.

‏‏My experience of it is the amazing clarity I get, and the sense of well-being and calmness that I get after class. It really helps me. It gets me more focused on my business, on my life. A better partner. It’s a very beautiful art.


‏‏And I like that you combined all that aspects of Kabbalah, which is something that I study too. You, guys, call it Universal Kabbalah. It’s just so beautiful. I want to go deeper into the wisdom, and I want to talk a little bit about Harmonyum too.

‏‏Mm-hmm. Okay.

‏‏How does Naam combine Kabbalah? What is Harmonyum?

‏‏Okay, so I’ll try to put all in one package, but make it in a very organized way because I was born in a day that adds to eight, and eight is Saturn, and Saturn is the organizational skills in a teacher, so I’m going to try to apply that as I respond to this question. Universal Kabbalah-the way we used in the teachings is, basically, to know-like, most people know their star sign, right? They don’t know which day of the week they were born, and they don’t know that the date that they were born also has an influence over them so every day, there is this energy. The Kabbalah we use-we call it Universal Kabbalah in Divine Spiritual Wisdom-because we try to make it practical and applicable. Because we don’t believe that you just learn wisdom just to learn wisdom. You have to learn wisdom to apply it because otherwise, if there was enough, then everybody, every library person-people who work in library-would be so amazing, right? Because they are around books, wisdom, and all of these things.


‏‏But the way we use it is practical. If I know that the moon is waxing, for example, which it is-on Tuesday, the moon is going to be full so I know that right now, I’m in the last stretch to manifest things because when the moon is waxing, it’s time for me to use my class-if I’m applying in a class set, right? Because you can apply in your life or on your class. In a class, I’ll provide a platform for students to be able to manifest things. I’ll say, “Okay, now we’re just in this last stretch, the moon is going to turn full, prepare yourselves, strengthen yourselves,” also because as soon as the moon is full, people become more sensitive, and from then on for 14 days, they’re going to be more sensitive. You can apply in the practical in the class, and we could speak for hours about it because everything is practical. We don’t try to know something that is not applicable. In a way, it’s just intellectual. It doesn’t serve you. It has to be able to help. It’s knowing that-which day were you born?

‏‏Me? March 31st.

‏‏Okay. For you, communication has to be very clear for you to receive and to deliver. Because if it’s not clear, it will drive you crazy because of the four-because you have a Uranus, but at the same time, it makes you an extremely spiritual person, right? Because you are like in the world of Chokhmah. It’s the second sphere in the tree of life. It’s like on the divine plane so it’s in a higher, higher plane. Your spirituality has to be part of your daily life. People say like, “I have to drink water every day,” you have to have spirituality in your life. By knowing and learning the Divine Spiritualism Universal Kabbalah, I’m able to help people in their path, especially in a class of regular students. I know a little bit of the cycles. I know what people are going through because of knowing them. We can kind of tailor a class that will bring more results because I know more of that. If I don’t know the people in the class, I can just use the universal laws, right? “Okay, it’s a Sunday. It’s a day that is ruled by the sun, and then tomorrow is going to be the 17th so it’s an 8, which is Saturn, so it’s a great time to actually get to use a spirituality to shine and to work on my health. I can give little tips in the class, but honestly? The best is actually the application to your own life because it allows you to see who you are from a very neutral perspective.


‏‏Because we are not the planets, we’re not our star sign, and we’re not anything. We’re just divine beings, but we’ve been conditioned because of this different make-ups that we have so it’s kind of like we have different layers of make-ups. These teachings, for me, is really about self-knowledge and [0:32:45].6] understanding ourselves and our family so then we’re able to really improve ourselves. This is the major thing. That’s the Kabbalah part that can actually really help people understand themselves without psychology because, not psychology, saying like, listen, you’re born on the 31st then you have a four there with this Uranus, and let’s say you’re born on a Thursday-then you have Jupiter as your primary planet. By knowing those two things, I can tell you things about those planets that you will kind of recognize in you, but doesn’t necessarily mean that you are them. Do you know what I mean?

These teachings, for me, is really about self-knowledge and understanding ourselves and our family so then we’re able to really improve ourselves. This is the major thing.

‏‏Yeah, and I just want to mention that Kabbalah means “to receive” and the idea behind it is, you’re a vessel, you want to increase your vessel to receive more light because the universe wants to give you everything that you want, but you-the vessel-needs to be open and ready to receive it and vibrating at higher frequency to receive it, and component of it is numerology, which is used in the letters, and astrology as well so just to mention that, this is just like a huge part-a huge thing-and we’re talking about a piece of it right now.

‏‏Exactly. It’s just like a very tiny, tiny microscopic piece here because it’s as big as the sky-where is the beginning and where is the end? We don’t know. There’s no beginning and no end. This is from creation.


‏‏For me, in Naam Yoga, how we use the Universal Kabbalah, the wisdom to better ourselves. Then, the other two we have is, Harmonyum. Harmonyum Healing is this divine, orchestrated, Kabbalistic healing system that allows us, ultimately-it’s an energetic thing so it’s not invasive and it’s very like light touch. We work on the spine. I don’t even know which path to take right now, but basically, I want to tell you what it does, and then maybe I can talk a little bit more. Harmonyum, what it does, in a nutshell, is to bring awareness to to the things that we’re doing that is causing us to be where we are-either sickness, or a problem in a relationship, problem in prosperity, career, or in the family. It’s like a picture that shows you like, “Oh, this is what I’ve been doing, and this is what I’m getting as a result of it.” When you see and acknowledge, then you’re able to go back and start fixing it, but from a place of-in terms of physical body, and the physical body activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes us stop, right? The sympathetic is the one that fight-and-flight, “Okay, let’s go!” “Oh my God, someone’s going to do…” or “Run!” It doesn’t allow to think properly because you’re on a run, but the parasympathetic nervous system allows you to stop-to slow down. The combination of the physical plane, the divine plane, and the spiritual plane-all of those three planes combined allow you to see and then to act in wisdom.

‏‏Mm-hmm, and Harmonyum is done one-on-one, correct?

‏‏Yes, Harmonyum is a healing session so you come in a private session. The therapist-we don’t even call healer because the other thing in these teachings we learned is that nobody can heal you, but yourself. We are just vehicles, we’re vessels to help that, to provide that, but it’s really not up to me. If you come to see me, I don’t really want to know the details of the problem because it doesn’t matter-I mean, it’s not that I’m careless, it’s just to say, it doesn’t matter what you have, it’s your own life force that has to fix it. Many times, actually, I don’t really want to know details of the stories because I don’t want to condition myself. Because I believe that that force that lives in us can hear anything because that force is what created everything. If I put my mind in the middle of the mix, it becomes physical and is no longer divine so I just let the light work through. You lie down, in Harmonyum level one, for example, you lie down face down, and you’re going to have a very light touch on the spine, and the spine-the name of the Creator in Hebrew is written-Yod Heh Vav Heh-and if you know that we have 26 vertebra on the spine, and Yod Heh Vav Heh, when you add the name of God, it adds to 26. You have 26 bones in your hands, 26 bones in your feet, and 26 bones in your head. Then, when you think of The Vitruvian Man, now, that he’s open with all touching in the circle-the hands, the head, and the feet.


‏‏Then, on the center, the axis is the spine. That’s why we work on the spine. We’re working directly in the core of our being where everything that happens to us is recorded in the spinal cord. That’s what we tackle directly there, and then using very beautiful and very soothing movements in the spine. Normally, people fall asleep within two-three minutes. It plugs you off the wall-it’s like, poof, you’re gone! People say like, “Oh my God, let me see if I didn’t make your floor dirty because I think I was drooling.”


‏‏Yeah, I have people who get worried. I said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

‏‏Amazing! I want to switch gear for a little bit.


‏‏Harmonyum is a beautiful practice. I recommend everybody to take it. Since we don’t have enough time for today, I still want to touch on two more major things. One is, what are the five things? We’ll have to go a little faster because we can talk about it forever!

‏‏I know.

‏‏And I love listening to you. I mean, we definitely have to do another episode together.

‏‏You’re sweet! The five things-it’s very simple. I would actually invite people to write them down. The one thing is the way we think. The second thing is how we feel. The third thing is what comes out of our mouth-our speech; the words. The fourth thing is our behavior, which means, what is our attitude? How do we behave? What is our attitude in situations in life? The fifth thing is our actions. People say, “Oh, I can do this, I can do that!” There are so many things. The spiritual world is expanding and becomes much available to everyone because people want to change. They’re having this call to change their lives. By the grace of God-and when I say “by the grace of God,” it’s to avoid the word “if”-the conditional. I like to always say, “It is”-in a way, it’s saying like, “Bye,” it’s grace, right? This divine intelligence grace. We’re able to think and to feel in a way that is positive-every word that comes out of our mouth to be positive. Our attitude in life-even if you have a worse day, or it’s a rainy day, or someone stepped on your foot, or something happened, or someone hit your car-whatever bad situation, try to be positive in your attitude, and then your actions. Create actions every day that is positive. And they say-“Oh, that’s very simple.” It’s simple when you listen to it. I’ve been practicing this for many years, and it’s not easy. Especially for women. We have a lot of hormonal imbalance like up-and-down, up-and-down, then we become emotional, and then we say things that we don’t mean. It happens to men too. Men are more fiery so they’re either violent or aggressive actions or words. The word of feelings in some guys more than others, and then the head because the number one is the mind-how do you control the mind? Through the breath so the mind always follows the breath. People say, “Okay, you get me these five things, give me now the practical application because everybody can tell you, “Oh, be positive! Be positive!” but how am I going to be positive?

‏‏Just be good.

‏‏Yeah, just be good! For me, when I got there, it was like, “Okay, so how do I do it?” because I need action. People in their spirituality, they’re too much like ha-ha. We need action so for us to be able to think positive, we need to have our breath to be trained. We need to train the breath to have a certain rhythm and to have a certain pace so then the mind can follow that pace and rhythm. When the mind follows the breath, and you’re breathing consciously, then you have conscious thinking. You’re thinking like, “Oh, okay, I’m starting to think negative, switch gears.” Like you said, “Okay, let’s switch gears because we’re running out of time.” When the mind is under control, the emotions get under control because if I say, right now, to your mind, “Hey, you just won the lottery today,” and they your mind is like “Whoa! Oh my gosh, I’m going to win the lottery,” and then your mind starts going. Eventually, when the mind goes off with the thought, it generates the feeling. It will make you feel, “Oh my gosh, I feel so happy! My gosh, I’m going to get money! I’m going to be able to do this, I’ll travel…” then you’re going to tell someone so you’re going to use that word to say, “Oh my gosh, I’m so blessed. Look what happened to me! God has blessed me with this so much. I’m so grateful!” Then you’re going to do something. You’re going to use your actions. You’re going to, maybe, say, “Okay, you know what? I’m going to get this money. I’m going to give 10% to support causes to help serve others,” then your attitude and everything that comes to you, they can say like, “Oh, they hit your car!” But you’ll say, “Don’t worry, I’m going to buy a new one!” Because the mind starts the whole thing-the whole process-and then everything goes down into those so the breath is a very important tool for the mind to work properly, and the breath is 80-90% of yoga. That’s why we do so much mantra because when you do mantra-and we don’t do just any mantra. We do mantras that, by the grace of God, Dr. Levry seems he’s able to see the effect of the mantra in the magnetic field so he has chosen specific divine words that have been working so it’s not just any mantra, he’s seen them at work and now, we also have scientific proof that they have been working. We had the research in the Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York, and they proved that two of his mantras-one is Ra Ma Da Sa and Gurunam. The way he records the music has an effect on the brain. It causes the brain to release hormones that cause this research to have between 10-14% less need of opiates, which is a medicine for pain.

‏‏Oh my God! I just got goosebumps!

‏‏This is huge!


‏‏That’s the thing about having a true “tzaddik.” We don’t do much PR. We don’t talk about it. Everything is very graceful and very discreet, but it’s very powerful.

‏‏He is a very private man.

‏‏Yeah, because it’s not about him. When you were asking about me, I can talk about me, but it’s not about me that’s going to help people. It’s about the wisdom.

‏‏But it’s about you too. Because your journeys were good. Very interesting!

‏‏Yeah. I’m so grateful. Thank you for this time, and thank you for listening to me. I know I can go on. My other planet is Mercury, which gives you on this talking.

‏‏No. I love it! Before we go, I have two more questions. One is that, I know you’re very passionate about your work with women, and you believe that the female energy has the power to change the world. How do you see it in your life and in our life?

‏‏As women, we have the power of molding the seed. Men give us the seed and then emerges with our seed, but that being that comes out of a woman-okay, let’s talk for people who have kids, will have kids, and all that, but I don’t want the women who don’t have and won’t have to be excluded so I’m going to talk about children, but think of what I’m saying also as a project, as a career, or anything that you want to put in that. We’re going to talk in terms of seed and also, the future of humankind. A woman gets the seed of a man, and maybe that seed is rotten, but through love-because the love that women have-and this power of “Shakti”-to mold that seed so she gets the seed, and then she just poured love into it, and then she just transformed, she transmutes that seed, and she can mold that seed to be a beautiful tree that will give beautiful fruits. My passion with women is to actually help women to develop this power of love because sometimes, they were not loved themselves during their when the time, or they were not loved throughout their lives so they have a problem or lack of love, which is really the cause of all problems in the world, and by teaching women to create this self-love to develop this power of unconditional love, they’ll be able to bear children who can change the world because they will be seeds of love. Yes, we have to work on the children too because they are the future, but they’re already outside but when we are able to mold them from within and just create that environment, it’s just so powerful. It’s the power of the seed, which is in Kabbalah, everything is contained in the seed. If you get a seed and you know that the seed is going to give you a tree of apple-an apple tree-then you’re just aware. It’s like, “I’m going to plant the seed, and it’s going to give me apples.”

‏‏Mm-hmm. According to quantum physics, the seed will change by the way we look at it. It will appear or disappear, and it can actually change form like Dr. Emoto and the water experiment. The intention we put on things has actually mold and changed them. Even water molecules.


‏‏When you put a sticker on it saying, “I love you,” and then the water molecule is so beautiful and lovely, and when they say, “I hate you,” It actually changes the water molecules.


‏‏Our intention changes our own water molecules in our bodies, and our bodies are 80% water, and from that place, it also changes the seed.


‏‏Whether it’s a physical seed, like a baby that is being born or a project or anything that will bring into manifestations in our lives.

‏‏Mm-hmm. And that’s, once again, Naam is so powerful because it causes us to create a new pattern of speech and intentionality because you start to change the vibrations of the entire being form the cells, from the neurons, and everything in your body starts to change because you’re imprinting divine words in your thoughts and in the cells in your body so it’s a beautiful work. I know that we’re able to change the world by working with women and uniting, and just going beyond this physical aspect. I think it’s important-body image, and all of these things because everybody goes through different things, but the core of everything is love. Many people are speaking about love, that the love is the base, and all of this, but again, how do we use that love? How do we get to feel that love? How do we train ourselves to learn something that we haven’t gotten from birth or from the conception? I think that’s why I’m so happy to share things with women because on the opposite of many women who work with women that have gone through a lot of staff different tragedies or abuse or sexual abuse or verbal abuse or whatever different situations, I’ve been blessed to experience unconditional love.


‏‏I want people to feel that because I know it’s possible. Because if one human being was able to experience, everybody can. The angle where I work with women is not I can’t relate directly with someone who say, “Oh, I was sexually abused,” or “I was verbally abused.” I cannot tell them like, “I know what you mean,” but I can tell them, “Listen, you know inside your heart, and I can tell you because of my experience that unconditional love is possible.” And I’m so grateful for my mom to be able to share this with women because I want to give that hope that it’s possible, and then we can change the world together.

‏‏Amen! For my final question for today-only today-I have so many more! What makes your life stellar?

‏‏I think it’s being aware that every breath is a gift. That every breath means, I have a chance to improve myself, to try to get better, and then through getting better, I can motivate other people to get better. I do the star every day, which is a beautiful pose in Naam Yoga that we do, that brings this good luck of the stars in our lives so I’m grateful. Thank you so much!

Be aware that every breath is a gift. That every breath means, I have a chance to improve myself, to try to get better, and then through getting better, I can motivate other people to get better. Click To Tweet

‏‏Thank you so much, Renata. Where can our listeners find you?

‏‏I am on Facebook. Renata Spironello is my name. I am on Twitter as well. It’s @renatanaamyogawith double A, and I’m also on instagram. I teach every Sunday at Naam Yoga when I’m in town, which is here in Santa Monica, California. I am everywhere with my prayers.

‏‏Thank you so much! Thank you so much, listeners! I hope you really enjoyed this episode as much as I did. It was just beautiful, wasn’t it? Keep loving yourself, keep breathing, keep evolving and feeling better, and understanding that you’re never alone, and there is this amazing power that is flowing through you, and the universe is working for you. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you on the next episode. Bye!

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