Episode 269 | November 23, 2021

Consciousness and Breathwork with Kurtis Lee Thomas

A Personal Note From Orion

Breathing is one of the most basic functions of the body. It fuels the body with oxygen and also provides you with a greater sense of mental clarity. Aside from the physical benefits, breathing is also a powerful tool to overcome trauma and start holistic healing.

Kurtis Lee Thomas is a corporate mindfulness trainer and founder of Breathwork Detox. He’s the #1 bestselling author of The World is Yours and How to Thrive in the Age of Anxiety.

In today’s episode, Kurtis unlocks the benefits of breathwork and how it miraculously changed his life. He also shares his journey to consciousness and awareness that led him to write his book. This episode will help you find your own journey to holistic healing through breathwork.

In this Episode

  • [00:50] – Orion introduces her next guest, Kurtis Lee Thomas, a corporate mindfulness trainer and founder of Breathwork Detox.
  • [06:12] – Orion asks Kurtis to share the beginnings of how he became a spiritual teacher.
  • [09:50] – Kurtis shares his experience of having a health problem that doctors can’t diagnose and the treatments he went through.
  • [11:47] – Kurtis talks about having his first breathwork class, which led him to learn about energy and medicine.
  • [14:42] – Kurtis discloses his encounter with the UFO that expanded his consciousness and belief system.
  • [20:17] – Orion inquires about Kurtis’ astral projection experiences and the things he can do.
  • [23:37] – Orion wants to know how seeing UFO and astral projection experiences affect relationships with friends and loved ones.
  • [27:27] – Kurtis answers Orion about the things he does to get through dark times.
  • [29:38] – Orion and Kurtis both discuss being a parent and protecting and shielding the children from the turbulence.
  • [35:19] – The details of the book The World Is Yours, The Awakening – The Secrets behind “The Secret expounded by Kurtis.
  • [40:37] – Kurtis expounds the process and benefits of breathwork.
  • [48:21] – Orion and Kurtis talk about their perspective of having breathwork experiences.
  • [51:31] – Orion requests Kurtis to tell the audience his top three tips to live a stellar life.
  • [55:11] – Visit Kurtis Lee Thomas’ website or Breathwork Detox’s website to know more about breathwork and all the cool things he offers.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Kurtis. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. It’s a pleasure and honor. It’s so much fun that you’re here. I’m so grateful.

Yes. Thank you for having me. So excited.

Yes. You’re one of my favorite new people that I’ve met recently.


You’re just radiating this loving energy, and you’re very friendly. You’re very kind. You’re so much fun. We got a chance to meet in the Biohacking Conference, was it two or three weeks ago?

Yeah, about three weeks ago.

Yeah, something like that. I did one of your workshops, then I met you in person, and it was really fun meeting you in person. It felt like I knew you.

That’s the transition from the virtual world to the 3D world. I understand that.

Yeah, but it was more than that. It was more than that. It was just very familiar. There’s something about you. I don’t know how to explain it, like we knew each other.

Yes, that feeling. The je ne sais quoi. You just can’t articulate that, right?

Before we begin and before we dive into all the goodness that you have to share with us, can you just tell us a little bit about your life story? What’s your core story? How did you become the spiritual teacher that you are today?

I always look at my life almost as if I had two lives, a past life within this life. In the beginning, my adolescence, early teenage, to my late 20s, it was all about business. I was infatuated with business at a very young age. I’ve been in all types of businesses you can imagine from confectionery companies, alcohol companies, magazines, marketing, jewelry, and everything.

I always look at my life almost as if I had two lives; a past life within this life. Click To Tweet

There were some events that transpired right around when I was 28 years old. You could say that my life got turned upside down. But really, we realize once we’re awakened, that our life really got turned right side up. These events that played out. There were different events from losing my brother, to my cousin who’s a crazy “conspiracy theorist”, to seeing UFO sightings with my own eyes. This all happened within a three-month time span, all these weird things like waking up in the middle of the night, astral projecting, all in this short time period.

I think the universe knew how stubborn I was. I’m very much a Capricorn. I’m very analytical, very skeptical. I got to see it to believe it. The universe really had to shake me to get me to wake up. What I mean by wake up is, get curious because that’s what waking up is.

Curiosity is consciousness at work. I started to get really curious, but it was more so the things I was getting curious about, which were the things I never even thought of like the spirit world, astral projecting, energy medicine, and all these different things. It just brought me down to what people would know as the rabbit hole. We all have been down the rabbit hole one, two, or many.

I ended up meeting one of my teachers. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. She was a very powerful shaman. I had a couple of them, mainly two. I started working with psychics and became certified as a life coach, a hypnotherapist, a reiki master, and all these different—I became a certification collector. I was looking to gain knowledge and experiences, but it was also a part of me that needed to feel validated because I was an entrepreneur, I dropped out of college, I had that.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Now I’m researching the stuff that I can’t really find a way to make a business out of it. I’m like, what am I doing? I started collecting these certifications that made me feel validated. Then ultimately, it did leave me to breathwork. But there was something else going on while all this madness was going on and that was health problems.

I had this mysterious health condition that doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me and it was maddening. So if there’s anybody out there that if you’re going through something and doctors can’t quite diagnose it, trust me when I tell you, I feel your pain.

What happened? What was it? What did you experience?

That was the thing. I went from the best doctors, from neurologists to GI doctors from LA to New York. I did colonoscopies, endoscopies. It was in my stomach. I swallowed pill cameras to go into my small intestines, they were looking for stuff, and they couldn’t find it. I swore on everything that I had this new breed of parasites that were undetected by our technology and probably came from an off-world planet. My brain was scanning through every possibility.

I did go to India and Thailand and ate some really weird food. I’m like, that has to be it. I was doing the most robust parasite cleanses literally in the world. They said, no, I didn’t have it. Everything was negative, negative. I started to go a little insane almost because I started telling the doctors like, no, test me twice, test me three times.

I started collecting these certifications that made me feel validated. Then ultimately, it did lead me to breathwork.

I remember one doctor, he looked at me and he said, “Kurtis, I’m going to be honest with you. You’re healthier than I am. There’s nothing I could do for you.” Doctors were kicking me out of their offices because they did every test. This was the culmination. It got so bad that I actually checked myself into Los Angeles emergency hospital.

I got on the table and I said, “Listen, cut me open, cut my stomach open, I’ll sign the papers, whatever I need to sign, just cut me open, look inside, and tell me, I need to know what’s in there.” Thank God the doctor didn’t allow me to do that because it wasn’t shortly after, I had my own Taoist tummy massager. I believe it’s called CNT.

Mind you, at this time I’m doing Ayahuasca, I’m doing Bufo, I’m doing Combo, I’m doing Ozone. I’m biohacking. I’m doing all this stuff. My tummy massager lady said that my wind gate was blocked.

What is that massage? What is it called?

A CNT. If you already know, you’re in Florida, but it doesn’t say if you’re in California. She’s amazing. Her name is Jenica. She said that my wind gate was blocked, and that’s actually the area behind your belly button. That’s where all your chi goes into the body, all that chi leaves the body. It is literally the Time Square of your energy system, which is behind the belly button.

You’re going from LA to New York?

Yeah, this was in LA. I was living out there.

You said Times Square. That was a joke or anything?

No because I’ll get into it in a second, but it’s all going to tie in soon. The area by my belly button was blocked and she told me I needed breathwork. That’s ultimately what led me to breathwork. I was desperate so I’ll try anything. 

I took my very first breathwork class. The girl next to me five minutes in started bawling her eyes out. I remember she was 80 lbs soaking wet, tiny, tiny girl. I remember that because the guy next to me was 6′ 5″, 290 lbs, and he actually played for the NFL Los Angeles Rams. So 15 minutes after she’s crying, this big dude started crying like a baby. I’m sitting here like, why the heck is everybody crying?

Before I can even finish, I’m bawling my eyes out and everybody’s crying. Then after it was all said and done, I floated home. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that good and then God knows how long. It didn’t hit me then, but when I woke up, it hit me, and my stomach pain was gone.


These doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me because my issue wasn’t physical. It was energetic; it was emotional.

Mind you, this Capricorn analytical brain, I was spending three days trying to wrap my head around. How the heck is this even possible? How do I feel relieved just from breathing? I don’t get it, and then it obviously hit me. The reason why these doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me is because my issue wasn’t physical. It was energetic, it was emotional.

Anatomically, they could not find the issue. This is the main default with western medicine. I’m not against western medicine, by all means. If I break an arm, God forbid, give me painkillers. When you go to eastern medicine, we really need to meet both worlds. That’s what I learned. I learned the whole different reality of energy and medicine with these studies in India and work by Gopi Krishna.

My issue was trauma. It was suppressed trauma. It was the things that I was holding on to for literally 30 years. I wasn’t even aware. It wasn’t even in my conscious or subconscious. It was in my unconscious. When that came bound, I released it, I literally felt lighter. I felt more buoyant, I felt free.

The thing is, we don’t even realize what we’re holding on to until it’s gone. It’s the sad part, the scary part, and also the amazing part. Once you do the work and you witness this energy leave your body and how you feel is just so liberating.

Wow, that’s a really amazing story. I want to go back to the time when you were awakened. What led you to actually see a UFO landing site? What was it like?

This is really an interesting story. I first started seeing lights in the sky. I remember I was taking my daughter, she was five, I was taking her to Disney World. She was playing with my phone, but I got her her own iPad so she didn’t have to mess with my phone. I remember her asking me, “Dad, can I use your phone?” I’m like, “No, use yours.” She’s like, “No,” and I’m halfway sleeping on the plane. She goes, “No, God’s outside.” I was like, “Oh, God, just take my phone, whatever.” 

Once you do the work, negative energy and trauma will leave your body. This experience is liberating.

She takes the phone, she takes a picture, she gives it back to me, I look, and I see these three orbs following the plane of a picture she took. I look out the window and there are actual orbs. That was the first real experience where I was like, holy crap. I had some weird things happen in my dream state that was giving more confirmation and just leading me down this particular rabbit hole. 

Then when it got real is when I discovered a group of people out there, quite a few of them. It’s called CE-5. In the last couple of years, they’ve been suppressing it on YouTube and Google for some reason. Before you type in CE-5, you have all these videos. Now you type it in and you have to dig to find it, but it is out there. CE-5 stands for close encounters of the fifth kind. Human initiated contact. 

What these people do is they go out into an undisclosed area. Usually, I noticed it’s in deserts where there’s not a lot of people around. They’ll do these specific contact protocols that do specific things that will attract or communicate with these ETs. They go and do that, then they initiate contact, and they’re waiting out there for three days straight like you’re camping out there. Your neck up into the sky for eight, nine hours a day.

I started learning about that. I was like, come on, is this real? I went to my first one, which wasn’t a CE-5. It was just a bunch of people, 300 people gathered in a baseball field trying to initiate contact. It never happened. But for some reason, I didn’t get discouraged. I’m not sure why.

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It was a fun party. Let’s do it again.

It was cool. There were a lot of people discouraged and I was discouraged, but for some reason, I didn’t give up because there was another CE-5 event where these people actually had to interview you. The other one, they didn’t have to interview you. This one, they interviewed you. They only picked 12 people to be a part of this and we actually went to Joshua Tree.

Mind you, nobody’s on

marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, or anything like that. Everyone’s sober. They picked me to be a part of this 12 and I go out there. All these 11 other people, they’ve actually all had some significant contact. They’re normal people. They’re not wackos. They’re normal people.

Three days out of that event, it was actually a “CE-5 certification” by this gentleman. I forgot his name, but the real founder of it is Dr. Steven Greer, specifically CE-5. Out of those three days, every single day, ships and UFOs showed up. The contact product calls worked.

Once we called them in and they showed up right in front of us, that moment, something clicked in my brain, something happened inside of me. The best way I can articulate it is you hear about UFOs, you watch them on TV, and some guy on his porch, yeah, I see it at three in the morning. There were these lights. We heard the stories, but when you see it yourself with your own two eyes from up close, something shifts inside of you.

It just expanded my consciousness, my belief system, my faith, and my hope.

What that was for me was, if I can try to put words to it, it was like from one moment to the next, in the snap of a finger, in the twinkling of an eye, it was like a glass ceiling of consciousness that was in my field shattered. From one moment to the next, I knew that anything was possible. It just expanded my consciousness, it expanded my belief system, it expanded my faith, my hope. It just did something.

Now I know why because I experienced that feeling of the liberation of consciousness that I now know why the government went through the greatest lengths to suppress this information, more than any other information. That is the one thing that they have not and will not yet—things are changing—disclose because they know what it will do to humanity’s consciousness.

Then if everyone’s consciousness was to be liberated like that, they’ll have no control. You cannot control minds that work like that and then expand like that. That is their biggest fear. So I understand that now.

Wow. That’s a very important insight. The moment you know something, you cannot unknow it, and then your life changes.

Yes, exactly.

You also said that you had astral projection experiences. What was that like?

Some of them amazing, some of them a little spooky. More so, I think it was the overall experience that I did not know that your body can be sleeping in bed, and your soul can come out of the body in full consciousness as if we’re talking right now and go travel in the cosmos and fly. That is the greatest secret that I think I’ve ever realized in this whole spiritual awakening is that you can actually fly. You can actually be conscious and do these things.

It’s not like you’re in a dream, it’s in the actual mindset that you’re in now, which just blew me away. I had a few of those experiences then. That also, obviously, shifted and changed me because now I’m like, wow, I got superpowers. We all do it. We all do it every single night. It’s nothing special.

There are hundreds of tiny pieces of information that were designed to unlock consciousness codes and trigger people's awakening. Click To Tweet

When you’re conscious of your astral projecting during the night, do you go visit people? What can you do with it?

You can do anything. I remember the one time I did it, I don’t know how ethical this is, but I astral projected to my ex-girlfriend’s house. I went into her bedroom, and I could see everything that was going on. Then when I woke up the next day, I called her and told her my experience, and she was obviously super skeptical because she wasn’t—this is the beginning of my awakening.

I said, “I’ll prove it.” I started telling her where everything was located in her room. I said, “You have pink shorts over here on the thing, you have this statue over here, this thing fell down, you need to pick it up.” She’s like, oh my God.

Wow, I got goosebumps.

Yeah, and that’s when I was just as shocked as she because I’m waiting for that confirmation. I needed that confirmation and validation because I didn’t really know, but I know what I saw. That moment, I was like, wow, that is a superpower. Now I’ve only had a few of those experiences. It does happen at nighttime.

My original teacher shaman, she was, to this day (not probably) is the most gifted shaman that ever came across. Pretty much what she could do is, I’m in a conversation with you and simultaneously, while having a conversation with you, she can astral project out of her body mid-conversation with you, go somewhere else, have another conversation with somebody else in the spirit world or go visit someone’s bedroom to see what’s in there, come back into the body within that conversation, and then get the download to tell you what she just experienced.

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It’s dual consciousness. I never met anyone actually who could do what she did. That was the first teacher that I came across in 2011.

You’re coming from a business background, which is very, very left brain. There is no place for all this woo-woo, and then you’re having to shift and you’re telling people about UFOs and astral projection. I’m like, what happened to you with your relationships, with your friends, your loved ones? Did they think you lost your mind? Did you lose friendships and acquire new ones?

Good question. I actually wasn’t talking about it. I was digesting it, I was integrating it. There were only just a handful of people. My mother was the main one. Thank God, she always trusted in me. We had our awakening at the exact same time. As soon as I awakened, she awakened and we started just divulging all this content. We were going on trips, we went to Peru, and got certifications together.

That’s so beautiful you got to do this with your mom at the same time.

I am blessed for that, but I wasn’t really talking about it to anybody, but I was writing a book at the same time. I was documenting my process, which I believe is the reason why my book has been so successful. Because while I was going through this awakening from a totally left-brain world to mentioning and understanding some of the things that we just spoke about, I was documenting the process because this wasn’t unique to me.

The process that I was going through was a spiritual awakening process that every single human being on the planet is going to go through and is already currently going through. There’s nobody not going through it now. We’re just in different stages. It’s not necessarily events. It’s more so emotions and realizations that you go through. This is the awakening.

When you push through in breathwork, the transient hypofrontality where the prefrontal cortex begins to quiet down.

I was able to document that and spend the first half of the book teaching people their powers, which is the power of thought, emotions, imagination, the law of attraction, and also other laws of the universe. I’m really teaching them, these are your powers and this is how you’ve been misusing them. Then towards the middle of the book, it goes really deep down the rabbit hole. It’s like, okay, now that you know your powers, now that you know how to use them and how you’ve been misusing them, here’s why they’ve been hidden from you.

That’s probably the greatest secret of all of why the “government”, deep state, or whatever you want to call these people, Illuminati, the powers that be that want to suppress humanity, do what they do. When you realize that, you realize that they’re really afraid of humanity. They’re really afraid of what’s about to transpire, and it’s very prophetic. All these religions that never agreed upon much, that actually went to war and killed each other over differences, they’re actually all currently saying the same thing.

They’re all agreeing on the same thing, and that is some sort of godly cosmic phenomenon is upon us. There’s going to be the return of whether it’s God, Jesus, Krishna, Mahadi, Christ, or whatever it is, and there’s going to be the return of something known as the Golden Age, of heaven on earth. We’re going through the darkest times right now, but people really don’t understand the light at the end of the tunnel.

We truly will have heaven on earth. It’s really hard for people to fathom that because it’s going to get even darker before we have, which is pretty much called the compression breakthrough. The earth goes through its transformation and then we’re going to be all living in a world that, if I was to tell you some of the things that were to transpire, you most likely wouldn’t believe me. It’s very prophetic, let’s say.

That’s really beautiful and reassuring because if you look at mainstream media, it’s depressing. If you look at conspiracy theories, it’s also very depressing. Both of them don’t present a bright future, let’s say it this way. How do you hold on to that belief that the Golden Age is coming, and how do we go through the dark times without getting hurt?

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I think the latter question is the one that landed. How do we go through these dark times without getting hurt? I think we’ve already been beaten up to maximum capacity. We’ve been dragged through the mud.

I’ve been hearing, like you said, it’s going to get darker, it’s going to get darker. It’s the darkest moment before the light. I’m like, I don’t want it to get darker. I just wanted the sunrise already.

Let me answer you. Part of my answer to that was like, you know what, I don’t know, but I do know what I know. I don’t know the answer to that for other people, but I can share the answer for me, how I hold no fear and how I’m able to get through. Because now that I know what’s on the other side, the events are about to transpire that’s going to show the power exchange from the dark forces who are currently “in control” or maybe the illusion because they’re really not. They’re fighting to the death right now, and the light forces will inevitably take over. 

Because I know what’s going to happen and I do know, yes, it’s going to get really dark before it gets good, my brain is programmed that when I start to see things getting really crazy, haywire, and out of control, I rejoice, I celebrate, I get excited because I know that is the formula for liberation. The crazier it gets, the happier I get because that’s how I know how much closer we are to the breakthrough.

You’re a parent and I’m a new mom. I have a toddler, he’s two. My whole life, I was very brave. Fearless to a point where some people will consider stupid. But I think being a mom really shifted my neurology. Right now, I have something that I’m protecting and taking care of.

I want to give him the best world ever, and I want to shield him from all those turbulences. For somebody like me, how can I get this reassurance? I don’t think I can rejoice when I see darkness. It’s hard for me.

When you quiet your mind down, you enter into the quantum field that allows you to see with clarity and answer all the questions you’ve been seeking.

I was thinking you are too. But I don’t think I got to a point where my empathic abilities are not in the way of me seeing the bright side, because when I see humanity suffering, when I see other people suffering, it’s almost like I take it in. I am learning how not to, but it’s still a process.

There are two things that I want to talk about. The first one is your son. Something that was very difficult for me and this is probably a little bit of ego getting in the way, but it also pertains to you. What you have to realize is that your son, even though he can’t articulate it, he actually knows more about what’s about to transpire than you do.

Probably, yes.

He’s fresher from the spirit world. He knew exactly what he was coming into. He already knows. Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously in the DNA, in the cell, he knows. He signed up for this ride. Yeah, you’re there to protect him and be in his greatest interest, but you’re not there to worry because you being a worrier and not a warrior isn’t going to be beneficial.

I used to be a warrior and now I’m a worrier. What’s going on?


I used to be super tough, super strong, almost like a Pollyanna. Whatever happened to the world and becoming a mom kind of shifts that. Now I’m like more of a, how can I take care of everybody around me and make sure everybody else is safe?

That’s not just you, though.

No. I’m giving myself as an example because I know that other people can relate.

This is a worldwide spell. I had this conversation with my mom. I was like, “Ma, do you remember I used to ride my bike? I’ll just be like, ‘hey, mom, I’m taking off and riding my bike.’” I’d just be riding everywhere and then come home. Now you don’t see kids riding their bikes anywhere. You can blame it on video games. You could blame it on all that stuff. That’s probably a part of it. 

It was one of the best books to give to somebody who’s having a tough time waking up.

But what I see is that somewhere very slowly but surely, the fear knob of this planet was cranked up to the max where it doesn’t even feel safe to have your kid riding on a bike by themselves. That sounds actually absurd. This is the level of fear that has been increased. Not just you, not just me, but everybody has a certain level of fear. We have to disarm that because it’s not real.

This is where you get into the illusions and all that stuff. But one of the biggest things that were hard for me to understand was when my daughter was five years old, I was going to this really powerful psychic. She was always on point. She said, “What you need to understand about your daughter is that,” and she goes, “I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but she is just as aware or more aware than you are.” I was like, “Just as aware?” She’s like, “Or more aware.”

I was like, “How is this little girl more aware?” That had to come to those terms. She knew a lot once I started not shielding the world from her and I started sharing things with her. As soon as I did, she began to open up. She began sharing things with me, she started to give psychic readings at my book signings.

No way, wow.

Oh my God, this girl is tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. She understands business. She’s 14 now. The conversations that we have are much more mature, but I was talking to her almost the same way when she was five and six because of some of the information that was coming through, I needed that. I’m over here thinking she’d come in on me and I’m like, wait a second, we both need each other here.

I have to admit that my son teaches me so much. He’s this wide soul, this bright light. He’s so wise. It blows my mind how this little two-year-old that his language is very good. He speaks two languages. He speaks Hebrew and English. He forms complete sentences and complete ideas. I look at him and I’m like, wow, you’re such a miracle. I think the kids that are coming to this world are really, really special. They’re so special.

The truth is sometimes simpler than we think.

They really are. Sometimes we can get caught in 3D and believe like, hey, I’m the parent, I’m bigger, I’m stronger.

Yeah, we get caught in the ego.

And we got to protect. But sometimes, if you look at the spirit world, that child, your child, my child, they are actually emitting a certain frequency, a completely different vibration. That frequency and vibration are actually more protective than us sitting in the house with a revolver in my hand.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Wow, yeah. It’s a beautiful way to say that. I want to talk about your book, The World Is Yours, The Awakening – The Secrets behind “The Secret”. I started my spiritual journey when I was very little. I was always very connected. My mom actually gave me the book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy when I was a teenager, and also Louise Hay.

I was into affirmations, subconscious mind, and connecting with my guides for a long, long time. It seems like and I feel like this whole awakening, this shift is happening around me, to people. People are not afraid to talk about spirituality anymore. It’s not taboo. It’s even becoming a cool thing to talk about, not with everybody, but way more than before.

I think one of my favorite movies ever was The Secret. I had Dr. John Demartini on the podcast. I had Amit Goswami from What the Bleep Do We Know!? on this podcast. I really love this knowledge around universal laws and what’s going on. I understand why you say the secret behind The Secret because the movie was very simple. It was just like a little taste. How would you describe it? What was missing that is in your book?

What was in The Secret missing that’s in my book?

Yeah, the movie, The Secret?

The book’s completely different. They’re actually the exact opposite because The Secret really wants to be into your mind and subconscious about the law of attraction. The fact that your intentions, your thoughts, your visualizations, and your actions are what initiates the law of attraction, and repeating that pattern, giving different scenarios, and testimonials, and success stories until you get it. That was all that they wanted you to know.

Any fool can complicate things; it takes a genius to simplify it. – Albert Einstein

My book is the opposite because there are actually hundreds of tiny pieces of information that were designed to pretty much unlock consciousness codes and trigger people’s awakening. That is the book. It is an awakening book. This is why people like New York Times bestseller Jim Marrs, GW Hardin, and Laura Eisenhower, which is President Eisenhower’s granddaughter, said that it was one of the best books to give to somebody who’s having a tough time waking up. 

People are buying 10 of these books at a time and passing them out to their families because there are literally consciousness codes inside of the book that triggers people’s awakening. It’s different for everybody. I’ve heard hundreds, maybe even over a thousand stories of how the book helps them awaken. It’s a different part of the book for different people.

You wouldn’t think that that would awaken that person. It’s different. The book talks about everything within spirituality. From A to Z to angel numbers, to astral traveling, to spirit guides, to aliens, to the laws of the universe, power of thought, imagination, and visualization. A very brass tacks, very foundational information, and then very deep and profound. However, it is written in layman’s terms. 

No matter how deep and profound it gets, it is written. So literally a 10-year-old could read the book. I’ve had several testimonials from mothers and parents that their 10-year-olds have read the book and it completely changed the trajectory of their life.

Wow. I think the hardest thing to do as a teacher is to put complex ideas in layman’s terms. Also, some people who are very smart want to be perceived as very smart. So they convey their idea in a very complex language and words that I don’t understand, English being my second language and I try to figure it out.

The truth is sometimes simpler than we think. The greatest of a teacher is to explain those things in the most simple way. So it’s going to be not about the teacher, but it’s going to be accessible for 10-year-old and change the trajectory of their lives.

Yeah. I love what Albert Einstein said. He said, “Any fool can complicate things, it takes a genius to simplify it.”

I totally get it, yes.

Breathwork will be the new yoga. It hasn’t even started to blow up.

I went through that myself. When I first started writing, I got this Harvard editor and I wanted to sound so smart. I was outsmarting myself and I’m not understanding my own book. I’m like, if I can’t understand my own book, then how are other people? Then I just allowed myself to get into the flow and just channel the right words. It just came out in a way that is so much received and appreciated.

Wow. Definitely, definitely, I recommend everyone to get your book. It’s phenomenal. I want to talk about breathwork. I want to talk about the thing that you’re doing mainly. At this point of your journey, this is something that you do and you do a lot. You help a lot of people with breathwork. Why breathwork? You touched on it a bit before, but maybe you can expand and share more about it.

I’ve been in sales my entire life. I could obviously never sell anything that I didn’t believe in. I’ve only gotten a part of things that I was head over heels, completely, totally passionate, willing to die for. That’s been my passion level. Breathwork fell right in alignment with that because I spent a decade discovering all the biohack. We met at the Biohacking Conference.

Biohacking, just weird spiritual healings, and all these things. What I discovered just baffled me. One of the most powerful healing modalities out there—even more powerful than even some of the plant medicines—was breathwork. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Once I know what it did for me, and I had my own powerful testimonial, knowing that I tried all these things and nothing work but this specific breathing technique worked, then I knew I literally dropped everything I was doing and I’m like, the world needs to know about this because I have seen the vision, I’ve seen the future of this. Mark my words, breathwork will be the new yoga. It hasn’t even started to blow up.

Because yogis have been doing pranayama for like 20 years. They’ll come to my class thinking that they have done this modality before. They’re having their breakthroughs, they’re doing big ugly cries, and then afterward, they’re so amazed. They’re looking at me like. What was that? Like, oh my God. And then they’re taking my teacher training and now I’m training them. Now they’re going into the world and they’re teaching it. I don’t know where it got lost. It got lost in this era in these last few decades. It’s coming back from India 5000 years ago, I guess.

It’s deep diaphragmatic breathing, two breaths in, one breath out, in through the mouth, out through the mouth.

What is the breathwork system that you are practicing? Because I’ve been in India, I’ve been to Oneness University. They did some breathwork that was similar to the one I experienced with you. I went astral projecting. It was crazy like, wow, incredible feeling. I’m at one with everything and my spirit goes into different places. It was really a powerful experience. 

Then I had a private coach, one on one. He does rebirthing. That was also phenomenal. Every experience was different, but in a couple of them, I went very deep into my subconscious mind. I acquired a memory from being a few weeks old. I was born prematurely. I was in the—how do you call that place where you put little babies?


Yeah, in the incubator. I had a memory of that point. Also, the belief that was formed from being there, what happened, and then, oh my God. There are so many layers, levels, and stuff that I’ve been through. Just through breathwork, getting there was a very psychedelic, very deep, and very emotional experience. What is the type of breathwork that you are practicing? Is it like rebirthing? What is it like?

It’s deep diaphragmatic breathing, two breaths in, one breath out, in through the mouth, out through the mouth. It sounds very unassuming, but the best example or analogy I can give is if anyone listening has ever played a video game, let’s say Nintendo or Sega Genesis, let’s say Nintendo, and you’re playing, and they have something called cheat codes. While you’re playing, if you do this certain sequence up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, then boom, all of a sudden, you unlock all this magic and these superpowers. All these weird things start to happen that are really, really cool.

Well, guess what? Our body is the most advanced bio-machine out there. It has its own cheat codes. This specific breathing technique that I teach in breathwork detox is like that up, down, left, right, A, B, and then right around the 8- to the 12-minute mark, something amazing happens. That is called transient hypofrontality. It’s where you reach your peak resistance.

When you decide to push through, all of a sudden you enter this transient hypofrontality where the prefrontal cortex begins to quiet down. The reason why that’s important is that that’s the part of the brain that distinguishes you’re you, I’m me, this is good, this is bad. It judges everything. It’s the monkey mind, it’s the critic, it’s the self-saboteur.

If you want to make God laugh, show him your plans.

When you quiet that down, you literally enter into this quantum field. In this quantum field, you’re able to see, with crystal clarity, all the answers that you’ve been seeking. You’re able to get messages, you’re able to get downloads, have epiphanies, all within this space. It takes about 8 to 12 minutes of this specific breathing to unlock that. That’s the space you’re talking about.

Then also what’s happening simultaneously is that the body uses something called DMT, which is Dimethyltryptamine, which is also known as the spirit molecule. You can go on Netflix, type in The Spirit Molecule, a whole documentary will come up on DMT. It secretes to the pineal gland, we go to bed at night, it’s responsible for launching you in another dimension when you sleep because it puts you in a dream state. So it is the greatest virtual reality mechanism ever known.

People don’t know that the lungs produce more DMT than the pineal gland. When you start to do this breathing technique, all of a sudden, you start to microdose DMT. Now, this is the reason why people have these profound, mystical experiences where they’re able to connect to their grandmother who passed and have a conversation with them. They’re able to heal from a trauma that was suppressed from 30 years ago. They’re able to see the future or whatever it may be.

I’ve actually had several people, three to be exact, females that came to me with the same story very similar saying that they’ve been married for, I forget how many years they were married for, but they were trying to have kids for eight years. Eight years trying to have kids and during the breathwork, one of the girls has seen this dark or black energy leave from her stomach, uterus area.

At that moment, she knew that she could get pregnant. Then within three, four weeks of time, she was pregnant. She sent me a little picture with the thing and I’m waiting for these people to name their babies after me, but they haven’t. I witnessed numerous miracles from this. It’s really difficult to articulate what breathwork can do because it’s different for everybody. That’s the reason why I like it. That’s why I always set my intention, not for someone to heal this or heal that. 

Breathwork Detox by Kurtis Lee Thomas

You never know what is going to come up because I remember with my sessions, I did 10 of them. I think the last one was six months ago. I did 10 sessions. In those 10 sessions, I came with an intention to work on one thing, and sometimes it did. Sometimes I just went to totally different places that I didn’t even know.

I’m always fascinated with the power of the subconscious mind and tapping into those different realms. I just got certified in RTT. Do you know what it is? It’s Rapid Transformation Therapy.

Does that have anything to do with the eyes?

No, it’s not EMDR. RTT, it’s a method by Marisa Peer. She’s one of the greatest therapists in the world. It combines hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and psychotherapy all at once. In one to three sessions, you can cure addictions or deep, deep wounds. It’s really miraculous because I’ve been experiencing that and I’ve been working with other people.

I’m like, wow, that, breathwork, and this and that, and everything because when I’m working with somebody, I just want to help them with everything that I have. I’m like, I think all those methods are amazing. When somebody is seeking healing, they should try everything and never give up. Breathwork is one of the most accessible things to try. Breathwork with you is a party. It’s so fun.

It is an experience.

It is a great, great experience. I know I experienced your breathwork and I thought it was extraordinary, but maybe you can share it from your perspective.

I don’t want to paint any pictures in people’s heads. I will just say that it is very unique. I focus on not just the deep profound healing but the curation and the experience that people have. The great thing about breathwork is that it’s different every time you do it. It is different for everybody. So every time is a new experience.

When somebody comes into it, if they should come with no expectation as a blank slate and then they will get the most out of it.


As you said, when you start having images or expectations, that monkey mind can be more in the way. It will lose resistance eventually, but when you just come open and say like, I’m going to experience whatever, worst-case scenario, I got more oxygen into my body, then you can be in the flow and allow whatever needs to come and heal you to come.

Yes, that is the best way. The only attention I tell people to have is to show up with no expectations, set the intention to release things that no longer serve their highest and greatest good and to fill those spaces with light and love.

Right, okay, awesome. Because I want to be respectful of your time and I can speak with you for hours and hours on end because you are a fascinating human being. I just love having you on this show. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life and where can people find you?

Three top tips to living a stellar life?

Top tips for now.

I’d say number one is being brutally honest with yourself. I think that’s connected to consciousness, self-awareness, shadow work, and being able to see the truth even through your own stuff. I think that’s really important. Then also some other tips. I’m trying to be unique and not say eat right and drink a lot of water.

Eat right, drink a lot of water.

Even though those are really good things to do, but it is. I make sure that I move my body. I get energy flowing.

I get it because you got to take care of the vessel. Because when you are tired, lethargic, you don’t have energy, your chi is stuck. So your vessel is constricted. It cannot receive the amount of light that it can have when you’re better. Even though somebody has physical limitations, they still can connect. But if somebody is able to take care of their body, move their body, and then do it. Take care of your body in any way you can.


Like Wayne Dyer said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” While we’re having this human experience, we need to take care of this 3D reality while we connect to the 5D.

It is very important. I would say the third one would be to follow your highest joy. Follow your passion.

What is the second one? Take care of your body? Okay.

Yes, take care of your body. The body is the vehicle. It is the one taking the beating on this earth journey. It’s the dirty part of the incarnation.

It’s not dirty, it’s beautiful.

It’s the one that we dirty that we need to keep clean because it is our flesh suit. 

I call it my goddess suit.

Yes, your goddess suit.

We do not agree.

Your goddess suit and your temple.

The World Is Yours – The Awakening by Kurtis Lee Thomas

Yeah, let’s do that. Then follow your highest passion, your highest joy because that literally is your navigation system. It’s the only thing that you have. For my story and a lot of the healers and people that I work with, they say one saying. If you want to make God laugh, show him your plans.

You can have these plans in your head, but really, you have to follow your joy and excitement. That could change as time goes on. For a healer like me, it’s like, if God wants you to be a healer, be prepared to get broken. That was what I had to go through and experience. But I always, all through that, followed my joy. It led me to what I’m doing now where I feel completely and totally aligned with my purpose. Following your highest joy, that is your navigation. It’s your only navigation system in life.

I love that. It’s so much fun. Every time I hear you or I’m around you, I feel even happier. Thank you for being so extraordinary. Before we say goodbye for now, and I want you back on the show please, how can people find you?

People can find me by going to breathworkdetox.com or they can go to manfromthestars.com, which is also my Instagram. My Instagram is @manfromthestars. You can go to manfromthestars.com or you can go to breathworkdetox.com. You can see all the cool things that we offer you if you ever wanted to take a journey with me. Those are the two ways. 

I have my next mastermind call that I’m about to jump on. I appreciate you greatly. Thank you so much, Orion for having me. I absolutely will come on again.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you very much.

Okay, talk soon.

Thank you, listeners. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself. Take care of your body, follow your highest joy because this is your navigation, and have a stellar life.

If you liked and enjoyed this show, please like it, give it a five-star rating. Review it because that’s the best gift that you can give me. I really, really appreciate you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being amazing. Remember that you are awesome, you’re great, you belong, you matter, you are loved, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Be curious. Curiosity is essential to your growth. It will lead you to move deeper with your relationships with others and to opportunities you never knew existed.
{✓} Be open to doing the work. Once you go through the process, negative energy and trauma will leave your body, and you will feel liberated.
{✓} Expand your consciousness. Be awake and aware of your surroundings.
{✓} Be a warrior, not a worrier. Don’t be afraid of what is happening in the world right now. Everything will get crazier and darker, but light will come and everything will be good.
{✓} Quiet your mind, which allows you to think with clarity and answer questions you have been seeking.
{✓} Show up with no expectations during a breathwork session. Set your intention to release things that no longer serve your highest and greatest good and fill those spaces with light and love.
{✓} Be honest with yourself. Honesty is connected to your consciousness, self-awareness, shadow work, and seeing the truth.
{✓} Take care of your body. The body is the vehicle. It is the one taking the beating on this Earth journey. It’s the dirty part of incarnation.
{✓} Check out Kurtis’ new book, The World Is Yours: The Awakening. It is one of the best books to give to somebody who’s having a tough time waking up.
{✓} Visit Kurtis Lee Thomas’ website or Breathwork Detox’s website to know more about breathwork and all the cool things he offers.

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