Episode 227 | June 30, 2020

The Quantum Reality of Possibility with Dr. Amit Goswami

A Personal Note From Orion

Many of us believe there is more to life in this world than what meets the eye. Our minds are powerful devices in creating our own reality. Through awakenings and expanded consciousness, we begin to discover more about this world and ourselves. While others perceive this as highly spiritual, sometimes even a little woo-woo, this episode is different. 

According to my guest, Dr. Amit Goswami, science and spirituality can be integrated seamlessly. Dr. Goswami is an author, quantum physicist, and a spiritual practitioner. He calls himself a quantum activist in search of Wholeness. Subsequently, he developed a theory of reincarnation and integrated conventional and alternative medicine within the new quantum science of health. Among his discoveries are the quantum theory of the creative process, the theory of quantum evolution, and the theory of quantum economics that extends Adam’s Smith’s capitalism into a workable paradigm for the 21st century.

If you’re in search of ways to help expand your consciousness and heighten your self-awareness to gain more wisdom in this lifetime, definitely tune in! Dr. Amit will take you on a spiritual journey you don’t want to miss.


In this Episode

  • [02:34] – Orion introduces Dr. Amit Goswami, Quantum physicist, prolific writer, teacher, and visionary
  • [05:01] – Dr. Amit shares how meditation can expand your consciousness.
  • [10:27] – Orion describes her out of this world experience in India when she did Oneness. 
  • [17:19] – Dr. Amit’s profound explanation of the two domains of reality.
  • [22:31] – Dr. Amit explains how a young child, who’s less than a year old, is connected nonlocally to the mother.
  • [26:56] – Orion recalls her childhood in Israel where she goes to the park to connect with nature and see all the different animals.
  • [32:29] – Dr. Amit elaborates the Seven I’s Recipe for manifesting the good that you want in life.
  • [37:46] – Dr. Amit’s remedy for emotional stress and anxiety especially during this tough time of pandemic. 
  • [43:13] – Dr. Amit’s relationship tips for stressful situations due to the quarantine setup.
  • [48:40] – Visit Dr. Amit Goswami’s website to learn more about changing yourself through Quantum Activism and many more.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Amit, and welcome to the Stellar Life Podcast. I am so honored that you’re here. Thank you so much.

Hi, Orion. It’s great to be here.

Thank you. So before we dive in, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and how did you develop the passion for what you teach?

Actually, I was a physics professor, very far from my thoughts was now that I would ever delve into consciousness research and discovered some very necessary answers for these days. It all came because, at one point, I was promoted to full professorship, an academic ladder, that is the top. I didn’t want to be an administrator, so I thought, okay, I now can really explore very tough things. I’ve never done very difficult problems, and now there is that quantum measurement problem which people say nobody can solve, so let me try that one. That’s one of the motivations, there’s also a story behind it, but it takes too long to get into that. So all that together gave me the incentive, of course, it took years and years, so the incentive is one thing. Actually, doing it is another thing altogether, but I knew that. So I was steadfast, and eventually, the answer started coming in the mid-80s. I started in the mid-70s, so more than ten years of search, but ever since, I really have been doing consciousness research both experimentally and theoretically. And now, of course, we also have founded the University of Transformational Education. I think we can claim the first, this is the first time that a scientific version of integrated science and spirituality will be used for transformative education. In other words, we teach people how to transform, and we insist that they do transformational exercise. And indeed, we even test them on transformation, when they finally graduate and get degrees.

Yeah, because there is such a separation between consciousness and science.

Yes, and quantum physics says that there is no separation now. A big problem, of course, always has been, that science has been a science of objects. But consciousness, as everybody knows, has both subject and object. There is a subjective aspect of consciousness that we call “I,” the experiencer that cannot be denied. Although it is true that when we are in an ordinary state of consciousness, the I-ness of the I, the fact that I am I, independent of objects, that is not as clear. In other words, most of us look at I also as an object “me,” and that confuses a lot of people. Still, anybody can meditate a little and expand his or her consciousness enough to see that there is an I. We can fall into it and feel happy and relaxed. Anybody can verify that there are expanded states of consciousness, which leaves no doubt that there is consciousness beyond our ego. That ego is the “me” that me can be transcended. Me can get behind to more of the I and less of the me fairly easily by practice itself, spirituality. 

So I have done it myself, and I would like to teach people how to do it. And now, we have a theory, and we have experimental data, by the way, very good data has come from neuroscience. And we have all these spiritual traditions giving us a plethora of experiences which you now can supplement with our new scientific insights.

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What is the difference between the I and the me?

This is a major difference. Would you like a little experiment?

Yes, of course.

Okay, the listeners can also do it. So close your eyes and look at the objects in your mind – sky. Generally, they’ll be thoughts, maybe slight emotions that happen, we are curious about what’s going to happen. So some of those cards will come and let the thoughts go like clouds in the sky, don’t get attached to the thoughts. Okay, so we’re not going to do the full meditation that will take almost 12 minutes of this. This is called Mindfulness Meditation; we are mindful of the objects of consciousness, you are letting them go. We are not attaching to any particular thought, we’re letting go of the thoughts. Just watch the thoughts, what kind of thoughts do I think. Ask the question you now can answer, my own thoughts about what my mind does when I am meditating. Okay, the next stage, we look at ourselves, looking at the thoughts, so I’m not only watching the thoughts I’m also watching me watching the thoughts. So me is now very clear. That is what we usually do, we see us doing various things, usually serving our personal purpose. What is the need for me transaction? This is what we do today with what we got, very me-centered individuals that are what we have become.

This part concentrates on getting the hang of “what is that scene of awareness that I create with me-centeredness. I watch me watching my thoughts.” And then I asked a question on the touch stage, so I’m watching me watching my thoughts but who is the I that is watching? I can make that include me also? So we go back and watch myself watching me watching thoughts. Now it’s clear where I’m going, right? So we can form that regress and watch me watching me watching thoughts. Watch me watching me watching me, watch thoughts progressively more further and further back. But very soon, we get very frustrated because we just cannot keep track of how many me’s are watching, right? Frustration, we give up, we can’t do it anymore. And when we give up, we relax, and we feel happy and expanded because we have fallen into a deeper state of consciousness. That’s why we have I. 

Yeah, I feel it. 


Yeah. Wow. This is so cool. So we look at ourselves from so far away that we cannot be so attached to our thoughts and our ego and our identity.

Yeah, that is the trick detachment from the I that is doing the things become the doer of things. That is what we need to do to get an outlook for deeper consciousness, and some of us do that. And because some of us do that, the world has still not gone to the dogs completely, although it’s getting close every day.

Yeah, and we’ll talk more about that later. But before we do, I want to share an experience I had when I went to India. I spent some time at Oneness University, and we were meditating every day. And then the very last day we meditated in their temple, and we did an exercise where we were breathing rapidly and saying I am existence consciousness bliss for 49 minutes. And because you breathe like that you get really dizzy and then we got into a different state and the monks or avatars they got into this very different state, and they came, and they were blessing us, giving us a Deeksha, a Oneness blessing. I had an out of body experience, my spirit went out of my body, and I was like in this technicolor realm, it was very orange and bright. And it was almost like I was dancing with the monks. We were all kids, and then it was a very psychedelic experience induced by the breathing and the Deeksha, no drugs involved. 

Expand your consciousness to become more self-aware. When you are highly aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you become more guided.

And then my spirit went up, and I was on the top of the temple, and I saw a monkey, and I started laughing because I knew the monkey thought that he was the king of the temple. And then I kept going, and almost like my spirit went into the body of a stray dog, and I could see the world from the eyes of the stray dog, it was wild. And while this is happening in my mind, in the physical realm, I am on the floor, laughing out loud. I’m usually more conservative with my laugh, but I laughed out loud, for I don’t know, an hour and a half however long this was. Some people were crying, and some people were laughing, it was wild. And then they hit the little Gong and boom, I was there back, centered, normal me like nothing happened. And when I came back from India, I used to have ADD or ADHD, I don’t know, It was self-diagnosed, but I could never really focus on someone without looking to the sides and losing concentration. And after I came back, something happened with my neurology, and I was able to really focus on my clients, almost like there was a bubble between my clients and me, and I was able to be there. So I had that experience of Oneness, I had the taste of it but I never experienced it like that, like a glimpse of awakening.

Both are very special situations, and I’m glad that you have because this is one of the ways that we can get a profound understanding of what reality can be. We have the enormous intended potentiality to explore and manifest. And because of the lack of such experiences, people never become curious. Because when you hear it from someone, of course, that does make some impression. But let’s put it this way, meditation in a deliberate way, it has to be done with patience, some resilience, and as you said, most people today suffer from ADHD things like that. So, it is very tough for them to focus for very long as meditation gets. Whereas if you get into a ritualistic experience like you did, and in a foreign country, which is supposed to be a spiritual culture, and it is still to some extent, then that creates a very special situation. And if you find this receptive like it was for you, then you get this wonderful experience, but remember, it is a synchronicity, it’s not meaningless. I mean, you deserved it in some ways so you can go deep into it. And I’m glad that it got rid of your ADD because that kind of thing one would expect, but if it goes up, it’ll flower in your life much more. You just wait and see. Let it go, don’t stop it. 

Yeah. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much for the acknowledgment. And sometimes when I tell this story, I feel like I’m a little crazy or people are gonna think that I’m crazy.

Quantum science, this is one of my pleasures that I realize the scope of the human experience more and more, what quantum science can vouch for how much of it we already have verified, it’s amazing.

So is quantum science about having multiple universes or parallel universes, stepping into whatever version that you want to become, and from that point, you manifest whatever you want to see?

Well, one thing at a time, what you want to become, that’s something that we can give some credence to because there is science behind it. Parallel universes, unfortunately, is one of the materialist’s escape, they say philosophically attracts a lot of people, but it has no scientific basis. It is wrong, and it does not solve the quantum measurement problem. Therefore, it has no theoretical basis, but as I said, many people use it to justify their materialist beliefs. But scientific materialism is wrong for so many scores, and it does not even agree with experimental data that we now have, a data called nonlocality signals, this communication between not only quantum objects of the submicroscopic material world but also between people. Because people also are quantum, this is what quantum science establishes. So there is just now brain data, as I said brain data clearly exhibits nonlocality in the brain. With this evidence to back us, it is very difficult for materialist science to stand on anything that is that but belief. So as a belief system, it still dominates most of the scientists, for one reason or another, that property will be for decades. If people don’t change, don’t act in their own hands and demand that a scientist listens to data, scientists listen to theory, which is absolutely impossible to deny.

And what about multiple dimensions?

Multiple dimensions, certainly. There are two domains of reality, that is what I’m talking about, nonlocality proves it, just absolute, there can be no doubt about it. Nonlocality means that there is no signal communication; such communication is not possible in space and time. Therefore, we conclude that there must be another domain of reality outside of space and time. That is why a lot of people call it Quantum Reality or call it Quantum Domain of Potentiality. The truth is that this is what our consciousness is, this domain outside of space and time, like mistakes identified long ago. Jesus, Buddha, all said that there is such a domain, and that is where the reality is. And that reality has been called consciousness in the Hindu Vedanta, and consciousness also in the Jewish Kabbalah. And that is the best way of saying it because it immediately establishes a long lineage of these talks. Some people call this our Domain Quantum Field, but I don’t like the phrase so much because it gives you an idea that consciousness is an object, which it isn’t; it’s both subject and object. So if you say quantum field, you have to qualify that it’s a very special quantum field, which, when it speaks of measurement, it becomes both subject and object, but much better to just call it consciousness.

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Yeah, this is so exciting and quite hard to grasp sometimes. So what happens in the quantum domain of consciousness?

So, what happens is the settlement of potentiality. An infinite new potentiality is waiting for us. What we need to do is relax the identity with our ego, ordinary state of consciousness. And just that relaxation, which in spiritual terms will surrender the ego, to the purpose of higher consciousness. This is what we go to; we surrender, relax, and give up being in ego because it closes us from these possibilities. And then in that surrendering, we can fall into that Oneness consciousness where there is no separation between any of us. Normally, it is unconscious, and it is still unconscious, but we are now processing the unconscious, although a part of us can also process in the conscious, and that processing leads to creative experiences. This is the state which many people have gone into. There are many names for this state called Peak Experience in Touch Personal Psychology, called Samadhi in the eastern traditions, called Satori in Japan, Holy Spirit Experience in Christianity. So this experience is very well known. Anyone can have this experience. You had an experience, which is pretty close to that you are not looking for the I so much. You became very interested in that feeling out of the body, so you centered on that.

I felt a sense of Oneness. I felt like I was a part of everything.

Very good. Okay, so that is in a much more centered way because the out of body experience is distracting because it’s so attractive feeling out of the way, so that takes a lot of your attention away. In Samadhi, you don’t have any recognition of the objects. They all seem to be all in that Oneness, that is a very powerful meaning. In that sense, it is much better; let’s say an acquaintance of what consciousness is like. Once you have this kind of experience, then it is very easy to understand what Quantum Physics is about, how we can make science-based on this idea, and all this text. And this is what I have done for the rest of my life. Once I became aware of this, then there was no turning back.

Because God is an experience, it’s not an idea, and you want to experience it for yourself, right?

One can experience very close to God. But then there is a state which you cannot experience, which is God beyond experience. Now this state is also known in mystical traditions, and also part of science now establishes a completed domain of potentiality; it’s unconscious. Can we have a taste of the unconscious from which, when we wake up, it is different than waking up from sleep? The answer there is affirmative. I haven’t dive deep and become acquainted with unconsciousness. That depends on an enormous amount of motivational creativity, so we’ll see.

I have a small baby, and I was wondering, do babies feel into the world in a different way that is more Oneness-like, and when do we stop that? When do we become more connected to our ego and less connected to those realms?

This is such a good question. In quantum science, I studied this child development question a lot, as a teacher, a very good study, but the context of his experiments are all based on the modern scientific ideas which are based on the metaphysics that matter itself. So his mind was clouded. The kind of thing that he did was a very thinking-based kind of thing. Now he did well within that boundary, but, of course, now we are getting into areas which only quantum science can handle, and of course, spiritual traditions can handle, but that’s not science. In quantum science, we can talk about this, and we can talk about quantum selves, we can ask the question as Carl Jung already did even before me within his psychology. He had this concept of nonlocality, and so he also asked the same question, and his answer was affirmative, and so is mine. Quantum science is telling us that yes, in the first year, a child does not really even have much of a thinking self. That takes about a year to develop, so before the baby is basically cognized, feelings and feelings tend to be a lot more nonlocal than our thinking mind is. So, definitely in the first year, mothers and children are very much connected nonlocally. Have you been a mother?

Be mindful of your thoughts. Make sure your thoughts are there to uplift and empower you, not give in to your fears and doubts.

Yeah, I’m a mother, and my baby’s eight months old. And I’m in awe of the magic of what he is and our connection.

So you know already that nonlocal connection is something that you enjoy with your baby. And this is why mothers have babies repeatedly because they just cannot forget that joy of that nonlocal experience. And not only when the baby is in that state period, that’ll pass up for the first two years, unfortunately, but of course, the other part of the growing up is also very important, so it’s not really unfortunate. But then we can promote this part. We can let the child live in a sort of enchanted way, with a lot of nonlocal interactions, with creatures that are not so mind oriented. In other words, saying that, okay, it’s alright for babies to interact with grown-ups and mental people, but it is also perfectly okay for the little kids, one to five, to interact a lot with trees, with animals, and it’s wonderful. You know, I grew up like that, and it’s an enchanted world that the kids have the opportunity of living. You can read about that in poems written by William Wordsworth. I don’t know if you have read his Lucy poems and they’re beautiful rendition of an enchanted childhood. So we are losing that we almost have lost it, but America is such a huge country even now. I live in the state of Oregon, I don’t know if you have been to Oregon, but if you come, you will find that there are miles and miles and miles of trees and rivers. And if you take a trip there, you’ll become one with the trees, and this nonlocality immediately becomes our experience. That is the state that children will pick up without making any effort until about the age of five. 

So in India, they worship children until the age of five, called god, and cannot put thinking restrictions on them. You will give a lot of freedom to them, in other words, to be enchanted and live in their very expanded reality, which adults cannot access because they’re in their thinking local mind constricted consciousness.

Yeah, that brings me to my childhood. I always desire this for my baby. I mean, now with COVID-19, we are quite limited to where we can go, but we do go to the park every once in a while. And when we go around the block, we always stop, and I have him touch the trees. And I crave this interaction with animals, horses, dogs, I love animals. And where I grew up, we had a backyard full of trees, I am from Israel, so tons of feral cats. And every spring, I saw the mothers and the little babies, and I would watch them, and I am researching nature. I even learned the voices that the mom makes to call the little kittens and I think this interaction was so good for me as a child to feel the earth, to play with the trees, to play with the cats, to look at the birds, and it’s so important.

So important and impossible to do for people with babies or children who grew up in big cities, although there are parks and some of them are quite beautiful and expensive, like New York Central Park. Certainly, availability is there, but the problem is that we have created our life in such a constraint way where there’s no time for busy parents to take their kids to Central Park every day or every evening or every now and then at least. And these are the severe shortage of depth of consciousness that we are creating for our kids, for the next generation, which already has happened enormously because of computers and cell phones. And the constriction of consciousness because today’s kids are no longer looking at meaningful things or purposeful things, they are much more interested in gadgets, quick answers, and information. And now with Coronavirus, the situation is another calling for more constriction. So can humanity manage this? We’ll see, this is a big situation of danger as well as an enormous opportunity to create a new world because obviously, the old fantasies, of now everything matters, we are not machines, we don’t have to do anything to change, there is nothing to explore. That fantasy world is stopping, it does not work, so might as well give it up and re-examine where we went wrong and then correct our course and see if we can get back this enchanted vision of human life.

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Did humanity manifest what’s going on the planet right now?

Well, I think that many people are in this field. And my guess is that about 15% of people are actively visioning these new changes. So we’ll see, I mean, I’m a very optimistic person by nature, and now with science fully developed, a science of consciousness science that integrates science and spirituality and makes transformation. We can make a real thing in our life with some practice, some theoretical learning, and some experimental data. Now, this is just a wonderful time also to live provided we make room for that enchantment.

So I’ve been stressed out lately. I started going down rabbit holes of information and theories about the New World Order or Agenda 21 and looking at our rights being almost taken away from us like they’re taking candy from a baby, and the baby doesn’t do anything or doesn’t even see it. So I don’t know. I need your advice.

Yeah, that’s the thing, there’ll be alternative visions, and then the choice is ours. Which one do we choose? Today, we live in a world where truth and lie get equal footing.

Yeah, there can be fake news everywhere.

So it is a very dangerous time also, and it depends on how quickly, those of us who see a broader perspective of human life, how quickly we can make our point, how quickly this paradigm shift that is now a reality in science actualized in society. Societies are hardly recognizing any of the progress a lot of times. And then I get always surprised that in places where I don’t expect to hear about quantum all of a sudden, people are, “Oh, you are a quantum physicist tell us…” That’s good to know, but the knowledge has to go much deeper than just curiosity. People have to know that we have a science of transformation, we can actually access the infinite potentiality and really set out to different goals than just satisfying pleasure, and live day to day struggling for survival.

How do you manifest a better world?

I have a recipe. I call it The Seven I’s Recipe for manifesting whatever good that you want in your life. And the seven I’s are, the first one is Inspiration, the second one is Intention, the third one is Intuition, the fourth one is Imagination, the fifth is Incubation, the sixth is Insight, and the seventh is Implementation. So inspiration is expanded consciousness, this is not difficult even now with Coronavirus even when we are quarantined in our apartment or house, we are so lucky. And even then what we can do is listen to some expansive music, classical music or we can look at a flower. Thank God, we can still find flowers and bring them home or little trees to support the market is still allowed. And we can look at the sunset, and we can look at the moon, there are so many ways we can expand our consciousness. That expansion is what inspiration is about.

Be mindful of how mindful you are of your thoughts. According to Dr. Amit Goswami, It’s not enough to just meditate regularly. You should be mindful of how you do your meditation as well.

And then intention, there is a way to intent, we intend what we desire, but we intend not from the point of view of the ego we generalize it. We also say, “Okay, I intend what I want, I want intent for everybody,” and immediately as we have done that, as we expand our consciousness, we already are in that expansion because we are inspired, then it seems like we cannot really desire trivial things. Desire is just satisfaction of my old memories, stuff that I enjoyed before. Now, I want to expand myself, I want to expand myself by inquiring into stuff that I have not experienced before. In other words, I want to go into the exploration of new meaning, the new context of living; this is what intention is about. Intention is about how I can extort the infinite possibilities that are open to me from this expanded consciousness, which inspiration has generated from me. When we do that immediately, intuition starts coming, that is the message from that Oneness. These are the values, love, beauty, justice, truth, and they are also called Archetypes in Plato’s language, and then begins to create a process of imagination, incubation. Incubation is a very quantum process, psychologists call it unconscious processing, but without using quantum physics, it is imperative to understand what it’s about. And then Insight, this is where you get the “aha” experience, a surprise and new insight comes, and then implementation is going to manifest this new insight in a product. A product can also be you, that’s a transformed you. 

So the same seven I’s can inspire you to get into creativity and be aware that artists and musicians practice or it can get you in a real connection of who you are, how you relate to people, how they relate to the world, how you relate to yourself. So it’s a great journey, this journey of seven I’s, much better than the three R’s, which we do not deny the importance of. Of course, you have to learn to read, learn to write, and learn some arithmetic to do your accounting of expenses. Of course, they’re important, but they should not take on our full life. Life is something else; life is about this seven I’s and this potentiality that we can explore and manifest in our lives.

Amen. In order to get to this place of inspiration, I think one needs to learn to reduce stress and anxiety, which is happening a lot, it happened to me, a lot of people around me. And I think globally there is this dense energy and a lot of fear and uncertainty of people talking about the second wave, and everything that has all the consequences in 1920. And so there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. And I agree that to change we need to use the tool that you shared with us and we need to affect the field with our vibration from a place of love, not from a place of fear and with all the stress, anything you can share any exercise that one can do to reduce stress?

Absolutely. And they said this is a very important point that you have raised. Emotional stress is the biggest enemy we have against this expansion of consciousness that I’m talking about. Once you learn to expand your consciousness, then really this confinement that we are all suffering, and the confinement is necessary to contain this virus, it’s a pandemic. So we better do what the health experts are telling us, it does not take a genius to appreciate it, because people can be stupid. But apart from that, the problem staying home that most people face is all the stuff that you’ve mentioned, the emotional stress. So what is the remedy? This stress is created because we have negative emotional brain circuits, and when we are not getting our way, then that ego strikes back, and we are fully in our ego. When we are fully in our ego, then the ego becomes very controlled by what the brain offers. And the brain is very big on these negative emotional brain circuits and the pleasure circuits. So you’ll notice that people are going big-time into pleasure, Netflix is doing enormous good business, social media, they’re thriving, and the reason is people have been pleasured by it.

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And also instant gratification.

Yeah. And so Catholic priests are feeling compelled to speak against it. So it’s really a very sad rendition that these people don’t even know what I’m talking about, what you are talking about what we both have experienced. How to remove emotional stress? This is not actually such a hard problem. It is hard if people have never heard the word meditation. It is hard if people have never heard about breathing exercises or Qi Gong. You have energies in connection with our body organs, these are non-physical energies, quantum energies, but these are some pretty scientific, we call it the energy of life or vital energy. And these energies are what we feel when somebody says I feel love for you; it is an energy that he or she feels in the heart. And there is a real organ in the heart, the thymus gland, which when the function is suspended because it distinguishes between me and what is not. When that distinction goes away, that is when we are experiencing loving someone that is me, all of a sudden, you become me to me. And when you become me, then I care for you as much as I care for myself. 

That’s what we call love, so the feeling of love or what we call the heart chakra, the place where the heart is, but it’s not at the heart, it’s the thymus gland, which is part of the immune system. So, this is a very scientific feeling. And it is these positive feelings with which you have to learn to compensate for those negative emotions which are built into the brain. Negative emotions like all those things anger, jealousy, lust, abusiveness, which we heard a lot of complaints about spouse abuse, child abuse. 

How to keep control over them in these positive emotions, how to invoke the positive motion, though, that’s what the problem is because we have never taught these people how to meditate. Especially men cannot engage with the heart, those people who are just mental enough or intelligent enough to just process their cell phone, they really have a hard time dealing with this, and their spouses and children are helpless victims of these people. This is why I call this crisis such an opportunity. We are here to redesign our education, to teach people what is really important. It’s really important not to abuse our relationships, to know how to do relationships. We know how to do the arithmetic, but we don’t know how to relate even to people who live with us, and that is just such a shame. If we knew, then we would be living with so much love. Just imagine that.

Yeah. Do you have any relationship tips for quarantine and this new, changing world?

Absolutely. In our university, we have a whole course on quantum science of love and relationship. What we teach is loving with energy; we know how to move energies. For example, we teach how to convert sexual energy into love energy. Freud had the inkling of the idea already he talked about sublimation, he talked about changing sexual energy into an energy that he called the libido, which can get into high thinking, which of course he did plenty, but people did not understand him. Now, we have the science to understand it, and we know the science of moving energy from the sexual organs into the love organs and higher. And with that technique, it is just an easy thing to master. It is still not easy because you have to meditate, have to be dedicated, and invoke creativity. I’m not saying it’s that easy, but we know the technique, and therefore if you practice it, and eventually, you can do well. It’s not hard anymore. It does not have to happen just because some synchronicity experience blessed us with that we can do a protected process to make it happen.

I want to take this course because it sounds amazing. When you’re stressed, it’s hard to come from a place of love, and I also think men and women, they interpret sexual energies differently. When a man is stressed, they want to release their sexual energy, and when a woman is stressed, she’s holding on to her sexual energy.

Right. Women have much less problem with some of these things that I’m talking about. Unfortunately, they’re also the gentler, weaker sex and physically speaking, they’re emotionally very much stronger than men but when men get angry and abusive, then, of course, the woman is quite helpless, and they depend on the growth in the civilization that we have had in the last few thousand years. But now, when such calamities occur, and we are confined in close quarters, if you don’t know anything but only your me-centeredness in the brain, you will fall to those circuits. This is a danger that we are facing, human civilization, especially the gentle folks among us, and the more grown-up can be the women to survive this. 70% of the quantum activists, people who are actively pursuing quantum science, are women. Women are taking leadership in this movement, so I’m very proud.

The parallel universe, unfortunately, is one of the materialist escapes. It has philosophically attracted a lot of people, but it has no scientific basis. Click To Tweet

That’s amazing. Well, as a woman, thank you. This is great. Do you have any other advice for us to be better partners and parents during this time?

I think that we definitely can also improve much on parenting. Now, I’m so glad that we got to talk a little bit about the enchantment of childhood. But this is a failure of the education that we have set up, the meaningful stuff of life, parenting, how to maintain relationships, and how to love. These things are completely thrown out the window as far as the education curriculum anywhere. Even in colleges, even at universities where people get degrees in relationship, but only in the cognitive behavior of way of engaging relationships that acknowledge the existence of feelings in our body. They don’t acknowledge the heart or anything like that. What relationship can we build when you are ignoring, neglecting the most of what human being is about, just worshiping the material body and whatever is in the brain does not get you anywhere in terms of growth in consciousness, in joy, in things that we need. Engage in these things more, just become interested in changing the world view, and there are other perspectives to look for. The Internet is a good place, although it’s much abused by thrill-seekers and pleasure-seekers, the real stuff is also available. I have a website myself, and if you just look into that, you find a lot of information about our university about transpersonal education that is going on in every part of the world today. Not just me alone, other people are doing it too. So can I tell your audience my website?

Yes, please. I want you to share that. Everybody needs to know about your website.

So it is amitgoswami.org.

Yeah. And I also recommend, beyond studying in your university, just to research you and read your books and look on YouTube for your videos because they are extraordinary. I’m so grateful for everything that you share and everything that you shared with us today.

Thank you, Orion. It is a unique thing that is taking place in the world. I’m very glad to be part of it. I’m also very thankful that you are interested in and having me as your guest and talking about it to a large audience.

Thank you so much, Amit. Before we say goodbye, I want to be respectful of your time, can you give us your three quick top tips to live in a stellar life? 

Transform, transform, transform. What we need in the world is people with moral leadership, people with moral integrity, people with values that do what they are taught, and can teach what they’re talking about. This is really what we need, and we need it so bad that anyone who is really looking for a Stellar Life there is no better way than to save civilization from the lives of people who are destroying it. It is so important.

Wow. I really appreciate you, thank you so much. Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember, transform, transform, transform, step into leadership, and connect to the pure, beautiful values so we can save the world together and have a stellar life.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Expand your consciousness to become more self-aware. When you are highly aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you become more guided.
{✓} Be mindful of your thoughts. Make sure your thoughts are there to uplift and empower you, not give in to your fears and doubts. 
{✓} Be mindful of how mindful you are of your thoughts. According to Dr. Amit Goswami, It’s not enough to just meditate regularly. You should be mindful of how you do your meditation as well.
{✓} Don’t get too attached to your ego. Your outer and physical identity is nothing compared to your inner and spiritual identity. Nourish within first and let that reflect externally.
{✓} Keep your curiosity going. Continue expanding your consciousness by maintaining an open mind to different beliefs and cultures.  
{✓} Spend more time with nature. The setting helps you become more in tune with yourself. 
{✓} Train yourself to meditate regularly. Starting with a few minutes, a couple of times every week can end up with long daily meditations. Just be patient with yourself. 
{✓} Communicate with others on how they see or perceive you. Self-awareness isn’t just about going within, it’s also about asking the people who surround you how you affect them.
{✓} Don’t be afraid to show emotion. Let your feelings flow freely and learn how to process your emotions with kindness and vigilance. It’s okay to not be okay, but don’t dwell in negativity. 
{✓} Visit Dr. Amit Goswami’s website to check out his books, workshops, and content about quantum physics, and expanded consciousness.

Links and Resources

About Dr. Amit Goswami

Dr. Amit Goswami, former professor of physics at the University of Oregon, discovered in 1985 the solution to the quantum measurement problem and developed a science of experience explicating how consciousness splits into subject and object.

Subsequently, he developed a theory of reincarnation and integrated conventional and alternative medicine within the new quantum science of health. Among his many other discoveries are the quantum theory of the creative process, the theory of quantum evolution, and the theory of quantum economics that extends Adam Smiths’ capitalism into a workable paradigm for the 21st century.

In 2009, he started a movement called “quantum activism,” now gaining ground in North and South America, Southern and Eastern Europe, and India. In India in 2018, together with his collaborators, he established Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, an institution of transformative education based on quantum science and the primacy of consciousness.

The author of numerous books most notably The Self-Aware Universe, Physics of the Soul, The Quantum Doctor, God is Not Dead, Quantum Creativity, and The Everything Answer Book. Dr. Goswami was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, as well as the documentaries Dalai Lama Renaissance and The Quantum Activist.

Amit is a much sought-after lecturer and spiritual practitioner and calls himself A quantum activist in search of Wholeness.

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