Episode 346 | November 28, 2023

Expanding Consciousness and Otherworldly Encounters with Susan Manewich

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome, Stellar Life listeners! In this week’s episode, I sit down with paradigm-busting thinker, Susan Manewich, to expand perspectives on consciousness, contact phenomena, emerging technologies, the global awakening, and more.

Susan is a consciousness researcher, new energy technology strategist, contemporary leadership consultant, author, and emotional intelligence expert. Her journey has taken her around the globe, where she’s taught at top academic universities and also pioneered groundbreaking work in the field of emerging consciousness.

Susan offers a depth of knowledge on how electromagnetic and geomagnetic changes impact human behavior, and her insights are incredibly valuable in today’s rapidly evolving world. 

This episode is a cosmic journey through expanding consciousness, otherworldly encounters, and the fascinating realms of electromagnetic changes. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:44] – Susan Manewich shares her life story, including her emotional intelligence, leadership, and New Energy Technology background, and discusses how her experiences have informed her scientific research.
  • [10:09] – Susan describes a feeling of strong love and connection during a contact experience, feeling it throughout her body and understanding it on a deeper level.
  • [14:41] – Susan talks about various extraterrestrial beings and her experiences with a Harvard astrophysicist, confirming the accuracy of her downloads.
  • [26:57] – Susan explains that the Earth’s magnetosphere is rapidly decreasing, causing a planetary shift and affecting our central nervous system and circadian rhythm.
  • [32:56] – Orion and Susan discuss focusing on oneself during times of chaos and change and how emotional intelligence can help navigate these challenges.
  • [36:05] – Orion highlights the power of deep breathing in moment-to-moment interactions.
  • [38:06] – Susan enumerates her top three tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Susan. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you for having me today. I appreciate it.

I had the pleasure of meeting you in person at our mastermind event. It was fascinating. I found you to be not only a very sweet person but also extremely smart, brilliant, and very interesting. 

Before we dive in, let’s share a little about yourself and your life story.

Thank you so much. I enjoyed meeting you as well. I felt a wonderful connection and was grateful to have you there and hear about your experiences. It’s mutually honored to be sharing this space with you this evening.

People these days never call themselves one thing, and I don’t either. I’m an author, researcher, and writer with a big leadership consulting background specializing in emotional intelligence. 

The research I do is consciousness research. I also have a pretty equal background in new energy technology, which people know is overunity or free energy. I have all of that at different periods in my life. 

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Now, it feels like it’s the culmination point of all those skills and abilities used and developed over time to come into the one now, especially relating to these huge changes that we’ve got going on on the planet.

You’re a very scientific person, yet you have many conscious or spiritual experiences that are uncommon for many people. Some people don’t even believe things like that exist. You can share that with us.

The experiences have informed science, like what to research for science, ironically. I’m one of these people that I remembered my incarnation. Sometimes, people remember their birth; I actually remembered prior to that. I remember being connected to the source. I remember leaving the source to go somewhere.

I was very excited at that moment. I didn’t know where it was going, but I knew it was time to go. The level of enthusiasm was extremely high. There’s a lot that I do remember about that part, leaving the source. The next thing is being in the corner of my parents’ bedroom, the energy, like being energy loosely. There was coherency, but it was like this. I remember being able to see them. That’s one of the things that I remember.

I also remember being in my mother’s womb. I feel like I was probably about seven months or so in her womb because I could feel the size of my body. I remember putting my ear literally up to her belly inside and hearing my brothers and my sister. I was the youngest of five in my family. My first thought in utero was, “Oh, no, not this place again.” A big family, loud, maybe density as well.

I am a lifetime, what they call a contact experiencer. My contact was that people call them the star family and the light family.

I didn’t know it was Earth, so to speak. The part that I remember vividly at that moment was that there was chaos. Again, I’m the youngest of five in a large family. It was chaotic. There’s no doubt about it. I innately and instantly could feel what I would call the density of humanity. I knew that feeling was something I wasn’t overjoyed about, but I remember almost rolling my eyes in utero and being like, “Okay, well, so be it.”

As a child, my parents told me I was extremely happy. They said, “You were the happiest kid. You were always laughing, and just nothing bothered you.” I don’t remember that, ironically. I also remembered knowing where I came from and where I incarnated, and I knew I was never alone. Here I am in a body, in this plane of reality.

I did have that consciousness as a child. I was waiting for what I would call my other family in the etheric, more subtle realms to come. I am a lifetime, what they call a contact experiencer. My contact was that people call them the star family and the light family. It was just something that I knew that was just a part of my relationship being here. That occurred throughout my entire life. It informed me of many great things. 

When was your first contact? And what was it like?

There are two that I innately remember. The very first was that my family wasn’t religious. We didn’t have pictures of Jesus in the house and things like that. They were what are called bad Catholics. My grandmother was Irish Catholic. There was this, “Okay, you have to do this, you have to do that.” My family was much more oriented to nature and natural things. In retrospect, I can see that.

Probably when I was about three, I remember seeing this figure in the sky that I felt was a representative of some angelic force. That’s one of the things that I remember very early on. About two years later, I remember seeing, feeling, and experiencing the relationship with these light beings that also occurred in the physical form. It wasn’t just in an astral state.

There was a ship that was there. It was a lightship. It was hovering over the tree in my backyard. My sister was there. This was about three o’clock in the morning. Her face was planted up against the window. She looked at the sky at this lightship and said, “Oh, my God, Susie, what is it?”

We can adapt our emotions.

Did it wake you guys up?

Yeah, definitely. It was loud and humming, but I felt it in my body in this vibration and this resonance. Again, these are the words I have now that I didn’t have as a kid. It was very charged, and it felt like the cells of my body were igniting, revving up, and almost separating. It was uncomfortable. It wasn’t painful; it was just an unusual feeling. I do remember seeing the beings. I remember them coming into my home.

What do they look like?

When they would move, it’s not like moving from the kitchen to the living room. When they would move, I saw them moving across the field. There were nine of them, and they moved in this sacred geometric pattern. I have a picture of that that I put on my Substack account because it’s such a big relationship point for me about the coherency of the nine and, how they operate together, what that means.

When they would move, they were light. They would illuminate like golden light. When they would stop or separate from one another to perform a task or a function, they were lighter in color. They weren’t gray. They were more just light skin tone, almost even a light blue or light gray, but it wasn’t gray in the typical sense. When people say, “Did you see gray?” I’m like, “No. For me, it wasn’t like that.”

Love is a good and strong feeling.

However tall I was at about five years old, they were a little bit taller than me. The piece that is most memorable about that was I remember they touched my hand. They just touched it gently like that. The next thing I know, my body is filled with this complete and total love.

I had great love for my parents up until that point. This was a love that just filled your entire body. In retrospect, and even a little bit back then, I knew it was some type of activation. I felt like it was an activation that was important, that my physical body had this contact in this connection to know what that feeling of love is, maybe on a greater level.

Again, now I understand things a little bit better, but to be able to hold that energy because it was very strong. Sometimes, we think love is such a good feeling. Yes, it is. At the same time, it’s very strong when you’re feeling that. I felt it throughout my body, and it was lovely. That’s one time.

I remember many other experiences up until about six. I had something else that occurred, what I would call interference after that, and I had to be careful about maybe what I said.

Did you tell your parents about it?

My father was in one of the contact experiences. It’s just not something that we talked about at the time. If you think about it, this was in the mid-to late-70s. It wasn’t really in my parents’ popular culture. My parents were not watching things about UFOs or ETs at the house. I was too young to touch the TV, especially with my brothers and sisters. It was not part of our reality in the house, but I did see him in one of the experiences. My sister and I talked about it when we were younger, but then she just stopped talking about it as she got a little older.

I had some innate responsibility to share my truth, but only to those open to hearing and doing it in a way that was building bridges as opposed to isolating and separating people.

How do people react when you tell them that?

I’m very careful. I was very careful about who I would say things to and how I would say them throughout my life. It’s changed since it’s more common now to discuss this. I always was able to be truthful. There was some innate responsibility that I had to share my truth, but only to those who were open to hearing, and do it in a way that was building bridges as opposed to isolating and separating people.

I was looking at their faces, feeling their energy, to feel, “Is this appropriate or not?” My daughter’s father, I knew him a couple of years before I was 17. But the first night, we sat and chatted for hours; that’s first love. I told him right then and there. I was 17 years old and just said, “This is what comes with me.”

Wow, nice. That’s great.

Yeah. That’s how present I was with what I’m connected to.

Who is out there? How many of them are out there? And what is interference?

Let’s talk about who and how many. I know what I’ve experienced. I, again, remember coming in beforehand. Let’s just talk about that for a moment.

For me, it’s not an either-or. For me, this has always felt like a continuum of light, like a light spectrum. You’ve got this subtle, subtle realm, cosmos, source, galaxies, planets, and then you’ve got what’s on the planets, what’s in those denser realms, which is matter. 

We’ve got matter on Earth, and there’s matter in space. It’s just more subtle than others. It’s just the spectrum of light; that is how I’ve always seen it. There are different forms of matter, but our consciousness is related to many things. 

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I can share what I have experienced, which is these light beings, creator beings, when I got older, showing me the nature and structure of the cosmos. That took me ages to figure out, and it was actually for me and not for a scientist or somebody else because I was getting these downloads about the nature and structure of the universe.

I did terribly in high school with physics. It was awful. I just went in the other direction with it, so here I am getting these immense downloads. I started working with a Harvard astrophysicist when I was about 21–22 years old. I said, “Well, this must be for him. This can’t be for me.”

For over 30 years, I still talk to him about this. He shared this publicly, I think, for the first time, a couple of months ago on someone else’s interview platform about my experience with the nature and structure of the universe, what I was seeing, and how it fit up with what he was finding from an astrophysics standpoint.

Creator beings were these other light beings when I was a child. I definitely feel like my higher self is involved in this. That could be some of the beings and some Pleiadian beings with whom I have a strong relationship and connection.

The ‘how many and what I can share with you,’ I’m going to turn around and grab this. I like research because there’s my stuff, but what about everybody else? This book is called Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact. I contributed a research chapter on that related to these physics and scientific downloads that people were getting.

We researched about 5000 people who believe that they had some type of interaction with something different from this physical reality, in some way, that had this extraordinary intelligence. About 45% of the people out of that 5000 were getting scientific and physics downloads similar to mine.

I started to research with another PhD. His name is Dr. Jon Klimo. This was a group of about ten PhD researchers to explore further, “Okay, well, what is it that you’re getting? What’s the meaning of it? What’s the purpose of it? What are we supposed to do with this? And what type of beings are you seeing?”

That was my question. Somebody like me, for example, if I get a download of the structure of the universe, “What am I supposed to do with that? Is it about manifestation and co-creation? What is it about?”

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It’s about a lot of things. That’s the cool part. It’s not about any one thing. It’s about a lot of different things. Just going back to a part of your three-part question, the type of beings, there are so many—tall, short, light, and dark. Some are human-looking, some sound creepy, and some are insectoid. That’s not many, but those do exist. They seem to be from all different places and spaces.

It was in 2018 that we did that research. There’s a new volume that came out recently. It was this year. You’re seeing even more beings from different places. It seems like just tapping the glass on how many different beings and from where, it’s as vast as you could imagine, which has surprised me, to be honest with you.

And past the galaxies and the stars.

There you go. My daughter, who knows quite a bit about marine sciences, will say, “Mom, there’s only such a small percentage of what we know that’s in the ocean, so how can you even profess to know what’s out there in space?” We’re just learning about all of these things.

Do you think our government knows about those beings, and is Area 51 real? What’s your take on that? What do they know that we don’t?

I can riff on that for a while. One of the things I wanted to share is that when I was a kid after I had these contact experiences, I was picked up by what we now know as men in black and not so politely quizzed about my contacts. I was kidnapped out of school. It was traumatic and scary. It was at that point that I knew to shut up about my contact.

Again, I had this feeling in utero that humanity had challenges. I was a very free spirit up until that point. Honestly, I was always running around naked. That was the big joke, “There she goes, the streaker. Just free, wild, and happy.” I was just a legit, wild, and happy kid. When that happened, that shifted my awareness to being protective of myself. That was the first time I felt fear in my body.

That’s horrible. That blocks you.

It could, but it didn’t. What I did was learn to be a lot more careful. I remember I was in the car with this man. He’s asking me about my contact. Before leaving the school parking lot, his first words were, “So you see those beings in those ships, too?” My higher self jumped in, literally, as the words came out of his mouth and said, “Don’t say a word. Do not let them know who you are.”

We researched about 5000 people who believed they had some type of interaction with something different from this physical reality.

It was my higher self. It wasn’t some strange voice. That’s how I would speak to myself if I was watching myself as a seven-year-old go through this. As a mom, you’re protective of your child in a scary or threatening situation. I fairly thoroughly believe it was my higher self that jumped in to save the day. I don’t think they entirely knew that it was me.

I wonder how they had their suspicions, and then you said, “No. How do they even know?”

Early on, I started trying to really understand my contact and connect with others because you’re trying to figure it out. It’s not just about contact. I had visions as a child about the planet going through all of these changes that are now happening.

I want to talk about that because that’s also very interesting. Everything was like, “Gosh, I can speak with you for a very long time.”

I’ll try to answer succinctly. I spent time with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut. He started ions when he came back into the earth’s atmosphere from the moon. I got a chance to give him a ride one day. We always have a five-hour ride from northern Maine to Boston, and I asked him.

I was in my mid-30s at the time. I told him my story, similar to what I told you. I said, “I don’t understand. How did they know it was me? How did they know I was the one that was having contact?” He said, “They’ve had that technology for a long time.” I’m like, “Yeah, but this was the late 70s.” He goes, “Susan, they know. They know who’s coming in and out.” When you get these moments, your reality just kind of goes.

I had a few of those in the last few years.

It’s finally coming out a little bit more from others. I would say really astute people asking good questions, not just taking these narratives and assuming that they’re correct or going through the dumb technology part, which is all the back-engineering of the technology. To me, they’re not interested in that. That’s the chase. What they’re interested in is consciousness and who they are.

Early on, I started trying to really understand my contact and connect with others because you’re trying to figure it out.

Whatever these private government groups are, they’re interested in consciousness. I don’t know, I just know this. I know what I experienced as a child. I know that it was highly inappropriate for a seven-year-old to be kidnapped. It was a violation of my rights on this planet, absolutely, no doubt. It was a well-orchestrated take.

Technology was utilized to flush me out for that to happen. There was a very destabilizing moment when I was in the classroom. Why this occurred, I went down to the nurse’s office because I was so destabilized.

I’m sorry about that.

The teacher raised my hand, and she knew. She probably thought I was going to throw up or something. Back then, it was like, “Just go to the nurse.” There was no nurse or principal that day, only a secretary. And then she’s like, “Well, I can’t get ahold of your parents, so you’ll have to be sent home. I’m like, “This doesn’t make any sense.” There’s so much that was strange. So well-organized.

When I was part of Dr. John Mack’s group, he was a Harvard psychiatrist who spent much time with people with contact. We were followed. I was, again, young. Also, I was 21-22 years old when I was a part of that group.

You just realize that people like us, for some reason, seemed to be really interesting to all of these different private groups, so much so that I will tell you that in that research that I showed you, people were trying to purchase that information and that contact. I do have a Rumble channel. I’m not super active on it, but I write articles, and I do a summary of those articles on Rumble.

One of those interviews I did was just a short one with the main person who organized all that research. He tells the story of a group that attempted to purchase this information. To me, this isn’t about technology. This is about consciousness. Technology is the shiny object that gets the chase.

Beyond UFOs by Reinerio Hernandez J.D., Rudy Schild PhD., & Jon Klimo PhD.

When you tap into consciousness, you tap into creation—from there, creating something. Every technology should be clunky compared to the technology of consciousness. If they can find how to use that, that’s probably the key to the multiverse, different dimensions, or knowing how to work like these beings.

That was in my senses. “Oh, heavens, if human beings know about this or are given access to this, then maybe it usurps all the control structures that have been going on for thousands and thousands of years on this planet.”

I get it. People will break out of the spells. That’s interesting.

Right, they will break out of the spells. When it goes back to your three-part question, what’s it about? We found with the research that electromagnetics is changing on the planet. The geomagnetic and electromagnetics within us are changing. We are going through this planetary shift.

What does that mean? What’s a planetary shift? It’s a beautiful word; I have no idea what it means.

There’s what it means electromagnetically, and there’s what it means for us: you’ve got something that’s dying off, and you’ve got something that’s being reborn. That’s what this shift appears to be. It’s likely universal-wide as well. It’s going through this rapid transition with the electromagnetic.

I’ll give you a specific example. If the earth has a magnetosphere around it, which is the protective layering that every time the sun pops and does its thing, the magnetosphere will absorb it in a sense and then bounce it back. One of the things that we know is the magnetosphere around the planet, the earth’s protective shield, is rapidly decreasing at astonishing rates.

I write about this a lot because it is helpful for people. When everyone’s like, “Oh, my God, what’s happening, what’s going on?” It’s like, “Well, the energy in our bodies is changing. We had this protection previously.”

The geomagnetic and electromagnetics within us are changing. We are going through this planetary shift.

Now, because this magnetosphere is waning every time the sun, the giver of life, the star that gives earth and human beings life, is popping off flares, coronal mass ejections, solar wind, and coronal holes, there are all these dynamics to the sun. There are differences each time the sun goes and does what it does as it relates to the earth and other planets in the solar system. Because of that, the intensity is affecting our central nervous system. It affects our circadian rhythm, biology, and basic things like sleep, chemistry in our body, or neural pathways.

Is it a good effect or a chaotic effect? What’s with our children? What’s happening to them with all those shifts?

I think it’s both. It’s the great chaos to get to the coherency. There will be a lot of chaos to get to that coherency. In simplest terms, the universe itself is self-organizing. This is the big part that I remember prior to leaving the source.

I remember that I needed help to bring a different energy. I’ll just put it like that, “What was here?” As many of us are, we’re here to bring a different energy and to help create a balance because something was out of balance. To get to that universal balance, it’s going through this huge rippling and almost ripping apart things that don’t have that balance. You’ve got the chaos to get to the coherency or the good, as you call it. That’s what’s going on.

To have awareness around it is the real key because in the book, with that research, it’s about consciousness. It’s about managing emotions. It’s about choosing the connection over disconnection. It’s about choosing love and healing over destruction and being aware of what we do and why we do it.

Again, we realize we’re not mindless players in this thing. Even though there may be a self-organizing principle, which is my theory, that’s not like a thing; it’s my theory because the sun self-organizes. It does that. The earth has poles that shift, so a self-organizing aspect goes on there.

You’ve got something that’s dying off, and you’ve got something that’s being reborn.

By the way, is this why they’re spraying the sky because of this shield?

It could be.

There are so many theories around it. One of the theories I heard is that they’re creating a TV screen to screen whatever they want on the cloud.

Good luck. It’s not my expertise, but I can tell you this. An enormous amount of interference is attempted to prevent people from waking up. That’s how great the awakening is. Going back to kids, I feel like kids have this—

Adaptation mechanism?

Yes. There’s this unique capacity to move through, so much so that they’re not even being impacted or affected, And I mean even older kids in their late teens and early 20s. I’m like, “Wow, look at this.”

I also think the souls born into this time are more resilient or born with some embedded shield and capacity to handle all this.

I agree 100% because I see it; I watch it. I even look at some of my family members and their children. There’s a different love that they just seem to have. In the 1970s and the 1980s, we’re not exhibiting that type of kindness, that type of love, and that type of patience. It’s like, “Oh, well, this is lovely.”

The universe is self-organizing.

I totally agree with you, Orion. There’s an internal resiliency. They may not walk around and call it God, love, or what have you, but they emanate it. It’s really cool to see.

I love it. Every morning when I go to my son’s school, I see all the little ones. I’m just like, “Oh, they’re so sweet.” It’s like they’re little light beings. I don’t even leave because they’re so cute. Amazing.

It’s because they’re emanating that light.

Yes, they do. Right now, we are experiencing all those electromagnetic and geometric changes, the shifts, and the chaos that will bring us to coherence. How can we, in the middle of all this, bring more healing and expand our state of consciousness above all the pain and suffering the planet is experiencing right now?

This is going to sound cliché, maybe. I think one of the big things that we can do is focus on ourselves and what we can do because if we are able to not have hatred, fragmentation, and anger. I’m not saying anger is not helpful. I do think anger is helpful to a degree. I have specialized in emotional intelligence for years. Emotions can be adaptive.

There will be a lot of chaos to get to that coherency.

I would love to have another episode with you about that because that’s a big topic.

Yeah, it’s huge. The reality is we have to go through these things to get to a point of emotional maturity within ourselves, to be judicious about what is okay to have and what isn’t, and how we act with that emotion. I’ll just simply say this. You may feel anger, but you don’t have to act with anger. You can use the wisdom of the emotion to guide you to be directional about what you do and how you do it.

I’m still working on that.

We all are. The goal is to feel that feeling within ourselves and increase our bioenergy. You probably know this being a mom, and I know this being a mom. When my cup is full, and I’m taking care of myself, I’m a better parent.

I have to always take breaks and conscious breaks. Yes, for sure. I had to learn it the hard way.

Same here. I’ve done dumb things and thought, “Wait, there wasn’t a different way I could have acted.” No, that’s not true.

Even smart people do dumb things every once in a while, for sure.

You may feel anger, but you don’t have to act with anger.

Yeah, it’s called learning. Exactly. I think this is probably hugely helpful, too. I do write about this, and everything is free on my Substack because it’s important that everybody can see it if they choose to and they want to. It’s important to know and understand because these shifts, changes, and energy are not constant.

We get these periods of intense energies that come, whether through a solar flare, a geomagnetic disturbance on the planet, or Schumann Resonance, which we didn’t even talk about. There are all these different things. And then you’ve got the man-made influences that have to do with technology. You brought up chemtrails and things like that. Other types of influences come in.

There’s so much, and the only thing we can do is go inside, connect, find peace, breathe, manage our emotions, connect to love, God, and source, and take a deep breath. 

This morning, I had an encounter with my four-year-old. I was at a store. There was something about Legos that fell on the floor. He was storming toward me, and I was storming toward him.

We just stopped and locked eyes. He was all teary and red. I was about to burst, and we just looked at each other. It was just like, “Okay, breathe.” We took a deep breath. Let’s talk about those Legos. It was a great moment for both of us.

Truth is your innate responsibility.

In the realm of universal awareness and consciousness, someone is taking notes about how many arguments happened over Legos. But going back to the breath, though, I know you know that breath is so important. The universe breathes, and the earth breathes. The sun is this expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction, and then we consciously remember to do that.


Yes. The tide comes in, and it goes out. One of the best ways to help manage emotions is to breathe in and out. If you can do it three to five times and be conscious about it, breathe in ten seconds, and blow out probably in fifteen seconds, your capacity to be much more effective at what you’re doing at that moment is massively enhanced.

There are a lot of other topics that I want to talk to you about, like new energy devices, AI, future technologies, and more, but maybe for another time.

Okay, that sounds good.

Before we say goodbye, what are your three quick tips for living a stellar life?

Choose connection over disconnection.

Joy. Whatever brings you joy, do it. Be joyful doing it. That would be one. I didn’t plan on saying anything like this, but I love this. This isn’t a negative thing to say. When you think about the end time and your body, whenever that is, what would you be so happy that you did for yourself or other people—it doesn’t matter; whatever brings you that happiness—that you be clear on what that is? And do that.

Like a lot of us, we experience a lot of death with people close to us. I’ll just share this really quick story. My dad passed away a couple of years ago, and he was so conscious when he passed, but he was funny. He was really funny. I thought about that. I said, “You know what? He had a pretty good life. He lived his life with as much joy as he could.”

I think about that end time for him and what I want my time to be like, whenever that is. I want that happiness, which means doing things in life and being clear. He was very clear. He loved his grandkids, he loved his family, he loved nature, he loved fishing, and he did it. Those are the things he did that made him happy.

Third, living your best life is going out and exercising in whatever form you do because that’s that life force that’s moving, whether running, mountain climbing, being in the woods, or dancing. That movement, I think, is super crazy critical. It’s something that helps all the energy and that life force move. Those are the three things that I strongly recommend.

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Amazing. Thank you, Susan. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a light in the world and sharing some of your wisdom with us today.

My pleasure.

I can’t wait to have another conversation with you.

That sounds lovely. Thank you so much for your space, time, heart, and beautiful mind. It went by so fast, and I’m grateful.

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to do whatever brings you joy, reflect on what will bring you happiness at the end of your life, move your life force through exercise, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Integrate consciousness and spiritual encounters with science. Recognize the coexistence of scientific knowledge and spiritual experiences, demonstrating that both perspectives contribute to a comprehensive worldview.

{✓}Encourage exploration of consciousness over the blind pursuit of technology. Develop questioning and critical thinking about narratives.

{✓}Recognize the importance of emotional intelligence. Understand the adaptive nature of emotions and how to channel them effectively.

{✓}Prioritize activities that bring you joy. Reflect on what would bring happiness at the end of life and actively pursue it.

{✓}Incorporate regular exercise into your routine. Acknowledge the lifeforce within and engage in activities that facilitate its flow.

{✓}Emphasize the power of conscious breathing. Incorporate deep breaths into daily routines for enhanced effectiveness and emotional balance.

{✓}Stay informed about planetary shifts and changes. Recognize the connection between  personal  and broader universal experiences.

{✓}Embrace chaos as a pathway to coherency and positive transformation. Develop resilience in the face of your challenges and changes.

{✓}Focus on relationships and connections. Opt for love, healing, and positive interactions over destructive behaviors.

{✓}Connect with Susan Manewich at  ietsusank@nullgmail.com to learn more about her work.

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Susan is a consciousness researcher, new energy technology strategist, contemporary leadership consultant, author, writer with expertise in emotional intelligence. She has worked globally and taught at many top academic universities and focuses on the field of emerging consciousness regarding electromagnetic and geomagnetic changes effecting human behavior.

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