Episode 265 | October 12, 2021

Spirit Guides & The Spirit Realm with Tina Zion

A Personal Note From Orion

There is so much more in this world than what we see before our eyes. According to today’s Stellar Life Podcast guest, Tina Zion, we are surrounded by guides, angels, and spirits. And along with these spiritual entities are guides, messages, and answers to life’s deepest questions.

Tina Zion is an intuitive medium, internationally acclaimed instructor, and author of 3 medical intuitive books and 2 Reiki books. Tina teaches in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the US. She is also a faculty member for 5 holistic organizations and healing retreat centers.

If you believe in a world beyond the physical realm and you want to become more connected with your spirit, don’t miss out on this episode. And now without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:59] – Orion introduces Tina Zion, an intuitive medium, internationally acclaimed instructor and author of 3 intuitive medical books and 2 Reiki books. 
  • [06:22] – Tina talks about her journey in finding her passion for non-physical healing.
  • [14:17] – How to know if you’re not energetically held by other people?
  • [20:52] – What are the ways to heal from negative energetic cords in your body?
  • [24:05] – How can you call on angels, divine and sacred, and God for help?
  • [30:54] – Tina explains some of the levels of deceased people and how the universe is much more complicated than what the physical world is.
  • [36:03] – Tina tells a story of when she helped her deceased friend relay a message for her husband. 
  • [42:09] – What is the right approach in dealing with negative non-human things?
  • [47:54] – What does commanding the divine and sacred mean?
  • [52:40] – Visit Tina Zion’s website at tinazion.com to connect with her, check out her live courses and many valuable resources.

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About Today’s Show

Hey Tina, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here. 

Thank you for having me. 

Can you share a little bit about your passion and how you found your life’s purpose? 

We all felt that it was natural to see deceased people. Intuition was just recognized.

Oh boy, that’s a big question right here at the start. I am a mental health counselor, a psychiatric nurse with a specialty certification in psychiatric nursing, and a hypnotherapist. All the things that I was doing, still I didn’t feel as fulfilled by it. I grew up in a very, very spiritually aware family. We all felt that it was natural to see deceased people. It was very, very common, intuition was just recognized. I grew up in a way that it was very normal. 

None of us, really, have any special gift and I would really want everyone to know that. We don’t have a special gift because everyone is wired to be intuitive. While I had that background, I was still doing regular worldly-type jobs. I still had this yearning, just this yearning to do energy work, yearning to do intuitive work. 

I started out with energy work as a Reiki practitioner. When I started doing reiki, that’s when the medical intuitive part began. I just spontaneously started to be able to see inside of people very, very accurately, and we got a lot of validation by it. 

That’s really how it started. It’s really just this yearning. Something was missing, that I can do more for myself and my own personal life, more for other people. Even though I was a hypnotherapist, I was doing a lot of past life regressions. Psychiatric nurse and things like that and a counselor, I was still just yearning for this non-physical level of healing. That’s my long answer, I guess. It’s a bit of a long one. 

Actually, it was too short. I want to know more. It’s very interesting. When you say finding that passion to the non-physical healing, what was the journey like and what did you find?

It's not a special gift for a particular person. Every one of us in this living world is wired to be intuitive. Click To Tweet

The journey, like I said, began spontaneously, while I was doing hands-on reiki energy sessions for people. One of the first people I was looking suddenly inside of her colon, and I could see cancerous polyps. 

Oh wow. 

Yeah. Then another person, I was suddenly looking inside of her lung and I knew their left lung was more inflamed than the right one. I knew that she was smoking and that was really, really getting to her lungs. 

Those were the first two sessions that just spontaneously began. Even though I was doing reiki energy hands-on healing, I kept it a secret for quite a while. I didn’t tell anybody—oh I was seeing in your colon and things like that—I didn’t tell anybody. 

Do you visually see it or do you have a sense of it?

No, I could literally see it. Yes. Just like a photograph. Not really like an X-ray but like a photograph. I decided to tell people. At the end of a reiki session, I would say, “You know I received some intuitive information about you. Would you be willing to get off the massage table, come over here, sit down, and I’ll tell you.” People were thrilled. I shouldn’t have been afraid, and I would want your listeners too to realize that don’t be afraid because people are yearning for this level of information, this level of healing. 

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Anyway, I started telling people after their reiki sessions. Oh my goodness, the feedback I got was phenomenal. And then I just got a little human form, just an outline of a front and back of a human form. I started drawing with colored markers. 

 I would draw like, oh, it was really dark in their bodies, say their left shoulder or something was dark and it was inflamed and things like that. I would draw that. But then I would also draw what changed during the reiki session. How that just dissipated, and it just started sparkling with a different color during the healing.

And then I would get messages from their guides. I would write their message down on this little human form. It’s just covered with information. I would hand it to them at the end of the session. People just love that because we’re working with a non-physical level of life. When I handed them a piece of paper with this drawing and basically their story on it, that made so much difference for people. 

Some people would take them home and hang them up on the refrigerator because they would come to me multiple times. So they could see how their energy field was improving every time that they came. I got more and more. I just kind of (I want to say) developed into actual healings, too. A lot of wonderful healings began to happen. That’s how that started.

Can you share a story of a remarkable healing, something that even surprised you?

There are actually so many. I don’t know what would surprise me. There’s one woman. This is the one I don’t usually bring up. See, I just take whatever popped. What popped in was this one woman who came to me and she said she’d been to every doctor, every specialty clinic, she had been to chiropractors, she’d been everywhere. Her head and her neck was pulled over to the right. Just constantly for months and months and months, her head was just spontaneously pulled over to the right, and it was causing her a great deal of pain and stuff. I asked my guides to show me. She was sitting here in my office. What I saw was a big rope around her neck.


I told this woman, “There’s a big thick energetic rope around your neck. It’s pulling your neck and you head over to the right side.” She said, “Oh what’s that about”? I said, “Well, just a moment and let me ask my guides.” My guides told me to follow the rope and go to the end of the rope. I just energetically followed the rope and at the end there stood a man and he was holding the other end of the rope. Now, he was not trying to kill her or anything. I described that. Now I’m following this rope. Here’s this man at the end and I described what he looked like and she gasped. She said, “You just described my husband exactly.” 

People just love that because we’re working with a nonphysical level of life.

Here’s the healing part of this was that my spirit guides actually told her to go back and follow the rope, and for her to talk to her husband about what this was about. I told her to do that and I said take your time and I will sit here quietly and I will be quiet until you speak. I say that to a lot of people. I’ll be quiet until you speak. 

She was quiet for a few minutes and then she suddenly said, “My husband has been pulling on that rope, but he doesn’t mean to do me any harm.” She said, “I’m getting more and more into this spiritual awareness,” and she said, “He’s afraid he’s going to lose me.” He was just pulling at her, not terribly. He’s just kind of tugging it, after trying to energetically make sure that she stays with him. 

My guides described to her how to take that rope off, and for her to do it, not for me to do it. That was key in her situation, that she needed to take the rope off and hand it back to him energetically. That was a great part of the healing that she energetically went back, they talked it over, they understood. Then she took the rope off of her own neck and gave it back. She hadn’t had any other problems after that. 

She’d been in the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. She’s been to all these top-named clinics, chiropractors, and things like that trying to figure out what’s going on. And here it was as simple as talking it over with her husband on the energetic plane and working that out. I think that’s a beautiful story. I love that I thought of that just now.

Be more precise about who you’re inviting into your life because this is how people start heading down a darker path.

For somebody who doesn’t understand this energetic realm that much, it sounds a little unreal. How can one put an energetic rope on somebody else? And how do we know that we are not being held energetically by other people. 

I would begin by saying that the aliveness in us is our spirit, and the aliveness in us is very, very electrical. We’re electrified energy, first and foremost, and that is our spirit. The aliveness in our physical body is our electrically alive spirit. We are actually spirits in a non-physical world and we’re physical non-physical as well. 

I always talk to people about (in my opinion) the true balance of life is to live on the non-physical spiritual plane and at the same time as we live on the physical. So that we’re non-physical and physical at the exact same time. When we heal on a non-physical spiritual level, the physical body will tend to follow. It’ll tend to follow energetic healing. 

Now, I’m not saying to stop western medicine at all, because I’m a registered nurse and my business partner is a medical doctor. We really believe and I really talk to people about allowing this to be integrated together. In other words, let’s integrate the non-physical healing along with the physical. Because our physical body needs minerals, it needs water, it needs vitamins, and nutrition and things like that. Because it’s a physical body. But the most profound healings that I’ve noticed over the years have been on the energetic level.

Look down inside of your body, just look all around as if you’re watching a little movie, and just notice everything.

How do we know that we don’t have any bad energy or an entity attached to us?

It’s truly working with the divine and sacred guides and working with our own awareness. A lot of what I teach in my workshops and things like, that is how to notice ourselves as non-physical, how to notice ourselves as energy, and literally, we can look down. In fact, the listeners can do this right now. Just close their eyes and just think and imagine. I always feel like imagination, too—I’ll say more about that here in a minute—but you literally just look down inside of your body, just look all around as if you’re watching a little movie, and just notice everything. 

Don’t work hard at it. Just notice whatever you notice. And then I ask people to, not just send your energy out. Maybe 10–12 inches out past your skin and look around, all around in your energy that shines out past your skin and just look for any areas that seem weak, or sin, or not as bright as others areas. 

You know what else I have to tell people is to actually remember that they have a backside. A lot of people lose track that we have a backside. Our backs tend to be very vulnerable. A lot of times people are very aware of energetic cords. You’re looking around and all of a sudden you see—like my client—a thing that looks like a rope or a thing that looks like a garden hose, or sometimes an energetic cord looks like a fireman’s hose, so different sizes, but the way to know that it’s negative is by the color, shade, or the density of it. 

If you’re looking around, there are cords, and it’s all bright and shiny, and I follow that cord to the end, and it’s to the partner that I love or it’s to my kids, or my grandma, whatever. But the ones that are more negative will not be sparkly, they will not be shiny. Sometimes a dark olive green or a muddy color. Sometimes even towards the blackish side. And they will be denser. You see that shade in those darker colors will let people know that this is not positive like those bright and shiny threads going up to people that I love. 

When we work with the nonphysical realm of our own body and the nonphysical realm of life, it will never stop feeling like we’re dreaming it up. It will always feel like our imagination.

Hopefully, I’m answering your question, but what I’ll get back to is that when we work with the non-physical realm of our own body and non-physical realm of life, it will never, ever stop feeling like we’re dreaming it up. It will always, always, always, always feel like our imagination, Orion, because it’s non-physical. Just because it feels like our imagination, that’s like a feeling, sensation of it, when in fact it is a deep, deep truth. 

If people can make this leap, when they’re trying to be more intuitive or hoping to be more intuitive, to realize that it will always feel like we are always imagining it because it is non-physical. Almost always it’s non-physical. 

If one takes a look inside his or her body and they see some dark colors, muddy, dark olive colors, what can they do to heal themselves?

You have great questions. 

Thank you. 

Oh, you do. You go right to the core of things. I like that. Here’s another key in what I teach. Let’s just say the two of us right now needed some help in our physical body or help in our struggles in life, or something like that. Let’s just say that you and I just decide, well, let’s call out to the universe and ask for help. We sit there, in our minds we call out to the universe and ask for help. Think about this. If we do not specify, if we are not specific about who and what we want to help us, we’ve just opened up a door, I always say any or dead person floating by, and that dead person could say, oh, I can help you. Now you’ve got a deceased person and spirit hanging around you. 

Everything is electrical, and everything’s electrical spurts of energy.

I’ll just make something up right now, but if that deceased person maybe died of alcoholism or something, they would possibly still be holding on to that sensation of being drunk and all the physical sensations of it. Then if you’ve called out to the universe for help and you got a deceased person who died of alcohol, you’re going to be touched in some way or affected by those vibrations because everything is electrical and everything’s electrical spurts of energy.

I’m running around all over the world talking to people about this. I always use very, very specific words because every word that we think is also an electrical spurt out into the universe. I want to always make sure I’m working with the divine and sacred. Those two words especially, and maybe I could add holy if that feels like a powerful word to you and your listeners, pure, blessed, those words. I always use divine and sacred because that narrows down the electrical signal of our thoughts, and it really specifies I’m not willing to work with any old person floating by. I am only willing to be guided by the divine and sacred. 

Using those two words because they’re electrical spurts, that rules out drawing in a negative person or a negative being. Does that make sense when I say it that way?

It does. What’s the difference between divine and sacred being to (let’s say) an angel or why would we just call on God?

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That’s another great question. In my experiences, really, what I teach is my experience that the angels are divine and sacred. Now, even the angels have different layers and advancement and most people would say archangels—Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel; those are the most known—are also divine and sacred. It doesn’t rule out angels at all. It doesn’t rule that out. 

Here’s what I would say to your question. Why not just talk to God directly? We can certainly do that but that would also include the divine and sacred guides. Let’s say, right now, you had a big pothole out on the street in your neighborhood. People are driving in their cars, getting damaged in the pothole. Do you call the governor of your state or the president of your country to fix the pothole or do you call a specialist for your area or city who’s in charge of potholes?

Depends on your relationship with your governor.

That is excellent. That is very, very—

You could just call the governor if you have a good relationship and he’ll take care of the rest. He’ll call the angels, he’ll just call an angel, they will call an angel, they will fix everything. 

When we heal on a nonphysical, spiritual level, the physical body will tend to follow.

What I would say to that is but does everybody, if you really use that as a guide to look at, not everybody could have that special relationship with the governor, in truth, before you look at the physical world as it is. That’s not the case. But when we work with the divine and sacred, they are a part of God. We’re all a part of the Source. 

Over the years—and I talk to God all the time as well—when I want a specialty or a special way of assistance, I call in a specialist. What I found is in the earth plane, you know doctors, nurses are specialists, on and on. My dad was a plumber, he had a specialty area he worked in, things like that, that when I called in a specialist who was specifically assigned to me. By assigned, I mean who is directed by God to assist me, attend to me, help me, that kind of thing.

Oh my goodness, when I start working with the divine and sacred specialist who specializes in me for dadada, whatever it was I wanted or needed, the level of my work increased for others. My level of my work for others and level of my own life just excelled unbelievably. 

If someone in the divine and sacred level is a specialist for me, I’ll take that.

Really, what I teach is just what has over and over again really made a difference, not just in my life, but in other people’s lives as well. So if you could see it like that, because there’s a very complicated network of the divine. If someone in the divine and sacred level who is holy is a specialist for me, gosh, I’ll take that. That’s really how it started. I started to work with divine and sacred guides who’s specialized for me. 

Here’s an example I’ll share with you and people who are listening, is that when I go before a group of people for a workshop, some people come up to me at a break and they’ll say, “You know, I see four beings of light and that’s a really beautiful blue light behind you.” I’ll say, “Well, those are the professors. There are four of them, they call themselves the professors and they assist me in teaching.” I’ll say to the workshop, sometimes I lose track of really what I’m saying because I’m just listening to what they’re directing me to teach. 

That’s just one example of specialists that I have. I have a specialist for book writing and that kind of thing.

What kind of beings are out there? You got angels. What type of beings are the professors, for example? What are other types of beings and what are negative entities?

Become A Medical Intuitive by Tina Zion

I love to go this direction because what people keep telling me is I’m willing to talk about things that they don’t know anyone else who will be willing to talk about these things. 

Just to start out, I think in my experience with the nonphysical realm, is that the nonphysical is much more complicated, much more organized, and much more active than the physical world. Most people think the physical world is pretty complicated (and it is), but there’s so much more going on in the nonphysical realm.

I can only name a few. There are spirits of nature. There are spirits of trees there. All kinds of nature. There are spirits of water, earth, and all of these. There are angels at the archangel level. There are angels at other levels.

I’ve had guides come in—the guides that I know—and I will say, “Well, who is that one behind you that I’m perceiving?” They’ll say, “That is a student.” Occasionally, there’s a student who has closely reached the divine and sacred.

Sometimes, I will ask people. They’ll say, “Oh, I’ve got this guide.” Sometimes, they do okay, and sometimes, they don’t. I said, “Well, stop right now.” And because they cannot lie to us—which thank goodness the nonphysical world cannot lie to us—I’ll say, “Ask right now. Tell me truly. Do you meet the divine and sacred level?” People will say their guides just disappeared when they were asked directly if they were divine and sacred.

There are all kinds of levels. There are all kinds of levels of deceased people. Some are just beautiful. Some just zip out of their body. I’ve been so lucky to be with people when they have passed on and I can perceive when their soul leaves their physical body. Some just zip out of here and they don’t need any help. They’re not met by anybody. They’re just zooming out of here. 

Some, though, are all fixated on the property that they had in their life. Like I said in the example a little bit ago, some are fixated on the sensations of alcohol, drugs, or whatever it is. I kid around with people that I have so many bar stories that people would never go into a bar or a pub. Again, I have so many spirit stories about hanging out in bars. There are just all types of levels of people in spirit because there are all types of awareness in living people.

I’ve been so lucky to be with people when they have passed on, and I can perceive when their soul leaves their physical body.

Now, to answer your question about the negative, some of the deceased people are very, very negative. Some of them have been murderers, rapists, things like that, or have killed many people. That’s why I want everyone to be more discerning about who they invite in. People can get into trouble because they just call out to the universe for help. It’s not defined enough because our thoughts are electrical frequencies that shoot out past our skin into our energy field, not into the universe. 

I beg people to get more and more precise about who it is they’re inviting into their life because this is how people start heading down a darker path. They didn’t mean to do it, but they have been affected. I call it an interference with a terrible deceased person. 

There are also different levels of negative beings that are not human because, once again, the universe is so much more complicated than what the physical world is. There are deceased people that are very negative, but there are also nonhuman beings that are very positive, like the spirits of nature and things like that. But there are also beings that are very negative, cause illness and struggles in life, and even cause death for people.

How can we protect ourselves? How do we know if a house is haunted? For example, in our house, I have this sensation that there is something going on because we have many glitches of electricity. So many. The lights go on and off at weird times or in a weird way. Sometimes, it will affect the computer and it’s more than just random. What is it? What do you do about it?

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If they’re positive beings or positive deceased people, they will not interfere in our health. They won’t interfere with our electronics, but the more negative that they are, the more they will tend to interfere with humans in all kinds of ways in our life.

Your electrical question about your electronics, the computer, and the lights going off and on can affect non-physical beings of any type. They can more readily affect electronics because our spirit is electrical. Even in the non-physical realm, they are electrical in nature, so it’s really easy for them.

There’s a little story I can tell you as an example, is that okay?

Yes, please.

A young man that I knew, he’s probably in his late 30s. He had three children with his wife. His wife died of breast cancer and left this 38-year-old man with her 3 children by himself. She kept coming to me because they were friends of mine. She kept coming to me.

We are the only ones that get in the way. If we call out for helpers, they are there. It’s up to us whether we notice or feel them.

I still can’t even remember any deceased person who looked this beautiful this quickly. She was sparkly, lovely, and beautiful. She kept wanting me to get a hold of her husband and tell him that she’s doing so great. I would tell her, “well, he’s not religious so I don’t know how he’s going to take this.” 

She’d come to me again and ask me every day until I finally gave up and I called him. I told him how beautiful she is. I said, “she is trying to get through to you and trying to get your attention.” She is showing me that she’s messing with the clock and messing with the lights in the house. 

He started crying. He said, “Every time I leave the living room and I come back in, the ceiling fan is on. I turn it off and then the next thing I know, the ceiling fan comes on again.” He’s torn all the electrical stuff apart trying to fix it. She’s standing there giggling. He was convinced that she really was doing that. This was a different belief for him, but she was trying to give him a physical what I would call a signal I guess. It’s much easier for them to do it with electrical things, like all the clocks might go off.

Advanced Medical Intuitive by Tina Zion

She was of delight. She was good. How do I know that whatever is messing up with the electricity here—if it is non-physical—is a beautiful light being or something other than that?

Think about when your computer is interfered with, or the Internet, or whatever part of the computer. What will happen is that the more negative the beam is, they will become much more active when something very positive is about to happen. In other words, if you are doing a healing on the Internet, on Skype, Zoom, or whatever, then the negative forces will interfere with something that is potentially good and potentially healing. That’s one of the signals that you can get from that.

For example, on the third day of my workshops when I do a Zoom or a live in-person workshop, I spend the whole entire morning on negative beings and negative deceased people. There will be one or two people that cannot get to that morning session because I’m teaching people how to remove negativity from them and also how to have it carried back into God’s love and light. The people who are interfered with, the students of mine who are interfered with by negativity, will have a hard time getting to that third day morning class.

I’ve had people where they’ve had a flat tire. One woman was locked in her elevator in her apartment complex. The elevator’s stuck. Just on and on, all kinds of stories about that. The negative will tend to interfere with something positive that is going to happen.

What can we do about it?

There are divine and sacred specialists and you can call them in. For example, let’s say there was a negative non-human entity that was causing the problems, then I would call in. I would just invite it in my head because our thoughts are electrical spurts out there. I would say, “I call out for a divine and sacred guide who specializes in this particular being (or entity if you want to use that word) and come forward now.” Then, I ask for that entity to be wrapped in God’s white, glowing light and taken out to the best place for their highest transformation back into the source’s light.

One of the things I run around all over the world teaching is not to be a victim to dark energy or dark entities because they exist. Ugly does not mean more powerful. Just because they’re negative does not mean they’re more powerful. It just means they’re actually more needy or they wouldn’t be bothering us. They wouldn’t be trying to drain us. They wouldn’t be trying to interfere. I really want the listeners to hear that negative deceased people or negative non-human things are not more powerful than we are and they’re not more powerful than God’s grace and God’s light and love.

Your approach is not to confront whatever it is and just call in a specialist and ask the specialist to help with this.

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You could confront them, but realize that they are real beings. In fact, a deceased person is really just as alive as you and I are right now. They’re just not dragging around a physical body, but they’re just as alive as we are.

I have another little story here. If you chase them off, they will actually leave, but then they’ll come back. You can chase them off again and they’ll leave because we’re really the boss of what’s going on; most people don’t realize it.

Here’s a real quick story. One of my mentoring students was new to working with me. She was so proud of herself. She said, “There are deceased people and there are terrible negative entities in my house, and I’ve chased them all away.” While she’s telling me this big, long story, I’m seeing them (intuitively) running to the neighbor’s house. That doesn’t help them.

I want us to also be a participant in their healing. When we chase them off or confront them, it doesn’t help them to go back into God’s light. It doesn’t help them evolve. They just run down the street and then they’ll come back because they’re real. What we do is call on a divine and sacred specialist who knows exactly about this particular being. Yes, we can talk to the being if we want, but when you do this as much as I do, you skip some steps and speed things up. I just have them wrapped—the more horrible ones—really tightly in white light and take them to the best place. I don’t even know where that is. The best place for their transformation into light and love.

Nice. Do they always leave when you do that? What if the best place for transformation is right here in the place that you deal in them?

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I’m commanding the divine sacred specialist to take them wherever is the best place. Some of them might be here on Earth and they’re transformed.

What I was saying is if there is a haunted house and you say, I want you to take them to their best place for their transformation, and that haunted house is the best place, how can you move them?

I’m not saying just transfer them to any old place. I’m saying transfer them to carry them—might be another word too—to the place for a transformation back into love and light. Just hanging out in a haunted house would not be where I would say they would take them.

I want to talk to you about our guides. How do we find our guides? How do we connect to them? How do we even know who they are?

I would start out by saying they are real. If you call out to them—again, be careful what you call out for. Use divine, sacred, holy, blessed so that you get the most advanced of God’s beings, basically—It will never stop feeling like you’re dreaming it up, but if you call out for that type and that level of assistance, it will absolutely be there no matter what. 

They are real. If you call out to them, use divine, sacred, holy, blessed so that you get the most advanced of God’s beings.

We, living humans, are the only thing that gets in the way. We’ll say, “Oh, I don’t know, I probably just made that up, but it seems like maybe there were some sparkles going on in the corner of my bedroom or something like that.” We are the only ones that get in the way. If we call out for those helpers, I know that they are there. They are there. Now, it’s up to us whether we notice them or whether we feel them. 

Here’s what my guides are telling me right now to bring up. A lot of times, people don’t feel that they deserve to work with the divine and sacred or they don’t feel like they deserve to have the divine and sacred even try to help them.

I had a client earlier today. I said, “My guides are telling me you don’t feel like you deserve to have these beautiful guides.” She started crying. She says, “You’re right. It’s a deserving thing. We’re the only ones that get in the way.” If we call out to them, they are there. We’re the only ones that struggle to recognize them.

It seems like the people on earth are commanding something that is divine and sacred. They work for us. How does this work in a non-ego way? I demanded the demand from you, angel, come help me now because I’m big and mighty. I also think that a lot of people that get into spirituality fall in through those ego traps of, right now, I can do a lot.

People don’t feel they deserve to work with the divine and sacred or have them try to help them.

Yes, you’re right-on about that. It goes to their head, absolutely. It’s very important to realize that when I say to command—my grandkids call each other bossy cows—I’m not saying to become a bossy cow for the divine and sacred. When I say command them, I’m really saying use very, very precise, exact words and really feel these words when you say them. All that does is it creates a very specific electrical frequency that shoots out beyond your skin and beyond your energy field and out into the universe. The non-physical then can match that very, very specific frequency. 

In other words, if you and I just called out for help, then we’re going to get some dead person floating by. But when we call for the divine and sacred and we say exactly what it is we want or need, they can match that electrically because like attracts like. They can meet you more clearly with that very clear command. That’s really all I mean when commanding. Use very precise words and mean it when you say it. Really feel like, oh, boy, I really want divine and sacred guidance that specializes in my medical health.

You talked about frequency. My question is do we have to be super elevated and all very holy to call in the sacred beings? What happens if we call them when we are in despair, when we feel sick, a little angry, or have negative emotions? How does that frequency affect us calling in a divine and sacred being that is of a higher frequency?

The Reiki Teacher’s Manual by Tina Zion

Generally, in those situations that you’re describing—very sick or maybe in extreme sorrow, extreme grief—our need is so great, and if we are specific with our words, that need is so great that it just draws them so fast and so specific. If I call after the divine and sacred to help me with this sorrow or the loss of somebody in my family, I get a very precise being who knows exactly how to help you.

Do we develop the ability to see them?

Yes, absolutely. Everybody thinks they have to see everything with their eyes open. Apparently, I’m pretty good at this, but I will admit that probably 75% of what I perceive is in my mind’s eye. We don’t have to see everything with our eyes open, although we can. What gets in people’s way is they expect it to be something specific and if it doesn’t show up the way they think it should be, then they miss it altogether.

Sometimes, these divine and sacred don’t have a human form, for example. Sometimes, they’re so elevated, they’ve never even been in a human form. If you expect a human form to show up and you get some ball of light, most people would just discount it. Our expectations get in the way a lot.

There is so much more I want to ask you, but I want to be respectful of your time. Before we say goodbye for now, I want to ask you two questions. One is what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? Then, I would like to know how people can find you. Maybe you can share a little bit about your workshops and everything that you offer.

Three tips in life is basically what I said. Absolutely know that you are a nonphysical spirit in a physical body. Number two (I guess) would be to know we humans have so much choice in life—that gets us into a pickle sometimes because we have so much choice—so be careful with your choices. The third one, I would say we are spirits and we do deserve to work with the most beautiful divine and sacred. If we weren’t meant to work with them and to learn from them, they wouldn’t show up. But they show up if you call them. That’s my response to your request there, those three tips.

Sometimes, these divine and sacred don’t have a human form.

To get a hold of me, my website is just tinazion.com. I am about to start a workshop through The Shift Network. I also have two Zoom live courses coming up this fall, and then also one live in-person one at Art of Living in North Carolina. The two of them (like I said) are on Zoom so you can be anywhere around The Shift Network. I’m actually a faculty member for five different organizations and healing centers.

That’s beautiful. Thank you so much, Tina.

Thank you for the very special questions. Thank you. It’s very unusual. I love this.

Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember that you are non-physical in a physical body, remember to be careful with your choices, remember that you deserve to work with the most beautiful divine and sacred being, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Pay attention to your intuition. Your instinct knows what you should or shouldn’t do from experience. The downside is most of us are disconnected from it. 
{✓} Learn more about the spiritual realm. Discover its origin and intricacies, and you’ll quickly realize we are spirits having a human experience and not the other way around.
{✓} Aim to live a balanced life. Keep your overall well-being in good shape: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
{✓} Keep an open mind when studying and learning about spirituality. Aside from reading books, talk to like-minded individuals, even polarized communities, to understand where they are coming from. 
{✓} Don’t be afraid to heed your calling or any messages from guides. Sometimes the signs are the least expected, but there’s a reason why they chose you.
{✓} Seek help or assistance if there’s a phenomenon in your life you can’t explain and solve. There are divine and sacred specialists who can give you answers to your most profound questions.
{✓} Be careful with your choices and who you spend your time with. The people you surround yourself with have a lot to do with your happiness and wellbeing. 
{✓} Continue to fight for good. Bad energy doesn’t mean it’s more powerful. So keep spreading positivity in any little way you can.
{✓} Strengthen your faith in God or a higher power. There’s a realm beyond the human race, and a massive part of that happens inside our spirit.
{✓} Visit Tina Zion’s website to learn more about her mission, where you can sign up for her workshops, and how to grab a copy of her books.

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