Episode 140 | October 30, 2018

Family Constellation Therapy and Healing with Hanna Bier

A Personal Note from Orion

The popular expression “blood is thicker than water” is constantly used to reinforce the importance of family ties: our families, even our ancestors from generations ago, play an important part of who you are and how you live your life, even though they are no longer around.

Whether it’s breaking cycles of low income levels, depression, or high stress life events, there are many reasons why you may want to consider clearing your energy field to heal the past traumas in your family lineage. Doing so will allow you to move forward on a new path that is unburdened by your familial history: you can achieve the success that you want, whether that is a higher income level or  finding your dream partner, when you are no longer affected by the past traumas in your ancestry.

The whole concept may seem a bit “woo woo” to you, but I promise that my guest on today’s episode explains it all in a logical way that makes clear sense. Hanna Bier is a Family Constellation Therapist and helps others heal their family traumas so they can move on in their lives and manifest their dreams.

About Today’s Show

People struggle the most with love and money, and the key to unlocking these is through childhood and family healing. Success coach, family constellation therapist, and energy healer Hanna Bier works with women and helps them be more confident, successful, and live the life they always liked to live and turning to the confident women they are destined to become. Her concept of the family constellation is the idea that there are a lot of things in your DNA or in your energetic field that do not belong to you and they affect you. By rearranging those energies from the past, from your family, it will help you move forward and be more successful in your life.

Hanna, welcome to the show.

Orion, thank you so much for having me.

This is very exciting because we’re going to talk about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, which is the divine feminine. Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself?

I am a Soulful Success Coach, Family Constellation Therapist and an Energy Healer. I help creative women across the world to create freedom-based, beautiful, soulful feminine lives. My specialty is Family Constellation Therapy, childhood healing and trauma resolution. People come to me and they give me a vision of the lives that they want to live. Together we make it a reality through helping my clients heal deeply and to reach all those goals that they set for themselves.

Your clients, are they primarily women?


What do you find that women who come to you struggle with the most?

It’s money or love. I feel like those two topics are the hardest for most people.

What specifically in what you do is the key to unlocking blocks when it comes to money and love?

The biggest difference usually makes the family healing. For most people when we have for example blocks and money, oftentimes we come from a family that has similar patterns in the department of money as we do or we had some trauma in our childhood or in our puberty that is still stuck in our body and that’s still holding us back. For me, the big difference is about healing the childhood and family piece.

I’ve done a lot of healing for myself and I come from a family where I grew up poor. I feel like this thing is still stuck in my body. I have done neurofeedback. I’ve done a million gazillion workshops and seminars. I’ve worked with coaches and all but there’s still a block there. You are talking about epigenetics and how your ancestors affect your DNA in the way you operate in this world. What do you do different that helps women unlock that?

Oftentimes when you do things like neuro-linguistic programming or hypnosis and you have those things, they only work on you. All those healing modalities are very powerful and it’s awesome if you’re doing them. It’s also important to understand are you doing the healing on yourself, on you as a person or are you doing healing in your family system? The type of work that I do, which is called Family Constellation Therapy works in the energetic field of your family system. In epigenetics and biology, this is called the morphic field. The morphic field is an electromagnetic field that connects you with every single soul that is connected to everybody in your family system. We as humans are wired to follow our family and we are wired to do life the way our family did, to do money and love the way our family did. This is because it allows us to survive.

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You were born onto this planet and into your family system and without your family, you wouldn’t have the gift of life. You wouldn’t be here. They are the souls that are charged with keeping you alive, so you get all your information about how to survive from your family’s system. This is mostly unconscious. A lot of this information is being given to you through the morphic field of your family system. Every single family or every single group of individuals in nature is connected through an electromagnetic field. We can even take the example of a flock of birds flying in a V-formation. The birds could choose to fly in any direction, but they don’t. They fly in that V-formation because the energy field of their family’s system is imposing order on the individual behavior. As a result of that, they’re all flying together and operating together. The same is true for humans. Sometimes I get clients who say, “I made all those choices in my life. I don’t think family issues are what’s the issue here,” but then when I look at their lives, I see they got a divorce around the same time that their parents got a divorce. They are stuck at the same income level like their family. They have the same health issues like their families.

Oftentimes we follow our families in such unconscious ways because this morphic field that we are connected to is what’s driving our behavior. Us being connected to our family is the most important thing for us because this is where life comes from for us. Remembering that without our family, we wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t have a life at all. The biggest need that you have as a human whether it’s conscious or unconscious to you is to stay in line with your family system. When you have such a strong, deep need and you are wired that way, doing things like affirmations or coaching oftentimes doesn’t have a very strong effect. It’s almost like if your family system has this unconscious agreement that it would never earn more than $3,000 a month. Then there you go trying to rewire your subconscious to make $20,000 a month, your family system wins because this need to bond with your family system is stronger than your need or your subconscious programming that says, “I want to earn more.”

I’ve been looking into this type of energetic connection, womb healing and all those energetic types of healing that are not to do with me but with the ancestry. I don’t think I still figured it out. How did you learn about it? Who were your mentors? How did you find out about it?

My mentor is Natalie Berthold. I grew up in Germany and Family Constellation Therapy is very well-known in Germany, in the Netherlands and Argentina. I’ve always heard about it. I’ve even had therapists who did it a little bit, but I never understood what it was about. I never understood the power of it until I was part of a mastermind. One of the mastermind calls was led by my mentor. I remember starting to cry because I had started my business. I felt like money was difficult for me. I was depressed and I was anxious. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I had hired a gazillion coaches, spent almost six figures on coaching and healing myself and it still felt like there were those invisible hands keeping me from having my life the way I want it. It felt like I was doing everything in my power to change and to heal myself, but it felt like I couldn’t get there. I was so frustrated with myself at that time.

When I became a part of this mastermind and we started this call with Natalie, she explained to me that I came from a very traumatized family. She explained to me why I was sabotaging myself and why I was keeping myself stuck in those low-income levels, in this depression, in this anxiety and why. I felt life was so hard for me. It always felt like I didn’t have a strong foundation under my feet. It always felt life was wobbly and the other shoe was about to drop. I got weird surprises in the mail about the government wanting taxes back. I was so unlucky in life. She explained to me how our family system influences our lives. I felt like I needed to cry on this call and a big wave of relief washed through me because I started to realize that it’s not my fault. I’m wired to want to follow my family.

That was my first experience of understanding the power of Family Constellation Therapy and that relief felt so good. It also showed me that there is a way for me to heal my family, which is something that no therapist had ever told me. Everything I had heard until that point was, “You can’t fix your family and you can’t fix your past. You can’t fix your parents. It’s going to take a long time,” but I was desperate to change. Natalie told me, “Yes, you can heal your family’s system and here’s how we can do it. Yes, you can release all these transgenerational traumas that are pulling on your nervous system. Here’s how we can do it. This is why you won’t earn more money than anybody else in your family system. Here’s how we can release you from that unconscious agreement with your family.”

How many generations back do you have to heal the trauma?

Different studies say different things. In the Bible, it says seven generations, which is interesting. I talked to some people who say it’s ten generations. I found that it’s different from person to person.

What does it look like to have these types of therapies that the coach will put you in a meditative state and you will go in? How does it work?

Traditionally, this work is being done in groups and in workshops. I’m doing it a little bit differently. Many of my clients come to me and they’ve just experienced a lot in their family systems. In order to protect them a little bit, we do it in a one-on-one format. I can even guide you through a meditation if you want to experience it for yourself. I do it one-on-one because many of the topics that we work on are things like adoption, restoring your relationship to your biological parents, talking about rejecting mom, rejecting dad. We talk about murder in the family system. We talk about people who are ostracized. We go through your entire family system and we look at some big dynamics that could be blocking you. Many of those dynamics are so personal to you and oftentimes very emotionally charged. In order to protect my client, I like to do it in a one-on-one setting. We would get on a call. I would either have you get into a meditative state and on my end, I would set up your family’s energy fields. It might sound a little bit like magic but it’s very scientific.

If you’re curious to learn more, I recommend Googling epigenetics and starting to read a little bit about that. There is some awesome research being done about family systems and family healing. On the call, you would be in a meditative state or I would have you set up different family members in that energy field. We would rearrange your family system. It’s almost like rearranging furniture. If you have a place, an apartment that is so full of junk, everything’s in the wrong place like there is a chair in your bathtub and there is a couch on your stove, your apartment isn’t going to work. You’re not going to be able to do anything with it. It’s like from feng shui for your family system. When everything’s in the right order, every person is in the right role for them, every trauma has been released and all those patterns have been resolved. Every single person in your family system can be more abundant, healthier, happier and have fruitful relationships again. Most people’s family systems are very chaotic. When I first look at some of these energy fields and family system, oftentimes what I see is a big mess and so we need to rearrange the furniture in a way.

The biggest need that you have as a human, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, is to stay in line with your family system.


How did you train yourself to sense it, to see someone’s energy field when you’re doing one-on-one and you’re on the other side of the world?

Some of it comes from experience. I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands of people. Sometimes even when I just read somebody’s name, I already know what the dynamics are in the family system that keeps them from having their lives the way they want it. The other piece is that I’ve always been very psychic, clairvoyant and sensitive. Me, facilitating family healing is a collaboration between me and the morphic field of the family system. I communicate with the field. It’s like the field tells me that there is an aunt that got murdered very tragically. My client is connected to her and is playing her faith in order to get resolution for the family system in a way. Oftentimes, we’ll do things like that in order to stabilize the family system so that our family can live. Sometimes I get those insights from the morphic fields. You can think of your family’s energy fields almost like a big hard drive. All the information about your family system is stored on this hard drive. It’s almost like the Akashic Records of your family system. Every single person that has ever been a part of your family’s system is connected to it, every single incident, every single emotion, every single pattern, every single belief system. All this stuff is stored there. It’s me going through the files and looking at the ones we need to delete in a way or that we need to transform so that your entire family system can thrive.

When you work with your clients, how do you keep energetic boundaries?

The field does the healing. It’s just me doing the facilitating. Can I guide you through a short meditation, so I can even show you what the healing feels like?

Yes, please.

Close your eyes and picture a room, any room is perfect. See yourself walk into the room and find a place to stand. Then picture your biological mother walk into the room as well and have her find a place to stand. If you’ve been adopted, if your mom passed away or if you’re not in touch with her, that’s totally okay. On my end, I’m setting up your family’s energy field. In this energy field, time and space don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what your relationship to your mom is like currently. Just allow her to walk into the room to find a place to stand and that’s good enough. Then do the same with your biological dad. Have him walk into the room as well, have him find a place to stand. Then any siblings that share the same parents with you. Half siblings and adopted siblings are still important but we would have to do something different with them. For now, we’re just going to be working with the siblings that have the same parents.

Have everybody find a place to stand and then have a look around. See where people are standing, feel into the atmosphere. You might already get some insights into what this might mean. How are you feeling standing like this? Also, pay attention to any obstacles. Sometimes there are obstacles in people’s rooms. If you can perceive a side of the room that feels like it represents the future, become aware of that. See where you’re facing, see where your family is facing. If you’re not yet in the center of the room, I’m going to have you walk into the center. I’m going to have you ask your mom to walk up to you as well. She’s going to stand behind your left shoulder. Then your dad behind your right shoulder. You would be facing the future with your mom behind your left shoulder and your dad behind your right shoulder.

Your older siblings are going to be to your left. They’re going to be in line with you. Your younger siblings are going to be to your right. Your younger siblings get to be a little closer to your parents because they need a little bit more support. Have them stand slightly behind your right shoulder so you guys are still in one line but they’re slightly back. Your older siblings are paving the way for all of you. They’re going to be slightly ahead of you. You are all in one line still. If you have older and younger siblings, the line would be slightly at a diagonal. If you have a troubled relationship with any of your siblings or mom and dad, picture a red circle around them. Draw a boundary. We’re only going to be working with the very best parts of your parents, the parts of them that are loving, that are truthful and safe to be around. We’re going to leave the rest for now. Draw a boundary so that it’s safe for you to be this close with all your family members. Feel what it feels like to stand in this formation. This might be a new experience for you. This might be a little uncomfortable. Acclimate to this new formation. See if you can lean back into your parents a little bit and allow your parents to support you. Allow your parents to send some love to you, some life force energy.

Behind your mom on your left side, picture your lineage on your mom’s side, your grandparents and their parents. Then on your dad’s side, your lineage on your dad’s side. Fill up the space behind your parents with your beautiful lineage. We’re calling in the very best parts of your ancestry. The people in your family system didn’t turn out the way they did just like that, something happened. They might have had some difficult experiences with their parents or in their own lives. We’re only going to be calling in the very best parts of them, not the wounded traumatized parts. Through your family system, there is this flow of love. Start to picture this love flowing through your ancestry into you and filling you up so you’re taking this in by leaning back into your ancestry. Letting your ancestors support you, love you, and fill you up with this life force energy. Allow yourself to let go and relax at a very deep level so you can take this in. Notice how when everybody is standing in the right spot for them, when everybody is in the right wall for them, how the energy can flow effectively and nourish every single soul in your family system. It’s important for all of you guys to be in the right place. The more life force energy you receive, the better your life will be.

Now you could even imagine your children in front of you or business projects in front of you, your job in front of you or something you are working on. The more you allow your family system to fill you up with this life force energy, the healthier and the more harmonic your family system, the better this life force energy can flow. For example, there is somebody missing in your ancestry because they got ostracized or they’re being ignored. It’s like the hose is kinked or there’s a leak and this life force energy is spilling out. You want to make sure that everybody is acknowledged, everybody’s present. All the trauma is resolved so it can receive huge amounts of life force energy through your ancestry. Have this life force energy flow into your children so that they grow up into happy, healthy individuals. Allow this life force energy to flow into your finances so you can make a lot of money. Having lots of financial independence, lots of ease with your money. You can also have this life force energy flow into your business or flow into your body, generating amazing health. You can use it to find the right mate for you or to have your relationship be better than you could ever expect. This life force energy is like the prima materia for your life. These are the building blocks that you need to create a wonderful, nourishing, rich, abundant life. Keep soaking up this life force energy. Start to deepen your breathing again. You can gently blink your eyes open and come back to the room.

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Thank you for sharing that. How many times does one needs to do this meditation?

It depends on the family system. I recommend doing it once for now and then forget about it and let the energy work. We went into the energetic field of your family system and what we did can process for up to six months. It’s like your soul got the memo but this is going to ripple out. It’s like we threw a little pebble into a lake and the ripples are going to go out. It could be that some things in your genetic code are going to release or some family members are going to make some changes. We’re not just working with you. This is the difference between Family Constellation Therapy and most other types of healing, we’re working with all those individuals as well. Something that’s very normal for people to experience after family constellation therapy is that people who they’ve been out of touch with suddenly pick up the phone and call them. Their parents start to behave differently or their children get better grades at school. That’s because everybody gets the memo. It just takes some time for this stuff to ripple out.

I’d recommend letting it sit for a couple of weeks and then do this visualization again. Just see are you guys standing in the better new healthier order or did you guys revert to the old way of standing? You can always look at your family system by doing these visualizations and see what’s going on. If you see that your family system keeps going back into the wrong formation, it might make sense to find a Family Constellation Therapist. You can also email me if you want to do this with me. Find somebody who can help you release those patterns where you guys keep wanting to be in the wrong formation.

Another question that came to mind was are you an only child? Do you have brothers and sisters?

Personally, yes. I am the second youngest. I have two older sisters who I’ve never met. This is the first time that I’ve ever talked about this with anybody who has ever asked me about it in an interview. I have two older sisters and for a long time, I didn’t know about them. This was a family secret for my entire life. I’m not even sure if my now stepmom even knows that she has two more stepdaughters. It was a family secret for a long time and then my Family Constellation Therapist said, “I have a feeling that you have two older sisters because that’s what the field keeps telling me.” My grandfather told me that when my mother married my father, my mom found out that he already had two children. My dad hadn’t told her, so it came out on their wedding day.

I asked my mom after my grandfather told me that and she was like, “Yes.” She even remembered their names. This is something that oftentimes happens when we do the Family Constellation Therapy that family secrets are being revealed or the picture just completes itself. Something that oftentimes people say when they come to me is, “I’m not sure if I can do this because I don’t know everything about my family.” People say, “I’ve been adopted. I’ve never met my parents. My dad passed away, so how can you do this?” Even if you’ve never met some of the people in your family system, they’re still connected to you. Oftentimes as stuff is being revealed, the more you do the healing. I have two older sisters, one older brother, one younger brother and three different mothers are what we have.

How come they can be two sisters, two brothers but they won’t have the same struggles? They won’t have the same epigenetics. They won’t be affected same from the same lineage. How did that happen?

Some things tend to happen. It’s always different from family system to family system. Something that I’ve noticed is that the oldest child takes on the most amount of trauma from the parent of the same gender. The oldest daughter usually takes on a lot of trauma from mom. The oldest son gets the most amount of trauma from dad and from dad’s lineage. I’m the first and the only daughter of my mother so I took on all of the unprocessed trauma from my mother’s lineage. If I had an older sister, she would have taken on more than I have. Usually because biologically, the family system doesn’t know if there’s going to be another child, you get all the trauma downloaded into you if you are the first born of the same gender.

That means you have to be the firstborn, not if you had a miscarriage before you came to the world?

It doesn’t work like that with miscarriages.

I’m the oldest. Because I’m interviewing you and I was in and out in the meditation, I couldn’t completely focus, I need some clarity around the order. What is the right order of your family members?

Since you’re the child, you need to be in front of your parents and your parents need to be behind you. This is usually something that’s so out of order in most people’s families. Oftentimes, when mom had a difficult pregnancy, when she was preoccupied or she was fighting with dad, children can sense it and you want to support our mothers or our parents by parenting them. Oftentimes, when I do these family constellations, it looks like the child is behind their parents when the parents should be behind the child. Especially people who do this self-development work because we’re oftentimes the ones who say, “My family, I do not want to be like them. I want to live a better life than them. I want to break the cycle of trauma. I want the pain to stop in our family system.” We’re the ones who awaken and we’re the ones who look for solutions. That oftentimes also means that we grew up too fast and that in a way, we carry too much responsibility. We almost are the strong ones in our family system. As a result of that, we carry our parents as opposed to allowing our parents to carry us. This is especially for people in families where mom and dad were disempowered, where they had a hard time.

We want to make sure that our family system is working and that it’s alive and well because otherwise, we can’t survive. In order to support our family’s system, we take on other people’s traumas or we want to support them by carrying their burdens. We want to support our parents and keep them together by parenting them and this is not the right order. One of the biggest things that I want you to focus on is to have your parents be behind you. In real life, this will look like not giving money to your parents if your own money game is not sorted. There’s this guideline in Family Constellation Therapy where it says, “If your own family isn’t taken care of, you have no business taking care of your parents financially.” If you are single or if you don’t have children yet or if you do have children, you need to use your own resources to make sure that your own family is taken care of first. Sometimes I have clients who spend a lot of money. They get themselves into trouble because they want to support their parents in that way. That would not be okay. This is something that happens very commonly.

Something that’s important to do is to not let your parents complain to you, to ask you too many questions or to receive too much emotional support from you. If you feel like that’s something that easily happens with you and a parent or with you and an older sibling because an older sibling should also be the person who paves the way for you, you shouldn’t support them too much because it weakens them and gets them into the wrong role for them. Before calling your parents, make sure that you ask them for support. Make sure that you set the intention to call them and to ask them questions. Maybe ask them about what you should do and to see if you can ask something of your parent. That requesting of support and requesting of life force energy gets both of you in the right formation again.

The people in your family system didn’t turn out the way they did just like that. Something happened. They might have had some difficult experiences with their parents or in their own lives.


I want to talk about the feminine and the feminine lineage because it looks like the feminine was suppressed for generations. Even in today’s modern world, there is still a lot of injustice that happens. There is a lot of confusion around the place of the feminine in the world. What are your thoughts about that?

I’m also a Priestess of the Divine Feminine.

What is that?

A Priestess of the Divine Feminine to me is somebody who lives in service to the divine feminine. You can look at the divine and some people say it’s like the spark of life in nature. The divine is what makes plants grow, that makes babies being born, that is the difference between us being a pile of dead cells and us being this is alive sentient beings or some people call the divine God. This organizing principle that organizes the universe and has everything move in a certain direction. You can look at the divine through the lens of the Divine Masculine. This would be the perspective of druids, the perspective of masculine witches, the perspective of some shamans. As a priestess of the Divine Feminine, I’m working with the divine through the lens of the feminine. I live in service to the feminine. I serve mostly beings who have a feminine sexual essence, who are embodying feminine principles in the world. Oftentimes, as priestesses are traditionally doulas, healers and wise women, you can call us witches. We live in sync with the moon. We help people make peace with their bodies and understand how their bodies work. We’re helping women and people of the feminine sexual essence to embrace their femininity.

How did you become one?

I have memories of past lifetimes of being a priestess in the lineage of Avalon. I’ve always been very sensitive in the sense that as a child, I would always talk to animals and see ghosts and angels. I would see energy fields and able to work magic. I would make potions without knowing what I was doing. I didn’t know anything else. It was just something. I thought everybody else was like that. When I was fourteen, for the first time I traveled to the UK. At that time, I was anorexic and I had an anxiety disorder. I was not in a good place. Then when I traveled to the place where my priestess lineage is from, which is in a town called Glastonbury, we call it the Isle of Avalon, I started getting those downloads of being a priestess. I started remembering rituals and I started speaking French. I had never learned French until that point but all of a sudden, I spoke French. My body was so happy like I was blissed out. I was on a high just from my body being in that location. I started remembering all these things.

Traditionally, it depends on the person’s lineage but some part of it too is in my priestess lineage. I remember being a priestess in Avalon. My real-life everyday priestess lineage is like the Ariel Spilsbury and we call ourselves the 13 Moon Priestesses. If you want to become a priestess without being aware of already being a priestess, if you want to start now and this path calls you, it takes about thirteen years of initiations and of becoming a priestess, being in priestess training. I never had that. I’m not an ordained priestess in this lifetime. I’m a Priestess of the Divine Feminine because I remember. All this stuff was very active within me from early on in this lifetime.

That makes me think about lots of conspiracy theory and cults and all that. There is something else here that is more of a pure spiritual lesson.

I’ve been resisting this stuff for a long time because I also like being intellectual and I like science. I love reading about the brain and understanding stuff. That is why I love talking about epigenetics so much. It’s something that I couldn’t deny. I see energy fields and angels the way I see furniture, the way I see trees. It’s so real and tangible to me that I couldn’t talk myself out of it. It’s so real to me.

Can anyone see angels like they see furniture?

Yes. This is totally possible. In your physical body, you have everything you need in order to perceive subtle energy. The places where your energy center is called chakras are located have many more nerve endings. When you talk to a doctor or somebody researching the human body, they’ll tell you, “We don’t know what those are for.” Energy healers like me will tell you, “This is where your chakras are located,” because we see those chakras. Also there are physical things that you have in those areas of your body that indicate that there’s something there. It’s just that we can’t see it or we can’t touch it. Everybody can perceive subtle energy. Everybody can perceive angels because they’re very real. The only difference between you perceiving that or know is you needing to unblock your spiritual gifts, your intuitive gifts.

You have all those gifts, it’s just that they’re blocked. The more you unblock them, the higher the electromagnetic frequency of your body and the easier it is for you to perceive those things. Oftentimes as a result of working with me, my clients will say, “I saw an angel for the first time,” or they’ll say, “I now know what my dog is thinking.” They’ll be able to see into the future and see different possibilities and make a choice from there. They can ask things like, “If I make this choice is it going to make me money? If I make this choice, is it going to make me happy?” Then they can test out different versions of the future and see what choice they want to make. One part is realizing and recognizing that you have all the organs and everything you need in your physical body to be able to perceive subtle energy because it is an electromagnetic field. You can also use machines to test electromagnetic frequencies.

The second thing is to realize that it’s a matter of you unblocking your intuitive gifts, letting go of all those ideas that you can’t do it or it’s not possible for you to perceive energy and that some people are psychic but not everybody, which is not true. The third thing is for you to start to have a daily practice of raising your vibration so that you can perceive this kind of stuff. Many angels vibrate on the scale of consciousness. There’s a scale of consciousness by a man named David Hawkins. It’s called the Hawkins’ Scale. When somebody is enlightened in the human body, one vibrates at about the range of 1,000. When you experience love, you vibrate at the energy level of 500. Many angels are at the level of 5,000. In order to perceive them, you need to get your energy very high up and then you can see them. There’s a very high order of angels, which is called the Seraphim. They vibrate at about 10,000. I, myself, can only communicate with them or perceive them, see them, when I’m in deep meditation and when I temporarily get my vibration extremely high. Even then, they’re still very blurry for me. Oftentimes, I just hear a high-pitched noise. Everybody can do this and it’s totally possible for everybody to be psychic and to see angels. You can think that’s fun if that’s what you want.

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Have you ever heard of Donny Epstein?

No, I haven’t.

Donny Epstein is an energy healer. He is a real-life wizard where he treats people. He touches the energy behind their bodies and their bodies started moving. You can see a physical wave running through their bodies and people getting into a trance state. He helps connect them to other dimensions and help heal the family lineage. I’ve been entrained by him a few times and every time I was, I was completely somewhere else. It’s almost like in an orgasmic trance state. It was amazing. It opened me up to the spirituality and connection with my guides and intuition and all that. One time when I went to one of his workshops and I did something that is called SRI. SRI is different where through body movement you get into a higher vibration. I don’t remember what the direction was. It was like to scream out your soul voice or your angel voice or whatever. I screamed and in the beginning, it was like regular voice. Then something came out of me and I don’t know what it was. If somebody would have measured my sound, it was like super high pitch operatic voice I have never heard coming out of my mouth or thought I have the capability to do ever in my life. It was loud and it was so high. When I came out of it, I was like second guessing this thing that came out of me. People commented, “What was that?” What do you think this was?

If I were you, I would wonder if maybe that sound, that voice was you expressing the electromagnetic frequency that you were embodying at that time through sound.

I think this is what it was. What is this frequency and where is it coming from?

When I look at a person, I see their energy field. It’s that the energy field starts to vibrate very strongly. Oftentimes something that I’ll see is that it gets very crystalline white. Then there’s this rainbow showing up in people’s energy fields when they go into a very high state. Just like the sound is a wave, your energy field is also a wave. It was what was there already. It was that you opened your mouth and it came out. It must have been a crazy, awesome experience. I’m so excited to Google Donny Epstein and find out more.

Anytime you’re by Donny, you have a crazy experience. It’s hard to describe in words. He’s one of maybe a handful of people in the world who are at his levels where he is the weaver. He’s so connected to the network. He’s so connected to the fabric of creation that I don’t think anybody that I know can conceive what he can conceive. He is very unique and very special. I feel very blessed to have had the privilege of knowing him, knowing him personally and accept that this type of phenomenon does exist in our world. I wanted to go back to asking you. You are very special yourself about connecting the idea of the divine feminine and the hurt to divine feminine to healing family lineage.

I do a lot of work with women. My clients are primarily women. We do a lot of work around miscarriages, around abandonment, around not being able to express ourselves creatively. Many very creative women are attracted to my work. I work with many people who are photographers, actresses, writers or who want to be in the creative profession. Some of the biggest blocks that they have is that they’re afraid to be seen. They’re afraid to make their voices heard. There’s this deep fear in many women that if they’re being seen, they can be killed. From the perspective of a Priestess of the Divine Feminine, this is tragic for me because these things did happen in our past. We were so threatened for so many years and we needed to retreat. The Priestess of Avalon calls it, “To retreat into the mists,” as to disappear and to do our sacred work in quiet. It’s almost like now that it’s safer for us to come out of hiding again, we have all these fears, all these blocks and all this trauma that came from all these things that happened to us in the past that happened to women like us even now.

Some of the biggest blocks that women have is that they’re afraid to be seen. There’s this deep fear in them that if they’re being seen, they can be killed.


Sometimes when somebody asks me what a Priestess of the Divine Feminine is and I only have a minute to explain it, I’ll say something jokingly like, “It’s just a witch that’s better dressed.” It’s true. Witches are women who use herbs to heal or who connect people with their ancestors. Witches have all these different ways of helping people. Even the word witch is so loaded for many people. It gets them into this fight or flight state because being called a witch for so long was a terrible, dangerous thing for us. This is locked into people’s ancestries and it comes out in Family Constellation Therapy work. It comes out when I do awakenings, helping people awaken their inner goddess and their inner Divine Feminine energies. It comes out very strongly. There’s also this feeling of loss and this big sadness for many people that come up. It’s amazing now that we can bring this back. There are so many more people popping out all around me and I love it. People would talk about the goddess. They would talk about the feminine. At the same time, it also makes me aware of all those wounds that we’re still having.

We want to focus on what we can do. Wounds are there for a purpose. Most of the time they are our greatest gift and they are the purpose of our true calling and guides us to our destiny. It’s all part of the balance of the universe, the good and the bad, the black and the white. It’s a part of it. Without our wounds, we won’t be the people that we are.

I’m grateful to all the men and women who kept our lineages alive and who wrote things down and did things in secret, which is why we can recover all these ancient wisdom now. Especially for people who don’t have such an easy time remembering things from past lifetimes, a lot of the people I surround myself with are able to tap into that wisdom and download things. Also, there have been so many people who just wrote it down or kept it in secret and I’m grateful for that. Now we can recover all this ancient wisdom and remember what it used to be like to live in sync with nature.

What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

My number one tip would be to heal your family’s system, to give yourself the gift of having a happy healthy family. I found that this is the key to having a good life. No matter what anybody has told you, you can fix other people and it can heal your family system. This is one of the biggest tools that has completely changed my life and the life of my clients. The second tip would be to become an amazing excellent receiver of life force energy from the universe, from your friends, from your ancestry, from your parents and to allow yourself to receive all this life force energy. Most people I talk to are blocked in receiving. We put all those barriers up because we’re still thinking that it’s not safe to be seen, that we’re not worthy, that we’re not lovable, that we’re greedy if we’re taking and that we shouldn’t be so big, that we shouldn’t radiate so brightly. Allow yourself to receive as much as you can from everything that life has to offer you. Number three, my personal intention for life for the idea about why I am even here, I always tell myself the point of life is to have a lot of fun and to radiate a lot of love. If this resonates with you, I invite you to also make this your mantra for life. Even if you feel you’re sometimes terrible at life, you’re struggling and things are hard, as long as you can smile and have some love in your heart, you’re doing really well.

Where can people find you and how can they work with you?

My website is HannaBier.com and you can find my programs there. You can sign up. My freebie is on there and you can get meditations from me there. You can also contact me personally and I love hearing from people.

This was amazing. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for having me.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Explore more about Family Constellation Therapy and understand how morphic field works within your family system.
✓ Seek guidance from a family constellation therapist. Find a workshop that works best for you. Hanna mentions it can be done in groups or in a one-on-one environment.
✓ Recognize that your family’s values or circumstances directly influence your behavior and beliefs. Release any limiting patterns through meditation and visualization with the help of a therapist.
✓ Ensure that your personal needs are taken care of first. Don’t carry the burden of supporting others when you are not yet fit for it.
✓ Understand that your parents and siblings have their own role within the family system. Learn to act according to your position for the energetic field to work respectively.
✓ Set the intention to ask for support from your parents. Oftentimes, it’s the other way around which causes for you to grow up too fast and acquire these traumas.
✓ Have a daily practice of increasing your vibration to perceive subtle energy. Hanna says it’s a matter of unblocking your spiritual gifts and can be achieved with the help of an energy healer.
✓ Do what it takes to have a healthy family. It’s the best gift that you’ll ever have.
✓ Accept and embrace the gift of being a receiver. Life has so much to offer once you learn to allow yourself to receive everything.
✓ Live life with a lot of fun and a lot of love. Nothing more, nothing less.

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