Episode 62 | May 2, 2017

The Galactic Shaman with Valerie Elster

A Personal Note from Orion

I know something that we all need more of in life: love and healing. And my amazing guest this week, Helaine Harris, is a woman who knows these two vital needs and how you can start having more of them in your life. Because lets be honest: we all have a past that we can heal from, we all have lessons that we can learn, from our mistakes, from the people that hurt us, even from our childhood.

If you want to foster deeper, more fulfilling connections in your relationships – whether your personal, romantic, or even business ones – you need to start with some deep healing that goes all the way back to your childhood and through every relationship has has ‘damaged’ you in some way. Helaine shares how we can rid ourselves of that negativity using energy work, and start the healing process to love ourselves enough to love others



In this Episode

  • [03:18] – Valerie starts things off by telling us a bit about herself and her ten years on her healing path.
  • [04:42] – We hear a bit about how people tend to react to Valerie.
  • [06:09] – What does Valerie channel? In her answer, she explains that she sometimes feels like a direct channel, and other times it’s remembrance instead. She then discusses the light languages that she speaks.
  • [08:59] – Valerie discusses light language in more depth, explaining whether she can control it or whether she just channels it when it comes.
  • [10:47] – We learn more about what Valerie means by the “galactic realm.”
  • [12:15] – Valerie talks about what it means that she’s the “oracle of Orion” (in the sense of the stars/constellation, not our host Orion).
  • [13:40] – Valerie discusses light language again. She then spends a moment speaking in light language.
  • [14:21] – We hear the translation of what Valerie has just said in light language.
  • [15:41] – Do the other civilizations Valerie has been talking about exist in 3D form with flesh and blood, or are they pure energy?
  • [15:13] – Orion and Valerie discuss whether beings from these other civilizations exist on earth with us, what they look like, and why they’re here.
  • [17:40] – How do these beings assist us here on earth?
  • [19:26] – Valerie says there are about five different star systems that work with earth, but there are many more star families out there.
  • [21:10] – Valerie goes into more depth about her journey to connecting with her power and becoming a shaman.
  • [24:27] – She reveals that she began speaking light languages in 2012 or 2013.
  • [26:23] – Valerie discusses whether everybody can access and translate the Akashic records the way she does.
  • [27:36] – We learn about Valerie’s everyday rituals and how often she enters a meditative space. She also reveals that her son is a crystal child.
  • [29:21] – Valerie explains what a crystal child is, and talks about other generations and their roles.
  • [31:03] – What do we need in order to step into our gifts?
  • [33:44] – Valerie talks about abuse of power under the guise of spirituality.
  • [36:03] – Orion asks Valerie whether she has heard of Donny Epstein, who works with Tony Robbins. She then shares her experiences with Donny.
  • [38:33] – Valerie begins speaking in a light language again.
  • [39:14] – Valerie translates the light language words she just spoke. The meaning is related to ascension and awakening.
  • [41:04] – Orion brings up the topic of seminars, explaining that she goes to one a week sometimes because she loves to learn and expand. She then talks about the sensation that her energy has been growing.
  • [42:32] – Valerie is being pushed to be out more, she explains.
  • [43:43] – Do Valerie’s guides have any message to share with the listeners? The answer involves stepping into your truth, listening intently, and going within the heart. She and Orion then discuss this, then Orion asks how to combine her two worlds.
  • [47:03] – Valerie offers her answer to Orion’s question, emphasizing the importance of stepping out into a bigger space.
  • [48:49] – The statement of “I am” is powerful because we’re infinite, Valerie explains.
  • [50:34] – Valerie reveals that one of the reasons she hasn’t been particularly social in public is that she’s very sensitive. She then explains that emanating love is is a protective barrier.
  • [52:31]-  What does Valerie teach people in her workshops?
  • [53:18] – After having used the term several times, Valerie clarifies what Akashic records are. As Orion puts it, these records are “the universal Google.”
  • [55:40] – What are Valerie’s top three tips to living a stellar life? 1. Transparency. 2. Meditation. 3. Radical self love and compassion.
  • [56:39] – Valerie lists some places where listeners can find her.

About Today’s Show

Hello and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. I’m your host, Orion, founder of Orion’s Method. This episode is literally stellar, totally stellar. Not only stellar, even galactic, universal, star like, etc. because my guest today, Valerie, is a Los Angeles based Galactic Shaman facilitating multidimensional healing sessions, consciousness workshops, and sacred ceremonies since 2004. Utilizing her diverse background in Reiki, Akashic Field Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Flower/Gem Essence. 2012 was a pivotal year that launched her on an epic journey of soul remembrance and ancient reconnection. In this episode, you will learn about the shift in our planet, Akashic records, star families, crystal children and how you can find your purpose and use the gifts you were brought up to this world with. It was an amazing conversation, really interesting. If you are open to the idea that there is maybe something out there as you gaze at the stars, I invite you to join us here today now and listen to this lightworker, sharing her wisdom, her channelling, and her connection to the universe with us. Now, onto the show. Hello Valerie and welcome to Stellar Life podcast.

‏‏Thank for having me, Orion.

‏‏Thank you for being here. I’m excited about talking to you because I am not very familiar with what you’re doing and all those amazing things that we’re going to talk about in today’s show.


‏‏It’s very interesting. Before we start, why don’t you share a bit about yourself, who you are, and what do you do?

‏‏My name is Valerie Ester, as you mentioned. I have been on this healing path for over 10 years, first as a Reiki Master Teacher and then I really moved and expanded into the Akashic records as well as some of the quantum modalities. I facilitate sessions and classes. I am also very involved in what I would say my work for Gaia, which means a lot of planetary work and the energetic space. I am very interested by people and so for me studying how relationships, like we were talking about, the masculine and feminine, and as my name suggests, I am called an oracle and so I do provide deep insight for people. I have been doing so for five years. It’s been more expanded about five years ago. I am very much involved in the shift of not only the planet, but also of its inhabitants, mainly humans.

‏‏Oh my God, it’s very out there. Do you find that people that meet you for the first time are in a little bit of a disbelief?

‏‏I think it really depends. I’m fair grounded and so yes, I’m out there but I’m also down here on earth. My guides actually came to me and said that I’m a Galactic Shaman because of my ability to process and delve very deeply in both the cosmic realm as well as the earth realm so it’s really a mixture of these energies. I am grounded. I’m very pragmatic. When I work with clients, it really is about what’s happening and why, which is a lot of the subconscious work that I facilitate. We like to use labels. We’re humans. The labels are more for people to have some identity to what I do but in essence, it’s all frequency. All of us operate on frequency and so regardless of the names that I’ve referred to myself as, I just say I’m a multidimensional being. That’s the short answer.

‏‏I love the work of Abraham Hicks and Esther Hicks. She channels the entities of Abraham. What do you channel?

‏‏It’s an interesting question. I’ve actually looked at the question of am I channelling or is it a remembrance? For me, because I’m so tuned into the multidimensional realm which means that I’m able to discern just like a receiver, I’m able to pick up the subtleties of these different masters and energies that aren’t necessarily in the physical realm. I have remembrances of my roles in past incarnations. Sometimes that does feel like a direct channel. Sometimes, it’s a remembrance because I do speak a number of different light languages that just all of a sudden started coming in about four years ago.


‏‏I speak light, basically, and a lot of it is a mixture of I would say more indigenous, more shemonic kind of mix twist some other cosmic star origins, star stuff. It really does depend on what’s coming in and if I’m with a client, who it is and what the message is for them. You could say I channel people’s higher selves. That’s what I do a lot with clients. Also, a lot of the star stuff, other planetary beings, other realms of existence, essentially. It’s a mixture of remembrance and channelling. It’s not just one. It’s really whatever wants to come through. Someone similar for your audience to understand is Tom Kenyon. He’s very much connected and one of his descriptions of what he does is very much how I feel. He just tunes into the energy of where he is and sees what wants to come through, what’s the message. He expresses it a lot of times through sound. He’s a sound healer. I also do sound through crystal bowl and I tone. Even some of the light language is very melodic. It comes through a sound. It might come out on this interview.

‏‏That’s what I wanted to ask you. Does it just come out as you speak or can you control it, can you call upon it, or does it channel whenever? Like you are like, “Hey, can I have two loaves of bread, blah, blah, blah.”

‏‏What happens is because Light language isn’t in English, it transmits frequency and transmits codes more for a subconscious standpoint. Share on XIt bypasses the conscious mind just like music. Music bypasses the conscious mind and the soul recognizes it. The light language is very similar because when I’m speaking to someone, you can tell that there is something there they remember, they feel what I’m saying. There are times where it’s easier for me to speak to someone in light language because I can get across truly what I want to say. Language is limited; it does not engage all of our senses.

‏‏What is the galactic realm you mentioned? When I think about galactic, I think either science fiction or just advanced technology. What’s happening out there?

‏‏People say cosmic, universe. It’s the same thing. It’s just a word. I use it because it represents all of the different star systems. Many people feel so much more than they’re able to articulate, which is also where I come in as a cosmic translator of sorts. It’s really a star connection. We’re in human form but we’re so much more than that. For people who’ve had expanded consciousness beyond just this physical realm, they go out into the universe and see what’s out there. It’s really a relationship beyond this physical realm. It’s all here. We think everything is outside of us but truly I see us, individually, as our own star systems.

‏‏I love it. I see myself as a constellation.

‏‏There you go, see? And Orion is a constellation.

‏‏I know. It was just that I had to say it.

‏‏That’s true. It’s more true than you think. This comes back to we have much more power than we think, as individuals.

‏‏You are the oracle of Orion, correct?


‏‏What does that mean? What’s Orion? What’s in Orion? What’s in those star systems?

‏‏Just like we’re here on earth, they have their own civilizations and existences, maybe not in the physical form as we are in human. Orion is a star system and this is the milky way galaxy. Of course, many people know that there’s so much more beyond earth, that we’re not the only beings and so the star beings and the star family that many people feel and might have had direct experience with is very much in existence. I think we’re going to see a lot more of that in reality, in 3D but they’ve existed for so long even interacting on this planet. As we move into greater disclosure which I say is about us, individuals, being more comfortable of who we are, then there might be some grander disclosure for other star beings.

‏‏I want to dive a little deeper because it sounds good but I still don’t understand.

‏‏It wants to come through. I’ll try to translate.


‏‏With light language, it’s not about understanding the words, it’s about feeling what’s coming through. That’s just my precursor. [00:12:58][00:13:23] Valerie speaks in a different language]. That’s the message.

‏‏What does it mean?

‏‏I would see if I can get an English translation. It means that the soul and star families who populated earth sometime ago, they’re ready, many of them, to meet their distant cousins, so to speak. There’s so much more life on other planets. Humans have just been shut off, essentially, from these other stars or etheric beings. A lot of people have this strong pull to the stars. They might not be able to articulate it but they know that there’s something more out there. This human experience is just one experience that we can have. That’s a lot of this expansion or ascension that’s happening on earth and within the human psyche. That’s basically the message.

A lot of people have this strong pull to the stars. They might not be able to articulate it but they know that there’s something more out there.

‏‏Thank you. When you were speaking, I felt the vibration in your voice. I was surprised. I really felt it.


‏‏It was surprising. What do those civilizations look like? Are they 3D like us with flesh and blood?

‏‏Some of them are life like, they’re just not necessarily humans that look like us. Some of them are physical, some are not. They’re just an etheric, they’re pure energy. A lot of them live in kind of basis, I guess, would be a good word for it rather than on the planet. That’s all different forms. For me, it’s frequency so I just pick up on the frequency of things and messages and what have you.

‏‏Do some of them live here on earth?


‏‏In the physical form or as pure energy?


‏‏Both. What do they look like in physical form?

‏‏They might take on the appearance of a human. You see somebody and you’re like, “They’re not from here.” Some just look like they’re from another planet.

‏‏What do they want for humanity? Why are they here? What’s going on there?

‏‏We’re interchangeable. It’s not like we’re humans and they’re star beings and we’re all separate. We’re really part of them and they’re part of us. There’s so much history on earth that many of us have already lived on this planet many times as well as on other planets. At the end of the day, it’s peace on earth, honestly. Regardless of what we see in movies, it’s about peace. There’s so much emphasis on assisting this planet at becoming peaceful. The coin of fear of anything outside of human, it doesn’t serve us. Look at the planet and you’ll see we haven’t been able to do it ourselves. We haven’t been able maintain peace on earth.

‏‏How do they assist us?

‏‏They have in just being present, communicating with those of us on the ground that have volunteered to be here on earth to assist in releasing this fear that holds human species in such a way that growth has not been possible. Assisting us in technology, many people download for things. Anytime you see advanced technology, there’s always a connection, usually, to some other life force. What’s happened in the past with more advanced technology is it gets manipulated. It’s taken advantage of. Until humans are ready to live in peace and truly work together in harmony, it’s not just a song from the 60’s. I was born in the summer of love in 1967. I came in and I was such a happy child. My mom would say, “You were always smiling.” She asks me, “What’s going on?” She said, “You just said, I’m so happy.” For me, it’s about maintaining that frequency of joy, bliss, and peace. That’s really what my highest intention is, a mystery of peace.

‏‏That’s beautiful.

‏‏It’s manifested in just the work that I do with others and also just the planetary work that I do.

‏‏How many star families are there?

‏‏There’s so many. There are main ones that work with earth. There’s about five different star systems which would be Sirius, Orion, [00:19:45][00:19:46], and Andromeda. There’s some more but those are the main ones. You’ll see a lot of people really resonating with specific frequencies in that way. As we drop the fear, it allows this higher level connection. That’s what really stops a lot of people from connecting with different realms. It’s fear. Fear of what’s going to happen. Especially if you were brought up in a religious construct because a lot of the religions, they don’t really encourage that, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t brought up with religion. I was brought up with the new thought era. [00:20:36], which is a program, one of the early pioneers in the 60’s and 70’s.

What really stops a lot of people from connecting with different realms. It’s fear. Fear of what’s going to happen. Share on X

‏‏It was like a pre landmark theory.

‏‏Exactly. Actually, all the landmark education was licensed from Werner Erhard. My father and mother were friends with him. They were in his classes and workshops and very involved and so that was my upbringing. I think that helped shape my reality as being so open. Not having any dogma that I had to overcome.

‏‏I want to go back to your own journey. We said you went on a 10 year healing journey. What were you healing from and how did you connect to this power and became a Shaman?

‏‏My journey started in 2004. I started probably before that but I came out of the business world I was in technology, then I got into the internet space and was really advancing there. I started a company with my brother and we ended up selling it. This is in 2000, 2001. I was at this amazing place financially and in my career but felt very empty. It was about this fulfilment that I didn’t seem to be able to fulfill, to feel the sense of true purpose. It wasn’t money. I guess I had to run through that to understand it’s not about the money. I definitely meandered for a few years after that and then in 2004, I just felt there’s something else out there for me. That’s when Reiki showed up. A Reiki class started me on my journey and it was just so fascinating. I immediately just jumped right into it. I just started on that path of metaphysics and for me it was just healing the sense of there’s a deeper purpose here. It’s not just what I think it is. It’s about business, money, getting married, and all the traditional things. There’s got to be something else. I think it was just my own search for knowledge and truth. I’m going to say, most everybody hits this point of who am I, what am I doing here? Those kinds of questions. It really catapulted me although I had been meditating from my early 20’s. I went through transcendental meditation. I kind of had this underlying spirituality but it was never really developed because I had no curriculum like you would in church. You have the bible and stuff. I really didn’t have anything which allowed me to be open to everything and that’s when Reiki, those principles, the energetics, and that whole system just allowed me to heal some of my childhood, even though I had loving parents, there was still a disconnect emotionally. My dad wasn’t around physically and so as a child, your perception is everything. Even little things can be big things. It was that search for this meaning to life and my own meaning. That just kept going. I just kept on the Reiki path. That’s when the Akashic record showed up. For me, I really opened my intuition and just let it guide me. I just allowed myself to be drawn to the things that were exciting, that really caught me. That’s the journey and I just kept going, kept asking what’s next.

‏‏When did you start speaking in a different language? How did that happen?

‏‏I think for me and this kind of five years from 2004 to 2009, I was working myself. I was on my own path and I just started getting very sensitive tuning into the universe, tuning into people. Reiki, it’s about you reading somebody, you reading someone’s energy field. It definitely developed my sensitivity. At the same time, I was releasing any trauma or blocks that I had in my own field, my own energy field so that I could continue to ascend and go deeper. I took a break from healing in 2009 and had a child and then I started to come back into it in 2011. I’m going to say 2012 was a really pivotal year. That really launched me on this expanded healing journey. 2012 is when I started to really bring through and discern so much more, not only energy, but also all sorts of messages and guidance and protocols. It’s when I started to decipher the energy a lot more. I’d say end of 2012, 2013 the language would start to come in bits and pieces and then I started to understand it a little more and translate it. I think it’s also because I have a direct connection to the Akashic records. It’s an instant thing for me. I can download really anything and translate it. I’m thinking, “Oh, everybody can do this.” It’s one of those things that you’re not sure you’re the only one having the experience.

‏‏Can everybody do it?

‏‏They can if they tune themselves. We all have a direct access to the Akashic records. It’s in our blueprint as humans but we’ve been so disconnected. That’s really what it’s about. I just broke through any barriers, any fears because I guess I’m really curious. I’m super curious. I like to know things and so for me that kind of passionate knowing led to just going as deep as I could and then slowly translating. I call myself a finely tuned instrument, just like Tesla. It’s the receiver. It’s all about the receiver. This is everyday, it’s an everyday occurrence for me, it’s not just like, “Oh, I’m going to be spiritual and meditate once a week.” This is life. This is who I am. The recognition of this I think opened up all those doors.

‏‏What are your everyday rituals?

‏‏I meditate quite a bit but not necessarily formally meditate. I just go into the space now. I drop in very easily. It’s just happening all the time. When I’m with clients, I really create that space so they’re able to kind of enter into what’s happening in my space. It really creates this amazing relay where I’m reading them and we’re just going back and forth. And then, I just translate what’s going on with them, what I’m feeling, what I’m seeing. I would say that all of my senses are quite active. It’s very much about daily practice, keeping my energy field clear, my personal field, keeping the space that I live in very clear. I do a lot of smudge with sage. I play music that’s high vibration. My diet, it’s very intuitive, all organic. I don’t eat a lot of meat. Everything is really connected. I really just tune in and I call it intuitive being. What supplements that I need. I really just got in the heightened state of awareness throughout the day with a lot of rest. I do rest and tune in because I do a lot of planetary work. I weave that into my personal sessions and also being a mom, my mommy stuff. My son’s a crystal child. He’s seven and a half now.

‏‏What’s a crystal child?

‏‏All these different kids and I’m probably, maybe one of the early, have you heard of the other group, different generations come in and they have different gifts and awareness so I came in ‘67 so I would be more of a way shower, one of the earlier star seeds. Every generation has a different awareness. The crystal kids are like my son, seven and a half, so his generation. He was born in 2009. He’s got a crystal rainbow, I guess. Rainbow is the next generation after him. These kids are coming in and they’re fully aware, they’re fully conscious, they’re totally tuned into the universe. It’s really our job, as parents, as community, as adults to create the space for them to do what they need to do. Look at these kids, what they’re creating. The young kids are creating all these new things because we need it. We need it on the earth. They’re providing the solutions. I knew my son early on. I was talking to him in my womb. We were having conversations.

It’s really our job, as parents, as community, as adults to create the space for them to do what they need to do.

‏‏That’s beautiful.

‏‏It’s amazing. I wanted to write about that for a while. I have so many books within me that need to come out. I’m very tuned into him. I’m his mom but I’m also his teacher because of my level of awareness. I’m able to hold that space for him and really encourage him to step into his gifts.

‏‏What do we need in order to step into our gifts?

‏‏When people ask what do I do, the first thing that comes to mind and the first thing that just came to mine is I’m a really good listener. I am listening to everything around me not only with my ears, but everything: my whole body, my senses, my extra sensory facilities. I’m so tuned into what’s happening around me, within me. It’s really about listening. For me, the meditation is just a chance to listen deeper because it’s such a hectic, people are living such hectic lives. It keeps us very busy, busy, busy. That quiet, that sense of meditation, it just allows you to turn that conscious, active mind—people call it the monkey mind—to silence that so you can listen on the deeper levels. That’s really what’s so important and powerful. That’s what allows me to tune into the planet, to tune into the cosmic realm, to tune into the collective consciousness because I’m listening, I’m discerning, and I’m translating what’s happening.

‏‏In order for us to tune into our gifts, we need to listen, we need to be quiet, we need to meditate, connect, and open up for the messages to come.

‏‏Drop in.


‏‏Drop into the heart, drop into the heart, drop into the heart, communication, the energetic system, the etheric body which is the energetic to keep that clear, to really tune in energetically and to fine tune that. I worked with people to fine tune their etheric bodies because then you’re able to tune in to the higher realms. Some people do it with plant medicine, iowaska, what have you. I’m all for that if that’s part of an overall experience.

‏‏But not only the experience.


‏‏They abuse it too, unfortunately. They’re under the call of spirituality.

‏‏This is a huge conversation. Actually, I’m glad you said that because I did get a message a few years ago and this was connecting with a similar, kind of a soul brother who was in Brazil and I really picked that up. The earth speaks to me. Gaia speaks to me. She is the essence of our planet and the message I was getting was this abuse and the abusive power. That is a general, very big theme on this planet. The abuse of the sacredness of the plants especially iowaska, a lot of men are facilitating when this is a very feminine plant.

‏‏Really? Iowaska should be facilitated by a woman Shaman?

‏‏That’s the message that I received and they wanted me just looking into it and perhaps facilitating. I haven’t yet but it definitely feels like that’s something of my future because you have to be able to hold space at such a level for people who are going through it. I’m able to do that because of the work that I facilitated. Especially, with the feminine mother space, I have very motherly energy. I’m a tune to some of the great mother energies like Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. That was the message that I got. I think this is a theme about abusing the earth, abusing her resources, this is not tolerated anymore and she is not tolerating it. Part of my earth work is very much about reconnecting the grids, the lay lines which is the energetic spots on the planet. It’s also about very honest conversations not only in the spiritual community but we’re having them now on this planet. Transparency, everything has to come out into the open. There’s so much happening really at a high level and how that gets language and processed individually on this level, on the earth plane, is exciting. These are all things that need to be discussed and agreed on collectively.

‏‏Have you heard of Donny Epstein?

‏‏Donny Epstein, I haven’t.

‏‏He’s probably an alien, for sure. He works with Tony Robbins. Donny helps Tony Robbins with his energetic so when Tony goes on stage, he’s super powerful. In the past, I think Donny used to go with him to every event and now he sends his practitioners as well. He used to be a chiropractor but now he started working with the energetic where he touches the air near your body and there is a wave that runs in through your spine and you get into a trance like state and you connect. The first time Donny worked on me, it was on Business Mastery for Tony Robbins and he just finished working on Tony and sage and we went through his suite with my, then boyfriend, now husband and he was working on me. The first time, I didn’t really feel anything. The next day, we went again and all of a sudden my chest arched and I felt like there was like a beam of energy going from my chest into a network of stars and I was in a state of bliss.


‏‏Since then, I’ve been working with him a few more times through his workshops and it’s always an out of body experience.

‏‏You’re galactic.

‏‏I’m galactic. It’s weird if you’re coming from the outside world and seeing the people the way they are in the seminars. Some of them start speaking in tongue, they start speaking in different languages. People are shaking. I feel like since I worked with him, it opened something. Something happened.

‏‏Yeah, your awareness, your perception of beyond the physical realm which we all have access to. I do that. I do that type of work because that’s what Galactic Shaman means. I’m facilitating those types of sessions. Whatever comes through me comes in. We’re just reconnecting each other to this great cosmic. More language came through when you start talking about him. It’s not funny.

‏‏Go speak.

‏‏[00:41:02] – [00:41:34] Valerie speaks in a different language.]

‏‏What does that mean?

‏‏It’s happening in this planetary awakening is the awakening within our hearts which connect us to the other realms. As we expand, like you did, beyond this physical realm, then we’re able to really start to experience what it’s like to be this multidimensional human because that is the trajectory for the human race. That’s what the ascension process actually means. We’re just able to interact with other realms while still being here on earth. You’re experiencing that in that activation which is what he was opening you up to, the quantum field of possibilities. That’s really the zero point energy field. I work with that as well because I’ve taken matrix energetics. It sounds like network chiropractic when you said it because that’s what they do.

‏‏It is network.

‏‏There you go because it’s the subtle energy. It’s not the physical body. If you look at the aura, the layers of the energetic, there’s seven layers, like an egg shape, around each person. Within those layers, I can work on anybody from anywhere in the world. I don’t need to even have you in front of me. It’s not about the physical body. I do that. Most of my work is long distance. It’s not in person.

‏‏The last seminar I attended of him was I think three weeks ago, no a month and something ago. I don’t know I go to so many seminars, it’s like everything becomes a blur.


‏‏Yeah, I go to a seminar a week sometimes.

‏‏Wow, good.

‏‏I love to learn. I love to expand. Since then, I feel like there is some kind of awakening in my energy where I can expand my energy field beyond myself, beyond the building. It feels like it’s growing and it’s interesting.

‏‏I feel it.

‏‏I’m so curious about that. When I coach, when I work with my people, it’s always like if I just put my ego aside and like, “Okay, what needs to come through? What do they need right now?”

‏‏There you go. That’s such a beautiful thing. You just said the exact word. Putting your ego aside because it’s working through us and when you recognize that, that’s when everything changes.

‏‏That knowledge is something like I can go to 1,000 seminars but that knowledge is so much bigger.

‏‏You already have it. You already have it within you. It’s just remembrance. The seminars are just remembrances for you. That’s it. I went to things that had formal training.

‏‏I would love for you guys to meet.

‏‏Yeah, that would be great.

‏‏I think you guys will have a whole galactic conversation together.

‏‏I’m ready. Definitely, I’m getting pushed to be out more. Because of all the earth work, I’ve been more not in seclusion but definitely not out in the public. I am ready and I’m actually going to be starting to work at a new space at Manhattan Beach called the Healing Collective. I’m going to be their resident oracle which is awesome but I’m really about planetary work and what the message has been for me is to share my frequency a lot more. I really want to do that because just the presence, just being in that energy in those seminars, that’s all that’s needed. It’s the energy of the group that shifts and then of course you’re learning fundamentals, specific technique or what have you. The magic, it’s in the energy of the crew because it’s instantaneous. That’s the quantum field. There’s no time. It’s all happening now.

‏‏Do you have any message to share with the listeners from your guides?

‏‏Oh, boy. Okay. Let me see if it wants to come out. Collective message.

‏‏For the people who are listening to this right now.

‏‏I’ll say what wants to come through is very much about going within the heart, with listening so intently, and stepping into your truth. I think more now than ever who are you. What are you doing here? Why did you agree to come to earth at this time? Ask yourself these very important questions because so many of us have such beautiful gifts that are not being used, that we’re not comfortable showing or being. Step out of whatever it is that you’re doing that’s not really your authentic self. As we all step into this higher state of joy and bliss, that’s how peace comes about, when we’re living this highest joy in our highest alignment. That’s when everything is so effortless. The energy is so present. It’s palpable. There’s so much support energetically on the planet from these other systems. There’s so much magic here and so it is about tuning in, getting really raw and real with who you are. That’s part of this transparency that as we get comfortable with revealing our true deeper self then that reverberates out into the collective.

Step out of whatever it is that you’re doing that’s not really your authentic self. Share on X

‏‏What you’re saying is so aligned with what’s going on in my world today and what I teach. I’m all about being seen and allowing yourself to show your true colors. It starts with embracing your shadow and doing some shadow work and loving your alter egos and then it goes into just allowing yourself to be seen in public, on social media as your true self, as your true expression with your true gifts.

‏‏That’s it.

‏‏For me, right now, I know that my calling, this is an intimate personal question that I’m going to share with the world.

‏‏Okay, I love it. Good. I’m holding the space.

‏‏Thank you. I love what I’m doing and I love coaching people. I enjoy it and there is also a side of me who is an actor and a performer that loves stages and love to maybe do a movie or be on TV. How do I combine those two worlds or do I just with just some of my gifts because I know I have the gift of coaching where I can align somebody and help them connect through channelling whatever higher power. There is also that playful performer that loves to come out and I kind of pushed her aside because I was thinking coaching people is more important. I’m really changing lives like that.

‏‏That’s a great question. What’s coming to me, and it’s very much what I’m dealing with too, I think those of us that have already been doing this kind of work, now it’s our time to step out into the bigger space. As I mentioned, it’s about sharing your frequency and sharing what you’ve already activated on a bigger stage, so to speak. I’m being called to do the same thing. There are so many others that are then stepping into our roles, perhaps. I do see though the relationship moving from one to one, from one to many. I think that’s where this transition into affecting the collective. You could affect so many more people as a performer because your message is coming through your own frequency. You’re emitting a frequency. If you imagined reaching millions of people through your acting and performing, what does that feel like because that to me is the next level. That’s what I would say.

‏‏It’s like it’s a yes in acting and performing and I can reach millions through coaching and helping them on bigger stages.

‏‏It’s a yes, and.

‏‏It’s a yes, and.

‏‏Doesn’t that feel good?

‏‏Yes, infinite possibilities.

‏‏Infinite possibilities.

‏‏Who we are, who we stay we are after I am, whatever you put there can be and manifest it.

‏‏Yeah, that powerful I am statement, it’s all possible because we’re infinite and we live in an infinite universe. That’s why all is possible. We are operating multi dimensionally. Some of us are more aware than others of what that means. We’re communicating with each other on so many levels but those levels for me are becoming more of a reality and I think others too because we’re agreeing collectively that we want something different. We want to be living in a peaceful environment on earth. This is the Eden planet after all. That’s what I say.

‏‏What does that mean?

‏‏Eden, this is it. Look at the planet. It’s so amazing. Look at the nature and the beauty of this planet. That’s Eden. Eden is we’re all loving, living, coexisting in peace and harmony.


‏‏I mean what more could we want, really. That’s it.

‏‏As I expand my energy and feeling and sensing everything, which I think I was always, I am very, very, very sensitive and I love that. It’s just about I guess learning how to channel it in the correct way or do you do any energy protection around yourself wherein you are in an environment that may not support your openness or your sensitive being.

‏‏Yes. That’s probably one of the reasons that I haven’t been in social, out in public, because I am so sensitive and I pick up everything. What I’ve realized for me is as long as you’re emanating that highest level of love, that’s the barrier. I put the focus on that. It’s one thing to have our own personal energy field and as we go out to really extend that from us, people are just instantly shifted just like you were shifted by this practitioner, it’s an instant thing. I don’t do extensive protection rituals. I just trust that where I’m guided and where I show up is I’m just really protected all the time. It’s just more of a deep knowing and where my attention is. It’s not there.

‏‏Makes sense because when you hold the higher vibration, it’s all about the focus and intention, like you said.

‏‏Exactly. It’s like I have such a field. My field extends away from me. It’s large. That’s why when I’m out, it’s almost like a protective shield. Honestly Orion, I have to tell you, this has happened and I’ve been told this, when I’m out like if I’m at lunch or something and I’m having a more spiritual higher level conversation, it feels like I am in a different dimension. It feels like I’m not there. People can’t see me. I can see them but they can’t see me. It’s a very interesting situation but I have experienced it and felt it. Others have felt it. Other people have the same experience because it’s frequency. When you’re emitting a different frequency, you end up in a different space.

‏‏What do you teach people in your workshops?

‏‏I have been teaching mainly Akashic Field Therapy which is the method I use. I also teach Multidimensionality so I call it the multidimensional human. It’s really just about giving people orientation and framework for the different dimensions. It’s like a Multidimensional Mastery. That’s one of my sacred courses. I’m kind of shifting from my specific modality into more of a broader Akashic Records Mastery to really teach people what their records are, how to connect to them.

‏‏Just to explain, what are Akashic Records again? Because you mentioned it a few times.

‏‏Akashic Records, Kasha means ether. It’s the storage system for all of us. It contains all of the records of the universe, us individually and collectively. It is the kind of the etheric library, so to speak, of us.

‏‏The universal Google.

‏‏Yeah, the universal Google, exactly. We all have access. You’re rewriting and writing your record all the time but most people are unconscious of what they’re writing. Where I come in or where I’ve come in is specifically tuning into an individual’s record and reading through this method that I have been working with which is amazing. It’s called Akashic Field Therapy. It’s really looking at the deeper subconscious aspects of what people are running, what programs are running. The records, I teach people how to consciously access them, consciously rewrite them and then make sure that they’re writing them with what they want not what they don’t want. They’re powerful and they’re really something that everybody should have access to in a more direct way. The last one that wants to come through is what I’m calling Journey to Atlantis. One of my more expanded journeys of remembrances started happening in 2012, the beginning, which was this deep connection or remembrance of Atlantis. A lot of people have Atlantis in their memory. I’ve been weaving a lot of those Atlantean energies since 2012 which is actually a talk that I gave a few weeks ago called Unlocking the Codes to Atlantis. That’s going to be my first book which is writing itself, basically. I’m feeling guided to teach a workshop on that.

‏‏That’s wonderful. Before we finish, just wanted to tell you that this was a truly stellar interview.

‏‏It’s amazing. Thank you so much.

‏‏What are your three top tips to living a stellar life? Number two is where can people find you?

‏‏I would say transparency with yourself, really getting honest, really dropping into what it is that you want. Meditation, some type of mindfulness practice that allows you to disconnect, especially if you’re working [9:00]AM to [5:00]PM, working a regular job and have kids. It’s really taking that time for yourself. That’s so important. I’m a single mom and so beyond all the work that I do, it’s me coming first. Radical self love and compassion, holding yourself to your highest version of love because that’s the first relationship, it’s with our selves. That would be it. As far as finding me, I’m very active on Facebook, just search for Valerie Ester. I have a website which is also valerieelster.com. Very soon, sometime in May, I will be at the healing collective, a new amazing healing space opening in Manhattan Beach. As I said, I do phone work and Skype work. I’m starting to do more workshops and so I’ll have a schedule out soon for my new stuff. Email or through Facebook, those are two good ways.

‏‏Thank you so much. I really appreciate you.

‏‏Thank you, Orion. It’s such a pleasure. Thank you, everybody.

‏‏Thank you.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Let go of fear to open myself up to a higher level of connection. If I find myself feeling fearful, think of how I can replace fear with openness.

✓ Practicing meditation is a way to open myself up to spirituality. Try meditating for a few minutes each day.

✓ To step into my gifts, start listening more to others and the world around me.

✓ Push my ego aside and think about what others need to truly help them. This helps me to connect with the universe and better serve other people.

✓ To channel the universe, ask myself the following questions: Why am I here? What is my authentic self?

✓ Don’t be afraid to embrace the different sides of myself and share them with the world. Think about how I can share different aspects of myself with the world today

✓ Practice saying “I am ____,” and fill in the blank with who I want to be to manifest what I want into reality.

✓ There are many more ways to communicate with people other than language. Pay attention to the different signals my frequency and body language, for example, gives off to other people, and how that affects my relationships.

✓ To increase my frequency, or vibration, focus on emanating love toward others.

✓ Everything starts with the relationship that I have with myself. Practice loving myself today.

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