Episode 343 | November 7, 2023

Get Quiet and Trust Your Soul with Elaine Glass

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Stellar Life Podcast with our remarkable guest, Elaine Glass. Elaine shares her amazing journey and powerful insights on how to embrace silence, trust your soul, and allow the divine to guide you toward a stellar life.

Over the past fifteen years, Elaine Glass has touched the lives of many on the path to stellar living. She’s helped guide others to unlock their truest selves and discover their purpose, peace, and self-empowerment. On her journey to become a beacon of healing and inspiration, Elaine faced a personal crossroad as a newly-divorced mother who faced overwhelming fear and isolation. Over the next decade, she explored alternative healing methods, connected with shamans, and learned from spiritual mentors. Today, her mission is to help millions reconnect with their souls to unlock lasting joy, vitality, and purpose.

This episode is a must-listen for those looking to navigate life’s challenges and emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected to their inner selves. You’ll learn valuable lessons on how to embrace stillness, release pent-up emotions, and change your narrative to create a positive, powerful story, even through adversity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom and embark on a journey toward a purposeful and empowered life. I encourage you to make these insights actionable steps in your own journey. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [03:05] – Elaine Glass shares her journey of finding her identity and purpose after a difficult marriage and single parenthood, and now teaches others how to reconnect with their souls and live a more guided life.
  • [03:31] – Orion wants to know the concept of Getting Quiet, prompting Elaine to speak about the labyrinth she found at a retreat center and hearing a message of surrender.
  • [09:12] – Elaine explains the relevance of releasing tension and density in the body as a surrender to make room for spiritual growth and guidance.
  • [14:48] – Elaine discusses how she tunes into body energy points to access inner healing and wisdom.
  • [23:21] – Orion recounts her experience walking a labyrinth during an event at Maverick1000 with Yanick Silver.
  • [27:48] – Elaine relates her own experience with grief and trauma, mentioning her Jewish heritage and the significance of shining light in dark times.
  • [31:00] – Orion highlights having community support and healing practices in dealing with trauma and stress.
  • [37:29] – Elaine advises us to acknowledge and feel emotions to heal from our traumas. 
  • [41:52] – Elaine enumerates her top three tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi Elaine, and welcome to this show. It’s good to have you here.

It’s my honor. Thank you so much for inviting me today.

Thanks for being here. You were a guest on my husband’s podcast, Get Yourself Optimized. He loved the interview so much that he was like, “You have to have her on your show.” Of course, I trust him. 

I had a great time with him. 

Before we begin, please share a little bit about who you are, about your purpose, and what brought you here.

Who I am is a soul having a human experience like everybody else, and I recognize that early on in my life. I grew up a quiet kid, very connected to spirit. But then, life got loud, and like all of us, we lost our way. My journey back to quiet and connection with my soul has taken me to where we are with you today.

What do you teach? What’s your method?

My method is called the ‘Get Quiet’ way. I originally found this through the desperate need to hear some clear guidance. I have been going through a very difficult time in my life. I had found myself a single mother and finding my way through those challenges of doing things alone, living with great uncertainty—environmental, living, financial, you name it. I was just looking in so many different directions for answers and guidance.

How old were your kid or kids?

My method is called the ‘Get Quiet’ way. I originally found this through the desperate need to hear some clear guidance.

My kids at the time were eight and ten.

Oh, wow. Young.

They were really little. I had a full-time career as a dental hygienist, so I had that certainty. But I knew something was calling me to do more, and I didn’t know what that more was. I had lost confidence through a difficult relationship, my marriage. I was so beaten down. I had completely lost my greatness and access to that. I didn’t even know who I was. I was just trying to make it every day.

That’s an identity shift completely because when you’re married, I know my identity has so much to do with my husband. I can’t imagine something like this breaking up. I’m so sorry.

Well, thank you. It got me to the work I do now, though. My life got so loud and it was so noisy, and it was terrible. But the one thing that always was the motivating factor and my purpose was to be the healthiest mom I could be to my kids.

I am a mother first. I knew that they needed me, and they needed me to be healthy—mind, body and soul. So, I went on a journey to make sure that I was healthy for them.

What I teach is the method that got me back to life again, to get me back to reconnecting to my soul and all the messages that when we’re so connected that way. We’re so guided, and it’s such loving guidance, and that’s what I teach.

That’s beautiful. What does getting quiet mean to you? And can we even get quiet? We have so many thoughts.

Yes. We can get quiet, and we need to get quiet. It is going to save us in so many ways to live what you call a stellar life. I looked that word up. It’s an extraordinary life, and I love that you call it stellar life because this is a God-given life. The way to get quiet is a seven-step process to getting to the center of who we are and the truth of who we are.

We can get quiet, and we need to get quiet. It will save us in so many ways to live a stellar life.

I found my way one very busy, chaotic day to a retreat center near my house in Arizona: a quiet place, the desert. I walked in, led there by someone I had met, and they said, “You should check out this labyrinth at the back of the retreat center.” I didn’t know what a labyrinth was. I found out it’s a 4000-ancient-year-old circular pathway, and you walk this labyrinth.

Where is it? What city? 

Where is the labyrinth that I go to now?

No. That specific one you described.

It’s at the Franciscan Renewal Center. It’s got to be in Arizona.

Yeah, okay.

It’s funny because I was a little resistant to going because it’s a Franciscan Renewal Center, and that’s not my faith background. Everything would have told me that there was nothing there for me. Resistance really pops up in our lives when we know there’s something good there, but we say, “No, we can’t,” for whatever reason. 

I had to push through that. That was big for me. Once I did, though, I started walking the labyrinth, which is a metaphor for going to the center of us or the center in that connection to God or soul or universe. 

I started walking on the very first day. I got to like the third path, and I heard a very clear message that said, “Surrender.” Now, this was about four or five years after my divorce. I was trying to hold it all together, make sure nothing was falling apart, that my kids lives and I—

Control everything, yes.

Labyrinth is a metaphor for going to the center of us or the center in that connection to God, soul, or universe.

Control everything, and I heard, “Surrender.” It took me about a month to even go back to the labyrinth again because I knew that it was a magic portal I was entering every time that I was going to hear very clear messages to guide my life, but I had to be ready for that.

And did you surrender?

 I surrendered.

What was it like to surrender?

Freedom. It’s like I had just gotten out of prison. We hold so much, particularly us women who have a soft spot. 

I never do that.

We hold so much. When can we just release it all and not hold so much? When we hold so much, there’s such a density in our physical body, in our energetic body, that there’s no place for the light to come in, for anything good, for any of those messages that we’re desperately looking for to come in. So when we begin to release, it’s like this valve, this pressure just releases, and all of a sudden, you just become so much happier, healthier, and much more open to life guiding you to where your soul wants to go.

Yes, it’s really hard to surrender. Every time I do it, it’s a blessing. And yet I feel like I need to surrender every 2–3 days because I go back to my old patterns. Also, when you are in this control phase or trying to hold everything, not only do you not get the messages, but you can get interfered with and get the wrong messages. And that’s not good guidance for anyone.

You do get the wrong messages. That’s when we fall to our knees, and we know that life has taken a very wrong turn for us. In this noisy world, we’ve got to get quiet to listen to that still small voice. It’s gotten so loud in the world that we have disconnected from that voice that’s always there. We’re never alone. It’s always there with us, guiding us. It always has the right direction for us, too. 

It’s very scary to listen to as well because of what I heard of the labyrinth. I walked that labyrinth probably three or four times a week for years, desperate for the messages, but what it told me was scary sometimes.

Like what? 

It was like, “Oh, you’re going to be a messenger for people reconnecting with their soul.” I was a dental hygienist and a single mom. How in the world would I ever have trusted that?

How did you transition from this to that? 

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I was noticing in the dental world, in the modern medicine world, that I was no longer in alignment with the philosophy of taking this medicine, things that I knew were very unhealthy and toxic for our bodies.

Like fluoride, I don’t understand why people promote fluoride. It’s so bad for us. It’s been used in the concentration camps to numb people because it blocks your third eye. It makes people more calm or zoned out. I don’t know the words for that.


Disconnected and controllable. They put it in our water supply. They put it in so many things, and they promote it as a good thing. It’s not a good thing, so I recommend to everyone who listens that if you are using toothpaste with fluoride, just look into it in the alternative channels.

Yes. Well, you’re spot on about that. I was just no longer in alignment with what that world was for me. I was expanding more in my spiritual journey, going to conferences where spiritual teachers were keynoting, reading a lot of books, trying to heal my trauma, and helping my children. 

What I was noticing as a dental hygienist was I was just listening to my patients, holding space for them, and being able to help them. After sitting one-on-one with 40,000 human beings, you learn a lot about people in terms of their patterning. You learn a lot about how their energy body feels.

When we begin to release, the pressure releases and you become so much happier, healthier, and much more open to life guiding you to where your soul wants to go.

I was putting all these things together in my last three or four years as a hygienist, and I thought I could just drop these instruments and just maybe be a life coach or something because that’s really what I’m doing essentially here anyway, and that’s what I did. 

I didn’t know how it would work out, but I went to life coaching school. I got a certification as a master life coach. I just started, and I grew pretty quickly because I’d already mastered the skills. I just needed to organize everything.

Nice. How did that shift you as a mom?

First and foremost, what it did for me as a mother was it empowered me to help my kids realize that they don’t have to follow the societal norms of what they should be doing and what success looks like. I started to parent them like Kahlil Gibran’s quote that says, 

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls. For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow…” 

I started to double down on my parenting that way, really being able to question and listen to them as little souls and guide them to whatever their greatness would be in this life. It’s a unique experience for each one of us.

When you connect, when you find your quiet time, do you have certain guides? Or is that a voice that you hear or a knowing? What is the extent like for you?

I go through my method when I get quiet. It’s a combination of energy points that I have come to know through the labyrinth work that was channeled to me through my guides, so energy areas in our body. There are 7–8 energy points in our body, so I focus on those energy points. 

I feel what’s going on. I ask my belly if it’s bloated, like, “What do I need today?” If my heart feels like there are walls around my heart that day, “How can I open that heart space?’ If my mind is racing, like you said, “How do we get quiet with all those thoughts?”

So much going on.

Right. I tune in and say, “What is it that I need to know?” Those are just the three energy points, but they’re out of eight. I go through these energy points, I tune into my body, and I ask, “What do I need?” I ask not only my energetic body but also my spirit team. We all have a great spirit team. Why not ask? 

Remember that you’re never alone through life’s challenges. Place your trust in the divine.

Can you take me through those energy points? And for the listeners, you can go on YouTube and see it, but we’ll describe where it is. 

These are in a very specific healing order because they also correlate with how you walk a labyrinth. As you’re going through the energy points, also keep in mind these are the same energy patterns as if you’re walking those seven circuit labyrinths. It’s very important to know that. 

The first is the abdomen. That is all about nurturing our bodies. As women, we just beat ourselves up so much, so we’ve got to start there. We have to start with the abdomen, the life force, where life begins for women with children.

After we move, then we go up to the heart space. 

You just put your hand there? 

Just put both of our hands, yes, because we are healers. These hands are healing hands. Particularly, women have this. Think about any time you hurt yourself or your child’s hurt. The very first thing we do is we put our hands on that spot. We can’t forget our hands have healing abilities beyond anything we can imagine. 

We take our hands, we put them on our abdomen, then we put them on our chest area. The chest area is all about opening that heart space, taking in a deep breath, and releasing. 

The next point is our head. You can keep your hands on your chest while you envision a healing light around the top of your head, clearing out all those thoughts, all the racing thoughts. We keep breathing. 

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After the head, we can actually then take our hands down to our hips. In the ilium, which is the indentation around the hips, the cup shape area, is where energetically we hold all our emotions, our stuck emotions. We think we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. I was shown that we carry the weight of the world on our hips.

So what can we do? We can hold our hands on each hip and imagine the energy swirling. It’s a bit dark. It’s a bit stuck. We need to move it. We need to release it. We can do that by imagining and envisioning that stuck energy gradually coming out of those hips. We can even use our fingers like this, move that energy out from each hip, and let it float away. It feels good. 

It does feel good. I feel more grounded already. 

That does that. Then you’re very intuitive because the next energy point is our feet. It is to ground our feet. But I have a different way of grounding than most people have learned.

I was shown that we not only ground down to the earth but also up to the heavens. It’s a dual action. 

Then, after the feet come the legs, particularly the knees, we can place both hands on our thighs. If you’re sitting, you can even reach the knees and imagine the stuck energy is under the kneecaps. We can visualize the kneecaps coming up gently. The stuck energy again, just like the hips and the kneecaps, released out of the kneecaps.

Where does the stuck energy go? 

We’re trying to become the lightness of being that we possibly can and not hold.

The stuck energy goes out of the kneecaps out into the universe, and it floats away. It’s nowhere near you anymore. We’re trying to create the space. We’re trying to become the lightness of being that we possibly can and not to hold like we were talking about before—no more holding.

Then we put the kneecaps back on in our minds. We shed a very bright light over those kneecaps, and we move on to the last point in this main area of our body, our tailbone. 

What I was shown at the labyrinth was that the tailbone is our spark of intuition. A lot of people think the intuition is here. What I was shown is that intuition is in our tailbone. So we again focus the bright light around that tailbone area. A lot of times, we’re sitting, a lot of times we’ve fallen. If we’ve had a pregnancy, that tailbone area gets very dark and stuck.

Why is it that if we have a pregnancy, it gets stuck?

Because the baby pushes on that tailbone, and a lot of times, we have sciatic nerve issues. Anything to do with that—

Like since I gave birth, my whole left side is out of whack. It’s been four years. 

Wow. So, I visualized that tailbone area, releasing that dark energy, putting that light back in there, and sealing it up with love and light. 

When we get to the center of ourselves or the center of the labyrinth, that is the shoulders. We focus on the last point, the tops of our shoulders, and we imagine we finally circled through to the center of the labyrinth, the center of ourselves. 

Finally, we got here, and what do we feel? We feel a sense of wholeness. We feel a sense of unity with everything. We see now that bright, loving energy shoots up into the infinite of the universe. It gathers all the information, knowledge, and wisdom that the universe has for us and brings that energy right back down onto our shoulders.

Those are the eight energy points, all associated with something of focus in your life. That’s what I teach.

That’s beautiful. I already feel the shift, and it’s very unique. I’ve never seen anyone go from the feet and have the center be in the shoulders. But it makes sense if it’s a labyrinth. I walked a labyrinth last week. 

Connection with the universe allows us to gain boundless wisdom and embrace a radiant energy to guide us.

Oh, you did? 

I did. We went to the Maverick1000 by Yanick Silver. We went to this beautiful farm. Incredible. Everything there was just beautiful. Crystals were everywhere, and everything was very intentional and pretty. On the property, they have five vortex energy sites, and one of them is in the center of the labyrinth. The owner’s son got it in a vision. He created the labyrinth and told us the whole story.

On the first day, the whole group walked the labyrinth, and in the center, we had a deck of cards. We had to pick up a card. I, of course, was late. So, I walked the labyrinth fast. I was like, “Okay, let’s do it. Let’s just walk it.” I wasn’t very much in tune. 

But when I got to the center, and I grabbed my card, it was spot on. It was a drawing of a union. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it said something like, “Out of the mess comes elegant order,” which was perfect for me because I didn’t even know if I wanted to go because of everything that happens in Israel. 

I was so sad, angry, depressed, and out of sorts, to the point that I collapsed at the airport. I actually fell. I think I lost consciousness from the stress. And also from the guilt. Why would I go when these horrible things are happening? But we already bought the tickets, and everything was pre-purchased. 

I think I needed to get away from all the pain, watching all those terrible videos and the atrocities that were done there. Almost every time you watch a video like that, it’s a bullet to your soul. You just don’t know that. It triggers the collective pain, the collective wounding. 

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Epigenetically, we are carrying our ancestors’ wounding from seven generations prior. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something to this degree of horrible, but it’s almost like a whole nation is under trauma. 

Honestly, it was very hard for me to quiet my mind during those chaotic times. But I was so lucky to be in that event, to walk the labyrinth and to get the card. I stood in front of the group, and I explained to them, “I’m not going to celebrate or I’m going to be here with you, but this is what I’m going through. This is the experience.” People were holding me, and it was just really beautiful—the support I got.

I didn’t dance, but I did therapeutic dance. I did an ecstatic dance where I was stomping the floor with my leg, and I was shaking my body because we had issues with our tissues. I just needed to release all this grief, all this pain—even that fear of collapsing from stress. 

My little one was with me, and he fell after me. Then, when they woke me up, they were like, “Hey, are you okay?” And I’m like, “Sure.” It was almost like I was back to consciousness, and I saw my little one in front of me crying. 

It was such a wake-up call for me not to take the pain of the world on my shoulders, even though I was here supporting friends who lost loved ones. You hear a lot of horror stories, and it’s non-stop. People are trying to be useful, but in all the social channels, you see terrible stuff. That was for me no more. 

If we don’t look for the light, which is the soul, we’ll be in trouble, and we’ll continue to suffer.

I can love, I can pray, I can help, and I can’t let this darkness bring me down because I have to be here for myself, for my child, for my husband, for my family, for my loved ones, for my extended family, the people I love, for the world. I cannot function from that place of being completely broken. You can’t beat darkness with darkness. We have to shine our light.

It is beautifully said. We have to shine our light, or the dark wins.

What was your experience with that? Because you told me that you’re Jewish, too. It’s in the way. It’s a part of life. What was it for you?

My first visit to Israel was very moving and very important to me in terms of my religion and my spiritual journey after that. I have many friends I still keep in touch with, even since I was 16 years old. I have a history of a family who survived the Holocaust. These are all very dark memories resurfacing, and it’s very painful. 

As you said, we have to bring the light in because if we continue to expose ourselves constantly because it’s a 24/7 news cycle and it’s very easy to get that into our nervous system, I don’t think that’s healthy either. 

Of course, we don’t want to look away. We want to know very much what’s going on, be realistic about what’s going on, and talk about it. That’s why I appreciate this conversation so much with you. At the same time, we are lightworkers, women who chase the light and want to spread joy, love, support, and nurturing to those we love. We have to take a break and separate ourselves from the dark, and tune back into the light.

That is what I would say: getting reconnected with the soul. We can stay in the human suffering of the dark, but if we don’t look for the light, which is the soul, we’re going to be in trouble, and we’ll continue to suffer. The getting quiet way that I teach is by connecting body and soul and getting to the light.

We are lightworkers.

Nice. Were you able to connect even when you were upset about what happened?

Yes. In fact, this morning, I told my family I will do my get quiet way. For me, it can take two minutes, or I can spend two hours. It is up to whatever time frame I have, and I had the time this morning. So I took two hours. I took that time for myself. I never would have done that as a single mom with a busy, crazy life. I wish I would have told that younger self, too, though, for sure, but that’s the self-care that I do now.

So yeah, I got to the light. When I opened my eyes because I wasn’t at the labyrinth, I did this at the labyrinth, or I could just do it lying down. We went through the energy points together, you and I just here, so you can do it anywhere.

You can do it on a busy train, bus, or just sitting in a chair. Nobody will even know you’re doing it. But you open your eyes, and you go, “Oh, I feel better. I feel more grounded.” 

We’re grounded in what you’re feeling. You can describe your own experience, but for me, what I feel when I open my eyes is inner peace. That’s what I had been wanting my whole life during the difficult moments, and the get quiet way has helped me tremendously have inner peace.

We’re grounded in what you’re feeling. You can describe your own experience.

Beautiful. Last night, I went to a women’s circle. It was all Israeli women. We were putting some music and moving in my friend’s backyard. It’s on the lake. There’s grass. We lit some fire and some sage, and we saged ourselves. It was just open to everything. 

There was a lot of sharing that was heavy and painful, but it was also really, really great to just be in a community, hold each other’s hands, and pray. Then we lit candles. Everyone was lighting candles and saying a prayer, especially for the hostages to come back, for our soldiers to be well, for our civilians to be well, and for our families and friends to be protected.

It was a beautiful, vulnerable, humane interaction where people spoke their minds. It was okay to be grateful for the moment of being together. It was okay to laugh. It was okay to cry. It was okay to scream. We were screaming in front of the lake. We’re just letting it all go.

I know that I read somewhere that the survivors of 9/11, there were two groups. One that sat in front of the news was consumed by it and was like an island. And the ones that were more with their communities and got more support. The ones who got support from the get-go had less PTSD than the ones who were just isolated in front of the computer.

What I see in Israel now that is so beautiful is the Nova Festival, where everyone doesn’t know it’s been (I think) 3000–5000 young party people that are dancing, just beautiful people dancing and having fun. Then they had the assassins coming from Gaza, the terrorists. They just shot people. They just shot young kids who were dancing. A lot of them were traumatized now.

In Tel Aviv and other places, they opened a big space that looks like a festival where people come and they offer sound healing. They offer acupuncture, bodywork, and breathwork for free—food for free and healing for free. People are coming together and being there for each other, which was very moving and beautiful to watch.

I’m going to add one of the videos that my friend sent me because he’s a healer that I worked with in Tel Aviv. He just sent me a video of one of the spaces where they did it. The only thing for us is to be the light and help others. We have to be the light to help others. 

That’s right.

Oh, sorry. I was talking a lot. It’s your interview. 

No, I think this is really important. It’s important for me to hear your soul speaking about it. Right now, the message that you’re sharing is really beautiful. 

Oh, thank you.

Access the divine to navigate through hard times.

And in that circle with those women, I actually heard this when I was at the Western Wall last December when I was there. I took my sons there. For the first time, the three of us went. It was always a dream of mine to take them to Israel, to Jerusalem. I was there, and I had my hands on the wall, just feeling the energy now as a grown woman.

I’d been there as a kid before, and even in my 20s or 30s, I didn’t have the perspective I do now. I felt the wall, and you know how warm it can feel and how cold it can be in the wintertime.

I love the energy of the Western Wall. It’s so beautiful. 

It’s like nothing else. It came to me in that moment, an intuitive hit. I said to myself, “Women are the keepers of the soul.” I was like, “What does that really mean?” The moment that you women had in that circle by the lake, you were bringing in, you were keepers of the soul. That was the light you were all bringing in. 

Women just intuitively know we’ve got to be keepers of the soul. We can’t get into the dark, just three-dimensional suffering. We’ve got to look for the light. So when you were telling me that story, I was like, “Ah, that’s probably the keepers of the soul right there.”

Yeah, it’s beautiful. The more circles like that we can have, the more we can pray. I feel like we can shift outcomes. It’s almost like there are dark spells that are being cast, and then when you bring the light on there, they dissipate. It doesn’t work for the dark side.

If you are going through a difficult time, get quiet and trust that what you hear is your soul’s voice.

I hear you. That’s why I was drawn to a labyrinth and why I’m so passionate about people walking labyrinths because it’s a portal of light. So, if any spells are being cast, let me tell you. You get to that labyrinth, and you start walking those paths. It’s just magical. You are in a portal of light.

What’s your advice for people navigating hard times these days?

I would say you are not alone. You have access to the unseen. That would mean access to that still small voice, to God, to spirits, to guides. This is not woo-woo. This is real. If you are going through a difficult time, get quiet and trust that what you hear is your soul’s voice, and that’s what’s been missing in your life. Trust the guidance of what you hear. It’s not crazy talk. It was for me, and it was leading me to exactly my soul’s purpose. 

Thank you. How can we heal trauma? 

We need to become aware of what it is, so we need first to analyze it. “Where did it come from? What happened?” Tell the story. But that’s not where it ends. We’ve got to feel it then, feel the emotions. People are afraid to feel. I know I was. You think you’re just going to drown in the pain, but you will come out of that pain. The emotion won’t last very long. 

When we shine the light of awareness around trauma and then deeply feel it, like give yourself permission to lie in bed and feel it, cry, be angry, any emotion you want to feel. Then, if you have a wonderful partner, a friend, a coach, or a therapist, voice what you’re feeling. Voice the emotion. Give it a voice. Like you women, screaming, crying, or whatever you had to do. Get it out of our body. Like you said, the issues are in the tissues.

Yes, and especially in our hips. That’s amazing. Being mindful at this time is crucial. You said you tell your story and let the emotion run through you. Let them go. Some people get stuck in their stories and victimhood, so where do you draw the line? I screamed and cried enough, and now I’m on the way up rather than just getting stuck in a very sad loop.

The issues are in the tissues.

We all are familiar with those loops. What I have found, particularly sitting with over 40,000 people one-on-one—also hundreds of coaching clients—there’s an element of safety to being stuck in a story. It’s comfort. It’s a certainty. Anything different would be a change in uncertainty. “What if I did choose to forgive that person? What if I did choose not to stand in judgment? What if I did choose to write another story? Have another experience?” 

I could have easily stayed in a lot of anger with my ex-husband, but I chose a different story. The story was he didn’t do those things to me. They were done for me because I had not had that experience. I would never have gone down the road I am now, which is very deep in my spirituality and sharing that with the world. You have to change a story to a more positive one.

Also, it goes back to faith in God greater. We don’t know why things are happening, and we don’t know why those souls came here. That could be their soul contract to come here for a specific reason. We never know the bigger picture. 

I still believe that it’s God, and God loves us. I don’t know why so much pain is going on right now, and so many terrible things are happening, but it’s a part of God’s plan. We are a part of God’s plan, and I just have to trust. I also have to trust that God is love. Actually, I know that God is love.

Yes, and as Jewish women, we are raised that God is above us, all around us. What made the biggest difference when I tuned in more into my spirituality through the years is that God is within us. That love that is outside of us is also that love that moves within every cell of our bodies. To use that, to use our bodies, to use the guidance that it brings to bring joy and love to the world, to spread that light, that’s what we’re here for.

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Amen. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Know that you have a greatness inside of you that wants to burst out. If you feel stuck, if you feel lost, know that your soul is there guiding you to your greatness, to trust it. Again, you are not alone. Trust in God. Trust in your still, small voice. To live a stellar life is to get quiet and to tune into your soul’s voice. Then, you’ll know the path that God has given for you in this lifetime. 

I love it. Where can people find you?

People can find me at my website. I’ve got a great free download. We talked about self-care, The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist. That’s at elaineglass.net. I’m excited about that because it does help somebody take that first step to know, “Am I taking care of myself?”

That’s beautiful. Elaine, I appreciate this conversation. And thank you for allowing me to share with you. Thank you for all your wisdom, taking us through those energetic points, the labyrinth in our body, and releasing some stuck energy. Thank you for your beauty from the inside out. 

Thank you so much. I enjoyed this time with you, Orion.

Thank you. And thank you, listeners. Remember, trust your soul to guide you to your greatness, trust that you are not alone, and get quiet. Tune in to your soul, get the answers, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Embrace the power of silence. Find a quiet moment in your day and allow yourself to listen to your inner voice. Trust the guidance, clarity, and wisdom that comes from within.

{✓}Experience true freedom by surrendering control. Release the need for absolute control in your life. Surrendering can lead to profound freedom and personal growth.

{✓}Clear your mental space. Address the racing thoughts in your mind by envisioning a healing light. This simple practice can help clear your mind and create a sense of calm.

{✓}Tap into spiritual guidance. Remember, you are not alone in your journey. Access the wisdom of your soul, connect with the divine, and heed the counsel of spirits and guides that are there to support you.

{✓}Analyze the origins of your trauma to begin the healing process. Delve into your past to gain insight and clarity about your pain.

{✓}Express and release emotions. It’s essential to express and process your emotions to heal your trauma. Allow yourself to cry, voice your feelings, and let go of your emotional burden.

{✓}Mindfully navigate your past. As you embark on the path of emotional release, avoid falling into the trap of victimhood and negative thought patterns. Break free from this cycle.

{✓}Change your narrative. Rewrite your story. Even in challenging circumstances, you may not fully grasp the big picture. Choose to create a positive, empowering narrative.

{✓}Access spirituality as a powerful tool to receive and spread love and light to others. Recognize that divine love resides within you and extends to the world around you.

{✓}Begin your self-care journey with Elaine Glass by downloading The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist from her website at elaineglass.net.

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