Episode 295 | July 19, 2022

How to Master Your Energy with Christy Whitman

A Personal Note From Orion

“YOU are the master of your own life. You embody healing energy and have the power to improve your circumstances. You direct this unlimited flow of energy wherever you want, allowing you to manifest. It is your Divine Nature to create—and this creation is invigorating!” This is the amazing philosophy that my guest, Christy Whitman lives by.

Christy is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader. She teaches energy mastery, meditations, and sessions to help clients feel more aligned in the Divine Design of well-being, success, and abundance.

In today’s episode, Christy shares her journey of discovering her passion and how her Council of Light started to channel her. She also talks about her book, The Desire Factor, and the 7 Universal Principles for tapping into the divine energy stream that is the source of all things to have more peace, prosperity, and joy. In addition, she talks about how to build your desired self-image and the idea of multiple universes. Join us for an out of this world conversation!

And now, without further ado, on to the show.



In This Episode

  • [00:49] – Orion welcomes her guest, Christy Whitman, a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader, as they dive into harnessing divine energy.
  • [02:28] – Christy talks about how she discovered her passion and how she is putting it into work in the present.
  • [08:28] – How did Christy turn into having a council working with her and channeling through her? 
  • [12:13] – Christy speaks about her inspiration and her first teachers, Orin and DaBen.
  • [16:45] – Orion wants to know more about Christy’s book, The Desire Factor.
  • [21:22] – What are the seven principles to fulfilling our desires? 
  • [27:09] – Christy discusses the practical ways or steps to do when you are feeling disconnected or when you are struggling.
  • [30:02] – Orion and Christy exchange their opinions on negative affirmation.
  • [32:43] – How can we build our desired self-image?
  • [38:39] – Christy shares her top tips for living a stellar life.
  • [39:29] – Check Christy’s books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores. Visit her personal website and The Desire Factor website and learn more about energy mastery. Lastly, to join the 30-day Watch Your Words program, go to watchyourwords.org.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Christy. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here, Christy.

I’m honored. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here with you and have this conversation. I’m excited.

Me too. I’m super excited because you are so interesting. Before we dive in, how did you discover your passion? What do you do today?

Perfect Pictures by Christy Whitman

It’s interesting. For 27–28 years, I’ve been working with energy. I’ve been working and understanding the Law of Attraction, universal laws. One of the things that I teach is the understanding of what it feels to want or desire something from a space of lack. Meaning I don’t have this, I don’t know what it feels like, I’m missing this, I feel separated from it, which always feels bad, versus feeling like it’s in my reach, I have it, I’m connected with it, and I feel one with it already.

It’s a very different state of being. I have this desire; I’m excited for it; I’m going to do whatever I need to do to align with it and keep moving towards it. But most people talk themselves out of their desires. These negative emotions, obviously, pull us away from our desires.

When I was about five years into understanding that if I feel like I’m missing something, what is it that I’m missing? Everything is vibration, of course. Everything is energy. All energy carries a vibration. We know this now to be the Law of Attraction, that what I send out comes back. If I’m feeling I’m lacking passion or purpose in what I’m doing, then I’m lacking it. All I need then is to feel whatever I’m lacking, whether it’s freedom, passion, or purpose.

I remember I was a pharmaceutical sales representative. Within myself, I just didn’t have much passion and purpose for doing what I was doing. I was successful. I was top in my region. I was winning lots of awards. I was applying universal laws and creating lots of success. But there was still that missing piece of “I’m not passionate about this.”

As a matter of fact, I kind of felt like I was out of alignment with it because if I get a headache, for example, I usually take peppermint oil instead of grabbing an aspirin. Here, I was  telling doctors to prescribe more of this medication that I probably wouldn’t take, so it felt like a split.

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During that time, I just realized that if I want to feel passion and purpose, I have to feel passion and purpose. If I want a career that I feel aligned with, where I don’t feel split, where I feel like I’m passionate about it, I love doing it; it doesn’t feel like work to me, I don’t know what that would even look like. I have no idea what the form of that would even look like, but I know the feeling I would want to have.

Each day in my meditations, I meditate at least a couple of times a day– morning and night before I go to sleep, I would feel what it felt like to have passion and purpose in my life. It was a very short period of time. Then a month after that, I started to download what was my first book, which is Perfect Pictures.

When I say download, it literally was a voice speaking to me that was definitely not my voice. I had to get up, because it was 5 minutes past 1 AM. I had to get up and just write down what I was hearing. I put pen to paper, and I just started writing automatically. My hand just became faster than even my mind. I couldn’t even read it, and it wasn’t me.

When you tune into your council of light, you will feel good and supported. It’s a feeling of coming from faith and abundance instead of fear and separation.

After a couple of hours of just doing this, I went back to bed and totally forgot about it. Then, seven nights in a row, this came to me. It was clear that it was a book. I got the book published. I started speaking on the subjects of my book in spiritual bookstores or New Age churches, stuff like that, and people started asking me to coach them.

I started learning about coaching. I had no reference for life coaching at that time. Coaching, to me, was like a cheerleading coach or football coach, that kind of coaching. This was 20+ years ago. I’d have people call me on the phone and just walk them through the shifting of the mindset, the shifting of energy from lack to abundance, and helping them do that. Then they would call me back, or they’d email me back going, “oh my God, my life just changed; it happened.”

I just love being part of someone who impacts somebody else’s change. I started to continue to coach. I went to school to get a certification. Fifteen years ago, I went full-time in my business as a coach. For most of my time in my business, I certified Law of Attraction coaches, and I still do. It’s a different program now, but I still do.

Our consciousness is energy, and we create from our consciousness.

In 2018, I was opening up and realized that clients do so well with me because I was doing energy healing. We were feeling energetic. I was teaching them and helping them understand that their thoughts are energy, the words they speak are energy, and the feelings that they express, don’t express, release, or don’t release are energy. All of it, our consciousness is energy, and we create from our consciousness.

In doing that, one day, the council, the best way to describe them is if anybody’s ever seen Abraham-Hicks, Esther channeling Abraham, I channeled a group of ascended beings called the Council of Light. Since then, everything has pivoted since 2018.

How did that happen? How did you start? How do you even go to a place where all of a sudden, you have a whole council that works with you and channeled to you? What does it feel like?

Here’s the cool thing to understand. This is what I now know since channeling them. It was a series of leaning-in moments that happened. All of us have our own council of light. As the council would say, imagine if you’ve ever gone into a football stadium, for example, or if you’ve ever been in a really large theater, your center stage in your life, in your theater, or on the 50-yard line in a football stadium, you’re the one in the center.

The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

Imagine all those bleachers; all those seats are filled with beings of light who support you. When we start tuning into that, knowing that there are beings, guides, great ones, ancient ones, masters, whatever you want to call them, with their light to support us, each and every one of us that are here, then we feel so good. We feel so supported. It’s a feeling of coming from faith and abundance instead of lack, fear, and separation.

All of us have that, which I’ve learned from the council. It had just been a series of moments. All of my learning of my own spiritual practice when I started meditation was from people that channeled. For me, personal development, my whole coming into that, were people channeling and reading books like Conversations with God, where Neale Donald Walsch channeled God.

A lot of these channeled texts felt real to me. I feel like I got the most growth with those that channeled into that type of material. I was always interested in it, and I’m a student of it. I just kept opening up to it and saying, “I would love to do that.” I didn’t even know it. Twenty-eight years ago, my meditation teacher told me, “You are a channel.” I had no idea what that meant.

One particular day, all of a sudden, I felt as if they were tapping on my shoulder. It was almost like, “okay, go ahead.” That’s what it just kind of felt like. I could hear them, I could feel them, and they would give me pictures. I would refer to them because it reached a stage where guidance was coming in through my hands; it was coming in through what I would hear and tell people and cool things.

That day, when I felt that tapping, it was like, “all right, move over.” That day, I could hear them. I was aware of them. I really felt like my body was flung over the chair. I thought that because that’s where my consciousness went.

I actually have it on my YouTube channel. I talked about it during my podcast, The Desire Factor Podcast. But on my YouTube channel, which is just Christy Whitman, I actually have the video of when they came through.

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I missed it because I went on your YouTube channel. I didn’t see it.

It’s there—how they came and who they are. In the video, for the first time, it came through. It’s amazing. Each and every time since then, I just invite them to come in, and they do.

Wow. A few months ago, we went to Arizona. We had dinner with Marcus and Sheila Gillette. Sheila channels Theo. Theo was the inspiration for Esther Hicks to channel Abraham. Who was your inspiration? Were you consciously asking for that?

Yes, I was. I was ready to lean into that. As a matter of fact, I remember putting on an event. First of all, to answer your question, Abraham and Esther, I have been on many cruises with them, been in many workshops, read all their books, and I was doing their weekly tapes. I was an avid student of theirs, and this is since 2000. I was just anything I could get my hands on to learn about manifestation.

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Abraham, Esther, and Jerry Hicks, their material was just so clear, especially when they partnered with Hay House. They made their message so clear on the processes and all of that that it really made me understand. They were really a huge part of that.

My very first teachers were Orin and DaBen. Orin was channeled by Sanaya Roman. Her physical body transitioned in December of 2021. Duane Packer, who channels DaBen, was my initial teacher who led me to be open to work and learn from Abraham Hicks.

One day I was doing a quantum success in a business event. I had 200 people coming in the room, live streaming, and all this. It was just for people that were in our coaching academy. I had been planning this for six months.

I remember getting on the stage. I just felt exhausted because I felt like I’d done this in my head over and over and over. Every little thing was planned. I got on the stage and said, “I have Esther envy because Esther Hicks could just stand up on the stage.” She goes “hi, bye,” and then comes this amazing, humorous information from Abraham. That was the first time I’d publicly said that. 

I had also been saying that Orin and DaBen, have meditations, and they have books, but I couldn’t ever get one-on-one with them. I couldn’t ever take classes from them in different ways. It was like the accessibility wasn’t there, and then the same thing with Esther and Abraham.

The way you can work with them is you could read their books, or you could go to a workshop. But what if I have a specific question, I have to get in the hot seat. Many times I did. I got it intellectually, but I was still bumping up against the energy.

That’s what I love about the council. They really bring in the healing element of it. They really help release or let go of whatever’s blocking us or what’s perceived as blocking us.

Do you feel like you’re a different person before and after working with the council?

I was able to look at it from the divine’s perspective and see that there is no judgment.

It’s funny. I feel like I’m more of me than I’ve ever been because I’m more loving and accepting. One of the first things I got from working with the council is not just me, but each and every one of us, and they even say every time how truly infinitely loved we are and how truly adored we are.

I could feel that dimension of the dumb things I had done or personal things in my past that I might have still held on as being able to be something to boot myself up with, mentally judge myself for, that kind of pattern. I was able to look at it from the divine’s perspective and see that there is no judgment. It is gone, so why am I holding on to this?  

All of that stuff, I’m able to just release so much easier. Because of that, I have a deeper sense of respect for who and what I am. My personality even came out more. Some people, all of a sudden, started telling me, you should be on stage or a comedian.

I’m probably not funny right now because I said that. You know what I mean. More of me came out, and with me loving that part. That’s a big way of how I changed in just my connection and understanding.

I think I’d like to channel somebody because I’m pretty funny in real life, but I’m not as funny on the podcast.

Exactly. People in my life think I’m hysterical. My kids tell me that all the time. 

I’m hysterical to everybody, but my husband is very serious. Like, I might get a smile.

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Or a smirk?

Yeah. Can we talk about your book? Before we begin talking about your book, what is desire to you? Why is it so important to have a desire?

All of us have desires. We come equipped with them, yet we’re told that we shouldn’t have them or that it’s only good to have certain kinds of desires; some are off-limits—just the basic needs of what we have in our life.

We desire to go to sleep at night because we’re tired. That’s a desire. Is that bad? No, it’s a desire. It moves us into the next phase. It moves us to the next segment of what we’re doing. It moves us into where we flow next because we are energy.

Desires are that avenue from ‘I’m here, but now I want to go there.’

We’re, of course, physical, but we’re also energy. Energy flows into us, wanting us to become more and expand more into something else. Desires are that avenue from ‘I’m here, but now I want to go there.’ I won’t go to bed yet if I don’t have the desire. Once I have the desire, I get myself up, get into bed, and then start a new phase. Now, this is called my sleep time.

It can be as small of a daily thing, like, I’m hungry. What do I want? What do I want to eat? How am I going to treat myself today? Am I going to eat something really good, or may I eat something bad? It’s like those desires because I’m going to eat well today because I have the desire to feel good and be healthy. I have that vibration of good food that fills me up and continues to help my vibration.

Being choiceful comes from our desire to be healthy, be fit, find a partner, have a child, or live in the type of house we want to live in. There’s so much judgment on desires. When desires are literally that spark, nothing gets created until there’s a desire. The desire is that spark of creation.

I like that. The desire is the spark of creation. I love it.

Think about it. None of us would be here if the divine didn’t have a desire to individuate itself.

Yeah, that’s a big deal. What are the keys to fulfilling our desires?

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What I love about this is the material. This is the first book I’ve actually consciously written with the council, and it’s called The Desire Factor. It’s really understanding that there are seven steps.

Some of these steps, principles, or universal laws, however, you want to term them alone, people might understand them because, for years, one of the principles is the principle of surrender, which I’ll talk about. But I used to hear it and understand, even teach it as the law of detachment, which really is the same thing. It’s the same energetic experience. It’s the same flowing with energy, and I’ll explain it in a minute.

I feel like there’s detachment and attachment at the same time.

Isn’t that interesting?

Yeah, it’s detaching from the outcome, but it’s attaching and trusting the higher power.

Yeah, and that’s why these seven principles bring all that, but in the exact sequence and order. You might have known about these principles before, but they go in the exact order because it sets up energy. When do you let go, when do you surrender, and when do you hold on? Because you have to do both for a desire.

If you hear a desire, and then you fight against it, you’re not in alignment.

The first principle is the principle of alignment. If you hear a desire, if you hear yourself say, go to bed, I desire to go to bed, and then you fight against it, you’re not in alignment, like, “oh, I don’t want to go to bed, it’s too early.” I don’t have that desire, even though the idea of that desire to go to bed came to me. I’m fighting it. I’m not aligned with it.

The first thing we have to do when we desire something like a new job, more money, career change, a child, a partner, a bigger business, whatever it may be, we have to align with it and say, ooh, I like that. That’s a yes. There’s a lot more to these principles, but I want to be able to get them all in.

The next one is the principle of focus because we create from our consciousness. Where is our consciousness focused? What do I mean by consciousness? Our consciousness is the words that we say, the language we use. It’s the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel or don’t feel, the beliefs or perspectives, and the actions we take. Those are ways that we send energy out into the universe.

We need to focus on what we want, why we want it, and how we want to feel. Once we’re focusing on that, we have to have our mindset, our expectation that it will be fulfilled. There’s an element of faith that comes in there, but the principle is the principle of joyful expectancy.

You’ve got an alignment, which leads to the principle of focus, which then leads to the principle of joyful expectancy, which then leads to the most important one, because that’s where we become a vibrational match to what we want or not separated from it, is the principle of having. Because when we have something, we’re a vibrational match to it. It’s like we’re accepting it.

We need to focus on what we want, why we want it, and how we want to feel.

The principle of having is where you don’t feel separated from it, where you feel like, “oh, if I have it, I’m going to feel free. I’m going to feel abundant; I’m going to feel safe; I’m going to feel secure.” Whatever we’re assigning is going to be the thing that we feel. That’s what we have to understand, like I was saying, with passion and purpose.

I didn’t have passion and purpose, but I cultivated that energy, that feeling, that connection with the frequency of passion and purpose, and then look what I created from that in my career. If you would have told that part of Christy, that younger version of myself, that, hey, in about 20 years, you’re going to have seven books that you’re going to write, we’re going to hit the New York Times. You’re actually going to profess that you are an energy healer, and then you are going to become a channeler.

I would have looked at you like I did, probably, to my meditation teacher five years prior when she said, oh, you’re a channeler. I was like, okay. It all builds. Once you expand into higher frequencies, and you’re working on yourself to release the lower frequency thought, but you raise up in consciousness. The choices and options that come to you from a higher vibration are very, very different from the choices and options we have when it’s a lower frequency, when we’re in fear, worry, and doubt.

You’ve got the having. What do I want? I want to feel passionate; I want to feel purpose; I want to feel connected, and I want to feel loved. You cultivate a relationship. You almost fuse with that energy.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe—pure love, not conditional.

The next principle is the principle of loving because love is the highest vibration in the universe—pure love, not conditional. Do this for me; I’ll love you if you do that. Not that kind of love, pure energy of love. When you love the feeling from the previous, the feeling of having freedom, loving that feeling of freedom creates an even more atomic expression of energy and vibration. You become way more attractive.

You’re in this space of love, loving, whatever feeling you want to have, and then that’s when you surrender. It’s all of the split energy. That’s what you surrender. That’s what you let go of. Sometimes we have to know the how, the who, the where. How am I going to get from here to there?

If we don’t have that in our minds, and we go, “oh, I don’t know how to do it, I’m too old to do it, I can’t do this, too many people have done it, nobody’s ever done this,” and then the limitations start to come on the old programming. That’s what we need to surrender. That’s where the energy works, surrendering those false beliefs, surrendering what’s in the consciousness that keeps us separated and apart from the desire in the first place. You surrender that, and then whatever inspiration comes to you, you take that action.

If somebody’s feeling, right now, a lack of something, let’s say they’re struggling with money, what will be the first step? I understand what you said logically, but in real life, how do you go about it? What are some tangible steps that we can take?

The practical ways of doing this. Whenever you find yourself feeling off, disconnected, or you are feeling fear, basically when you’re not feeling good about a certain subject—in the case of money, you need money because you need to pay the bills. You don’t have enough money, so you’re stressed about it. The vibration you’re giving off is low because it doesn’t feel good. Therefore, it’s a low vibration.

All those frequencies – connection, love, freedom, security – exist now. It’s your choice and resonance.

Someone like me comes along and says, “okay, focus on what you do, want, and how you want to feel.” Well, yeah, I want to feel abundant and focus on having enough money, but how’s that going to help me now to pay the bills? There’s a tendency to go back like a rubber band. The reality is, right here, right now, I have to pay a bill that I don’t have money for. Are you telling me to think positively? Yeah.

Here’s what you need to do. First, understand that a thought is a vibration. If you’re lacking, how do you know you don’t feel good? If you don’t feel good, there is something in your consciousness, either what you’re saying, what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you’re believing, or what you’re doing, that is causing you to be out of alignment.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe—pure love, not conditional.

The first thing I always say is you have to start watching your words. I created a program. It’s a free video program. You get a video every day; it’s two to three minutes in length. What I do is I tell you the word or phrase not to say, why, what it does to your vibration, and therefore what you want to create, and what to say instead. We’re talking about money. Why is that important?

In this case, for example, this is one of the first things I did to start shifting my energy around money because I would hear this all the time. My mom said we couldn’t afford it. Nope, sorry, we can’t afford it. Even when they could afford it, even when they were fine and had money, that was always the answer. We couldn’t afford it.

Twenty-something years ago, that was one of the first things I learned. We have to eliminate can’t afford, can’t all together. When we’re looking at money and saying I can’t afford it, you believe that then you’re constrictive in your energy field. Can’t doesn’t feel good because it’s coming from lack, so what can we say instead and still be true? Instead of saying I can’t afford it, you say it’s not a financial priority for me right now.

Much softer.

Yeah, and you’re not constricted. It’s almost like, I do have a choice in this. I can either go on that vacation that I can’t afford, that isn’t a financial priority for me right now or I could pay my bills.

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That’s so good because our brain cannot hold an affirmation that is completely untrue. If I can afford something, and I say, I can’t afford it, then who are you kidding? It’s not going to move you forward. But if you say something that you can work with, like, it’s not a priority, it’s not a financial priority, like you said, then the mind is at ease. It just releases the charge from that negative affirmation.

It also creates something different. This is a true story. I had a client. She was all upset one day on a coaching call. I said, what’s wrong? She goes, my best friend. I’m thinking, oh, God, what did your best friend do?

She said, my best friend, she had this trip to Hawaii, to Maui to stay at this really great, almost like a mansion on the beach. She said I could come with her because it’s a huge house. She’s going for a week. All I have to do is get myself there. She said, “I’m just bummed.” I’m like, “why is that a bad thing?”.

Consciousness is the words you say, the language you use, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel or don’t feel, and the actions you take.

Why are you bummed? She goes, because I can’t afford it. I go, well, yeah, if you say you can’t afford it, I’d be bummed too. Because if you’re saying that there’s absolutely no possible way that I could go and enjoy myself in Maui with my friend in this so-called mansion on a beach, yeah, I’d be bummed out too.

What if you told yourself that you want to go? I would love to do that; however, that’s not a financial priority? She shifted her energy around, and she’s like, I love to go. She started opening up to all possibilities. If there were any way for that to happen, oh, my gosh, I would love it. I would love to go.

The next day, her girlfriend called her back and said, you’re not going to believe this. There’s some stuff going around about the airlines and all this stuff. She says, I have a ticket that I just found out is expiring at the end of this year. You have to use it. I can transfer it, but I can’t. She goes, and I already bought my ticket to Maui, so basically, I have a free ticket to Maui. Do you want to go?


It might feel like it was just a couple of words.

I want to be your friend’s friend.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

I want to be the friend of the friend of the friend. Yeah, that’s what’s possible when we’re open to possibilities rather than closing down.

Yeah, that’s beautiful. In one of your videos, you talk about building a desired self-image. Can you share about that?

Yeah. We have desires for everything in our lives. One of them is the desire we have for ourselves, how we want to be in the world, how we want to see ourselves, and how we want to feel from within. A lot of times, we want to do things for ourselves so that we feel a certain way. Instead, if we start connecting with the energy that feels good, like the energy of self-love, for example, we feel good.

If we want to create who we want to become, for example, if you are wanting to become an athlete or if you’re wanting to get in really great shape, but you have a belief system that you’re fat, your family has always been fat, or chubby, or whatever the word is, that you’re weak, that your family has always been sick, there was a lot of fear around going out and working out, or pushing the body because you might get hurt kind of thing, if there was a lot of fear around there, then you have some belief system that you have to work through in changing your self-image, because you cannot out-create your self-image.

If you think you are no good, that’s what you’re going to create in your experience of feeling like everything I do; I’m not good. But if you are creating an image of yourself where you’re fit, you’re healthy, you’re in full well-being, that the efforts that you make in your life towards your career, for example, lead to massive results, and that you want to be in a loving and supportive relationship, and that you are wanting to be connected, and fulfilled yourself so that you can give more to your partner, whatever self-image you want, that you’re a business boss, like you’re the business babe, whatever that is of you, like we were talking before, that energy is what cultivates, first of all, the experience of it.

It’s the mind and the emotions. When they activate together, they really become a very powerful creative tool.

Feeling successful, feeling abundant, feeling beautiful, feeling confident, feeling courageous, that energy needs to come there first. What then happens is because the energy is there and the focus is there, now you start giving yourself some affirmation. I am courageous, I am successful, I am opulent, I’m abundant, I’m prosperous, I am wealthy, I am healthy, whatever it is.

You start to build both the mental and the emotional, because that’s what allows you to really start activating. It’s the mind and the emotions. When they activate together, they really become a very powerful creative tool.

Yeah. Do you believe in the idea that there are multiple universes? Is there a parallel universe? And that in each one of them, there is a version of ours that is really good at something, and we can connect to that version and draw it into this existence or merge with it? How does it work?

That’s one way of looking at it. The way I like to look at it is that energy; if you look at it like a piano keyboard and all of those keys have a note or tone, they all have a frequency associated with that key or tone. If you look at it like a spectrum of high vibrations to low vibrations, I love that David Hawkins created the vibrational scale, and then Abraham Hicks; I talk about this in all my books, Abraham Hicks talked about the emotional scale, and if we look at it as keys on a piano, joy is a very, very different key. It’s a very, very different vibration than anger.

We can attune into that frequency just by asking. If we imagine that energy is freely available to us, light is freely available to us, and we can bring it in, we could cultivate it from inside of ourselves, we could suspend it so that we have a really large container, whatever we say, whatever we do is like we’re sending rockets out into the world. When we bring in that energy and that light, and we expand it, we get to choose what we want to fill up with, the energy of freedom, the energy of joy.

We can call forth whatever frequency of energy we desire, regardless of where it comes from or where we believe it comes from. It’s there, and it’s available to us now.

That’s what I feel like you’re saying instead of having to go connect with a part of me that does live in a different dimension, in which I do believe that. I believe that all time is simultaneous. We have about a gazillion possible future selves that all depend on what forms itself based on what we choose now and what we heal from the past. I believe that those past versions of ourselves are still very much alive with energy, because everything’s energy.

My point is that we can call forth whatever frequency of energy we desire, regardless of where it comes from or where we believe it comes from. It’s there, and it’s available to us now. We don’t have to get promoted to finally feel we’ve made it. We don’t have to double what we’re making now to finally feel the power, the security, or the freedom that we want to feel. We don’t have to find a partner in order to feel the connection of the love that we’re looking for. 

All of those frequencies, connection, love, freedom, security, all of it exists right now. It’s a choice and it’s a resonance.

I think Dr. Wayne Dyer said, when you believe it, you see it. He might have written a book about that.

The Power of Intention is by Wayne Dyer.

Yeah. This was awesome. What are your three top tips to live a stellar life?

My first one is to look at contrast as what you don’t want. When you notice that you are feeling negative emotions, or that your energy drops, or you just don’t feel knocked off, whatever you want to call that, ask yourself three questions. Those three questions are, what do I want, why do I want it, and how do I want to feel?

Negative emotions pull us away from our desires.

Understand that how you want to feel is the energy and the vibration. You can connect with that right now. Contrast is very, very informative for us. What do you want? Why do you want it? How do you want to feel? And then connect with that energy.

That was great. Where can people find you, the book, and connect with you?

My books are everywhere, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores. You could just call them, order it, go online, and they can order any of those books. I also have thedesirefactor.com. You can go there or christywhitman.com. To take advantage of that 30-day Watch Your Words program, you can go to watchyourwords.com. Like I said, it’s 30 days.

At the end, you get a list of all the words and phrases. It’s a life-changing program. I’d recommend that’s the first place to start if anybody wants to get some coaching. It’s free, it’s on video, and you can watch it at your own time, and it’s only a couple of minutes a day.

Very good. Christy, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom with us today.

Thank you. Thank you for what you do, Orion..

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember, it’s all about contrast. When you have a difficult moment, pause and ask yourself, what do I want? Why do I want it? How do I want it to feel? And then you will probably have an even more stellar life. This is Orion. Till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Don’t judge yourself based on your past. Instead, look at it  from the divine’s perspective, and focus on the lessons you’ve learned along the way. 

{✓}Have a sense of respect for who you are. Valuing yourself allows you to understand and believe you are worthy of love, affection, and good things in life.

{✓}Align yourself with your desires. The first step to manifesting everything you want to happen in your life is to align your thoughts, words, beliefs, and deeds with the energy of that which you desire.

{✓}Focus your entire consciousness on your aspirations. Where you focus your attention has a powerful effect on what happens in your life. 

{✓}Cultivate joy in the waiting game. Trust the process and have faith that your prayers and requests will be fulfilled.

{✓}Match your vibration with the desires you keep. For example, if you seek passion and purpose, cultivate your energy and connection with the frequency of passion and purpose.

{✓}Be in the space of pure love. Love is the highest vibration in the universe and the start of everything.

{✓}Learn to surrender what keeps you separated from your desire. Examples are false and limiting beliefs, old programming, etc. 

{✓}Eliminate the word “can’t” in your vocabulary. Can’t doesn’t feel good because it’s coming from lack. For example: Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it.” You say, “That’s not a financial priority for me right now.”

{✓}Visit Christy Whitman’s website to learn more about her and her mission. Also, take advantage of her 30-day Watch Your Words program. In addition, check out and read her book, The Desire Factor. You can find her other books at christywhitman.com/books.

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