Episode 26 | September 13, 2022

Stellar Conversations: How to Attract Your True Love with Orion Talmay

A Personal Note From Orion

I want to share my amazing interview with Sandy Weiner on Last First Date Radio. It was a great conversation, where we delved deep into relationships and dating.

In this episode, I talked about the meaning of Tikkun. I also shared my mission of helping people transform their lives through Orion’s Method. In addition, I talked about how to unleash your inner goddess, how to become more conscious of relationships and love, and much more. 

I know this episode will surely enlighten you on finding and attracting your dream partner. And now, without further ado, on with the show!



In This Episode

  • [00:27] – With Sandy Weiner, Orion dives deep into relationships and dating secrets on Last First Date Radio.
  • [05:54] – Orion reveals the salient moments of her transformational journey and her life mission.
  • [06:50] – A discussion of Tikkun and Kabbalah takes place between Sandy and Orion.
  • [10:32] – What are the principles behind Orion’s method?
  • [15:55] – A major blow-up occurred in Sandy’s group due to conflicting perspectives, and Orion explains how embracing polarity should be present while acknowledging femininity and masculinity.
  • [23:49] – Confidence is an indication that a woman values herself. Orion gives some tips to help you feel more confident and love yourself.
  • [31:29] – Orion explains her take on the law of attraction and the law of action.

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About Today’s Show

Welcome to Last First Date Radio, featuring interviews with experts in dating, relating, and mating in midlife. Now, here’s your host, Sandy Weiner

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Last First Date Radio. This is Sandy and I am back from Israel.

What’s exciting is we actually are talking to somebody from Israel today. Her name is Orion Talmay and she’s going to be speaking about relationship secrets your mother didn’t tell you. I love everything that Orion stands for. It’s going to be a really great show.

Okay, Orion, we’re going to introduce you right now. She is a love coach and an international speaker. She works with successful high achievers and she helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. She’s the founder of Orion’s Method and the host of the popular podcast Stellar Life

My mission is to reach out to other women, pull them up and help them awaken their inner goddess and feel juicy, sexy, alive, and wonderful. Share on X

She helps women love themselves more, elevate their confidence, ignite their passion, and create a sense of freedom, ease, and flow. I love it all. Her method combines the physical, mental, sensual, and spiritual aspects to create an integrated transformation. 

She’s a world traveler. She just got back from Israel, too, and she has learned from leading luminaries and personal development, health, wellness, spirituality, relationships, and sexuality arenas. Join me now for episode number 283, Relationship Secrets Your Mama didn’t tell you. Welcome to the show, Orion. 

Thank you. So happy to be here. 

Yeah. This is going to be a great topic, a secret your mama didn’t tell you. Let’s start. I always like to ask my guests what led them to do this work. Did something happen in your life that was some pivotal moment that you said, oh, my God, I’ve got to help other people?

ORION stands for Opening your heart, Releasing the past and Returning to love, Igniting your passion, Owning yourself and your feminine power, Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

Yes, I’ve been through my own journey of transformation from dating the wrong people, ending up in an abusive relationship, ending up in a hospital bed, enduring about two years of depression, and getting myself out of that through anything I could grasp, anything that is about self-development. I was watching funny videos and then reading books about transformation and attending seminars. 

Because I made that change for myself and I know what it’s like, I have the tools and also the emotional depth to help others, that became my mission because I had mentors that reached out to me and pulled me up. Now I see this is my mission—to reach out to other women, pull them up, help them ride, and help them awaken their inner goddess and feel juicy, sexy, alive, and wonderful. 

I love it. I love your passion. I can hear it. I’m sorry you had to go through that abuse, but it was a catalyst for you to grow and to help others. I really believe that if we suffer in any way, if we can use it as a tool to help us to grow and to help other people, that’s the life lesson learned. In Hebrew, we talk about Tikkun, which is to repair. I absolutely love this term. 

You studied Kabbalah?

I studied Kabbalah a little bit. I actually sat next to a man on the airplane who was talking to me about Tikkun and the ability to repair. Actually, can you address that for a minute? Even Tikkun, repairing the world, just to really just give us a quick glimpse into that, and then we’ll get into your work more. 

Okay, wonderful. I’m not a Kabbalah teacher, but I’ve been studying it for my own private joy and self-development. Kabbalah is like Sufism in Islam, which is just spirituality that is not necessarily related to the religion. 

Kabbalah is a way of ancient self-development. It’s got everything that you can find in people that teach self-development. The biggest names in the world you can actually find in Kabbalah, which is just ancient. Tikkun is the principle of correction, meaning that we do believe that the soul comes to the world a few times and if you didn’t correct something from your previous life, you come to this world and you correct it in this life. 

Kabbalah is a way of ancient self-development.

When I see my correction, I see the suffering that I went through as a part of my correction, it helped me. It was kind of like there’s the melting pot—the thing that helped me purify and become more of who I am, more of my true potential. 

Now I see my past as a gift. It’s just that it’s a gift with a bow on the bottom. You can’t see it, you go through the stages of fear and pain and feel like a victim, and then you rise slowly but surely. Then when you look back at some point in your life that you thought was the most horrible event you’ve ever experienced, you look back and say, wow, without this, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. 

We all have our own Tikkun. We all have our own corrections. If we don’t fulfill it in this lifetime, we will have the same correction in the next lifetime. 

That’s a good explanation. 

I hope so because I don’t know much about it, not like a teacher. 

Orion’s method is my method of transformation. It comes from me experiencing whatever I experience and getting over some hardships.

I’m not an expert in Kabbalah either, and this isn’t a Kabbalah conversation, but I think the idea of being able to really work on ourselves, as a lot of people think, oh, it’s in my DNA to be this way. It’s in my DNA to be a people pleaser, to be a victim. 

My mother once said to me I’m a martyr because I come from a long line of martyrs, so that’s why I am the way I am. I said, yeah, I come from the same line of martyrs, mom. It’s a choice that we have to say, okay, no more. 

The message is that the universe brings us whether we have to set clear boundaries with others and we keep having people cross our boundaries until we go, okay, the universe, I get it. I’ve got to set clear boundaries, and then we start to really heal those parts of us that were not healthy. That’s how we begin to draw in the right relationships to us. Let’s talk about your method, Orion’s method, and tell us what that is. 

Orion’s method is my method of transformation. It comes from me experiencing whatever I experience and getting over some hardships. It also comes from the leaders and luminaries I studied with. It’s ever-growing, ever-expanding.

Orion is an acronym. O stands for Opening your heart, R is for Releasing the past and Returning to love, I is for Igniting your passion, O is for Owning yourself and your feminine power that’s for the ladies, and N is Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

We’re not one-dimensional. In order to create true transformation in our lives and in our love lives, we need to take care of like you said, the mind, the body, and the spirit. We are holistic beings and that’s why in my method, I address everything; the body, the mind, the spirit, everything. 

Own yourself and your feminine power.

Okay, I’m going to have you back up for one minute. I got the O is open your heart R is released the past. What was I?

Ignite your passion. 

And the O?

Ownership. Owning yourself and your feminine power. N is nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. Everything begins with healing. You heal the pain of the past and then you have space to move forward and you open up more to opportunities. 

Also, using our bodies as a source of bliss is really important because sometimes we have issues that are stored in our tissues and we get this tightness in our body. It’s almost like it’s a physical block that represents a mental block and because the mind and the body are connected, you can release the body through spiritual work and create transformation through bodywork. I’m a big believer in getting some physical healing and also using, for the ladies, feminine movement to release blocks. 

When we move our bodies in a certain way, we can also move out the negative emotions.

When I say feminine movement, I’m talking about that movement that is of the feminine. Something like belly dancing, pole dancing, tribal dancing, anything that will allow you self-expression and allow your feminine body to move the way she’s designed. We move in curvy ways. We don’t move like a man who is like an H and a woman is like an S. We have curves and we need to move them. When we move our bodies in a certain way, we can also move the emotions and move out the negative emotions. 

Another part is connecting to divine love, connecting to guidance, connecting to the universal Google, because there is the illusion of separation, the illusion of we are alone. From that point of attraction, we don’t attract what we really need, but when you are connected to divine love and you know that you are always held and you really embody the concept of oneness and the fact that you are connected to everything, to the earth, to other people, to the sky, to everything, and you feel that the divine love and you feel God. 

God is an experience. It’s not a concept. It’s about taking some actions in order to feel God, not just to think God. It’s experiencing God in a way that you cannot explain in words, just like you cannot explain the flavor of strawberries in words. 

Also, for women, it’s a part of awakening that inner goddess, an awakening that is part of them that is goddess-like that is of the feminine. This world is hard. We tend to really develop our masculine muscles. I know I’ve done it in the past a lot. We also need to develop our feminine muscles. 

Flex those feminine muscles, have more fun, live in flow, live slow, release, be vulnerable, be open, and connect to nature more.

We are yin and yang, but many women just feel too hard. They feel like they have to conquer and be driven and focused all the time and those things are important. It’s not about losing those traits, but it’s also about flexing the feminine muscle, learning what it’s like to have more fun, to live in flow, to live in slow, to release, to be vulnerable, to be open, to connect to nature more something that is good for us and important for us to connect with.

Then you create almost like a third entity and it’s your own personal equation between the masculine, and feminine, and then the third entity that you create for yourself of what percentage of the masculine and feminine energy would you like to embody because in a relationship you need polarity. Polarity is like that when you put two magnets and there is this powerful static between the magnets that’s the polarity.

For females, if they want to be in a relationship with a masculine, strong, powerful man it will be helpful for them to flex that feminine muscle, that goddess, and create a third entity for themselves.

Yes, we just had a major big blow-up in my group just a few hours ago. I had a man who wrote me an email about some of the problems he sees with dating today. I posted the email in my group and some of the things he said were about the 21st century woman and how she behaves in ways that make him feel that she doesn’t need a man. 

I’m not sure of his wording, but a lot of women took offense and said, what does he want? That woman should be in the kitchen? He’s so controlling. 

I disagreed with that. I think we have this issue where women don’t need a man in the same way that they used to and they’re out in the workforce and having all this masculine energy displayed out in the work field, and they’re managing everything at home. A man comes into their lives and they don’t show up with any femininity at all. It’s like I got this. A man offers them, they’re planning the date, they’re doing everything. They don’t trust a man. 

To create true transformation in your life, you must take care of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

We’ve forgotten how to bring this beautiful feminine. It’s not to dumb down the masculine parts of us but to really amp up the feminine because otherwise we don’t have that beautiful polarity and so many people don’t get that. We’re not looking for clones of each other because you’re going to have some boring relationship where everybody is predictable and nobody’s really attracted. You need that push and pull. 

I think this is so important. I love the bodywork that you’re talking about because so much of our wisdom lies in our bodies. I had a woman come to me when we did some live coaching at my retreat and she had like her whole left side from her jugular vein in her neck down her arm was tight and in pain. Within five minutes of coaching, she completely relaxed and the pain went away. All I did was bodywork with her. It’s just getting her to pay attention to her body. Where does she feel this in her body? We don’t have to intellectualize everything. 

There is so much wisdom there. About your group, I think that the men are right, and I think that the women are right. I think they’re both right. There is no extreme here. When I say to women, connect to your femininity, I don’t tell her to see her life in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant. For the man, I’m not expecting him to be okay with a woman that is in her masculine 24/7. 

You need to play the game of polarity.

If he’s dating a woman who is in her masculine 24/7, he might as well just date another man. Emotionally, he does not want to date another man so keep your masculine traits and everything that made you the beautiful, smart, successful person that you are, but with your men, you need to play the game of polarity. 

Even though you are strong and independent and you can carry the groceries by yourself, let him carry the groceries. Let him open the door for you. Let him change the light bulb. Allow him even if it’s hard for you because you want to make him feel strong. 

A man desires to feel like he’s your hero and if you are tough and independent and I can do it all then and he cannot serve you, he doesn’t feel like a man. You have to allow your men to feel like a man, to feel like your hero.

It’s a dance. It doesn’t mean that all day long. After my abusive relationship, I became really masculine. I did martial arts, MMA, became kickass, lifted the weight heavy, and I had this really strong energy. The feminine exterior, beautiful lady, mini skirts, whatever, but the energy was not there.

We all have our own Tikkun or corrections in our life. If we don't correct it in this lifetime, we will have the same correction in the next lifetime. Share on X

The energy was like I’m going to show you how strong I am and that’s what women do sometimes just to prove a point, girl power and all, we emasculate our men and we need to be very conscious. As a woman, you have the power to elevate your man. You have the power to crush him, destroy him, emasculate him, and you don’t want that.

In a polarity, when one side is masculine, the other one will be feminine. When a woman goes too much in her masculine, even if she dates a man who is very much masculine in his core, in order to create polarity, he will drop into the feminine. If this is the relationship that you want, then go ahead, but you need to know that regardless of being maybe a powerful CEO, with your man, you want to be maybe like a little girl sometime. A lust for love, a vulnerable siren. You want to allow him to hold you.

It feels so good when you allow the right person to hold you, and there is space for both of you to shine in your masculinity and femininity.

It also feels so good when you allow the right person—with emphasis on the right person, you have to choose the person carefully—to hold you, then there is space for both of you to shine in your masculinity or in your femininity.

Yeah, I think what happens is women often lose trust, especially if there’s been any kind of abuse in the past or someone has stepped on your feelings and you didn’t know how to express yourself. It’s very difficult to just let go and be vulnerable.

We go from one polarity to another.

Exactly. We go from being open to being shut down and then nobody can get through. In order to invite the love that people are seeking, what are some tips? Because it really has to start within. It has to start with your own self-love and your own confidence and core confidence, not just you’re confident all the time, but the kind of confidence that shows that you value yourself. What are some tips you can share to help women love themselves more and feel more confident?

We talked about taking care of yourself first and loving yourself first, not waiting for somebody to tell you I love you, but starting by telling yourself, I love you. Louise Hay says that when something good happens, look into the mirror and say, I love you. When something bad happens, run to the mirror and say, I love you. I love you no matter what. 

I have my own seven-day challenge that I did with my ladies and the first day of the challenge with mirror work. Go to the mirror, look at yourself in the mirror and say, I love you. It was hard for many women. They struggled with it.

You always attract from your point of attraction; if you are in a higher vibration, you will attract a better person, business, and opportunities. It’s important to take care of your vibration in your emotional world.

When I went through my dark times, the first time I did it, I couldn’t because I started to cry but I kept and it’s about persistence. It’s like going to the gym and working almost every day to improve that muscle. You can just do it once and let it go. 

I went to the mirror. I said I love you. I started crying. The next day, I cried again a few times. Down the road, I was okay with that. Then I started believing in it and now I can look at myself in the mirror and say, I love you, and truly believe it and really love me not from a place of ego, but from a place of just love. It’s just the way when we were babies, we loved ourselves. We don’t care about the way we look. We see babies look in the mirror, they laugh. They’re like, yeah, I’m cute.

Love yourself like when you were a baby.

Love yourself like when you were a baby. It’s not fun. It’s good. It’s okay. Give your permission to do it. 

With relationships, it is a new world and it’s so confusing. I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was like, you know how I was just like this die-hard feminist and now, 20 years later, I have four kids. I go to work, I make money, I come home, I feed my kids to take care of the house. I end up doing everything. I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should be held a little more because this is too hard. 

It’s like, we need to do double the work so it’s about taking the coaching, listening to empowering information like your show, and really learning how to handle modern life because modern life is more complex. There is so much information. Everything is faster. We need to learn new and better techniques to even deal with our relationships.

Another tip will be gratitude. When you’re in a relationship, gratitude is one of the most important things. One thing that I do with my husband every night, and I studied that from Harville Hendrix, is every night before we go to bed, we say three things to each other that we appreciate about each other. 

Modern life is more complex. We need to learn new and better techniques to deal with our relationships.

It can be very simple things like oh, I love you for doing the dishes. Thank you for calling Verizon for me, and I love your beautiful eyes. Three things, because we tend to go into the negative, and we need to focus our mind on the positive and remind ourselves why we love our partners so much. 

If you’re not in a partnership, what would you suggest in terms of gratitude? 

Just be grateful for yourself. Pat yourself on the back if you are in a place. This is an exercise I gave my clients. She did not understand how amazing and beautiful and powerful she is and the exercise that I gave her was, please write down all your victories, all those moments in your life that you achieved something incredible, all those moments where you did something great, and she’s amazing clients. 

She does everything I tell her and I can see her blossoming. It’s awesome. She did it and she wrote it down. After you write down all your achievements and you get into gratitude for the person that you are and the person you become, you just feel amazing. 

It’s really true. I think people were wired to focus on what doesn’t work and I remember even raising my children. It was always like what are they doing wrong, not what are they doing right. That was a big switch that I had to flip in my parenting. Tell them you’re noticing when they’re doing something really well and that they’re following directions, and that they were so kind.

I think it’s something that we probably have been told our whole lives, you did that wrong. You weren’t good enough. You didn’t get a good enough grade. Why didn’t you get 100? You only got 95 and so we have to really give that to ourselves now as adults to build back our self-esteem. 

Take care and love yourself first. Don't wait for somebody to tell you, I love you, instead, start telling yourself in the mirror, I love you. Share on X

Another tip that I would like to share is about accepting your emotions. A big deal for people in this new age of spirituality and instant transformation, it is a very masculine way to say just change a state like this really quickly. When I went to Oneness University, which is an Ashram in India, I studied from the monks there, and the monks said let the tiger devour you. 

When you have an emotion, anger, pain, shame, whatever it is, if you try to escape, it will just show up in a different way so you want to be present with your emotion and you want to feel it. You want to let the tiger devour you.

Just don’t stay there for more than ten minutes, an hour, a day, no more. You allow yourself to feel your emotions and then you let it go. I think that the more you grow, the more you learn how to deal with your emotions, and the time shrinks. 

It goes from being upset for a week, to being upset three days to one day to an hour. You learn how to see, the bigger your picture the faster. It’s about allowing your emotions, feeling your emotions, and then letting it go, not skipping that step.

Everything begins with healing. When you heal the pain of the past, you then have space to move forward and open up more opportunities. Share on X

Yeah, I think people tend to forget that without practice, time doesn’t shrink. Anything that we practice, the processing time gets shorter and shorter. It even has to do with the fact that I talked in the beginning about the broken picker, like we’re picking the wrong partners and so we’re attracted to the wrong men over and over. 

Then as we do this work, we may be attracted to the wrong man, but we don’t act on it. We see them, we notice it, and then we walk away so it’s shortening, shortening, shortening, boom, you’re done. Now you’re with a healthy partner. 

It’s just important to practice all of these wonderful tips. I really appreciate all of this great information. Orion, this has been wonderful and I know that people listening have so much to take away about increasing our femininity by movement and that S curve. I’m thinking about pole dancing and how I took one pole dancing class and the name of the company was the S Factor. 

Yeah, I love her. 

Yeah, she’s great. Embrace who we are and the full package, the body, gratitude, focus on the good and release what doesn’t work through practice. This just sounds so rich and wonderful. What’s one parting thought that you would like to leave with our audience?

When you feel good, everybody around you feels good, and you attract better things.

There is a law of attraction. We all know about it. There is a lot of action, which is also universal law. You always attract from your point of attraction, meaning that if you are in a higher vibration, you will attract a better person, better business, and better opportunities. It’s important to take care of your own vibration in your own emotional world. 

Take care of your body, take care of yourself. It’s the number one thing you can do for yourself and for others because when you feel good, everybody around you feels good and you attract better. You attract things that are better. 

Also, there is the law of action. You can’t just sit and pray for things to show up, which is very powerful, but we are spiritual beings, heavenly human experience, like Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say. You have to take action and you have to get out there, date, and take the right actions to attract the person of your dreams. 

A lot of people say, well, the right person will come. They’ll find me if it’s meant to be. 

They’ll knock on my door. 

God is an experience. It's not a concept. It's about taking some actions to feel God, not just to think God. Share on X

Yeah, they’ll knock on my door. It will fall through my roof. I’ll trip over them as I leave the house. That’s not how it works. Take the right kind of actions. I like that word, the right actions, because a lot of times you take the wrong actions or we’re inactive and that we do attract in the vibration that we are. I totally agree with you. Thank you so much. How can people find you, Orion? 

Sure, you can go on my website, orionsmethod.com, and you can listen to my podcast stellarlifepodcast.com

Awesome. Well, thank you so much again for being my guest today and sharing this beautiful information and for the wonderful work that you do out in the world

Thank you very much 

Thank you, everybody, for listening today. I hope you go on your last first date very soon. Bye.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Treat every circumstance in your life as a gift. Everything you experience brings lessons that will help you grow into a better person.

{✓}Set clear boundaries to build trust and healthy relationships. Saying no or enough is good for your health, especially when situations hurt you more than they benefit you.

{✓}Work on healing the pain of your past. Transformation begins with healing. This will allow you to move forward and open up more opportunities. 

{✓}Practice bodywork – like dancing, yoga, martial arts, etc. This will allow you to express yourself and move your body optimally. When you move your body in a certain way, you can also impact your emotions.

{✓}Connect with your spirit through grounding and meditation. God is an experience, not a concept. It’s about taking some actions to feel God, not just to think God.

{✓}Awaken your inner goddess by embracing womanhood fully. Femininity embraces change, improvement, and being closer to your inner self.

{✓}Respect and hold your partner in high regard. Encourage and help elevate them, and create a space for you and your partner to shine in your own masculine and feminine energies.

{✓}Prioritize self-love. Nurture your well-being first so you can easily share your gifts with others once you feel great about yourself.

{✓}Jot down what you’re grateful for every day. In a relationship, gratitude is one of the most important things.  

{✓}Don’t deny your negative emotions. Allow yourself to feel your feelings before letting them go. If you try to escape your emotions, they will show up differently, hurting you more.

{✓}Come from a place of higher vibration. When you come from a good place, you attract better opportunities. 

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