Episode 107 | March 13, 2018

The Gift of Self-Love with Orion Talmay

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Mission #107

Mission: The Gift of Self-Love

Today’s episode is all about self-love! Every time a lady joins my group Awaken Your Inner Goddess on Facebook, I ask her why she wanted to join. I collect their answers because it’s so important for me to know what women really want. Very frequently, their answers revolve around wanting to love themselves. Maybe she want to learn to love themselves for the first time or to rediscover the love they used to have for themselves.

If you’re not familiar with the power of self-love, this might sound like it’s about being arrogant or self-centered. But self-love doesn’t have to be like that at all! Instead, it involves beautiful concepts such as forgiving yourself, trusting yourself, setting (and sticking to) your boundaries, taking care of your health, and saying yes to positive experiences. As part of my own self-love journey, I’m going to do this episode solo because I trust myself and my knowledge to be valuable enough to share with you!

The Mission Log:

  • [01:58] – Orion talks about what self-love is (and isn’t), and mentions the dictionary’s definitions of self-love.
  • [03:52] – Self-love is taking actions that are directed toward promoting your well-being, Orion explains. One of the major factors in this is forgiving yourself.
  • [06:40] – Orion talks about what the difference is between being proactive and reactive, and clarifies why it’s so important to be proactive.
  • [08:53] – Only when Orion slows down is she able to function at her best.
  • [10:36] – One of the days in the challenge that Orion did was about forgiveness. She talks about some of the things she had to forgive in her own life.
  • [12:28] – We hear about an upcoming episode’s guest, Byron Katie, and her system involving four questions.
  • [15:06] – Self-love looks like self-trust, Orion explains, and talks about what this means.
  • [17:14] – Orion has learned to separate the guru from the method and understand that it’s okay to release what you don’t need, especially the attachment to that particular person being your guide.
  • [18:36] – We learn about what intuition is, and some of the reasons that it can be so important.
  • [20:31] – Orion offers a piece of advice: talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend. She offers some personal insight into how she has felt about her body, and the importance of accepting yourself the way you are.
  • [23:15] – You’re perfect just the way you are, Orion points out, and you’ll suffer until you accept your perfect imperfections.
  • [24:04] – Orion talks more about the seven-day challenge she did with her group, and describes the day they did mirror work.
  • [26:54] – Orion offers an exercise for listeners: touch a part of your body that you’re having a hard time with, and say, “I love you” and “thank you” to that part of yourself.
  • [29:02] – A tip you can use to create more self-love is to practice saying no and being assertive. You can still be kind, but protect yourself and your boundaries.
  • [30:30] – You can also practice saying yes! Orion lists some things you should say yes to.

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Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Constantly remind yourself that you are worthy of self-love. It’s not selfish to make sure your own needs are met.

✓ Prioritize self-care. No one will be able to take care of your career, environment or business the way that you can.

✓ Forgive yourself and don’t let negative memories or feelings get in the way of your personal growth. It’s easier to forgive others but forgiving yourself brings inner peace.

✓ Slow down from your busy life. A little bit of stress is good to keep you challenged but too much work can take a toll on your health and well-being.  

✓ Take ownership of everything in your life whether it’s good or bad. When you take responsibility for even your littlest fault, you value yourself better.

✓ Be more aware of your thoughts and analyze them rationally rather than emotionally. Don’t let limiting beliefs take over.

✓ Continue to improve your skills or try out a new one. Self-love is about letting yourself grow and improve as you get older so that you can age gracefully.

✓ Have a healthy body image. Don’t let the media tell you what looks good and what doesn’t. You are real, beautiful and incredible.

✓ Be kind to others and spread positivity so that it will surround you. Being happy and fulfilled makes it easier to love yourself.

✓ Practice saying no. Don’t feel guilty for avoiding something you don’t want to do. At the end of the day, people will respect your decision.



Hi, welcome to Stellar Life podcast, this is Orion. How are you doing today? Today’s all about self-love. Everytime a lady joins my group, Awaken Your Inner Goddess on Facebook, I ask them the question of, “Why do you wanna join our group? Why do you wanna join our challenge?” I collect their answers because it’s really important for me to know what women want. One of the answers that I hear repeatedly is, “I want to learn how to love myself more,” and another answer is, “I wanna relearn how to love myself.” Some maybe never connected to self-love and some maybe have experienced that but life hit and life hit hard and they need to relearn it.

My thought is that we need to remind ourselves, you need to remind yourself, every moment of every day that, like my mentor, Dr. Demartini says, “Whatever you did or didn’t do, you are worthy of love.” Self-love is not about being selfish, it’s not about taking, taking, taking, it’s not about pride, it’s not about ego.

I just opened the online dictionary and they had three definitions for self-love.

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