Episode 308 | March 7, 2023

Quantum Healing with Dr. Amit Goswami

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I am thrilled to share our latest episode, where I have the honor of speaking with Dr. Amit Goswami, a pioneer of the new paradigm of quantum science based on the primacy of consciousness.

As a retired professor from the physics department of the University of Oregon and founder of the Quantum Activism movement and Center for Quantum Activism, Amit Goswami has extensive knowledge and experience in quantum science and consciousness.

Together, we explore the fascinating concept of quantum healing, which involves using the principles of quantum physics to heal the body, mind, and soul. We discuss how quantum healing can help us shift from a disease-centered approach to a health-centered one and the role of consciousness in this process.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in alternative medicine, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we delve deeper into the world of quantum healing and explore its potential to transform our health and well-being.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening and thought-provoking discussion. Tune in!


In This Episode

  • [02:36] – Orion welcomes Dr. Amit Goswami to discuss his book Quantum Integrative Medicine. Dr. Amit explains the book’s purpose in guiding people toward preventive medicine and a health-centered approach to medicine.
  • [07:25] – Dr. Amit discusses what we need to eliminate for better health. He emphasizes that medicine should not be the primary focus of life.
  • [12:45] – What are the five different bodies that we have?
  • [20:02] – How can we make a quantum leap?
  • [31:40] – Dr. Amit explains the concept of quantum physics regarding our correlation with the other side of the world.
  • [38:44] – Dr. Amit elaborates on the connection between the chakra system and quantum medicine.
  • [46:01] – Orion and Dr. Amit talk about self-worth and how we can take responsibility for ourselves, especially in health.
  • [52:49] – How can we manifest new things in the quantum field?
  • [55:55] – Dr. Amit shares his top tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Amit, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so grateful to be talking to you. I feel like you’re a very special light, and I love how you are so wise, so smart and yet so kind and pleasant. I’m just looking forward to spending this hour with you.

Today, we will talk about your book, Quantum Integrative Medicine. I went over it. I highlighted some things, and I have some interesting questions for you. Before we begin, tell us a brief introduction of your purpose and why you decided to write this book.

Okay, well, the purpose of this is to present the research that is going on using quantum science. There is not much surprise anymore because the surprise was done in my initial book, Quantum Doctor, published many years ago. I was very surprised that quantum physics can explain stuff like homeopathy.

Now, it was not a question of surprise so much, but it was a question of filling in many gaps and reporting that now we are integrating different medicinal systems, like Chinese and Indian medicine, mind-body medicine, and allopathy. It’s easy to integrate that, just machine medicine. Everyone has scope for that one quick relief of symptoms. Spiritual medicine.

So it is a very deep and enthusiastic announcement that we now understand the human condition enough to guide people through preventive medicine. Because we now have a complete theory, we can tell people confidently that look, do this and do this, and they will be able to prevent getting sick. So you can change your attitude towards medicine from a disease-centered approach to a health-centered one.

Money has always been known to corrupt human beings.

Yes. Health-centered or heart-centered is very needed today, especially in medicine. Unfortunately, there are some doctors with big egos, and they don’t want to hear this stuff. The ego with their blinders on. 

There’s a lot of money involved. I’m not quite blaming the pharmaceuticals, nor can you blame the doctors who cater to the pharmaceuticals because there’s a lot of money involved. Money has always been known to corrupt human beings. It’s very unfortunate because people’s health is involved. We just have to struggle through it. People have to wake up and start taking responsibility for their health.

As they do that, they will be pleasantly surprised that they can get out of that game that insurance companies, pharmaceutical, and doctors in cahoots are playing. That game does not help the ordinary individual bunch. Instead, we are not told how to get old in a dignified way. Therefore, the results are there.

Every day, we hear that a study shows that if one changes lifestyle, starting in middle age, how the older age prepares much nicer. There’s so much coming out. So that’s not the issue that if you did this, but what happens if you did this, that is there. That is what the objective of quantum integrative medicine is. We show that if you change your lifestyle during the midlife transition, do not wait for later on to get a chronic disease. You will have a good long life. You can look forward to dignified life and death with dignity. None of these ensure all of this.

Yes, and there is a story in your book where you said a woman was seeing a doctor, and the doctor was asking her how are you feeling. And she said, “well, you’re the doctor, you tell me?” Do you think it’s a matter of people trusting themselves more and their connection to Source and their intuition rather than delegating everything to someone of authority?

Yeah, the point is that we have become very used to being manipulated. The bulk of the people doesn’t even know that they are being manipulated. That being the case, that will take a while to make an impression on the bulk of the people. But I think we can say that many people are much more aware. Some estimates say that’s about 15% of people, but that’s a lot of people. More than a billion people. 

The Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami, PhD

Well, we are in good company.

Yes, we are in good company. This is counter because you are curious when you see a healthy person around you. Okay, we are out suffering and having a carefree life, but we are not doing very well health-wise. What is the secret that this person has?

That sense of curiosity question will eventually change people to think that there are other ways of not giving up pleasure unnecessarily, not giving up the essential aspects of lifestyle, but just the trivial aspects. Like information processing, who needs to consult the cell phone every five minutes? There’s really no need. If we eliminate the simple thing, the health benefits are enormous.

Yes, that is so true. I do feel like more and more people are getting almost seeking something beyond and seeking different. Chinese medicine, for example, used to be considered weird. Now it’s very common everywhere. Even in hospitals, they do acupuncture, which is great. 

I go to this amazing Chinese doctor, and he started Kung Fu when he was four and has accompanied his grandfather since he was ten. He knows how to do acupuncture, read the face, and do herbs. He just looked at a picture of a friend of mine, he diagnosed everything just by looking at the face, looking at the tongue and looking at the ear.

It’s so amazing. I believe that homeopathic medicine is very important too. Especially, God forbid you to have to go on the surgery, and there are a lot of benefits to it. But I love what you’re doing with integrative.

Even drugs are not to be avoided. Because anytime we have a necessity for quickly dealing with pain, we choose allopathic medicine, and there’s no question that the drugs give immediate relief. Symptoms need to be relieved before we can pay attention to lifestyle issues. So none of it has its place so long as it’s not the primary thing in life.

For example, during the COVID, it became clear that allopathic medicine was not dealing with COVID very well. Nobody found it slowed down symptoms of COVID. But they were dealing with some of the symptoms, helping people with breathing and stuff and saving many lives. No question, but what happened afterward is distracting. 

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The aftermath of COVID is where higher or quantum medicine comes in because we have hardware of the body. But the physiologist is turned on by vital software, and this vital software needs to be worked on vital energy medicine and vital energy exercises. This, of course, does not occur to the allopathic person.

Sometimes they are, at best, referred to mental therapy. But never homeopathy, which is just not admitted for us. Acupuncture homeopathy is something extracted, something that we feel, something that we call energy, not physical energy, though it’s quantum energy, vital energy. That acknowledgment lacking this aftermath of COVID was not treated. This is why so much suffering took place.

We tried our best. We have publicized on our website that there is an easy way. Please pay attention to the aftermath of the recovery; there is much more work to do. You can live better by simply doing exercises of vital energy like Pranayama or yoga. But we have a fairly limited amount. This is why you are so important because this podcast will reach many people, and they will get the idea that, look, there really is healing beyond allopathic. That healing has to be done only with alternative, complementary medicine.

All right, cool. I want to ask you about the five different bodies that we have. Can you elaborate on that?

Physiology is not genes by itself.

Yeah, so this is the important thing. We have already started on it. The material body is the hardware—a very important part of it. But hard work comes with physiology, functions, organs, or functions. This is one of the greatest discoveries we publicized and should be publicized to anyone interested in health: physiology is not genes by itself.

Genes have to be turned on by software. This software is epigenetic. Not only epigenetic, it’s nonphysical software. So this software is the crucial thing that we have to introduce. Rupert Sheldrake called the morphic field, that’s just a name, but what the software does is turn on the physiology. So this part of the genetic physiology aspect is the most important. 

When that physiology goes wrong, we cannot fix it with allopathic medicine. We have to fix the programs from physiology. This idea of vital body medicine is entirely correcting those programs or providing the missing program, like when we take an herb, that’s what Chinese herbal medicine or Ayurvedic medicine gives you, or even homeopathy in a very intelligent way.

These herbs have the missing program. It is giving us that a disease was caused by a program missing in the software. For some reason, in the person, because of lifestyle, because of other factors too, mainly lifestyle. This is why that program won’t make mistakes. If we provide the program with herbal medicine, we have failed again.

Shift your perspective on medicine from a disease-centered approach to a health-centered one, prioritizing overall health and well-being.

So we have to take care of the body or the vital and, of course, the mind. This is now well established—mental and emotional stress greatly affects health. Fortunately, allopathic physicians are no longer neglecting. Mind-body medicine is now an established part of medicine, but they don’t have any clue about how to process mind-body medicine. 

For example, meditation. Everybody today approves of meditation, but how meditation works and how to make it creative so that it can heal a wrong mental meaning establishing the block in the vital energy.

We have shown in this book that they are the energies of the heart that we call love. These energies are blocked by a person who is grieving. I became interested in cancer because it’s ironic, but Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite actresses, and she had a mastectomy, or I don’t remember. She had a mastectomy because of a genetic predisposition.

Her physician told her that she is predisposed to having at least an 86% chance of having breast cancer. So she just did a double mastectomy. I was sad that she didn’t know the information we were giving. That was part of the inspiration for writing the book. We have shown that the heart is activated and takes a quantum leap, becoming quantum in behavior. That quantum heart, the energy of the quantum heart, is what we call love—what we experience as love. 

If you grieve too much, the heart’s energy is blocked.

People who have love in their lives in a prolonged way never get cancer. So why do women get breast cancer? Many of these cases a substantial number of these cases are about grieving. If you grieve too much, what happens is that these heart energies that women have plenty, they are the mothers, they are the wives, they are the glue of the relationship—that’s when the heart energy is blocked because I’ll never love again.

That training, then the whole physiology goes. The immune system is a heart-centered organ. It’s on the right side. The heart is on the left side, that thymus gland of the whole system, plus the whole immune system itself, the lymphatic system, they all go, and my immune system is very aggressive.

The aggressive immune system is the cause of cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. Even people are connecting it to Alzheimer’s and degenerative diseases. It’s a very serious thing to keep the immune system healthy. Right now, one of the great news that came out recently is that a long study was done about happy people. It was said that happy people all have deep relationships, which tells you this story. People with deep relationships and friendships only have partners in life.

Yeah, it can work both ways. You have the relationship; therefore, you’re happy, or you can be happy. Therefore, you have deep relationships. The best and most important relationship is not externally the one you have with yourself. The connection to self-love and love comes from a source.

Relationships with nature, with yourself, with God or spirituality, keep that mental, emotional, the meaning body clear, plus also what we call the supramental body, our soul, basically—higher values, that’s where the soul is. In this grieving exercise, we know that they don’t only block vital energy, but they also block our access to the archetypes.

The values come from what Plato called archetypes—context of values—love, beauty, justice, and truth. So when we lose access to these finer things of life, happiness comes in. Happiness is the expansion of consciousness. Happiness is not pleasure. Pleasure is a very, very poor substitute for happiness.

To solve a problem, we have to go to it, and the concept of a higher level must be there first.

You wrote in your book, when the mind creates disease, often the healing cannot be fine at the level of the mind. One has to take a quantum leap to the supramental for healing. It reminds me of what Einstein said: we could not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. My question is, so how do we make that quantum leap?

Well, our narrative—this is what we do—we try to solve our problems at the same level, staying at the same level of thinking. That produces the problem. Our experience in science, our experience in arts, and our experience in all creative endeavors have shown that we can never solve a problem that way. To solve a problem, we have to go to it, and the concept of a higher level must be there first.

The science that I constantly criticize every opportunity I get matters is everything that just has one level. It has no concept of a higher level. It has no real problem-solving. A computer can only solve problems that the program already understands. So, of course, we can give very good programs that can solve problems as much as we can, but computers can never solve those problems we cannot solve.

If we are trying to solve health problems, it’s not going to help very much to have the greatest programs of artificial intelligence. They’re not going to be able to help us. What has to help us is what makes us human—the capacity for intelligence, the capacity for feeling, the capacity for intuition, and the capacity for being spiritual. Those are the things that we’ve talked about. So that’s the five bodies—physical hardware, vital software, mental software, emotional software, supplemental soul software, the spirit itself, and oneness of everything.

So how do we jump into that quantum and take a quick quantum leap? Where do spontaneous remissions happen? How do we get there?

Okay, so this is a very, very important issue. How do we get there, and what is the best policy? If we wait until the disease has set in, then quantum leaping becomes harder. The reason is quantum leaping is an engagement with a process. It does not happen when we shouldn’t. It happens if we go through a process. The process consists of imagining and visualizing various healings or bringing positivity in our midst, like laughing, which is a good prescription for these aspects of healing creativity.

Quantum Integrative Medicine by Amit Goswami & Valentina R. Onisor

Then the process consists of meditating, just doing nothing, relaxing, but it’s a relaxing meditation, keeping the focus still on healing. We call this process “do be do be do” because we’re busy imagining and visualizing, and part of the time, you’re just relaxing, doing nothing. So ‘do be do be do’ eventually produces the creative insight so suddenly and strongly that the immune system can heal just like that.

There are cases where a tumor has been killed over time. The experience of healing the night before, let’s say, ten o’clock at night, she would go to sleep, then when she wakes up, she has recovered. This is a very frequent case of this quantum healing. So it does happen, but the person has to have one fundamental requirement of taking this quantum healing, any kind of quantum creativity.

I have gone through my whole life with creativity. I know one has to have resilience. One has to have patience, failure, failure, failure, and then success comes. That ability to take failure goes down enormously when we are sick. So actually, one should not wait for sickness. We are saying that if you prevent it and take these quantum leaps, they work even when you don’t have the disease. That way, we’ll never have the disease because your physiology has just changed.

When I was trying to get pregnant, I went to IVF, and the doctors gave me a 5% chance to conceive. In my mind, I decided it was 95%, and thank God I conceived a healthy, beautiful baby on the first try. This means we give things that keep us in peace and less stressed. Lately, I’ve been very, very stressed. Even though I know everything I should be doing, and that’s what I preach to, and that’s what I teach.

I kind of let myself go mentally. I found out that I was taking the weight of the world on my shoulders, and my thoughts were of fear and stress because things were happening with a family member and another family member, and I just felt like I was taking everything on. In the last few days, I’ve been trying to discipline my mind where negative or unwanted thoughts come to mind.

I’m just trying to shrink them, make them small, gray, and far away and like, “nope, go back to what’s good. Go back to beautiful.” Go back to even talking to myself. One of the things that I tell myself is an affirmation that a friend gave me. “I am the source of my power. Therefore, I can fall asleep right now. I’m the source of my power. Therefore, my body’s healing.”

I go back to just commanding my mind to stop running wild and be so undisciplined and focus on what’s important and about the compelling future because in the world of infinite possibilities, why am I choosing the ones that are not serving me and pushing me down? It’s not good for me, not good for my body, not good for my family, not good for anyone around me. 

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Exactly. We have an entire belief system to play around with. Why am I choosing the wrong programs? Somebody put in a belief that unless I behave in a certain way, I will not get the usual rewards of a relationship. These things are programmed in us very early on, like a child will not get attention until the child cries or has a problem. 

So unless we develop the problem, nobody will pay attention to us. This is so unconsciously ingrained that we routinely do it. We don’t realize that I’m making myself sick to get attention. But I am an adult who can speak about my necessity and need for companionship. The other results are looking for.

It’s just hidden beliefs that get entrenched during our development. Child development is a very important area. Just right now, Valentina, who is my co-author in this book, and we are writing a book on integrative psychology because this is what we can address in the integrative psychology book that deals with this belief system, developmental period of life, how important that is when we get a personality that is healthy, and how bad it is when we get a personality disorder.

Indeed, personality disorders also contribute to ill health and bad habits that produce ill health later in life. Everything is just so much connected. We are making a point when we talk about five bodies of consciousness. Nutrition just is not an issue of the physical body. Nutrition is an issue of all five bodies. We have to keep the vital body healthy. We have to keep the mental body in good exercise. We have to keep the supplemental, archetypal, creative part, intuitive part healthy, and, finally, spiritual.

Rationality may create distance between individuals, but the heart is where we connect and become one.

Is it true?

To raise the book, the spiritual connection is almost gone because the wisdom of the mainstream scientists is that there is no spirit, and there is no such thing as consciousness. We are just machines. We are made of matter. These are constantly fed in the media. You, of course, are an exception. Alternative media is the only place where people can learn from healthy spirituality. 

Religions don’t do the job because they still hold on to their archaic heaven, hell, and all those things that do not sell to the modern mind. They get the license of being ambiguous about values when they can easily reject the concept of hell after that does not scare anybody anymore. So religion has lost its basis.

So who will keep it up? And we have to. This alternative media we are on right now, and the alternative science we are developing an alternative worldview, is humanity’s future. If we don’t do it, who will? It will just get lost in the labyrinth of problems.

On a spiritual level, on a quantum level, if I’m worried about somebody on the other side of the world, do I negatively affect them?

It can if you are correlated. The concept of quantum physics gives us a very important concept check. This is a big question if we are non-locally connected to someone. How can I non-locally be connected to someone if we are in close proximity, and we have a positive feeling towards the person, or we are into it together? We are creating together. We like to bet that we meditate together on those occasions, so we make love. That’s another way we can correlate. 

Correlation means we become one.

Correlation means we become one. We can communicate without any signals. Each of us then has deep empathy for the other. Yes, the person can be on the other side of the world, and still, I can be correlated. However, if I have a continuous relationship with someone out of sight or mind, the correlation will break.

If you are relating, the relationship does not depend on distance, independent of distance, so a correlated relationship is what we’re looking for. When we say that long-term or deep relationship, this is what we mean, deep, non-local. Non-local means without any signal or communication but is instantaneous.

The signal is happening with intention.

Yup, signals always take time to reach each other so we can get out of sync. But if it’s instantaneous communication, then I can not only be in sync, but we can maintain being in sync. That’s the key to communication. In other words, we communicate with each other by being that sense of empathy that you and I are in tune with. This is the idea of non-local relationships. This is different. A non-local deep relationship is nothing but a nonlocality non-local relationship.

It is still a relationship; we still affect each other and can still do remote healing and create healing with someone.

The Quantum Re-enchantment of the Reality You Live by Amit Goswami & Valentina Oniso

Respecting is a very good start because if you don’t respect—we have a concept called. We emphasize this great amount in quantum integrative medicine. Your lifestyle must involve a tangled hierarchical relationship. What does that mean? Usually, we have a simple hierarchy. I control you when you try to control, which is what happens in a relationship.

If we replace it, that nobody tries to control the other but maintains a smooth correlated relationship, caring for the other, respecting the other, equal, circular relationship where you end or where I begin hardly matters, that’s the relationship that’s always a tangled hierarchical relationship, circular relationship. You and I belong to the same circle. It’s continuous. It has no end to you, and there’s no end to me. So that’s the relationship we are looking for.

That’s the source of this deep relationship. Don’t look at it first; we get into a tangled hierarchical relationship. Maintaining a tangled hierarchical relationship with even one person can be the epitome of health because we have taken many of these quantum leaps to discuss—physiology changes.

Do we need to experience oneness with the other to heal?

Yeah. Relationships are the best. After studying this for 40 years, I conclude that all the prescriptions of a relationship with God and a relationship with nature are okay, but they’re harder. A relationship with a person is the best. It is sweet. It is easy to be curious and excited about, and maintaining correlation is much easier.

I love it. There’s another quote from your book that I loved. You have a drawing of two hands that are like writing each other. It says the experiencing brain and the self are like painting on canvas. You cannot peel one away from the other.

Can we get out of our brain identity from the quantum self? How do we get out of that cycle of meaning and writing and meaning and writing and get outside of ourselves into the position of the witness or the program?

This is part of the real issues where tangled hierarchy becomes very important. Knowing to fight is not a bad thing. We have disagreements. We would have ups and downs, but the point is that the correlation should never stop.

People cannot function in the world without occasional disagreement.

This is one of the things we discussed in quantum integrative medicine. The head is very good for rationality. Rationality separates you from me, but the heart is where we become together. If we, at the same time, act from the heart and the head, then we can talk about differences, and we can maintain empathy even while we disagree with people having a bad phase of a relationship. People cannot function in the world without occasional disagreement.

A way to do it is with ourselves. We have three cells in the body. Brain dominates us, but we have a self in the heart. This is one of the major points we make in the book. There is also the self in the navel that gives us more self-worth. All three selves are important. This gives overlap. The navel chakra gives us self-love, and the brow chakra gives us mental intuition and intuitive thought. All three are important.

In the book, you talk about the chakra systems. Can you give us a brief explanation of the chakra system and how they connect to quantum medicine?

The chakra system was discovered in the East centuries ago, probably 2000 years ago, maybe a little less. The idea is that they set the centers where we feel. They discovered it empirically. The bottom of the anus that’s called the root chakra. That’s the base chakra.

The first three chakras are about our base feelings, survival-related feelings. We have feelings of security, feelings of fear. That’s when the security goes away. We feel the opposite of security, which is fear. That’s the root chakra. The sex chakra, I don’t need to say very much because everybody knows it’s connected with sexual feelings.

Again, the positive feeling, the sexual feeling, isn’t bad, but the negative part gets us into this unrequited class. That’s pretty bad. That’s why people become sexually aggressive. The navel chakra is very significant because we can have experience there. There is a little brain there. It can have a full-fledged experience, an experience of feeling.

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The normal feeling is security and pride if the functioning is going well. When the functioning is not going well, we get insecure. That’s the normal level. If we can take it once a week, the feelings of self-worth come in. These feelings of self-worth are basic to a human being for taking responsibility. Responsibility is crucial in matters of health.

I love that.

People who are not taking responsibility for themselves will have much more occasions of sickness than people who can take responsibility. I must make a special plea to women because of social pressure. Women are not allowed much to be autonomous. Women traditionally have a stronger heart but pay for it by having a weaker navel self, navel chakra. Therefore women must make a special effort of creativity to reawaken this navel chakra, and then they will not have problems with type two diabetes. For women, type two diabetes is a major problem.

Anxiety neurosis is one thing in the mental department. The heart is for love. We already have covered that. Again, the quantum leap is love. If you don’t take a quantum leap, what happens? Defensiveness. As you see, so many men start with defensiveness. If you look at a woman, she will likely be defensive or refuse to be vulnerable; therefore, she cannot even have a relationship with him.

The brow chakra is the center of our major self, the thinking self.

This is the situation today. It all comes from the fact that men, by social pressure, do not take that quantum leap. Girls do. Therefore they’re very fortunate. They live longer. Their health is better at all ages, and all that comes from having a healthy heart. So let us take a quantum leap of love. Throat, that’s an expression. The brow chakra is the center of our major self, the thinking self.

For many people, our identity is locked up with this. This has both good and bad aspects. The bad aspect is that intellectuals get completely lost in the brain. The body means nothing to them; they don’t feel and cannot relate. So they develop this heart disease, cancer, and eventually Alzheimer’s.

The crown chakra is what we’re beginning to understand. It has not been studied very much, but this is at the top of the head. Back off the top of my head. The organ there is the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe is a significant part of the brain. It gives us somatosensory information. That’s all the somatosensory cortex brings that information over here, and that’s where it’s processed.

It gives you a feeling for what the body is. This is why we all look at a mirror whenever we pass it. We cannot help it; it’s built into us. How am I looking? That’s the energy over there.

As I said, that’s normal energy. If we could take a quantum leap there, what would happen? Then we are not a part of the body. Wonderful things can happen when we are detached from this constant awareness of how I am looking and doing in the physical body.

Yes. I felt very much at ease. Every time I visit Costa Rica, I feel much more alive and at ease. The collective consciousness there is not about the way you look. It’s about who you are, and I resonate with that.

Along with the physical body, nutrition impacts the vital, mental, supramental, intuitive, and spiritual aspects of our being.

There are, of course, but in general, there is less emphasis on makeup, how you look and just being a good person, which is much healthier. We also have a better connection to nature there. I resonate with that. You’re saying that to be healthy, we need to fix the imbalance in our chakras. Men need to connect to their hearts, and women need to connect to their center of power.

We need to connect to the navel. Everybody needs to disconnect slightly from this control of the crown chakra regarding how to look comfortable. How is my physical body doing? This concern for the physical body makes us ignorant about how the other bodies are doing. Directly speaking, this is a culture where we find our young women constantly sending pictures to social media, like Instagram and TikTok.

What will happen to this? Everybody doesn’t get anorexia, but the point is that everybody doesn’t get full health either because of this concern. I’m sure the mental side of it is quite serious. The physical side is anorexia. Fortunately, most girls get over it when they become older, but it’s a real problem at a young age.

It all comes from the feeling that I’m not enough and don’t belong. So people want to feel worthy, to feel enough, and to feel that they belong. So they, especially young minds, will gravitate toward the illusion of social media. If I have many likes and shares, then I’m worthy; if not, I am not. This has become their illusion of self-worth. What is your take on it?

Pleasure addiction is another very serious difficulty with health.

Your entire self-worth is brought up by how many likes you get. This is ridiculous and interferes with our dealing with the archetype, the human values, because they all develop and concentrate on basic survival values. They don’t satisfy our higher needs. Most people live in the base of the human condition, which is very me-centered and negative emotional brain circuits. That, and the pleasure very, dominate them. Pleasure addiction is another very serious difficulty with health.

Yes. Even those programs are programmed to give us dopamine hits. They know brain science. They know how to hook you in. They use the same method of using casinos for gambling with the little sounds and visuals to reward your brain, so your brain gets addicted to those things.

Yeah. We now understand the mechanism of addiction completely. So that should help a little bit. If you are addicted, your addiction prevents you from moderating your behavior to substance imbibing. The more you imbibe, the more the brain avoids the substance, and therefore the more you need to get the same state you want. You’re never going to reach that state because your brain is built in such a way that it has to survive. It has to save itself from the alcohol, which will kill the neurons.

The mechanism is so clear that anybody who reads about it a little bit or hears about it a little bit would immediately become cautious. Again, prevention, because if we try to eliminate at the level where people are already abusers, alcoholics, or any other, then it’s much more difficult to take those quantum leaps. Quantum leaps become much simpler if the person is not already on the path of sickness. This is the point we need to ingrain in people who pay attention. Preventiveness is so much easier than healing when you are already sick.

Lots of people have misunderstandings. For example, there’s a thing that unless I ate that juicy hamburger, I’m not going to be happy. That’s the wrong way of thinking. There is so much good food that is nutritious. It’s a shame that people are still attached to all those so-called good foods that harm you so badly.

We have to come out of the grip of the allopathic. That is the one that hurts the most.

Of course, the economy is based on this kind of selling, consumer economy. It’s the whole vicious circle. It will take time to change, many big questions, and much more suffering. But, of course, we have to come out of the grip of the allopathic. That is the one that hurts the most.

Sometimes we have to suffer from learning the lesson. Even though we are aware of things, sometimes the universe has to tap us on the shoulder, or sometimes it’s more than a tap for us to be like, oh, okay. The good thing is that we can change anything anytime because of infinite possibilities.

This power is breathing us. They can heal us at any moment if we desire to connect. If we don’t have the desire, we can even pray to have the desire to connect and heal, do our job, take responsibility, and go out and seek knowledge.

When you look for something, when you look for red, it activates your reticular activating system, and you find it, and so does finding God, spirituality, or healing. So when you put intention there, you will get there. The universe will co-create with you because it’s working for you.

It’s also written in the book that our normal state is a state of health and well-being. This is where we’re supposed to be. We’re supposed to be healthy. We’re supposed to be happy. This is our blueprint. We have to return to who we are, to that light source.

Yes, create intentionally; it is basic. I’m glad you mentioned that. Creative intentionality, sometimes it’s called bringing it back. It is called the placebo effect, but that’s a misnomer. The placebo effect is a very positive thing. We lose the effect that we are the placebo. We lose that knowledge that we can get ourselves to heal by creative intentionality. The body has a mechanism. All we have to say is to desire help and to intend for good health. That takes care of so many things.

Desire help and intend for good health.

At one point, I was very much into meditation in those days. I was a healthy person. It was only when the sufferings were minor. I would have little things. I would hold. If I have pain, let’s say, in hand, I’ll hold the hand and say, “hand, take care of yourself.” Just meditating on an intention that I’m allowing the body to take care of itself, and the body does. That’s the placebo. All I need is to intend good health.

Wow, that’s beautiful. We talked about creating health. It’s the same as what you were sharing. Can you give me some wisdom about manifesting new things in the quantum field?

We have covered it partly. When a serious disease comes, we apply allopathic medicine to buy time. It’s important to give that role because allopathic medicine does it well. For example, for cancer, should chemotherapy be used, should surgery be used, should radiation be used? Those things should not even be asked. A little bit of everything can be used to eliminate symptoms immediately. If we do that, we can take on a quantum healing project.

The Quantum healing project starts with connecting the connection back. If your connection is the one that has been lost, that began all these things. We have to bring that about. It’s very important because without that cooperation, we don’t have a quantum leap, and then we do intentionality. We call it the seven “I” processes: (1) inspiration, (2) intention, (3) intuition, (4) imagination, (5) incubation (that’s unconscious processing, just sitting), (6) insight, and (7) implementation. The Seven “I” Process is taking these quantum leaps of health. Once you do that, your physiology changes.

Now we need another hour to talk about the seven things.

It just takes more than an hour to get it, to get to the basics. The book works. Thousands and thousands of people are quantum leaping today, so it works. We do not doubt it. If you know how to implement it correctly, we can greatly help with the process. You can come to our website; we have consultants who can help people take quantum leaps of mental and physical diseases to treat that.

One thing again and again and again, there’s no free lunch. People have to have resilience. You have to have hope despite failure. You have to maintain enthusiasm. You have to want to be healthy. This is where we need all those good things, values like love and beauty. We need to see that the world is worth it. I am worth it in that sense, not because I can have brighter lipstick, but I am worth it because I am capable of loving.

Assuming responsibility for our own well-being can significantly reduce the frequency of illness compared to those who neglect self-care. Click To Tweet

Bright lipstick helps, too, for women. It helps me. Thank you. Thank you so much. Before we say goodbye, for now, I want to be respectful of your precious time. Thank you for sharing everything here. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

I hope you have another interview on the other book, Re-enchantment of the Reality. This would be a fun book to talk about because this book introduces the basic concepts of what consciousness is, what God is, what the soul is, what meaning is, and what love is. These are the kinds of things people don’t know anymore. They have misconceptions about practically everything that is of value to human life.

Everything that defines humanity we don’t teach that anymore in schools. What we teach is job training. It starts at age three and a half and goes on the job training, job training, and then eventually, people end up taking a job they don’t like. This is our education today.

We’re complaining about it. We have to do something about it, and we are. We have developed Ph.D. and master’s courses in the quantum science of health, prosperity, and happiness. We are doing this very seriously and training people to know so they can be quantum doctors, quantum psychologists, or quantum business people.

Yes. Amen. Where can people find you, and where can they get The Quantum Integrative Medicine, The Quantum Doctor, The Quantum Re-enchantment of the Reality You Live, and all those books?

My website is amitgoswami.org. If you get to that website, that will give you all the information about every book, every program, all the lectures that I do, interviews, and everything.

Yes, thank you. Thank you, Amit. Thank you so much. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being here. Thank you for everything that you do to help humanity.

Thank you for having me, Orion.

Thank you, listeners. Remember, there is no free lunch. You have to be resilient. You have to have hope and connect to love and beauty. Take responsibility for yourself and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Cultivate awareness of the present. Practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, or become aware of your breath and surroundings.

{✓}Seek your purpose. Explore the deeper questions of life and find ways to align your actions with your values and sense of purpose.

{✓}Foster meaningful relationships with friends, family, and community. Connect with others often as social connection is essential to healthy well-being.

{✓}Embody love and compassion. Practice kindness and empathy towards yourself and others, and recognize we are all connected to a larger whole.

{✓}Recognize the power of your thoughts and beliefs in shaping your reality. Focus on cultivating positive and empowering beliefs.

{✓}Live in alignment with your highest self and deepest values. Learn to let go of anything that no longer serves your growth and well-being.

{✓}Sustain enthusiasm and resilience for good health. Strive for overall health and adopt a positive outlook to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

{✓}Connect with yourself and your beliefs through quantum healing. Use the seven “I” processes (inspiration, intention, intuition, imagination, incubation, insight, and implementation) to experience positive quantum leaps in your health. These processes can bring significant physiological changes and improve health and well-being.

{✓}Let go of external validation. Instead, focus on self-love, compassion, and purpose to break free from negative emotional brain circuits and the pleasure-seeking mindset.

{✓}Visit Dr. Amit Goswami’s website to learn more about his extensive ideas on spirituality and science. 

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In 2009, Amit started a movement called Quantum Activism, now gaining ground in North and South America, Europe, and India. At the same time, he has also established the Center for Quantum Activism (CQA) with headquarters in USA. In 2019, he and his collaborators established an educational wing of CQA called Quantum Activism Vishwalayam (Home of the World), acting as Department of Quantum Science at the University of Technology in Jaipur, India, and developed a Master and PhD program in Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity and Happiness, an international program of transformative education.

Goswami has written several groundbreaking popular books based on research on quantum science and consciousness, amongst them, The Quantum Brain, Quantum Spirituality (with Valentina R. Onisor, MD), Quantum Psychology and the Science of Happiness (with Sunita Pattani, MS), The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, Physics of the Soul, Quantum Creativity and The Everything Answer Book.

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