Dealing with Fear

There are many factors that sabotage your progress ... The first one is FEAR. The second one is FEAR. The third one is ... well you get the point. FEAR is the only thing … [Read more...]


One Secret to Becoming Your Dream

  "I keep asking and asking, but where is my stuff?" Abraham Hi you, I talked about the power of afirmation and the science behind it, on my blog post "positive … [Read more...]


Why Do They Not Get Results From Their Personal Training?

My clients are the most wonderful kind and friendly people. They work hard  and get great results.  As a trainer I came across many personalities. I know for a fact,  that a person … [Read more...]


One of the Worst Obstacles in Your Weight Loss

How alcohol affects your training and weight loss: You go to the gym, train very hard, sweat, eat healthy and drink your protein shakes.  You are feeling great and go out for … [Read more...]

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