Episode 37 | November 8, 2016

Attracting Dream Relationships and a Dream Life: Samantha Pilbeam

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Mission #37

On Board: Samantha Pilbeam
Mission: Attracting Dream Relationships and a Dream Life

The Co-Pilot:

Our co-pilot on this episode is the lovely Samantha Pilbeam, a businesswoman and entrepreneur who manifested her dream life — and even her ideal partner — through the Law of Attraction and following a continuing path of self-improvement.

Samantha, who lives in the UK with her partner Greg, was once stuck in a life characterized by low self-esteem and unhealthy relationships. Using various tools and techniques, she crafted a better life for herself and became the happy, fulfilled, successful woman she is today.

Thanks to her own life experiences,she’s passionate about helping others and making the world a better place. That’s what she’s here to do today. In this episode, you’ll learn all about how she manifested her ideal life, and the daily steps you can take to do the same. As Orion puts it, “Your vibration needs to match the life you want.”

Connect With Samantha Pilbeam:

The Mission Log:

  • [05:11] – Samantha shares a bit about herself, including where she lives and a broad overview of her relationship with her partner.
  • [05:50] – We learn about Samantha’s history of being attracted to men who weren’t right for her, or drawn into dysfunctional relationships.
  • [06:16] – Samantha’s first role models were her parents, who had a dysfunctional relationship. She describes their differences.
  • [07:03] – The type of men who Samantha attracted (and was attracted to) were very similar to her father.
  • [07:44] – Are women going to the wrong places to find love? Samantha indirectly answers that via her own life story.
  • [08:27] – Samantha describes her previous life at the time that she started to realize she needed to make a change, around ten years ago.
  • [09:31] – What was the void, and what was the catalyst for change?
  • [10:24] – The moment that made Samantha realized she really needed a change was when her then-partner punched her in the face. Orion and Samantha discuss how sometimes it takes painful moments to make you realize you need change, and they can be a gift in disguise.
  • [12:14] – At the time, Samantha’s friends and family provided a support group for her.
  • [13:35] – Samantha reflects on her previous relationships, pointing out that what she then thought was “love” wasn’t really love, and that low self-esteem contributed to her decisions.
  • [16:02] – We hear more about Samantha’s life before she learned how to love herself.
  • [17:10] – If you come from a lineage of being treated unkindly, it’s up to you to stand up and change that tradition, Orion explains.
  • [17:39] – Samantha agrees with Orion’s explanation, then applies the same concept to the relation with money. She explores the difference between having a lot of money and experiencing abundance.
  • [18:46] – Samantha opened a beauty business during the middle of the recession, and discovered breathwork and rebirthing around that same time.
  • [19:35] – She describes the experience of doing rebirthing, and how much it can vary from time to time. She also tells us a bit about the self-discoveries that she made this way.
  • [21:10] – Samantha discusses how often she did breathwork, and the three different modules in which she did it.
  • [21:57] – Breathwork isn’t just motivational; it involves a lot of work, dealing with a lot of pain. Samantha noticed that after doing breathwork, she started to love herself more.
  • [23:13] – We hear about how Samantha used breathwork and meditation to help overcome her issues surrounding money. Darius Barazandeh helped her with this.
  • [24:23] – Samantha tells us about the men who started showing up in her life after she started doing breathwork and changing herself.
  • [25:39] – True masculinity doesn’t need to take stereotypically masculine forms. For Samantha, true masculinity is a man who treats a woman like a goddess.
  • [26:34] – The man who Samantha is currently with is exactly what she wrote down when she did her manifesting. We also hear about her previous relationship.
  • [27:42] – Several years earlier, Samantha had taken a Law of Attraction course by Tony Robbins (but in her case, led by Joseph McClendon). She stopped for a while after being freaked out by how quickly she started attracting things into her life.
  • [30:10] – At the time, she explains, she wasn’t ready to receive the life she wanted. Part of her wanted to stay in “suffering mode” because that was the life she was used to.
  • [31:14] – When Samantha next used the Law of Attraction, after having done the breathwork, she was ready to receive. She was also ready for the element of surrender that it required.
  • [32:08] – Orion steps in for a moment to explain what she means by “surrender.”
  • [32:55] – Samantha agrees with Orion’s description, and goes on to explain that her fear was also part of what led to her being in those unhealthy relationships.
  • [33:33] – How did Samantha find Mr. Right?
  • [35:30] – How did she start believing in the Law of Attraction in a way that allowed her to manifest the things she had written on her list?
  • [36:18] – Samantha took about 15 to 20 minutes every morning for her exercise in believing in the Law of Attraction.
  • [37:00] – By the end of the two weeks Samantha took to make herself believe in the Law of Attraction, she let go of the idea because she believed in it so fully that she just knew it would work. She set up a Meetup group several months later, and her partner Greg showed up at the first meeting.
  • [38:10] – Samantha tells us about how she and Greg started dating, and how she realized that he was “the one” for her.
  • [40:22] – What has Samantha done to keep the love alive (and the relationship healthy) after the initial sparks of the relationship wore off?
  • [41:54] – In a successful relationship, both parties take responsibility for their own happiness rather than trying to find it in their partner.
  • [43:48] – Samantha’s three tips for living a stellar life are: appreciate what you have and show gratitude, give yourself love, and give back to people and the world.
  • [44:20] – Samantha offers listeners a gift: her husband Greg is an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) trainer, and they’re offering two listeners a free NLP course early next year (January 4-10 in the Lake District in the UK). Flights and accommodation are not included, but the course is free. To enter, write Samantha a short email about why you think you should be picked and explaining your path and how this will help you (and how you will help the world). Send this to her at samanthapilbeam@nullme.com.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Pain can be a catalyst for change. Write down three recent life events that have been painful (or issues that continue to cause you pain), and then, for each one, three ways that you can turn that pain into positive change.
  2. Every morning, look in the mirror and take five minutes to practice valuing yourself. Tell yourself “I love you,” and look for the beauty reflected in the mirror — focusing on both your internal and external beauty.
  3. We all want more money, but money doesn’t create a sense of abundance. Take ten minutes each day for a month to start a gratitude journal. Explore the forms of abundance that you do have in your life.

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