Episode 43 | December 20, 2016

Reboot Your Life with Feng Shui: Kathryn Weber

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Mission #43

On Board: Kathryn Weber
Mission: Reboot Your Life with Feng Shui

The Co-Pilot:

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Kathryn Weber. Kathryn is a leading feng shui expert whose works have appeared in many prestigious magazines, and after hearing the depths of her expertise and wisdom in this conversation, it’s easy to understand why.

In addition to sharing her knowledge through her world-recognized feng shui e-zine the Red Lotus Letter, Kathryn teaches other feng shui experts how to run their businesses. She also does a great job of combining her feng shui knowledge with a witty, down-to-earth personality that makes the philosophy accessible.

Connect With Kathryn:

FengShuiKatie on Facebook
@FengShuiKatie on Twitter

The Mission Log:

  • [05:21] – Kathryn tells us about herself and how she learned about feng shui while living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She shares two stories about her early days with feng shui.
  • [09:00] – We hear about how Kathryn incorporates feng shui into her identity. She explains that you don’t need to be in a constantly quasi-meditative state to use feng shui, and that energy and activity are good things.
  • [10:54] – Red is an important color for women, and Kathryn explains why.
  • [12:04] – What is feng shui in a nutshell? It was originally a study of time rather than space, Kathryn tells us.
  • [15:09] – Kathryn describes the trinity of luck for zodiac signs. She also describes how her tiger sign fits her.
  • [16:30] – We hear about how feng shui can influence your love life. If you’re a single woman, having images of single women in your home can make it more difficult to find a relationship, so Kathryn suggests including male art or imagery instead.
  • [17:59] – Kathryn talks about how to use feng shui to attract a man. Hint: having a headboard is more important than you might realize. She also discusses the importance of cooking even if you’re a single woman, and the fact that the stomach is the way to the heart.
  • [23:26] – Kathryn gives some suggestions for how to minimize family drama around the holidays by using feng shui.
  • [25:04] – What is the ideal color for the bedroom? Kathryn says it comes down to what makes you feel comfortable, but gives some tips on what to avoid, particularly metal headboards. She also says that today’s flat-screen TVs aren’t a problem in feng shui the way older TVs were. Floral bedrooms are also a problem, she explains.
  • [28:42] – Kathryn explains why we should avoid red walls in the bedroom, and says that any natural human skin colors are excellent colors for romance.
  • [29:58] – We hear more of Kathryn’s history while learning about feng shui.
  • [31:05] – What are Kathryn’s best tips and tools for creating abundance through feng shui? She talks about the importance of a beautiful front door, and explains that fresh paint and some plants or flowers can make a huge difference.
  • [34:40] – Kathryn talks about colors for front doors, and how the ideal depends on the direction it’s facing. She goes on to talk about the color purple.
  • [36:05] – Kathryn raves about oranges, especially about their symbolism of money in feng shui.
  • [37:53] – What feng shui tips are there for a wedding? We hear about color options and suggestions, and she and Orion discuss the colors for Orion’s upcoming wedding.
  • [40:43] – How does feng shui affect our productivity?
  • [45:10] – Kathryn explains how the ancient art of feng shui can apply to modern spaces such as websites. She suggests using colors that harmonize with the kind of work you do.
  • [47:32] – In relation to the quizzes available on her website, Kathryn talks about how to use a bagua to figure out how best to apply feng shui to your home.
  • [49:49] – Kathryn does a forecast every year, and offers a preview of three pieces of advice for 2017.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. What color resonates most deeply with you? Sit down with a piece of paper and jot down notes about what this color evokes or represents to better understand how it suits you.
  2. Take the calculator quizzes on Kathryn’s website to gain more insight into how best to incorporate feng shui techniques into your life and home.
  3. Determine your Chinese zodiac sign and examine how it fits you. You might learn something new and gain insight into yourself.

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