Episode 100 | January 23, 2018

Special mind-altering episode #100!!!

A Personal Note from Orion

It’s a new year, the perfect time to start living a deeper, more meaningful, and joyful existence. You have within you a multitude of unique talents, gifts and literally limitless potential – let’s make this the year that you start living your stellar life! This week, on the 100th episode of the Stellar Life Podcast, my guest is ME (and I’m being interviewed by my talented husband)! I’m celebrating this milestone by sharing my tips, tools and personal journey to inspire you to live your most stellar life. Tune in and tap into some powerful teachings that will shift your mindset and life. I’ll touch on the Law of Attraction, the Law of Action, inspiration from some of my favorite teachers, letting go of busyness, the importance of self-care, nutrition tips and more. No matter where you are on your journey in this life, I’m here to support and elevate you to be happier, healthier, more empowered and aligned. You have a special destiny to fulfill and I’m here to help you realize it!

In this Episode

  • [02:15] – Orion starts things off by talking about the mastermind she recently attended, and shares one powerful takeaway she got from the event.
  • [05:42] – Especially for entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get distracted with things like working on a website rather than figuratively “pressing the gas pedal,” Orion explains.
  • [07:12] – Several people have been recommending that Stephan read the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. Orion then talks about being in the world of action, which Stephan relates to Kabbalah.
  • [09:21] – Orion quotes Dr. Wayne Dyer, pointing out that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This means we need to obey the laws of the universe, including the law of action.
  • [12:38] – Stephan elaborates on what Orion has been saying, pointing out that we are all storytellers and meaning-makers.
  • [13:39] – Orion discusses the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks, as well as her time in Japan.
  • [17:26] – When Stephan first heard Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, he was skeptical. He engaged in the willing suspension of disbelief, found that the message served him, and has become a real fan.
  • [20:35] – “Worry is praying for the things you don’t want,” Orion says, quoting one of her guests. She then offers a recommendation on a way to make yourself (and those around you) happier.
  • [23:32] – Orion expands on the concept of the frowny face she has just been talking about.
  • [26:32] – When you change your mindset, you change everything, Stephan points out. He then explains that he didn’t discover Tony Robbins until he was almost 40.
  • [28:57] – Orion discusses the importance of taking care of yourself, using the analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask first.
  • [32:03] – Stephan recently learned that Oprah takes daily bubble baths to destress, and Jennifer Aniston’s morning ritual includes meditation. Orion then shares her own morning ritual.
  • [34:56] – How does Stephan exercise self-care throughout the day?
  • [36:04] – Orion talks about some of the things she does to wrap up her day. She and Stephan then talks about some of their rituals together.
  • [40:09] – We move onto the topic of nutrition, with Orion pointing out that your body craves what is in your bloodstream.
  • [41:54] – What can you do to improve your nutrition?
  • [42:32] – Stephan steps in to talk about your microbiome. He explains that there are more cells within your body belonging to other entities (like bacteria) than belonging to you. Orion then recommends probiotics and enzymes.
  • [46:18] – We learn about Restore, which Orion has started taking.
  • [48:31] – From nutrition, we move onto the topic of Orion’s community and her 7-day challenge. This challenge will be launched just before Valentine’s Day.
  • [51:22] – Orion has mentioned having proof that her challenge is successful; what is this proof? She then discusses whether the challenge will also be useful for women who are in relationships, or whether it’s just for single women.

About Today’s Show

‏‏Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m your host Stephan Spencer. You’re probably wondering where is Orion? Well, she’s actually right here. I’m gonna be hosting because she is the guest. It’s 100th episode of Stellar Life podcast. I’m super excited to be here and to have been asked to host this special episode, even more excited to introduce our guest today, Orion Talmay. She’s a transformation coach, a love and relationship expert, and an international speaker. She works with successful high-achievers and helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. If you wanna transform your relationship or you wanna be in the most amazing relationship, find your soulmate, then you are in luck because she’s the woman for you. She also is a biohacker. She’s into self-development, into transforming herself, and making herself into the very best version of herself. That really inspires me to do the same. She studied under Dr. John DemartiniBrendon BurchardTony RobbinsSheila KelleyRobert Allen. She’s gone through Landmark EducationOneness University, Peak Potentials, Imago. It’s incredible all the learning that she does. In fact, she was just at a mastermind a couple of days ago in San Diego. Orion, welcome to the show.

‏‏Thank you, baby. What a lovely introduction. I appreciate you.

‏‏Let’s talk about this mastermind that you came back from. You’re into masterminds, and seminars, and always learning, and studying. What was the big takeaway from this mastermind you were in? Where were you?

‏‏I went to the High Ticket Sales Mastermind with Jennifer Diepstraten. She was here on the show. I love to be in a mastermind and be around people that love and support and care for me. But also, I like the mindset when we’re in the room. It was really cool. One of the most interesting things that I took from the mastermind was the idea of the world of reasons and excuses versus the world of action.

‏‏Tell me more.

‏‏There are so many things in our head. But it doesn’t really happen in our reality. It doesn’t really move the needle. We go into busy work and into all the things that we do to stay busy but actually take us away from what we really wanna achieve.

We go into busy work and into all the things that we do to stay busy but actually take us away from what we really wanna achieve. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yup. People actually wear busy as a badge of honor, “Oh, keeping busy.” As if that’s something to be proud of. I don’t get it.

‏‏Yeah. It’s so easy to get distracted with all things that are taking you away from what you really need to do. The metaphor that Jennifer gave, which was really awesome, was a car, the metaphor of a car. If you add a better engine to the car, will that actually move the car?


‏‏If you color it with beautiful paint, will that actually move the car?


‏‏If you go to the best dealer and have them work on the car, will that move the car?


‏‏What will move the car?

‏‏Getting in the car and turning the ignition, putting it into drive.

‏‏Pressing the gas.


‏‏Even getting in the car won’t move the car. Even turning on the ignition won’t move the car. But when you press the gas pedal, that is the action part. That is what actually moves the car. It doesn’t matter – how it translates to your business which is yes, it’s nice to have a nice website or a great social media, but does that actually move the car? In that context, moving the car was making money, meaning sales in your business. Is you doing Twitter moves the car? Even the podcast. I have a podcast, you have two. Actually, I wanna acknowledge you for pushing me to do this. Ladies and gentlemen, this would never have happened without my amazing man that kind of held my hand and was like, “Honey, we’re gonna do it and you’re gonna share your message with the world.” I’m forever grateful.

‏‏Oh, thank you.

‏‏But even that, when it comes to the context of sales, when I look at how much money goes into the production of the podcast and how much comes in, is that moving the car? It might just made the car better. Sometimes, I do get referrals from the podcast and that can turn into business, but is that really pressing the gas? This is almost like are we building a Lamborghini but having it parked in the driveway or do we just have a regular car but we press the gas pedal? Especially for entrepreneurs, it’s really easy to get distracted with all the little things like working on the website and adding graphics, doing all those little things that are not about pressing the gas pedal. What we did in those three days which was really cool is we looked at the things that we did in the past and then we were thinking about, “Okay, what was the most income generating source?” Then you cut everything else. What is the most income generating activity and you look at that and it’s like, “Oh my God, it’s supposed to be 80/20 because 20% of the things that you do actually move you forward.” This is true. It’s so interesting how there is parallel with everything that we do in life. This is true in your relationships, 20% of the things that you do in your relationship will move your relationship forward, and 20% of the things that you do in the dating world will move you forward.

‏‏Yeah, will give you 80% of the value.

‏‏Yeah. One of the cool exercises was to take everything that we do. It’s so hard, especially for people that are alphas and they just wanna do it all. Just cut it out and just focus on what’s really working for you.

‏‏That reminds me, multiple people have been recommending I read the book The One Thing and I’m too busy with all these different things that I never have time to read that book. I need to focus. I know that for sure. This message resonates.

‏‏The idea of the world of reasons is that we give so many excuses to why we cannot press the gas pedal. “Oh, I have those emotions right now so I cannot go into actions,” or “Something happened and I cannot go into action.” But if you make an agreement with yourself to do something, then you have to do it regardless of your emotions. When you get into the world of action, it doesn’t matter how you feel, you just go into action. People think that, “Oh, I’m gonna be confident when I’m gonna get that thing,” but you cannot get that thing unless you get into the world of action, and unless you take action, because confidence comes from you taking the action and getting the results. If you don’t get the results, put your emotions aside and just look at it, what worked, what didn’t work, and move forward, because we go and we attach all these emotions about our ‘failures’ and then we prevent our self from moving forward. “Oh, this didn’t work in the past so I’m not gonna do it,” and, “This didn’t work in the past so I’m not gonna move forward.” It’s about going and staying in that world of action and doing it everyday.

It’s about going and staying in that world of action and doing it everyday.

‏‏I see some parallels between what you’re talking about being in the world of action and Kabbalah. The manifestation where you’re creating reality in the physical realm, the [00:09:42] in other words, where the rubber meets the road, where you’re actually taking these good intentions and these ideas and strategies or whatever and you are manifesting them into a physical reality.

‏‏Exactly, because if you are just gonna, let’s say somebody wants to meet the love of their lives. I do believe in the law of attraction. I work with the law of attraction. I believe in spirituality, and connection, and getting into higher vibration, but like Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “We are spiritual beings having human experience, so while we are here in our physical bodies having human experience, we need to obey all the laws of the universe, and one of those laws is the law of action.”

‏‏Hold on. This is so powerful. I think we need to reiterate this for our listeners that we’re spiritual beings having a human existence. When I first heard that, it was in the context of we’re not human beings having a spiritual existence, we’re spiritual beings having a human existence. When I heard that, my mind was blown. I’m like, “Wow, of course. That just changes everything.” That was a paradigm shift for me.

‏‏You’re both. We do have the spirit part but it needs to be working in harmony with the physical part. We can’t just be one or the other. We have to have our roots in the ground and our minds in the sky. We have to connect like if we were a tree. A tree wouldn’t stay without root. We can’t just float up in the air. We need to have the roots in the ground. In the physical where we need sustenance, where we are nourished, where we have all those emotions, and we need to deal with them, and we need to take actions. We can’t just be in our heads all the time making stories, making excuses for why we’re not performing. Our stories are so interesting. We get so attached to our stories, “I can’t do it because I was hurt. I can’t do it because I fail. I can’t do it because and because.” There’s so many stories that we’re not even aware about the stories that we tell. If we hear somebody else we can say, “Okay, that’s kind of an excuse. That’s kind of a story.” Some people are really good storytellers so you kind of go with the story but if you just step back and you’ll look at that story, you say, “Okay, you’re experiencing this, and this, and that, and you can honor your commitment.” A story for example, “My computer was broken. I couldn’t do this on time. My computer was broken and I couldn’t do the assignment on time. I’m gonna break my agreement and I’m gonna submit it two days later.” This is not high standards of living. This is not in integrity and this is a story because there is always an option. There are free libraries, there are friends that have computers, there is always a way around it. In 99.9% of the cases, when you’re out of integrity because of a story, is only because of a story and not because you are not able to function. It’s because you are focusing on the story instead of being focused on the solution.

‏‏Yeah. We are storytellers, all of us, and meaning-makers so we always jump to conclusions, and connect the dots in ways that don’t make sense. But the biggest stories, I think, we tell ourselves are to ourselves. You mentioned the law of attraction. I know another person you studied under, you’re a big fan of, is Abraham Hicks.

‏‏Oh my god, yes.

‏‏That’s a key source for your inspiration around the law of attraction, right?

‏‏Yes. I’ve known about the law of attraction since I was, I think, since I was a child. I was very connected. I didn’t call it the law of attraction. When I was in my late teens, my mom gave me the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I read that book and it’s a wonderful book for any of you who wants to know more about how powerful you are and how your subconscious mind can really affect everything that happens in your life. I read that and I was really inspired. I decided on a whim to leave my job and go to Japan. I remember just walking down the streets of Omotesando, just a beautiful area, it’s like the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo and their beautiful fashion houses. I loved that street. You go down Omotesando and if you walk down enough, you go to Harajuku where all the Harajuku kids are, and then there is the beautiful Yoyogi Park. I love that area. I remember even when I didn’t have much money and I had to live off of that instant ramen or that tiny onigiri that I bought for a few yens, I used to walk down the street and kind of look at all the beautiful clothes in the high-end fashion houses and fantasize about getting some of them one day. But I was in such a place of awe and gratitude. I was in the place where I was visioning. I was visioning my life. I was visioning what can happen in my life. I was in a place of gratitude and appreciation for my guides, and every few blocks they have a little Shinto temple with a bell. I would stop every few blocks and I would go to the little Shinto temple and I would throw a coin and ring the bell and clap my hands three times and pray. I was in that place of really high vibration and connecting to my guides, connecting to the universe, very much in flow. Later on, there was a movie The Secret, and this is where I first saw Esther Hicks speak about the law of attraction and I started following her. Esther Hicks is a medium. She channels a bunch of entities that she calls Abraham. They give a lot of beautiful messages, for you who are listening, if you wanna go and listen to Esther Hicks, Abraham Hicks, you can just go on YouTube and Google, Abraham Hicks about relationships, Abraham Hicks about making money, and there are hundreds and hundreds of free videos on YouTube that I highly recommend. If you’re feeling down, listen to that, it will reset you. If you are driving in your car and instead of listening to nasty pop, I mean, I love music, but if you actually listen to the words, they’re pretty negative, and when you’re driving you’re in a trance state and those negative words get into your subconscious mind and it’s of lower vibration. I say monetize the time when you’re in the car to nourish your mind and listen to stuff like Abraham Hicks or Stellar Life podcast, anything that will inspire you and empower you.

Monetize the time when you’re in the car to nourish your mind and listen to stuff like Abraham Hicks or Stellar Life podcast, anything that will inspire you and empower you. Click To Tweet

‏‏That’s great advice. When I first heard you describe Abraham, I was skeptical because I’m skeptical. But I believe in this idea of the willing suspension of disbelief. I chose to just suspend my disbelief and take in the message and see if it served me and it did. It’s been just amazing. I’ve become a real fan.

‏‏We went together to see her.

‏‏Yeah, multiple times.

‏‏How was it for you?

‏‏It was incredible. The energy was so good, so elevating, and uplifting, and consciousness expanding.

‏‏You know what I really appreciate about you?

‏‏What’s that?

‏‏You’re such a learner and you’re so open for new ideas. I see you as a healer. My husband is a very successful search engine optimization expert. He works with the biggest brands in the world. He’s a three-time author. He’s a very left-brain kind of field but he’s also got this very beautiful, emotional, sensitive, spiritual side of him that I adore.

‏‏Thank you, baby.

‏‏His podcasts are called The Optimized Geek where he brings all kinds of incredible guests. We have a little bit of a different interview style but his episodes are amazing, so go listen. Also, if you’re into marketing and you wanna improve your business, just go to marketingspeak.com and you can listen there too.

‏‏Oh, thank you. I appreciate the plugs.


‏‏When you’re saying that I’m a learner, it’s so true. Thank you. I just relish learning new things and studying from the greats. I actually took the StrengthsFinder assessment and found out what my top five strengths were. One of them is learner.

‏‏This is something that we have in common because we both are hungry for more. We’re never satisfied. The next, we wanna learn more, and expand, and grow bigger. Also, I think, that when you’re exposed to all this knowledge, you can serve on a higher level.

‏‏Yeah. It’s no accident that we met at Tony Robbins’ event because that’s where the seekers and the people who are looking to evolve and expand go to self-development experts like Tony Robbins.

‏‏If you heard my cat in the background, I think she just woke-up from a dream and it was really cute. She woke-up and she did like, “meow” and then went back to sleep.

‏‏The law of attraction is essentially, in a nutshell, what you focus on and you get more of. If you’re worried, you gave me this great definition of worry. Do you remember that?


‏‏You share it. You’re the one who taught it to me.

‏‏Well, worry is praying for the things you don’t want. I think Kate Beeders said that but I’m not sure. I wanna give credit where credit’s due but I don’t remember which one of my guests or people that I’ve heard told me that.

‏‏That’s great though. It really got me thinking about how I unnecessarily focus on worry and on what I don’t want.

‏‏It makes total sense because from the idea of the power of your subconscious mind and the law of attraction. The idea behind the power of your subconscious mind is thought become things that you can manifest into reality. It actually happens. Of course because we are in a physical universe, nothing can happen if you won’t take action. If you’re just gonna pray to win the lottery and never buy the ticket, guess what? You’re never gonna win the lottery. I’m sure even in your life, can you remember a time in your life where you experienced a miracle, things that were unexplained in your life and manifested out of thin air. This was coming from the law of attraction. Your vibration. It was so much in your vibration and your focus that you attracted it. It happens when you attract good and sometimes it happens when you attract things that are not that great. To simplify it even more, when you go down the street and you smile, and you can do this and experiment with that even if you don’t feel that hot. Just go down the street and smile, force yourself to smile for at least 10 minutes. A, you’re gonna feel happier but you’re gonna notice that people around you are gonna smile back at you. If you go down the street and your vibration is low and you have a frowny face then you’ll come across the people that will maybe push you or be mean to you or yell at you. Things like that can happen. Your vibration is the way you are, your state is really important. Also, let’s say that somebody’s having a bad day but you’re having a great day, then even if you come across that nasty person, because you’re feeling so good, you won’t get hurt. You’re gonna laugh it off and move on because you are the creator of your reality and when you change, the world around you change.

‏‏Yup. We’re way more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Abraham Hicks says that, “Within us is the power to create worlds.” I love that. You mentioned the word or a phrase that I wanted to accentuate here. You said frowny face. Can you expand a bit on that concept of the frowny faces?

‏‏Yeah. The frowny face is something and we were there together. We studied from Robert Allen who’s the author of The One Minute Millionaire and about 20 other books.

‏‏Yeah, he’s a prolific author.

‏‏Yeah, he’s amazing. He was sharing that when you speak, this is so me, I’m a pleaser and I wanna make everybody happy and sometimes I care too much about what others think about me. I’m a work in process. But when you speak, you wanna look at the people that smile at you, because if you speak, and you, really, with all your heart, try to make that frowny face that one person in the audience there, there are 400 people in the audience, but you look at this one person that is not smiling, and they’re not engaged, and whatever you say is not gonna resonate with them, and they just wanna be out of there but they’re just gonna sit there and be really angry. If you focus on that, guess what? You did not serve the rest of the people in the room. You just moved your focus from the things you want and your intention. I’m sure your intention was to really help and affect change, and transformation, and create happiness, whatever you wanted to create in that room at that time, and you shift that focus into like, “How can I make this little frowny face happy?”

‏‏How can I win them over?


‏‏But they’re not there for you and you’re not there for them.


‏‏You’re there for the smiley faces and you’re neglecting them by focusing on the frowny face.

‏‏Right. It’s true in life too. You know how it happens. You have a bunch of people that love you but then this one friend does stuff to annoy you, or is not loyal, or is hurtful. What are you focusing on? Are you focused on all the people who love you and adore you? No. You’re gonna focus on that one friend and get wrapped up with that. If that happens, just shift your focus. Focus on all people that love and adore you and make sure that you hang out with those people and not with the frowny faces because if you are hanging out with the frowny faces, maybe you’re gaining something out of it, maybe you like to feel small because it will prevent you from playing bigger, maybe you just like to complain to others about how miserable you are. You’re gaining something out of it but there is something bigger to gain when you move from this type of peer group to the peer group that will elevate you, and love and support you.

‏‏Amazing stuff. This is all such great advice on how to change your mindset because when you change your mindset, you change everything. What a gift it was that your mother got you that book, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, when you were so young. For me, I didn’t discover Tony Robbins until I was almost 40 and it was life changing for me. If only I would have discovered him or somebody like him, Wayne Dyer or whoever, when I was in my teens, I’d be in a different part of…

‏‏We probably wouldn’t…

‏‏Well, yeah. We wouldn’t have met.

‏‏We wouldn’t have met.

‏‏Everything happens for a reason and timing is divine.

‏‏I’m happy you didn’t.

‏‏Everything is divinely timed. I believe that. Some great advice about mindset. Let’s shift to another area of focus now, to self-care. By the way listeners, we’ll include in the show notes links to all these different resources, we’ll include some YouTube videos of Abraham Hicks for you to check out, we’ll include a link to the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind.

‏‏Go to stellarlifepodcast.com and check out the show notes. If you haven’t done so yet, subscribe, and review the show because I would love it. If you enjoy this show and you like it, and you wanna give back to me, then review the show.

‏‏Let her know that what she’s doing is working for you.

‏‏Yeah, let me know. Email me. Let’s talk.

‏‏Yeah, orion@nullorionsmethod.com. If you’d love to email her and let her know how you have been affected by her podcast or how something that you have learned from her has impacted your life. Now, let’s change topics and go into self-care because that’s an area that people tend to neglect, they focus on pleasing others. I know I do.

‏‏You please me.

‏‏This is not an x-rated podcast. We’ll just move right on.

‏‏I’m talking about everyday life.

‏‏Oh, okay. The self-care is something, let’s say, if you’re a busy mom and you’re looking after your kids and you’re looking after your husband, and you come last, that’s gonna create a real problem not only for yourself, but for everybody around you.

‏‏Yes, it will. Because if you don’t put your own oxygen mask first, you cannot assist others. When you go on an airplane, that’s what they say, put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others. If you don’t have it on and you have a kid in trouble, you can’t help the kid because you’re choking yourself.

‏‏Yeah, you’ll pass out within seconds.

‏‏It’s a good metaphor for life because so many moms, they take on the role of the mom and they forget about themselves. They forget about me time. They put everybody first. They forget about their sensuality. They forget about seeing themselves as a beautiful, sensual goddess. All of a sudden, I’m just a mom. Yes, you are a mom. It’s the best, the most beautiful job you can do in the world. You brought life to the world. You are extraordinary. You can’t just put yourself in this box. You’re a limitless human being. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be and with being a great mom you can also be physically in shape, and you can reconnect your sensuality, and if you’re telling me I can’t, 99.9% this is just a story because if somebody values something enough, they can do it. I just saw a viral video on Facebook and it was super cool. There was this woman and she was really cute and cool. She’s got six kids. She shows how she gets them ready for school and takes them to wherever they need to go, and being a really good mom, and she’s got good a relationship with her husband. But she’s got a secret, at night, she’s one of the most popular DJs in the world. She goes, and she travels, and she DJs, and she’s got six kids. She’s able to be a mom but also be this vibrant, cool, satisfied human being because even with having six kids, she didn’t wanna neglect what would make her heart sing. She does her music. She makes people happy. That fulfills her. When she goes back home, she’s able to be a great mom and a partner and deal with six kids. Honestly, I don’t really know how she does it, it looks really tiring but she’s managing to do it. What I’m trying to say is that yes, it can be really hard and you can take the time to take care of yourself even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. I do not believe that you don’t have 15 minutes a day that you can take just for yourself, just for me time, so you can take care of yourself.

Yes, you are a mom. It’s the best, the most beautiful job you can do in the world.

‏‏You need to recharge. You need to put your own oxygen mask on first. It reminds me, I learned recently that Oprah takes daily bubble baths to destress. She’s got a lot to do and a lot on her mind. Those daily bubble baths really help her. Jennifer Aniston, she has a morning ritual, includes meditation, she does that everyday. Having something that is part of your routine, I think is so, so critical because otherwise, you forget. You forget to put that oxygen mask on.

‏‏You need to remind yourself. One thing that I start doing lately which I love is that as soon as I wake up in the morning, I start stretching out. If I’m by myself, I put beautiful music, and I go into more of almost like a sensual dance in bed, just moving slowly and stretching my body, taking away all the stiffness in my back, and in my neck, and in my shoulders, and in my hips, and really allow my body to be open because when my body is open I can breathe better, I can think better, and I can operate and serve on a higher level. I also started listening to I am affirmations. My morning ritual has evolved where I used to do a gratitude journal. I actually wanna go back doing a gratitude journal because it helps you focus your mind on what you want going back to the power of your subconscious mind and law of attraction, and what you focus on manifests or you attract more of what you focus on. But I think I do it naturally where when I stretch I’m, “Oh, I’m grateful for my body.” and thinking about the things that I’m grateful for. I used to say affirmations. Now, sometimes I hear them, sometimes I say them. My morning ritual is not always structured and yes, there are some mornings that I, unfortunately, don’t have time or forget to do it. But again, this is a story. Can I do it? Can I find the time to do it? Can I get up 30 minutes earlier and do it? Absolutely possible. It’s about being in integrity and committing to yourself. I’m now very committed to my morning ritual even if it’s five minutes of stretch because in order to have the habit stick, you have to do it constantly. You can’t just do it for four days and then stop because you’re gonna fall off the wagon. It will really help you to condition your mind first thing in the morning. You get clarity for the rest of your day.

‏‏Then throughout the day, you should be taking breaks. You should exercise self care throughout the day and into the night.

‏‏How do you exercise self care throughout the day?

‏‏How do I do it? Well, let’s see. I do take breaks every so often. I’ll go out onto the balcony and jump on the rebounder.

‏‏Pet Hazel.

‏‏Yes, pet her cat and visit with her. She’s like, “Me too, don’t forget about me.” Let’s see, what else do I do?

‏‏You’ll buy her a thunder shirt. We just bought our cat a thunder shirt and we’re just trying it out. It’s suppose to hold him and prevent anxiety when they’re in the car because we travel a lot and sometimes we drop her at the cat sitter. She’s very active today, maybe she knows we’re talking about her. If you hear her in the background, she’s just saying hello. We bought this cool thunder shirt and she seemed to like so we’re gonna try more.

‏‏Yes. Also, self-care includes the end of the day too when you’re kind of unwinding from the day and you don’t wanna keep your mind busy with what you did and didn’t accomplish. What are some of the things you do to wrap up the day?

‏‏The one thing that I started to do is being grateful for myself for the things that I achieved. It is so easy to, especially, I don’t know, for me, for anyone, we beat ourselves down, we’re like, “Oh, we didn’t accomplish enough. We didn’t do enough,” because we are not present to what we did achieve. Before I unwind, I’m grateful for myself for the things that I do. One thing that I love that we do is appreciations.

‏‏Yeah, talk about that a bit. Where’d you learn about doing these appreciations and what’s the structure?

‏‏We learned about it from Harville Hendrix. It’s about saying a minimum of three things to each other that we appreciate about each other. It can be very simple like, “Thank you for doing the dishes. Thank you for taking care of the cat today. Thank you for buying her a thunder shirt.”

‏‏Who is Harville Hendrix?

‏‏Why don’t you talk about Harville Hendrix? Because you interviewed him. You know a bit more about him.

‏‏Okay. He’s the author of Getting the Love You Want. He’s been on Oprah.

‏‏Which is a book we read to each other.

‏‏We actually were reading a different book to each other.

‏‏Which one was it? Sometimes we read to each other. It’s really sweet and it’s nice.

‏‏What was the most recent book we read to each other, because I know that one…

‏‏The Elephant Whisperer.

‏‏The Elephant Whisperer, great book.

‏‏I finished it really quickly.

‏‏We were reading to each other and then you just can’t wait. You binge read without me. But that’s okay.

‏‏It’s hard, like after a few pages, I’m like, “Okay, honey. I’m just gonna take it from here. I just read because I needed to know what happened.”

‏‏Oh, I remember the name of the book now that we started reading to each other that kind of got us on that whole track of reading to each other, Hold Me Tight.

‏‏Oh, Hold Me Tight.

‏‏Yes. Different book. But Getting the Love You Want is by Harville Hendrix. He’s also the creator of Imago couples therapy which is spread all over the world.

‏‏Awesome. Amazing. One of the most powerful relationship and communication tools you can ever learn. It’s amazing. Imago Dialogue, it’s so simple and so brilliant. It’s about listening to the other person with no interference, and validating them, and empathizing with them. You don’t have to say, “Oh, you’re right,” or, “You’re wrong.” You’re only listening and repeating to make sure that you listened to them, and then you are validating their feelings because it doesn’t matter whether what they did is right or wrong, or if you agree or disagree. Their feelings are valid so you attend to their feelings, not even to this specific occurrence, and then you empathize. You can kind of like step into their shoes and see the world from their perspective. Even when you finish the Imago Dialogue and you didn’t really agree about who is right or who is wrong, you already feel very relieved because you feel connected and you feel heard. Where can they get the Imago Dialogue? What’s the website?

‏‏I think just googling for Imago Dialogue would be a good start or Harville Hendrix. Just google it.

‏‏Yep, google it and let’s put it on the show notes too.


‏‏Go to stellarlifepodcast.com.

‏‏Get all the cool links.

‏‏And checklists and everything that we got there. There’s so many things there.

‏‏Let’s move from self care to, well, I guess this is kind of part of self care, nutrition. This is something that you’re very passionate about. What are some of your thoughts about having good nutrition?

‏‏Well, I love having yummy food. This is a good thing for me, having yummy food. The thing that you need to remember is that your body craves what you have in your bloodstream. If you have a lot of heavily fried, high-gluten, high-carb diet, then your body will crave that. But the moment you make the shift, and the the shift might not be easy at first, but as you make the shift and your body gets used to a diet that is rich in healthy proteins and fruits, and vegetables, and is cleaner, and you get those fruit and vegetables from organic sources, then your body will crave that clean feeling, that cleansing feeling. It’s the same with sugar. When you eat a lot of sugar, and sugar is poison, I think it’s the number one drug in the world, sugar, it fires the same centers in your brain that creates addiction. Same centers as cocaine and methamphetamine and all those drugs. Sugar is very addictive but when you stop sugar, after the withdrawals, because you will have withdrawals like with any other drug, your body will not crave as much sugar, and then if you try to taste it, it will taste awfully sweet. Even too sweet. I do believe that you have to take care of your body. What was the question?

‏‏What can you do to improve your nutrition I guess would be the question.

‏‏Eat organic. Make sure you eat a minimum of three meals a day, five meals will be even better, five small meals will be better for your digestion. Make sure that you chew your food because when you chew your food, your chi, your life source energy gets into the food but you also help break it down so your gut doesn’t work that hard. Your gut health is very much related to brain health and to how you feel in general.

‏‏Gut health, that’s your microbiome.

‏‏Why don’t you talk about microbiome?

‏‏Sure. One of the important things is to even know what is in your microbiome so you can get tested and Viome is one of the companies that will test your microbiome and genetically sequence it.

‏‏We are gonna do that test. We still have the test because we haven’t done it yet.

‏‏I’ve done uBiome. But I’ve decided…

‏‏I’ve done it too.

‏‏Yeah, that’s right. We’ve done uBiome but we haven’t done Viome yet which seems like a better system.

‏‏More comprehensive.

‏‏Yeah. You get your gene sequence of your microbiome. You know there is more of non-you cells in your body than you which is pretty crazy.

‏‏What does that mean?

‏‏That means that all the cells that make up your body, there is more cells of other entities like bacteria.

‏‏Oh my god. Who am I?

‏‏All these critters that are inside of you, they’re more of those cells than of your own cells.

‏‏That’s insane.

‏‏Anyways, this is just a really cool thing to do to find out what your microbiome is made up of and then it will give you recommendations on how to improve the health of your microbiome, because this idea of you are what you eat, you are. If you’re full of strains of bacteria in your gut that are not good for you and you’re missing the good bacteria, maybe you’re even eating yogurt or drinking…


‏‏Yeah or Yakult or whatever it’s called. You might be taking in this good bacteria. You’re taking probiotics but yet the food that you eat is not conducive of a healthy environment for those good bacteria, you’re not gonna change the ecosystem inside your gut.

‏‏I recommend adding, I’m not a doctor, this is a disclaimer.

‏‏This is not medical advice.


‏‏Consult your doctor.

‏‏Consult your doctor, and adding probiotics everyday will help your gut. Because we don’t have, usually, in our typical diet, we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables that have naturally-occuring live enzymes, it’s also really recommended to take enzymes with your food to help your body with digestion.

‏‏Like papaya enzymes? Stuff like that?

‏‏Any good company that provides good enzymes. What’s the company of Wade Lightheart?


‏‏Yeah, BiOptimizers. They’re a great brand.

‏‏Yeah and he’s a friend of yours that you have for a while.

‏‏I like him a lot.

‏‏I just had him on The Optimized Geek a few weeks ago.

‏‏I recently stopped consuming gluten because it creates inflammation in the body. My body feels better with less gluten and less dairies. Right now, my ideal will be, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. Because I do not want to overwhelm myself, right now, I’m in the gluten-free phase and dairy-less.

‏‏Minimizing dairy but you’re not dairy-free yet.

‏‏Yeah but I minimize it from 100% to 30%. If I see, I don’t know, something that has some butter in it, I’ll still consume it. But I won’t drink my coffee with milk, for example.

‏‏You’re also starting to take this Restore liquid, that helps.

‏‏You have the science brain, why don’t you explain Restore?

‏‏Okay. It’s good for your gut health. Basically, it’s not gluten so much is the problem, it’s the glyphosate from roundup that is causing the problem, from my understanding. Restore helps to restore the communication between the gut bacteria that gets disrupted when you are exposed to glyphosate. When you are consuming a lot of gluten, you’re actually typically a lot of glyphosate, that’s not good for your body. That’s not good for your microbiome, it gets disrupted, and Restore helps to restore that microbiome. That’s my understanding.

‏‏We got it at The Bulletproof Conference. That is where we learned about it.

‏‏You love that conference. That’s your favorite conference.

‏‏My favorite conference.

‏‏It’s one of my favorites too.

‏‏If you haven’t done so yet, go and listen to Dave Asprey’s episode, I believe it’s episode number 38 and it’s all about biohacking and how he saved my sister’s life. It happened because I was exposed to his knowledge. Go check it out because there are super cool tools. There are two parts to that interview and it’s such a great interview. You gotta know about it.

‏‏He’s the founder of Bulletproof. The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference is actually his conference.

‏‏The Bulletproof is the butter coffee. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but super popular.

‏‏Grass-fed butter.

‏‏You know that his company is supposed to be estimated for over $1 billion.


‏‏Yeah, that’s what I heard.


‏‏I don’t know, maybe it’s just a rumor.

‏‏Wow. Okay, let’s move onto another topic. That’s a little bit about nutrition and biohacking. Now, let’s talk about your community and your 7-Day Challenge, because this is something that you’re very passionate about and it’s something that you’re working on right now and relaunching your 7-Day Challenge. What is this thing and what’s been the impact?

‏‏The 7-Day Challenge, drum roll. If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a challenge that is going to be launched just before Valentine’s Day. Purpose of the challenge is that by the time you arrive to Valentine’s Day, you are so full of self-confidence and love that you don’t care because you feel amazing. When you feel amazing, you attract the right person because you are exactly what we talked about. You are in that place where your subconscious mind is aligned with the right focus, you’re on a high vibration, and you actually attract that person. Remember how I said that I believe that everybody can change your life by taking care of themselves for 15 minutes a day? This is exactly what this challenge is where you just take 15 minutes a day of your busy schedule and you focus on your day and everyday you get an email with a video of moi and I give you an assignment to do that day. You just do it, 15 minutes, that’s it. After Valentine’s Day, we’re gonna have a celebration webinar where you’re gonna come and meet and talk to other like-minded women, and you will be able to join our Facebook, and our community. Actually, you can actually go to the community and join right now even before we are relaunching the challenge and just be in the conversation. You go to a Facebook group called Goddess Challenge, and then you have to answer three questions, and then if you answer those, then I will let you in the group. I personally check every person that goes into the group because I’m really specific about the quality of women that goes in the group. I need to know that you are willing, ready, and able to engage. That means that you are okay with investing three minutes to answer three questions. That’s it.

‏‏Guys that are listening, sorry, but you are not invited into that community. It’s women only.

‏‏You are invited to listen to the podcast, and talk to me, and all that. But for this specific reason, it’s for women only. If you’re a guy and you’re listening, thank you, and I appreciate you. You’re a rockstar.

‏‏Tell your female friends all about that wonderful community on Facebook.

‏‏Yeah, tell them. If you’re listening right now, and maybe this is not for you, then “Oh, this is gonna be really amazing for my friend Jennifer or Alice,” or whoever it is. Just let them know, and spread the word, and have them join the community because this is gonna change their lives. I don’t say it lightly, I have proof.

‏‏Okay, tell me more about that. What’s the proof?

‏‏We had women that got married after taking the challenge, I mean, not immediately. It took a few months. It took about six to eight months. It takes about that time to get married. You can’t just meet somebody and get married to them.

‏‏Well, yes.

‏‏You can, but sometimes it takes longer. But many of them…

‏‏I proposed to you nine days after we met.

‏‏And I said no.

‏‏Well, you said not yet.

‏‏Yeah, well, nine months later I said yes.

‏‏Yeah because I re-proposed. If you, the listener, are a single woman, this challenge is perfect for you. What if the listener is happily in a marriage or a committed relationship? Is that challenge gonna be helpful as well?

‏‏I designed it with the idea of a single woman in mind. I had women that are in happy relationships that did it and what I came to understand was that so many women need it. Especially in relationships, women forget to take care of themselves. It becomes about the husband or about the kids. When I say take care of yourself, I’m not only talking about taking a bubble bath because this challenge is deeper. It’s also a mindset thing. There are some guided meditations involved.

‏‏Mirror work?

‏‏I don’t wanna tell them everything.

‏‏Okay. I’m not gonna spill the secret.

‏‏It’s a secret. But it’s gonna change your life. If you’re in a relationship but you feel like you can take your relationship to the next level, and by the way, do you know how you take your relationship to the next level?

‏‏To maybe give up on the concept that you’re gonna change the other person and realize that you’re the responsible party?

‏‏Yes, but what I was going to say was by working on yourself. Because when you’re feeling happier, you’re feeling juicier, sexier, and more sensual, and you feel like you have cool girlfriends, and you have a cool support group, then you actually feel better and you radiate more, and you’re awakening that part of you that is what I call the inner goddess, the goddess part of you. When you are there, then your relationship with my clients too, I see that. Their relationship with their partners, relationship with their kids, everything changes. I have women say, “Oh, my kid says that I look happier,” or, “Mommy, you’re so much nicer.” There is so many transformations that happens because, like we said, when you change, the world around you change.

When you change, the world around you change. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yup. It’s a ripple effect. When tiny little pebbles drop in a pond, it can spread the ripples far and wide. Where would somebody go to get signed-up for the 7-Day Challenge?

‏‏You can find out about the challenge at www.orionsmethod.com. You can go to the Challenge page or go to our Facebook group. You just do facebook.com/groups/goddesschallenge/. Come join us. I would love to have you there. I would love to continue that conversation more in person with you.

‏‏Alright. Well, awesome. Thank you so much, Orion, for sharing your wisdom, and your vulnerability, and your heartfelt desire to change people, and make them better, and change the world. I’m so inspired by you. I’m such a lucky man to have you as my partner.

‏‏I’m a very lucky woman, and I love you. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for doing this podcast with me and being such a wonderful host. Thank you all for listening. I love you. Talk to you soon.

‏‏Bye, everybody.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Go to mastermind events to surround yourself with people who support, inspire, motivate and teach you.

✓ Take action and be determined. These are the first steps to reaching your goals. 

✓ Don’t overextend yourself to the point that it interferes with reaching your goals. Manage your time wisely and always prioritize what matters. 

✓ Run a thorough business evaluation and determine if the strategies you’ve done in the past were able to increase your sales. 

✓ Think highly of yourself. You are a spiritual being with a human existence. Let your spirit work in harmony with your physical self. 

✓ Change your mindset to focus on positivity and reaching your goals. When your mindset changes, your life does too. 

✓ Balance your physical and spiritual element. As you feed your body, your soul must be nourished as well. 

✓ Stop making excuses and don’t give in to your limiting beliefs. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

✓ Focus your energy on positivity and don’t worry about what is yet to come. Worrying is like praying for the things you don’t want. 

✓ Find time for self-care and invest in yourself before taking care of others. It’s difficult to give 100% when you’re not feeling complete.

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