Episode 102 | February 6, 2018

The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Women – Compilation Episode

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Mission #102

On Board: Alison Armstrong, Shelia Kelly, Jaiya, Athena Rosette, Alexia Bigwarfe & Aubrey Mathis, and Dr. Pat Allen
Mission: The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Women

Can you believe it’s already almost Valentine’s Day? You’re in the right place if you’re looking for some holiday advice. This is the episode for you whether you’re in a wonderful relationship with a sweet and romantic partner, a lovely single lady still looking for love, or a man feeling the pressure of the expectation-laden holiday. Instead of limiting the advice you’ll hear in this episode to just one guest, I’ve compiled some of the most brilliant gems of wisdom from extraordinary guests from previous episodes. You’ll learn about love, self-love, feminine and masculine dynamics, and so much more.

Ladies, please come join my Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-Day Challenge after listening to this episode! It’s completely free, and it will help you light up, feel like a beautiful goddess, and attract love and abundance. I just recently got a wedding invitation from a lady who took part last Valentine’s Day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one planning your wedding at this time next year! I’d love to have you sign up and join this incredible community of very special women.

Hear More From Today’s Guests:

Alison Armstrong on Stellar Life
Sheila Kelley on Stellar Life
Jaiya on Stellar Life
Athena Rosette on Stellar Life
Alexa and Aubrey on Stellar Life
Dr. Pat Allen on Stellar Life

The Mission Log:

  • [03:15] – Orion explains what listeners can expect from the show today and lists the experts who will be featured.
  • [04:08] – Today’s first expert is Alison Armstrong, a world-renowned relationship coach and author who was last year’s special Valentine’s Day guest!
  • [05:48] – Alison shares her advice for what women should do to heal themselves and what to do on Valentine’s Day.
  • [09:24] – We hear a deeply moving story about Alison’s daughter.
  • [11:14] – Orion shares one of the assignments that she gives to people in her Awaken Your Inner Goddess challenge.
  • [14:54] – Alison shares her aversion to Valentine’s Day, which she explains has a disempowering history and a false beginning.
  • [20:05] – Orion believes that love begins with self-love and self-exploration. With this point, she introduces a mentor and the next expert on this special episode, Sheila Kelley.
  • [21:13] – Sheila shares her advice on connecting to your feminine energy through movement.
  • [22:14] – What are some transformations that Sheila has seen in her students?
  • [24:44] – If that wasn’t already hot enough for you, you’re in luck with the next expert! Jaiya is a personal friend and a world-renowned sex expert.
  • [26:00] – Jaiya runs through various sexual blueprints in depth (if you don’t know yours, check out the quiz at this link!). She explains what the different blueprints are and what turns them on, as well as what the shadow side of each type looks like.
  • [33:12] – Orion points out that Jaiya has missed the shadow side of the sensual type, and Jaiya explains this type.
  • [35:12] – The next guest in this special podcast is Athena Rosette, whose alter ego is also a goddess!
  • [36:20] – Athena explains that alter egos can serve as a bridge to the next version of ourselves, and function as a safety blanket.
  • [36:57] – Athena doesn’t think that creating an alter ego is related to, or leads to, multiple personality disorder.
  • [38:14] – Does Athena name her alter ego(s), and how many does she have?
  • [42:17] – Alexa Bigwarfe and Aubrey Mathis are the next fantastic experts on the show! They’re the hosts of a podcast for the modern mom, and want to remind women that they’re more than moms and need to take care of themselves, too.
  • [43:26] – Alexa and Aubrey are glad to see women coming out of the closet in a sexual way.
  • [44:51] – What do women need to do to gain confidence?
  • [47:25] – Another part of confidence can come from honoring your own word, Orion points out.
  • [48:43] – The last expert of today is the renowned Dr. Pat Allen, who’s here to teach you about feminine energy and flirting.
  • [49:40] – What is Dr. Pat’s advice for single women this Valentine’s Day?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Honor yourself before others so you can give more, feel happy, and be complete.

✓ Forgive yourself for everything that you’ve done. Accept yourself for who you truly are, imperfections and all.

✓ Don’t let any limiting beliefs run your life. Focus on your strengths and positivity every day.

✓ Get to know your body better by doing things you’ve never done before. Pay attention to what you like and do not like.

✓ Embrace your sexuality and don’t be embarrassed to explore your kinky side. There are communities that can help you with self-discovery and acceptance.

✓ Build your confidence with the help of affirmations. Say at least 3 positive traits about you in front of the mirror every day.

✓ Discover your alter ego and let it bridge the gap between your self-perceived limitations and your true self without any inhibitions.

✓ Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your true confidence.

✓ Go dancing! Take dancing lessons, let loose, have fun and show off your moves at the club.

✓ Treat yourself. Get out for a day of pampering, shopping, fine dining, or anything you find relaxing and invigorating.


O: Hello. Welcome to our special Valentine’s Day episode. In this episode, you will find the best Valentine’s Day advice and I promise, by the end of this episode, you will fall in love with yourself even more. But before we start, here’s a fun fact of the day, I’m in Park City, Utah.Yesterday, I did a comprehensive stem cell procedure with Dr. Harry Adelson who was actually a guest on the show, episode 91. I’m still recovering. They harvested my stem cells and they injected it in places where it needed in my body especially in my shoulder because I had a shoulder injury, and in my hips. I walk like an old lady and I’m a bit sore but I’m so grateful that I did it. If you wanna know more about, go and check out the stem cell episode. Regardless of how I feel, in this episode, I collected the best love and self-love advice from different expert from previous episodes. It was really hard to choose because I had over 100+ episodes but for this special episode, I think the mix of the experts is just brilliant. Also, a few days ago, I got a wedding invitation. A physical wedding invitation in the mail from a lady that took the Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-Day Love Challenge last Valentine’s Day. Continue reading…

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